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Book Reviews: Griffin and Lowell

Books by Roger Griffin and Norman Lowell.


Roger Griffin, Fascism: A Quick ImmersionTibidabo Publishing, Inc., 2020

This book is an unoriginal rehash, a dumbed down version, of his previous “scholarly” work defining fascism and a fascist minimum, as well as of his work on the groupuscule concept; this new book is likely intended as sort of a handbook about fascism for hygiene-challenged Antifa and lard-enhanced blue-haired SJW fatties.

Griffin’s definition of fascism – centered on palingenetic ultra-nationalism – remains sound. Anyone who believes that Franco was a fascist or that Trump is a fascist is an idiot.  In this sense, Griffin remains correct.

However, the fact remains that the Left is congenitally unable to understand fascism and fascists and they ignore or misinterpret the lessons of Griffin’s work. Not for them are analyses of “palingenetic ultra-nationalism” or understanding of the revolutionary and dynamic nature of fascism. No, for them, fascism is simply reactionary oppression; thus, Franco was a fascist, Trump is a fascist, Wall Street stockbrokers are fascists – any White person to the right of Karl Marx is a fascist. They understand nothing, learn nothing, and their approach to the Far Right is simply bashing heads and censoring dissident voices.  Griffin’s beloved Left is intellectually and morally bankrupt, depends upon brute force, and has no use for his work.

Roger Griffin in this latest book expresses his usual tiresome shtick – he always dedicates his books to “the victims of fascism” and/or piously pontificates how the “real readers” of his books are so-called anti-fascists who can use his work to “diagnose and treat” the “disease” of fascism. His attitude toward fascism and fascists is one of snide contempt. However, in reality, the true readers of his works on fascism are fascists themselves – the proponents of the “Universal Nazism” that he decries as a major player in post-WWII fascist metapolitics – the Far Right being the only area of the political spectrum today where actual intellectual ferment occurs. Thanks, Griffin. Although no thanks are required for the volume under review here, as it breaks no new ground and is a rather pallid effort, with zero utility.

In this remarkably unoriginal book, Griffin once again repeats one of this constant tropes – fascists (i.e., the real Far Right) are impotent, desperate, powerless, and because of the “structural” nature of modern sociopolitical reality, fascists have absolutely zero chance of achieving any of their goals.  So, besides the obvious question as to why Griffin has dedicated his entire career to fixate on this useless, impotent, and powerless creed (*), we are left with another question – why is the Left/System always screeching about “the rise of fascism, the threat of fascism, the resurgence of fascism” if the Far Right is such a powerless joke with no chance whatsoever of achieving power?  Griffin argues – and I agree with him here since the facts are incontrovertible – that the whole leftist spectrum (from Marxist Antifa to Marxist university professors to the mass media to the political class to the typical blue-haired fatty) mistakes right-wing populism, paleoconservatism, identitarianism, and rightist reactionary authoritarianism as “fascism.” So, yes, if everyone to the right of John McCain and Mitt Romney is “fascist” then there is a resurgence of “fascism,” but that is just the stupidity and the paranoid fantasy of the Left. Those individuals and entities are not fascist, and so Griffin can continue to assert that not only is the Far Right completely powerless today (a fair assessment, but one lacking in context) but will always be so, regardless of context (not a fair assessment).

What Griffin terms the real existential threat – worse than Nazism and Stalinism – are ecocatastrophes and other such threats to human existence, which he claims will become more likely if the (non-fascist, but still bigoted and hateful) anti-liberal Right comes to power. All humanity will perish in a cataclysm because of, say, Trump or Le Pen or Bolsonaro or Brexit or Salvini.  Any deviation from SJW multiculturalism, any deviation from a pathological altruism that embraces every “other,” any deviation from crazed xenophilia – that is going to threaten humanity.  All those intolerant White bigots will not and cannot effectively address the looming ecocatastrophe.

Thus, Griffin in this book has jumped the shark – or, more precisely, jumped the pachyderm – to write what may be the most juvenile and cringeworthy sentence in the history of childish leftist polemics:

Meanwhile, as Trumpism and the Brexit debate illustrate, the looming ecocatastrophe is still the elephant in the room, a metaphor that before long may have a tragic ring to it when the only elephants are left in zoos.

Jumbo weeps.

