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Fisking Duchesne

A necessary task.  Emphasis added.
See this.

We have now reached the last chapter of Kevin MacDonald’s Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition. 

Let us be thankful for small mercies.

This indispensable book…

Indispensable for promoting ludicrous HBD-Nordicism.This is not to say that whites have always viewed themselves in the extremely individualistic and anti-nationalistic manner they do today. Some decades ago, Americans were quite comfortable identifying their liberal nation in ethnic “Anglo-Saxon” terms and imposing strict limits on immigration from non-European nations. Well, only “non-European” if you ignore the Reed-Johnson Act. Well, I suppose that does fit with my description of Der Movement’s view of Europe as ending at Vienna to the south and at Berlin to the east

..They did not think that cultural nationalism was inconsistent with liberal principles. It was really after WWII that whites came to the view that liberalism demanded the integration of multiple races within their homelands. Why did they come to this view?

Then how the hell is the worldview “genetic” and “Darwinian?”  Unless you posit a massive genetic change as a result of the war, then it makes no sense that the same people who closed the gates to wops and hunkies now embrace the Third World.  Unless of course Racial Proximity Theory is correct.

This is where the inordinate influence of Jews comes into MacDonald’s historical study. The Jews did not create Western liberalism. But in the United States, the focus of MacDonald’s work, Jews were crucially important in the articulation of the argument that America was meant to be a “polycentric” nation populated by multiple races. They came up with the idea that liberalism was inconsistent with the identification of America as an “Anglo-Saxon nation.” They played the leading intellectual role in formulating the idea that all Western nations were meant to be multicultural and that assimilation to a “dominant culture” was a violation of the “human dignity” of immigrants. They pushed the idea that Western nations were founded on racism, patriarchal domination, exploitation of the Third World, and that the mere existence of Western nations without racial diversity was a form of “white supremacy.”

Carefully consider what Duchesne is saying here.  First, MacDonald is correct that Herrenvolk Whites are wonderfully individualistic, honorable, noble, altruistic – and high, high, high trust. Second, these traits are genetic – due to superior WHG and Steppe ancestry. Third, despite that, somehow the Herrenvolk were properly ethnocentric, acting in a collectivist manner to safeguard ethnic interests, until after WWII. Fourth, the change was due to…drum roll please…the Jews. So Herrenvolk minus Jews = Madison Grant and Lothrop Stoddard; Herrenvolk plus Jews = Mitt Romney and Bill Clinton. Genetic it all is!

But, here’s the thing. Are all Whites equally susceptible to this dastardly Jewish influence?  If yes, then that punches a big hole in the idea of significant intra-European differences in ethnocentrism and affinity to universalist appeals.  If no, then it stands to reason that the more resistant White ethnies are the ones we need at the forefront of the White resistance, not those who are most easily manipulated.  So, which is it?

MacDonald is not of the view that whites are inherently condemned to be swamped by non-whites in lieu of their individualism. As we saw in Part 8 of our extended review, whites are still instinctively ethnocentric even while they express adherence to immigrant multiculturalism. 


Furthermore, and this is the focus of chapter 9, MacDonald anticipates that, as “expressions of anti-white hatred” intensify, whites will start to coalesce as a race. But he cautions against a strategy premised on the expectation that whites will suddenly start behaving in the collectivist manner of non-whites. 

So, they will behave collectively, but not in a collectivist manner.  They’re collectivist individualists!  Or individualistic collectivists!  It depends upon whether their high trust WHG genetic program is activated or their heroic Steppe genetic program.  Tightly argued, indeed.

Whites are not inclined to create kinship-based communities. 

National Socialism never happened. 

Therefore, if whites are to join communities that emphasize their racial interests, they need to be rationally persuaded that these race-oriented communities are morally justified. Whites need to be persuaded that their individual self-interests, and their own liberal way of life, are fundamentally threatened by immigrant diversification. As MacDonald writes:Pro-white activists attempting to combat this moral community [of the Left] must be aware of the very powerful tendency among their constituents toward wanting to be part of a moral community. In particular, they must emphasize that whites have interests that are morally legitimate.

