Odds and Ends, 4/9/20

In der news.

I agree, Greg.  Now, when are you going to denounce Zturd with the same intensity as you denounced Ramsey?  A real disavowal, not some mild critique.

As we see, “Macedonians” are sweaty fetishists as well.

A casual stroll through Sicily gives one the feeling of a place Spanish and Greek, but scarcely Italian.

You don’t have the slightest idea of what you’re talking about, idiot. Likely, the closest this moron has ever had to “a casual stroll through Sicily” is watching The Godfather Part II.  Or III.

So, this fool should have no problem, looking only at the images (and not the actual URLs), determining which pictures are of Sicilian cities and which are those of other cities in Italy, right?  Real casual and all.

For this reason, Europe, like our forefathers the Romans…

Rewritten for more accuracy in his case:

For this reason, mystery meat middle easterners passing ourselves off as “Slavs,” like our forefathers the Ottomans….

Once again, as I’ve always said, Jeelvy is the worst writer in the history of Der Movement, a juvenile, ignorant, pretentious jackass.

An appropriate comment left in response to his childish post:


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So I take it you’re under quarantine and playing strategy games?

Jeelvy has just discovered “Risk.”   Move two armies to North Africa!  Roll the dice!

Look at this nonsense.  No, the virus is not “believed to have originated in China.” It DID originate in China.

In any case, EGI Notes is, of course, a pacifist blog that oozes with the milk of human kindness.

If you’re angry about The China Plague – and you should be – the proper response is politics (broadly defined), not moronic Type I acts of Bunkerism.  

The objective is racial separation. The objective is repatriation of Asians to their homelands.  Making Asians into whining victims, objects of sympathy, is dumb.

What I urge my readers to do – the readers I care about, the ONLY readers I care about – those of European descent – is to save yourselves during this pandemic, preserve your health, preserve your life, come out of it in one piece, ready for the political struggle.  Do NOT do anything else.  No Bunkerism, no acting out, no violence, no slurs, no stupidity of any kind. Hunker down – like Saint Adolf in his bunker – and ride out the disaster.

Yes, it’s true that China was sending people throughout the world when they knew they were carrying The China Plague. Yes, they are responsible. The answer must be a purely political one and it must be a positive one.  Educate yourself.  Get involved with some Far Right groupuscule, or start your own. If at all possible when this disaster is over, and you survey the ruins of a world wrecked by yellow malice, do something positive and help your fellow Euro brothers and sisters. As the Asians chortle with glee at the death and suffering they’ve caused, ignore them, and succor your racial-cultural kin. 

 Be patient. One day we’ll be the ones laughing.  Not today though.  Be patient.

Colored is as colored does.  TROPICAL Asians are just like TROPICAL Negroes and TROPICAL Hispanics – there is NO difference.

Always remember – the existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.

The remorseless war of genocidal extermination now waged by the Chinese against Whites via coronavirus is just the latest manifestation of this burning, all-consuming hatred.

This is Der Right, courtesy of the HBD-Nordicist TOO site’s comments section (emphasis added):

Our winter was mild, as were the previous three. Before we were told that we have the COV, and it’s killing us wholesale, I did not even hear as much as a sniffle from the people around me. (And still no sniffle to be heard.) Even so, many are hanging bits of flimsy cloth on their noses for self-protection [sic]. The great majority believes that the new plague is among us. This credulity is rampant: For almost two weeks, they told us that our Prime Minister has COV symptoms, then that he was hospitalized, then under intensive care, but was still in good spirits, and running Parliament. 

I believe that this whole thing is a huge ruse most likely by the W.H.O. which we fund along with Bill Gates. This quack Dr. Fauci also is involved with it somehow it seems. I believe that if he hasn’t done it already, that President Trump has suspended funding to the W.H.O.

I also read today that Fauci and Gates are pushing for mandatory vaccinations; and yes, you can inject a micro chip into the bloodstream. Scary stuff.

What else can you expect from a ludicrous HBD-Nordicist website, dedicated to lies and pseudoscience?  Why should you be surprised that MacDonald – Tinfoil Kevin! – and his website continue to exhibit a tragic decline once HBD-Nordicism was embraced?  Don’t get vaccinated!  Fauci is gonna plant dem dere microchips in your bloodstream!  And those microchip vaccines will sodomize your babies and give them autism!  Dat right!

Don’t worry about real conspiracies, like Rotherham and its cover-up. Dealing with that would be too difficult.  Instead, let’s fantasize about a “covid hoax” engineered by Bill Gates and Fraud Fauci, meant to forcibly sodomize sniffle-less freedom fighters with microchip vaccines. 

If you are really worried about covid vaccines, instead of gibbering about microchips, worry instead that a Chinese or Indian manufactured vaccine would be ineffective or contaminated.

And the problem with these conspiracy mongers is that there is no way to prove them wrong in a manner that they will accept.  For example, if Boris Johnson were to die from The China Plague, the tin foil hat crowed would say that he’s really still alive somewhere hiding (on an island with JFK and Elvis) or that he was murdered by a “Jew doctor” who injected him with a “toxic MMR vaccine.”  Or  that “he died with covid than from covid.”  QED.

It is entirely possible that the outcome of all of this will show that the covid alarmists will be wrong and the minimizers right.  Tucker makes good points.  But if this is so, it would be an error in judgment, not a conspiracy. Further, this all doesn’t excuse Zturd and Ramsey, because their paradigm was “business as usual” even if the worst predictions would come to pass.  By the way, Carlson should reflect on that, say, 60,000 deaths are greater than that of the Vietnam war, and are in addition to, not replacing, all of the other deaths he mentioned.  He should also consider that the flu comes from China, as does much opioid production.  So, it’s all part of the same problem. The fact that “our leaders” don’t care that the Chinese have been murdering (White) Americans by the flu and drugs doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t care about tens of thousands of our people being murdered by the monsters via covid. Now, the economic considerations are real.  But, what does he propose we do? What do the TOOers propose we do? 

Instead, we get stupid conspiracy fantasizing.

Der Right is wonderfully discrediting itself and it’s beautiful!

Meanwhile, with all of the talk of American Negroes suffering from this virus, I’m definitely keeping tabs on all of the previous HBD claims that Blacks will be relatively unaffected by this virus, as will be Northern Europeans.  Let’s tally up the damage at the end, shall we?


1. HBD will once again to be shown as completely, utterly wrong – wrong, wrong, they’re ALWAYS wrong.

2. They’ll pretend like all of their nonsense about this disease never happened and they’ll go back to gibbering about Hajnal lines and high, high, high Chinese IQ.

Sallis right once again – Northern Europeans have contempt for Italy and Italians because of Italian La Dolce Vita hedonism, laziness, and overall comic ineptness.

Note that the same Germans who don’t want to give a dime to Southern Europe – including to Italy that contributes more to the EU than it gets back – are the same krauts who grovel to Afro-Asiatic migrants, whose “yes we can” ship captains crash into Italian harbors to unload Africans and Arabs, and who blush gently and smile benignly as their women get mass-molested by brownsters in Cologne.

