Pictorial of Derb Ice People

Jews and Asians.

Derbyshire considers Jews and Asians to be Ice People, part of the Arctic Alliance, so let’s play the “movement” game of selecting photos so we can consider examples of these wonderfully depigmented ultra-Arctic peoples from the far north, where the cold winds blow!



Are only Negroes prognathous?

More evidence of gracile northerness!


Japanese Ice People

“Derb Jr.” writes and whines.

Read this as an antidote to despicable scum like Jason Malloy who once (~ 15 years ago) absurdly labeled Japan as a “Western” nation.

If white people are to become minorities in the countries our ancestors built, and if we face a future where we may be ruled over by envious and malevolent non-whites, I would rather my overlords be Japanese than Muslims or sub-Saharan Africans. 

And let’s not forget those Chinese girls with guns.

Of course, if possible I prefer to live free among my own people.

Too late…you made your bed and now lie in it…literally.

But if, by some miracle, white ethno-states become a reality in the West, will I—and my Japanese wife and mixed-race child—be accepted? 


Or would I be rejected as a miscegenating traitor to my race?

Yes, you filthy scum.

My wife has many years of experience living and working in the US, and our child was born there. We agree that life in America is in many ways preferable to living in Japan. 

We don’t want you.

We talk openly and honestly about these issues, and she is as disturbed as I am by what is happening to the native populations in Western countries. 


She is nevertheless quite willing to assimilate to American culture and would be happier living in the US than I am in Japan.

What about the wishes of Americans?  Do we get to have a say whether you get to infest and contaminate this country?

And as far as the real Derb goes, he’s in “fine” form here, in his relentless quest to obfuscate the clear and distinct boundary separating Europeans from Colored Asiatics such as Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans.  Hey, Derb, no matter how you “shuck and jive” your wife and children are unassimilable aliens and you are a miscegenating race traitor.

And since Derbyshire likes writing about Bruce Lee, once again let us examine this movie clip of Derbyshire being physically humiliated by Bruce Lee.  Yes, yes, I know – it is “only a movie.”  Nevertheless it represents the two major core principles of HBD:

1. Subaltern Whites being dominated and humiliated by their Asian masters.

2. The superiority of a Jeurasian ruling class (Lee apparently was of Asian-White-Jewish ancestry).

The movie is also representative of Silk Road White nationalism, as the plot revolves around a Chinese family living in Rome, Italy, with Lee protecting them against Mafia-style gangsters.  After all, Asians are supposed to colonize the West, and “stand tall” against the no-good natives, eh Silker filth?

(By the way, in that movie clip, the fellow in the short-sleeve dark blue shirt is obviously a Sicilian)

Summer 2018 Alt Right Assessment

Things looking grim, as usual.

This is a situation in which both sides are wrong.  Legally and morally, the judge (Is he a wop or hunkie – perhaps Richie and Kev want to chime in about that?) is in the wrong. Simply put, if Group A wants to legally exercise their constitutional rights of free speech and free assembly, and Group B attempts to stop them using any and all means at their disposal, the persons in the wrong are members of Group B, not Group A.  That’s a general description of what happened at Charlottesville.  The specifics of the case in question sounds like “lawfare.”  The Alt Right, in my opinion, were within their rights to hold their Charlottesville rallies.

Politically and practically, Spencer and company are in the wrong.  All of this was avoidable – predictably avoidable.  This is all a terrible waste – a wasted opportunity. 

