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The Moralpath

Introducing a new psychological term.

A stupidity one often sees is labeling Hitler as a “psychopath” (or “sociopath”).  I assume that my critics would use the same terms to describe my own alleged “insanity.”  However, when looking at the actual traits that accompany those aberrations, the descriptions do not really fit.  Hitler, for example, saw himself on a historic and heroic holy mission that involved self-sacrifice – hardly the realm of psychopaths.  Hitler endured a relatively ascetic lifestyle and cared about something greater than himself: the well-being of his people.  Again, not psychopathy.  Hitler was a successful and disciplined political leader, who rose to the heights of world history, hardly some disordered sociopath or selfishly uninhibited psychopath.  Then what was he?

I propose a new term that is the mirror image of the psychopath: the moralpath.

A moralpath is a person whose idealism, sense of justice and righteousness (what the pragmatists would label “self-righteousness”), and inwardly developed moral code is at a level that they would do virtually anything – including war and genocide – to achieve what they perceive as “doing the right thing.”  

This personality type is seen in both the far-Right (almost always among men) and the far-Left (both men and women), among WNs as well as SJWs.  Historically, this is where one places Hitler; in literature, Captain Ahab comes to mind as well as Raskolnikov.  The moralpath is inherently “Faustian” in character and actions. In pop culture, there is Rorschach in The Watchmen, Batman, and even Ledger’s Joker character – whose acts are performed to prove a point about free will and the meaningless of rules – fits here as well. These are not really psychopaths or sociopaths, although there are some traits that overlap, such as antisociality and a lack of remorse.  But the moralpath values truth and self-sacrifice, not a devious cunning to achieve self-interested hedonistic goals (like the “gamesters” who pride themselves on their “dark triad” traits).

Getting back to real life, the description of Francis Parker Yockey’s personality – a “magnificent sickness in which he could only see north and not northeast or northwest” – fits perfectly with the moralpath type. Indeed, Lawrence’s “dreamers of the day”  –

All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.

– are moralpaths.

Moralpaths (of the Right) are valuable but also dangerous, they are necessary but not sufficient for success.  They are necessary because without them the enterprise collapses into compromised and corrupted mainstreaming, ends and means get confused, and there is no grand vision to pursue.  They are not sufficient, because when unleavened with pragmatism, moralpathy can end in disaster.  There needs to be cooperation between moralpaths and pragmatists to achieve the sociopolitical goals they hold in common.


You’re Just a Freak…Like Me

A message for White liberals.

Let’s consider this scene from the second of the Batman trilogy movies; let us consider the Joker (considered “insane” by the masses) as akin to White nationalists and Batman as akin to typical White liberal “good Whites” (and to an extent similar to the general White masses, who believe they’ll somehow survive the coming Colored darkness).  

You’re just a freak…like me.

White liberals like to think they can make common cause with the Coloreds, that they are “good Whites,” that they are allies to “people of color,” that they will be accepted as individuals, and that they will seamlessly fit into the progressive multicultural world of tomorrow.  Truth is, Whites – all Whites – are considered by Coloreds (including Asians, by the way) as The Enemy, simply by virtue of their race.  In the end, White liberals are considered as racial “freaks” just as are White nationalists.  Do you doubt this?  Look at how often ultra-cuck White liberals are accused of “racism” by their Colored “allies,” all the nonsense about “implicit bias” (even if you are an anti-White ultra liberal White you are still somehow an anti-Colored racist, it’s in your blood), and the even greater nonsense about “White Privilege” (even the good White liberals benefit from that “invisible knapsack,” don’t you know). Whites anywhere and everywhere can never escape from their Whiteness, regardless of what they do and what they believe.  And in some cases, the “freakishness” is considered literally: thus, Whites are “Ice People,” creations of the “mad scientist Yakub,” and “Whiteness is a relatively new genetic mutation.”  

So, as a WN I say to the White liberal that you are not one of them, regardless of how much you would like to be.  You’re just a freak…like me.

They need you right now, but when they don’t, they’ll cast you out….

As a corollary to the above, White liberals will be tolerated by the Coloreds for just as long as those Whites are useful.  Once Whites are safely a minority everywhere, the good Whites will be cast out just like the rest.  The “progressives” below deck on the ship in The Camp of the Saints were killed by the brownster hordes once Europe was reached, no?  When Fanon said that Whites would be eliminated with the indispensable help of the Whites themselves, what’s going to happen to the Whites after that?  And the Jewish leaders of the Colored hordes tell us that the White race (all of us, not just the “bad” Whites) must be “abolished.”  There’s no future for Whites in the Colored Future.  White liberals: you’ll be cast out of the progressive paradise along with the rest of us.

