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Warehouse 1488

Der Movement’s artifacts.

Der Movement’s artifacts and their effects:
Ted Sallis’ computer screen – viewer becomes a crazy and bitter gesticulating swarthoid, who is hysterically triggered by all “movement” content
Hadley’s litterbox – allows feline users the ability to walk along framed photos of Adolf Hitler and Rudolf Hess without knocking them over
Greg Johnson’s glasses – the wearer feuds with everyone they encounter
Richard Spencer’s toasting glass from Hailgate – bearer has their activist career implode
Matt Parrott’s Walmart shopping cart – allows the user to accurately predict and detect cuckoldry
George Lincoln Rockwell’s laundromat washing machine – user attracts violent Greeks
Robert Mathews’ National Alliance membership card – holder undergoes spontaneous combustion
Arthur Kemp’s computer keyboard – whatever drivel you write with it, no matter how wrong and disproved by the facts, will have Nutzis proclaiming you are right
David Duke’s gambling chips – stimulates people to send you donation money
Jared Taylor’s microphone – translates all “wh” sounds into “huwh”
Professor Hart’s necktie worn at the 2006 Amren convention – allows the wearer to curse at someone twice their size without getting punched out
Steadman’s Viking horn – attracts Swedish infiltrators
Francis Parker Yockey’s jailhouse uniform – makes you unable to distinguish between a light-skinned American Negro and a mulatto Cuban; worse, it makes you unable to realize that, racially speaking, one isn’t any better than the other
Alt Right cocaine snorting straw – allows user to take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’
Peter Brimelow’s hair brush – gives you the ability to effortlessly exploit your children for fund raising drives
Chair that Derbyshire was knocked over by Bruce Lee – induces measured groveling to Chinese women
William Pierce’s pillowcase – teleports Hungarian women into your bedroom
Adolf Hitler’s moustache comb – makes you sexually irresistible to your half niece
Benito Mussolini’s Blackshirt – wearer spastically thrusts their chin out
Durocher’s calipers – allows for an instantaneous assessment of anyone’s exact racial ancestry, down to ten significant figures of percentages
Roissy’s underwear – analogous to a diaper, can absorb spontaneous ejaculatory emissions induced by looking at pictures of Donald Trump
Steve Sailer’s beard trimmer – user writes breezy and shallow posts about the real estate prices of golf courses.
Genuine Amren conference latrine fly – owner gets a free lifetime supply of yarmulkes
Based Stickman’s shield – wielder has flashbacks to being Steve Rogers taking the super soldier serum and becoming Captain America
Kevin MacDonald’s suit jacket – wearer is instantly transported to the European Ice Age, where they become a high trust northern hunter gatherer
Julius Evola’s monocle – allows wearer to see spiritual race
Giovanni Gentile’s notebook – user argues for clemency for their ideological opponents, and then gets killed by them
Munro’s passport – bearer is transported to Romania, and is forced to dance the hora
Deasy’s passport – bearer is transported to Bulgaria, and is forced to stare at all the Balkanoid faces
Dennis Mangan’s barbell (or perhaps dumbbell would be more appropriate) – user’s IQ drops in proportion to the growth of muscle size
Savitri Devi’s sari – wearer looks at Mahatma Gandhi, sees Dolph Lundgren
The boat Don Black was going to use to invade Dominica – user’s children will reject all of user’s most heartfelt beliefs
Nazi Blood Flag – owner will start giving hours-long harangues in German, with an Austrian accent
Suit worn by Kevin Strom for marriage to first wife – wearer will have continuous bad luck with women
Joseph Goebbels’ right shoe – wearer will limp, make hysterical speeches, and fall in love with a woman considered to be racially inferior
Hunter Wallace’s yellow t-shirt – wearer can track down Jeffrey Imm with ease; wearer also becomes invisible when hiding behind a tree
Ben Klassen’s dinner plate – owner will find that a very salubrious fruitarian meal will materialize on the plate
Willis Carto’s pants – wearer will be able to instantly converse with any imprisoned fascist on Earth
Patrik Hermansson’s ID card – bearer can enter any White nationalist meeting, no matter how extremely vetted
Andrew Yang’s chopsticks – user has the ability to make White nationalist leaders make fools of themselves
David Yeagley’s wigwam – owner possess the very rare ability to win legal judgments against the Left
Joe Tomassi’s car – driver finds tomato sauce stains forming on their shirt in the pattern of bloody gunshot wounds
Alex Linder’s television – watcher becomes enraged as they imagine watching and listening to Jared Taylor say that Jews look White and therefore are White
George Burdi’s recording studio – user has Armenian ancestry appear and disappear at random intervals; user also experiences the same visual disturbances as wearers of Savitri Devi’s sari
Will Williams’ green beret – wearer sees every bearded man as looking like Harold Covington
Copy of Richard McCulloch’s Destiny of Angels, autographed by author – owner looks at a middle-aged 400 pound Nordish woman riding a motorized scooter in a Midwestern Walmart, sees a 25 year old Michelle Pfeiffer
One of J Richards’ digital smiley stickers to cover women’s nipples – owner has the urge to talk to Stormy Daniels about the “moon landing hoax”
Sharpened bamboo stick used by a teen-aged Japanese schoolgirl in the summer of 1945 to practice in anticipation of the anticipated American invasion – induces priapism requiring immediate medical attention in Majority Rights bloggers (black boots worn by female Chinese military has the same effect)
Colin Liddell’s highlander kilt – wearer has the urge to challenge Andrew Anglin to a sword fight while yelling “there can be only one”
Andrew Anglin’s plane ticket to the Philippines – bearer gets lifelong immunity to all tropical diseases, especially yellow fever
James Mason’s bathroom mirror – owner sees the reflected image of Charles Manson
Mike Enoch’s marriage certificate – bearer gets a lifetime free supply of gefilte fish and matzah balls
Norman Lowell’s walking stick – owner has the urge to repeatedly yell “Presente,” and then sip wine
Harold Covington’s beard hair follicle – confers free lifetime membership in the National Alliance
Piece of toffee David Irving cracked his tooth on – owner gets free room and board in an Austrian prison
Copy of Richard Lynn-designed IQ test – Northern Chinese get 20 points added on to start with, Southern Italians get 20 points subtracted to start with
Surgical instruments used for Greg Cochran’s heart operation – owner starts devising military plans for Israel to conquer Italy for Jewish lebensraum
J. Philippe Rushton’s eyeglasses (don’t get these mixed up with Johnson’s) – wearer suddenly finds married Negro females to be very attractive
Corneliu Codreanu’s horse saddle – owner finds that, mysteriously, all of their enemies end up being shot and killed
Original copy of Ion Mota’s law thesis – owner has the uncontrollable urge to go around hitting every Jew they see, after which they visit Spain
Mihai Stelescu’s hospital bed – a particularly dangerous artifact, anyone who lies in it ends up getting riddled with dozens of gunshot wounds
Eoin O’Duffy’s blueshirt – wearer gets the urge to get drunk in a gay bar
Oswald Spengler’s calendar  owner is perpetually in Winter: hears rap music, sees modern art, reads “movement” blogs
All in jest. No offense meant. I poke fun at myself as well. Laughter is the best medicine for Der Movement’s serious illnesses. It’s all a joke – the entire “movement” – don’t take anything too seriously. After the latest “Yang Gang” fiasco, how can anyone serious take the “movement” seriously? It is much too late for that.

