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Odds and Ends, 11/19/20

In der news.

To White liberals, the real attitude toward celebrating things such as Black History Month is akin to a normal person celebrating a spastic retard finishing an event in the Special Olympics.

I suspect non-Whites detect this condescending attitude, which is why they are constantly seething with rage even against their “White allies.”  Racial resentment, racial envy, is likely at the root of most anti-White hostility. This is why Black females have the justifiable stereotype of always being angry – physical appearance is the most important thing for hominid females (and they know this, even if SJW “feminists” angrily deny it), and Black females must know that they are considered the most unattractive and undesirable among all of the major racial groups’ females. They see their co-racial males greatly preferring White women, and so they seethe with rage. When White liberals smile at Black invention myths or at some pitifully minor real Negro accomplishment, Blacks must really be boiling inside. To openly admit what is bothering them would be an overt admission of their self-realization of their perceived racial inferiority, so instead it comes out as an incoherent attack on “Whiteness” as a general principle – even “White allies” are tainted by “implicit bias” and the original sin of “White racism,” enriched as they are in their “White Privilege,” and so these Whites must be endlessly subjected to ritualistic humiliation. That gives the non-Whites a feeling of revenge and alleviates the guilt felt by White liberals for their covert self-realization of their own perceived racial superiority.

I suspect the same elements of resentment, revenge, and guilt inform radical feminism and sexualized “female domination” and “male submission” – both parties implicitly understand the reality of male superiority, and so it is manifested in various bizarre ideas and rituals. Then we get into Nietzsche’s ideas about ressentiment and slave morality that are related to the genesis of Christianity. There is a common underlying thread in these phenomena – resentment about a (perceived) realization of inferiority of one party, and feelings of guilt about a (perceived) realization of superiority of the other party.

And if this post is used as “evidence” that I am a “White supremacist” please note that I am specifically discussing the attitudes of White liberals and of non-Whites, both of whom behave in a manner indicating deep-seated attitudes of superiority and inferiority, respectively.

From my perspective, Whites are superior in some aspects, particularly cultural, scientific, and technical creativity, but are grossly inferior in others, such as adaptive fitness. Likewise, women are superior in being mothers and mothering, with men superior in just about everything else. Christian ressentiment is superior in propagating a slave morality, while more noble values are superior in every other way.

How other people perceive and act upon racial and sexual differences is for them to answer for, not me.  Christian ressentiment is for the Christians to answer for, not me.

What dope hired Bolton?

OK, I agree, but that doesn’t mean we can’t harshly critique Trump.

Someone who understands the disgusting pathetic turd that is Trump:

But we have to be realistic; the historically significant highpoint of the day was the President’s failure to join his vast army of loving, angry and motivated supporters. This was a terrible and tragic error which will cost Donald Trump and America dear.

What should have happened? At the very least, the President should gave given up an afternoon’s golf and spent a couple of hours with his crowd, chatting and giving the lucky few the selfies of their lives. A couple of hours returning the love and telling the faithful to be on standby and to get organised. This isn’t exactly political rocket science, it’s just common sense and decency.

You can measure the missed opportunity and the mentality of the man by asking: what would George Washington have done? Or Teddy Roosevelt, or JFK, or even Reagan or Obama? Anyone of them would have stood on the back of a pick-up, taken a bullhorn and given the speech of his life, the speech that made all the difference. Donald Trump gave a few waves and went off in his armoured limo to play golf.

Trump supporters assert that it would have been an unnecessary “security risk” for Trump to have physically addressed the crowd. Two responses to this are as follows.

First, if Trump had planned in advance to address the crowd, proper security measures could have been put in place. Second, at least he could have stayed in the White House and perhaps addressed the crowd via video. He didn’t have to go and play golf, for godssakes. Get a grip, Trump worshippers.

Why is Trump declaring himself a candidate for 2024?  Likely because he and his advisors believe that is a way to try to preclude federal prosecution – since it may “look bad” for Biden to be politically persecuting a future electoral rival (state prosecution would still be in play).  Of course, that depends upon the Left actually caring what they “look” like. Also, being in the electoral mix would not doubt be good for fund-raising and whatever other grifts Trump has in mind for the next four years.

