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Odds and Ends, 8/5/20

In der news.
Serious question – is it possible for someone to be so fundamentally dishonest that they lose their humanity?  If so, one can ask – has Greg Johnson reached that point?  See the following (emphasis added):

People keep asking me for my predictions for the 2020 US Presidential elections. It is really impossible to say…This election is the Democrats’ to lose. I have been saying that for years.But they may just be stupid enough to lose it by running a ticket of the creepy, senile Joe Biden and any of the shortlist of crazed black women he is considering for VP.In short, given the instability of America today, anything can happen in the next three months. The election could even be postponed or called off entirely. So I simply have no idea who will be the next President of the United States.

Compare to this:

Trump is toast in 2020 no matter what…He will lose in a landslide.No matter what…but then “It is really impossible to say…the Democrats…may just be stupid enough to lose it… anything can happen in the next three months…I simply have no idea who will be the next President of the United States.”

So, by dogmatically and absolutelyasserting “Trump is toast in 2020 no matter what…He will lose in a landslide” the hysterical and unbalanced Johnson once again demonstrated horrifically bad judgment…which he now makes believe never happened as he presents a more balanced and nuanced view, which the rest of us knew was the correct call from the very beginning.

Now, if Johnson, in his second piece, had simply admitted being wrong, simply admitted demonstrating terrible judgment, that would not have been dishonest. One could at least respect the candor. But no. He couldn’t bring himself to do the right thing.

Johnson is simply the most dishonest person I have ever known in my life. That’s not defamation; it is a simple declaration of fact – I am the only one who knows the levels of dishonesty I have encountered in my life, and so I express an opinion based on my personal experience.  Lying by omission is typically considered to be dishonesty – and omission applies in this case.
Therefore my statement is a perfectly reasonable blend of an accepted definition combined with a personal opinion.

Laugh at this comment left in response to Johnson’s post:

Lord ShangPosted August 3, 2020 at 4:24 pm | PermalinkDr. Johnson’s unwillingness to venture a prediction on the election is the mature position. No one really has any idea…

Indeed, I agree.  No one really has any idea, and stating such is the “mature position.”  Too bad no one told that to Johnson back in August 2019, when making a prediction was even more outrageously ludicrous, immature, and reflecting bad judgment than doing so today.

If you think this analysis too harsh, then consider.  If it is impossible to predict the outcome of a November 2020 election in August 2020, then how can any sensible person make an absolute, dogmatic, smugly certain prediction about that election in August 2019?  Answer – they cannot, and anyone who does so is not sensible. These sort of non-sensible snap judgments (always with no accountability) by your “leadership” is why your “movement” has gone from one tragic failure to another for decades. That’s how you get Patrik Hermansson giving a keynote address about infiltrators, and how “Dave Lewis, movie critic” gets a free pass after “David Lewis, writer for The Stranger” was rejected.

Note this:

I was obsessed with Scandinavia due to my passion for heavy metal and my own Danish roots…

That’s great. How about you stay away from Eastern Europe and away from Eastern European women then?  Ethnonationalism!

Was Hadley the Chief Mouser of the National Office?

Interestingly, the Zodiac killer was almost caught after the Stine murder, but was not due to police incompetence.  What is even more interesting is that the police description describes the killer (or the man they thought was he*) of having the “general appearance” of “Welsh ancestry.”

1969: “The suspect that was observed by officer Fouke was a WMA 35-45 Yrs about five-foot, ten inches, 180-200 pounds. Medium heavy build- Barrel chested- Medium complexion- Light-colored hair possibly greying in rear (May have been lighting that caused this effect.) Crew cut- wearing glasses- Dressed in dark blue waist length zipper type jacket (Navy or royal blue) Elastic cuffs and waist band zipped part way up. Brown wool pants pleated type baggy in rear (Rust brown) May have been wearing low cut shoes. Subject at no time appeared to be in a hurry walking with a shuffling lope, Slightly bent forward. The subject’s general appearance- Welsh ancestry.”

While the wanted poster composite does reflect (at least to my eyes) an individual of likely Northwest European Celto-Germanic ancestry (high trust!), how can anyone say that the appearance is specifically “Welsh?”  How can anyone be so specific?  Are Welsh phenotypes so distinctive that one can distinguish an individual in that manner?  Did the police officer have much experience with people of Welsh ancestry?  His surname could be Welsh I suppose.

