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First Contact and the Metapolitics of Race

Food for thought.

Read this.  Excerpts, emphasis added:

Getting it wrong because decision-making was freighted with unreasonable expectations might result in consequences that range from the merely amusing to the deeply frustrating to the existentially threatening.

The same continuum of consequences from “the merely amusing to the deeply frustrating to the existentially threatening” equally describes decisions on topics related to race and civilization. Some of the nuttiness of the SJWs or the HBDers or Der Movement is merely amusing. Some is deeply frustrating and many merge seamlessly into the existentially threatening. It is sometimes difficult to “bin” a particular decision (or meme) into any of those categories, since the effects of a seemingly “merely amusing” decision or meme may quickly become frustrating and then threatening.  It also depends on your point of view.  For Joe and Jill Sixpack, decisions about whether to try and contact intelligent alien life are amusing – “the nerds are trying to contact the little green men.” Others may become frustrated; Tyrone Carjacker may complain – “why is Whitey wasting money on that instead of increasing my handouts?”  Intelligent Whites may feel threatened by others revealing our presence to potentially dangerous extraterrestrials. Likewise, many short-sighted Whites are amused by the concerns of WNs, while SJWs are frustrated that WNs care about race, while the WNs themselves view the problems they are concerned about as existential threats.

We proceed by first assessing possible risks and benefits of First Contact. The daunting language problem serves as the linchpin between possible risks and benefits. We then examine the underlying political problem before offering some conclusions about optimal public policy making.

Such balancing of costs and benefits were never done with respect to current racial policies in America and Europe as they concern the racial interests of Whites.

Possible risks…What worries pessimists is the possibility that silence is motivated by rational existential fear. A preference for survival as a species and extraordinary uncertainty about possible risks attending contact between different intelligent technological species may have persuaded most species to avoid alerting others to their own existence…When Stephen Hawking warned against alerting any extraterrestrial civilization to our existence he offered as a familiar cautionary example the discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus. It follows that silence is thus a plausible strategy for a risk-averse species because the result for any other species that might be listening is indistinguishable from a universe empty of species with technological civilizations.

If only we had the same prudent risk aversion for multiculturalism. Speaking of multiculturalism and diversity, another explanation for the “silence of the endless wastes of space” is this interpretation of The Fermi Paradox, which is directly related to the race question.

That all of those encounters ended badly for one party, frequently involving population crashes and extinction, should not be ignored by policy makers. We note, however, that the analytic value of these analogies is constrained by three considerations. First, there are no data for…encounters between populations of intelligent but unrelated species, which would encompass First Contact. 

What about Europeans and East Asians? 

Also, if you are going to make analogies between Alien-Human First Contact and European-Colored First Contact, then you should follow the latter to its ultimate conclusion – reverse colonization of Europe by the Third World, Coloreds using European technics for Colored empowerment and to endlessly multiply, and guilt-wracked Europeans groveling to the world of Color. Will invasive Aliens crumble and grovel to Humans the same as Europeans have done to Coloreds?

What matters here is that terrestrial analogies to encounters between populations offer the only empirical information for assessing the risks of First Contact. It follows that silence is thus a plausible strategy for a risk-averse species because the result for any other species that might be listening is indistinguishable from a universe empty of species with technological civilizations. Even if every intelligent entity would be benevolent towards other intelligent entity given the opportunity to interact, an implicit silence norm might be self-reinforcing as species choose to interpret the uncertainty inherent in the result as possible evidence of the rational behavior by other species. If you do not hear anyone else speaking, then either there is no one to talk to or they may know to be quiet for a very good reason.

And maybe the fact that non-White peoples tend to avoid multiculturalism and diversity within their own nations suggests that they know that it is best to be racially homogeneous “for a very good reason.”

Comparing Chinese with German, Christian Helmut Wenzel notes how the tendencies of (human) languages derived from their cultural evolution create habits of thought. For example, Chinese language requires Chinese speakers to be more context sensitive than German language requires of German speakers, both in text and in speech. In another example, Chinese speakers use vertical spatial metaphors to reference time—for example the future is described as “down”—while German speakers use horizontal spatial metaphors to reference time.

That is quite remarkable, and underscores how alien the Chinese (and other East Asians) are from Europeans (as represented by Germans) – their conception of time itself (!) is radically different.  How can the thought processes of such different peoples – akin to different species – be bridged?  It cannot be done.  Indeed, we must consider the possibility that East Asians are more alien to Europeans than are sub-Saharan Africans.

