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Reparations for White Americans, Etc.

In der news.  In all cases, emphasis added.

Putting aside all the proximate issues of the costs of Colored crime, destruction of the cities, social welfare handouts, affirmative action, and the overall dispossession of Whites – which alone would be sufficient to guarantee White Americans huge reparations – there is a genetic, biological, EGI-based reparations imperative, as outlined here.

Genocide is worth reparations, is it not?  Genetic replacement is worth reparations, the lost child equivalents of EGI is definitely worth reparations. 

Reparations for White Americans.  Needed now more than ever.  Cash or check?

Tulsi Coconut – Princess of Negro Reparations, and her admirers.  And again.  And again.

“Our country is full.”  Yet is he on record saying he wants large amounts of more “legal” immigration.  Can Congress please impeach this buffoon, and vote to remove him from office?  Is it possible that all of the fat from the fast food he eats is clogging the arteries bringing blood to that underused spongy (small) mass that passes for his “brain?”

Remember that the great and good Desmond Jones claimed that Italy is, and shall remain, completely homogeneous to the end of time, forever and ever, amen.  Read this.

Said Mechaout, 27, born in Morocco but a naturalised Italian citizen, confessed to the killing, which occurred on the banks of the river Po in Turin on February 23rd, claiming he had purposely been waiting to kill a white Italian near his own age, Il Giornale reports.
“I hit a white, based on the obvious fact that a young Italian would have caused a sensation,” he allegedly told police. “I looked at him and I was sure he was Italian…

The wonderful racial theorists of Der Movement have told us that Italians and Moroccans are racially identical “Mediterraneans.” Interesting that Moroccans themselves do not believe that, and of course population genetics does not support that view either.  But, hey, the racial theorists are right because, well, they say so, and who can ever possibly argue against that?

Amren podcast.  The part about racial envy is true, but long time readers of this blog have read it all before.  See this from June 2015, which, by the way, was not the first time I had discussed that issue.  You’ll always get the breaking news and ideas here at EGI Notes first.

He’s better than Trump.

By the way, here is EGI Notes on October 5 2016:

For these reasons, I endorse Trump, even though I personally believe he is lazy and ignorant buffoon, an idiot with Jewish family connections, unread and unprepared, not very bright, hysterically undisciplined, a race cuck to the Negro – it is not Trump’s supporters who are the “basket of deplorables,” it is instead Trump’s myriad personal flaws that instead constitute the basket. But remember what Yockey said about de Gaulle: Europe may be saved by an idiot. Similarly, America may be put on a better path – a path of despair, division, misery, hatred, and multicultural untenability – by the idiot Trump.
My endorsement is made more difficult by the pitiful homoerotic pro-Trump hysteria in Der Movement. “Activists” – always eager for a “man on White horse” savior quick fix – have gravitated toward Trump (having abandoned Putin for the time being), and, also, the quota queens see in Trump a reflection of themselves.

From July 2016:

What’s Der Movement going to do if and when Der Touchback publicly backpedals like a clown on a unicycle? 
What if he is elected and reneges on his promises?

Well now we know. They’ll pretend they never worshipped the man in a paroxysm of homoerotic sweaty fervor, and they’ll mutter “Javanka” and “I told you so.” Der Movement is full of the most outrageous gaslighting liars possible.  The only person who has the right to say “I told you so” is yours truly, the crazy and bitter swarthoid, that gesticulating Negroid, Ted Sallis. 

The fetishists on Counter-Currents assert that Italy is merely a “geographic expression.”  That tired old canard again.  The genetic evidence shows that Italians from different parts of that country have reasonably similar ancestry proportions, with the expected north-to-south clinal differences in gene frequencies matching the “genes mirror geography” paradigm.  There are no large, abrupt differences, just a shallow, expected cline.

Is Germany a geographic expression?  We’re not allowed to say that. It’s not in the “script.”

Immigration Insurance

Breezy still doesn’t get it.