So, I suppose the contempt can go in both directions. The wops are comical gesticulating Schettinos who sing on balconies, while the krauts are xenophilic cucks who drop their pants and bend over to the world of color.

Please watch this.  Focus especially on 4:19-4:30.That short clip is vintage EGI Notes, folks – what I’ve been warning you all about for years.  Asiatic cogelites taking over American STEM, displacing White Americans, and spying for their racial homelands. The only thing Tucker misses is that the Asians not only “crowd out Americans” and spy, they are also dishonest, engaging in scientific fraud, while engaging in ruthless ethnic nepotism to hire only their own, and be biased in favor of their own in paper and grant reviews.

Once again, Sallis right, HBD wrong. Are you surprised?

Odds and Ends, 4/8/20

In der news.

He likely doesn’t know it, but the author of this piece, and the authors of the book reviewed, demonstrate why the “leaders” of the “movement” are such abject failures, indeed why so many “leaders” in general are such abject failures. I’ve said it before and I’ll again – the qualities required to achieve and maintain power are NOT the same required to achieve group objectives when in power.

Trump is a perfect example.  He’s a tall extravert, well endowed with dark triad traits.  He’s been a successful businessman and has risen to be President of the United States.  With respect to achieving and maintaining (at least for now) power, he’s a success as a leader. But, with respect to actually achieving the objectives of the people who elected him, rewarding his followers (the base), fulfilling his campaign promises, he’s an abysmal failure. He’s achieved virtually nothing for society in general as a leader.  He’s achieved only for himself. Hood at Amren said it best – Trump is so weak he makes Jimmy Carter look like Alexander the Great.

“Movement leaders” – besides the ethnic affirmative action program – tend to be tall men, loaded with dark triad traits, some of whom are extraverts (and even the self-declared “introverts” are actually quite comfortable with public speaking), presumably low in “neurosis” – and they are ALL dismal failures. Among their followers are many who would no doubt perform much better, but who lack the superficial qualities that would enable them to rise to the position of leadership in the first place.

By the way, the idea that psychopaths are weeded out of leadership positions or the organization fails – well, if we consider long term failure, that’s true, but genuine psychopaths can last for a long time in leadership roles if the organization has enough resources to last under such direction, at least for a while.

To be fair, the problem is more with the book (assuming the blog post accurately reflects the book’s contents) rather than with the post author (who I generally dislike), who at least makes sense from time to time. The blog post author at least seems to believe that performance is important.

Surprise! Cuckadoodledoo!  Meanwhile, Antifa is NOT declared a terrorist organization.  Trump is such a piece of utter filth, it is simply astonishing.  A sincere man of genuine greatness!

Amren commentator:

Amazing. A group called ‘The Russian Imperial Movement’- centered in a FOREIGN COUNTY, is labelled a ‘hate group’ by a government dedicated to the proposition that Antifa- WHO ARE IN THIS COUNTRY – are somehow NOT a hate group, even as THOSE THUGS remain somehow ‘blessed’ by Trump and his police state, as they have disrupted Trump’s own rallies? 

Meanwhile, Trump continues to grovel in press conferences to his”good friend Xu” who he “respects”- you know,the guy who lied to the world about The China Plague and had his government buy up all the PPE while lying about the extent and nature of this disease.

How’s that buttplug inserted by your Chinatrix “nurse,” Donny?  A snug fit?

Read this.  One wonders. Should a similar general strategy be employed by the White American “plebeians” against the Globalist-SJW-Jewish-Colored “patricians?”

The next time Richard Spencer and other measured grovelers pretend that “there’s no way to punish China” remind them of this:

This calls for a response.

The response needs to be harsh enough to teach the Chinese government a lesson, which means pretty harsh, as they appear to still think they can brazen this out. Among other things, the United States — and ideally the world community at large — need to sharply reduce economic relations with China. In particular, no one should be relying on them for medicines, medical equipment and other vital goods. (China’s state news service threatened to plunge America into a “mighty sea” of coronavirus by withholding critical medications.) Chinese scientists should no longer have easy access to Western laboratories or universities. Chinese political leaders should no longer find it easy to travel the world.

Congress should pass legislation stripping the Chinese government of sovereign immunity to lawsuits for COVID-19 damage in the United States. China should be stripped of its leadership roles in international organizations. And finally, Taiwan — a nation that has handled the outbreak better than almost any other nation, but has been excluded from the World Health Organization because its membership would offend the Chinese government — deserves membership in WHO, and full diplomatic recognition from the United States, and the rest of the world.

But scientists don’t rule out that an accident at a research laboratory in Wuhan might have spread a deadly bat virus that had been collected for scientific study.

This blog had broached that possibility long ago.  As usual, EGI Notes is ahead ot the curve.

Meanwhile, the HBD filth promote the Chinese government’s lying propaganda about an “American bioweapon.”  I once again call for FARA and treason investigations for the HBDers involved.  If they did nothing wrong, then they should welcome an exonerating investigation.

If any are indicted for treason, I believe ti reasonable to have the death penalty proposed by the prosecution.  After, of course, fair and thorough trial.  Let’s get all the facts.

Without putting too fine a point on it, China seems to have taken the position that if they were to suffer the coronavirus, so too was the United States and the rest of the world. What else is to explain the continuation of flights from China to the United States at the rate of some 20,000 passengers a day, until President Trump wisely shut them down?

That they intentionally infected Italy and the rest of Europe is likewise without doubt, using similar reasoning. Regardless of whether The China Plague was from bat soup or from laboratory incompetence, once established, it was ruthlessly used by the Chinese to inflict pain, death, and suffering throughout the world. Meanwhile,the HBD filth parrot Chinese government propaganda.

Hail Nate!  Let’s review some comments left online at Yahoo discussion threads recently by the individual identifying as “nate”:


The daily life of the black minorities is just heart wrenching. Waking up each morning wondering how they are going to survive another day,

On the first of the month they wait at their mailbox waiting for the mailman to show up and deliver their twelve hundred dollar section eight check so they can take it to the low income apt complex office and pay their rent, then they make sure their monthly welfare child support check for their five kids that they have with different fathers (donors?) has arrived. The fathers (donors) are not man enough to support their offspring so they depend on white middle class to feed and cloth them. Next they carefully look over their utility bills before deciding if they want to pay them or not. They know they can protest out in the streets if the utility companies turn off their services claiming it is a basic human right to have water, electricity, gas, and cable TV. They then drive down to the wireless store and hand over the government voucher to pay their cell phone bill.

They keep in contact with each other on their smart phones to see if any grocery stores computer system is down so they can all rush there to charge as much as possible on their EBT card before the system comes back up. If there aren’t any possibilities for that they drive over to walmart for their weekly shopping spree to fill their carts with all kinds of groceries. A quick glance at the regular checkout lines with white people patiently waiting in them and it’s to the express line to check out. That ten-item limit is not for them, only white people. So they pay for all these groceries with the government debit card.

Next on the list of free benefits are their new obamacare ID cards. With the instructions that came with them to take them to any doctors office or emergency room for FREE priority medical treatment. (Including prescriptions)

A call to the school to make sure their kids are receiving their free school lunches and supplies rounds off the busy afternoon.

