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6/8/17: Behold a Hypocrite

Nonsense from a certain weasel-faced hypocrite.

Christianity is the religion of the higher IQ, the more empathic, the bigger-souled, the guilt-based (inner morality); it’s a religion for a people whose impulse is to transcend their human failings and better themselves, rather than to embrace their will to filth and stamp a seal of approval on their avaricious barbarity.

You mean, like: rejecting hedonistic nihilism and promiscuous sex?  You mean like getting married to a woman of your own race and not miscegenating with Negresses with “gravity-defying asses” or with Asiatrixes with wandering fingers?  You mean like “love thy neighbor” as opposed to snarky “shiving?”  This Roissy has to rank among the most outrageous hypocrites on Earth.

Now of course there are exceptions…

Meet Jimmy Wideassmann.

I’m of the opinion that a religion is less an influence on culture and society than it is a manifest revelation of the genetic foundation of the people who profess belief in it.

Absolute nonsense.  

Regrettably, Christianity, like its people, has “out-evolved” itself — it evolved to where it was always logically heading…

So, if Christianity was “always logically heading” to self-destructive Universalist cucking then (1) what good is it?, and (2) what does that say about the “genetic foundation of the people who profess belief in it?”  If we’ve all “out-evolved” our adaptive instructs, what now?  Should we just lay with the aforementioned Negresses and Asiatrixes and leave saving society to “the anti-poolside chumps?”

Those who think the White West can be unyoked from Christianity and not just survive but thrive are fools…

That makes me a fool then.  Or maybe someone who believes we need to move on to the next High Culture.

Christianity can no more be excised from the West than charity, empathy, genius, poetry, and high trust can be cut out from Western societies without permanently altering the character of the people. Discarding Christianity is taking a hatchet to a part of the essence of European man and expecting him to walk off the operating table unchanged…

But, Jimmy, if Whites have evolved past adaptive fitness and are riding the Cuckstianity horse into genetic oblivion, maybe some operating table change is drastically needed?

My opinion: Christianity must be mercilessly destroyed.  Crush the infamy!


Der Movement in Der News, 5/2/17

Der Movement marches on.

Another rambling Costello piece.  Is the picture accompanying the piece that of Jef serving breakfast to the Goddess and Lioness Mudshark Annie?  That after she’s spent the night with Dinesh.

This Spencer piece was good until the end:

Trump seems unburdened by this political theology. This indicates that, despite his failings, he remains “uncucked” in his heart of hearts.

I was going to really blast that, but I see a commentator beat me to it:

Robert Bruce • 8 hours ago

Are you frigging kidding me? The guy says some nice words to placate the anti war paleoconservatives and alt right and his heart is “uncucked”? The guy talks out of both sides of his mouth!!!!!!! Please get real, and I would distance myself a tad from Trump. Haven’t you already hurt your cause by joining yourself at the hip with him in the beginning? No more brothers wars huh? It looks like his group sure wants to take out Russia in the not too distant future. Talk is cheap, very cheap. The guy’s main job is to keep everyone on edge and confused if he is the real deal or not, well he isn’t. His job is to implode the GOP. I am embarrassed that I felt compelled to vote for this guy. The article was very good, except the ending. You can’t really tell if this guy is sincere is my point.

This is a fundamental problem I have with the “movement” in general, and the Alt Right in particular: these guys never learn their lesion, and they have impaired judgment.  How many times do you need to be smacked in the face by betrayal by your Man on White Horse before you give up on it?  If some passing Trump rambling comments on the Civil War get you all worked up, I can quote Fat Don on denouncing “racism” and “anti-Semitism” and crying about the “Holocaust.”   Does this guy Trump really have a “heart of hearts?” I’m beginning to doubt it.  There’s no “there” there.  He’s an empty vessel, nowadays mostly being filled up by Neocon drivel.

I’m not surprised that a “libertarian” promotes this absolute nonsense.