Not Made For Me

Boycott Captain Menstrual and Star Trek Yeastbucket.

Not made for me – perhaps the best video I’ve seen exposing the destruction of superhero/sci-fi entertainment by SJW nonsense.

I guess Gaslighting Greg will tell us these are all up-and-coming Joan of Arcs, who must be – must be! – immune from any and all criticism.

Boycott, boycott, boycott.

Better late than never, Annie.  Question for the readership: Is it more important to realize this about Trump now, after he’s wrecked everything for the past two years, or to have realized this before he was elected, realized all of this during the campaign?

The Retard Emperor.  Donald Downs Trump, aka Donnie Triple 21.

It’s Der Trumpening!

As much as I despise Trump, what McCabe and his fellows did – how is that not an indictable offense?  

It’s dat dere capitalism!  As the Alt Wrong would say: “Sweet business deals.”

Behold the Female and Other News

Odds and ends.

Afrowop “game” – red font emphasis added:

After a Sopranos episode in which his character brutally beat a young stripper to death, during an interview he stated, “After the episode aired a lot more women started hitting on me. I thought it was very revealing.”

Indeed it was.  After all, women fall in love with serial killers; White women love abusive Negro males.  We’re supposed to take women seriously though, let them vote, and pontificate about “MeToo” and sexual harassment.  Why do men put up with it?  Because they think with their groins, rather than their heads – see next item.

