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Der Movement in the News, 5/11/16


Fulford decides to analyze the polygenic adaption in Britons study in his inimitable manner. Where is J Richards and his smiley faces when you need him? And can these guys mention “Razib” “can’t tell the difference between a homologous chromosome and a sister chromatid” Khan without telling us he is a “geneticist?” Yeah, if some fat spinster needs genetic analyses done on her ten cats, “Razib” is the “go-to” guy on that, no doubt.
And then we have this analysis of the “Sailer Strategy” written (if it is at all possible) in an even more superficially breezy manner than that of Steverino himself. That’s great, Richie, perhaps next time you can admit that The Ethnic Gap was dead wrong. And the complete collapse of TOO as a serous racialist analysis of current affairs becomes ever more noticeable – a phenomenon completely predictable by that site’s foray into the HBD cult.

Would it be fair to say that Der Movement approached the recent Counter-Currents Durocher podcast with all the perceptive sensitivity of the dessicated corpse of a deceased 95-year old senile man?


So I don’t understand why the neoconservatives are so fanatical about immigration, but they are.

Hey, Pete, maybe you can spend less time telling us about your young wife and your “baby dragon” and instead crack open one of KMacD’s books on Jews. Might learn something.

He’s conservative in the fundamental sense, which is that he is interested in conserving the national community. As I say, that’s pre-capitalist and pre- all these issues. He’s a nationalist. That’s something that we have not seen since Reagan.

Ronnie Raygun. How’d that work out for us, Pete? 
SDML (Stuff Der Movement Likes):
HBD, Northeast Asians, Red State America, sniggering like Beavis-and-Butthead over “dem titties,” bashing wops and other “White ethnics,” holding rallies when out-numbered by anti-racists 10:1, undercuts, lying and hypocrisy, bizarre obsessions and fetishes, White male-Asian female miscegenation, never admitting to being wrong, fossilized dogmas, hero-worshipping the likes of Trump or Putin or Raygun, breezy and superficial analyses, endless defeat and surrender, having no conception of strategy and tactics, pompous metacultural philosophizing instead of getting things done, wasting decades…more to come.

Kirkpatrick Channels Lind

“Acela primaries.”

Donald Trump didn’t just win every state on Tuesday, he won every county,crushing his opponents in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland… 

…This challenged some of the deepest-held beliefs about American politics—specifically that the Northeast, at least its Republicans, are “moderates.”… 

…Northeastern Republicans are looking for fighters—just people who fight on different kinds of issues than what social conservatives are used to. Instead of crusaders against gay marriage or abortion, Northeastern Republicans want their champions to be strong on trade, immigration, and national security… 

…Rather than being dominated by ideology, politics in the northeast are about identity. Voters in the Northeast are also far more interested in jobs and trade than any kind of perceived ideological purity.

And this turns out to be the case in other area where Trump has shown surprising strength: the South… 

…The GOP in the South already functions as a de facto European-American Party, with whites voting as a bloc to keep the large black populations from taking over the state. Given the choice, Southern voters turned out to be more attracted to Trump’s nationalist message than the traditional “true conservative” creed of abstractions about limited government or spending cuts. 

…the Trump campaign is a kind of intervention,—an infusion of nationalism which can actually arrest conservatism’s slow death and create an American Right really capable of winning in the new America by turning out the white a.k.a American vote. 

Of course, that means American politics will take on an increasingly Identitarian tone.

Of course, the VDARErs still dance around the truth, unable as they are to just admit that Lind (and to a smaller extent, the “Reality Gap” essay in TOQ) predicted all this years ago. One awaits the HBD-mophead faction to start talking about “Mormons” or “Jayman” or “a vote for Cruz (and his open-borders, far-left, horse-faced VP milady) is a vote for immigration patriotism.”

It’s Getting Almost Comical

The 2016 GOP primaries have become almost a parody of the Lind hypothesis.

Trump was always supposed to win New York. Yet the scope of tonight’s win was surprising. As of this writing, Trump is hovering around 60% of the vote in his home state, with Ted Cruz a distant third under 15%. Cruz will win no delegates from New York, while Trump looks like he will capture over 90 over New York’s 95 delegates. 

In terms of momentum, this is a dramatic shift. The contest moves to Northeastern states where Trump’s only real competition is John Kasich, who thus far has only won his home state of Ohio. Polls show Trump has a lead in every Northeastern state yet to vote and it’s hard to imagine Cruz rebounding in any of these areas.

