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All Hail Trump the Redeemer!

He has risen!

Would a Trump administration end these race-based humiliations? Most likely, though Mr. Trump would never publicly announce this policy reversal. It is now an officially sanctioned “truth” that whites are responsible for the misbehavior of blacks; this “truth” will not vanish even if the Donald appoints Chris Christie or someone like him as Attorney General. But at least under President Trump, Americans need not worry that common criminals will be celebrated thanks to their skin color while white police officers are demonized for doing their jobs. I believe that this unstated promise helps drives the passion for Donald Trump. He is a modern day Redeemer.

Kay talks about “disparate impact” as one of the racial humiliations Whites suffer from that the Christ-like Redeemer Trump will deliver us from.

Is Kay aware that Trump has heretofore expressed support for affirmative action, and criticized Danny DeVito-look alike Antonin Scalia for being “too rough” on Blacks because of that pudgy wop’s rather mild and very weakly race-aware remarks about what colleges may be best for the Imperial Negro?
Speaking of affirmative action, you know, when I accuse the “movement” of practicing it, there is a reason, as this post makes clear.
Meanwhile, we will all stand in awe of Trump the Redeemer, supporter of affirmative action, champion of the Negro, promoter of “high-skilled” immigration, and advocate of “touchback” immigration of wetbacks. 
Hallelujah, he is risen!