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A brief update.

Read here. Excerpts and comments:

It is one thing to deplatform a blogger or YouTuber.  It is one thing to engage in lawfare against cosplayers and their enablers in Charlottesville.  It is one thing to label powerless “movement leaders “as “national security threats.”  It is one thing to push “hate crime and speech laws” against the atomized Internet lumpenproletariat.But it is another thing entirely to publicly engage in overt banana republic tactics to shut down political campaigns, persecute political opponents, and censor political candidates.  Yes, America is far down the road to leftist victory, yes the System is corrupt and anti-White and degenerate and illegitimate, and yes Whites usually take abuse unlimited without reacting and fighting back.  Yes, that is all true.  But, still…there are limits to all of that, even now.  There are limits to how far the System will go at this time. And I believe those limits fall just short of the System completely unmasking itself, it falls just short of overtly shutting down the political opposition.

That was written before the insanity of 2020. Yes, there is still truth there, although the situation has obviously progressed rapidly. As I am fond of saying, the lessons of the schoolyard apply to political and social issues. Bullies will simply escalate their bullying if they discover that their victims will not fight back. In 2020, the Left discovered that the Right, Trump, America, and White Americans are all paper tigers. They never fight back. Never. Ever. (So far – will that change?). The bullies poked and prodded, got no response, and have now gone hog wild.

Yes, there will be ridicule.  Yes, there will be unfair media coverage and smears.  Yes, if things are going too well, then they’ll try a media blackout and ignore us.  Yes, the System will allow their Antifa hired hands run wild with impunity.  But all these things are happening now, are happening already (under the Far-Left God Emperor), so that’s nothing new.  If the “movement” is concerned with increased official persecution, then it may be prudent to shift at least some of the activist efforts into an arena in which the System will incur real costs – very serious costs indeed – if they try to censor and directly interfere.  And that arena is the political arena – the arena that Joe and Jill Sixpack consider sacrosanct in their faded vision of what America used to be.

This is a major point.  We are headed to a situation – particularly if Trump loses, but even now, today, and even if the useless lump of lard Trump wins – in which participation in electoral politics may be the only major mechanism for widespread dissemination of Far Right views…and maybe even that may not be possible (but it seems to be the last frontier).

If the System wants to shut down White advocacy, then make it as difficult and as painful and as potentially self-destructive for them as possible. 

 This is a crucially important point.  When involved in a struggle with an opponent – politics, war, even sports – you must always push the opponent, you must make them prove that they can handle your current strategy.  You must make them prove that they have an effective response to your latest approach.  In baseball, if a batter cannot hit a curveball, then he’ll get a steady diet of curveballs, make out time and again, until he proves that he has learned to hit that pitch or until he’s run out of baseball because of his inadequacy.  If a nation in wartime proves vulnerable to enemy airpower, then they’ll be hit from the air time and again, until they learn to fight back or until they are defeated.  In politics, if one side is unable or unwilling to effectively counter a certain approach of their opponent, then that opponent should seize the opportunity as it exists and continue to use that approach until such time that the other side proves capable of effectively dealing with it or is completely defeated.

Force them into the position in which the only way to shut down White advocacy is to engage in blatant and public banana republic third world authoritarianism, force them to either accept White advocacy in the political arena or risk unmasking themselves to White America several decades too early.

Well, true, they’ve been unmasking themselves very well in 2020, and so far getting away with it, but they haven’t yet gone so far as to prove willing and able to deal with a general, full-scale political approach.  That time may come soon, but they need to prove it.

The riposte would be – but, political candidates can be persecuted.

The riposte may be that even Trump – the President of the United States! – is censored by social media, and made to cower in a White House bunker by the screaming mob

Two points on that last riposte:

First, Trump is a historically weak President. One cannot imagine ANY previous President, not even the most weak and mediocre, displaying the craven and spineless behavior of Donald Trump.  Can one imagine a President that allows himself to be censored?  A President who wouldn’t call in the military to sweep the streets of DC instead of trembling like a pathetic coward in a White House bunker?  Can you imagine a President who would do nothing as violent protestors prevent his own supporters from having access to one of his rallies?   Trump is an unusual case – Trump is one of the weakest, most useless, most inert, most cowardly men (much less leader) in human history. One cannot effectively judge an approach based on the example of such a defectively and cowardly inept individual as Trump.

