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Who Let the Lenin Out?

One more bacillus.
Read this. Emphasis added.

For anybody but Lenin those days would have been solemn with soul-searching; the professional revolutionary, trained and self-disciplined and dedicated for years to the moment of action, cast off and toiling ceaselessly in the squalor of foreign exile to keep his comrades up to the mark, was going home to put his ideas into practice. The long, fantastic train journey, arranged by the German government, which saw in this obscure fanatic one more bacillus to let loose in tottering and exhausted Russia to spread infection, was an opportunity for stocktaking of the most elaborate kind. But to Lenin it was merely a slow and tedious way of getting on with the job.

That’s great. Catalyze the rise of communism and the formation of the Soviet Union, be complicit in the crimes of three quarters of a century of bloody Bolshevism, then fight a world war that helped finish wrecking the White race ostensibly to destroy the Marxist state you helped create, then, afterwards, leverage your power and position in the EU to invite a migrant invasion and twist the arms of other Europeans to take “their fair share” of the demographic nightmare thus unleashed.

It’s Der Master Race!

By the way, if I was a Russian, I’d be more upset about this than about Operation Barbarossa. After all, the 20th century agony of Russia really started with this episode.  Everything that came after was a consequence, rubbing salt in the wound, so to speak.

Corona Update, 3/17/20

More news.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Will alcohol kill the coronavirus?  Drink up, micks!

Campbell debate challenge – If the HBD trash are so confident about the stupidity that they are spewing about The China Plague, why don’t they debate someone like like Campbell about it?  After all, Campbell isn’t some hysterically gesticulating afrowop, but a stiff upper lip Inner Hajnal Briton.  Zturd, Welton, Frost, Watson…go ahead, debate him.

Zturd can go first.  I’m sure Campbell would love to tackle Zturd whoppers like this:

Every year the influenza virus infects about 10% of the public, using no precautions against it. 

“No precautions.”  Certainly!  The existence of an influenza vaccine is just a figment of your imagination. The man’s deranged. OK, let’s forget about vaccines, and let’s take the 10% number. If 10% of Americans get The China Plague, and if 15% of those need to be hospitalized, that’s at least 4.5 million people who need to be hospitalized in addition to all the regular patients who would need those health care resources. Don’t think it’ll make a difference if all those 4.5 million hit the hospitals over a short time period or over a longer period?  But, hey, mock and ridicule “flatten the curve.” But, fine. Let’s take it on the chin and roll with the punches. Let’s hope Zturd is one of those who drops dead; it would be quite fitting.

One has to understand the mentality of China Plague Alarmist Deniers like Zturd.  The “logic” goes something like this:

1. There’s a virus spreading around the globe and people are dying.

2. In response, some countries are instituting serious measures to curtail transmission.

3. If successful, those measures will curtail viral spread and make the final outcome of the crisis much less serious than the more pessimistic predictions.

4. Because the measures worked, and the most alarmist predictions did not come to pass, then the whole thing was an overblown hoax, the measures were not necessary, and everything would have worked out the same if obese Americans were waddling by the tens of thousands into sports stadiums to stuff their faces with hot dogs, sitting cheek-by-jowl with other fat bastards, watching overpaid morons play with balls and sticks and nets and hoops and gloves.

Zturd also needs to explain why buying non-perishable items in bulk, which are going to be eventually used by you anyway, is bad and somehow worthy of ridicule. Hey, I thought looking ahead, planning, and storing were hallmarks of all dem dere high trust northern hunter gatherers who evolved provisioning for the winter.  Don’t tell me that the HBDers are now scorning pre-planning and preparation.  Apparently, the sane thing to do is to be Negro-like and just live in the moment.  Living in “Lagos” is apparently rubbing off on Zturd.  Next, we’ll hear he’s dunking basketballs while singing rap ditties. Zturd also needs to explain why citing the “leveling of the curve” is bad and ripe for ridicule, when it is a useful graphic to explain to the tinfoil hat crowd (e.g., Zturd and followers) of the necessity for certain measures BEFORE we end up like Italy.