You have nothing to threaten me with…

On the surface, the System can persecute WNs, and does so very well.  But the concept of WN, the inner necessity of WN, the ideals of WN are beyond threatening by a corrupt System, which, despite all its strength, cannot even save itself.  So, yes, just as Batman physically threatens and attacks the Joker, WNs are persecuted, but just as the Joker remains unbroken in his inner self, so does WN survive.  In reality, the only ones who can really destroy WN (for as long as Whites exist) are WNs themselves (and unfortunately they are going a fine job of doing just that).

Ted Sallis Counter-Currents Article Mentioned in Mainstream Asiatic "Academic" Book

Asians contemplate themselves; hilarity ensues.

Problematically, as Ted Sallis notes, within the expansive “Marvel universe” Asian and Asian …

It then goes on about this section of my essay:

On the other hand, Marvel’s East Asian characters had a more troubled history, originally going through the buck-toothed, claw-handed, yellow peril phase, before a more modern interpretation in recent decades. This in a sense parallels Marvel’s take on the Vietnam war and politics in general. In the early-mid 1960s, particularly in Iron Man and Fantastic Four, Lee and Kirby promoted staunch American constitutional patriotism, anti-communism, and support for the Vietnam War. At this time, Oriental racial stereotypes were more common.
Later, younger writers came along with more liberal ideas on war and politics, and East Asian portrayals were adjusted accordingly (although the Mandarin and Yellow Claw continued as buck-toothed villains for a while).

Ah yes, Marvel’s depictions of the Mandarin and the Yellow Claw are very deeply offensive to me, a person who is the strongest possible proponent of the great East Asian race, our wonderful colored brothers and sisters whose vaunted IQs shine forth like the purest of gold brick bars.
Talk about cherry picking from your sources! 
That’s even more hilarious I think than retarded academics writing in journal articles critiquing some writings on race that were at the old Legion Europa site. 
These academics cannot find anything about the “far-Right” too petty to comment on and analyze. Indeed, if an Alt-Right leader were to pass gas, there’d be some academic around with a gas chromatography mass spectrometer to determine if there was any Zyklon B mixed in with the methane.
Don’t these “people” have anything better to do? Apparently not. Imagine, there are students actually paying tuition to attend classes taught by these folks. Perhaps that is the most hilarious joke of all.

More Stupid Comments From Silver, 8/10/16

More stupidity.

Keeping in mind I’ve extensively written about comic books for Counter-Currents (and have mentioned comics here as well), the following should be considered as expected:

silviosilver ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ Laguna Beach Fogey • 2 hours agoThe whole idea of Batman – and superheroes/supervillians in general – is so juvenile in conception, and so thoroughly divorced from reality, that it’s utterly pointless to attempt to distil profundities applicable to the real world from it. The only grown-ups who care about it are those who look back fondly on their pre-teen escapism. Discussing it as though it were serious art is preposterous.

Let’s see now:

1. I’m not sure that the people talking about, or writing about, comics believe they are “serious art” (a straw man argument), but, like it or not, comic books and their cinematic spin-offs are part of modern popular culture (the movies alone are high money makers attracting large international audiences) and as such influence people in ways that can be positive or negative with respect to race. Themes in comics and comic movies are no less useful topics of discussion for meaning as any other media form.
2. Divorced from reality? Is religion any different (keeping in mind that in one of his endless chameleon-like incarnations, Silver at Majority Rights was claiming to be a Christian)? On the superhero side we have the Heaven team, complete with the omnipotent Big Daddy Sky God and his son Jesus, who, you know, walks on water, returns from the dead, cures illnesses and raises the dead, and all sorts of really reality-based powers like that. They have their horde of angels, including “archangels” equipped with nifty swords and horns, to fight the dastardly supervillains from Hell (who have their own powers, origins, and agendas). Don’t forget the saints, real life miracle workers who have lived among us (as did Jaysus, praise the lord!). Discussing all of that is, like, all preposterous and stuff. 
3. Hey, do you want to really discuss something juvenile and preposterous? Here’s the topic: Donald Trump, the preening, retarded buffoon who is literally worshiped by slavish “movement” and “game” fans of the “God Emperor.” Little Silver, riding the crest wave of “movement” Trumpomania by affixing “Trump supporter” to his stupid posts – it is utterly pointless to expect any useful comments from that consistent fraud. 
4. Consistent with point 3, I’m amused by Silver’s latest incarnation at Radix as the tough-talking, “passionate” Trump supporter, using racial slurs while those with long memories recall Silver at Majority Rights lambasting the “racists” for their irrational passion and their “stupidly counter-productive” use of racial slurs. Well, you know, for the latest blog infiltration, gotta ride that crest wave of Trumpish vulgar buffoonery! There’s a limited shelf life on that, so make hay when the sun still shines, as they say! 

Meet the New Iron (Wo)Man

That is, if you want to refer to Negresses as “women.”