*Given that the police description closely matches that of the witnesses to the murder, and since the Zodiac himself mentioned the police interaction (the exact nature of which is controversial – the Zodiac claimed conversation that the police denied), it is overwhelmingly likely, but of course not 100% definitively certain, that the individual encountered was the Zodiac.

I was recently cross-referencing Spencer and Johnson posts here and came across an interesting correlation.

First, see this:

FYI: I hope I’m not speaking out of turn here, but it has been brought to my attention that Richard has been privately approached by respected Alt-Right figures about the increasingly erratic, destructive behaviour of a certain Alt-Right writer (on display in this comment thread below), and has been urged to distance himself and the brand from him.

Second, see this:

Counter-Currents @NewRightAmericaHe’s intelligent, but his intellect has been ruined by insanity. I regret tolerating him and people like Parrott as long as I did. Better people saw it as indecent. It harmed my reputation.

Now, perhaps one shouldn’t focus too much on the similarity there (or perhaps not?); nevertheless, at the very least, we see a pattern in which “respected Alt-Right figures” aka “better people” conduct covert behind the scenes whispering campaigns to disparage individuals and to advise “movement leaders” not to have anything to do with such individuals.

This is interesting at many levels.  First, the arrogance, the chutzpah, of any of these failed “Alt-Right figures” to deem themselves qualified to talk about “erratic, destructive, insane, indecent” behavior of anyone – clearly a case of the pot calling the kettle black, as well as Frankfurt School-like pathologization of disagreement and criticism.

Second, the complete lack of character to engage in shadowy, cowardly womanly gossiping campaigns, instead of forthrightly and publicly, overtly, expressing the negative opinions in question.

Third, that the same “respected Alt-Right leaders” give positions of importance and discretion to individuals with documented (and in some cases, self-admitted) histories of real mental illness makes one wonder how they can ever believe they have the judgment to accurately gauge “erratic” and “insane” behavior in anyone.  

Fourth, there is a “what goes around, comes around” quality here – folks advise Spencer, and then, after Hailgate, we had various “respected Alt-Right figures” trying to beat each other to the punch in their eagerness to disavow Spencer and dissociate from him.  One wonders if any of those were the same “respected figures” giving Richie the earlier advice.

How all of this may fit in with the cordon sanitaire around the Sallis Groupuscule I’ll leave to the imagination of the reader.

Comical Nordicist MacDonald still hasn’t gotten the memo that Swift is explicitly an overt SJW anti-White leftist, who has been spewing System bile since Trump’s election.  Hypothesis – the real Kevin MacDonald, the author of the Jewish trilogy, was liquidated by the Mossad, and replaced by a cognitively deficient buffoon surgically altered to resemble the real MacDonald, in order to delegitimize his work on the Jews. I’m joking of course, but it is not clear how things would be any different if that scenario actually was true.

The likely breakdown of purchasers of Swift’s work – teenaged White girls with blue hair, BLM t-shirts, and boyfriends who look like an Australopithecus robustus; and male Type I “movement” boomers who get intractable priapisms every time they hear the word “Sweden.”

Counter-Currents retard:

Everyone knows what it means to be an Italian-American; the Italian-American identity is celebrated across our culture. It’s much cooler and more real to white Americans than Anglo identity. 

Yes, that is why Italians are vilified by both the “movement” and by the System.  To the “movement” the wops are non-White cringing mongrel subhumans, and to the System, they are bigoted off-White stupid criminal subhumans.  Let’s consider the System’s treatment of Italians, using pop culture as a standard.  In TV and movies, Italians – in many cases portrayed by obviously non-White actors and actresses – are presented as criminals, crude thugs, mindless bigots, unpleasant dwarves (Danny De Vito), or leering low-IQ droolcups (Tony Danza).  Type I Nutzis decry how badly “blonde Nordics” are portrayed in popular culture, but one is hard pressed to identify any group subjected to as much ridicule as are Italians.


Saying you’re not white because you’re Italian or Spanish gives you the chance to escape from the limitations of being white. It may also save you from the moral blackmail non-whites impose on whites.

As far as the second sentence goes, the retard later wrote:

Individual white Americans must decide whether to embrace white identity or flee from whiteness entirely. Our enemies aren’t inclined to honor the second option.

