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Race in the News, 6/24/16

Two items


Genocidal Mongrels

Hold Back Those Mongrels (proposed title for new racialist novel).

I previously wrote about the “Mixed Race Mentality” – and the same arguments apply to the Taylor debate and Taylor’s opponent.  The mixed race (and their parents – hello, Derb!) have a chip on their shoulder, a smoldering rage against the unmixed (“inbred” and “incest” for example, or always exulting over the proposed future non-existence of persons of native European stock, or even of native Japanese stock), and a desire to make everyone admixed like them.

In this sense, we may get a better perspective on both Jayman and Derbyshire.  And I also did read on Majority Rights some time ago that “Razib” is married to a White woman (I do not know the veracity of that claim).  All the pieces are starting to fit together, and the assembled puzzle turn out to be quite an ugly picture indeed.

Holodomor Bloodguilt

Cash or check?

It would seem appropriate for Israel to give reparations to the Ukraine in compensation for the Holodomor (and one can also propose reparations to Russia and other nations affected by communism). The extent of these reparations can be equivalent to what Germany gave to Israel, adjusted for inflation.

A Rather Feeble Appeal To Authority

Durocher again.

Another rambling piece that doesn’t come to any definitive conclusion. Note the appeal to authority, using William Pierce of all people (one could use Yockey as I have done, is one inherently better than the other?).  I thought Pierce was one of those Old Right types that the New Right is supposed to eschew.  Indeed, I recall Pierce being criticized on Counter-Currents for his Lenin-like bloodthirsty promotion of genocide in The Turner Dairies.  Is Pierce now the final word on the utility of ethnonationalism?

Having said that, despite the fact that this blog is a peaceful and pacifistic proponent of non-violent social change – and let there be no doubt about that whatsoever! – I must say that it is precisely Pierce’s bloodthirstiness that is the best aspect of the man’s character.  Indeed, one is hard-pressed (from a purely theoretical standpoint of course) to find any fault in his “Table-leg Therapy” as outlined (emphasis added):

Table-leg Therapy 

Senator Fulbright and the Reverend Berrigan are still on the wrong side of every issue except Palestine, and they are on the right side of that issue for the wrong reasons. 

In other words, liberals — including the consistent ones — are just as sick as ever and just as dangerous to the future of America as ever. The only way the great majority of them will get their thinking straight, eventually, is with a sturdy, oak table leg applied smartly and repeatedly alongside the head. 

Nevertheless, the present dissension in liberal ranks is of inestimable value. It is the most fervent and influential of the liberals who are now taking an anti-Zionist position, and their numbers and influence are growing daily.

Anti-Bias Brainwashing

A psychometric attack against White racial interests.

“Scientists” are perfecting brainwashing techniques to make Whites “lessen bias.”

Abstract: Although people may endorse egalitarianism and tolerance, social biases can remain operative and drive harmful actions in an unconscious manner. Here, we investigated training to reduce implicit racial and gender bias. Forty participants processed counterstereotype information paired with one sound for each type of bias. Biases were reduced immediately after training. During subsequent slow-wave sleep, one sound was unobtrusively presented to each participant, repeatedly, to reactivate one type of training. Corresponding bias reductions were fortified in comparison with the social bias not externally reactivated during sleep. This advantage remained 1 week later, the magnitude of which was associated with time in slow-wave and rapid-eye-movement sleep after training. We conclude that memory reactivation during sleep enhances counterstereotype training and that maintaining a bias reduction is sleep-dependent.

Here’s a “popular” explanation of this despicably evil Pavlovian, Huxleyian, and Orwellian research.
Emphasis added:
In a computerized program, faces were paired with words that ran contrary to negative stereotypes. For instance, female faces appeared with words associated with math or science, and black faces appeared with words considered pleasant. Paller said two distinctive sounds were played during the training, one associated with the women and science pairs and the other with the black and “pleasant” pairs.
After the training, participants went to sleep. Then, without the participants’ knowledge, scientists repeatedly played one of the sounds with the volume low enough to avoid waking sleeping participants up. 
Paller said the sleep training produced results. He said bias reduction was stronger for the sleep-training group and that the changes were identified as having continued a week later. 
 Emphasis added:
In a commentary, Gordon Feld and Jan Born from the University of Tubingen praised the study saying: “This is the first to demonstrate that this method can be used to break long-lived, highly pervasive response habits deeply rooted in memory.”

But they cautioned that sleep was a vulnerable state in which people did not have “wilful consciousness”.

They added: “However, Aldous Huxley’s description of a dystopian ‘brave new world’ where young children are conditioned to certain values during sleep reminds us that this research also needs to be guided by ethical considerations.” 

