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The Alt Right Has Fallen

When will the rank-and-file rebel?

See this.  

Richmond is not the only thing that has fallen.  The Alt Right has fallen.  And the two events are connected, no?  Isn’t it the complete failure of Der Movement, as exemplified in its latest Alt Right incarnation, which has led to the current disaster?

Think back to the election of Trump, the joy of the Alt Right, and the vistas of opportunity open for the following four years.  And now look at the “nightmare” (their word) of today.

You can’t say you weren’t warned.  When this blog was warning you that the Alt Right was a disaster, headed for an inevitable collapse, and that tying racial activism to the Alt Right was an error in judgment of historical magnitude, others were completely on the Alt Right train.  They openly defended and explained the Alt Right and identified with it.

A longstanding member of the Alt Right!  They’re growing all the time!  (Like a cancer)  Twitter army – creative!  Race and IQ!  Better brighter future!  

Richmond has fallen? What happened to the Alt Right dream?  It came true. You’re looking at it.

Never, ever forget who warned you about the Alt Right and never, ever forget who promoted it.

Some Counter-Currents commentators rebel against the stupid and shallow triumphalism of that site (emphasis added):

HamburgerTodayPosted June 14, 2020 at 11:30 am | PermalinkI don’t see the value of trumpeting how great the BLAntifa riots have been/going to be for WNs. It’s unseemly. Yes, our enemies do our work for us (sometimes), but they sure don’t do it the way we would have done it ourselves if we had the option (which we don’t). Also, some of this article plays the ‘mind reading game’ with BLAntifa’s corporate sponsors. Corporations will never regret backing BLAntifa because (a) the amounts they are ‘donating’ are minscule compared to their profits, (b) they can take these donations off on their taxes and (c) White consumers will generate the bulk of the profits used to pay off BLAntifa. The BLAntifa riots are not good for White people and, as advocates for White people, these riots cannot be good for us. Whites are a people under siege, what do you think some White person just coming over to our side would think of the almost-triumphalist rhetoric of this piece compared to their fear and confusion? They don’t care if WN’s win. They only care if *they* and their loved one’s survive what is coming. Isn’t helping White people survive (and thrive) in the coming racial conflagration is what WN is at least mostly about?

Canadian guyPosted June 14, 2020 at 3:45 pm | PermalinkThis is something that our race has a hard time understanding. Our goal is survival and achieving power that can secure our existence. It’s not simply about winning an ideological war and getting people onto our ideological side. You have to actually… survive. People will say – the riots are good for us because getting burned out of our neighborhoods, killed in the street, and pogrommed generally is good for us because it wakes people up. Well… actually it’s a bad thing because getting pogrommed is pretty direct evidence that we are losing. Even if people wake up to our horrible situation, it doesn’t mean that they have power to do anything about it. This is what people don’t seem to understand. Simply understanding that we are in a weak position is not enough to secure our existence – we actually have to come up with an actionable real world game plan.Our critical flaw is that we cannot come up with actionable group strategies. When detroit collapsed it didn’t cause a white awakening that magically drew us all together. It was just the utter decimation of detroit whites and we really learned nothing from it as a people.

Victor HendersonPosted June 13, 2020 at 1:45 pm | PermalinkInteresting, because many of these looters, rioters and fire starters are white American youths all over the country. There are plenty of videos on snapchat, twitter and Instagram that proves this. And that is more of a problem to me. These white teens beating up white older men, destroying shops of whites, blacks, non-white Hispanics, Arabs/Middle Easterners and Asians like its ”party next door college tour”. We really have to focus on this burgeoning new level of white youths that don’t give a shit in what old white people think, that is juts to the true reality. America is changing is not a nation with strong white nationalist and white supremacist ideals as it ones had. Asians have taken over the West Coast and Canada and neo-colonized large parts of the North America to become new territories for Asia especially CCP China as the Chinese population in both countries are the biggest and most Asians follow the Chinese discourse when it relates to Asians in North America. I find them and Hispanic a much bigger danger then Black Americans who like i have met many good individuals some even genuinely helped whites in my life time as both white, black and natives know we are Americans despite our differences. But these new age immigrants are real danger because they don’t care about the USA and have alliances with foreign nations.

