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Political Test

Useful tool.
This online political test is not perfect, but it (the longer, 50 question version of the test) is by far the best such evaluative tool for political orientation that I have yet seen.  As a “3-D” test, it is in my opinion far superior to the “2-D” “Political Compass” and infinitely superior to the “1-D” crap put out by the execrable John Ray, an apologist for mainstream kosher conservatism.
The thing about the “Political Test” is that, as far as people I know who have taken it, it works fairly well.  It evaluates a broad range of political ideals and places people close to where they would seem to belong.
Certainly, it can be improved, made more fine-grained, more accurate and precise.  But for people tired of seeing national socialists binned with aracial capitalists or with anti-racist communists (which often occurs with  the “1-D, 2-D” tests), then this newer test is quite welcome.