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Race and Movement News, 5/28/20

It’s Der Rasse and Der Movement.

Very cognitive, very elite.

But, but, but…I thought we were all the same (emphasis added):

Vitamin D insufficiency is more prevalent among African Americans (blacks) than other Americans and, in North America, most young, healthy blacks do not achieve optimal 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] concentrations at any time of year. This is primarily due to the fact that pigmentation reduces vitamin D production in the skin. Also, from about puberty and onward, median vitamin D intakes of American blacks are below recommended intakes in every age group, with or without the inclusion of vitamin D from supplements. Despite their low 25(OH)D levels, blacks have lower rates of osteoporotic fractures. This may result in part from bone-protective adaptations that include an intestinal resistance to the actions of 1,25(OH)2D and a skeletal resistance to the actions of parathyroid hormone (PTH). However, these mechanisms may not fully mitigate the harmful skeletal effects of low 25(OH)D and elevated PTH in blacks, at least among older individuals. Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly apparent that vitamin D protects against other chronic conditions, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and some cancers, all of which are as prevalent or more prevalent among blacks than whites. Clinicians and educators should be encouraged to promote improved vitamin D status among blacks (and others) because of the low risk and low cost of vitamin D supplementation and its potentially broad health benefits.

Coulter leads the way!  To Dinesh’s bedroom?  In Trump We Trust!  Coulter leads the way indeed.  Here’s one example, submitted without further comment.

Please compare this…

…with this.

Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement marches on.

Behold HBD-Nordicism (TOO comment excerpt):

I believe all the world’s peoples could do worse than to adopt the US Constitution for themselves. But that type of order depends upon a high level of both individualism and social trust, which are sadly lacking among most non-Anglo-Nordics (and esp most nonwhites), and which are greatly attenuated by coercive geographical and political integration with nonwhites. IOWs, the American Order was designed for Anglo-Nordics, and would have worked very well with them alone as the citizenry. The more genetically and ethnoculturally distant the peoples we have admitted into the Union, the greater has been the sacrifice of individual rights and liberties for the Old Stock, and the worse has been the functioning of the country.

Certainly!  That’s why we need to ditch folks like (smothered with a pillow) Scalia, who understood nothing of the US Constitution, and embrace folks like LBJ, whose “civil rights laws” were the epitome of individualist freedom.

Note to readers of EGI Notes: Who has been telling you that Der Movement has NOTHING to offer to “White ethnics?” Whenever shabbos sud stepandfetichits get involved in Der Movement, it never goes well for them. Four examples, in chronological order: Patler, Tommasi, Sallis, Conte.  Polignano counts as “half” here, a half-sud stepandfetchit; the rest I suppose would be a horrendous hibernian stepandfetchit.  Speaking of the latter – what ever happened to Michael O’Meara?

Let’s embrace those individualist Swedes…or not (emphasis added):

Swedish mentality seems to have two opposing tendencies: one towards individualism and the other towards collectivity. The explanation for this is the different meaning that can be given to the concept of individualism. Swedes seem to need social autonomy strongly and not to be dependent on other individuals, such as neighbors, relatives, employers, and so on. At the same time, Swedes seem to need collective support for their opinions. Collective solutions are a hallmark of Swedish society and dominate Swedish politics. Survey data are used to illustrate this theme empirically.

MacDonald weeps.

Seriously though, the ethnies much beloved by Der Movement combine the worst aspects of individualism and collectivism. When it comes the need for collective ethnocentric action in defense of ethny, then they are radical individualists.  When it comes to the need to defy societal political correctness, then they are conformist collectivists.  Somehow though, that is the epitome of all that is admirable. Hmmm…the “Anatolian farmer” cringing subhumans seem to be a bit saner, but what do I know?

To write this after Dutton exposed Rushton demonstrates how completely shameless the “race realists” are.

Interesting, interesting.  Brimelow’s pushy rudeness is astounding.  How about letting Taylor finish his sentences?    Note Taylor is in communication with Red Ice.  I’m shocked, shocked I say. Taylor likes the “private sector,” on “principle.”  Another shock.  Naivete?  Shocked thrice. Ludicrously optimistic?  Quadruple shocked.

I note no discussion of why Brimelow earned $180,000+ compensation in one year, according to the 2018 Form 990.  

Trump – silly?  I thought he was “the last hope for White America?”  Down the memory hole, it seems.

Well…Taylor remembers the “latrine flies” jibe from Derbyshire.  Why is Derb a speaker at the conferences, then?

Immigrant workforce – like Brimelow?

How is “White advocate” not poltroonery?  I am also disgusted how Brimelow and Johnson are redefining “White nationalism” to merely mean “defending White interests.” No, you affirmative action DISTORTERS, White nationalism is a movement that considers White racial identity as the highest form of nationalist identification – Our Race Is Our Nation, putting race above ethnic and nation-state identities.  That’s White nationalism.

Laughably Predictable

And other news.

Johnson can continue to call me “insane” and “indecent” but, once again, I’m right. One of my predictions for 2020 (red font emphasis added):

After the Greta Thunberg and Hubert Humphrey comedies, who will be the next “Nordish” leftist to be praised by the likes of Counter-Currents (‘we need more people like them”) or Durocher (“a great benefit to all humanity”)?  John Lindsay?  George McGovern?  Bill Clinton? 

And of course, Counter-Currents May 2020:

…we seek to cultivate in ourselves the same strengths Clinton had — empathy for others, seeing all sides of an issue, and getting up every day, despite all around you being insane with rage, and doing the best you can do.

Bill Clinton, the first American President to bomb Europe since FDR and Truman, was a political thug, a moral turd, a sexual pervert, and the smiling spokesman for White Dispossession. But none of that matters to a “movement” based upon a foundation of sweaty ethnic fetishism.

Of course, these guys are so tiresomely predictable that correctly identifying their future behavior is like shooting fish in a barrel. The problem is, I’m not the only one who can predict their behavior. We’ll now go to the Hermansson infiltration, which demonstrated how the Left’s use of such easy predictions was leveraged to harm White racial activism. Therefore, although the predictability seems humorous, it is a deadly serious matter.

Let us remember that I was “banned” from Counter-Currents after a comment in which I blamed the tragicomic and destructive Hermansson infiltration on Der Movement’s Nordicism, which is part of what I term “ethnic fetishism.”

Was I wrong about that and deserving of “banning” or was I correct?

What does Hermansson himself say?  Let’s consider (emphasis added):

Jez Turner, leader of the London Forum and one of the best known far-right activists on the UK scene, quickly invited me to meet up. Later, as paranoia about a mole increased, new members began to be thoroughly vetted and were required to provide letters of recommendation from trusted members.

