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Dalton Fraud Redux

Dalton challenging Durocher, Jeelvy, and Costello for the title of worst Far Right writer. In all cases, emphasis added.
Laugh at this.

Yes, there will be resistance—from local law enforcement and local protesters, but not from “antifa” (whoever the hell “they” are).  

So, Dalton supports the “there is no such thing as Antifa” narrative?”  Whoever the hell they are?  Have you been watching the news recently, moron?  What happened at Unite the Right? When Counter-Currents holds meetings in hotels, who are they hiding from when they conceal their meeting place? Who goes from hotel to hotel searching for them to break up the meeting?  Who harassed Johnson and Polignano when they were living in California? Who has attacked small groups of rightists meeting in restaurants?  Who drove Amren from their DC-area hotels? Who was attacking Spencer’s college speaking tours, causing them to be cancelled?  An imaginary group in scare quotes? At this point, can we take anything Dalton says seriously?  How about HE schedules some public, well-advertised meetings?

Certainly, a single large event, like Charlottesville, can be targeted by a large number of radical leftists.  

And a single small event can be targeted by a small number of radical leftists.  Also note that, later in this screed, the fraud Dalton states that the “leftist Jews” can mobilize effectively only in New York and DC.  But here it is “Charlottesville.”  

But that’s precisely why we need numerous, simultaneous, independent, local groups.  Massive decentralization virtually guarantees that neither the feds, nor antifa, nor any large national group will effectively target you.  

Excuse me, you laughably naïve and inept Quota Queen – all of these groups are not simultaneously coming into existence. There will be a phase – the difficult start to the project – in which isolated new groups are forming.  And these will be targeted one by one. The groups are not all going to spring into existence simultaneously overnight throughout the country. 

My critics are overly-cowed by pictures on TV.  

And cowed by the actual experiences of many activists so targeted.  But, hey, if Dalton is not “cowed,” I invite HIM to be the very public face of the White resistance.  Advertise weekly rallies in your city square. Openly announce your library meetings. Publicly advertise regular pro-White meetings at a local hotel.  Don’t be cowed, Dalton, don’t be cowed!

Jews and their allies are experts at puffing up their perceived power.  But outside New York and Washington DC, their power on the ground declines dramatically.  

Really?  Next time Unite the Right can be held, say, in Virginia!  Charlottesville sounds like a good idea. Spencer can speak at Michigan State.  No problem!  Amren can hold their meetings at a TN state complex – no security needed, right?  After all, it’s not New York and DC, so no problem!  Certainly, they won’t need to go to court to force the state of TN to pay exorbitant security costs, right you mendacious fraud?
Is this raging idiot Dalton serious?  

The multi-city riots of recent days were conducted mostly by opportunistic Black criminals and random anarchists; it was not a centrally-planned effort, and such people pose virtually no threat to local White groups.

This is gaslighting nonsense. The same groups of thousands that can shut down a city – you think dozens of those, the hardcore leaders, can’t be mobilized against your blithely naïve “advertise your library club and see who shows up” meetings?  How come every time such a project has been undertaken it has collapsed?  Meeting after meeting – in America and in Europe – has been attacked, or relocated, or cancelled because of the people who “pose virtually no threat.”  You know, the folks who showed up at Charlottesville armed, who attack people in the streets with impunity (can Spencer show his face in public without being punched?), who sent Trump hiding in a White House bunker, who have support from the mass media and major corporations, who set up an “autonomous zone” in Seattle – these are just random groups of Negro criminals and assorted roving anarchists, right?  

Furthermore, I hate to disparage commenters, but I can’t stop wondering how many leftist/Jewish trolls we attract here at TOO.  Probably a fair number.  

Three points.  First, this is a typically disgusting and fundamentally dishonest Type I maneuver – declare that your critics are “Jews” or other infiltrators. Second, if even a website can attract a “fair number” of “leftist/Jewish trolls” then what about your local small groups?  Moshe Finkelstein merely needs to exchange his yarmulke for a horned helmet and claim his name is Lars Finksson and he’ll be all set. Third, if you actually do set up your “local groups” what stops idiots like Dalton accusing sincere activists they disagree with being “leftist/Jewish trolls?” Given the history of Der Movement, actual infiltrators will be welcomed, while authentic activists will be insulted and rejected.

