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Der Movement in the News, 9/13/16

Stupidities abound.

I guess macho man Derbyshire is now gonna shoot dem dere racycis who come to his door rather than punch them in the face.  I mean, this guy is so comically ludicrous it is actually cringe worthy.  It’s embarrassing.

Note to Derbyshire: decaying race-mixers, aging Chinatrices, and smug Hapas are not the only ones who know how to fire a gun.  If you want peace, prepare for war, indeed.  

So now White nationalism is being conflated with a bunch of juvenile jackasses and their moronic snark with a cartoon frog.  And I don’t even want to know who or what the hell “Kek” is.  Thanks a lot Alt-Right.  This is one small example of what I’ve been warning about. Grow up, for godssakes.