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Super Tuesday

Trumpery triumphant.

Putting aside the very real possibility that Trump is a fraud, let’s consider “Super Tuesday” from the perspective of the public perception of Trump as a pro-White bigot.  He does well in many states, including Massachusetts (!).  Rubio wins Minnesota, Cruz wins Texas, Oklahoma, and Alaska.  I wonder how that all fits with the “ethnic gap” fetishism of the “movement.” 
Or as George Wallace (another Trumpian fraud with the same public perception of him) said about a particular group that’s the target of “movement” scorn yet supported Wallace: “they sound just like me but with a New York accent.”
In any case, now we’ll hear about Cruz’ “momentum” for a while.

A New Month, More Derangement

It’s March…and now for your daily derangement.

Mainstream media headline for today:

Marco Rubio can still beat Donald Trump — no matter what happens on Super Tuesday

I have my own (far-right) reasons to look at Trump with a mixture of bemusement and contempt, and to laugh at the pitiful homoerotic fixations of people like Roissy with their fawning adulation of Der Touchback.

Nevertheless, I’ll vote for Trump if he’s on the ballot in November, for no other reason than to annoy and frustrate the Establishment.

Two Syndromes on Display


It’s more Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Trump wins big; the only media coverage is about how Rubio can beat him.  Trump wins big, and news stories abound about wealthy donors flocking to Rubio, and the Koch brothers plotting to bring Der Touchback down. Can’t have those dastardly working class Whites getting any ideas about how their opinions and votes mean anything now, can we?

And now for White Republican Obligation Syndrome; from the comments section of the above-linked article:

CorrectMan 2 hours ago

America’s white majority ain’t getting any bigger. In ten years it will be a mere plurality, in twenty years it won’t even be that anymore. Republicans need to win places like Florida and Virginia, and you won’t do that with just white votes.

Yeah, that’s great.  Here’s a question for you, CorrectMan: Can Republicans win “places like Florida and Virginia” without a strong majority of “white votes?”  No, they cannot. Newsflash: There is no law of the universe, no binding obligation, no evolved instinct or compulsion, that forces White folks to vote Republican.  If Republicans continue to spit in the face of their White base, take the base for granted, assume their support while pandering to coloreds, then that base can sit at home on election day and/or vote third party.  They are under no obligation to vote for a “conservative Republican” who is as anti-White as a “liberal Democrat.”

The GOP needs all the White votes they can get.  They’ll never get more than a sliver of the colored vote.  Without a very strong majority of White voters, without a strong turnout of those voters, the GOP is dead in the water in any major election.

It’s high time White voters begin to flex their political muscle and Trump, for all his faults, is teaching them to do just that  The fact that he humiliated Jeb and smacked down the Pope is just icing on the political cake.