We need to keep in mind:  If someone’s “comments” or “suggestions” are virtually identical to what a Jewish or leftist opponent might say, then we need to take them with a huge grain of salt.  

Yes, indeed.  What would a Jewish or leftist opponent suggest? That Antifa (“antifa” in scare quotes) doesn’t really exist (whoever the hell “they” are, indeed!).  Maybe pretend that someone can openly organize pro-White activism with no real risks whatsoever? Let a thousand flowers bloom – and then cut them all down.

Our opponents would like nothing better than that we do nothing—hence, for them, every suggestion for concrete White action is necessarily stupid, unworkable, or doomed to failure.  

Not every suggestion. Just the ones that actually are stupid, unworkable, or doomed to failure.  Like yours.

Right.  Don’t believe it.  Critical comments are welcome, but they should be coherent and constructive.  Mindless opposition serves no purpose, other than to cast suspicion on the commenter.

Why isn’t this coherent and constructive?  Oy vey!  If you disagree with Dalton you are mindless!  If you disagree with Dalton you’re a Jewish leftist!  Again, if TOO is a hotbed of Jewish infiltrators, as you claim, doesn’t that support the view that your “small local groups” will be similarly infested?

More pragmatically, what actual risks would White activists face? 

YOU and your supporters can be the role models. YOU show us the lack of risk. I await Dalton and the TOO commentators who support him to put a nice video on YouTube, introducing themselves to the world – real names of course – and inviting us all to their weekly library meetings. Let’s see who shows up.  Right?  What actual risks?  Are you serious?  Is this supposed to be a serious essay or a poorly written comedy?  Dalton must believe that White activists are all cowards or delusional paranoids.  No risks!  So, why aren’t they all out openly organizing?  Cowards!  Paranoids!

Is being fired a real threat?  Perhaps, depending on the person and the circumstances.  But first, I think such threats are generally overblown; a few high-visibility cases get lots of media time, thanks to our Jewish friends, but realistically, this is a small risk for most people.  

And you know this how?  Gee, what would a Jewish leftist do? Encourage self-doxxing perhaps?  

Secondly, there are large groups of people for whom ‘firing’ is not a threat at all:  retirees, students…

Students!  Gee, what could ever happen to a student?  Obviously nothing!  Your typical high school or college student faces no risks whatsoever!  Is Dalton mentally retarded?  Gee, they won’t be harassed, right?  Not physically attacked, right?  Not unfairly graded, right?  Not suspended or expelled, right?  Not blacklisted from future employment, right?  Hey, Mr. PhD, did YOU come out publicly, under you real name, as a student?

…stay-at-home moms and dads, the self-employed, the family-employed, those with strong support systems (like unions), and so on.  Not to mention—the already unemployed!  Lots of those around lately.  No doubt there are plenty of folks in a position to attend such a group.

Jewish trolls no doubt will be in a perfect position.

Then a reader turns the tables on me, asking for data for my claim that any nation of 330 million is ungovernable.  This is actually incidental to my argument, but in short, to respond to the critic, there is a lengthy history—dating back to Plato and Aristotle—of a “size theory of politics.”  This suggests that only small populations can achieve rational and stable governmental forms along with high qualities of living.  Contemporary data suggests that 10 to 20 million is perhaps the most that can be rationally and justly governed.

Ignore all history, and currently extant nations, that prove otherwise.  You can of course define “rationally and justly governed” as you wish to prove your point, but it doesn’t change the fact that actual reality – as opposed to Ancient Greeks extolling the virtue of city states (and how did those turn out?) – refutes Dalton’s assertions.

I believe Dalton has now won the prize for worst writer on the Far Right. The level of cluelessness, stupidity, ignorance, arrogance, blithe naivete, advocacy of activities that can cause people on our side real and life-changing harm, coupled with calling critics “mindless” and “leftist/Jewish trolls” – this is a level of tragicomedy never before observed in “movement” circles.

Reparations for White Americans, Etc.

In der news.  In all cases, emphasis added.

Putting aside all the proximate issues of the costs of Colored crime, destruction of the cities, social welfare handouts, affirmative action, and the overall dispossession of Whites – which alone would be sufficient to guarantee White Americans huge reparations – there is a genetic, biological, EGI-based reparations imperative, as outlined here.