Second, everything that has been going on, including the censoring and intimidation of the President of the United States and his supporters, has let the concept of the sociopolitical disintegration of the United States leak into the mainstream (*).  Now, as stated above, Trump is a special case, as he is the (obese) equivalent of the 98-pound weakling getting sand kicked in his face at the beach.  Having someone so incredibly weak and cowardly in charge invites the abuse he suffers. However, one can imagine political candidates and elected officials made of sterner stuff having equivalent tactics used against them and their supporters – at that point, we would be far, far down the road of Banana Republicanism.  What if there was a President whose default position to every crisis was NOT backing down and surrendering?  What if there were political candidates who spoke up aggressively about censorship and mob violence?  What if the 98-pound weakling took the Charles Atlas course and fought back?  

So, yes, the Left/System may respond to the electoral politics challenge in like manner as they are behaving today – completely unhinged and deranged, blissfully unconcerned that they are completely undermining the legitimacy of their system and of so-called “democratic procedures.”  Joe and Jill Sixpack still believe they can vote themselves out of the mess they find themselves in.  That continued belief is actually to the Left’s advantage.  If they wish to shatter that belief, so be it.

And what if we have candidates and officials who actually stand up for themselves?  And what if those individuals are associated with explicitly White politics?  Will the Left escalate to the point that democratic legitimacy of the American political system completely disintegrates?  Or will explicitly White politics gain mainstream legitimacy?  It will have to be one or the other, most likely the former.  Given a choice between (a) the status quo in which Whites believe they have discharged their civic duties to a legitimate system by voting for a weak and cowardly buffoon or (b) the complete collapse of System legitimacy and the discrediting of the American political system – which is better for us?

The Left cannot be let to have their own way without any challenge whatsoever.  They need to be made to make a choice between having the Far Right as an established and normalized voice in electoral politics or wrecking what little is left of System legitimacy and shattering the naïve fantasies of White Americans that the corpse of a nation they live in is anything other than a third-rate banana republic. Of course, this requires that arguments in favor or legitimacy and the rule of law can be publicly made….but that brings up a host of other issues (that are related to the decades of “movement” failure).  This post addresses the political issue, and the point has been made.

We need electoral politics featuring candidates who are, unlike Trump, men and not quivering blobs of cowardly jelly, and then we’ll see what the next step in the disintegration of America entails.  

If the Quota Queens think “business as usual” – blogging and tin cup panhandling – is going to get the job done in the coming times, they are, as usual, sadly mistaken.

*This is why Far Right critics of Tucker Carlson are misguided – and here I mean critics of him as a commentator rather than criticisms of specific things he might say (the latter are justified and the former is not).  He serves a valuable role of informing the mass of right-of-center White Americans how bad things are getting, how the America they thought they lived in and loved is dying (or already dead), and how we are slowly slipping toward a state of low level insurgency.  This is a valuable contribution, which is why the usual suspects want him silenced.

Inuit or Idiot?

Costello again.
Why not promote a diet than can lead to cancer and heart disease?  It’s all good!
Der Right is a ludicrous joke.
Laugh at this. The whole point of racialism is that human racial groups are different; keep this in mind as Costello justifies the GI system health aspects of a “carnivore diet” for Whites because of…Inuits.
I mean, these Quota Queens are so helplessly inept and remarkably self-UNaware that it is simply astonishing.
Of related interest.  Now, maybe that WCRF data doesn’t apply to Inuits. But I’m not an Inuit.  Are you? Is Costello?
Gee…maybe the Inuit aren’t the best population for Europeans to model their diets after? Maybe – who knows! – radically different racial groups are actually (gasp!)…different?
Also see this.
See this.
See this.