Ultimately, the cost of an unnecessarily alarmist view will be economic.  The cost of an unnecessarily optimistic view will be in human lives.  Good to see that the Alt Right once again shows it’s no different from the “GOP conservative bitches” that they like to ridicule. Economy Uber Alles!  That’s “traditionalism!”  After all, less money means less “D’Nations” and we can’t have that.  Interesting…if “the economy” is all important, then why don’t they support “mass immigration to stimulate economic growth?”

GDP, GDP, my nation for your GDP.

As usual, Tucker Carlson makes sense.  No one is denying the importance of the economy.  But you don’t preserve economic vitality by pretending there is not a serious situation. And, hey, isn’t people buying toilet paper consumer demand?

Then we have the other snide Quota Queen retard Watson and his absurd comments. Citing the “small percentage” of the Chinese population that was infected ignores that it was the “extreme” and “alarmist” actions of the Chinese government that stemmed the tide – you know, the same actions guys like you ridicule.  As far as the fatality rate, we do not know exactly what it is. Talking about the flu – besides the differences in fatality rates, and besides the fact that the flu originates with your Chinese gods as well, there is a vaccine.  Complaints?  First, we need more work to get the flu vaccine more effective.  Second, we need faster production, cell based, not egg based. Third, address the anti-vaxxers.  Car accidents?  People have some control over that. Preach to your Type I nitwits not to text and drive, not to eat and drive, stop tailgating, stop excessive speeding, stop reckless driving, etc. and get back to me on that. Like Zturd, Watson has a strange fixation about toilet paper – perhaps some sort of childhood trauma with toilet training, I don’t know what it is.

What makes these people so morally reprehensible is their free-riding.  Their health is free-riding on the “alarmist” actions of the government, health experts, and other people – actions that they, the free-riders, mock, ridicule, and oppose.  What scum they are – right-wing virtue signalers, preening on how much more “prudent” they are than the “hysterical” masses. Want to see real hysteria?  Watch a HBDer after someone criticizes China and the Chinese, a trainload of sedatives won’t be able to calm them down.

Yet another Alt Right jackass obsessed with toilet paper. I figure it is some sort of anal-oriented infantile impulse of some sort. Look, folks may be getting a bit carried away with the toilet paper, but if I recall correct, it had its genesis in reports from China of sudden lockdowns and people not having the basic necessities, such as toilet paper.  Last minute panic buying is not helpful; that’s why I was telling my readers a month ago to start prepping – just quietly build up a stock of food and household items to last a month or so.  That’s it. That’s being prudent, but not panicked.  The “warm weather” hypothesis is questionable given the spread in the warmer counties of Southern Europe, as well as cases in Australia/New Zealand.  But, it’s possible.  Who knows?  Do you want to chance it?  Let’s slow transmission and see what happens.  As far as the anti-Trump hysteria, I agree, since it was not that long ago that Trump was mocked by the Left as a hysterical germaphobe for stopping flights from The Land of the Gods.  But unless you believe guys like Fauci and Campbell are part of a “plot against Trump,” there are aspects of China Plague alarmism based on prudence from health experts, without a political bias.

As regards a political backlash – how about we start with a backlash against China and the Chinese people.  Or does the HBD-Nordicist-ethnonationalist alliance have a problem with that?

An added bonus in all of this is that the elderly are the ones most vulnerable to the virus. And while I have no desire to see old people dying like flies, Corona will likely take out a fair number of the Boomer elite…

Does that include Johnson, Taylor, Sailer, etc.?  Note I’m not saying I want those people to die – Costello is saying it.

StronzaPosted March 16, 2020 at 8:54 am | PermalinkIt’s not the virus, it’s belief in the virus, that is causing the meltdown. Probably to cover up a long-awaited financial bubble burst. “See? The Corona Virus is the cause!”
Viruses/germs etc. don’t kill anyone worthy of life. Why would the universe (God) do this.

Stronza, meet Denmark.

Maybe there’s no “God,” the universe is indifferent to your beliefs, and we can all hope that the virus finds “Stronza” not “worthy of life.”