Thanksgiving and the holidays is a very stressful time of year for them. Waiting in long lines fighting and jostling with each other for the free turkeys and canned food that they demand so that they can celebrate the Great American Holiday.

At Christmas time they watch the local TV stations to find out what church or organizations are giving away free gifts for them. Once again fighting amongst themselves to get to the front of the line, they put all the free bicycles and toys in their cars and pickup trucks with the 26 inch chrome rims and $1500 stereos and tinted windows and head home to wrap them up and give them to their deprived kids..

The black minorities could care less about the white American middle class that have to work and pay full price for everything they have, Going without because of the tax’s they pay to fund all these welfare benefits, so they ignore them for their generosity as they say a prayer at dinner time for giving them everything they want to appease them. Yet they still insist that white people are racist and close their eyes to the rioting and killing in their own neighborhoods and ancestral homeland of Africa where they cannot blame white people for their riots and mass murders and the decay of their towns, cities and countries.

They are not able to admit and want to forget the truth that their own tribal chiefs sold their ancestors to white people that came to their homeland and didn’t care what happened to them.

They are not able to look themselves in the mirror and ask the simple question, Why are we so violent? Why do we hate every other race? Why do we have to destroy all that is around us? What the H is wrong with us? We are given everything we need to live here without doing anything and yet we still hate and destroy. No African nation takes care of us as well as white people do in this country. Only white people give us what they need to live for free.


So they convince themselves that it has to be some other races fault for the way they are and use any excuses to riot and loot and destroy their own neighborhoods whenever a white person says or does anything to them. They ignore the fact that not only are we forced to support them here but we have to come to their races rescue every ten to fifteen years when there is a famine or emergency in there homeland of Africa, They have seen the pictures and videos on the news of their race just sitting in enclosures starving, but still producing babies while waiting for the white nations to come to their rescue and ship them food. And now they are killing the doctors from the white nations volunteering to help them with Ebola. Does it ever end with these people?

But they ignore that just as they cannot accept the realization that they will always need white people to take care of them. There is not one nation on this planet that has a majority black population that has a welfare program for white people living in those nations and yet they riot and loot and call whites racist.

How many of them even care that approximately 329,528 white Union soldiers died in the Civil war and who knows how many maimed for life to abolish slavery? A huge number of deaths that has little meaning today, but a devastating number for the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grand parents wives and the children of those lost men. Those families would be devastated if they knew that their loved ones gave their lives for an ungrateful people. I have never read of any Union soldiers family today demanding compensation from the government. But I can’t say the same thing about the black families wanting compensation from the government for their ancestors being enslaved.

Desegregation was the third biggest mistake in the history of this nation, the first was bringing them here in the first place, and the second, not shipping them back to Africa in 1865. They wanted integration to feel equal to the white people and so the law was passed, “Affirmative Action” and the “ACLU” forces us to include one in TV commercials, news or sports broadcasting teams and at your place of employment, it also requires us to promote them where ever they work and to pass them in school regardless of grades and test results and so on.

And now they have universities where only they can attend and they have their very own heritage month where we are forced to watch and listen to what a wonderful race they are. The once nice schools where they have been admitted have been reduced to combat zones and the schools GPA’s are non-existent. They are not able to spell or write their own name or even speak a sentence at graduation. After destroying the school system in their town or city they claim they are not being given an education and demand to be bussed to a predominantly white school where they destroy that school system. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent over the years on the inner cities, building parks, community centers and schools to help them succeed and they destroy them. Nothing satisfies this race.


Let’s pause for a moment to acknowIedge a few of their many achievements and contributions to American society:

Highest annuaI % of homicide arrests among aII raciaI groups (52.2% in 20I3)
Highest annuaI % of robbery arrests among aII raciaI groups (56.4% in 20I3)
Lowest high schooI graduation rates among aII Americans (69% as of 20I4)
Lowest annuaI median HousehoId Income among aII raciaI groups ($35,398 in 20I4)
Highest out-of-wedIock birth rates among aII Americans (73% as of 20I4)
Highest per-capita SNAP/food stamp enroIIment in America (greater than I in 4)
Highest per-capita pubIic assistance % among aII Americans (nearly 50%)
Highest intra-raciaI homicide rate (92% bIack-on-bIack)
Highest inter-raciaI homicide rate among aII Americans (446 B-on-W to I87 W-on-B in 20I4)

Colored is as colored does.  The Rising Tide of Yellow Color.  Very TROPICAL, indeed.

I agree 100% with Greg Johnson on this.  How about focusing on Zturd as well?

I agree with this.

This inane selfishness isn’t limited to mask-wearing. Just today, I saw a tweet from RamzPaul flouting the mandate to maintain social distancing by suggesting he would livestream a public outing with some friends. Libertarians often stretch incredulity to such limits that they lose all credibility for the valid beliefs they hold. This nonsense is rooted in the same ill-conceived selfish individualism as the mask issue.

RAMZPAUL@ramzpaulThinking of sitting down in a restaurant and having food and drinks with friends this week.
Maybe I will livestream it. Would you guys hiding under your beds while wearing masks like to watch?

This divide between selfishness and selflessness represents the chasm that exists between neoliberal conservatives and many of us in the Dissident Right. Modern conservatism is defined by libertarianism taken to the extreme, where every event is a hoax that threatens individual liberty and every participant a crisis actor engaged in a plot to subvert the Constitution. It wouldn’t shock me at all to hear someone claim that masks are being laced with viral contamination in order to get us all sick. The current madness is one of the many reasons why Right-wing political ideas are mired in a muck of our own creation.

Der Right is increasingly discredited  Beautiful!  By the way, getting back to the leadership question discussed above, with all of the Counter-Currents pontification about Ramsey and other Alt Liters, such as “This divide between selfishness and selflessness represents the chasm that exists between neoliberal conservatives and many of us in the Dissident Right” – always remember that Johnson was in favor of a “big tent” strategy embracing the Alt Lite, which I opposed.  Who was right and who was wrong?  Who is ALWAYS right and who is ALWAYS wrong?

Note that having good judgment is apparently not a criterion for leadership, according to all of our “social scientists” (“social science” being an oxymoron if ever there was one).

Absolutely correct.

What is scarier is that it is as if China wants to spread a new wave of infections around the globe…Which in turn leads to one final question: if the second wave of infections that China is about to unleash on the world results in millions of deaths, at what point will China’s action be viewed as an act of war?

This whole episode has been an act of war.  The Chinese “people” are waging a remorseless war of genocidal extermination against humanity.  In response, humanity does nothing except grovel to China – measured groveling to be sure, eh Derb?

HBD facilitates this war. HBDers are traitors to humanity.  Therefore, humanity must declare war against both China and against HBD.

See this.

Like other Nordic countries, Finland has a strong conformist mentality. The Law of Jante is in force to keep too headstrong or conflict-seeking individuals in leash.

Another refutation of MacDonald’s HBD-Nordicism ranting.  Nordics are conformist and collectivist.  Even they themselves admit it.

Ethnonationalist Filth

Lies, lies, and more lies.