Here is a thought experiment.  Remember in 2008 when Black militants engaged in voter intimidation at polling places and of course got away with it (Black Privilege)?  What happens if in Nov. 2020 this happens nationwide – Black mobs decide to prevent Whites from voting?

You may say that’s absurd.  Why?  After what we’ve just seen – why?

Would the police or other authorities move in to disperse Blacks away from polling places?  

Or would the police be there simply to arrest any Whites who resist and who try to force their way in and vote?

Would Trump do anything except hunker down in a White House bunker and tweet: LAW AND ORDER!

What people simply do not understand is that talk and “fairness” mean nothing.  Power means everything.  Action is the real talk.

The most disturbing thing about recent events has NOT been the behavior of the Blacks, White leftists, and White cucks. Their behavior is to be expected. The really disturbing thing has been the complete surrender, the complete inaction, the complete uselessness of the authorities – including wonderful “God Emperors” like Trump and the heroically ethnonationalist Brexiter Boris Johnson.  In actions completely reminiscent of The Camp of the Saints, the authorities stand by helplessly, or run away, from the Colored Left mobs, while those same authorities are motivated to act ONLY against those pockets of Whites who have the temerity to resist.

This is the natural outcome of having a useless vulgar ignorant buffoon as President who has done nothing except energize the Left, this is the outcome of endless decades of Der Movement’s failures, and this is the outcome of decades of the grifting fraud of mainstream conservatism, all of it.

What is needed within the “movement” is for the rank-and-file to “riot” in the metaphorical sense akin to what we’ve been seeing in America and the UK the last few weeks. But instead of “Richmond has fallen” it should be “The Quota Queens have fallen.” The rank-and-file should “riot” and rebel against Der Movement’s ethnic affirmative action program, against the comically inept Quota Queens who have brought years decades of endless failure, against the Mr. Moneybags types who earn executive salaries off of “D’Nations” for doing virtually nothing.

Do I expect that to happen?  No.  Der Movement’s rank-and-file are as cucked to the Quota Queens as White America is to Blacks and the Left.  I’m being prescriptive, not descriptive. That is what SHOULD happen. It is the ONLY thing that can salvage any hope the rank-and-file has to actually achieve what they want to achieve. They FINALLY need to hold their failed leadership ACCOUNTABLE. They won’t do it, but they should.

The rank-and-file need leadership that warns them against impeding disaster, not “leadership” that gleefully leads them right into obvious disaster. They need leadership that actually leads and not follows. They need leadership that doesn’t blindly jump into the latest fad in order to try and maintain relevance. Leadership is about doing the right thing, not going along with the crowd.

On a related side note, I found another instance of Gaslighting Greg being attacked by his new-found Internet tweeting partner Silver. Maybe the two can get together in an Australian pub and chuckle over Sallis’ “insanity” as well as over that Race History Notes comments thread about Johnson and Polignano.

Also see this.  That’s another indication of Quota Queen Incompetence – the bizarre toleration of Silver.  Must be an Anglo thing (Johnson and Guessedworker).

Also see this.

Johnson Contra Sallis

Silver we can merely laugh at.  Johnson, in contrast, is legally libelous.

Let’s get the most personally relevant comments out of the way first:

Silvio Silver
A debate I’d love to see, but which I know will never happen, is Greg and “Ted Sallis.”  The latter is a loudmouthed lout who has never been able to civilly disagree with anyone, but if you can look past that, there is actually some substance there.