But, before that – a comment.  All joking and ridicule aside, of course women can – in theory – play an important positive role in racial activism (albeit not in any position of leadership) as well as play important roles in society as a whole (also not in positions of leadership).  But in order for that to be even remotely acceptable, women need to speak out honestly about “the woman problem” – as exemplified by the bizarre behavior discussed by Pantoliano (and by any MGTOW or “game” website).  This behavior – just like the “love letters to serial killers” thing – is as bizarre to White men as is the behavior of the most savage Negro tribe in the heart of darkest Africa.  Yes, yes, the gamesters put forth a reasonable hypothesis – that females misread psychopathic male behavior as “alpha” and thus as sexually desirable – but that’s the problem you see.  If women are so unable to control their impulses that they behave in a bizarrely insane manner, what good are they other than for sex and reproduction?  The defense would be that psychopathic male behavior is for women what female beauty is for men, and so it is natural for women to love abusive male criminals and therefore nothing can (or should) be done about it.  If that’s true, then women are hopeless and have no place in any organized activity, no place near any lever of power, and no place near any decision-making authority whatsoever.

And, further, women never honestly address their sick behaviors – they “double down” on them.  “MeToo” is an example of this madness – the women who typically behave as Pantoliano describes are the same ones going on social media to decry some man who looked at a woman the “wrong way” 15,000 millennia ago.  The same women who decry “being objectified” pose on social media half naked.  So, no, until women reform, they will continue to get scorn and ridicule here. And since we know they will never reform, expect more references to “yeastbuckets” at EGI Notes.

To be fair, I have to say I agree with Derbyshire here. Even if the accusation against Kavanaugh is true, for goddssakes, who cares?  Some drunken sexual fumbling at a party during high school?  Is everyone insane?  What does it matter?  Where were all these tearful MeToo yeastbags during the Clinton Presidency?  And, oh, yes, if they’ve “wised up” since then, how come they don’t denounce him NOW, and protest his every public appearance?  Why don’t they turn on his “wife” for enabling his behavior?  Ah, no…because it is all politics, all play-acting.  And, no, men don’t need some fat Hawaiian gook telling us to “shut up.”  You shut up, filthy scum.

Having said all that, from my MGTOW perspective, I don’t approve of the behavior ascribed to the teen-aged Kavanaugh.  I’d like to see men – and here I include teen-aged boys – exhibit a bit more sexual self-control, a bit more restraint.  If the scenario played out as described, I see it as a victory for the female, especially as it never progressed more than a brief fervid fumbling groping.  Making males lose self-control, using their sexuality to control and manipulate men and boys, living amongst white-knighting betas and pussy-pedestalizing gamesters – these yeastbuckets have the world in their hands, and then engage in gaslighting crying about the “patriarchy” oppressing them.  Fact is, the ONLY power they have is via their sexuality, and they damn well know it, and use it.  Amused mastery is the response, not sweaty obsession and drunken groping.  If the action actually took place, I see Kavanaugh as the victim – he has to be publicly humiliated decades later because some girl – who Derbyshire rightly labels a bit “slutty” – triggered his sexual lusts.  No doubt she went to the party wanting to be lusted over.  No, she probably didn’t want to get pawed at (but who knows?), but what the hell was the purpose of that party to begin with, I wonder?  To discuss Cartesian philosophy?

Consider that Derbyshire is also correct that the Supreme Court has morphed into our National Legislature, and we can see the importance of all of this to EGI.  The composition of the court helps decide policy on issue of race and immigration and thus has a direct bearing on the genetic composition of the American population today and in the future.  That high school party decades ago directly affects the gene frequencies of America today, and for the years to come.

But, but, but…he’s the “God Emperor!”  It’s “4-D chess.”

Always remember…when the quota queens were gushing over Touchback Trump as “the last chance for White America” and as an “American Caesar who will solve the demographic problem,” EGI Notes was saying from the very beginning that Trump was a vulgar ignorant buffoon and a fraud, and that the only reason to support him was of the public perception of him, which was (and still is) promoting chaos and balkanization.  The man himself is the ultimate lazy do-nothing loser.  He’s rich?  His father’s money, his New York connections, and lots of bluster did the trick.  In Jew-dominated America, we must remember that wealth accumulation can occur via many mechanisms that have little to nothing to do with actual merit, achievement, or productivity.  Trump’s a cipher – a Big Mac-gobbling zero.  

Capitalism leads to racial degeneration and genocide.  Don’t get me wrong, a supply-and-demand free market economy is best – my socialism is political (like Yockey’s) rather than economic – but there’s no choice if one has to choose between a socialist Europe and a capitalist Eurafrica.  Communism with racial homogeneity is, literally, infinitely better form an EGI standpoint than genocidal capitalism.