Luckily for me, Scandinavian heritage and culture is fetishised by some within the UK far right, meaning interest in my Swedish background overcame most suspicion. At formal dinners, for instance, we sometimes opened by drinking from a ceremonial Viking horn, then raising it to the ceiling in a prayer to the mythological Norse god Odin.

One figure from the London Forum showed a particular interest in me as soon as I arrived. Despite being in his mid-fifties, Stead Steadman, a man of diminutive stature, was always dressed in a khaki shirt, khaki shorts and black walking boots; he looked like a cross between a boy scout and a member of the Hitler Youth. Little did I know at the time but this man was to be central to the whole project. Once close to him he opened doors to some of the most influential far-right figures in the world.

The first meetings with Steadman were brief. I was nervous, fully aware that one false step or mistake could end the whole project before it started. He quizzed me about which far-right people and groups I knew in Sweden and displayed an impressive knowledge.

We usually met at the Nordic Bakery in Soho over a coffee and cinnamon bun. I listened to his musings on National Socialism and what he’d recently read, correcting his Swedish when he made a mistake. He was also very interested in my university studies, feeling that the “quality of people” in the movement was low and he wanted more people like me, young and university educated, to join.

Over time we talked more and more about the movement in the UK, as well as the Forum and the people he knew. Coming back from Stockholm after Christmas I brought him a rare book by the Swedish health writer Are Waerland that I acquired from the Swedish anti-racism magazine EXPO. Everything I did was about building stronger relationships and gaining more information.

Once the trust was built Steadman began openly discussing the London Forum, people they planned to invite and who he liked and disliked within the movement. The information I gathered helped HOPE not hate map the London Forum network and the movements of key activists with precision. We learned of international conferences in Lithuania, Italy and Sweden being attended by British extremists.

It even got to the stage where I was asked to sit in on the vetting meetings for new London Forum members. Steadman, Turner and I would meet applicants who wanted to attend meetings and question them on their background, politics and commitment to the cause. Soon there was almost nothing happening in the London Forum that I and HOPE not hate did not know.

It is quite clear that I was 100% correct.  If we assume that this account matches reality, and, insofar as I know, no one has denied this fundamental narrative, then my diagnosis of the situation was appropriate, rational, balanced, and quite reasonable – certainly not “insane” or “indecent.”

Does anyone believe that this infiltrator, and his transparent cover story, would have been so quickly accepted had he been a (heterosexual) Southern or Eastern European?  Come on now. In that case, the vetting would have been so actually extreme that it may have included a full blood workup, a colonoscopy, and a retinal scan.

Instead of merely admitting how he himself was taken in, even allowing Hermansson to give a meeting keynote address on the dangers of infiltration (high comedy), and talking responsibility for it with full accountability, Johnson lashed out at his critics.

Yawn. More stupidity.  Facts – people started stocking up on toilet paper because it was reported that Chinese in lockdowns were stuck without any.  First, prudent people stocked up in February, not to excess, but several months’ worth. Then, the lipid-enhanced crowd picked up on the toilet paper meme and started going hog (heh) wild. The excesses of the latter should not reflect on the reasonable prudence of the former. That Costello is an idiot, and doesn’t understand supply chain disruptions, is another story. Further, there was no certainty in late winter how bad things were going to be in the USA and how long and stringent lockdowns would be. 

Laugh at this. The lack of self-awareness is ludicrous.  Yeah Greg…I read this article. 

Here’s the thing – when YOU were on the Alt Right train and writing articles about how The Alt Right Means White Nationalism or Nothing At All, I was critiquing the Alt Right.  When all you guys were taking Dugin seriously, I considered him a crackpot.

Johnson (emphasis added):

So someone will eventually endow the Alternative Right with a positive content. So it might as well be me.

This content will, to a great extent, be socially constructed. Meaning that people can try to offer any definition they want, but unless it is widely accepted by others, it does not matter. Thus, for a proposed meaning to stick, it must either come from someone relatively authoritative, or it must be immediately compelling, or both.

My definition meets both criteria, so here goes: the Alternative Right means White Nationalism — or it means nothing at all.

The original concept of the Alternative Right emerged from paleoconservatism. (I prefer to call it “faileoconservatism,” an evaluation that is even shared by paleocon pioneer Paul Gottfried, who declared the end of paleoconservatism and called for an “Alternative Right” in the same 2008 H. L. Mencken Club speech.)

Like paleoconservatism, the Alternative Right was simply a way that timid, status-conscious conservatives could flirt with racism and even anti-Semitism while maintaining some sort of pretense of mainstream credibility.

But when Richard Spencer started the Alternative Right webzine in 2010, the principal funders and writers regarded it simply as a vehicle for White Nationalist entryism, and they would have blown it up rather than see it become anything else. Today’s White Nationalists need to take the same strongly proprietary attitude toward the Alternative Right. It is a vehicle of White Nationalism, and we will give it the Howard Roark treatment if it is hijacked from us. Full stop. (Spencer himself torched the Alt Right webzine in 2013 for very different reasons.)

But we also need to remember that the Alt Right will not serve as a tool of White Nationalist entryism and outreach if we drive out everyone who is not a White Nationalist. Converts, by definition, don’t already believe what we believe. Thus purging the Alt Right of people who are not already White Nationalists is ultimately self-defeating.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go forth into battle and make this concept of the Alternative Right the dominant one. That is all.

At that time, I was on the warpath against the Alt Right.  Sallis: Right.  Johnson: Wrong. That’s how the world works.  And various elder statesmen and “rock stars” were on the Alt Right train as well…at least until Hailgate, and which point they jumped off.  Again, it is clear who was right and who was wrong. But, hey, let’s cover that all up with defamatory accusations of “insanity.” 

From the article (linked above) on the Alt Right:

Dugin was a leader of the Russian National Bolshevik Party (which was founded by a homosexual male prostitute called Eduard Limonov).

Limonov sounds like real Mannerbund material, eh?  Was he a “flirt?” If he thought a male activist was “cute” did he “flirt” with him?

What’s next in store for the insane asylum known as the “Alt-Right”? I don’t see how it can get much worse from this point, but I’m sure they’ll find a way to fuck everything up even more dramatically than they have done in 2020 so far and for the past few years.

The “insane” and “indecent” Sallis was writing things like that back in 2016-2017. In summary, my “take” on the Alt Right over time was as follows.  

First, by the first half of 2016, my attitude toward the Alt Right had evolved to two points:

1. If – if! – managed correctly, the Alt Right had some potential as a recruiting tool, as the “youth wing” of a broader “movement,” as a specific faction of activism appealing to certain types of people.