In Staten Island, Trump’s margin of victory was remarkable:

Trump, who visited the Island on Sunday, got an astounding 80 percent of the vote here…

…Local Republicans gathered at Giovanni’s Trattoria in Eltingville, where Ron Castorina Jr. celebrated his victory in his unopposed race for state Assembly. 
Castorina is a Trump supporter, as is Councilman Joe Borelli, whose former Assembly seat Castorina was just elected to. Borelli (R-South Shore) is a co-chair for Trump’s campaign in New York and was in Manhattan for the big win. 
Pleasantly surprised by Trump’s big win in the 11th CD, GOP Chair John Antoniello said, “It’s pretty awesome, for any candidate in any election to get 80 percent. That’s a landslide by far.”

Lind, Lind, where art thou, Lind? Apparently, Lind is safely in the Reality Gap, having escaped the collapse of the Ethnic Gap. HBD and Der Movement can, of course, continue to talk about “Mormons” and the incoherent ramblings of triracial Jamaicans. 

The truth of this blog vs. “movement” and HBD dishonesty – which do you prefer, reader?

Trump Gets An Endorsement, the Movement Gets Stupid

Der movement, der movement, der movement marches on.

Meanwhile, the “movement,” concerned about other things, agonizes over the obvious Negro or South Asian (or maybe Italian!) ancestry of Kevin Williamson:

silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ • 6 days ago

Is that just a bad pic or is he really an octoroon or something? It obviously makes a difference to where he stands on racial issues, so this isn’t some racial ‘fetishist’ question.
MagnaEuropa silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ • 6 days ago

He used to work in Bombay at a news media publishing company. So it’s possible that he’s half curry or something.

Dr. Rieux MagnaEuropa • 6 days ago

He really is a truly homely person, and who wouldn’t be angry at the world if he looked like Williamson? Plus, being an octoroon would go far toward explaining his anger toward whites.

Joe Cavanaugh MagnaEuropa • 6 days ago

‘half curry’
TS1709 silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ • 6 days ago

From what I have read his daddy was black, his mama was white, she gave the kid up for adoption and he was raised by Mormons. He does not like white people.

Yeah, if Williamson is really embittered about his “transracial adoption” he has a funny way of showing it.

The scientific method is dependent on skepticism and a demand for facts.  I am open-minded. Perhaps Williamson really is the adopted mulatto son of a Black father (or “half curry”).  Can someone who makes that assertion actually link to Williamson stating such? The only things I find on the matter is him debunking the idea that he is “Black.”  Interesting as well that Williamson forfeited a chance to talk about himself as a “Black conservative” in the midst of this essay on Thomas Sowell.

Utah’s Tribes

Hostility to the perception of Trump. Lind wins again; “movement” loses.

Lind’s old article (right about many things, but dead wrong about Hispanics, ignoring the importance of blood over “social conservatism”); excerpts:

The history of US politics is little more than the history of these two coalitions: the southern-Catholic alliance and the Yankee-black alliance…For their part, the Yankees combined real or nominal support for black rights with a nasty strain of anti-Catholic nativism and anti-Irish bigotry…successive waves of immigration from Britain and continental Europe have modified this pattern without destroying it. Beginning in the 1840s, the main immigrant groups were the Germans and the Irish. Well-behaved hordes of Germans and Scandinavians settled alongside Yankee pioneers in midwestern states such as Kansas, Minnesota and the Dakotas. The social traditions of 19th-century Germanic immigrants meshed well with the Protestant social reform ethic of the Yankees. European Catholics, by contrast, tended to join the Irish, who controlled many big-city governments in the north and midwest, in an alliance with the white south…
…But the civil rights movement united Jews with blacks and their traditional allies, greater New England Protestants and Germanic Americans, against white southerners and northern white Catholics…. 

…The ethno-cultural bases of the northern and southern parties also explain some of the policy differences on civil rights. Democrats uniformly support racial preferences for blacks and Latinos (although not Asian-Americans), while Republicans, almost as uniformly, denounce quotas as a violation of the principle of individual rights. When the subject is rights for gays and lesbians, the positions are somewhat different: the Democrats invoke the idea that individuals, rather than groups, have rights, while Republicans under pressure from the religious right tend to oppose civil rights for homosexuals… 

…undecided working-class white Catholics in industrial great lakes states like Michigan and Wisconsin have become an important bloc of voters in American presidential and congressional politics.