Benefits…What do political decision-makers know about the benefits attending First Contact? The answer is that they know very little. Indeed, the claimed benefits appear to reflect wishful thinking…It sometimes seems as a means of inoculating the public against xenophobia about human Others.

That is outrageous, particularly when we consider that all of these “means of inoculating the public against xenophobia about human Others” are aimed solely at Whites. No one is attempting to lessen Chinese ethnocentrism and xenophobia; it is only Whites who are targeted for thought control, to break down their defenses so they lower their guard against the Other. Speaking of existential threats, this constant meme war against Whites – now including leveraging SETI for anti-White memetic propaganda – is the prime existential threat we face.  We need to worry about that before we worry about the little green men.

More to the point, concerns about extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI – the “S” in SETI being “Search”) should increase, not decrease, White concerns about their racial survival.  Who should be at the forefront of humanity’s attempts to interface with ETI?  The idea that it could be sub-Saharan Africans, including African-“Americans,” is absurd.  Who?  Muslims? Hispanics?  Who?  Do you trust East Asians and Jews to do so – or would you fear that they would sell out the rest of humanity for their own racial self-interest?  Who?  South Asians? New Guineans?  Australian Aboriginals?  The race you would want to do this is the same race you would trust to deflect an asteroid or comet strike – Whites.  And it would have to be a mixed group of White types. Leaving it up to the Nordic “high trust northern hunter gatherers” means we’ll have a “yes we can” campaign to facilitate an alien invasion. Swarthoids and Slavs would be more level-headed, but the Swarthoids would be singing to the aliens from balconies, while the Slavs would be swilling vodka. A coordinated pan-European White response would be best.  Only a mixed White response can leverage the strengths of each White sub-type, while masking each group’s weakness. Such a response would by necessity require the continued racial existence of Whites.

Belief in the benign character of any extraterrestrial entity is sufficiently common among members of the attentive public that The Planetary Society uses it to raise money…

Tin cup rattling.

What do political decision-makers know about the risks attending First Contact? The answer is woefully little, and what they do know is decidedly woeful…What do political decision-makers know about the risks attending First Contact? The answer is woefully little, and what they do know is decidedly woeful…Memes, in the original sense that Richard Dawkins coined the term, could be demoralizing and disruptive in the same manner as pandemics. As we are discovering in the 21st century, information itself may be weaponized.

Indeed, memes are being weaponized to hasten White extinction.  What if  ETI recognizes that Whites are the biggest threat to alien domination of the Earth, and utilize meme warfare aimed at Whites?  What if Jews sell out humanity and help the aliens devise anti-White information warfare (a skill set the Jews have in abundance and one that they have much practice using).

Given the worrisome “cat-killing” curiosity common to our species, some may be tempted to respond to a radio signal before it is deciphered and before it is determined whether humans are the intended audience….The time horizons for decision makers are typically much shorter. Long-term consequences of even the most momentous policy making may be discounted in favor of near-term advantages that can be reckoned in public opinion polls and election outcomes.

Indeed, short-term thinking is a problem, particularly among capitalist oriented societies in which making a quick buck at the long term expense of societal stability is prized.

Decision-makers are no less prone than anyone else to errors of misperception that are the product of a human proclivity to tell one another stories in which missing information is replaced with supposition…These tendencies to misperception may be reinforced by both the “groupthink” syndrome identified by Irving Janis and the competition between bureaucratic organizations even during existential crises identified by Graham Allison and Philip Zelikow.

Same for racial crises.

The political problem is initially one of choosing between non response and delayed response…any response to the message should be delayed at least until the message has been deciphered and the intended recipient identified. Potential existential threats warrant decision making patience born of extreme caution.

The same applies to racial decisions. Patience and extreme caution would counsel a rejection of mass migration, miscegenation, etc. Why radically alter a society and a population without fully understanding the ramifications? Particularly since what we do understand tells us that it’s disastrous.

Non-response will require official messaging to dampen both public and scientific enthusiasm. As the experience of nuclear deterrence during the Cold War reveals, news audiences can be persuaded to accept the strategic logic of preparation coupled with inaction. What that is likely to require are periodic official reports on progress in deciphering the message together with a narrative emphasizing the possible existential threat. Although it rubs against the grain of thinking since the beginning of the Modern Era, humans are proficient at living in a state of fear. Indeed, traditional societies are characterized by hostility to strangers, finding in that antipathy a source of social unity.