Imagine an alternative reality, in which, right after Trump’s election but before Heilgate (and all the Alt Right disasters that followed), Spencer had declared that Trump’s election had put an electoral approach – as one part of an overall strategy – into play, and that, at least for the time being, he was going to focus on explicitly pro-White electoral politics, both exploring running as a candidate himself, as well as promoting, advising, managing, etc. other similar candidates.  In areas in which explicit Whiteness had a fair electoral chance, then explicit it would be, with the aim of competing for the top prize, in other areas, explicit White candidates would be for educational and propaganda purposes, and in yet other areas, more implicit candidates would run with the hope of winning and then shifting right once elected (the opposite of how the mainstream does things).  In this alternate reality, Spencer would not have compromised himself with Heilgate, with Jorjani and AltRight.com, with silly feuds with Johnson, and certainly not with the Charlottesville circus.  He also would not have turned his DC-area apartment into an Alt Right frathouse (alcohol, of course, always present) and would not have been involved in either Beavis-and-Butthead White nationalism (no half-drunk podcasts with Greg “pureblood mountain wop, hero of the girls soccer team” Conte; that smug ‘Catholic traditionalist” Frenchman; or Mr. Stolen Valor) or with Cosplay White nationalism (uniforms are bad, bad, bad…but dressing up like Captain America and Batman is good, good, good).  In this alternate reality, Spencer’s buddies in the Alt Wrong would not have to denounce him, or engage in wistful emails with Jewish correspondents on the probability of Spencer being shot by some enraged leftist.  There would be no Unite the Right cloud, no court case, hanging over him.  In other words, if the youthful Alt Right crowd had followed the advice – given at the time and NOT in hindsight – by older activists to stop the Pepe/Kek crap and get serious, none of this would have happened and we’d be in a lot better shape now than we all are.  

Anyone reading this blog over the last few years knows full well such suggestions are not hindsight; I’ve been advising – publicly at this blog – Spencer for a very long time to ditch the Alt Right brand and to consider electoral politics.  Even if that had turned out to be a waste of time (doubtful), he could have remained viable to return as a vanguardist Alt Right pocket fuhrer.  The opposite though is much more difficult, going from “Dastardly Dick” Spencer, Alt Right bogeyman, to viable political candidate seems increasingly unlikely.

They – Spencer and the entire Alt Right – should have known that the System is completely against us, completely against our side (even our wonderfully conservative Attorney General – “America’s Senator” – has turned out to be a de facto Antifa supporter), and the Far Right cannot expect fair, legal, and moral treatment from the System.  Thus, every move by the Far Right needs to be meticulously planned, with an eye toward contingencies, and always with overarching strategic objectives in mind.  The flaws within the System (see below) need to be mercilessly, ruthlessly exploited through carefully planned, assessed, and empirically evaluated approaches.

Now, the Type Is will exclaim: “why do you advocate some activists running for office if the System is completely against us?  It’s fixed, fixed!”  What the Type I droolcups, never noted for comprehending complexity, fail to understand is that while the System controls most things, it does not control all things.  It is powerful, but not omnipotent.  It is flawed, it is staffed by incompetents (for the most part), and, importantly, there are different factions within the System vying for power and who, in their shortsightedness, would expose the machinations of their System rivals without realizing that such an exposure ultimately dooms the exposers and much as the exposees.  Contrary to the “it’s all fixed” predictions of the “march through the woods with your rifles eating twigs and branches” Type I Nutzis, the System did not “fix” the 2016 election as to ensure a Clinton victory.  No doubt, there was cheating: illegal alien voting, dead folks on the rolls, “vote early and often” Chicago style – but a widespread systematic fix did not occur.  There are lines that the System – for now – dares not cross for fear of the repercussions if discovered, if exposed, perhaps, by rivals for System power.  They do not want to endanger long-term goals by taking insane risks (unlike Der Movement).  So, yes, despite the fact that the System is fully against us, there is still some limited room to maneuver, so possibilities exist in the electoral arena, some opportunities to infiltrate the System and co-opt it from within, some opportunities for collaboration between activist moles buried within the System, overt activists engaged in the electoral process, and the vanguardists working outside the System.  The situation is complex and the possibilities are complex, and we need people involved who understand these things, and have an activist toolkit that goes beyond tiki torch rallies, Pepe, and cries of “Hail Kek!”

