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On Paul and Putin

The pathetic “movement.”
One of the most pathetic aspects of the travesty known as the (American) “racial nationalist movement” (aka “White nationalism”) is the fanboy “man on the white horse” syndrome that exists with so many “activists.”
On the one hand, we have the Paul family, that gets many folks all hard-breathing and starry-eyed come election time.  Ron Paul, that decrepit old fraud, was bad enough, but his son – named after a particularly obnoxious Jewess – is infinitely worse.  Rand Paul is firmly established among the hardcore anti-White far-left, and there really can be no doubt about that.  Come 2016, we’ll see how many breathless and fawning racialists flock to the Rand Paul banner.
And then there’s the king of the schoolgirl crushes – Trad Vlad himself.  Now, I agree with Strom on many things, likely on most things.  But two things I disagree with him most strongly are his high opinions of William “Who We Are” Pierce and Vlad “Let’s turn Russia Central Asian” Putin.  Putting aside the issue of Pierce for now, I have to ask – how many times do we need to discredit Trad Vlad before some folks understand?
Let’s try again.
This is what Putin cares about: he wants to be the powerful leader of a “strong Russia,” a Russia that has risen again to the level of a major world power.  Now, Putin will crack down on anyone within Russia who he believes opposes that agenda, and he will not hesitate to act against those like the Ukrainians who threaten from the outside.  What does this mean?  It means that if Jewish oligarchs threaten that agenda by looting the Russian state, then Putin will oppose them.  It also means that if Russian racial nationalists and other “extremists” threaten that agenda by valuing racial and cultural integrity over some sort of “Russian” Eurasian hegemony, then Putin will “crack down on extremism” as well.  If making comments on the “White birthrate” fits the agenda, then you’ll hear those comments.  If flooding Russia with Central Asians, and silencing anti-immigration Russian nationalists, suits that agenda, then that’s what will happen – and it has.
As much as I have sympathy for Ukrainian nationalists who have been exploited by the Jewish/US forces, the reality is that in this Russian-Ukrainian conflict, real racial nationalists do not have a “dog in the fight.” Certainly, Putin is no more pro-White than is Rand Paul.  And this sort of hero-worshipping “man on horse” fetishism is a sign of mental weakness – an inability to face up to harsh reality as it is, with a need to manufacture false hopes. “He’s really one of us,” they always cry – from Reagan to Paul Sr. and Jr., to Buchanan, to Putin.  No, he is NOT one of us.  Get over it and deal with reality as it is.