They must emphasize that Whites as a collective group have such morally legitimate interests.  Individualism

!It is MacDonald’s view that a Darwinian perspective would be an excellent rationally-based argument to persuade whites about the legitimacy of their ingroup interests. As whites face increasing hostility from non-whites, they need to be persuaded that their communities based on social trust, rule of law, scientific objectivity, and equal rights, will survive only within an ethnicized form of individualism.

“ethnicized form of individualism” – an oxymoron, no?   

They can’t be expected to create “group-oriented intellectual movements based on dogmatic assertions, fealty to group leaders.”

 I don’t know – “dogmatic assertions, fealty to group leaders” sounds a lot like Der Movement.  Any “rock stars” have their dogma implicitly accepted?  I won’t even mention Hitler.

The non-white mind, if I may put it bluntly, can’t fully distinguish the subject and the object, the mind and the body, the context and the thing-in-itself. 

Sounds like Type I activists.

It is MacDonald’s conviction that the key to a successful moral argument is to persuade whites to create moral communities with a proper Darwinian understanding of history and in-group interests. The following are some of the key Darwinian lessons whites must integrate into their moral communities:

That there are genetic differences between peoples, and that despite their individualism and universalism whites have legitimate racial interests like every other race.

Thus, we must consider interests on a collective, racial level.  By the way, this point describes an EGI-based perspective, a worldview based on kinship-racialism, not the proximate HBD-based flim-flam that privileges the interests of Jews and Asians over that of Whites.

That those communities enjoying higher social trust, lawfulness, political participation, functional schools, and ethnic cohesion happen to be heavily populated by whites with minimal diversity.

Much of that can be achieved with “high-IQ Asians,” no?

That the moral communities whites cherish based on democratic politics, rule of law, and meritocracy are deteriorating precisely because these communities are increasingly populated by non-whites and dominated by radical Leftist politics.

“Democratic politics” led to the current situation, and those high-IQ Asian cognitive elitists are very meritocratic, no?

That whites are the least morally depraved race on the planet when it comes to political corruption, inequality of rights, and ethnic despotism.

The Merkels of the world would label that as racism.

That low-IQ immigrants are a drain on society and on the ability of white nations to compete in our highly technical world economy, as well as a major cost to white taxpayers.

IQ!  HBD!  We need more high-IQ skilled Asians!

That mass immigration brings a downward pressure on the wages of working classes, and that the importation of workers from India and China undermines white high tech workers.

To care specifically about White high tech workers presupposes ethnocentrism.

That immigration and incessant attacks on “white racism” are leading to extreme polarization in politics, civil strife, and eventually civil war across many Western communities, rather than racial harmony and the elimination of human conflict as promised.That diversity comes together with increased anti-white hatred and violence against whites.

All of that can be blamed on “racist haters,” no?

MacDonald’s book thus comes full circle, in a tightly argued manner…

If incoherent HBD-Nordicism, which distorts ancient history and archaeogenetics, and is full of inconsistencies and misinterpretations about ethnic differences in individualism and collectivism, is “tightly argued,” then, well, no argument there!

…from a very original account…

Putting a pseudoscientific veneer on warmed-over Guntherism and Kempism is not particularly original.

… of Western uniqueness based on Darwinian principles to a call for white identity politics based on moral Darwinian arguments that appeal to the individualism and the analytical mind of whites to counter the anti-white “monster” the “Left and its big business allies have created.” 

Putting aside that the above is a borderline run-on sentence, see my comments above about how poorly the alleged individualism and universalism of Whites has been addressed, re: strategy.

Criticisms can undoubtedly be directed against Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition.

Uh, yes.  But as long as the critics can be smeared as “insane” and “indecent” then there’s no need to engage with them.

But having studied this book in a thorough manner, I am convinced that MacDonald’s perspective is far more than one viewpoint among other interesting viewpoints. 

I agree.  It is instead comic relief.