Putting aside for the moment whether Christianity can serve as today as a vehicle for racial interests, we can ask whether it (or any other religion) can serve as a basis for modern society.  Are we really supposed to build a worldview on some Jewish myth about how Jaysus is going to save us, the “son of god” who rose from the dead?  Wen Nietzsche said “God is Dead” that was meant metaphorically, that belief in Christianity was lost in a modern, scientifically literate, technologically growing age.  Can educated people – ones who are not delusional of conformist cucks – really believe any of this nonsense?  Are we supposed to believe in Daddy Sky God (Yahweh or Odin or Zeus or whoever) and his son (Jesus or Thor or Hercules or whoever) and take any of this seriously. Or, like an Amren Christian promoter long ago, do we tell people that they need to go to church and feign belief?  That’s great – a society built on lies and fantasy that lots of people pretend they believe in.  That’s the foundation for long-term stability, I tell ya!

All of that could even be stomached in Christianity served EGI in today’s age, but it does not.  You cannot turn back the historical clock.  In today’s globalist age, a Universalist religion now includes, practically speaking, all of humanity.  And even if somehow you could turn the clock back and recreate a “muscular Christianity” is it worth the effort?  After all that struggle, you’ll end up with a fantasy that educated and rational people secretly mock in their hearts, a religion with an inner core of universalism that always contains the danger of getting cucked again, a religion that always has to be controlled to keep its universalist elements restrained.  How about just growing up, moving forward, and stop trying to revive dead aspects of a passing High Culture?  How about planting the seeds of a new High Culture?

And, personally, I see religious Whites as being mentally weak; unable to face realty as it is, they need comforting fantasies, and unable to act as morally independent adults, they need Big Daddy and his earthly priestly minions to provide guidance. That may be suitable for the unwashed masses, but I thought that “truth-telling” racialists were supposed to know better.

Greg is correct about “trans” here.  If someone has the delusion that they are Napoleon, the correct approach is to cure them of their delusion; you don’t send them put to fight the Battle of Waterloo.

Two Items, 1/7/17

Two items.

Another excellent Hood article, summarizing the world gone mad we find ourselves in.

Why Christianity must be mercilessly destroyed.  This religion of beta race cucks (shall we rename it Cuckinsanity?), a religion of weaklings and losers, a religion of lazy free-riders who need to import those aliens they want to “mission to” (and how well is that coming along, idiots?) – this backwards desert religion foisted upon us by hook-nosed levantine migrants (but with wonderfully high IQs! – but I guess those high IQs came later) – can we be rid of this Culture Distortion burden on us?

And for those nitwits who want to distinguish today’s weakling Cuckinsanity from “Traditional Christianity” I note the following.  Even at the height of “muscular Traditional Christianity defending Europe” the idea, ultimately, was conversion and assimilation.  The problem the Crusaders had with Muslims was simply their religion.  If the NECs had converted – presto! – problem gone. Or are the mendacious pro-Christian brigade going to lie to us and tell us that Christian resistance to the Moors and Saracens and Turks was “racial?”  It was not.  The only reason why conversion and assimilation failed in that instance is that Muslims have a strong faith and they stick with their beliefs, they want to convert us, they don’t want to be converted by us (which is why all the current “Christian missioning” is a pathetic joke).

Crush the infamy!

Racial Odds and Ends, 12/15/16

Items and observations.

Observation: The ethnonationalists of Europe show more genuine pan-European cooperation than do the so-called “pan-Aryan” factions of the American “movement.”

While I am loathe to buy into the notion of the “superiority” of European compared to. American activism, there is an argument to be made in favor of such superiority.

We stand for a Europe of sovereign nations in which the independent states work together on a confederated basis to address the great challenges of our time …

Liberals before election: Trump not accepting the outcome of the election threatens the very fabric of our democracy!

Liberals after election: Trump saying that we should accept the outcome of the election threatens the very fabric of our democracy!  We need to investigate, investigate, and investigate!

Leftist hypocrisy is breathtaking, but it does wonders to promote the Sallis Strategy, so, yes please, keep it coming.  The Left is doubling down on all the behavior that caused folks to flock to the vulgar buffoon Trump; the Left is congenitally unable to learn from its mistakes, because such learning conflicts with its ultimate foundation: hatred of Whites and of the West (which is why Asians vote liberal Democrat).

The Left would respond that Trump is being hypocritical as well, now quick to accept the vote’s legitimacy since he won.  My own riposte to that is if you want an “investigation” into the election, then “investigate” everything, not just “Russian hacking.”  Let’s investigate media collusion with the DNC and the Clinton campaign, as well as illegal alien voting and busing voters across state lines, thugs hired to disrupt Trump rallies, and countries such as Mexico attempting to influence voting in Clinton’s favor.