The Inuit living on fresh raw meat and fresh raw fish would actually manage to get enough vitamin C, and particularly, there’s a lovely traditional Inuit staple called muktuk which is the skin of the beluga whale, and this has a lot of vitamin C in it.

Somehow I doubt that Costello is eating muktuk.  Counter-Currents is the absolute worst.
He’s going to monitor the situation! LAW AND ORDER!

Local Strategizing

Following up on the Dalton strategy controversy, we read this comment (spelling corrected):

NorthWitchsays:June 19, 2020 at 5:22 pmI was just coming to say this. It seems to me childishly naive to think whites can just form organizations and go from there. If it were that simple it would have been done long ago. The current situation is one in which every single thing whites have ever built is being torn asunder. Absolutely no one is going to stand by twiddling their thumbs while a White Lives Matter group books a library room for meetings. The library would never allow it; anyone who shows up would lose his job; his children will face both violence and retaliation by teachers at school and elsewhere; he would lose his bank account; he may lose his children. Not to mention such a group would end up comprised primarily of feds. This is not a workable path forward.

While that reflects some of my own critiques of Dalton, it goes too far in the other direction. The basic problem I have with Dalton’s local organizing approach is not the fundamental idea itself, which I support and have long advocated. Instead, I find fault with the ludicrously shallow, blithely superficial, and painfully naïve manner in which he discusses the topic. Essentially he says – “Hey! Get together with some like-minded friends [Sallis note – just like that], tell your library you want space for ‘White Lives Matter’ meetings, publicly advertise, and see who shows up.”  Frankly, I almost burst out laughing reading his piece.

It is humorously ironic how the behavior of Der Movement activists and “leaders” so contradict their ideology.  They assert that certain European ethnies are racially superior, having evolved in the frigid northern climes (where the cold winds blow!); they are, naturally far-sighted, strategic, prudent, and stoic, in contrast to the gibbering, gesticulating southerners who can’t think past their next plate of pasta. And yet it are these superior types who exhibit an order of magnitude less foresight and long-term thinking that the dumbest ghetto Negro, and, apparently, a cringing subhuman like myself needs to state the obvious.

To actualize even a small scale level of what Dalton proposes will take months, if not years, of careful planning and preparation (you know, what the last four years of Trump could have been used for).  Where to begin?  Just off the top of my head, with about five seconds of consideration, I can tell you that you will need a dependable meeting place. You can do the Amren government building approach, but that’s most appropriate for larger gatherings. Smaller gatherings will either have to be (a) cryptic without the host (hotel, meeting hall, etc.) knowing its true nature (and that won’t last long, that’s for sure) or (b) private, such as at someone’s home (or place of business if they are self-employed and work outside the home (although problems exist here as well). Very small scale meetings at a home can work at first; however, given the overall possibilities and risks, it would be preferable if the homeowner was retired or self-employed, with no small children, etc. You will absolutely, 100%, require dependable legal representation, and this should preferably be (if possible) with a lawyer or law firm that is at least rightist-oriented and/or dedicated to free speech and association (if not outright fellow travelers). Having “friends in high places” in the local administration, law enforcement, business community, etc. would help, but you cannot depend on that to be possible in all, or even most, cases.  Having strict codes of conduct is a must.  REAL extreme vetting – not “are you Swedish?” – is a must, but BEFORE you ask ordinary folks to share that level of information you must already establish an infrastructure that provides sufficient confidence that going through the vetting process won’t backfire on those being vetted. For example, having comically transparent infiltrators assisting with the vetting is not a good idea. Apparently the Herrenvolk need a swarthoid to tell them things like that.

The “chicken and egg” nature of the problem means you need to have a minimum cohort of like-minded, more or less absolutely dependable, people to start with, to establish the infrastructure, preferably people you know well enough that the extreme vetting in their case will have already occurred through your long-term relationship with them and/or their long-term commitment to pro-White activism.  