Silver terms me a “loudmouthed lout who has never been able to civilly disagree with anyone.”  The following is a direct quote from Silver writing about yours truly:

Who cares what that shiteating asshole thinks? Are you that goddam thick, Dave Johns, that you can’t understand what a pure, unadulterated asshole that vermin is? Are you that damn thick that you can’t realize the only reason he can’t fairly characterize my position is that I mock his absurd attempts to whiten himself with his“tests”? That the whole reason he’s such a grouch is that he feels vulnerable about his whiteness and feels compelled to savage and ridicule anyone and everyone even a smidgeon less white than what his exacting standards require, even though doing so is not remotely required for advancing a pro-white agenda, and is, in fact, counterproductive? Are you that damn thick? Sadly, I think the answer is yes, you are that damn thick. Try this, Davey boy: think for yourself. If you can pinpoint anything I say (now, not one year ago—which is the only thing shiteater has to go on) which you think compromises white interests, let’s have you bring it up. Otherwise, pay attention to what I actually say; not to what self-interested shiteaters claim I say. 

I don’t discuss that here because nutzi dumbfucks like Braun and Rienzi are the greater problem. I don’t care what label these assholes give themselves. They are the purest of human shit imaginable, to me.

Unfortunately, I am unable to summon the ability to match Silver’s eloquence and civility in my own writing. Silver is also the person who was participating in a discussion at the race/history/evolution notes blog that included unfounded suggestions (“evidently”) of a homosexual relationship between Johnson and Polignano (*see footnote). If the “evident” accusation is incorrect, then it was libelous, although that doesn’t stop a Counter-Currents writer from praising the race/history/evolution notes blog, nor Johnson from being online pals with “Silver.” Interesting.

See this for a summary.  Also see this.

Now for Johnson’s libelous reply:

He’s intelligent, but his intellect has been ruined by insanity. I regret tolerating him and people like Parrott as long as I did. Better people saw it as indecent. It harmed my reputation.

Does Johnson have evidence that I am insane?  If not, that is legally actionable libel. Note that Johnson doesn’t say that Sallis “behaves as if he’s insane” nor does he express an opinion or ask a question.  Rather he makes a blanket statement implying fact.  Libel.

Yes, I’m so “insane” that I actually interact with the real world, as opposed to Johnson who has been holed up as a full time activist for many years, feuding with and alienating one activist after another (including some of his own past writers and collaborators), while living off of the donations of the deluded fools hoodwinked by his faux-intellectual pretensions. Those by the way are facts coupled with opinions. Note no accusations of “insanity” or of any other mental illness. Johnson’s “career” as a full time “activist” is a matter of public record.  His requests for donations are also a matter of public record. My opinion of his work as “faux-intellectual pretensions” is an opinion supported by my critical analysis of his “work.”  It seems that only the “insane” understand the difference between fact, opinion, and libel.  

And given what happened to Polignano, we should all be wary when Johnson recklessly throws around libelous accusations about the mental health of others. If Friberg’s correspondence was accurate, then at least Polignano admitted having issues. I have no issues. As I’ve repeatedly stated on this blog, the “over the top” comments here are intentionally parodying the crazed nonsense of Der Movement. It is mocking satire.  Of course, I can understand where humorless pendants obsessed with their own self-importance would take everything at face value.  No names, of course.

One can compare EGI Notes, specifically designed to mix analytical material with “movement” deconstruction and mocking ridicule, with Western Destiny, which, while critical of the “movement,” eschews mocking ridicule and sticks with a completely serious tone.

Does Johnson detect “insanity” in Western Destiny as well?  Further, would an “insane” individual discreetly keep quiet about all of the “movement” “dirty laundry” they know about – and in some cases personally experienced – dating back to the mid-1990s?  That can be contrasted to the “sane” Quota Queens who constantly air “movement” “dirty laundry” in their never-ending feuds. In addition, an “insane” person would not protect the interests of a person they despise by withholding the large amount of stylometric data that yields quite interesting findings indeed.  What would one of the “sane” feuders do with that, I wonder?