2. I myself, personally, did not like the Alt Right, did not identify with it, was not interested in it, had disagreements of both style and substance with it, and wished for it just to limit itself to point #1, above. Privately, I shook my head in disgust at middle-aged (and older) elder statesman activists jumping on the Alt Right train, probably in an attempt to maintain their viability in a “movement” quickly being overtaken by Pepe, Kek, and other manifestations of Millennial juvenile jackassery.

As linked to above, by September 2016, I was openly warning of the danger of the Alt Right, especially since Alt Righters, including Johnson, were attempting to subsume the entire “movement” within the Alt Right, while at the same time advocating a “big tent” strategy. This “eggs in one basket” centralization approach was not only strategically dangerous (the collapse of the Alt Right would take down the entirety of American White racial nationalism) but it had the potential, even if “successful,” of destroying the essence of WN, burying serious racial activism under a pile of Pepe cartoons, screams of “Kek!,” trolling, RamZPauls and Baked Alaskas, men in their 60s wearing silly hats, Daily Shoahs, Beavis and Butthead sniggerings, and all the rest.

By early 2017 my anti-Alt Right attitude hardened, and it was clear to me that the Alt Right was a clear and present danger, perhaps the most serious internal threat the “movement” had ever (to that point) faced. Then came Unite the Right and its aftermath, and all the Quota Queens started to rewrite history to pretend that they were not fervent Alt Righters when being Alt Right was “cool.”

Likely, the only reason why the collapse of the Alt Right didn’t take the entire “movement” down with it was that there were always people who didn’t drink the Alt Right Kool-Aid, people who resisted the calls for amalgamation of WN, the Alt Right, and the Alt Lite. Further, Hailgate was, in retrospect, a godsend, since some folks started jumping off the Alt Right train back then, or else they would have been still riding that locomotive as it plowed into Heather’s fat flaps in Charlottesville.

…Perkins added in the same interview, in which she compared believing in Q to believing in Jesus Christ, as a matter of faith that transcends proof.

Well, sort of like anti-vaxxism, HBD, and Nordicism.

This is yet another reason why democracy is a failure.  It’s true that Trump bungled things at the beginning, but he started taking it seriously in March, and since then, albeit with some hiccups, one cannot significantly fault the response – or at least not fault it compared to what Biden would have done in Trump’s place.

Blaming Trump for a situation created by China so as to elect a dementia patient is madness.  If Biden wins, rest assured that the Quota Queens will have no contingency plans in place, and will express surprise and shock as they are deplatformed (or worse) to an even greater degree than they are now.  Planning?  They don’t need no stinkin’ planning!  When things go wrong, they’ll just call their critics “insane” and “indecent” and it’ll be alright!  Back to the movie reviews and stupid essays by Borat look-a-likes!

Behold the GOP:

“We as a party learned the hard way that in today’s world we need candidates other than boring old white people,”…

So, “boring old white people” should not vote for the GOP either.  Good luck as a political party never again winning a single election.

Good to see that The Black Man is standing up for himself, against the Yellows. Hail the Negro!  Next step: Mass migration of Africans to China, to take the land that properly belongs to the Black race.  Black Man – there is nothing the Chinaman can give to you that is not already yours by right.  Go to China and seize your rightful inheritance!  EGI Notes strongly supports The New Black Panther Party’s boycott and wishes it well.

Super-Duper Obese

And other news.

Morbidly obese.  There is a connection between a certain type of freedom uber alles rightist politics and being fat, isn’t there?

Also interesting, and consistent with my writing on the subject, is that Trump, who has previously promoted anti-vaxx views, is taking maintenance medication because of his blubber (spelling corrected and emphasis added):

At his physical in January 2018, his total cholesterol was 223, which is higher than recommended, even though he was taking a low dose of the statin drug Crestor to help lower so-called “bad” cholesterol and fats. Last year, his doctor said he would increase that dose in an effort to get Trump’s bad cholesterol reading of 143 down below 120.

Thus, we can observe the right-wing landwhales (*) who decry “Big Pharma’s” dastardly needles, but who enthusiastically gulp down all sorts of “Big Pharma” medications to allow themselves to be healthy enough to breach out of bed every morning.

*They should beware of Faroe Islanders roaming through the aisles of Walmart, hunting all of the Great White Whales there. Ahoy!  Harpoons to the ready!  Thar she blows!  Thar she breaches!

A reasonable comment followed by deranged anti-vaxx hysteria. “Heavy metals and animal parts.”  Lies, lies, and lies.  Diseases we are vaccinated against are “trivial.” Easy to say by someone already vaccinated and/or protected by the herd immunity granted by sane people.

Measles – not trivial; believe me, it’s not. German measles may be trivial to the typical patient, but not to pregnant women who may become infected.  Adult men are advised not to get mumps – can you say “ouch” (or “sterility?”).  How about Polio?  Break out the iron lungs!  Tetanus? Trivial?  Diphtheria?  Trivial?  Pertussis?  Trivial? Is Hepatitis trivial?

I get called “insane,” but a legitimate medical case can be made that anti-vaxxers are indeed insane due to an inability to recognize reality.  Remember the anti-vaxx battle cry – viruses and bacteria don’t cause disease, but, very soon, all non-human animal life on Earth is going to be exterminated by “bullets flying everywhere.” Hey – I just saw a paramecium swimming away from a rifle-toting Faroe Islander. The water’s gonna be turning red – or whatever color paramecium innards are.

Meanwhile, the book Bottle of Lies very clearly exposes that maintenance medications manufactured in India and China are indeed sometimes contaminated, certain genetic knock-offs useless, and many are dangerous.  But for some reasons – who knows why? – anti-vaxxers eschew criticism of medications taken due to lifestyle choices or due to delusions about offspring intelligence.

If you look at some of the anti-vaxx rhetoric coming from the Right, you’ll notice a lot of objections about being forcibly “jabbed” – and that 100% supports my oft-cited contention that the real reason for anti-vaxxism is an innate fear and distaste weak-minded people have for the mode of administration of vaccines. In other words, they are afraid of needles; in addition, I have speculated that there is a psychosexual component here, a (subconscious?) perception that the (Jew?) doctor is going to forcibly “sodomize” them with the needle, violate their bodily integrity – and taint their “precious bodily fluids,” I suppose – and so attack their “freedom” and sense of self.  Related to this is the fears of “toxins” and “chips” and “genetic modification” – the analogy to STDs acquired from “bad sex” or “rape” is clear.  Again – if vaccines were taken by pill, and statins were injected, these idiots would support vaccines and reject statins (which would actually reflect what’s in the literature and reflect reality), despite the fact that the fatties believe that statins (which really do have side effects and whose efficacy for actual mortality is questionable to say the least) will enable them to safely get away with being human dirigibles. It’s interesting that so much ire has been focused on the MMR vaccine (injected), and very little given to the past oral polio vaccine, even though there were cases of old folks (whose immunity had weakened), and isolated children, actually contracting polio the vaccine (children) or from changing the diapers of infants (old folks) who had been so vaccinated (today, they give the less effective injected polio vaccine for that reason – presumably “bad” because it is delivered by “jabbing” children).

