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Chinese Free Riding on the West

And other news.  In all cases, emphasis added.

Let’s take a look at this again.

After saying some positive things about the Chinese, which I obviously do not agree with, Salter gets to the meat of his argument, and it is very interesting.

This relates to a matter of equity that is rarely discussed. 

Certainly not discussed by Asian-worshipping HBDers like Canlorbe.

We are seeing a large-scale transfer of intellectual property from the West to Asian nations, such as Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan. Japan and lately Korea and Taiwan have been contributing to that knowledge for several decades. 

Those Japanese and Korean contributions are not only very recent (as indicated) but minimal and, in virtually all cases, merely building upon ideas copied from the West. There have been no truly innovative concepts coming from that direction. Nor should we expect any.

That vast body of knowledge took centuries for the liberal world to develop, often at large material and human cost. (By “liberal” I mean rule-of-law and civil rights, which led to representative democracy.) That vast store of knowledge is now treated as something that should be free for all. That seems unfair. 

It is unfair. Asians, particularly the Chinese, are free riding on the West’s cultural and scientific accomplishments.

China is a regimented, undemocratic, low-wage society that has taken jobs and wealth from the West. 


It has not adopted the democratic and liberal institutions compatible with creativity; instead, it has been parasitic on Western liberalism. 

The Chinese are parasites. That is an excellent insight. Here, Salter and I are in perfect accord.  

Liberalism has a price. It yields creativity and innovation, but also causes conflict and disorganization.


Is it right that China have free access to Western intellectual property? 


If it were feasible, it would be good to see the creative cultures of the world join together to bargain collectively with the less creative cultures. Our centuries-long investment in civil rights and democracy should be made to pay dividends.

The Chinese and other Asians should reimburse the West for the use of our knowledge. Instead, they flood us with immigrant invaders (who, when in the West, side with the anti-White Left), infect us with pandemics, and leverage the copied knowledge for economic, military, and geopolitical advantage.

And good luck getting the arrogant, ethnocentric, and White-hating Asians to admit that they owe the West anything.

Laughingly, Canlorbe’s hero, the execrable scum Richard Lynn, actually wrote an article in The Mankind Quarterly, attempting to explain, in HBD terms, the lack of creativity among East Asians. Perhaps Canlorbe can get around to reading that, once he pulls that Chinatrix strap-on out of his ass.

Other news:

Read this.  I am very happy indeed that this Jew had to suffer in school the same as I did and as did many millions of other real White people. It was his people who were responsible for the civil rights movement and racial integration, resulting in incredible suffering for millions and millions of Whites, including White children, and resulting in the destruction of a once great predominantly White American nation. What? Some isolated Jews here and there got caught up in the nightmare unleashed by their own people? Great! I find that blow-back beautiful, and I read that Amren article with great pleasure. However, I was very saddened to read:

Eventually, my family left California, and I was out of danger. Those four years of forced busing had left me traumatized

This scion of the race of destroyers got to escape…others were not so lucky.  And then this Levantine alien, this bizarre Middle Easterner, this infestation from a Magian culture, has the audacity – the chutzpah we can say – to whine about being “traumatized” by “four years of forced busing.” Four years!  Poor baby!  Oy vey!  Oh the persecution!

Please note that while Sallis has written many essays describing the things we need to do under different election result contingencies, particularly the event of a Biden victory, while all Greg Johnson can say is that in the event of a Biden victory, Counter-Currents will merely do “more of the same.”

Hey, ”Lovecraft’s Cat,” any more agonized questions about affirmative action of your hero, The Phantom of the European Mem’s Room Urinal?  Or are you understanding it?  Getting through to you yet?

Sallis right again.

The main sponsor of the resolution, Crystal Zhao

ZhaoThe existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.  Derbyshire and Canlorbe weep.

More of the same.  You see, this is how EGI Notes differs from HBD. Sallis views this Asiatrix as a bizarre alien, akin to a sentient octopoid from the Andromeda Galaxy, and seething with genocidal hatred toward what it, rightly, sees as a competitor species – i.e., Homo sapiens. The HBD reaction is “measured groveling” perhaps followed by “pleased to meet you, Ben” and a “dropped bar of soap in the prison shower” scenario. Quite obviously, there is a wide gulf, that cannot be bridged, between the Sallis Groupuscule on the one hand and HBD on the other hand.

The existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites

Healthy comments about this alien filth:

Martina Vaslovik 

I’m betting she’s a CCP plant, maybe in the Confucius Institutes.


You can take Bandy Lee out of communist China, but you can’t take the communist Chinese ideology out of Bandy Lee.

Logic and facts are not her forte.

Labeling anyone a Nazi is not a coherent argument – it’s a hysterical tactic used by leftist against pro-limited government people.

If Trump really was a Nazi, Bandy X Lee would be permanently unemployed, silenced, and imprisoned or deported.

Psycho Feminist Asian Bandy Lee needs a check up from the neck up.

Next time I read anything about Asians or Feminist being discriminated against, I will point to Bandy Lee as an example of a stupid Asian Feminist that benefited greatly from Affirmative Action.



Replying to 


She needs to go back.

That’s right. She needs to go back. And “Rosie” as well.

Is that “cute,” Greg?  T level alert!  

Savitri Devi weeps.  Arya…arya…not.

First consider this.  Then consider this.  Send in dem dere “D’Nations!”  What exactly is that space being used for?

Then we have this.  Some vague admission by Johnson that he was previously skeptical of Trump’s re-election, but he, of course, he dishonestly omitted the whole absolutely dogmatic “no matter what” nonsense. No plan, of course. Someone asked – what to do if Biden wins? Johnson says “just shoulder on” – what an unimaginative dullard – “catch as catch can.”  In contrast, at EGI Notes you can actually read a plan. 

“In the long, we’ll win” – wishful thinking. Again, no plan. “Driving centrists toward Trump” – that’s why Whites are voting for Biden.

Was MacDonald joking about Bezos?  “Bezos is of Nordic ancestry”– so he may turn to the Right. Was that meant to be serious? Roissy said that Bezos would make a “hard right turn” politically because he was “jacked” – MacDonald says Bezos will “turn right” because he is a High Trust Herrenvolk.  Meanwhile, in the real world, Bezos will continue pushing a Far Left agenda. But, hey, he’s of “Nordic ancestry” so it’s all OK! 

This really has nothing to do with Nord vs. Med debates or any of that – it is just the ludicrousness of it all.  What does MacDonald expect?  That one day Bezos is going to look in the mirror and have an epiphany –  “Hey!  I just realized…I’m of Nordic ancestry!  So, I am going to start funding the Far Right and I am going to make Greg Johnson the Editor-in-Chief of The Washington Post.  Dat Right!”  That’s as silly as Roissy thinking that Bezos was going to become a Trump supporter because Bezos started lifting weights.  Are there any adults in the room in Der Movement?  Apparently not.

Hood says we should build the institutions. Great – why haven’t you done anything for all the time you’ve been a major player in Der Movement?  Why was the last four years of the Trump Presidency wasted?

“Not really a White vote” – very good, Hood. Go on now and tell McCulloch that.Trump’s “political malpractice” – gee, who was telling you the man’s a retard and a buffoon?

Gee, Greg, Trump is a “huckster?”  I thought he was a “sincere man of genuine greatness?”  A problem with character? Again, I thought he was a “sincere man of genuine greatness?”  Johnson and Hood think that Trump is not a idiot?  Really?

Hood is correct about the Left’s hypocrisy about The China Plague.

I didn’t finish the whole thing – Johnson’s dishonesty is just too much to take in one sitting, and I still can’t believe what MacDonald said about Bezos.  

Yet Again: Worse is Not Better

Surprise – Der Movement is always wrong.

Sallis’ pessimism correct; McCulloch’s optimism wrong.

Well, as we know, they are always, always wrong.

As is this.

White Identity Politics argues that white identity politics is inevitable as a consequence of multiculturalism..

Very inevitable!  Is that why – after endless months of Colored/Far Left rioting and an explosion of anti-White sentiment and actions – the racial gap in voting is shrinking rather than growing?  Is the “inevitability” actually the “inevitability” of inept Quota Queens getting their “D’Nations” – at least until a leftist regime elected by Whites shuts down all access to payments?