I know many in Der Movement would say “big deal” but this is another case of cultural racial displacement, another example of the utter contempt felt by elites (if one can call comic book writers, artists, and executives “elites”) toward the White masses.  Indeed, given that the major consumer of comics are White (beta/omega) males, this whole push to “diversity through displacement” is bizarre. Even betas and omegas are likely to be turned off by the loss of decades-old entrenched characters, and by their replacement by “people of color” that the readers cannot identity with.  More to the point, the idea of a genius Negress building a Iron Man suit at MIT is doubly ludicrous.

By the way, the reader may be interested to learn that the storyline of the arch-cuck Captain America secretly being a neo-Nazi “Hydra” agent was recently shown to be a manipulation by the Red Skull. You see, the evil kraut has polluted the mind of the pure-as-gold cuckhero Steve Rogers through the dastardly use of a “cosmic cube” (absurdly manifesting as a young girl – sex diversity even for inanimate objects!).

The best riposte to all this trash from Marvel (Including the Black version of Captain America, the Korean Hulk, and the PMS-tampon-wielding female Thor) is economic: boycott those titles, or even boycott Marvel as an entire company.  Hit them in the pocketbook, although they are so rabidly SJW they’d probably accept poor sales to advance their social agenda.  And a vicious agenda it is – for as commentators have pointed put, if they want more “diversity” why don’t they just invent new colored/female characters instead of pointedly replacing White males?

The Politics of Comic Books

Another sign of decline.

Comic books are certainly not high culture by any means, but I’ve written about comics before, since they, as part of modern pop culture, reflect the memetic prison society our masters are constructing around us.

Comics have been in decline for a long time, and are part of the Cultural Marxism infecting what used to be the West.  We have characters who are homosexual, we have previously White male characters becoming female and/or minority (*), and now the leftist tilt has comics directly and indirectly attacking the Trump campaign and Trump supporters.

Even more bizarre, Captain America – that symbol of SWPL liberalism, the anti-Nazi, pro-colored, proponent of civic nationalist democracy, that bastion of tolerance and brotherhood – has been uncovered as a secret agent of “Hydra” – a fascistic totalitarian organization, founded by Nazis, bent on world conquest (**).  Captain America has been the symbol of the liberal vision of America since WWII, and his phenotype and character used to well represent the Midwest cucks rejecting Trump.  That he is now being used as a vehicle to “expose” and ridicule the alleged “White racism” behind White folks voting their interests is quite remarkable.  Comics have fallen straight into the toilet of virulent anti-Whitism; the mask is off, and there is no turning back.

The decline of comics is also manifested in their quality, independent of their politics. Sometime in the 2000s, a style of art infected comics, particularly the Marvel brand, that is quite simply childishly atrocious.  Some months ago, for example, I saw an issue of Daredevil that looked like it was drawn by a spastic 10 year old with Down’s Syndrome.  And the writing is not much better. Forget about the politics – the actual raw product is so markedly inferior to that of the so-called “Silver” and “Bronze” ages that it is laughable. It’s as if they’ve given up all pretense of putting together quality fantasy entertainment and are just churning out cheaply-made political pamphlets. Lee and Kirby were Jews, but they were adults and produced quality material.  The Gentiles of that time – Thomas, the Buscema brothers, Ditko, Conlan, Tuska, Romita, etc. – were adults who created adult-level material (even if for children). Today, it seems like the material is produced by “feel the Bern” hipsters and affirmative action minorities, who churn out low-quality trash in between going on social media or attending a Sanders rally.

It’s pathetic.

*A Negro took over as Captain America, and is still posing as such after the real one (the White Hydra agent) returned to action. Thor is now a woman, and – no doubt to the delight of the HBDers – the Hulk is now Korean.

**Perhaps it will be eventually revealed that old Cap is just infiltrating Hydra, to show how a real American must reject such “hate.”  But what if he is sincere?  The message from Marvel – all White man, particularly if they look like Steve Rogers the all-American Nord, are closet “Nazis” and “haters.” We’ll need the Black Cap and the female Thor and the gook Hulk to set things straight!

Der Movement in the News, 5/17/16

Two items.

Durocher, the Clark Kent (or is it Superman?*) of Der Movement tells us that Madison Grant (of all people!) was “more pan-European” than Hitler.  Well, the great Durocher is probably right about that. If so, what does that say about Saint Adolf, and more to the point, what does it say about Der Movement that worships him?

The Ancient Greeks, especially the heroes of Homer, were of course “northern” and foreign to the “Mediterranean” world.  Thus speaks TOO (and the books they review)! Questions: Were they from inside or outside the Hajnal line?  Were they high-trust hunter-gatherer stock?  Did they look like Dolph Lundgren or like David Bromstad?  Inquiring minds want to know!

* I’m always amused by DC Comics’ idea that wearing glasses (Superman) or a domino mask (Robin) is sufficient to conceal a secret identity.