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They Don’t Understand How Science Works

Misunderstanding about science.  And other news.

The outrageous hypocrisy of Greg Johnson.  Re: this.  Johnson should do us all a favor and prune himself.

Granted, there is much to question here.  At this point, Trump’s instincts are possibly  better than Fauci’s. We’ll see. But, let’s be honest here – Fauci has always cast doubt and skepticism on the veracity of the models; in press conferences, he always stressed that the models are only as good as the assumptions that went into building them, and the data used.

True enough, Fauci’s recommendations are not in synch with the evolution of the model predictions.  But he’s not a politician, and the decision of what to do is a political decision. It’s the same in warfare in American history; a general can make recommendations, but the President makes the ultimate decision. The most important point is that Fauci made very clear, multiple times, that the models are just the best “guesstimate” for a given snapshot in time.

The problem ultimately is that Der Movement – including and especially its HBD faction – does not understand how science works. They misunderstand the whole process.  They do not seem to grasp hypothesis testing, the culture of skepticism, the need to question, the rejection of dogma, the whole scientific method of applied empiricism. They see only black and white, and not the shades of gray that constitute the scientific enterprise.

True enough, there are some things we can be reasonably certain of. The Earth revolves around the sun and not vice versa. The sun is not a giant burning lump of coal, but rather generates energy through nuclear fusion. Very well.  But such things are the exceptions that prove the rule; they are the small islands of (more or less) established fact floating in a great sea of uncertainty. The details about a novel virus are going to be part of that uncertainty. Thus, if the models are wrong, then that’s because of flawed assumptions, insufficient data, and/or perhaps the models were incomplete.  It does not mean that the experts are all stupid or mendacious or that there is a conspiracy, a hoax, and/or some dastardly cabal manipulating public perceptions so that “Jew doctors” can “sodomize our babies with toxic microchipped vaccine needles” and “give them autism.”

Indeed, one wonders if the models incorporated changes in viral virulence. If the models of mitigation only considered transmission, in the context of fixed virulence, then certainly death rates could be over-estimated.  If the mitigation, by inhibiting transmission, selects for a less virulent viral strain, that can explain much. Note that the places heavily hit (so far) – the Wuhan area of China, Iran, Italy, Spain, New York – were places in which the virus was able to spread unimpeded for a significant period of time before serious mitigation was enforced. Other areas that initiated mitigation early – even if less stringent like Sweden – put barriers up to transmission and this exerted selective pressures on the virus. Granted, some data (e.g., Washington State) don’t neatly fit the pattern, but it is a hypothesis that can be tested.  Maybe it’s wrong.  Who knows?  But you cannot jump to “it’s a hoax!” just because the modeling was inaccurate or incomplete.

Note as well that this blog never championed full lockdowns or a shutdown of the entire economy- (nor did it oppose them. My criticism of China Plague deniers and minimalizers has always been with their lies and distortions – not about policy recommendations per se. True, I am more on the side of prudence, but one should be willing to listen to arguments in favor of lesser restrictions if those arguments are made in good faith and with available data and with an understanding of science. Hysteria about “the predictions were off, it’s just a cold, a hoax to implant microchips” does not suffice. Making Fauci into some sort of cackling Bond villain also does not suffice as an argument. Note as well that some of the minimalizers were willing to “open up the economy” even if the original predictions were true – but they were not consistent, shifting between that view and the “it’s an over-stated hoax” position. If we assume that Italy and New York, etc. represent the outcome if the virus was allowed to spread unimpeded (before the necessary steps were taken), then the threat was not over-stated. What has happened to hard hit areas should dissuade sane individuals from talking about a “hoax.”

The problem is that HBD and the fetishists, etc. do “science” by starting with the conclusion that they want to be true, and then work backwards to cherry pick and/or distort and misinterpret data to fit their preconceived, dogmatic conclusion. Facts that don’t fit are ignored, misinterpreted, or unjustifiably discredited. They believe everyone doing real science behaves the same way; therefore, any changes, errors, honest misinterpretations, controversies, etc. are chalked up to either conspiracies or gross incompetence. The idea that hypotheses are being tested, data interpreted, hypotheses rejected or modified, and uncertainty and debate about findings exist, is anathema to them.

The TROPICAL world of COLOR once again complains about White racism.

The existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.

Even liberals are not allowed to criticize The Holy Orientals in the slightest. When were the Chinese elevated to godhood?  Inquiring minds want to know.

How long will we be in lockdown?  Milady does some epidemiological modeling.  Oh no wait, that’s men who are doing that.

Read this.  That’s bad enough.  But Derbyshire promotes the idea of Whites race-mixing with the bizarre, tropical, incredibly alien dog-eating aliens who inflicted the coronavirus plague on humanity.  If White-Iranian miscegenation is a crime, then what can we say about White-Chinese?  

See this.  Remember when I discussed how the American scientific establishment was taken over by Asians and that they indulge in ethnic nepotism to target grant funding to their co-ethnics? The NIH chickens come home to roost.

For Easter dinner, I had a glass of red wine, a pizza, and a slice of cheesecake. Regardless of my location, it has become a tradition for me.

Important ideological considerations, no doubt.

In 2018, I was living in Ukraine and was getting to know a woman from an online dating site.

This specimen is an ethnic Dane.  Thus, he was living in someone else’s nation, taking their women.  Eastern Europe as a bordello for the Quota Queen crew.  Ethnonationalism!

American sailor murdered by China.  America’s response: Nothing.

Dear god…what a lineup of horrors.  Empiricist quotient of zero.