And what a rebuke the polling data are to Der Movement, whose affirmative action leadership utterly failed to take advantage of the Trump Presidency, what an indictment of Trump for betraying his base while pandering to Coloreds, and most of all, what an indictment of Whites for being a maladaptive pathologically cucked race.  Proof positive that worse is not better. Things have gotten much worse; Whites flock to the Left. Case closed.

This happens under the Trump administration (emphasis added):

The charges followed an investigation by Michigan State Police and the FBI into a group called The Base and a December 2019 incident in which a family in Dexter saw men in dark clothing shining a light and taking photos on the front porch of their home. The photos were uploaded onto The Base’s social media platform channel along with a caption that alluded to a person involved with an antifa podcast, according to authorities.

They were… shining a light and taking photos!  Yegads!  Violence!  If they had instead joined in with BLM and Antifa riots and marched through neighborhoods, screaming at people, attacking them, burning down business, and attempting to kill people – that would be peaceful protesting.  Dat Right!  Antifa attacks and attempts to kill people – no arrests. Rightists shine a light and take a photo – arrest; send in the FBI!  Why didn’t Antifa Don Trump send in Delta Force or Seal Team Six to take care of that White racist terrorism?

More against the Arctic Alliance.  Fact: Asians overwhelmingly vote Democrat, and it is only at EGI Notes will you hear the unvarnished truth for the reason why – the existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.

Just like Yockey claimed that the raison d’etre of the non-Western peoples is denial of, and opposition to, the West, so is the raison d’etre of Asians hatred of, and opposition to, the worldwide community of European-derived peoples. East vs. West, Orient vs. Occident, Asia vs. Europe – hence, Asian support of Democrats; hence Asian participation in the Tropical Alliance.

But, then, as a grotesque follow-up, more groveling of the “Yellow Supremacist” HBDers to the Altar of Asia.  Simply astonishing.  Reality: Asians are “woke” because they hate Whites and are part of the “rising tide of color” Tropical Alliance against White interests.

Instead of sweaty fantasies about being saved by “conservative Asians” how about we concentrate on our own people?  Ourselves Alone. 

Come on now, HBDers. Every Asiatrix you meet is NOT telling you that her name is “Ben Dover,” so keep your pants on and stop looking look like you are trying to pick up the soap in the prison shower.

Behold – the SNP is a perfect example of Greg Johnson’s ethnonationalism. Why should anyone in Der Movement complain?

Behold Counter-Currents:

My neighborhood seemed to consist exclusively of Irish and Italians, the latter of whom we deemed as half-black merely for being darker than us and arriving in the country later than we did.

Miles Taylor: Lind hypothesis confirmed again – the Yankee-Black-Jewish Alliance. Jews with their WASP junior partners, empowering the Negro and the Hispanic (and the Asian!) as weapons against White America.

High Trust Herrenvolk.

He donated to the Barack Obama campaign in the 2008 presidential election; according to Taylor, he was “gunning for John McCain… [but] wanted to be able to tell [his] kids that … [he] supported the first Black president of the United States.

The same types of affirmative action Quota Queens who are “movement” “leaders” are also the anti-White Deep State.

High trust!

Yeah, great. Why hasn’t his been done over the last four year?  Trumpian fraud – just like I wrote four years ago.

See this.

I remember a recent interview with political scientist George Friedman, in which he argued that contemporary America is based on a racial caste system ruled by a racist, ethnocentric oppressive white majority. He claims that non-white minorities are oppressed and are free from racial feelings. The exact opposite is true. Whites are generally more individualistic and less ethnically motivated than minorities. This is evident in surveys and degree of bloc voting in elections. Europe and its settler societies score lower in collectivism than other civilizations. Those differences make multiculturalism possible, because if whites were as ethnocentric as minorities, they would quickly end affirmative action and replacement-level immigration.

“Friedman.”  Salter is I suppose being polite here, but as you know Sallis is not known for politeness,so: Friedman = gaslighting, lying Jew (or more simply, Jew).

And here is an example of Canlorbe’s pitiful HBD groveling before the Altar of Asia:

Grégoire Canlorbe: In order to make sense of the traditional Chinese backwardness in science (China never produced a genius comparable to Plato, Leonardo da Vinci, or Benoît Mandelbrot), some have proposed that Chinese civilization as a “group evolutionary strategy” lacked sufficient masculine martial spirit. Yet Chinese history is full of warlike men: Xiang Yy, Xue Rengui, Mao Zedong, or Jet Li; Sun Tzu’s The Art of War is universally praised. Others evoke a lack of creativity (both at a genetic and cultural level); but Chinese food and the Hong Kong movie industry — with masters such as Tsui Hark or John Woo — are very creative. What is your view?