What to do now?  I am not sure how much can be salvaged at this point, particularly if Spencer and company lose the case, which is likely (the real “fix” seems to be in).  Certainly, Spencer should still ditch the Alt Right brand, cut ties with the droolcup brigade, build proper infrastructures behind the scenes, make alliances with competent people, and set up contingency plans in case the worst comes true and the case is lost.  To the extent possible, he should repair the significant damage to his reputation and judgment his actions (and inactions) have done within Der Movement, and try a “reset” of his overall public image as well (to the extent possible with a biased mass media).  Although the horrific missteps of the last couple of years have drastically curtailed options, there is still some room to maneuver to attempt to rebuild a credible faction within the Far Right.  I would also advise someone in his position to forget about petty “movement” feuding – Tricky Dick has more to worry about now than catty sniping coming from the Kali Yuga types.  And, oh yes, shave off that stupid moustache.

SLC News, 7/14/18

More stupidity.

Antifa Jeff rides again. Sessions bestirs himself to action.

The federal government has quietly revived its investigation into the murder of Emmett Till, the 14-year-old African-American boy whose abduction and killing remains, almost 63 years later, among the starkest and most searing examples of racial violence in the South.

The Justice Department said that its renewed inquiry, which it described in a report submitted to Congress in late March, was “based upon the discovery of new information.” 

MAGA!  Pepe!  Kek!  Roissy: “Sessions as Attorney General alone justifies the entire Trump Presidency.”

Question: Is it possible Sessions is a mole, a radical leftist who spent a lifetime posing as a hardcore conservative so as to burrow deep into the mainstream Right, and to then ascend to a position of power and authority in which he can enact leftist tactics to subvert America?  Or is he just another over-rated quota queen cuck?  The end result is the same.  Of course, Der Movement will once again be silent about Sessions; after all, he’s “one of the boys.”

The despicable Durocher lies once again, this time about Ancient Roman demographics. By the way, that essay proves once again that lies about Ancient Rome are made in large part to make parallels to the modern situation; being dimwitted, Type Is cannot understand today’s peril without being shown historical cartoon comparisons, as if they were mentally retarded five year-olds (which they are the mental equivalent of).  Notice what blog Durocher chooses for this trash – the ultra-Nordicist, anti-White ethnic TOO.

About Rome, see this.  And this.

Copy, copy, steal, steal, steal.  Have Orientals invented anything in the last 1000 years?

Spencer expresses himself:


Anglo-Saxons were once the American ruling class. We are now a dispossessed elite–symbolized by the fact that the establishment’s inner sanctum, #SCOTUS, is Jewish and Catholic.

Don’t worry Richie.  You are still the ruling class in the American “movement.”  We can all sigh with relief over the great competence demonstrated by, say, yourself and your buddy Greg “open borders meeting vetting” Johnson.  

Then we have:

‏ @RichardBSpencer

Just in case there was any misunderstanding–though I, of course, recognize ethnic differences, I do seek broader European unity; though I do lament my people’s decline, I take responsibility for it. The WASP death was both suicide and murder.

More suicide than murder.  Let’s consider the 1965 immigration act.  Let’s blame it on the Jews (and Irish).  Very well.  Who let the Jews (and Irish) into the country in the first place?  Who let in the ultra-leftist Scalias and Alitos to displace the red-blooded patriotic White Americans like Earl Warren?  Who let in the Polacks, five of whom are needed to screw in a light bulb?  Forget about Negro slavery, we won’t even mention that.  The Anglo-Saxons should not have let in any other peoples after the Revolution. They can’t blame “the Jews” for that.

Roissy fantasizes:

If an arm of the Deep State was involved with the Rich murder and two government employees were the hired hit men, don’t wake up the next day after the news drops expecting life in America to be the same. It will change everything.