Well, after all, as we know, Negro transsexual lesbians and obese blue-haired neo-Marxist SJW feminists, who cry about microaggressions and about the patriarchy, and who “deconstruct” science and technics as the White Man’s ju-ju, are going to save us all from ecocatastrophe. Yes, the descendants of people who never invented the wheel are going to lead us to the stars, as long as we don’t reject “democratic pluralism” and as long as we blindly and self-destructively accept “otherness.”

Of course, the very opposite is the case. Griffin’s tolerant liberal democracy leads to a complete rejection of science; we’ve reached the point where university professors are disciplined for saying that men cannot become pregnant.  These are the people who are going to save us from an ecocatastrophe?  Is Black Lives Matter going to solve global warming?  Are critical theory advocates going to stop an asteroid strike? Is a ghetto gangbanger going to divert a comet? The only people who have demonstrated the scientific and technical capability to prevent an ecocatastrophe are those who Griffin’s work is intended to dispossess and, eventually, displace and replace. Griffin’s own ideology will help to bring about the ecological, physical, and cultural destruction he allegedly fears. It is multiculturalism, and the wages of diversity, that result in the hemorrhage of material resources, the loss of collective social goods, and the decline of community engagement (hello Putnam!  does Griffin “bowl alone?”) that will truly contribute to ecocatastrophe and human extinction.

I would like to end with two examples of why I hold Griffin in contempt. As part of his constant refrain of how modern fascists are a pathetic and powerless group with zero chance of achieving their goals, losers who cannot compete with the structural advantages of the victorious liberal democracy that the masses love and support, he demonstrates that he is either extremely stupid, so ideologically committed that he his blinded by a complete lack of self-awareness, or a mendacious and hypocritical gaslighting liar.

Griffin mocks Greece’s Golden Dawn as a “spent force” whose activists are on trial for being members of a “criminal organization.” That Griffin sees this as a victory for liberal democracy is simply astonishing.  WHY is Golden Dawn a “spent force?”  Was it defeated by liberal democracy in the marketplace of ideas?  No.  Golden Dawn was a potent force, increasing in popularity, and was attacked through political persecution by a liberal democratic state using “fascist” tactics of criminalizing political dissent. Thus, Golden Dawn is now a “criminal organization” – after all, it opposes liberal democracy and any dissent from liberal “tolerance” is unacceptable and must be criminalized – and its members are put “on trial” in a manner no different from the show trials of Stalinism. This, according to Griffin, is proof of the pathetic weakness of the Far Right – that it becomes so popular to the people, and so threatening to the liberal democratic state, that tolerant liberal democrats are forced to criminalize political dissent, jail political opponents, ban political parties, and censor political speech.  Griffin sees no problem with that.  He simply uses the criminalization of Golden Dawn as evidence of their ineptness without questioning whether criminalizing political dissent is compatible with the liberal democracy he so strongly espouses.

Then he mocks Britain First for having a large online presence but being unable to attract more than a handful of people to show up for a live rally, where they were out-numbered by antifascist protestors. Griffin neglects to note that the “anti-fascist protestors” are violent thugs who are protected by the State; in essence, Griffin’s liberal democratic system uses criminal Antifa as stormtroopers to break up legal Far Right public events with brutal violence. The Antifa terrorists work hand-in-glove with the police and with the state security apparatus; if rightists defend themselves, it is they who are arrested and prosecuted.  No wonder that the Far Right doesn’t manifest many activists in street rallies these days.  In the context of the brutal repression by the liberal democratic state – and I haven’t even mentioned “hate speech” prosecutions and convictions in Britain that are used to suppress dissent (as they are throughout Europe) – any Far Right presence is impressive and should be applauded.

At no point whatsoever has Griffin’s liberal democracy engaged with the Far Right on a level playing field. At every point, liberal democracy uses authoritarian – and sometimes totalitarian – techniques of political violence, political repression and subversion, criminalization of speech and of dissent, to prop up their system.  Liberal democracy – and the Left in general – is intellectually, politically, and morally bankrupt. The fact that a so-called champion of liberal democracy such as Griffin blithely accepts political suppression of his opponents as “business as usual” demonstrates that the real “leakage” of “fascist ideas” into the mainstream has been the adoption of intolerant “fascist” techniques of political repression by the liberal democratic system.  Indeed, Griffin himself has been “tainted by fascism” since he accepts and applauds “fascist” techniques that are used to stifle ideas that displease him.

