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Aphorisms, Musings, and Observations, 1/2/17

Thoughts for today.

Thought experiment: If Northeast Asian nations and Israel had open immigration policies, would White HBDers emigrate there?  If not, why not?

“My honor is loyalty.”  What higher loyalty than that to honor itself?

Is loyalty to folk higher than that to honor?  Are they not the same thing?

If Otzi the Iceman were alive today, most likely Der Movement would consider him to be non-European/non-White.

“People can do more damage with stupidity than with malice.”  Then is Der Movement a bigger threat to the White race than is the System?

“Against stupidity even the gods struggle in vain.”  The gods against Der Movement?

“Whom the gods would destroy they would first drive mad.”  An explanation for Der Movement?

Der Movement as a racial nationalist movement: Is that not doubly a lie?

Spenglerian heroism: The Roman soldier standing fast on the slopes of Vesuvius, stoically standing there to be covered by volcanic ash.  Sallisian heroism: That same Roman soldier leaves his post to warn the population of Pompeii and save them from destruction.

If Ta-Nehisi Coates is writing Black Panther, then why isn’t David Duke writing Captain America?

Talking to women, I come away with the following understanding of their beliefs on abortion. If a woman is pregnant, the decision on whether or not to have an abortion is hers alone; the (potential) father has no rights whatsoever (although, of course, he has the responsibility to pay for the abortion).  If, for example, he wants the child and the woman wants to abort it, he is flat out of luck; after all, “it’s her body and her right to choose.”  On the other hand, if she decides to have the child (again, independent of the wishes of the man), then the man is obligated to pay child support; because “after all, she didn’t produce the child by herself, the man made it, he has the responsibility to pay for its support.”  Thus, according to women: men – all responsibility and no rights; women – all rights and no responsibility.  Women don’t even acknowledge the possibility of any inconsistency or unfairness in their position on these matters.  To say that women have the mentality of children is an insult to children.

Some of the criticisms of Kuhn and of the deconstructionists about how science is practiced are, unfortunately, valid.  It is not very Popperian at all. But that is an indictment of scientists as human beings, not of Western science itself.  Western science has been distorted (analogous to Yockey’s Culture Distortion) by alien influences; the contamination of Western science is directly proportional to the involvement of Jews, East Asians, and South Asians in it.  Western science originated in Southern Europe (particularly if one, contra Spengler and Yockey, but consistent with Oliver, makes no clear distinction between Classical and Western, but also in some of the earliest universities of “Western” post-Classical Southern Europe and then in the Renaissance), came to its full flowering and heights of development in Northwest Europe (leading to most of the discoveries and inventions of the past half-millennium), and was subsequently successfully adopted by Eastern Europeans (leading to further advancement).  Western Science (albeit with whatever contributions of NECs in carrying over scientific concepts from the Classical World) is a European endeavor, and its contamination by Western, Southern, and Eastern Asiatics is what has led to its deconstruction, not any inherent flaw in science itself.

In my experience, many male homosexuals I have known have been decent people. Lesbians, on the other hand, have been uniformly unpleasant.  The latter is the expected outcome in any human group of females bereft of significant male influence.

The biopolitical relevance of population genetics is in the calculation of genetic kinship for an accounting of ethnic genetic interests.  All else is either pure science (of valid academic interest) or self-indulgent navel-gazing.

Technics without science is analogous to action without understanding.  It’s possible, and in the short-term can be useful, but in the long-term will lead to cul-de-sacs or drive you right off the cliff.

Science vs. Religious Faith.  You can take your prayers and beliefs, and I’ll take those nuclear-tipped missiles, thank you very much

Was van Vogt frowning when he edited his work?

Our Affairs

An important observation.
Of course, there are real differences between Europeans, real differences of interests between Europeans. But, the key words are “between Europeans.” These are our issues to sort out between ourselves.  They are our affairs, to deal with as we decide. We do not need, nor should we want, self-interested others – arrogant Desis, cunning Jews, demented mestizos, or whomever – dictating to us what our relations should be among ourselves. Just as we should not dictate to The Rest, so should they not dictate to The West. 
Our affairs are for ourselves alone.