What a dumb bitch. I mean, this is the level of Counter-Currents commentators. Here’s some well-known people who were all not “worthy of life” – 

Died from influenza.

Died from cholera.

Died from typhus.

Died from typhoid fever.

Died from pneumonia.

It has nothing to do with “worthiness.”  It’s  to a large extent luck. The most productive, fit, robust, intelligent, good-looking, racially useful person may sicken and die.  A ghetto Negro may happen to not get infected.  Worthy!

This exemplifies Johnson’s manifest failure as a leader, for anyone with far-thinking insight would never let Costello be a writer, or Stronza a commentator, at their website.

The only positive so far with The China Plague crisis is the marvelous manner in which Der Movement – and Der Right in general (in America) – is utterly discrediting itself.  Now, the clueless “leadership” and the retarded rank-and-file are too dumb to realize any of this, but they are not the crucial people of concern here – who are the more intelligent members of Der Movement/Right who are getting disgusted and, more importantly, all of the high quality potential recruits who are becoming completely alienated from rightist politics in America.

Maybe it’s all for the best. Can you imagine what a nation led by Der Movement would be like?  An unvaccinated population dying (God declares that they are not worthy!) from easily preventable diseases, presided over by faux-intellectual freaks gibbering about hobbit holes and The Men Who Can’t Tell Time, and guarded over by a military consisting of pot-bellied retards dressed in wife beaters running through the forest eating twigs and branches and wildly firing off their muskets trying to down the Chinese drones that are controlled by laughing Orientals amused by Occidental stupidity.

I’ll agree with Johnson here.  At least he – unlike many on the Alt Right – recognize that the two possibilities are not mutually exclusive.

See this.

Does Sallis get tired of being right all the time?  Answer: No. Der Movement’s approach to China: Drop pants, bend over.

Sallis’ Law in action; in response to a tweet asking why Northern Italy is a viral epicenter, we see:

Surprising since Southern Italy is basically Mexico.

Let it not be said that a viral pandemic stood in the way of sweaty fetishism!

This is HBD.  Interesting how some of the “points” made almost seem to be an answer to crtiiques of Chinese shills made on this blog and others like it.

Recognizing a Chinese Shill:

Pheasant says:

March 14, 2020 at 9:32 pm GMT

He cannot spell the name of the place he supposedly worked for however many years?

Does not bode well for his authenticity.

Pheasant says:

March 14, 2020 at 9:41 pm GMT

I am more than willing to believe the deep state would sabotage China and America both but the guy who wrote this sounds like a Chinese shill to be honest.

Look, Unz is a Jew, so what can one expect?  But Durocher and Johnson are (insofar that I know) not Jews.  What’s their excuse? Does anyone know if Unz pays his regular contributors?

HBD has been – intentionally or not – helping the Chinese government. When will HBD be investigated?

FARA investigation, FARA investigation, my posts about HBD for a FARA investigation.

With a political personality built on cavalier machismo…

Der Movement, on the other hand, has a political personality built on cavalier stupidity.  After all, there’s not much “machismo” involved in lickspittle worship of, and “measured groveling” to, mangy Orientals.

We’re doomed.  Emphasis added:

Even once a vaccine is available, making it available to the U.S. population will take time. “Here’s an irony on our current situation, we don’t have that production capacity in this country. Where is it? It’s mostly in China,” said Moreno. “So we are going to be getting millions and millions, we hope, of doses of vaccine from China in the next eight or 10 or 12 months, as soon as we have the formula of the vaccine.”

It’ll be as effective as warm bat spit…for all we know, it will actually be warm bat spit.

And now for something completely different – get it and read it.  A primer on hardball, rough-and-tumble politics, which has relevancy for all of the Quota Queen infighting in Der Movement.

But, but, but…Joan of Arc!  Gee, what happened to Johnson?  Went from White Knighting to gynoskepticism, hmmm.

It’s…Der Movement

More of the same.