Essentially, Johnson is engaging in cheap Frankfurt School-like pathologization of dissent. If you are (a) a critic of Johnson, and (b) more intelligent than the typical “movement” nitwits Johnson intellectually runs rings around, then you’re “insane” – which conveniently gives the coward an excuse not to engage with your ideas, and, most importantly, frees Johnson from the obligation of having to defend his own ideas.

Err, Greg, you would lose any honest debate with me, which is why I’m “banned” from your blog.  Open it up there. Have you and your hypocritical writers defend their positions.  But, no, you coward, you do not do so.  Just like you ran from Friberg when the latter invited you (or so he says, do you deny it?) to a “sit down.” I’m calling you out as a coward who runs from those who can call you out on your bullshit. I openly challenge you to open your blog comments up for debate.

As far as your “reputation” goes, you harmed it yourself (the Pilleater call was itself enough; the infiltrations were another laughable episode, and your chronic bad judgment is pathetic), although, as outlined below, you have so far survived the damage because Der Movement judges by criteria independent of merit. By the way, this is Johnson’s editorial comment on one of my “indecent” contributions to Counter-Currents:

The following essay is one of the most important pieces published at Counter-Currents so far. I heartily endorse its analysis and invite discussion.

A more likely reality is that Johnson was upset that I didn’t blindly defend him, re: Hermansson, and that I stayed neutral in his feuds with the Spencer-Friberg-Forney faction. If I was a lickspittle supporter like the rest, then the “indecency” and “insanity” would be no problem.

And who were the “better people” who saw it as “indecent?”  Given the relatively small number of “movement” “activists” that Johnson gets along with and of are sufficient status, this is a relatively small set of suspects. Quota Queens and grifters eager to protect themselves from honest criticism, no doubt. They’ll all be analyzed here in due course. Some of their not-for-profit financials are also matters of public record.

These are the original comments by Johnson that preceded the libel above.

Ho, ho!

I’d be happy to debate serious challengers on such current hot topics as nationalism vs. imperialism, #coronavirus, Zionism & the Palestinians, “racist liberalism,” & the relevance of Trump, Marxism, Duginism, China, & Holocaust revisionism to White Identity Politics. 50/50 split

I have years of criticisms of Johnson’s positions on this blog, focusing on his hypocrisy and logical inconsistencies (and errors of judgment). All ignored.  By the way, when are you going to denounce John Morgan and Full Moon Ancestry for violating the ethnic rights of Eastern Europeans?

Ho, ho!

Serious = someone established with a platform, positions, and an audience

Greggy gets to define who is “serious.”  Very convenient. Limit the field to semi-retarded Alt Right Millennial droolcups best represented by this.  Positions?  Everyone has those. What’s considered a “platform?”  An “audience?”

Of course, if Johnson was really serious (no pun intended), he’d allow all “banned” folks to challenge him and his amen corner on his blog.  He can start with the “serious” people first. In addition, I’m sure Forney would love to have Johnson on his program – how about a Johnson-Forney-Friberg podcast?  Greg can call in Hermansson to balance it out.  After all, Pat has an “audience” as well.

The unfortunate thing is that, thinking about all of this, it is likely that Johnson is currently the top “leader” in the American “movement” today.  Let us consider together.

First, we can ignore the Alt Lite, who are not part of the “movement,” and we can also disregard all of the Millennial jackasses and other no account idiots with zero gravitas. Let’s consider the real players.

Spencer – has completely “shot his bolt” and is in terminal decline; he is not called “The Master of Disaster” for nothing.

Strom – he has the intellect to challenge Johnson, but has flaws:

1. Even if he is completely innocent of his past legal issues (which may well be the case), it remains a black cloud casting a negative shadow.

2. He lacks personal force; he is more of an ideologue.  He doesn’t have the “stomach” to denounce HBD and other perversions of activism.

3. He’s tied himself to the corpse of the National Alliance and the dead WN 1.0 legacy of Pierce.

Williams – is no doubt a well-meaning fellow, but who has also tied himself to the corpse of the National Alliance and the dead WN 1.0 legacy of Pierce, and it is clear that it is Strom who is the intellectual center of the group.