Further, even though the American “movement” is pitifully inept, “led” by affirmative action incompetents, it is still true that it has NOT been defeated in a free marketplace of ideas, but instead has been met with a combination of political persecution, street violence, selective prosecution, deplatforming, social pricing including termination of employment, and other assorted methods of authoritarian coercion that has nothing to do with classical liberalism or democratic procedures. The American Far Right has been suppressed by political thuggery and by criminal conspiracies to deprive activists of their basic constitutional civil rights.  This is essentially a tacit admission by Griffin’s vaunted liberal democracy that it had lost the battlefield of ideas. All that it has left is trying to win the battlefield of force and coercion.

This is true historically as well. Hitler was defeated by war; Mussolini was overthrown because of the war; Codreanu was murdered by the State. Fascism has never been defeated by liberal democracy in a free marketplace of ideas; it has only been defeated by brute force, by the “tolerant liberal state” using the tools of ruthless coercion, political persecution, and total war. Again, liberal democracy always adopts the tactics of “fascism” in order to defeat fascism; it is unable to do so on its own terms.

Griffin is a laughable turd indeed, the very incarnation of Nietzsche’s Last Man, the very embodiment of the sissified White Cuck.
What a buffoon.

*I suppose Griffin would argue that even though the Far Right is pathetic and powerless, certain of its illiberal and bigoted ideas can seep into the mainstream, through the filter of right-wing populism, and so must be studied and opposed for that reason; further, he asserts that pitiful and desperate fascists will conduct lone wolf terrorism and so are a limited threat in that sense. Even with all of that, the amount of his life energy put into the study and opposition to fascism is orders of magnitude out of proportion to the reality if he really believes the aforementioned are the only real long term threats to the liberal order from the Far Right.


Norman Lowell, Jesus the Usurper: Murderer of Christ, Norman Lowell, 2020.

This is the third in Lowell’s series of books, after Credo and Imperium Europa; this one stresses “spiritual” issues.

Now, at first glance I may be ill-suited to handle the task of reviewing such a work, since I am relatively uninterested in spiritual issues, focusing instead on the political and science/technics sides of racial and cultural issues. Needless to say, I am hostile to religion, organized or otherwise. However, these characteristics may in fact make me particularly well suited to tackle this task, for it may well be useful to have someone approach a spiritual work from an “outsider” position, purely objective without a “dog in the fight” so to speak.  In this sense I can examine Lowell’s arguments without being biased due to a pre-existing strong religious belief on the subject.  As a “third party observer” to spiritual and religious disputes, I can render a verdict based purely on the arguments made.  Of course, the book also needs to be critically examined by those who have more expertise (and “skin the in the game”) on this subject; nevertheless, my own viewpoint may be a useful supplement.

The foreword to this rather slender volume was written by an acquaintance of Lowell’s, a Kevin Ellul-Bonici, described as a “former police investigator and prosecutor specializing in fraud and economic crime,” as well as someone involved in “Eurosceptic” politics. This individual claims to disagree with aspects of Lowell’s book and this is clear from the tenor of the foreword, particularly in its pro-Christian ending.  This individual, interestingly, claims that the Jews are not actually the prime movers in the conspiracy against the truth, which he instead avers are…the Jesuits.  Now, I do not wish to be close-minded, and I certainly am no expert on these affairs. I do not doubt the pernicious influence of the Jesuits throughout history, but I am – let us say – skeptical that they are the high point, the very top, of the global conspiracy. Indeed, I doubt that any single group is, but instead several powerful groups with interlocking interests – Jews, Jesuits, global capitalism, the Left, the rising tide of color, among others, are responsible.  Things get worse in the foreword with a dive into anti-materialism in the sense that the ultimate cause of our troubles is assigned to “extra-dimensional beings and the Luciferian agenda.” The author, unlike Lowell, takes a pro-Paul view in the midst of Christian apologia, and states that “The Man of Reason can never grasp how Christ redeemed us by paying the price on our behalf as descendants of the fallen Adam. Reason would rather have us believe the lies of this world then in His second coming.”

With all due respect, this is, in my opinion – as a “Man of Reason” – ridiculous nonsense, and completely against the message of Lowell’s book. On the one hand, one can admire Lowell’s open-mindedness and confidence in his own arguments as to invite a contradictory foreword; however, as a “Man of Reason” my overall reaction to the foreword was a loud sigh followed by a face-palm.  That is exactly the anti-reality, anti-the-real-world attitude, rejected by Lowell (and Nietzsche), which has contributed to our current demise. Oh, what damage two thousand years of Christian lies have wrought!  Crush the infamy!