Coulter on Trump:

“The reason I’m very happy that [President] Trump lost – and lost narrowly – is that a second term of Trump would have killed us,” Coulter said…“[W]ith Trump … He’d say these wild things that we’d get blamed for, he’d get attacked on, and then actually did nothing,” she explained…“Trump thinks, ‘I tweeted it. Therefore, it’s done’,” Coulter said…“It’s ironic … that he lost this election, very possibly because of cheating. Democrats cheat all the time. … Trump has been talking about ‘mail-in ballots are dangerous, they’re gonna steal this election.’ He’s been talking about it … probably all year,” she said….“Talking about it isn’t the same as doing it,” Coulter pointed out. “Much like as he tweeted out, ‘Law and Order,’ and yet cities are still burning across the nation. [He] didn’t do anything about it. It’s like he didn’t know he was president.”

More Boomer-bashing from Millennial/Zoomer retards.

…most are out-of-shape Boomers. This reveals a severe inferiority complex. Most of these people know consciously and/or subconsciously that they could never have the pride of wearing a uniform, be it military or law enforcement. They are weak, fat, and uninured to hardship.

Unlike youngsters today, who are more overweight/obese than any similar age cohort in history, who spend most of their free time with their faces stuck into a smart phone, with their lipid-enhanced jowls sagging down onto the screen. Various forms of cancer, heretofore typically observed only in the middle-aged and old, are now occurring in the young, and these are cancers known to be associated with being physically inactive lumps of lard.

So, the question for a typical youth of today is – which is bigger: their pot belly or the colon tumor festering in their large intestine alongside the remains of poorly digested Big Macs?

See this nonsense.  Essentially, Sallis is correct once again. You see, with Counter-Currents as part of the HBD alliance, we must leave room in America for “Rosie and the kids.” Also note how this “10% alien is OK” “90% White nationalism” allows the Herrenvolk to colonize other people’s nations. Morgan occupying Hungary? He’s a ten percenter! Munro in Romania?  Farrell in Italy?  Full Moon Ancestry and “Bang East Europe?” The urinals of Europe’s men’s rooms haunted by shifty-eyed and hot-handed Quota Queens?  High-IQ Jews and Asians running America?  it’s all A-OK!  Hart’s vision or a multiracial “White separatist state” including “Asians and others” and his newer vision of a “conservative state” including “conservative Blacks” comes to pass under “ethnonationalist” “leadership.” The ethnonationalist filth lie to you about how pan-Europeanism will “violate national sovereignty” while in reality it are the pan-Europeanists who support homogeneous nation states, while the ethnonationalists want to ensure the survival of multiculturalism so as to empower their favorite minorities and/or to justify the hypocrisy of having “ethnonationalist” ethnoimperialists living in other people’s nations.

Remember – there is no way out but through Johnson.  White nationalism can flourish only if Johnson and Counter-Currents are unalterably opposed.

Counter-Currents supports de facto multiculturalism.  EGI Notes opposes multiculturalism.  The distinction is clear, no?

Zman on Trump

And Sallis on Trump and Der Movement’s Quota Queens.  In all cases, emphasis added.

First, this is a statement that Trump needs to make:

I would like to respond to some of the childish and threatening comments made by members of Biden’s staff about having me physically “removed” from the White House in January. Consider this as a statement of my intentions as we await the outcome of the legal challenges to the corrupt election fiasco. I am confident that an honest examination of widespread voting fraud will result in me being confirmed as having legitimately won re-election. However, in the event that the Electoral College does the wrong thing and affirms His Fraudulency Joe Biden as the next President, then the Trump White House will perform its obligations with respect to the transition and I will vacate the White House on the appropriate date. But I will not – repeat not – concede an election that I fairly won. In the event that Biden is allowed to steal the Presidency, what I say to my voters, to the seventy million Americans who supported me, is that any election outcome that elevates Biden to the Presidency is completely illegitimate, and that they should consider a Biden Presidency to be completely illegitimate, the election stolen from the American people, and it would be an illegal occupation regime in power in the United States. I am fighting against this outcome, and if the worst happens I will continue to fight for the American people and will do all I can to ensure freedom does not die under an illegitimate Biden occupation government. Thank you.