Let’s say the story is correct and Rich was killed by “Deep State” operatives and not by feral Negroes.  That’s a big IF, but let’s assume it is true.  Let’s further assume that the truth comes out and is not buried by the same Deep State.  Very well.  What does it change?  Nothing.  Trump will just post some jackass tweets, demanding that Sessions “do something.”  Antifa Jeff will ignore those pleas and instead focus his (very limited) energies on more “hate crimes” prosecutions of Unite the Right attendees for the “crime” of defending themselves, or on dredging up 60 year-old murders of little Negroes. The media will ignore/scoff/mock and the Alt Right will babble on about Kali Yuga and “the Moops.”  The Right is inept, Trump is a buffoon, Sessions is a far-left cuck, and the media are corrupt.

How’s that mainstreaming working out for you?  Once again, Sallis is right, and Der Movement wrong.

Asinine Huffpost

Stupid even for them.

Read this.

“Antifa” is {snip} a problem only for neo-Nazis. Antifa activists show up as counterprotesters at fascist events, like the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last year, where thousands of armed white nationalists clashed with antifa members and other protesters.
Antifa groups are distinguished from other organizations that do not like Nazis by their willingness to use violence against Nazis, but most people have little to fear from their local antifa chapter. In more than 30 years of antifa activity, there has been one confirmed fatality caused by an antifa group member ― in 1993, when a Nazi in Portland, Oregon, was shot during a fight at a gas station. Far-right extremists, by contrast, were responsible for 670 fatalities, 3,053 injuries and 4,420 attacks in the United States from 1990 to 2012, according to a report from the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point.

I would respond in two ways.

First, unless this semi-retarded writer believes that anyone to the right of John McCain is a neo-Nazi, then the attitude expressed above is factually incorrect.  Antifa (and related groups) have attacked mainstream Trump supporters at rallies and marches, they’ve interfered with or prevented college speeches (including speeches by non-Nazi conservatives as well as by academics), and they rioted at Trump’s inauguration (which they essentially have gotten away with, as they are part of the Corporate-Deep State System).

Second, even if only “neo-Nazis” have the problem, does Huffpost really want to endorse the idea that masked thugs can attack with impunity anyone they think espouses “unacceptable views?”  Does Huffpost really want lawmakers to turn a blind eye to masked political vigilantes using violence against opponents?  If Huffpost really believes System reports that “Far-right extremists” are a violent danger, then don’t they fear that some masked Nutzi may deem Huffpost writers as espousing unacceptable views and take action against them?

Are they really that stupid or are they confident that the “Far-right” practically constitutes no danger at all, except perhaps to abortion clinics?  Which is it?  They can’t have it both ways.  Either the “Far-right” is a terrible violent danger and therefore Huffpost writers should welcome the proposed law or they are confident that the “Far-right” is essentially harmless and so the proposed law is correct in targeting Antifa for their attacks against harmless people whose politics they dislike.  Again: Which is it?

Or does Huffpost tacitly endorse political violence against harmless people they disagree with?  Is Huffpost the media arm of domestic terrorism? Is that it?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Open Borders Sophistry

Comically flimsy arguments from the open borders “braintrust.”

When we close borders, we aren’t doing the same thing as putting fences around our houses. Suppose there is a neighborhood made up of 10 landowners. 8 out of 10 of them vote to keep out all foreigners. 1 out of 10, Larry, votes to let them in because he wants to rent his house to them. 1 of them votes to let them in because he’s a decent human being, but he doesn’t himself plan to rent his house. When the 8 put up a fence around the neighborhood, they don’t merely keep immigrants off their own property. Rather, they keep the immigrants off Larry’s property, against his will. 

Far from protecting property rights, immigration restrictions abrogate the rights of property owners who want to rent their property to the excluded migrants, associate with them, or employ them on their land.