Lowell himself in this book takes the view of Nietzsche that the traditional, “official” Jesus of Christianity was an invention by the Jew Paul to undermine the Roman Imperium, spreading a doctrine of weakness and surrender, making people disregard the heroic work required in the real world in favor of some (mythical) otherworldly paradise suited for the weak and the botched.  Lowell instead sees Christ as being Caesar, who was valued by Nietzsche as a form of superior human being.

This type of “Christianity,” focused on the higher values of Life, coupled to an Aryan Cosmotheism, is what Lowell sees as the spiritual way forward for European Man. A Nietzschean religion, allied with Cosmotheism, that elevates Caesar as an ubermensch to model ourselves after, is fine by me (although I would prefer no religion at all). But, surely, such a religion – Caesar as Christ – is far from any traditional understanding of Christianity and cannot be termed as such, nor would it be accepted by the public (or even by most elite activists) as such.  It is something completely different, and requires its own terminology.

All in all, Lowell’s contribution is interesting and thought-provoking. One thing though is that I’m not very fond of references to “Atlantis” and such.  A minor point. 

Overall, a good and useful book.

Der Religion and Der Movement and Der 1970s

In all cases, emphasis added.

First, an observation. The three main branches of Christianity tend to reflect the character of the European peoples who form the focal point of each branch.

The shallow pomp and pageantry of Catholicism reflects the superficial lack of depth of the gesticulating Med. Thus: Schettino.

The staid and grim bloodless moralizing of Protestantism reflects the humorless virtue-signaling Nord.  Thus: Merkel.

The otherworldly spirituality of Orthodoxy reflects the irrational religiosity of the tormented Slav.  Thus: Rasputin.

Greg Johnson’s cluelessness.  He doesn’t seem to realize that on a civilizational level, on the level of global racial conflict, the petty nationalism he supports is akin to individualism and the pan-Europeanism he opposes is akin to collectivism. Yes, indeed, only enemies would promote individualism in such a scenario.

Question: What recent “movement” book production was so poorly edited that “public” was rendered as “pubic?”  Raise your hand if you know what I’m talking about here.  Affirmative action!

See this.

We need a half million dollars a year donation so that we can really have the media operations we need; so we can take the pressure off of me and my family alone so that I can direct a sizable and competent staff, and so I can publish and write the important books I need to create before I die; so we can have a daily video presence instead of just a weekly radio presence; so that our media can expand to include channels tailored to women, tailored to Second Amendment supporters, tailored to young people, et cetera; so we can issue press releases and demands and statements to public officials on a daily basis; and much much more.

Kevin Strom, meet Peter Brimelow.

You know, for all my differences with the National Alliance, I’d much rather see them get this money than have it essentially flushed down the VDARE toilet.  I can trust Strom to at least do more than “create and manage Internet publication.”  

You should also donate to Salter.

And to the Free Expression Foundation.

I would rank those in importance as: Salter higher than the Free Expression Foundation which is higher than the National Alliance.  VDARE I would not rank at all.

By the way, isn’t it interesting how the search results differ comparing DuckDuckGo to Google?  Search for “Kevin Strom” in the former and you get his website as the top hit.  Now try the same in Google…good luck.

Greg Johnson, August 2019:

Trump is toast in 2020 no matter what…He will lose in a landslide.

Greg Johnson, June 2020:

Trump needs to make sure this is repeated 1 million times, and he will cruise to re-election.

I’ll let the reader decide for themselves what to think about those two comments, particularly as the second one was made without any acknowledgement of the first.

See this.  That’s one of the e-thots mocked here at this blog, and one of them that Johnson vigorously defended.

Consider this comment in light of recent events; including this portion of the comment:Lauren can spend her earnings on any frilly, silly, frivolous thing she wants.

Greg Johnson is an unmitigated disaster for the “movement.”  He is wrong about – what? – probably 50% of the things he writes.  Maybe more.

I’ll say it again – I blame all of YOU out there for the continued presence, and authority, of this comic buffoon, this zero-judgment disaster, in your beloved “movement.”  

Laughable from Amren.The “scientists” are all HBDers, with several pseudoscientific frauds mixed in. Of the five writers, three were out-and-out Nordicists, with Sam Francis being a borderline fourth. So, in essence: HBD-Nordicism, precisely what one would expect.