Chinese food and Hong Kong movies!  How creative!  How can the West compare?

Canlorbe is basically a Sallisian caricature of a HBDer made real.  What a pathetic turd.

The entirely of HBD can be summarized by Canlorbe meeting a Chinatrix:

Chinatrix: Drop your pants and bend over!

Canlorbe: Nice to meet you Ben!

Chinatrix: No, you bend over!

Canlorbe:Is that a strap-on, or are you just glad to see me?

See this. Meanwhile, White members of “The Base” are targeted by the police and FBI for shining lights at houses and taking pictures.  MAGA!  Pepe! Kek!

It’s time for Trump to tweet Law and Order!

Thoughts on Trump, 9/15/20

And other news.

Thoughts on Trump:

One thing that will be interesting about a Trump victory in 2020 will be how his fanboys will adjust their excuses for his continued uselessness and inaction after that. After all, the excuse of “he’s holding back so as to not endanger his chances of re-election” will no longer hold. Let’s see.  First, they’ll say that “Trump is holding back so as to not endanger the GOP in the 2022 mid-term elections.”  After that, it’ll be “Trump is holding back so as to not endanger the GOP Presidential candidate in 2024.” There will always be excuses. The excuses never end, just as Trump defending the interests of his base never begins.

Trump’s covid-19 comments to Woodward are not “bad” because of their actual content – it is just more Trumpian bluster, which never matches what he actually does (or, more often, does not do).  By cutting off travel from China, he did more than any Democrat would have done at that time in his place, as they were all criticizing even that small step as “xenophobic;” the anti-Trump press were mocking him as a paranoid “germaphobe” and telling us that covid-19 was no threat.

No, the real problem here is that Trump would talk to a leftist journalist with a proven history of Republican Presidency-wrecking, that Trump would show such juvenile lack of judgment and political savvy (*) so as to go on record with his true feelings on the matter, compromising himself to the brain-dead public (who can’t distinguish rhetoric from action) during an election year. Trump is really an incompetent jackass and a laughably vulgar buffoon, as this blog has been telling you since 2016.

*One reason the Quota Queens love Trump so much is that they see themselves reflected in him – an incompetent, no judgment, juvenile, affirmative action case who doesn’t have the intellectual and behavioral “chops” to handle the job he has, a job he is making a mess of.

Other news:

Moronic Chinatrix-loving HBDer is voting for Biden.

Danish Roosh invades Bulgaria.

The written history of Sofia begins with the conquest of the Serdi tribe in Serdica by the Romans in 29 BC. During the decline of the Roman Empire, Serdica was invaded by the Huns, Visigoths, and Slavs. In 809, Serdica became part of the First Bulgarian Empire and was known as Sredets. The Byzantines took over the area in 1018, but the Bulgarians reclaimed the city in 1194. For the next 200 years, Sredets developed into an economic and cultural hub in the region. That all changed when the Ottomans conquered the area in 1382. Around this time, the city became known as Sophia. Between 1520 and 1836, Sophia was the regional capital of Rumelia Eyalet, one of the main provinces of the Ottoman Empire.

Very interesting.  Of course, he left out the invasion by the Bulgars, the group that, you know, the nation is named after.  But what’s a bit of historical omission between friends, eh?  I mean, the “First Bulgarian Empire” was established by who, exactly?

As a wanderer, dissident, and white nationalist, I hope that all stray dogs…

Real funny.  In actuality, it were the whining West European Herrenvolk who prevented the Bulgarians from solving their stray dog problem.  The same in Romania. Stray dogs, refugees…who cares as long as the Bulgarians suffer, right?  They’re only wogs, right?  But, alas, pathological altruism (enforced on others) has a way of backfiring, eh?

…heroes, and people find a home of their own.

In your case, either America or Denmark.  Not Bulgaria.  Not Eastern Europe.  Please leave.

This is a useful review of On Genetic Interests, although I can quibble that some of the numbers may be outdated and some of the definitions wrong.