Laugh at this. Emphasis added:

In case you’re wondering, my metaphor of the two neighbors represents here the two extremes present in the Dissident Right with regard to European unity in the face of the many pressures and difficulties our peoples are faced with. The neighbor who ignores the fire next door, thus allowing it to spread to his own domicile, is the so-called petty nationalist. The petty nationalist does not realize that multiculturalism, globalism, immigration, and all of the well-known conflagrations of today will eventually spread to his house. The neighbors who, having put out the fire, start living together and intruding on each others’ most intimate moments are the so-called racial imperialists, who’d weld together the various disparate nations of Europe and forcefully integrate them into one homogenous racial blob. 

Please name someone who is best described as – “racial imperialists, who’d weld together the various disparate nations of Europe and forcefully integrate them into one homogenous racial blob.”

Who? Richard Spencer, the extreme Anglocentrist whose “movement” “career” is more or less kaput? Who? von Hoffmeister, who no one hears about any more? Who?  Please tell us who all these dastardly “racial imperialists” are; inquiring minds want to know.  Or is it just a bogeyman of the ethnonationalists?  

People don’t generally like either of these options.

Then why do you spend time arguing against both?

The position of the petty nationalist is very much indefensible. 

The various nations of Europe cannot individually defend themselves against gigantic global enemies, be they the full force of the Islamic ummah, rootless cosmopolitan subversives, transnational corporations, or the gold-hoarding, industry-stealing, disease-exporting dragon in the Far East. Not counting Russia, Germany is Europe’s most populous and wealthiest nation, and France has the greatest military power. Not one of these countries can reasonably stand up to either China, the Islamic world, or even Russia and the USA, to say nothing of Europe’s smaller nations. I’ve written on this subject before, about Eastern Europe’s justifiable anxieties about Russia. When you’re small and your neighbor is big, when he can very easily show up at your doorstep with an army as large as your population, no number of assurances will convince you that he won’t eventually change his mind and decide that might makes right. Naturally, the nations of Europe form alliances to ward off external threats.

And why should European nations form alliances only with each other then, if it is merely out of national self-interest?  Why not an alliance of Latvia with China against Russia?  An alliance of England and Russia against those dastardly Polish plumbers (more about them below)?  Why would “the nations of Europe” preferentially “form alliances” against “external” threats?  Why are all of the threats external, and not any of them internal, to Europe?  

If you start following through the chain of logic to what the obvious answers are, then you begin to reach an endpoint that involves more than just some temporary ad hoc “alliances.” You begin to get to issues of shared racial, cultural, and civilizational heritages and an innate sense of belonging to a common Race-Culture.

At the same time, these alliances must remain alliances. 

Again, if these are merely temporary alliances of convenience, then why shouldn’t the UK make an alliance with China in competition against, say, Germany?

Just as the neighbors of our metaphor started hating each other when they were forced to share bedrooms and toilets, so the nations of Europe become enthralled to mutual resentment and contempt

“Enthralled?” In that context? Poor word choice, awkward sentence construction. ESL alert!

…when forcibly integrated with each other. The vitriol dripping from the tongues of English nationalists when talking about Polish plumbers is astounding and would discourage many from attempting to create a continent- and race-wide common consciousness.

Those same “English nationalists” grovel to “Commonwealth Immigration” of Blacks and Browns. Who cares what they “think?”  More fundamentally – who says that pan-Europeanism entails “Polish plumbers” living in England?  Why are ethnonationalists so relentlessly mendacious, so fundamentally dishonest, that they have to repeat these strawman arguments over and over again?

The NATO pact is one such example of a wrongheaded alliance. NATO policy against “duplication of capabilities” shoehorns every European nation’s military into specializing for one role, while the US military is exempt from this requirement. In practice, this means that no one European nation can use its military independently from the US. France is the only exception, only due to its long absence from the alliance, thanks to the wisdom of its president Charles de Gaulle who — for all his faults and treasons, well documented on this site and elsewhere — still managed to keep France somewhat sovereign in the latter half of the 20th century, or at least somewhat independent from the Anglo-Soviet duopoly. This is to say nothing of the fact that NATO is a way for US politicians to extort money from European member states and transfer it to the American military-industrial complex. 

Uh-huh.  Europeans are really paying their fair share of the military costs.  No.

In short, this is not an alliance, but a tool for imposing American (globohomo) suzerainty on the nations of Europe. The inclusion of non-European countries such as Turkey is likewise an incalculable mistake that could very easily drag the whole of Europe into wars that are not in its interest and give Turkish military personnel access to European military secrets and assessments of European military capabilities.

Never happened with individual nation states!  Sure!  Countries like England and France making common cause with the Ottomans against Russia, Greece, and Balkan Slavs never happened, by gummint!  It’s just a figment of a historian’s imagination!  And once again – why should an ad hoc system of temporary alliances include, say, Greece, but exclude Turkey?

If you thought that was bad, let me tell you about The Bruxelles Horror, The Thing From Strasbourg, The Union from the Black Latrine, which you may know as the EU. This bureaucratic nightmare of regulations and directives is the biggest threat to the sovereignty of European nations since the Turkish invasions of the 16th and 17th centuries. Its now-notorious method of decision-making by committee makes it the wet dream of leftoids, apparatchiks and other generally undesirable neurotypes. It is a colossal attempt to homogenize European nations into unworkable middles, resulting in labor laws which are too stringent for Italians, but too relaxed for Germans, in levels of centralization too high for Englishmen, but too low for Frenchmen.

As if the EU is something that someone like Yockey would have approved of. Idiot.

When the 2010 sovereign debt crisis rolled around, it was forced to abandon this approach of unworkable middles and was taken over by Angela Merkel, who uniformly imposed the German way of doing things on the entire continent, resulting in much misery and intra-European hatred. 

I thought that Der Movement supports German domination?

People who would have been friendly before started hating each other, because they were forced to live together — and more importantly, live like each other. Deny an Italian his riposa, his three-hour lunch break, and the many redundancies and inefficiencies of Italian communal life, and he’ll resent you with all the deep darkness contained in the word vendetta. 

What would a Der Movement blog post be without the typical snide contemptuous ridicule of the wops? This is, by the way, why I have my own (justified) contempt of Italy and the Italians, because their “La Dolce Vita” attitude opens them up to mockery by others.

The reason why the European Union broke at its British and Italian seams is simple. It forced the Italians to work like Germans, and it dictated to the British as if they were French. 

Last I looked Italy was still part of the EU.  So I’m not sure what “Italian seam” is breaking there.

Pretty soon, it will have to either force the French to build a cult of labor and economic gains like the Germans, or shoehorn decentralized and pacific Germany into the semi-militarized dirigisme of the Fifth Republic, with the impoverished and nationalist Ossies dragged kicking and screaming behind. European history is very clear as to what happens when France and Germany get locked in a cycle of mutual hatred.

Nutty ranting. The entire EU project is essentially Europe being bullied by the Germans and their French close allies.  If there’s a “cycle of mutual hatred” there then the rest of us must have missed it. Hatred between Germans and Greeks? Possibly yes. Germans and French?  Now?  No. By the way, the previous cycles of French-German “mutual hatred” was typically due to ethnonationalism.