Prof Paller said there were similarities to subliminal advertising and that there was an ethical discussion to be had.  

However, he continued: “More importantly, perhaps, is the question of whether people in positions of authority in society, such as judges and police officers, and perhaps people who make hiring decisions, should have their unconscious bias evaluated and perhaps trained to some standard.”

Then we have this excellent critique:

So every subject was white? How could they legitimately test the efficacy of cross-cultural bias abatement using only one cohort? That’s actually quite simple. The experiment isn’t at all about reducing a natural and beneficial concept called bias; it’s about reducing whites. Were it otherwise I quite think all of the clucking about diversity that emanates from the academy would seep into their studies. Practically every Western university has jettisoned principles of merit to accommodate a campus potpourri–and suddenly not a single student of color could be located to participate in critical bias reduction experiments?

This blogger asserts that Paller’s ancestry is reflected here.
I wouldn’t be surprised if it is true, but I will withhold further comment on that until more information is available. I note that the first author has a Chinese surname. No experiments were done to see if this technique would lessen anti-White attitidues among Chinese. Fancy that!
From a proximate interests standpoint, maybe people would – on their own, without brainwashing – associate Blacks with “pleasantness” if that racial group was in fact pleasant, intelligent, disciplined, creative, productive, and law-abiding, instead of being unintelligent, violent, unproductive and generally useless, making the streets of America run red with their criminal proclivities.  Likewise, people may associate women with STEM achievements if in fact that was warranted, but the realty is, men are in general better in those fields. The idea – the lie – promoted by the evil genocidal filth behind this study is that their techniques allow people to “unlearn” the biases they have accumulated from (negative) influences in their lives.  Really?  The truth: the hyper-PC anti-White System (the same folks who fund this research) have been subjecting society to decades of anti-White and anti-male propaganda. In the mass media, Blacks are discriminated-against geniuses, and women are portrayed as far superior to men both intellectually and physically. What “biases” against minorities and women are being “learned” in this manner? If people have “biases” that go in the opposite direction of Paller’s sociopolitical agenda, it is because they have experienced reality, and reality is a harsh mistress indeed. What Hu and Paller want is to brainwash Whites to reject reality in favor of socially engineered fantasy.

And from the ultimate interests standpoint, this is all about disarming Whites in their competition with other groups, to make Whites unconcerned with their genetic and cultural dispossession and race replacement, while also masculinizing women and promoting non-fertile lifestyles for White females. This is, from a racial preservationist standpoint, in its ultimate outcome, the promotion of genocide.

Update: See this.

We are also experimenting with a crowdfunding project on implanting false memories during sleep…

This fellow is more dangerous than a million feral Negroes. More evidence that the ancestry mentioned above is correct.  Heritable ethnic evil…what else could it be?

Importing Disease

Civility vs. Health
When reading this, remember Caplan’s ancestry.
Besides Ebola, there is that mystery respiratory virus, affecting and in some cases killing American children, the  outbreak of which “just happened” to coincide with the Central American children invasion (at least one prominent doctor had publicly suggested that connection).
One must remember, if the US government is given the following choice:
1. Let some diseased Third Worlder into America to spread a plague and kill tens of millions of (mostly White) American citizens, or…
2. Practice the “incivility” of inconveniencing said Third Worlder by keeping them out and thus safeguarding American health…
…the US government would pick #1 every time, without a moment’s consideration. After all, millions of White deaths are not worth even one second of colored inconvenience.  Hey, Whitey! – if you are not in the Middle East fighting Israel’s wars, then what good are you, anyway?  Complain about Ebola? You racist!

Another Architect of Genocide

The gallows await.
Thus, according to Salter’s essay:
– Sheridan states that Anglo-Australia has been/is being displaced and replaced by Asian immigration.
– Sheridan admits this is a form of genocide.
– Sheridan states that he has used his position and influence to advocate in favor of this Asian immigration.
Therefore, the conclusion is inescapable: Sheridan openly admits that he has used his influence to support and promote genocide.
I remember that folks were hanged back in the late 1940s for that.
If and when Anglo-Australia reasserts itself and White Australians, led by the British-derived founding ethny, take back their nation, there must be legally convened tribunals to judge people like Sheridan for crimes against humanity.
And since Sheridan already has openly and proudly admitted his complicity, it would seem that the only reasonable outcome to the trial is a verdict of guilty, followed by the same punishment meted out to, for example, Julius Streicher.
And if the likes of Sheridan try to escape their fate by fleeing an ethnonationalist Australia, then Australian commandos should be sent out to capture them and bring them back, alive, to stand trial, according to law, and according to the standards of human decency (opposition to genocide).