“Movement” on American politics: calipers, hunter-gatherers, high Asian IQ, IQ, calipers, HBD, calipers, those Titans marching, who are we?, Lind huh?, calipers, hunter-gatherers, gatherers hunting, hunters gathering, calipers, IQ, calipers, HBD, affordable family formation, Chinese mom Bromstad, Negro dad Williamson, calipers, HBD, IQ, hunting and gathering, IQ, gathering and hunting, calipers, Hajnal’s line, calipers, Hungarians not on the Mayflower but the Jews molded Plymouth Rock with their bare hands, calipers, Line’s hajnal, calipers, IQ, hunting in the morning and gathering in the afternoon, calipers, gathering in the morning and hunting in the afternoon, calipers, high-trust societies, high-trust hunter-gatherers, calipers, repeat as required endlessly…

In the News. 3/9/16

Some items for today.

Greg Johnson writes of Kemp’s March of the Titans:

It is not just filled with “mistakes,” the falsehoods are so systematic and driven by an agenda that the book has to be dismissed as dishonest. But beyond that it is clumsily and stupidly dishonest.

Quite right.  But there’s more.  The dishonesty extends to Kemp and his followers stupidly (and clumsily) attempting to deny he and his book are Nordicist, when both are extreme cases, in some ways going beyond Pierce himself (as well as Sayce and Peterson). Ancient Egypt as a “Nordic Desert Empire?”  Napoleon (according to Kemp born in Sardinia of noble French ancestry – no joke) also a Nordic?

Trump wins in the deep south and in the rust belt, loses in Idaho. Sounds all too familiar. Of interest:

Michigan, the place where the Reagan Democrats were first “discovered” by the national media, was a crucial test for his candidacy, testing whether he could really win disaffected union members and workers.

Look who has shown up at TOO again.  Wow, the previous exposure of Sen’s antics really “helped,” eh? And then we wonder why the “movement” is a mess?  Oh, right, let’s blame it on the “multiethnic nature of White America.”  No, rather, it’s more of the monoethnic nature of White American “movement” leadership, if one needed to choose between those two options.

Trump’s American Tribes

Supporting the Trumpery perception.

Let’s put aside the reality of Trump as a fraud, and concentrate for the time being on the current public perception of Trump as a pro-White right-wing bigot.  Where is this “fascist” Trump most popular?  Well, here.  And not in, say, Kansas, Maine, Oklahoma, or Alaska.  Not Minnesota, certainly.  If Trump fails to win the nomination, it’s clear what states and what populations are primarily responsible. Once again, we see the Lind “American Tribes” pattern, which is, not surprisingly, completely inconsistent with “movement” “ethnic gap” nonsense.
The appeal of a “racist fascist bigot” candidate is with the combination of White Southerners and Northeast White ethnics. The geographic and demographic basis of Trump’s support, running up the eastern part of the US, from the deep South to the ethnic north, is considered a stronghold of “Democrats who tend to vote Republican”  (the so-called “Reagan Democrats”) as well as those areas of the country that tend to rank high on alleged metrics of “racism.”  That’s the real voting gap that exists when a racially charged candidate runs, as opposed to Neocon leftists like Bush Sr and Jr, Dole/Kemp, McCain, and Romney – anti-White weaklings who alienated the Reagan Democrats.  That’s the point (and prediction) I made nearly 15 years ago in TOQ: 

It would be interesting to know how much of the racial liberalism from the Bush-Dole-Kemp-Bush, Jr. crowd has destroyed the Reagan coalition, and eaten away at White ethnic Republican voters. There does not seem to be any clear data or opinion on this one way or another. But one thing that the Atlantic Monthly article does make clear: White ethnics, including and especially Italian-Americans, will support political programs and candidates that are pro-Euro-American, and that there is no intrinsic “ethnic gap” within the Euro-American community. Let the Republicans move to the right on race and any (as of yet unsubstantiated) leakage of White ethnic Republican support would be reversed.

To the extent Trump maintains the perception that he is a “racist bigot” this coalition will hold, to the extent he continues to flip-flop on issues and move to the center, the Southerner/Ethnic coalition will be weakened.  Support of White Southerners and White ethnics (*) is precisely correlated to the extent a (Republican) candidate is perceived as “racist and populist.”  The flip-flop fraud Trump is now doing all he can do ruin that, but it has been nice when it lasted.

*In the book, From Paesani to White Ethnics: The Italian Experience in Philadelphia, we learn that one of the cores of George Wallace’s support in Philadelphia in 1968 came from that city’s Italian-American voters, who supported Wallace ~70% more than the city as a whole. By 1984, with Reagan running for re-election, the once strongly-Democratic Italian-American voters supported the “fascist Raygun” by a 3/5 majority – and that despite an Italian-American being the VP candidate for the Democrats.