I already have a good idea of what happens when you force Europeans to share living space because I’ve spent my entire life in the shadow of the Yugoslav wars. In a series of conflicts spanning from 1991 to 2001, the various nations of Yugoslavia settled their accounts with blood and iron. Men who were neighbors, coworkers, best men at each others’ weddings, friends, who named each other brother, who participated as comrades in peacekeeping missions as part of the Yugoslav National Army, were suddenly shooting at each other, burning each others’ houses and raping each others’ wives and daughters. It was a brother war if there ever was one, but mention to a Serb that a Croat is his brother will likely get you punched in the face, even 20 something years on.

So, under a tight Yugoslav regime everyone got along, but as soon as the centralization was relaxed, bloodshed ensued. Not exactly a sterling argument for ethnonationalism, is it?

My question to those who would force European nations to live together — who’d keep the European Union but try to make it based and redpilled — is this: if Yugoslavia couldn’t keep its six nations together, even with its 1974 constitution which transformed this federal state into a confederacy of states, how the hell are you going to gather Europe’s many nations together in a continent-wide federal entity without the end result including death camps, snipers shooting civilians in the streets, and wholesale expulsions of entire populations by armed forces?

Excuse me, you mendacious scum, it is your ethnonationalist Grand Poobah Johnson who has advocated war and ethnic cleansing among Europeans. Meanwhile, you’ll note that the “EU horror” that you have described has not descended into “death camps, snipers shooting civilians in the streets, and wholesale expulsions of entire populations by armed forces.” Don’t project Yugoslav violence onto the rest of Europe. When the UK wanted to leave the EU, they left (eventually). There wasn’t any “death camps, snipers shooting civilians in the streets, and wholesale expulsions of entire populations by armed forces.” 

People resent each other when forced to live together. 

How about people of the same ethnic group? They are “people” “forced to live together.”  Not everyone in the same mono-ethnic nation are compatible.

Nations do as well. Ask a Croatian nationalist about Yugoslavia, and he’ll claim that Croats were the perpetual victims of that state and that Croatian labor built Yugoslavia. Ask a Serbian nationalist about Yugoslavia, and he’ll claim that Yugoslavia was an anti-Serbian entity that served to undermine and destroy Serbian nationhood at the expense of elevating every other nationality. Ask a Macedonian nationalist about Yugoslavia, and you’ll get a spirited rant about how the Yugoslav authorities suppressed and gaslit Macedonian nationalism and used our country as a dumping ground for toxic waste. What’s interesting is that all of these stories are partially true. Yugoslavia was indeed an anti-Croat, anti-Serb, and anti-Macedonian entity, and it was also anti-Slovene, anti-Montenegrin, and anti-Bosniak. It was pro-Yugoslav, but Yugoslavs do not really exist outside the sick fantasy of former regime apparatchiks and extremely confused children of mixed marriages.

Descriptive, not prescriptive.  What happened in Yugoslavia is an example of why we need MORE European unity, not less.

That’s perhaps going too far. Yugoslav means southern Slavs. There definitely exists such a group of people and it includes all the nations of the former Yugoslavia, as well as the Bulgarians. In this sense, southern Slav is an ethnic designation. It is an element of identity, a level between nation and race. One can have various levels of identity, beginning with familial, scaling up to local, regional, national, ethnic, sub-racial and finally racial. And so, I am a Macedonian, but also a southern Slav, a Slav, and white. All levels of identity can be vectors of identity politics. Not all levels brook the establishment of a common state. History teaches us that the national level is the highest at which stable state-type entities can be established. 

The Roman Empire lasted longer than some of the nation states of Europe that are currently extant. Yes, Rome collapsed. Will the nation states of Europe last as long under current conditions?  By the way, what’s a nation? You talk about Germany. What about Prussia and Bavaria? Italy? What about Padania? France? Brittany?  Spain?  Catalonia?  

But there’s nothing stopping us from forming alliances at the higher levels and ultimately, at the highest, racial level.

This implies racial commonality.  What’s a nation?  Can a race be a nation? It’s White nationalism, after all. Why do you define nation to exclude Europe and Yugoslavia but include Germany, France, Spain, and Italy? What about England, Wales, and Scotland vs. the UK?  Should we atomize Europe to a hundred mini-nations?  If not, why not?  If so, then are you going to have dozens of ever-shifting alliances – or how about a federal structure instead?  

You’re a hypocrite if you talk about “nations” but define “nation” to include states that contain groups that could, and sometimes do, consider themselves independent ethnies. On the other hand, if you have “a Europe of a hundred flags” then all of your comments about how tiny nations cannot stand alone come back to haunt you.

So we either have a myriad of “the mouse that roared” alliances or we have an overarching federal structure.

What if there’s a middle ground between letting your neighbor’s house burn to the ground and moving in with him, making life intolerable for the both of you?

Preserve the neighborhood.  The homes are part of a neighborhood, part of a town or city.  They are not atomized dwellings completely free of connections to the world around them.

When large and organized enemies attack Europe, Europe has reacted by forming alliances against such enemies. 

And sometimes, Europeans sided with non-Europeans against other Europeans.  Ethnonationalism!

After many centuries of raids and invasions, the Pope called on Christian Europe to proactively defend itself against the strength of Islam. After many years of hard fighting, the Crusades finally broke the back of the Muslim caliphate and introduced confusion and disunity among the followers of Muhammad. European men of various nations standing side-by-side turned back the tide of Turks at the gates of Vienna. The loss of authority for the Pope and the Catholic church spelled the end of European unity, and what followed were many centuries of brother wars until the imperfect solution provided by the Peace of Westphalia.

So you admit that the end of European unity led to “many centuries of brother wars.” Thanks for refuting ethnonationalism, much appreciated!

The nations of Europe…

Which are?

…are facing many threats…

Including ethnonationalism.

…and we have to face these many threats together if we are to live. However, we must face these threats as equals coming together for a common goal, which is the survival of each nation. Already, we are seeing the beginnings of such alliances in entities like the Visegrád group, which do not seek to subordinate European nations, nor do they seek to forcefully integrate them with each other. 

Name a serious person in the “movement” today who wants to forcefully integrate” European nations with each other.  That’s not the same as a voluntary federation of nations.

Rather, the nations of Europe will work together for their common defense against external threats, both from hostile immigrants and great powers seeking to impose their suzerainty on us. Anything less means defeat. Anything more will lead to devastating brother wars. The best way to prevent a brother war is to let each brother have his own house.

All of that nonsense after this moron wrote: “…spelled the end of European unity, and what followed were many centuries of brother wars.”

The “brother wars” happened precisely BECAUSE OF ethnonationalism. That’s why Johnson supports war and ethnic cleansing among Europeans – because it is ethnonationalism that, ultimately, has to be forced upon people, ancient grudges inflamed and enabled to prevent the pan-European ideal.  It’s folks in Der Movement who really despise other Europeans, much more so than the man in the street. It’s the freaks and fetishists who are projecting their contempt on everyone else.

Odds and Ends, 4/6/20

In der news.

This is beautiful!  Hail India!  Brown better than Yellow.