Read this nonsense.  Yeah, great idea – which completely ignores damage done to EGI. Typical HBD – all about the proximate; ultimate interests are completely ignored. But, then, they have to be ignored don’t they?  If we started worrying about kinship, that means no Chinese sexbots for the “awkward squad” nerds, no Jamaican mongrels pontificating about race, no mendacious Desis practicing ethnic nepotism while telling Whites that such ethnic nepotism “is not adaptive,”

With kinship and EGI, the whole HBD house of cards comes tumbling down, eh Breezy?

For Our German Readers: Your Genetic Loss in American Dollars

The cost of “Merkel’s Boner.”

We hear much about “Germany taking in 800,000 migrants this year.”  We also hear idiots even trying to make the case that the influx will “boost the German economy” by “providing needed workers” and “dynamic immigrants.’

So, let us look at the influx with an economic twist. I will use the crude but useful “coarse-graining” approach outlined here, which has some caveats, but is nevertheless a good approximation of what we are considering.

Assume 800,000 non-European Caucasian (NEC) immigrants, with every 8.5 immigrants imposing the loss of one child equivalent (as per On Genetic Interests), and an estimate of $5 million for the economic cost of a human life.

A quick calculation tells us that each and every German citizen of ethnic German descent will incur a loss of ~ $470.6 billion from these 800,000 migrants.  That, my friends, is more than four hundred seventy billion American dollars for each individual (ethnic) German citizen.  If you wish, you can multiply that by the total number of ethnic Germans in Germany to get the bizarrely enormous sum cost for the entire German nation.

I am sort of dubious that any sort of “economic growth” from even productive immigrants – never mind Third World brutes – can in any way even try to approach breaking even for those sums within multiple orders of magnitude.

Well, then, we will be told there is a “moral dimension” – that Germans have some sort of “moral obligation” because of their WWII “blood guilt.”  Really? Is that worth $470.6 billion apiece? I really wonder if your typical German citizen would rather “feel good about themselves” than have $470.6 billion. And if you wanted to do good, wouldn’t those billions allow you to do so, rather than having hordes of young healthy NEC men lounging around Berlin cafes parasitizing off of your society?

True, we are not talking about actual sums of money.  But consider the demographic equivalent. If Germans “want to do good for the world” they’d be in much better position to do so as an intact demographically secure German nation, with the well-known intelligence, discipline, productivity, and efficiency of the German people, than as some sort of Arabic-Turkic wasteland in the middle of what used to be Europe.  The $470.6 billion per German represents a biological investment in the Germany ethny that can yield positive results for human progress. On the other hand, the loss of the German ethny would be an irreplaceable loss for humanity.

Therefore, Germans – and Europeans as a whole – owe it to humanity, and not only to themselves, to ensure their own demographic survival.

A Rough Back of the Envelope Calculation on Executive Amnesty

Cash or check?
What is the economic cost, based on EGI, to White Americans of allowing 5 million illegals to stay in America rather than deporting them?
The following is a very rough calculation, with lots of estimates and coarse graining, but nevertheless gives a ballpark figure.
Let’s estimate that the average illegal has the genetic profile of a 50:50 mestizo.  Most of the illegals are mestizos. Some may be genetically closer to the White American average (e.g., Irish illegals), some more distant (e.g., Negro illegals).  Let’s call all of that a “wash” and go with a mestizo genetic average.
We’ll use the child equivalents from Salter’s work.  Now, the genetic data from there may be a bit out-dated, and I believe his estimate underestimates the damage, due to genetic structure not being taken into account. But, let’s use Salter’s estimates for our conservative calculations.
The loss of child equivalents to a European Caucasian from an Amerindian is 1.6.  We can halve that for the mestizo situation to 0.8.
Estimates of the “value of a human life” (e.g., for economic risk, etc. purposes) vary – a reasonable average of those estimates is $5 million.
Thus: 5 million illegals x 0.8 child equivalents x $5 million = $20 trillion.
Therefore, each and every White American is owed $20 trillion in compensation for Obama’s executive amnesty.  Of course others are owed similar – American Negroes would be owed trillions of dollars apiece as well, but that’s their problem.
So – cash or check?

Note: that is $20 trillion in today’s currency value.  Therefore, paying off such a debt is impossible: printing hundreds of quintillion dollars will obviously make it all worthless.

You can’t put a price on genocide.