Ahh, now they say that hostility to strangers can be a source of social unity, while before it was that we need to use SETI to break down xenophobia. The former is for non-Whites, while the latter poison is targeted to Whites only.

Unless the message can be determined to have been intentionally transmitted and that humanity is its intended recipient rather than some other extraterrestrial entity, then not responding remains the optimally rational decision. The value of not responding would be reduced, though not entirely eliminated, if it is determined that humanity is the intended recipient because that would indicate knowledge of our location in space and perhaps other information. Not responding to a message would deny the extraterrestrial entity additional information that might render humanity even more vulnerable. If the message evidenced some malign intent in the form of a threat or weaponized meme, then not responding remains the optimally rational decision.

Another optional rational decision – racial homogeneity.

There are possible advantages to listening in on communications between extraterrestrial entities without their knowledge. Given prophylactic measures to avoid releasing a weaponized meme, the intelligence collected through covert monitoring could be used in deciding whether and how best to respond to a message. Indeed, such monitoring might provide the benefits of First Contact without incurring the risks.

We can interact with other races with everyone staying in their own homelands, without incurring the risk of multiculturalism in the “West.”


The relatively high probability of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence has led to conversation about the possibility of prolonged communication with such distant intelligences. A number of logistical details beset and make problematic any attempt to engage in the communication between Earth and whatever lies in the great beyond that might speak back to us. That engaging in such communication will be advantageous is by no means a foregone conclusion. Indeed, there are good reasons to suspect that the encounter will be either non-advantageous or disadvantageous, and very possibly extraordinarily dangerous.

Just like multiculturalism is “extraordinarily dangerous” for Whites.

What a national political decision-maker is likely to seek upon encountering an extraterrestrial radio signal will depend on both their relative risk acceptance and on their willingness to act in concert with other national political decision-makers who are in possession of the same information. At present, the bureaucratic scientific apparatus for detecting such is still limited to a handful of countries, but as that number grows a coordinated response becomes more difficult, not the least because of the temptation to defect from a policy of restraint by seeking an advantage in establishing communication.

Just like some Whites succumb to the temptation to be race traitors in order to secure personal advantages within the System.

Genetic Troughs

In all cases, emphasis added.

See this, abstract:

Geographic patterns in human genetic diversity carry footprints of population history and provide insights for genetic medicine and its application across human populations. Summarizing and visually representing these patterns of diversity has been a persistent goal for human geneticists, and has revealed that genetic differentiation is frequently correlated with geographic distance. However, most analytical methods to represent population structure do not incorporate geography directly, and it must be considered post hoc alongside a visual summary of the genetic structure. Here, we estimate “effective migration” surfaces to visualize how human genetic diversity is geographically structured. The results reveal local patterns of differentiation in detail and emphasize that while genetic similarity generally decays with geographic distance, the relationship is often subtly distorted. Overall, the visualizations provide a new perspective on genetics and geography in humans and insight to the geographic distribution of human genetic variation.

There are “troughs” – low points – in the migration rate, so that genetic variation is not purely clinal, but has more disjunctive differentiation at geographical, cultural, and civilizational boundaries.  Thus, from the paper:

Analyses on a finer geographic scale highlight subtler features (e.g., compare Europe in fig. 1 vs. fig. 2a), and reveal that differentiation exists on local and continental scales (supplementary table 2, Supplementary Material online). At these finer scales we continue to see troughs that align with landscape features, though increasingly we see troughs and corridors that coincide with contact zones of language groups and hypothesized areas of human migrations. For example, in Europe (fig. 2b) we observe troughs roughly in zones associated with language contact zones between Germanic and Northern Slavic speakers (W12) and between Northern Slavic speakers and the linguistically complex Caucasus region (W8). These, as well as most of the other features in Europe (troughs through the Alps, Adriatic, between Italy and Sardinia, in Northern Scandinavia), closely align with older results from classical markers (Barbujani and Sokal 1990). The Eastern Eurasian panel (fig. 2e) is largely consistent with the coarser-scale AEA panel.

Please note this figure from the paper, as well as Supplementary Figure 3A; pay particular attention to the brown areas, and the hatched lines where the brown is darkest.