Do we want public health policy influenced by people whose real underlying rationale about vaccination is fear of needles and bizarre sexual fixations about being  “jabbed” by needles? As I’ve said many times, the REAL public health threat from ”Big Pharma” is maintenance medications, but, alas, popping pills mimics the well-loved eating process (indeed, it is so well-loved that it has created the need for most of those maintenance medications in the first place), so no problem.  So goes Der Right.

Right-wing health and science advice:

StronzaPosted May 19, 2020 at 12:30 pm | PermalinkThe worse the flu, both in terms of individual severity and total number of deaths, the weaker the population is. That poor virus doesn’t cause anything in any meaningful sense, it’s a messenger, a marker. Same as the Black Death – read up on the way people were living. It is a miracle that there was anybody left after nature took its logical course. Back then, they were immersed in obvious physical filth and poor diet and drinking water; today, it’s harder to see that our daily lives are no better. Our “public health” experts are just more efficient at hiding the symptoms of our deep sickness.
Still, today, it’s all about “transmission” of some bacteria or virus, as if we, sweet innocents, one way or another never provided any welcoming terrain for these substances. There’s always some invisible “enemy” out there to get us – that is the idea that our betters have been promoting far back as I can remember and a great deal longer than that.
@Greg. We ARE a shit hole country underneath our apparently clean lives. Time to quit blaming viruses for that. I am not going to lose sleep if lots of people are happy to be endlessly sanitizing their hands, wearing face diapers and staying indoors 24/7 instead of doing what it takes to promote their own and their children’s overall health.

Hey, we can get rid of the viruses and bacteria by “bullets flying everywhere,” right?  Yes, indeed, right after the bullets take out the plankton and the eyelash mites.

Meanwhile, Johnson calls me “insane.” Johnson’s apparent definition of “insanity” – you  are “insane” if you criticize him and he knows he can’t win any sort of debate against you.

Time to hunt, and let the streets of Berlin run red with blood!  Yes we can!  Bullets flying everywhere!

Super-duper missiles!  Here’s a question. Why is “apocalypse likely” when America develops those weapons, but no one said a word when the Russians and Chinese started first?

Counter-Currents comments, emphasis added:

DandelionPosted May 19, 2020 at 5:26 am | PermalinkThese podcasts are probably the best on the web. Keep up the good work. What is the writers block thing he refers to?

The difference between slaughter of cattle and the whales is that the killing of farm animals is a necessary evil to provide food, whereas the killing of whales is unnecessary. Bambi’s mom but in the water.

Greg often alludes that “some of the best and worst people he has met have been wns.” I find this cryptic remark intriguing. I wish he would elaborate what he means, preferably by providing some character sketches.

Best: Buttercup Dew, James O’Meara, Jack Donovan

Worst: Ted Sallis, Richard Spencer, Andrew Joyce

Actually, I have written the same thing on my blogs.  Guess who some of the worst people from my perspective would be.

BreidablikPosted May 19, 2020 at 4:41 am | PermalinkInteresting answers to the “million dollar question” about the Viking and Germanic warrior spirit. What you said about our conscientiousness and moral communities helps to explain why the Germanic countries are so guilt-ridden today.

Germany feel guilty for the Holocaust, Britain for its colonialism, America for its slavery, South Africa for its apartheid, and Sweden for its racial biology. And the ruling elites of these countries try to atone for these historical “sins” by favouring mass immigration and multiculturalism. As far as I can see there is no real equivalent to this in southern or eastern Europe

Sure, that’s why there’s no “mass immigration and multiculturalism” in, say, Italy, right?  I mean, isn’t that right?  Yes?  Certainly, right?

Behold the Afrowop.

Evola is one of the writers who has most influenced the metapolitical outlook and project of Counter-Currents

That explains much, doesn’t it!  Traditionalism!  Read your copy of Ride the Tiger snug in your hobbit hole!  Ignore that rumbling noise…that’s just Chinamen launching themselves to the stars.

Colonization for the 21st century: John Morgan in Hungary.

Yes, Greg, the same message of The Occidental Observer and Red Ice. Yet, you say nothing against those outlets.  Time to call me “insane” again I suppose, to deflect attention from your hypocritical focus on playing “movement politics” instead of doing the right thing. Perhaps you can discuss it all with this individual “under house arrest.”  Freedom!  Fight da gummint!

Question – are people on the Far Right criticizing Tucker Carlson now because of Carlson’s continued (justified) criticism of China.  Remember, the entire “movement” is tainted by HBD, and HBD literally worships the Chinese.

Is this perhaps a photo of two male activists attending a Philly-area “Alt Right” meeting?  The fox is a flirt!  He thinks the rooster is cute!

Well, well, well…is this another commentator close to be being “banned?” – 

Rob Bottom
Posted May 19, 2020 at 2:17 pm | Permalink
re: Faroe Island culling
I think Frodi’s position here is rather weak. Arguing in favor of tradition simply for tradition’s sake isn’t going to convince anyone. Furthermore it ignores what is moral. The Chinese can claim that their cruel mistreatment of animals must continue because it’s their tradition.
Those who oppose the whale hunt are doing so on moral grounds (essentially arguing the slaughter is inhumane). Frodi recognizes this, and so compares the method of slaughter to that of cows on a farm. This is disingenuous. Cows are stunned and killed instantly with a bolt to the brain. Do the whales lose consciousness and die as quickly? If not, the methods used are not comparable. In fact, it seems the whale slaughter has more in common with kosher or halal slaughter than that which puts beef in our supermarkets.
The most convincing argument for the continuation of the slaughter is that those who engage in it are utterly destitute and require it to feed themselves. This is true of some seal hunts in Alaska, for example. However I doubt the Scandis are so poor and isolated that they can’t find some other way to feed themselves. Therefore arguing for it on economic grounds is another dead end.

Frodi is an idiot.  What do you expect from someone still associated with Johnson?

Passive Aggressive is not a Good Look for “Movement” “Leadership”

And other news.

Read this. They loved her non-White boyfriends! Time for more Counter-Currents articles about how the accused “could literally be my brothers or cousins.”  Who knows…maybe it’s true. Literally.