All of this, and more, will require money, but don’t whine about that, when a cursory look at ProPublica’s not-for-profit database informs us how hundreds of thousands of dollars per year are being wasted on greedy “activists” who essentially do absolutely nothing. The money is there, it is just being misdirected.  How to get it properly directed is a mission for all you racially superior folks out there.  Indeed, if any pro-White groups taking in “D’Nations” want to make themselves useful they can start putting together guides for local organizing, including information on our-side-friendly legal help and all of the other “nuts and bolts” intricacies required. They can help the dependable central cadre of a local group find each other. Properly leveraging the resources we have, instead of wasting them on stupidities and grifters, can help enormously.  Can they do at least that?  If not, why are they being sent money for?

Information people have on approaches for local meetings and organizing, things that work, should be shared – PRIVATELY – among dependable individuals.  A cadre of dependable people need to be identified, particularly people with a long established history of pro-White activism, and these need to share information and ideas and plan strategically for local organizing.  There will no quick fixes.  Anyone who thinks that you can go from the idea to the actualization in a few weeks is a fool and cannot be trusted. Essentially, you need a dependable infrastructure in place BEFORE you try to reach out beyond your small founding cadre.  You need to establish that you know what you are doing, have covered the bases, have prepared for contingencies, and that you take the concerns of people seriously. You need a record of success. Can you reproducibly and safely conduct meetings with your cadre?  Can you point to your legal representation?  Does your leadership have a long history in activism, and are not just some college libertarians who want to get “edgy” with Pepe and Kek?  Are you SERIOUS?“Seeing who shows up” is not a serious proposal, at least not for the early stages. How can we take seriously anyone who would propose that?  

In the 1990s, we had analog meetings, in both public and private venues.  We used private residences as needed.  Yes, things then were not as bad as today, and, yes, sometimes mistakes were made (typically revolving around the same bugaboo – lack of security and foresight about such), but, still, overall, meetings took place and there were some successes – and it wasn’t like there was no opposition back then either. If the knuckle-dragging WN 1.0 crowd can do that, can the heroic masters of WN 2.0 organize a single meeting that doesn’t end in disaster?  Or is that asking too much from the types who brought us Unite the Right and Patrik Hermansson?

Critics may assert that I merely talk here in generalities and don’t provide many concrete details.  Yes, that’s the point, such details should not and must not be discussed on a public forum.  One could even make the case that the entire discussion, starting with Dalton’s original piece and followed by criticisms and updates, should have occurred in private, among a restricted group of dependable people. But Dalton’s piece was public, so the responses were as well, but nothing beyond the content here should be public.  At this point, further extrapolation of the issue should be “offline,” so to speak.

And I reiterate my call for “movement leaders” to make themselves useful, if they can, and provide information and support for local organizing.  Even though most of these “leaders” are tragicomic incompetents, they do have some resources, some connections, some information, some experience, and whatever (positive) that they can provide is better than nothing.

Read this.

The point here is that all conventional strategies designed to move White dissident thought from the fringe to the mainstream may be doomed to failure because they neglect the fact we aren’t even on the same spectrum of political possibility, or even within the same psychological framework. We are exiles, declared to be total anathema. To label something evil is to imply it is willfully engaged in the chaotic, unnatural, and sadistic. Evil implies an unregenerate irrationality as well as a complete detachment from morals. It also implies the willful infliction of suffering, and perhaps also a joy in it. Fighting from this position with appeals to things like IQ differences, crime rates, the data on police shootings of Blacks and Whites, or blandishments about the right of all peoples to self-determination, is probably entirely pointless.

There may be truth to what Joyce says here. But reflect upon a point I often make at this blog – this situation (in this case Joyce’s contention that “White dissident thought” is equated with evil) exists after many decades of “movement activism,” after millions of dollars of “D’Nations and dues,” after millions of man hours of effort by the ran-and-file. What does this tell you? Can we admit that Der Movement has been an utter failure and its “leadership” is composed of comically inept affirmative action cases and grasping grifters who suck up “movement” money with more avidity than a black hole absorbing the mass of a nearby star?