It is an indispensable viewpoint without which white identity politics would lack both a solid scientific foundation and a compelling moral argument that could persuade large numbers of whites about the legitimacy of their ingroup interests.

Nonsense.  The exact opposite in fact.

Now, these are the sort of extraterrestrials Der Movement can believe in!  High trust northern hunter gatherers from outer space!  Conquerors from the Andromeda Steppe!

A Beautiful Tweet

And other news.

A beautiful tweet.  And all who continue to praise the execrable Rushton should be described similarly.  Never forget that Johnson censored my criticisms of Rushton after race-mixing fraud Phil dropped dead.  
HBD is filth. HBDers are filth. HBD is a pseudoscientific FRAUD. Rushton’s chicanery is just the tip of the HBD fraud iceberg. HBD is the enemy within the gates; HBD is a political movement whose aim is to empower Jews and Asians at the expense of Whites.  Anyone who supports or promotes HBD should be considered a ruthless enemy of the White race (and, yes, apparently that includes the person who wrote the “beautiful tweet” himself).

Don’t worry!  Trump is monitoring the situation! What should he do?  Declare that Portland and Seattle are in a state of insurrection against federal authority and send in the military. Those who would oppose that action are not going to vote for him anyway.  And, more fundamentally, he has as obligation to do the right thing independent of his electoral chances.

With respect to Jef Costello’s promotion of the carnivore diet, and his claims that a high-fat low-fiber diet is not a problem for GI health because Eskimos have no GI issues despite their whale meat/whale blubber low-carb diet, please see this new paper (emphasis added):



Alaska Native (AN) people have the world’s highest recorded incidence of sporadic colorectal cancer (CRC)...whereas rural African (RA) people have the lowest risk….

…Results: Adenomatous polyps were detected in 16 of 32 AN participants, but not found in RA participants. The AN diet contained higher proportions of fat and animal protein and less fiber. AN fecal microbiota showed a compositional predominance of Blautia and Lachnoclostridium, higher microbial capacity for bile acid conversion, and low abundance of some species involved in saccharolytic fermentation (e.g., Prevotellaceae, Ruminococcaceae), but no significant lack of butyrogenic bacteria. Significantly lower concentrations of tumor-suppressive butyrate (22.5 ± 3.1 compared with 47.2 ± 7.3 SEM µmol/g) coincided with significantly higher concentrations of tumor-promoting deoxycholic acid (26.7 ± 4.2 compared with 11 ± 1.9 µmol/g) in AN fecal samples. AN participants had lower quantities of fecal/urinary metabolites than RA participants and metabolite profiles correlated with the abundance of distinct microbial genera in feces. The main microbial and metabolic CRC-associated markers were not significantly altered in AN participants with adenomatous polyps.

Conclusions: The low-fiber, high-fat diet of AN people and exposure to carcinogens derived from diet or environment are associated with a tumor-promoting colonic milieu as reflected by the high rates of adenomatous polyps in AN participants.

Note also that while rural Africans have very low colorectal cancer rates, African-Americans have very high colorectal cancer rates. Now guess which group consumes lots of dietary fiber from plant sources and which group instead consumes lots of meats and fats with little fiber.

Der Movement is always, always, ALWAYS wrong, about just about EVERYTHING.

What’s gonna kill you first – the Der Movement diet or the Der Movement anti-vaxx agenda?  Eat dem beafsteaks!

More evidence that there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the feuding Quota Queens. Next we’ll see Spencer exalting Tolkien; eventually he’ll become an ethnonationalist.  Who knows, maybe he’ll go the Dickson route and grovel to King Greggy as well.

Yes, just say “plenty of mistakes,” wave your hands around and pretend that Trump was been a real restrictionist, as opposed to a cuck who was talking about “touchback immigration” for illegals before the 2016 election.
The prancing Quota Queens can’t admit that they were wrong about Trump, that only Sallis was right, and the implications of that for their judgment. So, let’s rewrite history and pretend that Trump really was ideologically hardcore on immigration, and actually did ANYTHING substantive about it. By the way, is he still “monitoring the situation” about birthright citizenship?