Read this. HBD is openly aiding China. HBD is the traitor within the gates in Der Movement.  HBDers are unmitigated filth.  In addition, dependent upon the outcome of a fair and thorough investigation, they may be criminals and traitors to America.

Colored is as colored does.  Non-White, anti-White, TROPICAL, COLORED Asians whine, whine, whine about “racism,” making common cause with their COLORED allies as part of The TROPICAL Alliance.  Derbyshire weeps bitter tears.

Face facts, folks.  Asians are as bizarrely alien, as racially alien, as racially distant, from Whites as are Negroes from deepest Africa.

Biological warfare.  Was this intentional infection of America by the Chinese people? Another question: Are the Chinese people joyously laughing at the pain and suffering inflicted upon the American people?  The Chinese attitude toward White people.  Derbyshire weeps.

Note that groups representing more of original racial stocks have higher autism than do Hispanics. According to my theory of autism that is NOT due to “hybrid vigor.” Instead it is due to “amygdala shock” from the brains of children from groups evolved to live amongst more clearly defined racial categories, but who are being exposed to all sorts of bizarre hybrid phenotypes representing hybrid genotypes.

As someone with a STEM background, I can tell you this is 100% absolute nonsense.  “No such thing as herd immunity”– what a stupid ignorant bastard.  Dump wop.

The virus mutates!  We can’t vaccinate!  Like the flu, eh?  But then again, a la Zturd, Der Right doesn’t acknowledge that a flu vaccine exists, so there.  We can’t vaccinate – the virus doesn’t give immunity!  First, we don’t know that at the current time.  Second, it is possible to create vaccines that are more immunogenic that the wild-type pathogen.

What else can you expect from an embarrassingly ignorant HBD-Nordicist pseudoscience trash website like The Occidental Observer?  It’s interesting that MacDonald went from a serious scholar to a tragicomic crank in the direct proportion to his embrace of HBD-Nordicism.

Male HBDer after “measured groveling” to Chinatrix.  If you imagine that the “lotus eater” was instead a Chinatrix rather than an Anglotrix, then this film clip would very well summarize the fundamental essence of HBD. “Another round-eye bites the dust,” indeed. Awkward squad!

Milady contributes to the biomedical and epidemiological research on covid-19 in the manner to which she is so eminently suited.  Everyone does what they can in terms of their biological capabilities and limitations!

Please note that the pandemic of anti-White hatred discussed here includes Asians as a key component of the anti-White Rising Tide of COLOR TROPICAL ALLIANCE.  

The existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.

This is the Asian reaction to the suffering inflicted by The China Plague.

Noted for the record: Four periods that was particularly enriched in high quality human material: Periclean Greece and immediate post-period (Pericles, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Alexander, etc.)  Late Roman Republic (Marius, Sulla, Caesar, Octavian, Cicero, etc.), Italian Renaissance in Tuscany (Alberti, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, etc.), 1750s to1850s America (Washington, Hamilton, Jefferson, Burr, Madison, Monroe, Jackson, Clay, Calhoun, etc.).

High trust!  High trust!  Inner Hajnal!  Whatever Der Movement worships, you should look at askance. A people that tolerates this deserves contemptuous scorn, not worshipful adulation.

Two Heretical Evolutionary Thoughts

Food for thought.

Drug resistance mediated by clonal evolution is arguably the biggest problem in cancer therapy today. However, evolving resistance to one drug may come at a cost of decreased growth rate or increased sensitivity to another drug due to evolutionary trade-offs. This weakness can be exploited in the clinic using an approach called ‘evolutionary herding’ that aims at controlling the tumour cell population to delay or prevent resistance.

One can imagine a human population that develops certain mental, physical, and/or cultural traits that enable them to survive certain types of environmental challenges – including sociopolitical and cultural challenges – but makes them more vulnerable to another type of challenge. Is this analogous to the pathological altruism of certain (“high trust northern hunter gatherer”) European strains, originally adapted to ancient environmentally challenging yet demographically homogeneous conditions, in today’s multiracial and multicultural societal niches?  Alternatively, have today’s Western societies created a strain of Jew (or other non-European minority) adapted to the current System, but that has sensitivity to another sociopolitical System due to “evolutionary trade-offs?” By analogy, was the vulnerability of Jews to the National Socialist regime an example of “evolutionary herding” of Jews to the more Jew-friendly conditions of Enlightenment and post-Enlightenment secular-liberal Europe?

Researchers administer low levels of a drug, enough to kill most, but not all, of the vulnerable cells in the tumor population while favoring the survival of drug-resistant lineages. Once the tumor has shrunk, clinicians stop administering the drug. The drug-sensitive cells, which tend to have a competitive edge over cells that have invested in a costly drug-resistance mechanism, can now begin to grow back. Competition between drug-sensitive and drug-resistant cells for resources in the tumor microenvironment keeps the tumor size in check.

Thus, cycling between “treatment on” and “treatment” off strategies can be of use.  First, you kill off most, but not all, of the drug-sensitive cancer cells, leaving mostly resistant cells. Then you remove the drug, and let the remaining sensitive cells grow back, crowding out the resistant cells via resource competition – under “no drug” conditions the sensitive cells have a growth advantage. Then hit with the drug again, etc.

Let’s take Bowery’s concept of “Jewish virulence” and expand it to this concept. What if more extreme anti-Semitism selects for a more virulent strain of Jew, but one that comes with costs – the same mental and physical traits allowing them to survive extreme anti-Semitism (misanthropy, paranoia, excessive ethnocentrism, and who know what else – perhaps better crypsis and/or greater mobility) makes those same Jews less competitive under conditions of lesser anti-Semitism. Thus, under conditions in which the Jewish infection (or neoplastic growth) cannot be eliminated in a Western society, alternating between greater and lesser levels of anti-Semitism could maintain sufficient numbers of vulnerable Jews so as to prevent the permanent establishment of a fully resistant Jewish strain, and thus keep the infestation under control.

Odds and Ends, 4/4/20

In der news.

…it was during that high-speed chase that a trooper looked into the car and noticed that a dog was sitting in the driver’s seat.

When troopers were finally able to stop the speeding car with spike strips, the man told them simply that he was “trying to teach his dog how to drive.”

Was this the police officer?

What’s the relevance to EGI Notes? Just more evidence that America is a complete madhouse. One can expect more examples like this as American society breaks down under diversity.

Female athletics.  What’s the relevance to EGI Notes?  Exposing sex reality is important for the long term well-being of our people.

Behold Der Right.  The only question now is whether Der Right will be only partially discredited from this crisis or completely discredited.  Unfortunately, the former seems more likely.

It’s Der Right.  The basic problem with Der Right is its “culture” not its fundamental ideology.  By culture I mean the hysterically irrational, conspiracy-obsessed, anti-empiricist, anti-scientific, anti-expertise (”credentialism!”), distrust anyone, cherry picking  when to “fight for freedom”  in the worst possible circumstances, gaslighting stupidity.  Der Movement adds to that its fossilized dogmas, its affirmative action program, and even more hysteria about conspiracies and sweaty hysteria.  Hey idiots – the real conspiracies are race replacement and outsourcing our entire economy to China, not “microchips in vaccines.” The real conspiracies are the ones that are open and public and to which you provide no effective opposition.