Putting aside the judgmental moral posturing that letting immigrants invade your territory makes you a “decent human being” (will Israel become more “decent” and let in the great unwashed from the Third World…or merely some of their Arab neighbors?), this argument can be neatly turned on its head.  Imagine 8 of 10 landowners want to let in migrant invaders, but Larry objects because he doesn’t like aliens, doesn’t want to see them or associate with them, doesn’t want to see them employed to drive down local wages, doesn’t want his property values to decline, doesn’t want to be criminally victimized by aliens, doesn’t want his womanfolk groped (or worse) by them, he just doesn’t want them, no sir, no way.  The other landowner objects to immigrants because, as a decent human being, he opposes genocide against his own people, he doesn’t want the carrying capacity of his neighborhood filled with aliens, he wants to preserve the land for his posterity and that of his co-ethnic neighbors, he doesn’t want his ethnic genetic interests abrogated by a genetically alien influx, and he doesn’t want his civilization ruined by culturally incompatible peoples.  But the other eight get their way!  In come the hordes!  Against their will, Larry and the other landowner see their neighborhood, their way of life, everything they hold dear, submerged under the tidal wave of an alien flood. Thus, far from protecting property rights, mass immigration abrogates the rights of property owners who want to keep their property and surrounding land excluded from migrants, not associating with them, or employing them on the common land.  Far from protecting the common social good, the collective goods, the social common, mass immigration fritters away the fruits of social goods to free-riding aliens and selfish, short-sighted natives who (think they) benefit from the invasion.

Looks like we have a conflict of interests, exactly the kind of thing the state is designed to adjudicate.  There are no unlimited “property rights” in any reasonable organized society, and certainly not in the ”liberal democracies” that open borders fanatics lionize.  Taxation, jury duty and the military draft (or merely selective service registration) – isn’t one’s self, one’s life, and one’s time the highest levels of property? – and laws and restrictions of all kinds, including “fair housing laws” and the like. Whither property rights? Interestingly, freedom of association is abrogated within the nation without question from the Left, but open borders now looms as a freedom of association and property rights issue.  What hypocrites!  What low rent, low life scumbags!  What unmitigated sophistry!

On Sports

Not a fundamental issue but still of interest.

The second half of the talk is consistent with an honest form of HBD/race realism: we are NOT “all the same” and there is inter-population, as well as intra-population, physical differences that make certain people better suited for particular athletic endeavors.

The first half of the talk is entirely consistent with what I wrote here:

Fifth, although I’m not much interested in sports, the fact that reaction times have been slowing over the past century provides food for thought – thought indirectly linked to racial activism since the “bread and circuses” masses love sports, and thus sports, as part of mass pop culture, affects the race-culture problem.

I note there is a rough correlation between sociopolitical views and ideas about athletic performance over time.  Those on the Left are more prone to “overrate the present” and lionize (mostly Colored) modern athletes as far superior to the (mostly White) athletes of the past.  Those on the Right are less likely to casually dismiss the “traditional sports heroes” of the past.

Now, if reaction times are really slowing, then what can we say about athletic performance in sports in which reaction time is important – hitting a baseball for example (or boxing or hockey)?  It puts into question leftist assumptions rooted in jock sniffing the Negro athlete. The components of performance related to reaction time – fundamental for some sports – would seem to be declining, not improving, over time.

Indeed, reaction times differ by race, with Negroes being the slowest, which again makes one question whether the Negro athlete of today is superior to the White athlete of the past (and, of course, intra-racial White-White cross-era comparisons of declining reaction time question leftist assumptions about sports as well).  One can make counter-arguments that athletes do not represent the overall population, and that Victorian England was one specific sample, and that of course other factors than reaction time are important in athletic performance, etc. but still, the idea is provocative.  The Caste Football pro-White sports types probably need to look into the implications of declining reaction times in making cross-era sports comparisons, implications favorable to a narrative of a Golden Age of White American sports.

It would seem that Sallis is right once again.  A significant portion of the “vast improvement” in athletic performance over time is due to improved technology, training, nutrition, and drugs, not innate ability.  As to that portion that may be innate, the second half of the talk, alluded to above, explains much – not an overall population improvement in innate ability, but better selection within population of outliers best suited for particular sports.  For the most part though, it’s better technology and training masking degenerating reaction time and degenerating IQ (some sports require some degree of intelligence for optimal success).