Greg Johnson thinks he’s being funny with the picture accompanying this post. He’s just revealing himself to be a passive aggressive buffoon. It is unfortunate that an individual with pretensions of “leadership” conducts himself in such a childish manner, and trivializes a serious topic. Rank-and-file activists certainly deserve better for their leadership cadre. Anyway, good to know though he’s reading this blog. Thanks for the heads up, Greg. I appreciate it, I really do.

With respect to whaling, it is my contention that civilized (White) men should have a respect, an affinity, for intelligent life.  Of course, when it comes to self-defense, war, and survival, killing intelligent life is necessary; humans have been doing so to each other since the beginning of our history.  However, whales are not attacking people; we are not at war with Moby Dick; and Scandinavian traditions and the Japanese hunger for whale meat do not equate to survival.  Eating dogs is part of Chinese tradition and Chinamen have a hunger for canine meat, so why not equate that with survival and excuse it, similar to how some excuse whaling?

I used to joke that a reason why the ETs in their flying saucers weren’t landing publicly was that they were afraid of being mugged by Coloreds. Instead, perhaps it is that they are afraid of being harpooned by the Herrenvolk. Indeed, maybe this whole whaling controversy is clever trolling by the “ethnonationalists” to convince us that the differences between European types are too large to be bridged. Then again, opposition to whaling is fairly widespread throughout the White world, so there’s that.

White men should leave whaling to the Japanese. Maybe the problem is that it is difficult to discern who is in fact Japanese.  Is it this fellow?  Or is it this one?  Confusion, confusion!

In the 5/17/20 livestream, Johnson does his usual mendacious shtick against pan-Europeanism. Distortion after distortion after distortion. He and his “yes man” can’t think of any benefits of confederation. Gee…two people with identical views having a discussion about a controversial topic – and they come to an agreement!  Apparently, that’s the type of “sane” and “decent” debate Johnson is comfortable engaging in. The intellectual courage is breathtaking!  Free debate!  The spirit of intellectual inquiry!

Sovereignty!  Pan-Europeanism is “back to diversity!”  Sovereign ethnostates!   Great Greg. Let’s put John Morgan on trial for violating the sovereignty and homogeneity of Hungary. Let’s put Full Moon Ancestry and Anton on trial for turning Eastern Europe into a bordello. “Peace is better than war” – which is why Johnson advocates war and ethnic cleansing among Europeans (emphasis added):

But what would happen if a sovereign European state signed a treaty to host a gigantic Chinese military base? Or if it fell into the hands of plutocrats who started importing cheap non-white labor? Clearly such policies would endanger all of Europe, therefore, it is not just the business of whatever rogue state adopts those policies. What could the rest of Europe do to stop this? Isn’t this why we need a politically unified Europe?

The answer, of course, is what all sovereign states do when they face existential conflicts of interest: they go to war. Other states would be perfectly justified in declaring war against the rogue state, deposing the offending regime, and ethnically cleansing its territory. But then they would set up a new sovereign regime and go home.

Very peaceful indeed.  

“White people are not a political category.” OK…so what’s White Nationalism about then?  If Johnson is of English descent, he should be all about English nationalism. Nothing else. The Faroe Harpoon Man can stick to his Scandinavian nationalism. Why are they even doing a livestream together?  They are diluting their ethnic heritages!  Of course, that’s not quite the same degree of dilution as “awkward Squad” Full Moon Ancestry dating ethnically alien Slavic women, or John Morgan imposing himself on the long-suffering Magyar people, but still. 

See my arguments here.

Laugh at this.

In a perfect world, every white man would find a compatible white woman to marry and have white children. 

“Every white man.” Including the homosexual ones?

I am who I am because of my parents.

Do they find that comment offensive?

I have been told that I take after the characteristics and mannerisms of my father.

How did he father a child then? 

While my mom took me to my first concerts as a kid, I went to a lot of concerts as a teenager with Adam. He drove us to a Slayer concert and I recognized a group of girls from our high school. I was attracted to one of them…

We’ll assume she was not of Danish ethnic descent.

…so I asked Adam to come over with me to talk to them. The girl I liked had another friend with her that Adam started talking to. That girl would later become Adam’s wife.

So, Adam was successful and FMA was not.  I’m shocked.  

Our current culture and societies do not want white people to form families and have white children.

Hmm.  White.  Racial. How about ethnic…as in ethnonationalism?  Maybe Slavs and Balts want to have Slavic and Baltic children and not part-Danish hybrids. Please leave Eastern Europe alone.

But what I would tell them is that we as ethnic nationalists and white advocates care about them.

As long as “them” doesn’t include Eastern European men experiencing mate poaching (no bueno!), it’s all good!  Those caring “ethnic nationalists”…who go to other people’s nations and take their women.

We have a duty. We have a biological imperative. I would remind our brothers that we must do whatever we can to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children…I myself have never been married and I do not have any kids.


I just hope they give a better speech at my wedding.

In Ukrainian or Estonian.  Not Danish.

She supports anti-vaxx propaganda that perpetuates disease and human suffering.  The hypocrite Johnson retweets this.  Does Dershowitz have a better character than “movement” activists?

Coronavirus has discredited Der Right. Including Johnson.

Odds and Ends, 5/18/20

In der news.

Too bad this alternative history didn’t really occur. I realize that Yockey was not a fan of mass movements, but, still, I’m sure he would have done whatever was necessary to achieve his goals.

Super-duper missile.  And here is Trump demonstrating it. Super-duper!  Do we have a five year old as President? Well, maybe with respect to mental and behavioral age. Only a mendacious idiot would term the buffoonish clown Trump “a man of genuine greatness.” This is actually a serious matter, since Trump’s childish buffoonery and empty bluster taints the Right as a whole, and helps cement the narrative painted by the Left about everyone on the Right.

After all, we can’t stand in the way of Full Moon Ancestry’s “Bang East Europe” now, can we?

Two ripostes to Johnson:

Apostol Constant@calicantsarosReplying to @NewRightAmerica

Aside from that… If Europeans do not put up some kind of united front against the currently emerging Super-States, they will be swallowed up one by one, or relegated to remaining insignificant puppet-states.  This is the end of the nation-state, and the start of a new era.

Elected EurocratFlag of European Union@Kibus9Replying to @NewRightAmerica

European peoples/nations coming together and cooperating in institutions for their common well-being is ‘nutty’ for you?

Yes, apparently, it is “nutty” to Johnson.  You see, we can’t have “European peoples/nations coming together and cooperating in institutions for their common well-being” – instead we have to have British/Saxons using Hungary as a flop house, ethnic Danes using Eastern Europe as a bordello, and other Herrenvolk gallivanting around Europe with their noses in the air to the lowly wogs.