“It may also save you from the moral blackmail non-whites impose on whites…Our enemies aren’t inclined to honor the second option.”  Very consistent!  

As far as the first sentence goes, two points.  First, it is hardly (pure-blooded) “Italians or Spanish” who are the only ones saying that they are “not white.”  And it is not only the “Amerimuts” but also many of your high, high trust Herrenvolk.

Second, and more importantly, notice the “bait and switch” regarding race with respect to the White ethnics – a phenomenon that reflects “movement” hypocrisy.  You see, the “movement” decries the Jewish tactic of being “we White people” when it suits the Jewish argument, but then identifying as specifically (non-White) Jewish at other times. But let’s look how the “movement” – and, historically, the System itself – racially pins down the White ethnics, and hypocritically does the inverse to the ethnics as the Jews do to themselves.  On the one hand, the ethnics are not “White enough” – they are mongrels, low trust Outer Hajnals, moops, swarthoids, etc.  But, then, on the other hand, when the Nutzis want to pontificate about White solidarity vs. “the flight from Whiteness,” those same ethnics are accused of trying to “escape from the limitations of being white.” Who knows? Maybe if you didn’t question their “Whiteness” every five seconds, then they wouldn’t be so inclined to reject that label (and they really don’t do so as often as is implied in that piece). 

Der Religion and Der Movement and Der 1970s

In all cases, emphasis added.

First, an observation. The three main branches of Christianity tend to reflect the character of the European peoples who form the focal point of each branch.

The shallow pomp and pageantry of Catholicism reflects the superficial lack of depth of the gesticulating Med. Thus: Schettino.

The staid and grim bloodless moralizing of Protestantism reflects the humorless virtue-signaling Nord.  Thus: Merkel.

The otherworldly spirituality of Orthodoxy reflects the irrational religiosity of the tormented Slav.  Thus: Rasputin.

Greg Johnson’s cluelessness.  He doesn’t seem to realize that on a civilizational level, on the level of global racial conflict, the petty nationalism he supports is akin to individualism and the pan-Europeanism he opposes is akin to collectivism. Yes, indeed, only enemies would promote individualism in such a scenario.

Question: What recent “movement” book production was so poorly edited that “public” was rendered as “pubic?”  Raise your hand if you know what I’m talking about here.  Affirmative action!

See this.

We need a half million dollars a year donation so that we can really have the media operations we need; so we can take the pressure off of me and my family alone so that I can direct a sizable and competent staff, and so I can publish and write the important books I need to create before I die; so we can have a daily video presence instead of just a weekly radio presence; so that our media can expand to include channels tailored to women, tailored to Second Amendment supporters, tailored to young people, et cetera; so we can issue press releases and demands and statements to public officials on a daily basis; and much much more.

Kevin Strom, meet Peter Brimelow.

You know, for all my differences with the National Alliance, I’d much rather see them get this money than have it essentially flushed down the VDARE toilet.  I can trust Strom to at least do more than “create and manage Internet publication.”  

You should also donate to Salter.

And to the Free Expression Foundation.

I would rank those in importance as: Salter higher than the Free Expression Foundation which is higher than the National Alliance.  VDARE I would not rank at all.

By the way, isn’t it interesting how the search results differ comparing DuckDuckGo to Google?  Search for “Kevin Strom” in the former and you get his website as the top hit.  Now try the same in Google…good luck.

Greg Johnson, August 2019:

Trump is toast in 2020 no matter what…He will lose in a landslide.

Greg Johnson, June 2020:

Trump needs to make sure this is repeated 1 million times, and he will cruise to re-election.

I’ll let the reader decide for themselves what to think about those two comments, particularly as the second one was made without any acknowledgement of the first.

See this.  That’s one of the e-thots mocked here at this blog, and one of them that Johnson vigorously defended.

Consider this comment in light of recent events; including this portion of the comment:Lauren can spend her earnings on any frilly, silly, frivolous thing she wants.

Greg Johnson is an unmitigated disaster for the “movement.”  He is wrong about – what? – probably 50% of the things he writes.  Maybe more.

I’ll say it again – I blame all of YOU out there for the continued presence, and authority, of this comic buffoon, this zero-judgment disaster, in your beloved “movement.”  

Laughable from Amren.The “scientists” are all HBDers, with several pseudoscientific frauds mixed in. Of the five writers, three were out-and-out Nordicists, with Sam Francis being a borderline fourth. So, in essence: HBD-Nordicism, precisely what one would expect.