Duke – has had his own past legal issues, mirrors Spencer in jumping from one failed project to another – lacking solidity of character, is old and past his prime and out of the main thrust of “movement” activism, is too focused on Zionism, has a hardcore WN 1.0 legacy of fossilized dogma, and the whole Tulsi thing was an absolute embarrassment demonstrating poor judgment. I give him credit for his New Orleans Protocol idea, but unfortunately it was too forward-thinking for the retarded “movement.”

MacDonald – also has the intellect but has gone into a strange tailspin, with TOO now being focused on HBD-Nordicism, flubro and other conspiracy theories, and other nonsense. Like Strom, more of an ideologue than a leader.

Taylor – is the only real challenger to Johnson’s status. He is, however, older now and past his prime, Amren is more of just a news and opinion outlet rather than a focus of activism (conferences notwithstanding), the Jew/Asian/HBD thing is a problem, and he’s never seemed eager for the mantle of leadership.

That leaves Johnson by default, despite his serious flaws – the whole gay controversy, his feuds and fixations, his inane ideology, his prickly personality, poor judgment, decline of the quality of his blog, etc.  He somehow overcame serious issues – Pilleater, infiltrations, the Alt Right feuds, etc. – and is prospering. I chalk that up to a lack of serious competition, mendacity and hypocrisy, being good at “movement” politics despite the aforementioned flaws, and the guru-like ability to attract new sets of writers as soon as he alienates and/or feuds with the previous set (although quality is in decline). Being an “intellectual” in a “movement” that has no intellectual rigor helps, especially when coupled with ambition and a complete lack of character.

God help us all.  


*From race/history/evolution notes –

Silver said…
Without the Pole Irish Greek Slavs , urban whites, Jewish ascendancy could never have been acheived in America.
We should have put a chain fence on Ellis Island and kept the Oreillys and hannitys from ever arriving.
They killed America, not Jews.
I don’t like to think of my kind as having killed America (or Canada or Australia etc), but if you consider the chain of “racial events” — the cultural conflict, the miscegenation, the racial self-doubt and so on — that it set off I think you’d have to agree the logic is hard to resist.
I wouldn’t go so far as to say it could not have happened without us PIGS, since plenty of WASPs were already bending over backwards for nigs even before we arrived and if that process continued to play out it’s quite possible (though less likely) the racial predicament in the early 21st century would have been much the same.
Ted Sallis used to be the guy that ran “Western Biopolitics” or whatever it was called back in the day. He went by the initials “JWH”. He closed that particular blog because of Silver’s harassment (although he was a bit thin-skinned himself).
He used to also post as Michael Rienzi. I wouldn’t say I harassed him. His blog didn’t permit comments and I rarely addressed him directly elsewhere, mostly just dropping his name as an exponent of a racialism I found highly disturbing. This annoyed him but I doubt it was the reason he closed his blog. I used to think he and Polignano were one and the same person but now I’m not so sure.
Also, as you might notice, I’m back online. Feel free to read, participate, needle, mock or ignore.
October 8, 2012 at 6:49 PM
n/a said…
“I used to think he and Polignano were one and the same person but now I’m not so sure.”
I’m confident they’re not the same person. Rienzi writes under pseudonyms, describes himself as a “biological scientist”, and I believe has mentioned being married (to a woman). Polignano has written under his own name since he was a college student over a decade ago, describes himself as “a writer, publisher, activist, and IT Consultant based in San Francisco”, and is evidently in a homosexual relationship with Greg Johnson.

Quo Vadis pan-Europeanism?

Whither pan-Europeanism?

Anyone else notice that Amren is really pushing the work of McCulloch recently?  Once again Sallis is proven correct, as I predicted that the HBD-Nordicist alliance, with Jewish/Asian interests in the background, will always attempt to divide Europeans against each other. Der Movement is tiresomely predictable, and the HBDers most of all.