Note the strong trough separating the Northern (European) and Southern (North African) Mediterranean; in addition, there is another, somewhat weaker, trough separating Turkey from the Balkans. This is all consistent with “The Mediterranean Myth” essay I wrote ~ 20 years ago, and which is reproduced below. It is also consistent with this. Another strong trough separates Russians from peoples to the southeast. Essentially, Europe seems reasonably well separated from Afro-Asia. There are troughs within Europe as well, which make sense given what we know about intra-European differences.  There is one separating Northern and Southern Europe, consistent with that being the first genetic axis in European PCA.  A weaker trough separates Germanics from Slavs – Western Europe from Eastern Europe – consistent with that being the second axis in European PCA. There is one trough in northern Scandinavia, possibly separating Lapps from Germanic Scandinavians. In addition to the major North/South Mediterranean trough mentioned above, there are additional troughs near the islands of Sardinia, Sicily, and Corsica, likely reflecting the geographical barrier of water; thus, as expected, there is some genetic differentiation compared to mainland Italy and France. One trough seems to overlap Cyprus, possibly reflecting not only the geographical barrier of being an island, but perhaps also Greek vs. Turkish ethnocultural distinctions (if the trough runs through the island; the figures are not clear enough). There is, interestingly, a trough running through France, perhaps separating the more “Nordic” types in the north from the more “Alpinid” and “Mediterranean” types in the south. A  trough seems to run between France and Germany as well.  Looking at these Northern European troughs with respect to the UK and Ireland, we can speculate that the British Isles have genetic commonality with the continental shores of the English Channel and the North Sea (e.g., Normans, Vikings, Saxons), but are differentiated from the rest of continental Europe; thus, the British Isle troughs are not directly around/near the islands themselves (as they are in the case of the Mediterranean islands) but extend to the nearby continental coastal regions.  Thus, it would seem that the British Isles and the northern strip of France are more similar to each other than either are to the rest of France or to, say, Central Europe (never mind Southern or Eastern Europe).

The PCA plots on the right of the figure summarizes the clusters formed from this genetic differentiation; these data are similar to what we’ve seen before. These data are consistent with both “gene mirror geography” and distinctiveness between and within continental population groups (races). This all demonstrates that genetic variation is clumpy as well as clinal, and is influenced not only by geographical barriers (mountain ranges, seas) but cultural ones as well (language, religion, civilizational history).  

This study is also consistent with my past criticisms of commercial and academic “admixture testing,” the worst of which yields bizarre results at odds with this study (which itself is consistent with most of the literature).  As I’ve frequently written, “admixture testing” is only as good as the reference samples (modern and/or ancient) used for comparison (and the modeling methods used).  You can model a given population as mixes of varieties of any set of reference populations, with some modeling seemingly being a “better fit” than others, but if none of these models use the appropriate reference populations, then none of them are accurate. It’s just comparing one “bad fit” to another “bad fit” and concluding that one is slightly “less bad” than the other.

The old essay follows:

The Mediterranean Myth

One of the most hoary myths of race is the postulated existence of a cohesive, trans-continental “Mediterranean race.” According to this fantasy, this race includes all brunette, non-Nordish, non-Alpinid “Caucasians”, from Portugal to Bangladesh, from the Alps downward through the Sahara. As we shall see, such a race does not exist and has never existed. We shall also briefly consider the motivations of those who, with complete indifference to reality, continue to promote this myth, for reasons which may have much to do with an animus toward a real sub-racial group – Sudeuropids (South Europeans: i.e., Italians, Iberians, Greeks, Balkan Slavs, Romanians, etc.). Let us examine the evidence.

1. Traditional Physical Anthropology (TPA)

TPA is often invoked to promote the Mediterranean Myth. Three problems with TPA in this regard are:

A) It is out-dated. Many TPA race texts are from the pre-WWII era. Genetic science did not exist then, and TPAs relied more on subjective evaluations of racial similarities and differences. TPA was/is also extensively influenced by the 19th century practice of superficial classification, without a strong empirical basis. We must recognize that what the “experts” of the past said on certain matters sometimes needs to be revised on the basis of current knowledge. We no longer believe that whales are fish, or that infectious diseases are caused by “ill vapors in the ether.” Likewise, our knowledge of race needs to be advanced.

