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Trump, NATO, and Germany

What a real “Buck Negger” would do.

While the “game” faction of the Alt Right praises the “Buck Negger” Trump for humiliating the aged “First Lady” of France, and while the ethnonationalist faction praises Trump’s speech in Poland, let us consider what a “blood and soil,” EGI-aware Trump should have said to the Europeans:

You want America to continue to be invested in NATO?  Sure we will – if and only if NATO adopts as a key mission protecting Europe from the migrant invasion and the overall threat from the Global South.  You need to obsess less over a hypothetical Russian threat from the East and focus more on the real and continuing invasion from your South.  America cannot continue a political-military alliance with nations lacking the slightest spark of self-preservation.

And if angry Europeans replied:

What about America being invaded from your own South?

Then the terms of the debate would have shifted very nicely, don’t you think?

Consider that the System/Left hates Trump and will always hate him, and given his plummeting popularity at home, including losing his base, what does he have to lose by repeating the same farstreaming that was so successful during his Presidential campaign?

That is what a real “Buck Negger” would do.

Speaking of NATO and Europe, it is high time that Der Movement stop making excuses for the Germans.  When faced with ultra-cucked German behavior, including politics/voting, one often reads:

You cannot forget that Germany is an occupied country!  What about all those American troops there!  What else can you expect?

That is complete, outdated nonsense.  Newsflash: the Cold War is over, Germany is united, and Germany is now, by far, the most powerful and influential nation in the EU, essentially dictating policy to the rest of Europe. If Germans were to, in the next election, put the Far Right into power, what do you think America is going to do about it?  Is Trump going to order the US military to overthrow the elected German government and install Merkel back into power?

While I understand that Der Movement is incapable of criticizing Germanics – unless it is to say there are just much-too-much altruistic and individualistic (characteristics no doubt clearly on display during the National Socialist regime) – coddling the Germans does no one, least of all the Germans themselves, any good.

Can we begin to treat Germany as an adult nation, responsible for its own fate?  I mean, they are Aryan ubermenschen and all that, so some personal responsibility seems to be in order.


Turkey for Thanksgiving, 11/26/14

The other shoe is starting to drop.
Following up on this, we see this.  Anyone who understands the real power relationships of the world will also understand that Turkey will have unending problems with the USA and NATO until such time that the Turks grovel to Israel.  These things can be predicted with mathematical certainty.
Also, looking at Erdogan’s Asiatic features should be enlightening to the “cherry picked photos” crowd who want to argue in favor of the “Whiteness” of Turks.

Dugin, Putin, etc.

Some more facts on the case.
Exposing Dugin’s anti-White, anti-Western animus, read here.  Of course, Dugin’s “colored world revolution” anti-Westernism is the foundation ideology for Trad Vlad’s bare-chested macho interventionism. Now NATO member Estonia is a target, with the Great White Leader behaving more or less like a Third World thug. Then we have the useless guarantees of the “West.” Remember when Ukraine gave up its nuclear arsenal in exchange for a “Western” guarantee of Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty?  How’s that working out, Ukies?
It looks like Vlad has taken the measure of the affirmative action mulatto posing as the “leader” of the “West” and has found the hybrid wanting.