Comment from the threads:

Miss Annie  

Southern and Eastern Europeans are admixed with Asian and Arab blood due to wars and invasions during the Middle Ages onward. For example, Spain and Portugal were conquered by Muslims in the eight century. It took eight centuries to get rid of the Muslims, but they still left their legacy in its inhabitants which, in turn, slowed the country’s economic growth as well scientific and literary progress.

Evidence of Siberian/East Asian admixture in Northern Europe – which even the radically hardcore Nordicist Durocher now admits exists (although he claims it is “beneficial” to all humanity) – is of course excluded from such screeds.  

Note to White ethnics – leave Der Movement ASAP.  

Now, let’s look at input on this matter from everyone’s favorite dishonest commentator Silver: 

For some people, the racial and cultural differences become too significant to paper over as one moves from northwest Europe to southeast Europe. Although pan-European ideals hold some degree of personal appeal for me, I think it’s terribly unrealistic to expect most people to ever share them. Pan-Slavism had more going for it than pan-Europeanism, but even that never really got off the ground.

Slav is technically not a racial term, but I am not opposed to its use in this way. There is less racial variation among the people encompassed by the linguistic term Slav than there is in the racial term ‘white’, after all.

I have the impression that people tend to run away from Slav as a racial identifier in a bid to avoid association with the sorts of things that WNs have historically regarded as backward or inferior in Slavic cultures. This is especially so if they are coming at WN from a national socialist angle.

Despite the numerous factors in its favor, pan-Slavism would, I agree, have served as little more than a vehicle for the promotion of Russian interests, simply given the sheer weight of numbers on the Russian side.

It’s easy enough to proclaim European unity, especially in internet comments, but achieving actual unity in real world activism is rather more difficult.

A racial movement is not like other movements, in which membership is determined by the views a person claims to hold. Membership is decided by visual identification. No amount of pleading will ever persuade some people to accept those they visually identify as too racially divergent, nor do constant reassurances do much to assuage the doubts of those whose inclusion is questioned.

The history of racial activism has amply demonstrated, I think, that any real world get-together will always be infected by such hardliners who will invariably express their views and question other people’s inclusion, leading to bickering and self-doubt – at which point any presumed ‘unity’ goes out the window.

The only way I can see for a racial movement to surmount this problem is market itself as a cultural movement – to promote a European cultural identity – and trust that, essentially, only whites will ever really be attracted to it. Misgivings about visual identifications would not then be the barrier to unity they are in a strictly racial movement. The very racial hardliners that make unity so difficult in a racial movement would also likely self-select out of a cultural movement, which would also ease the way to unity.

If you knew nothing about Silver’s past history, these comments would seem somewhat reasonable, even though we may disagree with the recommendations he makes. Unfortunately for him, some of us have long memories, and statements from him like “Although pan-European ideals hold some degree of personal appeal for me…” rank among the most dishonest in the history of the Internet.  Silver has been a bitter enemy of pan-Europeanism for the past dozen years, and has been mocking, attacking, and deconstructing pan-Europeanism, often in the most mendacious and or infantile fashion, ever since he started infesting the Majority Rights comments threads in the mid-2000s.

Regarding his contention that “Membership is decided by visual identification…” that may hold for the McCulloch faction, but many – most? – people in Der Movement go by ancestry.  For example, most people in Der Movement would reject a “Nordish” Jew, but accept a darker, swart cockney “Paleo-Atlantid” Englishman.

With respect to the main point that White unity in Der Movement will always be undermined by Nordicist hardliners who reject and exclude other Whites and by the reaction of those other Whites to that exclusion, I agree. My brief period of thinking that compromise was possible was wrong-headed delusion on my part; I can admit when I have been wrong, and I was wrong in that case.  If that makes some question my judgment, so be it.  Unlike Greg Johnson and the other Quota Queens, I’m not going to hide my errors in an attempt to safeguard others’ opinions of me.

