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The Ultimate "Movement" Comment

If one had to pick one comment that summarizes the intellectual depth and sharp insights of Der Movement, one could do no better than the following, which is reproduced here in its exact form:

Pastor Lindstedt
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Judging the Fattest Hogs & Filling the Slop Trough of the Alt-Right

I took me a World Religions class. They said that the Aryans loaded up the ox-carts sometime between 2000 to 1500 BC like the Goths and Amurrikwans and set out to conquer the continent. Their Sky-god Brahmin becum a Hindu god and they set up a caste (varna-color) system to prevent Peter Dunkin from running wild — and failed. Because, as Dr. Robert Frenz noted, “You can’t stop Peter Dunkin.”

So I’ve never paid much attention to the vaporings of whiggers in the bowel Movement who think they are smart and shit, given that they are attributing good sense to dotheaded mamzers who passed all manner of laws to prevent their own unruly peckers from “pecking”. I think that a better case can be made of who is who in the Bowel Movement and what is theys’ rank by what I observed as a small boy out on our East-River Ranch in Hughes County South Dakota when my father fed six pigs when my mother was squeezing out my brother.

The Lindstedts cum from the Helsingborg District in SW Sweden as did the Svensons/Samuelsons who were West River. The cornbelt ended 100 miles east around Mitchell, but these Anglo-Danes named Hapney who lived as neighbors a mile south of us had four to six sows and us Lindstedts got the six runts which we would feed and give back the Hapneys the two smallest hogs and keep four for butchering in November. It was truly a land of beef and milk and butter and lard and bacon.

When my mother was slopping the pigs. they had no discipline and would maul all over her while she pleaded, “down pigs.” Half the slop was spilled on the ground and didn’t make it to the trough. But when my father has to slop the pigs, these smart, undisciplined animals rushed him with the pail. My father was made of sterner stuff. Being crippled, he would swing his heavy hickory cane like a polo club upon the tender snout of the biggest pig and stopped them all dead in their tracks. Then he poured the slop into the trough and didn’t have to lay into any of them after the first morning feeding. The pigs behaved as good as pigs can behave until a week later when my mother resumed her chores of milking two cows and slopping the pigs twice a day, and they got back to acting as usual.

Now you would think that the smaller pigs would get nothing, but such was not the case. They all got each according to their undisciplined appetite. Sorta like a mixed-economy of capitalism and marxism.

So rather than cumpare the Bowel Movement hierarchy to some dothead mamzers’ notions, I think we should cumpare it to warlords and hungry hogs. Why the biggest pig is Andre Anglin, who got the most heft/herd of tard. The runt of runts is Colin Twinker-Liddell, who is all jealous. Sometimes the smaller pigs would bite the crap-encrusted tails of the bigger pigs out of sheer frustration. Then there would be much squealing, but never any real murderous assault as pigs are lazy and they get even lazier as they grow into hogs.

Now Colin censored my comment about William Pierce getting $400,000 in Order Loot and Pierce being more of a merchant and ZOGbot running an Elohim City for CreaTards than a Revolutionary. Also Larry Murray has been displaced in the affections of Colin in favor of “Kikester Rapist,” but then again $permFart is now the Happy Yapping Ground of CornCobb, Buffalo WhiggerSwill, Kevin Alfred Strom and Hadding the Loveless KAS-Fluffing Meercat. I’m still banned for life on $permFart even though Meerkat Mark & Klunt Downey were kicked off by Don Black and migrated to Baal Finck’s “Papist-Preterist No Devil” Finckelsheeniea and Billy Roper is on Eliar jewseph Stalin Kutz-Putz-November James’ Separdick [j]Eurofart Nutwerk. I’ve been banned from Linder’s Greater Free-Range Colostomy Bag & Tard Corral since the Christmas Coup of 2004, and that ain’t gonna change even though TraitorGlenn Miller is on death row in Kansas, where the formerly drunken Lumbee Melungeon’s lungs and liver have gotten an indefinite reprieve. At least there isn’t with you “intellectual” ass-clowns a dismissed federal lawsuit and three current Lake County Ohio lawsuits ad counter-suits over me exposing Bryan Reo / SoredMamzer and Baal Finck and Eliar James and Kyle Barstow as mamzers and jews and ZOGbots.

Rather than cumpare who is who in our bowel Movement by the notions of dead reincarnated-or-not whiggers who let Peter Dunkin undo theysselfs into dothead muddumb, we should judge by the objective Swedish farmer matter of which hog is the biggest and fattest and gets the most slop and who has the most wealth of herds of Tard/Troll.

Disclosure: I’m trying to pull in my horns and cut a deal with Andrew Anglin so he will let me plug my write-in candidacy for Governor of Missouri since as a “White Supremacist” — after all the ass-clownery of “White Nationalists” I much prefer to look like an overt racist — because thanks to TraitorGlenn Miller and Linder and the Republican, Democrat, LibberToon and CONstipation Party no “White Supremacist” can run on a Missouri primary ballot at the federal, state or local level since 2006. Which is fine by me as I don’t believe in open free fair honest [s]elections either and want to help bring about 10,000 military dictatorships over 20 million ex-whiggers by Ten Thousand Warlords. Our Bowel Movement couldn’t cobble together a virtual outhouse of a political party, but we do know how to mess things up and troll.

I want to use the Stormer to plug my writings and campaign litterature and videos.

In return I pledge to not ridicule or insult Andrew Anglin or even David the Duck or anyone else in the Bowel Movement other than Colin Twinker-Bell Liddell and Kikester Rapist and only if you let me do so.

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
(Disqualified LibberToon) Write-In Candidate for Governor of Missouri