The domestic disease-elements within the Culture which wish to retain the outmoded ideas and methods of the Past and to fight against the creative spirit which is actualizing a Cultural mission, are the forces of Culture-retardation. These have been brought into the service of the Culture-distorter. Actually these elements simply desire to lead, but are themselves incapable of leadership, and therefore devote their lives to opposition to great formative Ideas, creative spiritual currents, and leaders of vision and genius. They are the churchills, the spaaks, the gaulles, the rejects of higher history who offer themselves to the forces of negation and destruction. The most critical form of the disease of Culture-retardation is the condition in which it seeks to prevent the realization of the Idea of the Future even at the shame of allying with outer forces, the degradation of becoming their vassal, and the risk of destroying the entire Culture. Before showing the effect of the disease-elements on the external relations of the Culture, their internal effects must be summarized.

It seems to me that the “petty nationalist” ethnonationalists are perfect examples of Culture-retardation. 

Let’s see:

The domestic disease-elements within the Culture…

Yes, they are White.…

which wish to retain the outmoded ideas and methods of the Past and to fight against the creative spirit which is actualizing a Cultural mission…

Yes, they oppose pan-Europeanism and Imperium and instead support the divisive and destructive atomized petty nationalism of the past.

These have been brought into the service of the Culture-distorter.

Yes, they are in an alliance with the Jew-infested HBDers.

Actually these elements simply desire to lead, but are themselves incapable of leadership…

Don’t we know that!

Rewriting this:

White ethnics when they realize they have more political power by withholding their support from anti-White ethnic “movement activism” rather than groveling harder.

This is important.  Step one – stop wasting money on VDARE and the other Quota Queens.

Whigger Cannon?   Compared to today, the 1970s were inferior in science and technics, medical care, cars, and hairstyles – and superior in virtually everything else. Some people mock the clothes fashions and architecture of the 1970s, but I for the most part prefer them. What can top my grandfather’s burgundy pants or the unique patterned and colored suit jackets and sports jackets of that time?  What constructs built today can match those built in the 70s, which wonderfully resemble the sort of buildings one might see in a low budget scifi film of the 1960s or early 1970s? Movies, literature, sports, comic books – all clearly superior in the 1970s.  TV shows are a matter of taste – in general, I prefer the 70s style. Politics, of all types, were more serious back then. Society – even though rapidly degenerating – was infinitely more sane then than today. And, hey, the US nuclear arsenal was relatively new back then – as we are essentially using the same weapons today (Super Duper!).  And in the 70s, the French and Chinese were still blasting away with above ground nuclear tests. Those were the days my friend!

SciFi Follies

Open niche space.

Read this.  I will refrain from my typical critiques of Durocher and Unz and instead concentrate on the issue at hand – the dominance of the Left in all aspects of modern cultural production, including scifi/fantasy, pop culture, etc.

Let’s focus on scifi/fantasy, which can be extended to include the superhero/comic book genre. As Durocher’s piece asserts – and which is backed up by observable fact – we are in the midst of “woke” scifi/fantasy, which has displaced and replaced the more interesting and White male-friendly scifi/fantasy of the past. There is widespread dissatisfaction with the “woke” version of scifi/fantasy and much nostalgic pining for the more robust versions of the past.

This would suggest an open niche space for new cultural creations of more “rightist” and White male-oriented scifi/fantasy – both written (books, graphic novels) and audiovisual (film-style works).  The argument will be, of course, that “no publishing houses or studios would host such work” – an objection which, even if true, certainly doesn’t exhaust the possibilities in the year 2020 and beyond.

We are now in the age of self-published books as well as niche (including rightist) book publishers. There are independent comic book/graphic novel publishers establishing competition with Marvel and DC. Independent films of all sorts obviously exist as well.

I have previously written about the scifi “cult classic” independent film Primer.  You can read the Wikipedia article on the film here.  This highly regarded and award-winning production was made with a budget of only $7,000. It is a science/technics-based, (White) male-oriented film; indeed, the two main characters are “Nordish” White guys who look and dress like Mormons. There are two South Asians with bit parts, everyone else in the film is White. There are no SJW messages in the film – it is quality scifi compatible to a White male audience. Of course, there is no explicit rightist message here – we can say it is implicitly, not explicitly, White.