The domestic disease-elements within the Culture which wish to retain the outmoded ideas and methods of the Past and to fight against the creative spirit which is actualizing a Cultural mission, are the forces of Culture-retardation. These have been brought into the service of the Culture-distorter. Actually these elements simply desire to lead, but are themselves incapable of leadership, and therefore devote their lives to opposition to great formative Ideas, creative spiritual currents, and leaders of vision and genius. They are the churchills, the spaaks, the gaulles, the rejects of higher history who offer themselves to the forces of negation and destruction. The most critical form of the disease of Culture-retardation is the condition in which it seeks to prevent the realization of the Idea of the Future even at the shame of allying with outer forces, the degradation of becoming their vassal, and the risk of destroying the entire Culture. Before showing the effect of the disease-elements on the external relations of the Culture, their internal effects must be summarized.

It seems to me that the “petty nationalist” ethnonationalists are perfect examples of Culture-retardation. 

Let’s see:

The domestic disease-elements within the Culture…

Yes, they are White.…

which wish to retain the outmoded ideas and methods of the Past and to fight against the creative spirit which is actualizing a Cultural mission…

Yes, they oppose pan-Europeanism and Imperium and instead support the divisive and destructive atomized petty nationalism of the past.

These have been brought into the service of the Culture-distorter.

Yes, they are in an alliance with the Jew-infested HBDers.

Actually these elements simply desire to lead, but are themselves incapable of leadership…

Don’t we know that!

Rewriting this:

White ethnics when they realize they have more political power by withholding their support from anti-White ethnic “movement activism” rather than groveling harder.

This is important.  Step one – stop wasting money on VDARE and the other Quota Queens.

Whigger Cannon?   Compared to today, the 1970s were inferior in science and technics, medical care, cars, and hairstyles – and superior in virtually everything else. Some people mock the clothes fashions and architecture of the 1970s, but I for the most part prefer them. What can top my grandfather’s burgundy pants or the unique patterned and colored suit jackets and sports jackets of that time?  What constructs built today can match those built in the 70s, which wonderfully resemble the sort of buildings one might see in a low budget scifi film of the 1960s or early 1970s? Movies, literature, sports, comic books – all clearly superior in the 1970s.  TV shows are a matter of taste – in general, I prefer the 70s style. Politics, of all types, were more serious back then. Society – even though rapidly degenerating – was infinitely more sane then than today. And, hey, the US nuclear arsenal was relatively new back then – as we are essentially using the same weapons today (Super Duper!).  And in the 70s, the French and Chinese were still blasting away with above ground nuclear tests. Those were the days my friend!

Der Questions for Der Movement

In all cases, emphasis added.

See this excellent and powerful Strom piece.  One part particularly caught my attention:

We need a strong, organized, racially conscious White community in every state, in every city. When we are much stronger, much larger, and much better organized, then even the most venal of politicians will be afraid to cross us. We will have businesses that bring in hundreds of millions per year, not just hundreds of thousands. We will have our own media providing not just racially-oriented news and commentary, but every kind of information and entertainment and advice and anything you can think of, in depth and with an implicit (and often explicit) pro-White perspective. That’s where we need to be. That’s what we need to do. In the words of the old union men who stood for White labor against Gilded Age leaders who betrayed their own Folk, we need to organize, organize, organize.

And National Alliance members are doing exactly that, all over North America.

I have some questions for Kevin Strom. These questions are coming from someone who has been involved in pro-White activism for a quarter-century, who has met your mentor Pierce, and who has praised you for the positive effect that your 1990s ADV broadcasts had on my activist development.  So this is not coming from a direction of hostility.

1. I understand that there may be things the National Alliance is currently doing that you cannot talk about publicly and – who knows? – maybe your group is really making the headway you claim.  But based on my experience with Der Movement, color me skeptical (no offense).  Do you really believe that your group is “doing exactly that” – all the things that you have described?  Really? Or that there is even the slightest possibility in the reasonable future that even the smallest fraction of these goals will be achieved?

2. With endless decades of “movement activism,” utilizing millions of dollars of donations and membership dues, and millions of man hours of effort, why hasn’t ANY of the above mentioned goals been even partially accomplished?  And that includes the efforts of Pierce and his incarnation of the National Alliance.  Are you aware that your other mentor, and friend, Revilo Oliver made a video discussing 50 years of “movement” failure…said video being made 50 years ago?