This Zman essay on Trump is more or less on target (but nothing you haven’t been reading here for the past four years).  But let us extend the analysis a bit.

An old bit of wisdom is that you should never try to con a con man. This advice is not aimed at con men, of course, but at honest people. Grifters are intuitively dishonest, which means they instinctively work every angle to some advantage. Normal people are simply unable to think like this, even when they are trying to do it. Their scruples get in the way of their scheming. 

This is why it is so difficult for otherwise intelligent people in the “movement” to understand, and deal with, the likes of Johnson, Brimelow, et al.  Well-meaning but pitifully naïve Type I rank-and-file activists are simply unprepared to deal with the “operators” in the “movement” who manipulate the masses of activists as easily as a smooth-talking con man fools his mark.  Endless decades of failure, and still the marks send in the “D’Nations.”  

This is something that Trump should have had in mind when he took office four years ago. It was his first mistake.

First, isn’t Trump at least in part a grifter and con man himself?  And second, what does it say that a New York billionaire real estate mogul is so easily fooled? Isn’t this more evidence that Trump rose to his position in life with the strong headwinds from his father and his family’s connections?  Based purely on merit and “picking himself by his bootstraps” Trump may have been, at most, an effective used car salesman.

Trump came to Washington thinking he was smarter, more clever and more resilient than the people he had mocked for so long from his couch. There’s no question that most people in politics are stupid. Without a government grift, they would end up peddling replacement windows door-to-door. But politics in a liberal democracy does not select for smart people. It selects for clever and ruthless people. Washington is the major leagues for the most clever and ruthless…

Oh, yes, but can’t the same be said about Der Movement’s “leaders?” Unimaginative dullards, comical incompetents, clownish buffoons, idiots with piss-poor judgment – but canny, shrewd political operators who know how to “play the game” to safeguard their personal perks and privileges.

…Playing by the rules, especially their rules, is a sucker’s play, one Trump never figured out in his four years…

This is something random bloggers knew from day one of Trump’s Presidency, but the God Emperor couldn’t figure it out for four years.

…By the election, all of the classified information should have been leaked and revealed. This would have kept Washington petrified about what he may release if they got too aggressive with him…

He could release it now.  Instead, he tweets.  Surprise!

…The trouble was, he kept selling his voters after he had won….

Con man.  Who identified Trump as a fraud more than four years ago?

…The great lesson to learn from the Trump era is that winning the crowd is useless if you don’t have a plan to put it to some purpose. Trump is not an ideologue, which allows him to be pragmatic. That’s a great asset in politics, as long as you have the secret list in your head of things you want to do in office. This is what makes the Left so powerful as a social force. They never lose focus on their goal. They know why they seek power, so they adapt and keep moving forward…

And that is exactly what I have been writing about the Left from the very beginning of the EGI Notes blog. And this ineptness of Trump is not limited to him, but infects the entire Mainstream Right.  To them, winning election is not a means to an end, but an end to itself. They win, then do nothing, and just sit back and watch the relentless Left make continuous progress.

…There are many other things that can be put in the list of mistakes by Trump over the last four years, but the overriding theme is this. Trump never rose above the petty and practical to grasp his historical moment. Like everyone else is Washington, he had no vision of the future. As a result, he got bogged down into the swamp he promised to drain, playing petty politics, squabbling over small issues. The moment called for a man of vision, but instead got a pitchman from Queens.

And in Der Movement, the moment called for men of vision, but instead got a pair of feuding Quota Queens from Montana.

The essence of Trump:

Several thousand supporters of President Donald Trump in Washington protested election results and then hailed Trump’s passing motorcade before nighttime clashes with counterdemonstrators sparked fistfights, at least one stabbing and at least 20 arrestsTrump himself had given an approving nod to the gathering Saturday morning by dispatching his motorcade through streets lined with supporters before rolling on to his Virginia golf club.