This is what to expect from a HBD-Nordicist site.  Comment from that post (emphasis added):

Eric Muellersays:

May 16, 2020 at 9:49 am

Totally agree! And the sphere for this moral rebellion looks like it will soon massively expand as the US leadership has proclaimed its intent to use military force to inject us with vaccinations that will modify our genetic makeup. What could be more invasive? What more a transgression against individual liberty?

This is very interesting. Greg Johnson is clearly on the side of “covid-19 is a serious problem, lockdowns and other manifestations of government authority in this crisis are good.” Johnson is sharply critical of mainstream conservatives, Alt Liters, and low level Nutzis who take the “freedom and economy uber alles” flubro attitude. Very well. But it is interesting that Johnson stays silent when The Occidental Observer (TOO) engages in the same type of nonsense that Johnson critiques in others, including gibbering, scientifically illiterate, comments about vaccinations “modifying our genetic makeup.” This suggests to me more of Johnson playing “movement politics” – offending MacDonald is, I suppose, too high of a price for Greg Johnson to pay to demonstrate character and personal integrity (interestingly, the prominence of Andrew Joyce at TOO makes us wonder if perhaps the reverse is not true). Ramsey is an easy target and costs Johnson nothing to criticize; MacDonald is another matter entirely.  “Movement” politics trumps doing the right thing.

I can be called “insane” and “indecent” but “the US leadership has proclaimed its intent to use military force to inject us with vaccinations that will modify our genetic makeup” is, no doubt, merely reflective of good old American common sense. MacDonald’s actual post making hair salon owner Shelly Luther into some sort of right-wing heroine – a modern-day Joan of Arc, I suppose – is just more g
ood old American common sense.  If Johnson really believes what his own covid 19-related tweets assert, then there should be no doubt whatsoever that he should view the covid 19-related material at TOO to be recklessly irresponsible, even dangerous.  But…crickets.  Well, I’ll say it – TOO’s “take” on covid-19 is recklessly irresponsible and potentially dangerous.

Also interesting that the commentator nitwits are not worried about “tracking devices” and “genetic modifiers” in their Adderall, Lipitor, metformin, blood pressure medications, etc. But, alas, the defective waddling hippos need all those medications to get through the day. It’s easy to sweatily gibber about vaccines, but when you don’t have the discipline to push away from the table and you don’t have the honesty to admit your children are just plain stupid, and not with “attention deficit disorder,” then you have no choice but to embrace “Big Pharma’s” maintenance medications.

And why is it that these freedom-fighting heroes and heroines need to pick measures taken during a health care crisis to take their “freedom” stand about, rather than, say, choosing racial integration or affirmative action? How about race replacement migration? Are pandemic lockdowns really the hill you want to die on?  Well, you gotta hug dem mestizas running “eyelash salons” after all – ya don’t wanna get mixed up in any of dat dere raycism or anything!  Just fight big gumminti!  Nail dem dere Lutherian theses on the door of the Texas statehouse!  Open the salons!  No doubt tons (heh) of overweight Texan women need to go to the moustache salons to get their facial hair trimmed; we cannot deprive them of that!

This is how it goes:

System: We are going to build Section Eight housing in your lily-White suburban neighborhood and we will fill it with (subsidized with your tax money, of course) housing for criminal Coloreds.

Flubro: Yes, master.

System: We are going to ship all sorts of Coloreds to your local schools, wrecking the education there, having your children physically terrorized by feral Colored children.

Flubro: Yes, master.

System: If you sell your house (for which you will be castigated for “White flight”) you have to sell it to anyone, regardless of race. You have no choice whatsoever.

Flubro: Yes, master.

System: You are going to be discriminated against in hiring by affirmative action as will your children, who will be first discriminated against in college admissions.

Flubro: Yes, master.

System: Your children will be propagandized in school and by popular culture to hate their race and culture, and they will be encouraged to practice miscegenation.

Flubro: Yes, master.

System: We will flood the nation with race replacement migration and give illegal aliens more rights and privileges than you.

Flubro: Yes, master.

System: We will send your sons to war to die for Israel.

Flubro: Yes, master.

System: And, oh, by the way, there’s a deadly pandemic, so we are going to restrict movement and activity to mitigate disease and we are developing a vaccine.

Flubro: No, no, a thousand times, no!  Totalitarianism!  I value my freedom!  Freedom (mimicking Mel Gibson in Braveheart)!  Fight the power!  The law is not the same as the right!  Unacceptable!  A globalist plot to track us with a genetic modifying vaccine!  No, No!


May 16, 2020 at 8:53 am

This has Kevin McDonald’s name on it, but I don’t think it is his writing. Is this correct?

I thought the same thing when I read it.  Forget about the fact that I disagree with it – the writing style and arguments are childishly juvenile, superficial, and reflective of a Millennial writing in his parent’s basement. But then I remember the mental rot inflicted by an adherence to HBD and Nordicism and it all fits.

Richard McCullochsays:

May 16, 2020 at 10:52 am

In substance and style this short but powerful essay is very unusual for Kevin MacDonald. I would never guess he was the author.

I’m shocked – shocked I say! – that McCulloch supports (“powerful essay”) flubro-style polemics.  Who would have thought it?  Any comments, Johnson?

That is actually all very, very serious. One can make the argument that the lockdowns are too severe, but then you should present a reasonable alternative. Spreading disease to open “salons” without any reasonable mitigation is not a plan. Cherrypicking fights over freedom in the midst of a global health crisis is not a plan.  Hosting posts and comments ridiculing the virus and making outrageous claims that would discourage vaccination is playing with people’s lives and gambling with public health. I suppose I was right all along when I’ve been saying that “social science” is an oxymoron. There’s no real science or academic rigor at TOO, just Fox News style rants, nonsense that can have real life – life and death – consequences.  Opening up for the sake of “salons” can kill people. Convincing people not to get vaccinated can kill them. Is this what the Right wants to be associated with?  And Johnson – King of Lockdown Support – says nothing.  And these types have the nerve to label me as “indecent?”

Johnson (no longer viciously attacking Wallace and Wallace’s mental health) praises this. Very well. I’m in general agreement with Wallace’s sentiments. But, MacDonald and crew at TOO are taking the opposite view, a view I openly call out as recklessly irresponsible and potentially dangerous.  Johnson, on the other hand, the brave critic of Ramsey and Carlson, and the heroic defamer of Sallis, is mysteriously silent when “movement” “rock stars” promote flubro-freedom-conspiracy paradigms.  Who should you trust more – Sallis or Johnson?

