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A suggestion.
While I believe ideas are more important than personalities, it’s also true that the moral and ethical thing to do – the Aryan ideal! – is to give credit to the originator of ideas, and to those who first broach a subject later copied by others.
Thus, folks writing about “racial dominance” and using terms like “virulent” to refer to the behavior of certain groups need to cite the prior work of James Bowery on those topics. ¬†Bowery had been writing about racial genetic dominance and Jewish virulence long before current plagiarists (the same who refer to the “Pareto Principle” and discuss racially charged Cheerios commercials without acknowledging my prior writing on those subjects at the Occidental Observer) submitted their own rambling interpretation on racial dominance.
Didn’t Martin Luther King plagiarize? ¬†Is that something a White Man would do?