B) TPA itself is somewhat contradictory, because the ethnic phenotypes do not match some of the racial classifications. While Carleton Coon is often cited by the promoters of the Mediterranean Myth, the photographs of Sudeuropids in “The Races of Europe” do not fit into this scheme. The photos are of European people, who do not bear any resemblance to Arabs, Hindus, or any other such “Mediterraneans.” One can look at the phenotypes of Sudeuropids and easily contrast them to that of non-European “Caucasian” groups. The reader of this essay should reflect on the phenotypes of some prominent Sudeuropid celebrities – politicians, entertainers, scientists, etc. – and ask themselves how many of these folks would ever be confused with “Gunga Din.” Racial phenotype does not support the Mediterranean Myth.

C) The Nord extremists who currently support the Mediterranean Myth, on the basis of TPA, seem rather choosy in what they believe and do not believe. For example, Baker (in “Race”) indicates that “Nordids” and “Mediterranids” are quite similar to each other racially, and both groups are far more similar to each other than either is to “Alpinids.” Meanwhile, the current promoters of the Mediterranean Myth ignore this and seem to suggest the opposite. Coon seems to be popular among modern promoters of the Mediterranean Myth. However, these folks seem to ignore the fact that Coon also saw a close relationship between “Nordics” and “Mediterraneans”, and indeed, in some of the text legends to his photographs, indicated a belief that “Nordics” are “partially depigmented” Mediterraneans; in other words, that Nordics are racially derived from Mediterraneans, these groups having a common racial origin. If TPA is to be wholeheartedly believed, then should not these views of Baker and Coon be promoted also?

In summary, TPA is a rather weak reed for the promoters of the Mediterranean Myth to lean on. The evidence below emphasizes that fact.

2. Genetic evidence

Many people are familiar with the work of Cavalli-Sforza, which does support the points of this essay. However, in our opinion, an even better scientific analysis was the work of Nei and Roychoudhury (Mol. Biol. Evol. 10, 927-943, 1993), henceforth referred here to as “NR93.” In this work, 29 gene loci (121 gene alleles) from 26 different human populations were studied to ascertain the evolutionary relationships between these groups. This work is of high value precisely because of the large number of genes looked at. As the authors state:

Earlier we emphasized the importance of using a large number of loci in the study of human evolution. This is because (a) the interpopulational genetic variation is very small compared with intrapopulational variation and (b) the evolution of a single gene (or mtDNA) is subject to large stochastic errors (Nei and Livshits 1989; Livshits and Nei 1990). In this study, using gene frequency data for 29 genetic loci, we could reconstruct an evolutionary history of human populations that seems likely to be less controversial and more enduring than some current alternatives.

The findings of this study are of the highest importance. Different population groups were shown to differ genetically – proving the existence of biological race. Africans split off from the rest of humanity first, the next major split being that between Caucasians and a general Asian cluster, each of which demonstrated further splits. Of relevance here is that the European groups studied – English, Germans, Finns, and Italians – all clustered together in an European group, distinctly separate from non-European Caucasians such as Iranians and North Indians, as well as from Lapps. Thus, in contrast to the racial fantasies of the Mediterranean Myth, Sudeuropid Italians were in the European group, separate from non-European “Mediterraneans.” Within the European cluster, one can find sub-clusters, which may correlate with “sub-race”: NW Euros (Germans and English), NE Euros (Finns), and S Euros (Italians). The major point remains that all these groups are European, and no evidence exists here for a “Mediterranean race” including Italians, Iranians, and Indians. The evidence in fact directly contradicts the Mediterranean Myth.

Arthur Jensen in “The g Factor” subjected the NR93 data to sophisticated numerical analysis, producing a chart which demonstrated, in a quantitative sense, which populations clustered together. The number of each population indicates how close that population is to the norm of their respective racial cluster. Populations with similar numbers are highly genetically clustered together. This chart was adapted by Dr. Glayde Whitney and appeared in American Renaissance magazine. The general Caucasian group yielded interesting results. The numbers for this group were: Italians – 989, Finns – 988, Germans – 978, English – 948, North Indians – 704, Iranians – 635, and Lapps – 500. Note well that the various European populations cluster very tightly together, and all are very close to group norms. All European groups are genetically distinct from North Indians, Iranians, and Lapps – another crushing blow to the fantasies of the Mediterranean Myth. In fact, the close European cluster compares with that found for NE Asians; in the NE Asian cluster, Koreans had a value of 959; Japanese, 936. Thus, European populations, in general, are approximately as genetically similar as Koreans and Japanese. This indicates common origins and/or extensive inter-breeding in the past.