It’s a right wing star!  Mazel Tov!  Oy vey!

Maybe Der Right should be worrying more about this than about “microchips in vaccinations” or about “Jew doctors sodomizing our babies with MMR needles and giving them autism.” But, no. You see, many of our rightist heroes and anti-vaxxers are themselves butterballs and this all hits too close to home, don’t you know. I seem to recall one prominent female anti-vaxxer in Der Movement whining several years ago about dating problems – men don’t like overweight women. That complaint tells us much, I think.

MacDonald and Durocher weep. Kemp has a nervous breakdown.

So Northern Europeans actually have a ton of the Middle Eastern ancestry that Nordicists have always looked down on. And while they still have some of their beloved European hunter-gatherer ancestry, it turns out that’s Asian-related. Furthermore, large parts of their Middle Eastern and Asian/Amerindian-type ancestries arrived long after Paleolithic and Neolithic times in the Bronze Age.

Of course, the same goes for Southern Europeans, but they generally have more of the older Neolithic farmer ancestry and less of the exotic “Asiatic” ancestries. And the originators of European civilization — Minoan and Mycenaean Greeks, as well as Etruscans and Romans — were genetically like modern Southern Europeans, not like modern Northern Europeans as the Nordicists have always claimed.

So in a pissing contest of who’s “more European”, playing by Nordicists’ own rules, Southern Europeans would have to be considered the “winners”.

But, hey, those exotic “Asian” ancestries are of great benefit to all humanity, and don’t your forget it!. Now, run along and borrow some chopsticks from Bromstad and Bjork.

Look while I don’t agree with Racial Reality/Italianthro on some things ( I oppose Medicism as much as I oppose Nordicism, and I critique wops and dagoes as much as anyone), he’s right here – the utter hypocrisy of Der Movement is neatly exposed by his post.

Don’t ever expect them to admit being wrong, especially about this.  See my post here.

Zturd is bursting with pride.

Attention Zturd (emphasis added):

…Helsloot fails to take into account the additional number of Italians who would have died without the suppression policy that he condemns. Also, even with the draconian nationwide lockdown in Italy, the coronavirus is far from subdued…Even Gerd Gigerenzer from the Max Planck Institute in Berlin, whom I admire for his excellent work on risk and uncertainty, fails to take into account the phenomenon of self-refuting propheciesdoesn’t pause to consider the effects of the actions that were taken by those authorities to forestall their worst predictions. 

One more example. Minimalists such as Richard Epstein at the Hoover Institute have cited the low case fatality rate of COVID-19 in South Korea and Singapore, which are precisely the places that have tested for the virus most extensively. Doesn’t this prove that we are overestimating the deadliness of the coronavirus and that we are panicking over nothing? No, because this argument ignores the fact that South Korea took the coronavirus threat very seriously right from the start…As the novelist Frank Herbert once said: “The function of sci-fi is not to predict the future, but to prevent it.” That leads us into a strange paradox: the better we manage to contain this pandemic, the less we will learn from it. Because there is one thing you can bet on for sure: as soon as this whole crisis blows over, the same minimalists will come forward and claim that it wasn’t as bad as the “fearmongers” had told us. Indeed, some of them are already busy committing that very fallacy.

SALLIS IS RIGHT ONCE AGAIN.  Finally, someone is admitting that biolab leak does NOT imply “bioengineered.”  Note the Chinatrix connection to all of this, perhaps explaining the hysterical fervor of the HBDers on this issue.  Psycho-sexual motivations are typically very potent, eh HBDers?  Doing some “measured groveling,” perhaps? 

Hungary vs. Sweden.  Come now, Swedish political leadership is obviously of great benefit – great benefit I tell you! – to all humanity, as opposed to all of those non-good Outer Hajnal Eastern European Hungarians.

Is Carlson reading Zturd?  I listened to what he said – it’s not as bad as Zturd, but it’s not entirely accurate either. It’s too early right now for either direction – certainly too early for Zturd’s “let the good times roll” and too early for Fauci’s “close everything down until there’s isn’t a single slant-eyed, yellow virus particle in America.” We need to get a clear understanding of viral spread in Red State America.  But, Carlson needs to consider what is linked above – it may be precisely all of the measures he worries about that are reducing infection rates in certain areas of the country.  It may be useful to hear from epidemiologists and infectious disease experts other than Fauci as well. Let’s get some consensus. My point is as well – what would Tucker do?  Let’s get some actual proposals. It’s easy to criticize. What should be done?

Antebellum Palingenetic Ultranationalism

More on fascism.  Red font emphasis added.

This here is a link to an essay in the Fascism journal arguing that the Antebellum American South had “proto-fascist” features similar to “Germany’s nineteenth century Völkisch movement.”  This paradigm may be of interest to “Southern nationalists” extant in Der Movement (which I am not), so I’ll just reproduce a few interesting excerpts with very brief comments, and let the “Hunter Wallace” types delve into this in more detail if they are so inclined.

The abstract:

This article examines how the Southern proslavery defense produced a distinctly proto-fascist ideology. Rather than comparing the Antebellum South to twentieth century racist regimes, this study compares Southern fascist thought to Germany’s nineteenth century Völkisch movement. The author uses Roger Griffin’s Palingenetic Ultranationalism to explore how the Antebellum South promoted an illiberal vision of modernity. The author argues that proto-fascists rejected liberalism, had a profound sense of social decay, and advanced a vision of a new man, new political structure, and a new temporality. The striking similarities between nineteenth and twentieth century fascist movements mandates that the Antebellum American South should be included in comparative fascist studies. The results of this study contextualize the comparisons made between American racism and fascism along with deepening our understanding of fascism’s protean qualities.

It’s interesting how these “analysts of fascism” stress “fascism’s protean qualities” and then they proceed to impose rigid definitions on various fascist sub-genera. While those are different authors, they share the same mindset, writing for the same journal, and yet construct fascism according to pre-conceived notions while also asserting “protean qualities.”  True, there are some fundamental constant in fascism, but “anti-modernity” and völkisch racialism are not, in my opinion two of those.

Similarly, Riehl also believed that hierarchies are natural and it is modernity which is alien for the aristocracy preserved the true nature of the Volk. Such ideas were not limited to Europe. For the South, hierarchy, inequality, and slavery was, too, a patriarchal system descended from God. With such strong convictions, it is no wonder the South sought a palingenesis. They regarded their aristocracy not only as the best hope for the future of humanity but as a God ordained institution besieged. For the Southern intelligentsia, to allow Northern abolitionists to criticize slavery was intolerable.

Fair enough, I suppose.