Silver’s recommendations are flawed.  Cultural nationalism does not solve the race problem to everyone’s satisfaction; even if it are mostly Whites who are attracted to it, it still leaves the door open for mass “cultural conversion” and assimilation, attacking the foundations of racial preservationism. One solution, and that which I have advocated, is adding (not replacing) cultural factors to racial ones, instead of replacing race with culture, or vice versa – thus merging the Salterian and Yockeyian viewpoints (note I use Salterian not McCullochian – ancestry not phenotype).

Pan-Slavism has been, as Silver admits, a failure and a vehicle for Russian domination. Further, it can exhibit the same problems as pan-Europeanism. One can imagine neo-Nordicist North Slav types, such as the Polako and Raciology specimens, attacking “racially admixed” South Slavs and making a distinction between “True Slavs” (Poles, Russians) and “False Slavs” (Serbians, Bulgarians). Same problem, smaller scale.

Personally, I’m a pessimist, and believe that Der Movement has already ruined a viable chance at victory.  But, we can still try. What I advocate is that the small minority of activists who are pan-Europeanists (true ones, not Nordicists trying to expand their “D’Nations” base) cut loose from Der Movement and go their own way.

Pan-Europeanists should have their own groups, groupuscules, blogs, websites, organizations, meetings, etc.  They should build a New MovementThey should be hardliners themselves – absolutely eschewing, excluding, and rejecting all Nordicists, fetishists, HBDers and other dividers.  Now, there are possible problems here.  There are so few true pan-Europeanists that there may not be a critical mass for success.  From experience, I know that Nordicists and others of similar ilk will always try to weasel their way into pan-European groups, to subvert the mission and undermine activities. Conversely, there will be pan-Europeanists who will impatiently attempt to expand their influence by accepting these other types or at least by making “alliances” with them. These dangers will exist.  But if Type II pan-Europeanists can perform better than the Type I Nutzis dancing through cemeteries with their swastika-soled boots, then they can  provide an attractive, viable alternative to the failed “movement” and to the hardline dividers to whom Silver refers. A more successful and sane movement can attract high quality people, establishing a positive feedback loop of steady and sound growth, while leaving the failed “movement” to degenerate under the weight of its own failures and insanity.

Do I think this will occur?  No. I think the swastika-soled boots crowd will dance off into the sunset, tripping over a tombstone, hurdling headlong into the grave. The majority of rank-and-file activists – including many who call themselves pan-European – are slavishly addicted to Der Movement and will not break ranks with it until it is too late to do any good.

We’re very likely doomed.  You can’t say I haven’t warned you.  You can’t say that I haven’t been (constantly) offering you an alternative.  It’s been your choice to (constantly) reject that alternative.

I’d like to make one more important point.  If pan-Europeanism is so crazy and unrealistic, then why is that that you have Nordicists – Pierce and Duke being two prominent examples – who always seem to find it necessary to pretend to be pan-European?  I alluded to one possible reason above, the desire to maximize followers and followers’ donations. But I see three more fundamental reasons for this.  

First, although authentic pan-Europeanists are relatively few, they have an influence out of proportion to their numbers.  Consider Yockey – you have the hardcore ethnonationalists of Counter-Currents always promoting Yockey and his work, and the Nordicist National Alliance is now selling Yockey’s masterpiece Imperium. And all these types have not hesitated to make use of my own work in the past.  Second, although there is a significant and very loud hardline Nordicist faction as well as Nordicist-oriented rank-and-file activists, there is also a significant, more “silent,” fraction of activists who are at least vaguely sympathetic to pan-Europeanism, and who would be a mobilizable force with better (and more genuine) leadership.  Third, the White masses already think excluding even the Jews is nutty; thus, excluding Southern and Eastern Europeans would strike many of them as completely unhinged. Many of the things that are acceptable within Der Movement’s “amen corner” would not “fly” in the broader society. I understand the difference between descriptive and prescriptive, but if the prescriptive is derived from the counter-productive obsessions of a particular hardline faction, then perhaps the prescription needs to be re-thought.