Here we see some Star Trek fan fiction – in this case, it is “diverse,” but, putting race/sex issues aside, we observe it is of high quality.  Take a look at the short film Among the Ruins. Again putting aside demographics, focus on the high quality.  My point being is that it is not impossible for motivated individuals with an artistic bent to produce quality material with limited resources. Therefore, addressing the currently unmet need for White male-oriented scifi/fantasy is not an impossible task.

Not all of this needs to be explicitly White, rightist, and racialist.  It may be prudent to start with implicitly White productions like Primer, while gradually introducing racialist themes. However, I would have no objection if someone was ambitions and motivated enough to dive right into the openly pro-White racialist set of themes. Optimally, eventually, you would have a mixture of both types of cultural productions – the implicitly White politically neutral material and the more explicitly White openly rightist and racialist material.

Of course, given my objections to Der Movement, I fear that Type I Nutzis and other “movement” nitwits would create material so bad, so counter-productive, as to do actual harm. One would hope that rightist scifi/fantasy and other cultural productions would be sane and reasonable, helpful and productive, and not reflect crazed dogmas, sweaty fetishism, traditionalist idiocies, paranoid ideation, lies and distortions, and other Der Movement specialties. Type II input and participation would be essential.

Some would respond – well, why don’t YOU do it?  I make no claims of being an artistic type. However, I would be willing to be a consultant for such projects (evaluating concepts, critiquing the science/technics of it, making criticisms and suggestions).  Folks can post their projects online or contact can be established through certain “movement” “heroes” or whatever.  

New stories can be created, or adaptions can be made of established stories, both of traditional scifi/fantasy as well as rightist works (Camp of the Saints?  Take Back this Day?) – although casting non-Whites would be admittedly problematical (Nutizis in blackface?).  If permission can be obtained from the relevant estates (if required), non-political fan faction based on the work of Wolfe and Vance and van Vogt would be useful.  Very old works from other authors are likely in the public domain

In any case, this post is not about details, but about the general idea of targeting the open niche space and creating useful cultural content – targeting an area that may be “pop culture” of sorts but nevertheless important.

Do I believe Der Movement will make any progress on this front?  No.  And this raises an important point. If Der Movement is not good at the arts, not good at artistic cultural creation, then what is it good for?  Certainly not STEM; indeed, hostility toward honest, objective STEM is fundamental to lying “movement” dogma. What?  Business?  They always complain that they have no money.  Law?  Laughable, since they constantly complain about a lack of competent legal help. Philosophy?  What philosophical insights have been contributed by Der Movement? Economics? That boils down to “I want my UBI money.”  History?  More laughable lying dogma. In fact, Der Movement seems to be good for perfectly nothing.

Taytay Disappoints Once Again

And the inevitable medical pathologization of the Far Right.

Laugh at this.

Wrong, wrong, they’re ALWAYS wrong.

How’s your “Aryan princess” doing these days?  Oh yeah…it was only a “joke.”  That’s not how those of us with long memories remember it.

Cue those Counter-Currents articles telling us that “we need more women like Taylor Swift.”

But, hey, Ms. Swift is a really good “esthetic prop,” so you guys have that at least.  As Captain Chaos would say – lulz.

Promoting a fraud.  How to explain “psychopathic personality” with respect to “movement leaders?”

Of course, pathologizing evolved behaviors, a la Lynn (note of course that, according to him, his beloved Northeast Asians are low, low, low on all these nasty traits), can have unintended consequences.

That’s a good video by Taylor; however, I have two criticisms. First, terming the healthy racialist mindset as “race realism” is wrong, wrong, wrong. The healthy mindset is ethnocentrism, which should be uncoupled to Lynnian worship of Jews and Orientals. In reality, “Rosie and the kids” are among the outsiders we should be suspicious of, not only Tyrone Carjacker.  Second, why have we reached the point at which America and the West have devolved to Soviet-style medicalization and pathologization of normal and healthy behavior?  It’s because of the TOTAL FAILURE of the Right, the TOTAL FAILURE of Der Movement, the fact that the Right openly and actively repulses STEM types and academics, and the fact that the Right is incapable of articulating an effective counter-argument to the Left, since, at least in its Far Right incarnation, the Right is represented by affirmative action cases whose claim to “leadership” has zero to do with merit.

He’s a man of genuine greatness!