Nonetheless, perhaps the largest hindrance toward the development of a populist fascist movement was the proto-fascist cult of aristocracy. The proto-fascist image of the new man is rooted in traditional elitist conservatism and excluded popular participation. Nevertheless, there were signs that this position was untenable. Southern elites were facing increased pressure from a newly emerging class consciousness of the poor and sought ways to mobilize popular participation to the extent possible at the time. The South’s emphasis on the white race was, to a certain degree, a populist message which promised to elevate the non-slave owner through his skin color. Fitzhugh even advanced the idea of a Southern education to disseminate principles of the new man: ‘We alone are a new people. Our social relations and institutions differ widely from those of other civilized countries of modern times, and in some respects from those of antiquity. New, original, and valuable combinations of thought will be suggested by our social organism . . . A Southern university will beget Southern thought and a Southern literature . . . When we cease to study Northern and European books . . . [we will] build up a Southern literature, more truthful, more Christian, more natural, and therefore superior to any that has preceded it.’ In fact, Fitzhugh advocated the elevation of white masses to the positions of superiority: ‘Our citizens, like those of Rome and Athens, are a privileged class. We should train and educate them to deserve the privileges and to perform the duties which society confers on them.’ Later, in Sociology for the South, Fitzhugh continues to venerate classical aristocracies as a paragon, ‘Like the Roman citizen, the Southern white man would become a noble and a privileged character’. De Bow contributor, L.W. Spratt believed that reopening the Atlantic slave trade would open Southern slavery to the masses, enabling popular participation in the slavocracy. In De Bow’s Review, he stated: ‘for all to become slave owners . . . will thus bring all the ruling race to the same social stand point; it will thus reintegrate and erect our social system . . . and open the prospect to a broader and brighter future than was ever yet expanded to the eye of man.’ Although the South was a rigid oligarchy, Southern intellectuals envisioned popular participation in the creation of the new man; heralding the future arrival of the populist ultranationalism of future fascist regimes.

Thus, the tension between aristocratic elitism and populism…possibly resolved through a common set of racial interests?

Proto-fascists between the South and Germany believed stripping the individual of their rights created a better society. Although the assault on individual liberty strikes at the very foundations of American notions of freedom, Southern intellectuals portrayed their alternative in a positive manner.

The Ramseyian Alt Liters weep.

Conclusion and Discussion: Toward a Fascist Revolution?

The Southern intellectuals sought the creation of a new man and a new modernity in a new nation. This palingenesis would enable Southerners to end their status as victims under Northern degeneracy. It would preserve traditional social roles between men, women, and race. It would be a forward looking ideology, a distinctly Southern modernity as an alternative to the liberal society of the North. The core of the Southern palingenesis was the creation of a new type of industrial slave society.

So, after all the pontifications about fascist” anti-modernity” we see “a distinctly Southern modernity” and “a new type of industrial slave society.”  Modernity is not something to be fought, but something to be leveraged and used, according to your society’s own unique Race-Culture.  The “protean qualities” of fascism are compatible with the more healthy aspects of modernity – particularly science and technics.

Although the South prized slavery as the ideal of communist goals, they abhorred the ideology. The Southern intelligentsia sought a third way between capitalism and communism because they believed free labor begat revolution and degeneracy. Low paid workers fermented revolution, abolition and feminism.

Slavery has never been stable throughout human history.  Slaves always ended up being freed.  It seems that the slave-owing antebellum southern aristocracy were justifying their own greed and reactionary refusal to change with the times and cut their losses.  Free White labor is infinitely better than free Colored labor, and ultimately, that was the only long term choice.

Above all, a working class led to socialism, not only in terms of the emancipation of their slaves as property but in inaugurating equality between race and sex.

Nonsense, if you believe an absolute inevitability.

To fight against degeneracy was to fight against democratic participation, abolitionism, feminism, socialism, and communism. To control and roll back the discontent of the working class and the revolutions they ignited, it was necessary to control them as tightly as possible, hence, a renewed and modernized slave state was the answer.


Cumulatively, the proslavery ideology of the South was proto-fascist. The palingenesis of the South did not completely resemble the fascist regimes of the next century. As previously stated, the South’s proto-fascism shares the same ineliminable core of the rejection of modernity…

Compare that last phrase to what is written above about the Southern embrace of a distinctively “Southern” and “industrial slave” modernity. These types of authors are so hysterical in their rigid and dogmatic interpretations and definitions of fascism that they cannot be consistent from one paragraph to another.

…and proposal for a radical new order as interwar fascist regimes such as Nazi Germany or Mussolini’s Italy. Historian George L. Mosse, said: ‘Ideas of regeneration, of sacrifice, and a vision of utopia were the staple of all fascism’. Indeed, Southern calls for a new nation centered on their notions of race and sex heralded the Nazi’s doctrine of master race utopianism and Lebensraum when a South Carolinian politician polemicized:

Unite, and your slave property shall be protected . . . Unite, and . . . . California shall be a slave State; the dismembered territory of Texas shall be restored, and you shall enjoy a full participation in all the territory which was conquered by your blood and treasure. Unite, and you shall form one of the most splendid empires on which the sun ever shone, of the most homogeneous population, all of the same blood and lineage.

The Southern nationalists fought and died for their palingenesis.

If slavery was s essential for “southern nationalism,” then what are the modern “Southern nationalists” doing?  Perhaps there is more to core Southern culture than slavery?

Nonetheless, these ideas continued to live on in a defeated South. For the Völkisch proto-fascists, their ideas would find new life and be incorporated into Nazi Germany. One question than can be conjectured is – if the proto-fascism was similar between the Antebellum South and the Völkisch movement – how did the experience of war lead to completely divergent directions? In post-First World War Germany, liberal modernity was associated with defeat coupled with a weak Weimar Republic. In the United States, liberalism triumphed so soundly that the South’s resentment of defeat never aroused the mass mobilization on the scale of the Europeans. After all, the North forced liberal-democratic institutions on the vanquished South. In Europe, proto-fascism was able to take root because liberal-democracy’s validity was questioned with the defeated nations and their ruined economies. For a defeated South, the best they could do was Klan terrorism and Jim Crow. The triumph of liberalism ensured that Jim Crow would never reach the extent of the Holocaust. Under Northern occupation, racist terrorists had to be secretive about their activities.

Liberalism was triumphant in America because the nation was in some sense founded upon it; in contrast to the deep roots of European High Culture and Race-Culture with a blood-soil component, the diaspora colonial American experience lacked those historical deep roots and exhibited a more ephemeral idea-based paradigm.  I am not saying America was, is, or should be an “idea nation,” but that, in a relative sense, compared to the Old World of Europe, it is more in that direction.

Furthermore, the notion of proto-fascism, like post-fascism, deepens our understanding of the ‘protean’ or adaptive qualities of fascism to historical and external forces.

Right…except when the author wants to confine fascist ideology into a rigid cage, so as to prevent more modern interpretations that can prove a threat to the globalist liberal order.

The ineliminable core of palingenesis explains similarities to contemporary ‘pseudo-fascism’ – such as through American President Donald Trump’s ‘Make American Great Again’ slogan for instance.


This study has shown that there was a continuum of illiberal forces which preceded and survived through the Southern nationalist movement that culminated in the American Civil War. The proto-fascist features of the Antebellum South explain many of the similarities other historians have drawn between the Third Reich and the post-Civil War South. As such, the Antebellum South of the United States warrants serious study in the discourse of comparative fascism.

Those similarities may be one reason why Type I American Nutzis are so enamored of Hitlerian völkisch racialism.

On another note, I’d like to see an analysis of Cola di Rienzi in this journal.