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Random Observations, 12/30/16

Four items.

1. That’s what happens after you apologize.  The sharks start circling, smelling blood.

2. A HuWhite Man of the West defends Spencer; interesting that a number of At Right and Alt Wrong figures haven’t uttered a word about Mom Spencer’s problems, but this Jew can do so (at TOO no less).

3. It appears that the Beavis-and-Butthead Brigade has been triggered by my recent Der Movement Dictionary post:

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If Michael Ravioli is in, then so am I. Mafiosi style cyber vendettas should not be tolerated.

Don’t know what the Captain has his panties in a bunch about.  I support his plan, as discussed at Age of Treason, to set up Upper Midwest Ethnostate for his kind; it can be called Cuckmerica and have Mitt Romney as dictator.  Meanwhile, the “Northwest Republic” will be set up by guys like “Robert ‘Bobby Bells’ DiBella.”  As Cap would say: lulz.

Seriously though, it is interesting that all of the significant “Mafiosi style cyber vendettas” and other “movement feuds” of the last two decades or so have involved folks with surnames like: Pierce, Covington, Roper, Gliebe, Strom, Spencer, Taylor, Johnson, Miller, White, Black, Jobling, etc. – not many Raviolis mixed in there.  That’s the same leadership that’s produced such stirring progress that we had to wait for Donald “Jewish family connections” Trump to decide to run for President after being publicly mocked by Obama. And then, even after the free gift of Trump and the Carpet Muncher’s publicity bonanza of denouncing the deplorable Alt Right, Der Movement finds a way to continue to muck things up with all their petty, internecine Mafiosi style feuds.  Eat that with all your Baked Alaska, “movement” dimwits.

4. You can always tell that you are reading a van Vogt science fiction book when you see that the characters are described as “frowning” on every other page.


Making the “Impossible” Possible

Food for thought.

Maybe I’m just too “Faustian” but I’ve always been extremely annoyed when people – and this applies for both science/technics as well as politics – say something is “impossible.” Not “implausible” and not “highly unlikely” and not “impossible for the foreseeable future” but absolutely and categorically “impossible.”

Keep in mind that at one time the idea that any useful work could be extracted from atomic/radioactive processes was deemed “impossible.”  The idea that anything could be done to prevent, say, an asteroid strike was deemed “impossible” but it is quite possible today to take action given current technology.  The EmDrive Thruster was considered “impossible” and “violating the laws of physics” yet it seems to work.  The idea of “warp drives” for interstellar travel was laughed away as sci-fi, but there is now serious theoretical work being done on that possibility.  And then there was the “impossibility” of the election of Donald J. Trump.

Today, we are told that, for example, extracting useful work from zero point energy is “impossible” and “violating the laws of physics.”  Preventing a supervolcano eruption is “impossible.”  I guess the White nationalist dream is “impossible” as well.

The proper riposte I think when someone says that “X” is “impossible” is to reply: Just assume that “X” is indeed (at least theoretically) possible; if so, how would you approach achieving “X?”

It may turn out that “X” is truly impossible, but one never knows until one exhausts all possibilities. An unexpected discovery, idea, or invention may make the “impossible” possible in science/technics. Of course, that breakthrough would never have occurred if all work on the problem was dismissed because of its “impossibility.”  And even if the truly impossible remains unachievable, the thought processes engaged in trying to understand how to achieve the impossible may bear fruit for other related problems and in those cases make the “impossible” possible.  And the same holds for politics. Always ask: If it were possible, how to achieve it? 

In that way, dreams may become actualized into reality.

HBD in the News, 9/16/16

HBD is the enemy, White man.

Raving retard “Razib” Khan:

if you had the money and resources it wouldn’t be hard to pull out northern europeans in totality from a few thousand african americans.

Sure, it happens every day. Is this guy a raving brown turd of a lunatic, or what? That’s also the “genetic expert” who doesn’t understand the difference between sister chromatids and homologous chromosomes.

Now, it may be possible at some future date (not now) to computationally fully recreate a native racial genome from the fragments thereof scattered within the genomes of the racially mixed. But, if so – so what? To go from that to recreating even one single actual living human being, much less an entire race – who is going to do that? How? The ranting of this ignorant Desi, and his fake appeal to (his own) authority, may fool the rubes, but not anyone who has a real science background. Sorry “Razib,” your sci/fi fantasies do not make it “alright” that low-rent Ganges-spawn like yourself mates with White women.
And moronic commentary about how “genes don’t mix” is irrelevant. Racial genotypes and phenotypes are characterized by (spectrums of) combinations of genes, not atomized genes working alone, and these gene complexes are effectively destroyed by miscegenation (the hybrid phenotype being a proxy for, and a result of, the scrambled genome). Indeed, for all practical purposes, racial integrity is (permanently) lost upon mixing across wide racial lines. Speculation even less realistic than Jurassic Park does not alter these facts.
Taylor, interviewed by Derbyshire:

I’m not sure quite what an “AR-style” forum would be, since our conferences are unique, but we don’t screen people, because we don’t have to. AR‘s position on Jews is well-known: Jews have always been full participants in the work of race realism and have taken prominent roles in almost all of our events.

The Alt-Wrong goes marching, marching, marching on. And the Alt-Right had better decide what it is they stand for, or they’ll have others do it for them.

Relevance of the Space Beagle

Scifi making a point.

The science fiction book Voyage of the Space Beagle (four short stories stitched together to make a coherent novel) is an interesting work. This is particularly true since Spenglerian “cyclical history” provides a basic foundation for the underlying sociopolitical paradigms present in the book. Also, with one unfortunate exception, all of the characters seem to be White, for the most part, but not exclusively, (based on surnames) of British Isles stock.

Three negatives:

1. The main protagonist, Grosvenor, near the end of the book, disparages the importance of “blood and race” with respect to the workings of history.

2. That character is an obnoxious dickweed: I prefer the main human antagonist, Kent.

3. There is a Japanese character portrayed positively, unusual since these stories were written 1939-1950.

A relevant quote from the book:

It seemed to Grosvenor that he was learning slowly but surely how to influence men.  It was not enough to have information and knowledge, not enough to be right.  Men had to be persuaded and convinced.  Sometimes that might take more time than could safely be spared.  Sometimes it couldn’t be done at all. And so civilizations crumbled, battles were lost, and ships destroyed because the man or group with the saving ideas would not go through the long-drawn-out ritual of convincing others.

That is relevant to the “movement” in two ways.  First, racial nationalists seem unable or unwilling to do what is necessary to convince Whites of the race problem and possible solutions; hence, our civilization crumbles. Second, within the “movement” itself, the sane faction is unable or unwilling to deal with all the Nutzis, fetishists, trolls, quota queens, and neckbeards in order to get the racial nationalist house in order so as to deal effectively with the first problem – persuading Whites as a race.