And somewhere, someplace, a sweaty Andrew Fraser ejaculates.  An Irish response.  I was amused by the (correct) diagnosis of narcissism.  Back in the Legion Europa days I coined the term Self Absorbed Ethnic Narcissism (SAEN), a disorder that is particularly developed among certain European subraces and ethnic groups – interestingly enough, the same ones that pat themselves on the back about how “individualist” and “disinterested” they are.  Indeed, they are very ethnocentric in celebrating their lack of ethnocentrism! The absence of self-awareness is almost comical.


Rewriting Hood, Wolff, and Kersey.

Less accurate:

More than 12 million immigrants came through Ellis Island from 1892 to 1954. Almost all were white, though many were Italian, Eastern European, Jewish, or otherwise different from the Northern Europeans who founded the United State

More accurate

More than 12 million immigrants came through Ellis Island from 1892 to 1954. Some were white, such as the Italian and Eastern European immigrants, although many were Jewish aliens.  All were different from the British colonists who founded the United States.  Earlier Northern European immigrants, such as Irish, German, and Scandinavian, were also different from the British colonists who founded the United States, albeit different to a lesser degree. However, Irish immigration was strongly opposed by nativist elements, and individuals such as Ben Franklin frowned on (non-Saxon) German immigrants and considered everyone except for the English and Saxons as “tawny” and “swarthy.”

Ben Franklin (emphasis added):

Which leads me to add one Remark: That the Number of purely white People in the World is proportionally very small. All Africa is black or tawny. Asia chiefly tawny. America (exclusive of the new Comers) wholly so. And in Europe, the Spaniards, Italians, French, Russians and Swedes, are generally of what we call a swarthy Complexion; as are the Germans also, the Saxons only excepted, who with the English, make the principal Body of White People on the Face of the Earth.

“Race realists” like the Amren crew are dishonest by nature.

Meet Der Right. Summarized: Religious, anti-science, conspiracy-obsessed, delusional, anti-empiricist, and hypocritical.  Hypocrisy: You see, they are all for “freedom” but when that “freedom” conflicts with their religion (e.g., abortion, physician-assisted suicide, etc.) then all of a sudden the power of the state comes crashing down on you.  Both leftists and traditionalist rightists are filth.  Only Type II futurist rightists have integrity.

Two Heretical Evolutionary Thoughts

Food for thought.

Drug resistance mediated by clonal evolution is arguably the biggest problem in cancer therapy today. However, evolving resistance to one drug may come at a cost of decreased growth rate or increased sensitivity to another drug due to evolutionary trade-offs. This weakness can be exploited in the clinic using an approach called ‘evolutionary herding’ that aims at controlling the tumour cell population to delay or prevent resistance.

One can imagine a human population that develops certain mental, physical, and/or cultural traits that enable them to survive certain types of environmental challenges – including sociopolitical and cultural challenges – but makes them more vulnerable to another type of challenge. Is this analogous to the pathological altruism of certain (“high trust northern hunter gatherer”) European strains, originally adapted to ancient environmentally challenging yet demographically homogeneous conditions, in today’s multiracial and multicultural societal niches?  Alternatively, have today’s Western societies created a strain of Jew (or other non-European minority) adapted to the current System, but that has sensitivity to another sociopolitical System due to “evolutionary trade-offs?” By analogy, was the vulnerability of Jews to the National Socialist regime an example of “evolutionary herding” of Jews to the more Jew-friendly conditions of Enlightenment and post-Enlightenment secular-liberal Europe?

Researchers administer low levels of a drug, enough to kill most, but not all, of the vulnerable cells in the tumor population while favoring the survival of drug-resistant lineages. Once the tumor has shrunk, clinicians stop administering the drug. The drug-sensitive cells, which tend to have a competitive edge over cells that have invested in a costly drug-resistance mechanism, can now begin to grow back. Competition between drug-sensitive and drug-resistant cells for resources in the tumor microenvironment keeps the tumor size in check.

Thus, cycling between “treatment on” and “treatment” off strategies can be of use.  First, you kill off most, but not all, of the drug-sensitive cancer cells, leaving mostly resistant cells. Then you remove the drug, and let the remaining sensitive cells grow back, crowding out the resistant cells via resource competition – under “no drug” conditions the sensitive cells have a growth advantage. Then hit with the drug again, etc.

Let’s take Bowery’s concept of “Jewish virulence” and expand it to this concept. What if more extreme anti-Semitism selects for a more virulent strain of Jew, but one that comes with costs – the same mental and physical traits allowing them to survive extreme anti-Semitism (misanthropy, paranoia, excessive ethnocentrism, and who know what else – perhaps better crypsis and/or greater mobility) makes those same Jews less competitive under conditions of lesser anti-Semitism. Thus, under conditions in which the Jewish infection (or neoplastic growth) cannot be eliminated in a Western society, alternating between greater and lesser levels of anti-Semitism could maintain sufficient numbers of vulnerable Jews so as to prevent the permanent establishment of a fully resistant Jewish strain, and thus keep the infestation under control.

By the Way….

A suggestion.
While I believe ideas are more important than personalities, it’s also true that the moral and ethical thing to do – the Aryan ideal! – is to give credit to the originator of ideas, and to those who first broach a subject later copied by others.
Thus, folks writing about “racial dominance” and using terms like “virulent” to refer to the behavior of certain groups need to cite the prior work of James Bowery on those topics.  Bowery had been writing about racial genetic dominance and Jewish virulence long before current plagiarists (the same who refer to the “Pareto Principle” and discuss racially charged Cheerios commercials without acknowledging my prior writing on those subjects at the Occidental Observer) submitted their own rambling interpretation on racial dominance.
Didn’t Martin Luther King plagiarize?  Is that something a White Man would do?