Remember: Those who fight for the Golden Age live in it today.  And you “fight” by giving money to all of our fearless leaders. Open dem dere wallets!  Lauren needs some frilly and silly things!

Indeed.  By analogy, the tin cup is gold plated.  With your money.  Give, give, and give.

Watch this.  This is the “Saint Joseph” praised by Roissy commentators.  Red filth, heroes of communist Antifa and, by extension, Antifa supporters (e.g., Cuomo, Sessions, Trump).

A comment from the video’s comment section:

billy giles

wait a minute. they gathered whole families with tiny innocent children and babies and poured kerosene on the hay and set it alight burning them to death in the most savage and EXCRUTIATING way. why the hell is communism not as despised as Nazism? how dare people walk round at protests with communist signs knowing they done things like that many times and killed hundreds of millions! try walking round with a swastika and see what happens, yet figures wise they killed a miniscule amount in comparison. if we act like communism is some how cool and ok then I guarantee you history is going to repeat itself. I will never forget this documentary, the leaders of the soviet union like stalin and beria were the real traitors, how dare they repress the beautiful Russian spirit, that’s treason and killing your own people is also treason and the opposite of what you supposed to do as a leader your job is to make the peoples lives better not worse

“…killing your own people is also treason…”

Well…Stalin – Georgian. Yagoda – Jew.

The problem is that many of the people responsible for doing the killing were not the same ethny as those killed. It’s all “Who? Whom” anyway, right?  Poor, innocent, delicate Jews were targeted by the Nazis, so the Nazis are the epitome of all evil.  The Soviets mostly killed Slavs, and who cares about those brutes, eh?  Add to that the fact that many of the killers were Jews and we can see why being a communist is accepted today; indeed, in academia and among “anti-fascist” activists it is a badge of honor.  And if you care about Asians – which I assume “normies” do – how about the victims of Mao (a hero of Antifa) and the “killing fields” of Cambodia?

Apparently, the “whiteness” of Jews is in the eye of the beholder.

And HBDer Sailer – adopted and of uncertain ancestry – wants to promote the idea that Whites and Jews are in the same “white boat” together.  Err…NO.

Instead of seeing Derbyshire’s data, Sailer’s ancestry testing results would be more informative.  Has Breezy been analyzed?  You’d think an adopted person who is so obsessed with issues of race and ethnicity would be curious enough about their own ethnic background to take a look.  Yes, low levels of “admixture” are not reliable in these commercially available tests, not reliable by the standards of hard science’s statistical significance, but I’m not talking about 8% this or 5% that or 0.5% of something else.  A person’s majority ancestral background can very well be determined with accuracy and that’s what is the issue here.

Does this include The Lord of the Rings?


As a teenager, I wasted several years playing video games. I was also quite a big fan of fantasy and science fiction — Lord of the Rings, Warhammer 40,000, and such. Personally, I deeply regret having wasted this time…

Blasphemy!  Orc!  You are hereby ejected from your snug hobbit hole!

Excuse my MGTOWesque outburst here, but it is true. What the MGTOW folks have to say about the breakdown of relations between the sexes is quite true.

Hey!  You’re close to getting banned from Counter-Currents!  What about Joan of Arc?  What about Lauren’s need for “frilly and silly things?”  Don’t get discouraged ladies – don’t let the bastards get you down, eh?

The world belongs to those who are willing to make sacrifices in the present for future glory.

Donate to Counter-Currents, so you can live in the Golden Age today!  

Interesting picture accompanying the article.  Looks like a Type I traditionalist ready to march in one of Parrott’s rallies.

And if you can’t make it to the forest to be snug in your hobbit hole, there are alternatives.  Just make sure there’s a checkbook in that drawer, so you can send in some “D’Nations.”

The Ascent of Saint Adolf

Brief book review. 

Reading this relatively new Hitler book, which concentrates on the first 50 years of Hitler’s life (1889-1939) I note that it contains the usual snide, conformist, and biased anti-Hitler and anti-NS comments one comes to expect from politicized hacks. The anti-Hitler and anti-NS comments come fast and furious; after all, Mr. Ullrich, the author, has to maintain his status in polite society as a good-white cuck (and also does not want to suffer the same fate as David Irving, eh?).