What is really required, therefore, is a “fight fire with fire” strategy that embodies emotionality and triggers psychological responses that resonate on a deeper level, beyond consciousness. This necessitates a propaganda designed exclusively to instill feelings of disgust, fear, and hatred for those opposed to White interests. In the final analysis, it must be hammered home that our opponents are not wrong, weak-willed, venal, or corrupt — they are morally, politically, and spiritually evil. They belong in the lowest Hell.

Fine. And how to go about doing this?  How to propagate this worldview when the entire “megaphone” is in the hands of the Left, and decades of “movement activism” have left us utterly helpless and hopeless?  How about some pragmatic input?  How about showing us how it is done?

George Kocansays:June 20, 2020 at 6:49 amChina et al. have plenty of friends and collaborators in the US.

Yes – meet HBD.

And with all of Johnson’s recent attacks against Trump, the Teflon Quota Queen cannot admit being wrong about the man.  Accountability?  Quota Queens don’t need no stinkin’ accountability!

Odds and Ends, 6/21/20

In der news. In all cases, emphasis added.
Another example of how ethnonationalists ruin everything they touch:

1999, a manifesto of a second ‘European Liberation Front’ was published in Paris, but there is apparently no more active organisation of that name now. The manifesto takes its ideological inspiration from Yockey, and from Otto Strasser, who was expelled from the Nazi Party by Adolf Hitler in 1930.

Despite the pan-European style of its title, the ideology of the manifesto is ethnic and racial nationalism

Take over the name of Yockey’s organization and then promote an opposing ideology.  Very good!  Hail Der Movement!

Authentic pan-Europeanism does not exist in any organization of which I am aware over the last 50 years or more, except Lowell’s in Malta.

Forney on Spencer Part I.Part II.
Note that I do not agree on Forney on all his comments, but, nevertheless, the rank-and-file needs to understand where their affirmative action program leads.  I also find Forney’s glee at Spencer’s problems unseemly.  It is not funny, it is a tragedy.  I don’t care about Spencer himself, but we all need to realize that the White public – you know, the folks that your “movement” wants to recruit from – do not make fine distinctions between Spencer, Johnson, Forney, Taylor et al.  It’s all one.  Spencer’s downfall therefore reflects badly on the entirety of racial activism in the public “mind.”  
That downfall, ultimately, derives from the lack of judgment of “movement” “elites.”  Spencer should never have been allowed to be the head of NPI in the first place; that position should have gone to an older individual with more experience, maturity, and gravitas. Spencer should instead have been groomed for electoral politics, as the smiling young face of the Far Right, with mature adults as his behind-the-scenes handlers. 
The past cannot be changed. But going forward, the affirmative program needs to be eliminated.  That is step one.  It’s not a case of a single rotten apple that needs to be gotten rid of, it’s a whole case.  And as soon as one apple becomes so horribly decayed that it is thrown out, another one joins in. The entire crate needs to be thrown out, and the entire process of picking rotten apples changed.

A sincere man of genuine greatness.

Glad to see we got dem dere Republican conservative judges like “Earl Warren Jr.” Roberts there.

I’m no fan of Rushton, but the retraction of his hypothesis paper was unfair and disgusting, and I agree with this analysis, which is a refutation of leftist hysteria that helped get the paper unfairly retracted.  I also agree with the analysis in that the author of the leftist attack on Rushton-Templar doesn’t understand what pleiotropy is, possibly confusing it with epistasis (or who knows what).  I am also amused by the leftist critique of Rushton-Templar for having a “political bias.” Hoho!  What about the leftist critic’s bias?  Would he care to inform us on his views on say, race in America?  What’s his party affiliation?  Who did he vote for in 2016? What about, say, Lewontin’s biases?  Any comments on that?
If the Rushton-Templar paper was inherently flawed – even as a hypothesis – and this somehow escaped the notice of the reviewers at that time, then the appropriate response is to write a paper (for publication) refuting the Rushton-Templar logic and/or do studies that produce data refuting the Rushton-Templar hypothesis. Retracting the paper is politically motivated censorship, leading us to a scientific dark ages. The retraction is a disgrace.