Pareto principle again.

All those folks attacking Spencer about “Hailgate” – how about listening to how he effectively answers that rabbi?  What would should he have done instead?  Talk about Pepe and Kek?  About Savitri Devi and Kali Yuga?  Sub-fractional admixture percentages or the cephalic index of Julius Caesar?  I’m critical of Spencer where it is warranted, but the Hailgate Hysteria says more about the hysterics than it ever does, or did, about Spencer himself.  Who else is an effective WN spokesman?  Alt Wrong folks who would have groveled to the rabbi and praised the Jews as huWhite men of the West?

If Spencer does real wrong, I’ll criticize him, but the current attacks are simply stupid and self-destructive tearing down of someone who may evolve into an effective White leader.

A different, non-Der Movement view of “St. Lucy’s Day” with a (unfortunate from Der Movement’s perspective) pan-European focus. Down the memory hole with dem dere inconvenient facts!

And guess what – pagan pre-Christian influences in “Christian festivals” are found throughout Europe, not only in Der Movement’s favorite parts.

Unfortunately, unlike NEC flim-flam, verbal and physical attacks against Whites are not hoaxes.

Alt Wrong hypocrisy: On the one hand, they tell us that we cannot blame Jews for America’s racial problems because Jews are such a small percentage of the population; on the other hand, they tell us it is vitally important that we have Jewish support (“you need at least some of the powerful and wealthy New York Jews”) because Jews are so influential and we cannot succeed without them. Even the most fundamentally dishonest Alt Wronger must know that we can see through their mendacity.

Business As Usual, 10/25/16

Promoting failure.

No one has refuted Lynn?  That’s laughable.

Why, on the other hand, are Asians ahead of whites on all these measures? Because race is real.

Yeah, that’ll get Whites all excited for racial activism: Yellow Supremacist HBD “race realism.”  By the way, how do people vote with their feet?  That’s right, Asians want to come to White societies, not the other way around.  That’s some real race realism for you.

Donald Trump may win or lose, but we will grow, with him or without him. We will not only grow; we will prevail.

I thought that Donald Trump is the “last chance for White America?’’   Once again I’m right: these guys will make believe everything they’ve said and done this electoral season never happened.  And Der Movement will continue promoting them, and then wonder why there’s no progress.

Speaking of failure and disingenuous fanboys, here’s the weasel-faced, race-mixing, hero of FINRA, lover of Lady Raine, Jimmy C(uck) Wideassman:

COTW winner Captain Obvious reflects on the possibility that the NW European White man’s unique idolization of truth-seeking preconfigured his relationship with Christianity.

‘“Truth” is a concept that is held as important to one demographic across all of the Earth: Northwestern European White Men.’

——— I have long felt that Christianity was an idea which went off in search of a people, and finally found them in Northwest Europe [Christianity being founded upon a Trinity of L0ve, Logos, and TRUTH]

“Truth” of course was of no interest to the Ancient Greeks or Romans, or in the Renaissance.  But wait!  They were all Nordics!  Except when one wants to talk about Paleolithic-Neolithic differences and “high trust hunter gatherers” and then “truth” becomes real flexible, doesn’t it?  There’s a reason why I guess “truth” is in scare quotes in the quote above.

Hey, Jimmy, what American White demographic has been rejecting your God Emperor this entire election cycle?  Hint: it’s the same demographic that supports the “truth” of absolute racial equality, race is a social construct, etc.

By the way, Christinsanity is actually based on: Resentment, Irrational Faith, and Lies, and the religion is spreading most rapidly in the non-White world.  I wonder as well what Jaysus would think of “game” and “sitting poolside?”

Observations, 10/11/16

Observing der “movement” scene.
Sallis: Pan-Europeanism is in one way similar to Christianity: many people claim to practice it, but very few actually do.
Sallis: On the second debate: the fly incident requires more analysis.  Any normal person would react immediately, instinctively, by reflect, to swat away a fly that landed on their face.  That Clinton did not suggests to me some sort of physical explanation: neurological illness and/or being drugged up in some manner, so that an artificially heightened focus can resist normal human reflex actions.
The Left’s mendaciousness about Trump’s “you’d be in jail” comment is astounding.  It is OBVIOUS that he did NOT mean it as the media turds are suggesting: “as soon as I get elected, I’ll send some goons over to throw you in jail, like this is a banana republic” (Clinton on the other hand may be tempted to do so), but rather: “I would appoint a special prosecutor who would actually investigate this mess honestly, and since I am convinced of your guilt, I believe that the most likely outcome would be you in jail.”  But with Trump Derangement Syndrome – a constellation of symptoms reflective of hatred for Trump being a proxy for hatred for Whites – every single thing Trump says or does is twisted, so that, on a daily basis, the top articles on Yahoo are some sort of hysterical attack on the man.