One example of Ullrich’s gratuitous anti-Hitlerism is his smug labelling of the grand architectural plans of Hitler and Speer as “sheer insanity” and “megalomania.”  In contrast, I view those plans as inspiring, and as a reasonable model of what a European Imperium should build – nay, even greater than Hitler and Speer had planned!  

Hitler and Speer planned for the ages, planned for eternity, planned for what they hoped would be a German Empire.  What would the likes of Ullrich wish to see instead, I wonder?  A “Germany” full of mosques, perhaps, with NECs running wild in the streets and African Negroes swinging from the trees?  If that’s what they wish, they are, thanks to Mama Merkel, well along in those developments. “Germany” as a subaltern cuck nation colonized by the Third World: that sounds like a textbook definition of “sheer insanity” to me.

Particularly amusing is the author’s description of the Nuremberg race laws as an example of “grotesque senselessness” because of some sort of alleged inability of the Nazis to define Jewish ancestry (which, for some mysterious reason, the Jews themselves were perfectly capable of doing).  Modern genetics confirms the validity of the Nuremberg concept, as even quarter-Jews can be genetically distinguished from gentile Europeans.  The bulk of what we know as Jews constitute a reasonably defined ethnic group, and certainly, within that larger grouping, the Ashkenazim, consisting of the vast bulk of those Jews that the Nuremberg laws dealt with, constitute a particularly well defined ethny.  Given the strong correspondence between Jewish identity and Jewish genetics, the Nazi identification of, say, a half-Jew, as someone with two grandparents belonging to the “Jewish religious community,” is actually biologically sound, and far from the “grotesque senselessness” that the scientifically illiterate Ullrich pretends it is.

There are some even more obvious factual errors in the book as well; for example, what to make of September 27, 1939 being described as “several weeks before the beginning of the Second World War” (emphasis added)?

An annoying part of the book is all the sob stories about the “persecution” of the Jews during this pre-WWII period of the Nazi regime. We have the gnashing of the teeth about Kristallnacht, as well as the alleged horrors Jews suffered in Vienna after the Anschluss – university professors made to scrub the streets with their bare hands, or “pious” old Jews made to do “leg squats” in temples while yelling “Heil Hitler!”  But didn’t others have things worse, including ethnies that were the victims of Jewish communist-led genocide?  How many Slavs were slaughtered by the Jews in the Soviet Union?  Was scrubbing the streets or doing deep knee bends worse than millions of Ukrainians being deliberately starved to death in the Holodomor, while grinning Levantines carted off the foodstuffs?   Ullrich doesn’t have the common decency to acknowledge that Nazi “persecution” of Jews was at least in part motivated by the knowledge of what Jewish communists did to Europeans in the USSR, and the fear that they would have done the same in Germany if they had the opportunity. Yes, indeed, I would assume that Ukrainians watching their children die from starvation would have wished they could have got off easy by scrubbing streets and squatting up and down a few times.  But, hey, they were only Slav gentiles, so who cares about them, right?  

Ignoring all of these glaring flaws, the book is fairly well-written and the objective facts buried under the subjective hysteria do shed some light on the Hitler phenomenon, but I came away from this book with a profound disrespect for Ullrich and his “character.”

And Hitler himself?  Saint Adolf was like an individual given a choice of what to do with his money: either put it into prudent, long-term investments; or got to a casino and engage in the most risky forms of high-stakes gambling – and chooses the latter, losing everything.  The money in this case represents the long-term EGI of the German people and of Europeans as a whole, and, also, the money represents the legitimacy of “Far Right” nationalism, particularly fascist thought, and especially the tenets of National Socialism.  Hitler, being the archetype of the Type I “movement” Nutzi and ethnic fetishist, of course took the gambling route, losing all and ruining all; indeed, it is no wonder Saint Adolf is a grand hero and role model for Der Movement, Inc., since the behavioral patterns of he and they are exactly the same.  In summary: Hitler was an idiot.