By the way, are any of the “better people” who advised Johnson of the “indecency” of associating with Ted Sallis going to admit doing so publicly?  When I criticize people I do so publicly here at this blog.  But then, I’m not an effete blushing quota queen engaging in “movement” gossip in private conversations, quietly stabbing people in the back like a no account worm.  Character is as character does.

Meanwhile, for cheap laughs, I tuned in briefly to the 5/16/20 Full Moon Ancestry (FMA) livestream. What a bunch of self-indulgent silly nonsense. And bizarre as well. Johnson doesn’t show his face, even though his image is plastered all over the Internet, including Wikipedia. What’s the point? The Borat-like Jeelvy with his porn star moustache seems like a Balkanoid caricature, while FMA projects a lack of masculinity and of personal force that makes one wonder what’s going on with those Eastern European women (green card hunting?). It’s interesting that Jeelvy, who has complained about “mate poaching” by Boomers, has no problem being associated with a Danish-American Roosh who apparently believes he has a Herrenvolk droit du seigneur right to Slavic and Baltic women. Mate poaching! No bueno!  But then that is the sort of hypocritical inconsistency and lack of moral rigor we’ve come to expect from Counter-Currents.

I also listened briefly to the May 17 livestream. Johnson’s self-serving defense of Trump, completely ignored all of the things Trump could have done that he didn’t do (re: Antifa, birthright citizenship, tech censorship) and the things he has done – his DOJ persecuting his own supporters, pro-Negro criminal justice reform (and a Jack Johnson amnesty), as well as that rapper controversy with Sweden.  All the base got from Trump is empty tweets, bluster, and no action. Trump is so pro-Israel that they named a settlement after him, never mind signing legislation to ban “anti-Semitism” on college campuses. Johnson’s fellow Quota Queen Hood cogently pointed out that “Trump is so weak he makes Jimmy Carter look like Alexander the Great.”  There’s a reason for that.  The two Gregs can get together to discuss that. Is Hood suitable to debate?  He’s not “insane” or “indecent” now, is he?

I was also amused by Johnson stating that Biden might win. Might?  I thought that Trump was “toast in 2020 no matter what?”  No matter what!  No chance of victory whatsoever. And, now, well, maybe Biden might win. Oh, so Johnson’s already completely forgotten his flat-out, 100% certainty, dogmatic previous statement?

You see, when you call out the Quota Queens on their nonsense, then you are “insane” and “indecent.” Isn’t that convenient?  Being a Quota Queen means never having to defend your ideas and your statements from the “proles.”

The comments about whaling – horrendously stupid. The objection to whaling is not because “the water becomes red,” idiot. It’s not because people are “over-sensitive” to visual slaughter. It is because whales are highly intelligent animals, likely sentient, and killing whales in that sense is as bad, or worse, than Chinese killing and eating dogs. And so you know that whale hunting is not terrifying and painful to the whales?  Have you had a heart-to-heart talk with Moby Dick about that recently? Having intelligent aquatic mammals chased through the water for their lives and then harpooned to death is just good clean fun for them, eh?

There may have been excuses for whaling in the past – ignorance about the nature of whales and a need for the oil that has no effective substitute. There is no such excuse today.  Whaling is immoral; it is barbaric savagery.  Perhaps not surprisingly, two-thirds of the HBDers’ planned Jeurasian contributory stocks currently pursue whaling. For the other shoe to drop, all we need now is to find out that it’s funded by Jews, to complete the trifecta. In all seriousness though, once again the Right, and the “movement’s” favorite ethnies (including Orientals), are on the wrong side of naturalistically moral arguments. Slaughter whales yet welcome criminal genocidal migrants. Sounds like a plan!  Yes we can!  High trust northern hunter gatherers!

We can see why these specimens avoid debates with people who have triple digit IQs and label them as “insane” and “indecent” to avoid it.  

The HBD gods are at it again.

See this.

A good idea for Milady.  Sometimes the old ways are best.

Advice for the Young Activist, Part II

Quo vadis, White man?

Looking back I note the number of really high quality activists – who I interacted with in both analog and then digital activism from, say, the mid-90s to the early 2000s – who dropped out of Der Movement.

And it must be stressed: These people did NOT drop out (partially or completely) because they had a change of mind about their ideology, a change of heart about the rightness of the cause.  In every case I am aware of that did not happen. Instead, the people got disgusted by “movement” antics and by the selfish and stupid behavior of “leadership,” the foaming-at-the-mouth insanity of the Nutzi elements in the rank-and-file, the flame wars, the personality cults; they also despaired of making progress and saw no real possibility of advancing White racial interests.

They instead adopted, in a sense, a more mature and non-hedonistic version of Roissy’s “sitting poolside” – they would just get on with their life, “ride the tiger,” muddle through as best as possible, and watch – no doubt with grim bemusement – the passing show.

Those of you who think “that’ll never happen to me, I’m so very dedicated to the cause,” please keep in mind that all these other people had the same mindset.  But they got “burnt out” and left.  The very same thing can happen to you, if you do not start – right now – keeping things in perspective, making you and your own life your first priority, not having excessive expectations about “movement” progress, and not “drinking the Der Movement Kool-Aid” with respect to their bizarre dogmas and fetishes and their personality cults and petty “movement” politics, including their childish and catty feuds.

My sound advice can be contrasted to Millennial jackass Jeelvy, advising you to “drop out” and “crash the economy.” That only works if everyone else does it, and don’t worry, “movement” grifters will be taking care of themselves real well. They’ll be taking care of their money real well. Isn’t Jeelvy a lawyer or some such thing?  Didn’t he say he’s working for his “Macedonian mommy?”  He won’t be the man out in the street, that’ll be you if you take his advice.  Those types do quite well for themselves. How about you do the same?  Contra the Alt Right frauds, it is not impossible for young White men to be successful today. And contra Millennial fantasies, things were harsh for young White men in the 1980s and 90s as well.

The Quota Queens want to squeeze every last penny from you for “D’Nations” while, at the same time, preaching a destructive “drop out” mentality – after which, when you have no more pennies to be squeezed, they’ll dump you and take panhandling to the next set of suckers.  Don’t buy it.  

I ask nothing from you.  No tin cup panhandling from me.  I tell you to keep your own money.  Invest it.  Be wealthy and well, if you can.

And by the way, the above comments are not to be viewed as just more typical Sallisian critiques of Jeelvy and Counter-Currents. This is a crucially important topic, with real life consequences for young White men. Do you take their advice, drop out, and become downwardly mobile, or do you take my advice and strive for personal accomplishment and success, while prioritizing yourself and your own life? That is an actual life-changing decision.  Do you go this way or that?   Quo vadis, White man?