In other words, if you are going to be a degenerate, you will lose to these people. One cannot be a narrow-minded materialist either. I left the theater realizing that we essentially need some form of fascism. We can’t be atomized, profit-maximizing materialists like the slaveholders were. The Southern planters—for a time—had the government on their side. But today, those of us who live among the ruins cannot afford to be so degenerate, lazy, and narrow-minded (Sallis note: Trump?). We are surrounded by people intent on conquering what we have and they have all the (((moral justification))) they need to do it, the product of decades of anti-white evangelizing.


The Trumpening is the unstoppable riptide of proud, competent, clear-eyed and heart-swelled White men pulling diseased leprous America underwater and baptizing Her in the reinvigorated blood of White patriots. It is White America taking back what is rightfully theirs, from the grubby paws of the clockboys and the bomb brothers and the BLMers and the bluehairs and the parenthetically privileged and the slut walkers and the fat acceptors and the sneering academics and the vapid celebrities and the cheating chinese and the tim wises and the kardashians and the mudsharks and the cucks and the mexican drug lords and the gay mullatos and the oligarchs and the ethnic dining autist aficionados and the hypocritical virtue signalers most of all who imagine their wealthy retreats will forever shield them from the inevitable consequences of their self-abolishing moralism.
It is a sight to behold, and don’t doubt for a minute that the anti-White globalist whoremongers know the cleansing tidal wave is coming for them.

Sallis: This guy Roissy had better really, really, really hope that his “God Emperor” wins – ditto for all the quota queens stupidly saying: “Donald Trump is the last chance for White America.”
In actuality, Donald Trump was be the last chance for Der Movement’s quota queens, for perhaps, just perhaps (I know it is unlikely) their enablers will get fed up with the latest horrendous lack of judgment and insist on much needed reform, changing Der Movement into The Movement (no scare quotes either).  Unlikely, but one can hope.  One can also do their part, by NEVER letting the quota queens live down their errors.
Some may ask: “why do you criticize “movement” personages, like Roissy, when you say you are more interested in ideas than in people?”
Answer: Nietzsche wrote that he used criticism of certain individuals as a way of criticizing ideas those people represented; to use those individuals like a “lens” to focus attention on particular pernicious ideas.  I do the same. I care not one way or the other about Roissy the individual, but he represents a number of ideas I despise, such as:
– Blind, delusional, uncritical hero worship
– Pussy pedestalizing, race-mixing, navel-gazing, hedonistic “game” and associated juvenile jackassery
– The superficial stupidities of HBD
Thus, criticism of Roissy.

An Ignorant Parrot Squawks

Nonsense spews forth from the parrot’s beak.

People aren’t going to make the sacrifices necessary to save Europa over a superstitious claim that their genetic data has moral pathos of some kind.

A person who believes in the juvenile “Big Daddy Sky God” superstition has the…let us say chutzpah….to assert that a deep (and ultimately emotional) concern (“moral pathos”) for one’s genetic interests – those interests being an objective quantifiable fact is  “superstitition.” 

Even the people promoting that don’t actually believe that.

What kind of insanely mendacious turd assumes to know the beliefs of ideological opponents. I DO believe that, you idiot.

If you woke up tomorrow as an Indigenous Australian, you wouldn’t suddenly begin doggedly defending your new genetic interests.

What kind of silly argument is this? Fantasies are not arguments. I’m not an indigenous Australian, but I do believe that they have every right to “doggedly defend” their genetic interests.

You’d find a new way to rationalize fighting for the White heritage and identify you’ve come to love and identify with on an abstract level, not as an instinctive genetic imperative.

It’s not “instinctive,” lying jackass. Salter openly states we are talking about rational thought mechanisms. Of course, we can become very emotionally invested in interests that we value highly, but no need to invoke “instincts” (or “genes for altruism”).