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More Durocherite Rambling

More of the same.

To be fair, when he eventually gets to it, Durcoher’s preferred vision for the future of Europe is not bad; it is at least minimally acceptable, although I may do things a bit differently (a somewhat greater degree of integration; having integrated large scale projects be the norm, rather than ad hoc).
But is it necessary to ramble on for endless paragraphs to state an opinion that could be reasonably summarized in one compound sentence?  I would summarize Durocher thus:

Europeans should be ethnocentric enough to resist alien immigration but not so ethnocentric as to fight among themselves; that said, I’d prefer a confederation of sovereign nation states as compared to a monolithic single-state “empire” like the EU.

I guess that the ability to summarize complex thoughts in a succinct fashion is a sign of intelligence (and vice versa).
I do disagree with his contention that China would not pose a threat to a future nationalist Europe. That assertion is not surprising coming from someone who wishes to promote Asia-fetishist “human biodiversity and IQ studies,” but is nevertheless absurd.  China has good reasons for hostility:
1) As an outlet for their overpopulation. China is crowded, the “high IQ” Chinamen have wrecked their nation’s ecology, they have a severe male-female imbalance that can cause societal strife that they wish to avoid, possibly by pointing those excess males to overseas colonization (backed by military force?).
2) To force open foreign markets for Chinese goods and services, which they require for the economic growth to keep their teeming population from getting too restless.
3) Competition for raw materials and other resources that may become increasingly limited in the decades ahead, a demand for which overpopulated China with its economic requirements will always have.
4) Competition in the exploration and possible colonization of outer space.
5) Racial and civilizational animus, historical grievances (real and imagined), prestige, etc.
I note that possession of nuclear weapons has not prevented Russia from having its far east become increasingly colonized by Chinese invaders, and has not prevented America’s industrial demolition for Chinese benefit.
I do realize however that the HBDers have a vested interest in downplaying the Chinese threat.  After all, we can’t have anything threaten the ability of semi-autistic White male nerds from having sexual access to flat-faced and flat-chested Chinese “women” now, can we?