Hey, it’s time for Trump to tweet LAW AND ORDER!  That’ll fix it.  Fat Don is like, you know, demonstrating his sincerity and his genuine greatness!

I was looking at Amazon reviews of Robert Griffin’s One Sheaf One Vine book, of interest to me since I am one of the people featured in it.  Two excerpts from the comments I found amusing:

1. Interesting anthropological study. Nothing really new here, but contains only interview available of Alex Linder. No other interviews with people who would go on to become personages. 

That’s a stinging rebuke of my lack of accomplishment I suppose.

2. Another observation I make, is that none of the people in the book, offer any solutions to the racial problems they criticize. In numerous cases, they simply flee those high-‘diversity’ problems by moving to other, whiter states. But none of them seem to envision the new domiciles undergoing future change.

Let’s see.  I spend a significant portion of my interview talking about practical things that should be done.  So it would seem that this individual lacks any reading comprehension skills whatsoever.  As well, with respect to the second half of the criticism, I’m not one of the “numerous cases” since that’s nowhere in my section.
Also interesting is that if you search on Amazon for a book like this, you get “suggested reading” consisting of a host of anti-White diatribes.  Like Google, Amazon is another company I am going to personally “deplatform” from any spending.

Thus in summary: Sallis right, Johnson wrong.

Kevin Strom:

The purpose of the race that is is to bring into being the race that is to come. Let’s concentrate on that. Let’s concentrate on being the ones who decide that.I have been in this cause of ours for nearly 40 years. I have seen and heard and read so much wasted verbiage about why Russians or eastern Europeans generally, or southern Europeans generally, or even other odd subracial or national combinations should be read out of the White race. I have heard it all, please don’t repeat it to me. I’m sick of it.
The group or groups which coalesce to save our endangered race will be the ones who determine its genetic future. Beyond the obvious aesthetic that we know White when we see it, and a future that can include (but not be totally ruled by) accurate genetic testing, that’s all we need to know. If the White future is primarily Russian or Hungarian, so be it. If the White future is primarily pan-European American with strong German, Anglo, and Irish components, so be it. If the White future is predominantly Greek or Italian or Bulgarian or Nordic, so be it. None of us are in a position to pick and choose right now, nor does such picking and choosing make sense during this crisis.
Let’s just admit that every single group and sub-group of Europeans has racially devolved — due to dysgenics, due to genetic drift, due to past mixtures. Let’s just admit that every single White nationality could be — and, if we have anything to say about it, will be — helped by a healthy dose of eugenics.
But never forget this: We are targeted and marked for death as Whites. It is as Whites — not as dolichocephalic Red Nordids, or Paleo-Atlantids, or western Europeans only — that we must become awakened and fight back.

Very good; I obviously agree.  But then Strom has to admit that much of the work of Pierce and of the National Alliance was and is de facto opposed to that pan-European view. As regards Pierce accepting people with fractional Amerindian ancestry (and Pierce’s gibbering about “Caucasian” Amerindian tribes is nonsense – whatever their appearance, they are racial aliens from Asia), we must remember that the “Indian princess” stories – real or imagined – typically derive from “Nordish” Anglo-Americans. They’ve always gotten a “pass” for that – the “Pace Amendment” for example.

By the way, even Yockey himself wasn’t immune to a touch of Nordicism, with respect to his rhapsodizing about “Northern barbarians” in both Imperium and, more especially, Thoughts Personal and Superpersonal. I suppose we can forgive Yockey for that lapse, since the broader “movement” he derives from has always been marinated in Nordicism, but it is rather hypocritical of him given his pontifications about horizontal vs. vertical race.  And what would he think today, with all of the “Northern Barbarians” being the biggest race cucks of them all?

And by the way, Yockeyites past and present should know that The Doctrine of Fascism they so admire was really written by Giovanni Gentile, not Benito Mussolini.  But Gentile was one of those two foot tall superstitious Sicilians who so vexed Humphrey Ireland, so who cares about facts?

Newly discovered!  A film clip of Humphrey Ireland being overwhelmed by the scurrying Sicilian hordes.