None Dare Call It Treason

None except for Sallis.

Read this.  What else do you expect from the Unz HBD site?  What do you expect from a site that blames The China Plague on “an American bioweapon,” shills for China, has as its owner a Jewish supporter of Hispanic Reconquista, and which promotes Nordicism designed to divide Whites against each other for the benefit of Jews and Asians?
That dumb Unz piece misses the entire point.  The ultimate issue is not about crime or IQ or whatever – it’s about the demographic and cultural displacement of Whites.  It is about EGI and civilization, not crime statistics and PISA scores.  It is about genetic kinship and cultural affinity, not a ranking of group traits according to scales designed to suit the interests of wealthy Levantines. Whites should support White interests precisely because they are White, not because of what turds like Unz or Lynn or Rushton or Sailer or Dutton or any of them say about particular traits of Whites vs. those of others. Whites should not oppose immigration of (non-White) Hispanics or Asians because of some ranked traits but precisely because those groups are not White; they are not us. How difficult can that be to understand? And can we be surprised that some sort of HBD Spencerite “racialist” goes groveling to Unz with mea culpas?  And that is why White HBDers are a problem – they judge groups based on proximate measures rather than ultimate. So, to them, Hispanics are evaluated based upon whether or not they rioted a lot recently, rather than on Hispanics’ relative genetic (and cultural) distance from European-Americans. From a racialist viewpoint that is a disaster, and it is inevitable that weak-minded fools who base their worldview on HBD are going to turn against WN, because at the most fundamental basis HBD and WN are essentially incompatible.

To better understand the depths of Unzian Middle Eastern mendacity, consider the argument there – that WN is “politically bankrupt” because it focuses on immigration – an existential issue for White survival that White people actually DO care about, as demonstrating by opinion polling and by the election of Trump in 2016 – instead of, you know, focusing on IQ scores and Durocherian Nordicism, that White folks not only care zero about, but would consider strange, disconnected to their interests, and the province of cranks and autistic weirdos.  Why is it that members of the tribe ALWAYS promote memes to Whites that are racially destructive?  They just can’t help themselves, can they? EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

And, finally, that is why any “White nationalists” – like Johnson and Durocher – who write for Unz are despicable traitors.  Neither of them needs to write for Unz (of course, no one does in fact).  Johnson has his own Counter-Currents site.  Durocher has written for a variety of other sites in the past and nothing stops him from starting an independent blog (possible name: The Clouseau Chronicles).  No, they choose to support and enable a Jew who attacks WN and supports non-White immigration. EGI Notes, on the other hand, is steadfast in its opposition to Unz. Or should I say (((Unz)))?

Then we have those veteran WN 1.0 heroes, who have made their career opposing Jewish power (or pretending to do so), but who cannot utter a single word against HBD, Unz, or any of the White traitors who sell out their race for Unzian “race realism.”  I suppose such utterances would not be “politically” expedient.  Another example of what the likes of Gunther, Grant, and Stoddard would consider the sublimely honorable nobility of Nordic Man.

It is a matter of judgment and character.

Behold Egalism (emphasis added):

…a system called egalismThe government provides all the necessities of life, and in exchange the people work only thirteen hours each week. (All other work is performed by machines or by outside contractors–at great price.) The remainder of their time is spent in the leisurely pursuit of pleasure: games, sport, sex…Egalism requires sacrifices, though. The people are crowded onto one small island called Arrabus; the vast continents of Wyst are sparsely populated wilderness. The government provides all food, but the only choices available are three bland concoctions: gruff, deedle, and wobbly. Arrabins go to great lengths to get taste of real food, which they call bonter. People live in colossal featureless apartment blocks, in tiny rooms with randomly assigned roommates. Personal possessions are scarce, and frequently stolen (or snerged as the Arrabins say.) The egal ideal is absolute equality between persons, so individualism is stifled. Even the differences between sexes are suppressed as much as possible. Making oneself too appealing to the opposite sex is sexivation, and is socially discouraged…it is clear that egalism is a failed experiment. The machines that keep Arrabus running are breaking down. The Arrabins, working only thirteen hours a day at menial jobs, are not able to effect repairs, and Arrabin exports can no longer cover the cost of hiring outside contractors.

