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Global Warming: a Chinese Invention?

Hey!  Trump is criticizing the Chinese here and his immigration plan stands to question the mass import of Chinese and Indian “cognitive elitists” to take over American STEM fields.  For shame!  I wonder if some of Trumps’s support in HBD circles will begin to dry up, if he dares to blaspheme against the Holy Orientals, and if he fails to sacrifice American interests on the Altar of Asia.
After all, any slowing down of the Asian influx means fewer live-action China doll sex toys for semi-autistic White nerd types, and we certainly can’t have that.
As far as “global warming” goes – in the end, it doesn’t matter what it is and what is causing it, we need to switch to a non-fossil fuel energy economy anyway. Instead of giving endless social welfare handouts to chimps and other apes, and instead of endless wars for Israel, a prudent investment in alternative energy research can make a large impact on the human future. And IF man-made global warming is real, this approach would help, and if global warming is a hoax, then this is something we need to do anyway. Does Trump support a strong investment in the American research enterprise?