3. Why should we expect anything to be different now?

4. Do you admit that there is an ethnic affirmative action policy in the “movement,” particularly with respect to leadership, favoring individuals deriving from Northwest European (especially Anglo-Germanic) ethnic groups?

5. What has the National Alliance learned (if anything) from past failures?

Ethnonationalist filth attacking Spencer:

The majority of European nations, including the entire Schengen Area, and nations with nationalist governments, have banned Spencer and condemned his “racial European” message and his call for a “white racial empire”. While promoting his message in a controversial speaking tour in Hungary, Spencer was mocked by the Hungarian newspaper Népszabadság for his call for “a white Imperium” through a revival of the Roman Empire, and for his claim to be a “racial European”, ideas that the newspaper called contrived and without any basis in European history. In the aftermath of the controversy, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán pressed through legislative measures which banned his entry and condemned Spencer. The government of Poland has also banned him from entering the country and condemned Spencer, citing Spencer’s Nazi rhetoric, the anti-Polish and anti-Slavic racism of the Nazis, and the Nazis’ genocide of Slavic Untermenschen during World War II. In July 2018, Spencer was detained at Keflavík Airport in Reykjavík, Iceland en route to Sweden and was ordered by Polish officials to return to the United States; the successful effort of the Poles to ban Spencer from other parts of Europe arises from the Schengen Agreement.

The Hungarian newspaper was a leftist one, but Orban has no excuse, nor has the Polish government.  And remember what happened to Taylor. Has anyone noticed that, interestingly, divisive American ethnonationalists so far have had no problems traveling to Europe?

The Unz Review reader comment about Taylor and CNN:

Alfa158 says:

June 29, 2019 at 6:47 am GMT • 100 Words

Mr. Taylor is a gentleman and prone to the altruistic sentiments that plague Whites. Consider that Miss McGuirk started out by by making the implausible claim that although she is executive producer, she has no influence on the even the title of her own production.

It is entirely possible that she is another Lucy imploring Mr. Taylor to go ahead and kick the football because she won’t pull it away. Her role was to sweet talk him into walking into the abattoir.

I could be wrong, but consider this rather telling bit of evidence: if she was genuinely what she presented herself to, be a fair, impartial seeker of truth and discourse why would she be working for a cesspool like CNN? And why would the denizens of such a pit retain someone like her?

Then we have this, also from The Unz Review comments:

Anon[388] • Disclaimer says:

June 29, 2019 at 3:36 pm GMT • 100 Words

White supremacism has been a tool of those who seek to subvert Christianity. Any greatness of Europe and the West is due to Christianity and to think otherwise is an abominable blasphemy. Had Christianity taken root in the heart of Africa or India rather than Europe and the West we would have had a flourishing of Africa and India for the past 1500 years and Europe and the West would still be barbarian.

Now, initially I thought this was just sarcasm or amusing trolling.  However, considering how deranged devout Christians are, it may be for real.  Who knows?  

The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Alliance

Black, Brown, and Yellow United: The “Arctic Alliance” in America is refuted by data

Read here.  Note how Asians generally track with non-Whites in these metrics; indeed, in a significant fraction of cases, Asians are akin to Blacks and more extreme than are Hispanics.

Indeed, instead of a mythical “Arctic Alliance” we instead see The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Alliance – Black/Brown with a Yellow core.

So much winning!  Pepe! Kek!

This is ethnonationalism.  We need those skilled Blacksters and Brownsters!  Poles out! Beautiful Commonwealth immigrants in!  Hail Brexit!  Hail Farage!  Hail ethnonationalism!  Hail!

The Counter-Currents and Amren crew are all with this, I suppose.  Just as long as the non-Hungarian ethnonationalist Morgan can live in Hungary, the non-Romanian Munro can live in Romania with his Romanian “wife” telling us how horrid Romanians are, Farrell mocking wops in wopland with his wop “wife,” and Deasy being traumatized by Bulgarian faces…in Bulgaria.

HBDers groveling before Jewish IQ.

A better religion than Christianity.

Hey, Richie – someone was calling Trump a Negrophilic race cuck BEFORE the election.  It wasn’t you…or Johnson, or Taylor, or Duke, or MacDonald, or all the rest.  Yes, I find con men contemptible as well. All of them; all of you. MAGA!  Pepe! Kek!