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Der Movement Saturday

Odds and ends.

It’s dat dere traditionalism!  Is the Dalai Lama snug in his hobbit hole?  Meanwhile, keep that tin cup a’rattlin.

Flake is more of an “alpha” than Trump.  Are all the fat cells in Trump’s body secreting estrogen?  What does it say that pink-frilled Republican Ms. Lindsey Graham has shown more grit and aggression this week than did Der Touchback?

Do the false memories include that of Dinesh and Costello?  Where’s her breakfast, Jef?

And yet, noodle-armed soyboys can make “Proudboys” scurry for cover at a LA bar.  Mental toughness counts too, I suppose.

According to (the American) Der Movement, all individuals involved in this incident, including victim and girlfriend, are non-White.

Yet More Race and Movement News: 8/3/17

Several items.

Well, well, well…that’s a surprise.  But if they really investigate, they’ll find a huge number of colleges (most) discriminate against Whites – particularly White men – in admissions.

Yeah…can’t the “God Emperor” eliminate affirmative action on the Federal government level (government hiring) simply by signing a decree to that effect?  Colleges are another thing of course, but why doesn’t he do what he has the authority to do?

Some more good news…immigration restriction?  Note that pink-frilled female GOP senator Miss Lindsey Graham objects.  We need dem dere restaurant workers!

I thought Antifa was “shrugged off?”

Three points:

1. Remind me who the President and Attorney General are again.  Have they declared Antifa a terrorist organization yet?  Civil rights violations by Antifa?  Attempted murder charges – holding someone under water?

2. I thought the security there were “tough state police who don’t take guff from anyone?”

3. Obviously, private security is required at such meetings, or even something as informal as attendees always moving around in “wolf pack” groups for self-protection.  Obviously, the “don’t take guff” security there are more interested in arresting attendees who are trying to defend themselves against being murdered.

HBD marches on.

This highly observant attendee wasn’t afraid to take the podium to present what he considered to be a serious problem for Nyborg’s thesis. If cold climates create strong selective pressures for high IQ, why aren’t the Inuit one of the smartest peoples on Earth? Nyborg responded that in certain areas, the local ecosystem is limited by the amount of solar energy reaching that location year-round, which in turn limits the extent to which the population can grow, which in turn leads to inbreeding depression as people in small populations will end up reproducing with others from whom they aren’t very genetically distant.

Nyborg’s explanation could possibly be correct.  It also possibly is yet another example of the HBDers using Occam’s Butterknife to hand-wave ad hoc explanations to excuse refuted hypotheses.  Consider: when was the last time you read or heard an HBDer say – “I was wrong” or “Maybe I am wrong” or “Yes, the data do not fit my hypothesis, perhaps the hypothesis is wrong and needs to be reconsidered” or “Yes, my hypothesis is wrong, we need something new?”  Answer: never.  That’s because HBD is absolute pseudoscience, or, if you want to be more charitable, it is hardcore Kuhnian science without a picogram of Popperian epistemology.

Behold the Ultra Cuck

First rule of Trump Club: the buffoonish race cuck will betray his base at every opportunity.

Read here, excerpts, emphasis added:

Young immigrants brought to the U.S. as children and now here illegally can “rest easy,” President Donald Trump said Friday, telling the “dreamers” they will not be targets for deportation under his immigration policies.

Trump, in a wide-ranging interview with The Associated Press, said his administration is “not after the dreamers…The president said Friday he spent his first 100 days laying the “foundation” for progress later in his administration, including by building relationships with foreign leaders. He cited German Chancellor Angela Merkel as a leader he was surprised to have developed strong chemistry with, given that he has been critical of her handling of immigration policies.

As a candidate, Trump strongly criticized President Barack Obama for “illegal executive amnesties,” including actions to spare from deportation young people who were brought to the country as children and now are here illegally. But after the election, Trump started speaking more favorably about these immigrants, popularly dubbed “dreamers.” On Friday, he said that when it comes to them, “This is a case of heart.”

How’s that “4-D chess” coming along, Roissy?

Any of the fanboys perturbed that pink-frilled Republican Neocon Miss Lindsey Graham is “all in” (an interesting choice of words) with Trump? Lindsey and Roissy can imagine themselves as little girls lying in the grass together dreaming of the Big Orange “Alpha” in the White House.