Some Possible Livestream Questions

Reasonable and respectful questions.

Forgive me for not knowing how this works – do you actually to have to pay in order to have your questions asked? Ordinarily, I would advise people to eschew such activity, but this brings up an interesting situation.

Let’s assume you pay for the “privilege” of asking questions. Very well. What if some EGI Notes readers were to shell out the money and submit certain questions to Johnson?  He would then have two choices. First, he could answer them, which in some cases may be uncomfortable. Or, second, he can refuse – either by completely disregarding them and/or refusing the donation, or by reading them and then refusing to answer (or by refusing to give a proper and complete answer).  

With respect to the two possibilities of refusal – if the former, then at least the person sending the money knows the truth (and can always bring that up at other blogs and websites and forums), and if the latter the refusal to honor the terms of the donation will be more openly exposed. 


Some possible livestream questions:

Why does Johnson engage in defamation of critics (e.g., Sallis)?

How does a PhD in philosophy provide to him the expertise to diagnose “insanity” in others?

It is often said that “in an insane society, it are the sane who are called insane.” Doesn’t attributing “insanity” to “movement” critics therefore raise questions about the “movement” itself?

Why does he call for open debate and then refuse names offered by Twitter users as potential debate opponents?

Why does he put conditions on who is acceptable to debate that eliminate potentially strong opponents?

Why does he “ban” critics from his blog?

To what does he ascribe his relatively rapid ascent to prominence in the “movement?”

Why has he fallen out with so many of his past writers, collaborators, associates, podcast guests, etc?  Liddell, Friberg, Spencer, Sallis, Parrott, Dickson, Polignano, Linder, on-and-off with Wallace, etc…this is a highly disparate group of individuals, with differing ideologies, personalities, ethnicities, etc.  Are Johnson’s problems with them really the fault of all those different people?  Isn’t it more likely that the problem is with the common denominator – Johnson himself?

If he contends that the problem is with all of these other people, doesn’t that reflect poorly on his judgment for associating with them?  Didn’t “better people” (who are they?) consider such associations as “indecent?”

Following up on that, what does it say about Johnson and Counter-Currents that a significant fraction of the chapters in this book are by authors no longer affiliated with Counter-Currents? If I and my contributions are so “indecent,” what does it say about Johnson’s judgment that he included two pieces of work from me in that book, his volume one  “flagship of the line?”

Did his animus toward Spencer actually originate with the Budapest NPI conference?

What exactly is the full story about Polignano and Counter-Currents?

What is his defense, re: Pilleater, Hermansson, Lewis? Why didn’t he take Pilleater’s complaints of sexual harassment by Counter-Currents associates as seriously as Collett did with the accusations against Robertson?  

During the Pilleater conversation, Johnson asserted that he has significant responsibility vetting people for Amren meetings. In a subsequent podcast, Forney asserted that he asked about that and it was not true. Can we get clarification on that issue?

Why did he (Johnson) change his mind about the utility of attending WN conferences such as Amren?

A certain Facebook group dedicated to a particular sexual-orientation cohort of “movement” “activists” was referred to in the Pilleater conversation. What objective does that group have within the spectrum of the “movement?”   

How is ethnonationalism compatible with the actual personal behavior of Counter-Currents writers, including living in other people’s nations and the sexual exploitation of Eastern European women?  If ethnonationalism is good and proper and natural, why is it that some of its most loud promoters, and their associates, are unable to actualize ethnonationalist ideals in their own private lives?

Does he agree with Jeelvy’s boomer-bashing?  In what manner is intra-White generational warfare, as promoted by Counter-Currents, helpful?

If petty nationalism is good, then why promote the work of Yockey, who openly denounced such nationalism?

Does he still promote warfare and ethnic cleansing among Europeans as part of petty nationalism?

Does he still believe that “Trump is toast in 2020 no matter what?”

Does he still believe that there will be a “race war” by the summer of 2021?

Does he still believe that Trump is a sincere man of genuine greatness?

Does he still believe that Trump would have won in 2016 mirroring a Jeb Bush platform?  Why does no one else, including Trump himself, believe that?

What does he do with all of the money he gets from supporters? How exactly is it spent?

Does he still stand by his earlier words of harsh criticism of Derbyshire, or is the Derb  alright now?

Why write for the Unz site, which was promoting the “American bioweapon” narrative of coronavirus?  

In what manner is the current trajectory of the “movement” consistent with eventual victory?

How exactly will that victory be achieved?

Why was he on board the Alt Right train in 2016-2017 going so far to equate the Alt Right and White nationalism?

After what happened at the first Scandza forum he couldn’t get into, why go back another time?  Was that the best use of his time and his supporters’ donations?

On what evidence does he base his various serious allegations against Daniel Friberg?  

Those questions are probing, some may be contentious, and some may even be termed combative. However, none of them can be reasonably seen as offensive or insulting.  All of them deal with issues that are in the public domain, nothing here deals with anything secret, private, personal, etc.  Those questions merely ask for input, insight, and clarification about facts, issues, problems, writings, podcasts, conversations, etc. that have all been already discussed publicly in one forum or another; however, Johnson has not (directly) addressed most of them. Certainly, there is no obligation to answer all (or any, of course) of them, but they are all reasonable questions to ask of someone with a prominent leadership role in the American “movement.”  Nothing there is unfair or unreasonable.

And readers of this blog can no doubt think of many other questions.

Once more Sallis is correct.  A considerable portion of the ignorant, anti-science attitude of the Right in America comes from religion, which I address often here.  Mix in a dose of “traditionalism” in general, conspiracy-mongering of weak minds who can’t or won’t address real and open “conspiracies,” and the reverse snobbery of “we salt of the earth street-smart folks know better than all dem dere pointy-headed ivy-tower intellectuals,” and you have a recipe for disaster.

No doubt as well it’ll be difficult getting the vaccine while dodging all those scurrying tardigrades and caterpillars trying to escape extinction from Stronza’s “bullets flying everywhere.”

Why is the Right always a pathetic embarrassment?

This demonstrates why we need experts and why the reverse snobbery and whining about “credentialism” (often by people who promote religion, by the way) is so destructive. Should public policy be determined by the mindset exposed by that article? And I’m amused by all these types afraid that a vaccine will be used to “track them” – most of these red state landwhales are so huge that someone on the other side of the Earth can “track them” just by looking out the window; their flaps of fat visible from thousands of miles away (and the smell even further).

Why don’t real Russians denounce this Tatar-Jew masquerading as one of you?  One quick look at him and I knew he wasn’t actually an ethnic Russian.