The Invented Italian

Philip Jose Farmer, another ethnic fetishist.

I’ve started re-reading the Riverworld science fiction series by Philip Jose Farmer, whose background is described here.  As regards plot and writing, it’s fairly good, but from a racialist perspective, it is not good at all.

I’m mostly through book one, but have extensively flipped through the other volumes, especially book two, to get a feel for the extent Farmer’s racial perspective filter though the series. Farmer was, perhaps not surprisingly, an extreme racial liberal, vehemently pro-Jewish and anti-Nazi, as well as sympathetic to Blacks and to the “civil rights” struggle.  And, oh yes, Black male-White female miscegenation is A-OK; accepting that is a sign of progressive mental advancement, don’t you know.

It is perhaps also not surprising that there is one ethnic group that fairs quite poorly (at least so far) in Farmer’s SJW storytelling: Italians.  Surprise!  With Farmer’s background and his extreme SJW anti-racist cuckiness, I’m shocked – shocked I say! – that he expresses the typical disdain of his type for White ethnics.

This, Italians – particularly Italian males – are portrayed by Farmer as brown-skinned, beak-nosed, no-chinned skulking low-character flotsam and jetsam, negatively contrasted to, say, sturdy Israeli heroes or proud, sticking-it-to-Whitey Negroes.  And, by the way, the Italians so described are northern Italians, not even southerners. 

Farmer represents a very real mix of character traits and opinions that is not so very rare – and not rare at all in Der Movement.

Maybe there really is something to this “high trust hunter-gatherer” paradigm after all.

We can consider Farmer’s ethnic depictions to be akin to what we get from pop culture, particularly from a heavily Jewish and Leftist Hollywood, with TV shows and movies that often use non-White actors and actresses (or real-life individuals adopted into Italian families) to play ethnically Italian characters (Saving Private Ryan, The Wedding Planner, A Bronx Tale, Ugly Betty, Cheers, Jersey Shore…the list goes on).  Of course, for perpetuating certain Italian racial stereotypes, we also have Der Movement’s favorite movie, True Romance.  

We can call this phenomenon: The Invented Italian. People with an ethnic axe to grind invent an image of Italians for public consumption that is at best misleading and at worst intentionally mendacious and racially destructive.  The Invented Italian: a cringing, brown-skinned, non-European, non-White, Arabo-Latino-Mulatto-Afrowop.  If Jesse Jackson and Rudy Giuliani were cast by Hollywood – a la Saving Private Ryan – Jackson would be cast to play an Italian, and Giuliani cast as some non-Italian White character.  After all, Spielberg specifically chose mixed-race Vin Diesel (he of ambiguous but “colored” paternal parentage) to play a wop after seeing him in the semi-autobiographical Multifacial, concerning the struggles of a multiracial actor.  Remind me again what character Dennis Farina played in that movie…oh, that’s right, surname Anderson.  Amazing. Or, more simply: Jewmazing.

Now, I can imagine some arguing: “hey, there really are genuine Italians who are very dark-complexioned, who look strange, etc.”  These people may cite certain celebrities or people they personally know, or whatever.  While that statement is technically true, it is also true that there are outlier phenotypes in every ethnic group and it is usually not the practice to substitute outliers for the norm.  When extreme outliers are misrepresented as the norm, intentionally reinforced by using members of other, racially alien, groups to represent the false norm in question, then we have a case of an “invented” ethny.  Ethnies should be judged – for better or worse – on their actual reality, not judged based on bizarre Hollywood casting choices or effete cuck sci/fi writers’ stylistic descriptions.

As to why this occurs – that can be an analysis for another day.  Suffice to say when it applies to Jewish/Leftist Hollywood, they probably have an agenda – conscious or subconscious – to divide Whites against each other by utilizing misleading characterizations of certain European ethnies so as to exaggerate distinctiveness and abrogate racial solidarity among European-Americans.

A reasonable assumption is that the Etruscan art portrayals reflected how they actually looked (similar to the ancient Greeks, whose portrayals were similar).  While Type I activists may look at the fresco and see Dolph Lundgren, I see swart, dark-eyed individuals with black curly hair, if anything darker than the average modern Italian.  And yet, Der Movement tells us the original pre-Roman population of Italy were akin to modern Swedes, subsequently darkened by the “racial morass” of Rome.  Sure they were.  Hope the eye doctor visit turns out well.