Genocide is worth reparations, is it not?  Genetic replacement is worth reparations, the lost child equivalents of EGI is definitely worth reparations. 

Reparations for White Americans.  Needed now more than ever.  Cash or check?

Tulsi Coconut – Princess of Negro Reparations, and her admirers.  And again.  And again.

“Our country is full.”  Yet is he on record saying he wants large amounts of more “legal” immigration.  Can Congress please impeach this buffoon, and vote to remove him from office?  Is it possible that all of the fat from the fast food he eats is clogging the arteries bringing blood to that underused spongy (small) mass that passes for his “brain?”

Remember that the great and good Desmond Jones claimed that Italy is, and shall remain, completely homogeneous to the end of time, forever and ever, amen.  Read this.

Said Mechaout, 27, born in Morocco but a naturalised Italian citizen, confessed to the killing, which occurred on the banks of the river Po in Turin on February 23rd, claiming he had purposely been waiting to kill a white Italian near his own age, Il Giornale reports.
“I hit a white, based on the obvious fact that a young Italian would have caused a sensation,” he allegedly told police. “I looked at him and I was sure he was Italian…

The wonderful racial theorists of Der Movement have told us that Italians and Moroccans are racially identical “Mediterraneans.” Interesting that Moroccans themselves do not believe that, and of course population genetics does not support that view either.  But, hey, the racial theorists are right because, well, they say so, and who can ever possibly argue against that?

Amren podcast.  The part about racial envy is true, but long time readers of this blog have read it all before.  See this from June 2015, which, by the way, was not the first time I had discussed that issue.  You’ll always get the breaking news and ideas here at EGI Notes first.

He’s better than Trump.

By the way, here is EGI Notes on October 5 2016:

For these reasons, I endorse Trump, even though I personally believe he is lazy and ignorant buffoon, an idiot with Jewish family connections, unread and unprepared, not very bright, hysterically undisciplined, a race cuck to the Negro – it is not Trump’s supporters who are the “basket of deplorables,” it is instead Trump’s myriad personal flaws that instead constitute the basket. But remember what Yockey said about de Gaulle: Europe may be saved by an idiot. Similarly, America may be put on a better path – a path of despair, division, misery, hatred, and multicultural untenability – by the idiot Trump.
My endorsement is made more difficult by the pitiful homoerotic pro-Trump hysteria in Der Movement. “Activists” – always eager for a “man on White horse” savior quick fix – have gravitated toward Trump (having abandoned Putin for the time being), and, also, the quota queens see in Trump a reflection of themselves.

From July 2016:

What’s Der Movement going to do if and when Der Touchback publicly backpedals like a clown on a unicycle? 
What if he is elected and reneges on his promises?

Well now we know. They’ll pretend they never worshipped the man in a paroxysm of homoerotic sweaty fervor, and they’ll mutter “Javanka” and “I told you so.” Der Movement is full of the most outrageous gaslighting liars possible.  The only person who has the right to say “I told you so” is yours truly, the crazy and bitter swarthoid, that gesticulating Negroid, Ted Sallis. 

The fetishists on Counter-Currents assert that Italy is merely a “geographic expression.”  That tired old canard again.  The genetic evidence shows that Italians from different parts of that country have reasonably similar ancestry proportions, with the expected north-to-south clinal differences in gene frequencies matching the “genes mirror geography” paradigm.  There are no large, abrupt differences, just a shallow, expected cline.

Is Germany a geographic expression?  We’re not allowed to say that. It’s not in the “script.”

Immigration Insurance

Breezy still doesn’t get it.

Read this nonsense.  Yeah, great idea – which completely ignores damage done to EGI. Typical HBD – all about the proximate; ultimate interests are completely ignored. But, then, they have to be ignored don’t they?  If we started worrying about kinship, that means no Chinese sexbots for the “awkward squad” nerds, no Jamaican mongrels pontificating about race, no mendacious Desis practicing ethnic nepotism while telling Whites that such ethnic nepotism “is not adaptive,”

With kinship and EGI, the whole HBD house of cards comes tumbling down, eh Breezy?