It is also interesting that the Arrabins are extremely anti-immigration, as they claim they cannot maintain their social system with the mass influx of immigrant parasites who want to take advantage of it.  I’m sure Unz would object, as long as the immigrants are Hispanic or Asian.
The following is an Arrabin female addressing an outworlder male in that book: “We’ll copulate if you like; you can show me some new and amusing antics.”

Another Arrabin female is described thus: “…a blonde, kitten-faced girl with small feet and a ripe figure displayed almost to the point of sexivation…”
If such exemplified Vance’s own preferences, then obviously he was not an HBDer.  Or an Alt Right flirter.  Or the keynote speaker at an Alt Right meeting.  Jack was not suitable for the Mannerbund.

Oh, that Jack Vance

Let’s ignore the works of Gene Wolfe and Jack Vance, and the lessons therein about human behavior and societies, and instead crack open our copy of Tolkien in our hobbit hole.  The battle for Middle Earth begins!  That’ll be complete with Unz telling us that opposing orcs is “politically bankrupt,” and Durocher busily using calipers to compare the cephalic indices of northern vs. southern hobbits.

Of interest.  Why is it that the anti-White system merely provokes protests to become even more anti-White, rather than the opposite.  A first in history – in which an oppressed population riots in favor of more oppression.  High trust northern hunter gatherers!

It is abduction.  The problem, you see, is that the Right, as an empty vessel, lacks the legal infrastructure to pursue this to its logical conclusion.  If such an infrastructure existed, then, pooling together a number of like cases, and assuming properly litigious clients, the local government could be sued for allowing the civil rights of the drivers to be violated, and for failing to enforce the law (as well as the anarcho-tyranny of politically-motivated selective prosecution); further, the protestors themselves, once identified via social media and other mechanisms (starting with “Seun”), can also sued. There’s also probably a RICO criminal case or two there if you sift around aggressively enough – but that of course requires a sympathetic district attorney.

In any case, it is quite clear that legal room for maneuver exists – IF the Right were anything other than a useless grift.

Christianity must be destroyed.

Consider this.

After spending most of my 20s in Scandinavia, I noticed that white Europeans were also becoming minorities in certain areas of Western Europe. This was one of the reasons why I decided to relocate to Eastern Europe for the past two years.

That’s it with these Herrenvolk.  Their homelands have been destroyed by their own feckless co-ethnics, so time to move into someone else’s lands.  Ethnonationalism!  What hypocrites.  Let’s hear more from the Quota Queens how “Poles should not be living in Western Europe.”  Indeed, they’ll write that article as soon as they finish screwing that Polish girl in Warsaw.  Ethnonationalism!

Remember my prediction for 2020:

Here’s a very easy prediction for 2020: Expect more outrageous hypocrisy from Counter-Currents.

Counter-Currents: The absolute worst, most outrageously hypocritical Far Right site on the Internet. Oh yes, let’s preach the wonders of “ethnonationalism” and “petty nationalism” while engaging in ethnosupremacist ethnoimperialism, living in the nations of other peoples and taking their women.

A Counter-Currents “writer” whines:

My nephew suffered the most from her lackadaisical parenting. He became very spoiled from eating cheap calorie fast food. The breadth of his nutritional intake came from chicken nuggets, French fries, pepperonis, be they on a pizza or straight out of a package, and hotdogs. His grandmother (my mom) had to make sure her freezer was always stocked with the same garbage. It was so bad that he literally refused fruit, vegetables, soups, salads, or even meat that wasn’t served out of a frozen cardboard box.