Therefore, perhaps the problem is not with pan-Europeanism, but instead derived from the fact that the American “movement” had its genesis in Nordicism and Anglocentrism, amplified by the obsessions with Hitler and Nazi race doctrine, and so these paradigms are too deeply embedded within the Old Movement to be effectively opposed from within. The same holds for Old Movement dogma outside America, with Anglocentrism being of course prominent in the Anglosphere “movement,” and Hitlerian thought being prominent among activists in “Germanic” Europe.  However, that all applies specifically to Der Movement – the Old Movement – not to society at large, and not to the nucleus of activists who could, under the right circumstances, initiate the development of a New Movement.

But, again, I’m pessimistic. 

Gere and Silver

Flip sides of the same problem.

Read this.

Gere’s ancestry, from Wikipedia:

His paternal great-grandfather had changed the spelling of the surname from “Geer”.[1] Both of his parents were Mayflower descendants; Gere’s ancestors include Pilgrims Francis Eaton, John Billington, George Soule, Richard Warren, Degory Priest, Francis Cooke, and William Brewster.[1]

I’m shocked, shocked, I say.  He certainly passes any “extreme vetting” for an Alt Right meeting.  Indeed, he has all the requisite qualifications to be an Alt Right leader.

And now we have our friend Silver:

silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ 

To call yourself a “Trump supporter” in 2016 was understandable, albeit naïve.  But to do so in 2019?

I would have liked to hear how the group defines “white.” I suspect they’re not playing by the “latino house rules,” in which 80% of Puerto Ricans get to call themselves white.

If they really believe that, say, 70% of Argentinians are White – in the sense of being the same as the Spanish, Italian, and German immigrant stocks – then they are indeed playing by those house rules.

Nonetheless, even a stricter definition will still be largely arbitrary. 

All they really have to do is reject New World admixture.

It will probably be impossibly difficult for the typical “white” Chilean to turn away someone only slightly less “white” simply because of some new urgency of qualifying oneself as white. 

Perhaps for the general population; I am not familiar with Chilean society.

After all, these are people who get along with each other and who share a common identity; breaking apart those bonds on the basis of an arbitrary racial distinction will surely strike them as absurd and immoral.

The same can be said for America as well.

In attenuated form, the same problem plagues the American scene.

Well, yes, but the solution is to sort out the problems, not revel in them.

Pro-white thinkers have not paid nearly enough attention to this issue. 

Now Silver is gaslighting.  Most “pro-White thinkers” “think” about nothing else.

In the past, there was little need to.

Which is why the entire “movement” is based upon it.

Infamously contemptuous WASP attitudes towards other racial kinds…

That Silver previously “infamously” supported.

…helped to etch comparatively solid racial and cultural lines. 

Didn’t stop them from opening the borders to other types.  Gotta have that cheap labor, I suppose.

And WASP demographic predominance meant that marginal cases could safely be filed away in the too hard basket. 

What is that supposed to mean?  Who knows?

That’s no longer the case. Whites have crossbred among themselves and with others – and continue to, at an accelerating rate – and most whites (and “quasi-whites”) subscribe to a common white culture. WASP contemptuousness has vanished. 

Vanished?  It is alive and well in Der Movement – it is indeed the bedrock of Der Movement.  It hasn’t completely vanished in the general society either – it manifests today as The Speaker Syndrome. The same types who grovel to the Negro may well harbor disdain for the White ethnic. And we have Richard Gere lovingly helping African migrants invade Southern Europe.

The result is blurred racial and cultural distinctions all the way down. 

Solutions to this are rejected out-of-hand by the inherent dogma of Der Movement.

Whites in North America are undoubtedly better positioned to save themselves than whites in Latin America, but the aforementioned issues make what was already a hard task even harder.

And Silver will do what he can to make that hard task even harder.