Of course, this is not to deny that there has been some gene flow across the Mediterranean. Certainly, there is some genetic evidence for a limited amount of gene flow and gene admixture between the “western Mediterranean” and the “eastern Mediterranean”, between Southern Europe and the Near East. There were a number of instances in history where such flows could have taken place. The questions here are: 1) was this substantial enough to cause the populations to be the same?, 2) is this unique in European history? The answer to #1 is clearly no. First, the NR93 data indicate that Sudeuropid populations are genetically in the overall European cluster. Second, the study by Hammer et al. (PNAS 97, 6769-6774, 2000) of Y-chromosome biallelic haplotypes demonstrates that Southern European populations fall within the general European cluster and are genetically distinct from Middle Eastern/Near Eastern populations, which form their own cluster. Within the European cluster, Sudeuropid populations tend to fall together, a further proof that Sudeuropids are a sub-race of the greater European race, and not part of some sort of brown-skinned trans-continental “Mediterranean race.” Also of interest is the Y-chromosome study of Bosch et al. (Am. J. Hum. Genet. 68, 1019-1029, 2001) which states the following:

The most striking results are that contemporary NW African and Iberian populations were found to have originated from distinctly different patrilineages and that the Strait of Gibraltar seems to have acted as a strong (although not complete) barrier to gene flow……..The Islamic rule of Spain, which began in a.d. 711 and lasted almost 8 centuries, left only a minor contribution to the current Iberian Y-chromosome pool.

So, again, the answer to #1 is no; some gene flow took place, but the populations are clearly genetically and phenotypically, and thus racially, distinct.

The answer to #2 is that such admixture is not unique in European history. Even in Northern Europe there is some evidence of genetic admixture from non-European, and indeed in some cases, non-Caucasian, sources, including Negro as well as Saamish, Ugric, and other Asian-type genes. European ethnic history is complex, but this does not obviate the reality of distinct European racial types. Race is not dependent on absolute “racial purity.”

3. Racial History

The racial history of Sudeuropids is clearly distinct from other putative members of a so-called “Mediterranean race.” NR93 says the following of the European groups studied, including Italians:

Most European populations (e.g., Finns, Germans, English, and Italians) have exchanged genes during the past few thousand years, but they are included here as a group, for study of their evolutionary relationships with other populations.

Indeed. The origins of these closely related populations are explained by NR93 thus:

By contrast, the population that later became Caucasoid apparently moved northwest to occupy Europe; Cro-Magnon, who lived – 10,000-30,000 years ago in Europe, are apparently ancestors of the present Europeans (fig. 6).

This can be contrasted with the comments made by NR93 of other groups, based on the available evidence.

Regarding Iranians and North Indians, they state:

For example, Iranians and northern Indians probably have had gene admixture with East Asians, though they are now primarily Caucasians.

It is obvious that admixture with East Asians is not part of the racial history of Southern Europe.

NR93 give more information about the racial origins of the populations of the Indian sub-continent. Referring to migrations of Blacks from Africa into Asia, they state:

A second group migrated to the Indian Subcontinent and then to Southeast Asia, where they had gene admixture with the mongoloid group (fig. 6). The resultant population absorbed most of its gene pool from the mongoloid group but retained the genes for dark skin, frizzled hair, etc., from Africans, because of natural selection in tropical conditions. This population then moved to New Guinea and Australia – 40,000 years ago. The Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia were later invaded by Caucasoids and mongoloids, respectively, and further gene admixture occurred. This hypothesis is supported by the fact that in these areas there are isolated populations (e.g., Philippine Negritos, Andamanese, Dravidians) with African traits.

This racial history of admixture between Mongolid, Negroid, and Caucasoid populations in the region of India, taking place thousands of miles from Southern Europe, is clearly distinct from the racial history of Sudeuropids. There is no connection whatsoever.

As far as Middle-Easterners and North Africans go, NR93 state:

Therefore, we have excluded populations that are clearly products of recent gene admixture as documented by history (e.g., northern Africans and Middle Easterns)

These populations, clearly considered by NR93 as distinct from the European populations, have their own unique racial histories. For example, Arabs are Semites with a Middle-Eastern origin. In some places they are still relatively pure Semites, in other places, there has been significant admixture with Berber as well as Negro blood (for an example of the latter, remember the phenotype of Anwar Sadat). The issue of gene-flow between the Near East and Southern Europe has been dealt with above. Despite limited gene flow (which has occurred with varying populations throughout Europe), Sudeuropids and Near-Easterners remain phenotypically and genetically distinct populations – different races. The NR93 and Hammer studies reinforce this.