Hey!  With the exception of the French fries and pizza crust, that sounds a lot like the carnivore diet promoted by the great and good Jef Costello.  So what’s the problem?  Just substitute the fries and crusts with more chicken nuggets and hot dogs and you’re all set! After all, Eskimos eat whale meat, so…chow down, son!  Hopefully you won’t get apoplexy sitting on the toilet.  Fiber?  You don’t need no stinkin’ fiber!

The Wisdom of Gene Wolfe

And other news.

Greece was, in short, so full of geniuses because it had no solitary geniuses. Each idea and every action had to withstand the probing questions of interested bystanders who could bring writers and philosophers, artists and architects, generals and statesmen to book.  It made these people very careful, and it forced them to think.  I recommend it to you, just as from time to time I recommend it to myself.  – Gene Wolfe (Castle of Days)

That quote, on the origins of the genius of Ancient Greece, stands as one of the best and most elegantly concise defenses of free speech that there is, for only through freedom of expression can we ask those probing questions to bring others “to book.”  Indeed, this applies just as much to the “movement” and explains why we should have utter contempt for those “movement leaders” who refuse to debate others, who “ban” critics, who insulate themselves with an “amen corner”- indeed, who avoid the probing questions that attempt to bring them “to book.”

Behold Counter-Currents:

(I wonder if Wolfe had any Italian-American readers who were miffed that he left out an overweight, mafia connected wop among his dramatis personae. After all, The Bonfire of the Vanities just may be the etymological source of the now-famous Italian-American neologism “fuggedaboudit!”)

This is HBD:

JohnEngelman  I learned that Oriental girls existed when I was six or seven. I remember thinking, “Some white girls are pretty. Some are not. All Oriental girls are pretty.” I continue to prefer Oriental women

Haven’t I always told you that HBD is all about Yellow Fever fetishism?
That’s who you are letting take over your “movement” as long as you let the HBD-Nordicist-ethnonationalist alliance control the show.

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever. George Orwell

If you want a vision of the HBD future, imagine a Chinatrix pegging a White “race realist” – forever. Ted Sallis

Laugh at this.

This structure is evident in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. For my 11th birthday, my mom got me a Tolkien book set that included The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion. It took me almost a year to read the entire set, but those books changed my life.

But of course. 

I stand by my analysis that there is some sort of ethnic/subracial preferences for various types of aesthetics, including literature. The obsession of Northern Europeans – particularly Northwest European Celto-Germanic types – for the works of Tolkien is an obvious manifestation of this.  It’s almost as if they are born with an innate fascination with Tolkien.

The womb as a hobbit hole?

Ted Sallis (left) vs. Greg Johnson (right)?  Although substitute the EU for a White Imperium.

Gee…if only you were part of the federal government and could do something about it besides tweeting! Imagine if Donald Trump had been elected President in 2016, then we’d really see some crackdowns! 
Seriously though, doesn’t the Trump administration understand how clownishly foolish they appear? Make Jimmy Carter look like Alexander the Great?  No, Hood, Trump and his minions are so weak they make Jimmy Carter look like Zeus, Odin, Hercules, Thor, and Perun all rolled into one.

Here is an example where I actually agree more with a Counter-Currents article than the comments.
See this.

It’s not like we were thinking every second about nuclear war, but it was there.  US-Soviet tensions were higher during Reagan’s first term than under the Nixon, Ford, and Carter regimes; although this lessened with Gorbachev during Reagan’s second term, it was still there.
Interestingly, even though tensions may have been less in the 1970s, we were likely thinking about it even more.

Regardless of the details, this was something on our minds.
Anti-nuclear propaganda like this was effective insofar as people were actually worried about it even before watching that.

I however disagree that the 1990s were “utopian”- depends on where you were living and how stupidly dense you were.  Those of us who entered the “movement” in the 1990s were wide awake enough to realize how bad things really were.

Well, yes, particularly since most American universities, and other bastions of “higher education,” are in continued egregious violation of Title Six and Title Nine, with respect to those institutions’ anti-White and anti-male activities.  Many of them are in violation of the non-partisan requirements of 501c3 as well.