Read about Jodie Huang here.  Now, once again, Sallis is right and others, in this case, Derbyshire is wrong.

Sallis promotes the idea of a Tropical or South-South, pan-Colored Alliance, of all “people of color” against Whites, in which Asians play a fundamentally important role.  Sallis promotes the idea that the existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.  Derbyshire on the other hand, with his Chinese wife (“measured groveling” – his words describing his behavior towards her) and his half-Chinese children, promotes the absurd idea of an “Arctic Alliance” of Whites and Asians vs. non-Asian coloreds.

With the Huang case, we once again, for the umpteenth time, observe Asian solidarity with Blacks and other Colored against Whites.  We once again observe Yellow as key component of the rising tide of color against White interests.  Just because a pitiful miscgenenator chooses “measured groveling” as a marital strategy doesn’t obligate the rest of us to ignore the Asian threat.

Why the “Irrational” is Necessary

Fighting back.
Read this.

It is an important lesson to learn from the failure of the American Right, in their 20th century fight with the Left. They lost because they never understood the enemy. They invested all of their time conjuring an enemy they could beat with facts and reason, while the Left went about destroying the enemies they had in their path. It’s not a mistake that a new alternative can afford to make. You don’t beat a moral order with reason. You defeat it by attacking it on moral grounds, while offering an alternative moral framework.

Which is why I wrote this, years ago:

….a call to “preserve our distinctive genetic information” is unlikely to motivate most Western individuals to defend their genetic interests against the titanic forces arrayed against them. It almost certainly will not motivate the masses, who, as Michael O’Meara rightfully points out, are always induced to act by “myths” that encompass a cohesive worldview. Even rational activists can often become more motivated by these “myths” (which may of course constitute objective facts to a considerable degree) than to a pure empiricism. Thus, the “myth” of Yockeyan “High Culture” may be needed to motivate the defense of rational Salterian EGI.

I’m as big of a supporter of EGI and Salterian empiricism as you will find online, and have stated that Salter should win a Nobel Prize for his work on this subject, but I realize that it, solely by itself, is not enough.  EGI is the absolutely necessary foundation, but the actual structure that motivates action must be something that goes beyond facts and pure rationality.
Now, how do I square this with my critiques of “movement” fantasy and pseudoscience?  Two ways.  First, being “irrational” (note the scare quotes) in this context merely means having additional motivations that transcend a pure rationality that is based on unimpeachable objective facts; it does NOT mean abrogating facts and reason by peddling lies and nonsense. Instead, the facts and reason are accepted and incorporated as the foundation and then you build upon it. You do not make outrageous nonsense and proven lies as your foundation and then build a crazed structure upon that foundation of sand. My definition of “irrational” is such that it is built on a foundation of rationality, not that it rejects rationality and delves into the sweaty fantasies of demented fever dreams. Second, the dogma of the “movement” is divisive and destructive and has failed for endless decades, so it does not pass the utilitarian test of “does it work?” even above and beyond the more abstract criticisms of its mendacity, stupidity, and immaturity.

Again, a proper understanding of what I am saying here is crucial.  In essence, by “irrational” I mean certain beliefs that are not 100% absolutely objective and grounded in verifiable fact, but beliefs that incorporate certain subjective values that, while they should certainly be compatible with rationality, go beyond it. An example is as follows. Once you accept the rational, objective reality of EGI, there are a number of possible systems that could in theory actualize EGI for your people. I promote the ideal of a Yockeyian Imperium. Others support petty nationalist ethnonationalism. Others would support a form of an Anglo-conservative predominantly White “American Republic” (for the USA). We can attempt to argue objectively as to which of these is best to actualize EGI, but, of course, a purely objective and empirical controlled experiment is not possible. This is about ideology, vision, aesthetics, faith, and belief in principles that cannot be empirically quantified. Thus, the motivating vision for the future obviously has certain “irrational” aspects that cannot be “proven” in the same manner one can prove genetic differences and hence the adaptive value of preserving those differences.  

Ideology is not a mathematical proof; the former lacks the empirical rigor of the latter. But, regardless of how elegant a mathematical proof may be, it will not motivate people to self-sacrifice; it is not a rallying cry for battle.  Therefore, the “irrational” is necessary.