Boycott Kelloggs

And don’t forget General Mills as well.

In addition to boycotting General Mills for their promotion of genocidal miscegenation, it’s time to boycott the SJW cereal/general sugary crap-producing company Kelloggs as well.

No problem here, as I’ve stopped eating their sugar-laden unhealthy garbage long ago, and would suggest that EGI Notes readers do the same, for health as well as for political reasons.  Keep in mind that a lot of their products are marketed to children, a disgusting attack on the well-being of youth, who are now being transformed into obese beachballs rolling along on their blubbery layers of fat flab.

In a more general sense, it is fascinating that no one in the System seems to have learned anything from this past election.  If it isn’t pink-frilled Miss Lindsey Graham trying to limit deportations, or a White-hating Black radical under consideration for DNC Chair (*), it is Twitter banning rightists, and the makers of processed sugar pellets pontificating about their “values.” Hey, Kelloggs: All the fatties your products create are an offense to my aesthetic values, so swallow that along with your “Frosted Flakes” and your “Pop Tarts,”

*With some of the Jews howling in outrage, as the Israel sacred cow was blasphemed against by the simian.  To paraphrase Pierce: Izzy and Sambo are at each other’s throats, and it is a glorious sight to behold.

They Just Don’t Get It

Naive Whitey.
They think their testimony will make Congress “do something” to stop illegal immigration. If anything, that testimony will prompt Congress to enact amnesty and open the borders more. White folks just don’t get it.
Imagine “our” ruling elites had two options to choose from:
1. 99.9% of the Earth’s White population – men, women, and children – all Whites except for the top White elites themselves will be painfully killed, OR
2. A single Colored person experiences one microsecond of inconvenience.
You had better believe that all the elites would pick #1.  Not only would they pick #1, they’d all fight with each other for the honor of enacting it.  Imagine Merkel, McCain, Cameron, Sarkozy, Miss Lindsey, the entire political, financial, and media elites of the “West,” all fighting and clawing at each other to be the first to “push the button” to enact #1, and spare the poor “person of Color” the slightest discomfort or inconvenience.
Yes, I know, you’ll say this is over-the-top hyperbole.  But doesn’t it capture the essence of reality? How do the elites actually behave?  Don’t they consistently ignore White interests to favor Coloreds? Don’t they respond to stories of illegal immigrant crime and depravity by campaigning for amnesty? Aren’t they attacking Trump (a rare elite who is a bit more truth-telling than the others) for simply stating the facts on illegal alien crime?  Is the scenario outlined above really that far-fetched?

In the News, 7/22/15

Two items.

Paging Desmond Jones!  Lots of homogeneity and demographic stability there, indeed! Well, the explanation would be that these migrants, including those pictured in the story, are simply S. Italians moving north.  That’s the ticket!

Here we see MacDonald expressing some much needed skepticism about the “movement’s” new “man on white horse” Donald Trump and sidekick “more legal immigration” Cruz.  As long as Trump continues to critique (at least illegal) immigration, and as long as he continues to bash psycho John McAmnesty and the pink-frilled Miss Lindsey, he’s doing good, but anyone who is getting so breathless over “the Donald” (mostly the HBD and “game” factions of the “movement”) is going to be disappointed in the long run.

Speaking of HBD, look at the main themes of MacDonald’s article – the seething animus and genocidal hatred of Jews toward White Americans, particularly rural White Americans. Yet, HBD says that Jews are demigods and Whites’ natural and rightful masters. And “movement” “activists” derived from the same populations reviled by Jews will continue to flock to HBD, as long as the “right” populations are praised, and the “wrong” populations (see lead news item here) are “rightfully” blasted. What’s the term? Goyishe kop?

Worst of the Worst

Miss Lindsey declares candidacy.
Pink-frilled Republican Lindsey Graham announced its candidacy for President, the ultimate representative of the “invade the world, invite the world” Necon insanity that has infested what used to be American conservatism. 
This, my friends, is the ultimate outcome of “mainstreaming,” an inversion of values, a “conservatism” farther to the left than the dastardly “liberal Democrats” it allegedly so fervently opposes.