In summary, clearly then the different racial histories of the putative “Mediterranean” groups clearly demonstrate that they are of different race.


The Mediterranean Myth is false, an absurd farce. The reality is of a greater Caucasian race, which can be divided into European, Semitic, Irano-Afghan, Indio-Dravidian, and other such races, each of which can be further sub-divided into sub-races (e.g., in Europe: Nordeuropids, Alpineuropids, Sudeuropids, et al. ). Now, we have no doubt that even after the evidence in this essay is made known, there will be some who will continue to propagate the Mediterranean Myth. Why? Well, if we wish to be charitable, we can say that they, despite all the evidence, are too stubborn to accept the findings of modern science. Or, perhaps, they lack the education and/or mental capacity to understand the data. Less charitable suggestions may be that they hold an animus against Sudeuropids, or even that they wish to promote Sudeuropid genocide via admixture with racially alien groups. If that latter possibility is true, then the agenda there would be to de-legitimize Sudeuropid racial identity, and promote the idea that Sudeuropids are identical to racially alien “Mediterranean” types. The idea would be to deny the existence of the group (Sudeuropids) to be destroyed.

One hopes though that reasonable people will see the evidence and realize that the Mediterranean Myth is false. We can then move beyond absurdities that would claim that Joe DiMaggio was equivalent to a Bangladeshi, and start serious and mature discussions of racial issues, discussions based on truth, science, and mutual respect.

Odds and Ends, 1/29/20

More than one “moral cretin” in the “movement,” I would say.

The moral cretin.  Emphasis added:

Ever notice how it is only the scoffers like Derbyshire who use terms like “a secretive cabal of elites”? I call this the “Joo mind control rayz lulz” technique; in academic circles, it’s known as a straw man argument – an argument your opponent creates out of whole cloth and attributes to you as if you made it, but chosen for its stupidity because your opponent is better at refuting the arguments he invents for you than the arguments you actually make. It’s a tell-tale sign of weakness.

But that’s not what I really find salient in John’s piece. What I find remarkable is that John thinks little old ladies taken in by confidence men deserve bankruptcy. His response to the plight of victims of fraud goes beyond the decadence and cowardice of indifference, to the open malice of schadenfreude. There’s really no way to make that kind of statement, and object to the crime of fraud, and remain morally consistent.

“I do feel some mild regret on behalf of my kids, who I suppose will spend some of their adult years in a continent-sized version of 1970s Lebanon or 1990s Yugoslavia or 1960s/70s/80s/90s/00s Congo/Sudan/Somalia/Ethiopia/Zimbabwe, but at least I’ve taught the little Derbs (him and her) how to use firearms.”

If John’s kids were full bearers of his ancestral legacy (instead of only half-bearers), he’d feel twice as much regret on their behalf. So that’s one up side to miscegenation – half the regret contemplating your children’s doom. Miscegenation and national ruin sound like the best match since “hey, you got your peanut butter in my chocolate!”

But John’s already signed off on fraud. Fraud victims deserve their fate. Is this sort of thinking indicative of the logic they teach in British public schools?

If you think I’m being too hard on the old lemon-stuffer, consider his articles on Kevin MacDonald’s work. This “fraud victims deserve it” line isn’t a new one for the Derb. It’s a consistent one.

Watch this.  So, fat people are both “jolly” and “extraverted” but also nasty with low impulse control.  Got it.  HBD!

By the way, how do these theories apply on a trans-racial basis?  After all, “well be-titted” East Asian females or thin “African-American” females are as rare as honest HBDers.  So, how do these ideas apply to races in which certain phenotypes are extremely rare?  Aren’t there plenty of fat neurotic Jews as well? How does that fit in?  Do we really believe that the association between ectomorphy and neuroticism (if it actually exists and is not a HBD fantasy) is because “neurotic people are nervous and don’t eat so much?”  I thought being an ectomorph was essentially an innate somatotype and not merely due to “not eating so much.” How can anyone take any of this drivel seriously?

This misses the point.  Even if Mishima was a paragon of Japanese traditionalist virtue, a neo-samurai hero, he’s still from a culture, a High Culture, a civilization, alien to the West. Even if you value “traditionalism” – and I do not – you can find representatives of that  paradigm authentic to your own European background.  Mishima – even with all of his (many) faults – is an interesting historical figure from a White rightist perspective, but that’s it. He’s an interesting figure and should be nothing more – to us. To Japanese rightists, he may be of existential importance, but that’s their business. This obsessive fetishizaiton of Mishima among the White Right is, frankly, bizarre and disconcerting.

Sigh…read this.  Obviously, I side with Taylor in this debate, but it would help to have actual science backing up the “race is real” argument, rather than HBD flim-flam about “Blacks having higher testosterone levels.”  What’s next?  Penis size?  French army surgeon!  

Part of a Counter-Currents comment that passed through moderation:

I would like to say that I find locker room bigotry against gays to be stupid and disgusting. I know that the founder of this site is a homosexual. This does not belittle his achievements and his intellectual standing. His sexual identity is not the issue. We all have our troughs to wallow in. But when one begins to rationalize personal moral and mental aberrations as being equal with healthy behavior that’s when such an individual needs to be called out.

Odds and Ends, 11/19/19

Some odds and some ends.

Counter-Currents reaches another new low in superficial, juvenile scribbling.

The races of mankind – from 1881.

The Gunpowder Plot – Suvorov’s law in action. See: 16:40-17:05.  We need to get to the point that the System is forced to give concessions and raise hopes.

Oh yes, HBDers, let’s use those PISA scores to “estimate” Chinese IQ, shall we?

The results from a global exam that evaluates students’ reading, science and math skills are in and, once again, Chinese students appear to be reigning supreme while American students continued to underperform.
But before you shake your head ruefully and scoff at the decline of Western-style education, take a look at how the data is organized.
The OECD’s Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) exams are held every three years. Coming first and third respectively in the 2012 exams are the Chinese cities of Shanghai and Hong Kong.
However, China is uniquely not listed as a country in the rankings — unlike the U.S., Russia, Germany, Australia and other nations judged on the basis of their country-wide performances. Instead, China only shares Shanghai’s score with PISA. (Hong Kong, a Special Autonomous Region of China, sends its own data.)
Shanghainese and Hong Kong students are much better educated than those elsewhere in China. Slate quoted the Brookings Institution’s Tom Loveless as saying that  “About 84 percent of Shanghai high school graduates go to college, compared to 24 percent nationally.” In addition, Loveless points out that affluent Shanghainese parents will spend large sums on extra tuition for the children — paying fees that far exceed what an average worker makes in a year.
By not providing full national data, China is in effect cheating.
As Loveless noted earlier this year, Shanghai’s test scores “will be depicted, in much of the public discussion that follows, as the results for China.” He added: “that is wrong.”
All of a sudden, rote-learning doesn’t look like China’s secret weapon.

China’s real secret weapon is the horde of buck-toothed, flat-chested Chinatrics with the secondary sexual characteristics of prepubescent boys, who are used as sexual bait to the cohort of White omega male HBDers, who are so desperate for anything ostensibly female that they’ll conspire against their own race’s interest to grovel to the Altar of Asia as part of the HBD cult. Asian cheating on exams (among other things) is apparently well known to everyone except for the “IQ estimators” of HBD.

All PISA all the time, as the Breezy one always says, eh?

Those “k-selected” Northeast Asians.

Read this, emphasis added:

AR Staff: Welcome back to American Renaissance! We’re glad to have you. Please tell our readers why you left, what you did while you were away, and why you came back?
Chris Roberts: That’s three questions in one.
As to why I left, the short answer would be “depression.” By late 2017, I was overwhelmed with disappointment over a number of things: Donald Trump’s presidency seemed to have become nothing but a string of let-downs and betrayals. 

But, but, but…Greg says that Trump is a sincere – sincere in every way! – man of genuine greatness, and don’t you forget it.

The world of white advocacy was internally fractured and squabbling. The Unite the Right rally at Charlottesville had been an disaster in nearly every way. Two years earlier, the cause of saving our people seemed to be surging into the mainstream. In 2016, there were days when our cause seemed invincible and inevitable. But starting in February of 2017, and culminating that August, the sugar high had faded into a nightmarish hangover. I needed a break.

Those disasters didn’t just happen. They were the fault of incompetent “leadership.”

What did I do while I was away? Many things. I traveled a great deal, both nationally and internationally, taught English abroad for a bit, and worked in real estate here in the US for nearly a year. Probably of most interest to American Renaissance readers was that I lived with the Brimelows…

That’s of great interest no doubt.  Did you correlate their “D’Nations” income to their actual level of accomplishment?  Happy Penguins, indeed.