His supporters get beaten, stabbed, attacked – he gives an “approving nod” and then goes to his “Virginia golf club.”  MAGA!  Pepe!  Kek!

Greg Johnson expresses himself.  That’s great.  How exactly do you think this is going to be achieved?  Even if, somehow, Trump convinces the Supreme Court to throw out all the fake ballots, and he assumes the Presidency 2021-2025 – and how likely is that? – what about the election of 2024? 2028? Mid-terms in between?  It is inevitable that those vindictive leftists will come to power at some point, either sooner or later. What’s your plan for that, other than “more of the same?”

Or do you think Trump will seize power as a dictator and then set up a hereditary monarchy? – with Kushner as court Jew of course.

These guys are all, in a political sense, criminally negligent.  Do any  of them have any plan other than stupid tweets?

Odds and Ends, 11/14/20

In der news. In all cases, emphasis added.

Affirmative action alert:



The answer to media bias is not censorship but purgation. The entire media needs to be fired, basically, and banned from similar jobs for life. Tucker Carlson should draw ip the lists.

“ip” – remember what I said the other day, the Herrenvolk don’t need to spell correctly – they don’t need no stinkin’ spellcheck!

See this.

Omnidominant bodybuilding?  See this:


Elite Coach

Hair color and skin color relate to the evolution of fatness and leanness. Generally speaking, the more north or south of the equator you go the fatter people are. Why? Because of the climate. Fat was necessary for warmth and the fatter people lived longer and reproduced most.

On the other hand, people who lived near the equator needed less fat because it was hot – and leaner people survived and reproduced the best.

Can you also see how fair skin, blond hair, and blue eyes survived best in colder regions? And why black skin, dark hair, and dark eyes worked better in hot areas?

If you look at all the “most muscular bodybuilders” who have ever lived, the vast majority will have dark skin, hair, and eyes.

Yes, there are a few exceptions, a few successful light-skin, blond-hair, blue-eyed bodybuilders – but not many.

And freckled skin, red-headed bodybuilders are even rarer. Can you name even one?

No vaccine for Whitey. Just like when there was a flu vaccine shortage during the Dubya years – Coloreds get preference, Whites are left to get sick and die. Whites develop the vaccines, Coloreds benefit from them, and Whites are left to die. In the world of Colored Privilege, Whites are no better than slaves.

See this.

Among the president’s advisers, finger-pointing over the campaign’s legal strategy has intensified in recent days, White House and campaign aides said. Aides have expressed acute frustration over what many see as a slapdash legal effort, complaining that—even though Mr. Trump spent months telegraphing his intent to fight the election outcome in the courts—there wasn’t enough planning ahead of Election Day and has been little follow-through on decisions made this week. For days after the election, advisers said they didn’t know who was in charge of the strategy.

The President tweeted, but he did not plan. Making matters worse: Many of the people most qualified to prepare the administration for possible malfeasance during this election were kept from doing so. Kris Kobach was never put in charge of the Department of Homeland Security, where he could have continued to investigate voter fraud after the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity was dissolved. Darren Beattie, one of the most vocal denouncers of last week’s voting irregularities, was pushed out of the Trump administration after the media denounced him for having spoken at the HL Mencken Club. Michael Anton, who warned about a possible leftist coup months ago, left the White House when neocon John Bolton replaced H.R. McMaster as national security adviser.

When it comes to election integrity, like so many other important matters, “President Trump speaks loudly but carries a small stick.” His presidency was not an abject failure, but there was no issue or policy matter where his bark didn’t dwarf his bite. Time after time, he failed to use executive authority to deliver on his promises. He filled important positions with Republican hacks instead of competent men who backed his national populist agenda. Whenever the going got tough, he had an excuse at the ready. For four years, he tweeted one thing, and did another. If his reelection really was “stolen,” he has only himself to blame.

Gee…who was telling you back in 2016 that Trump was a fraud and a vulgar ignorant buffoon?  Think real hard now!  

Note also how Trump’s incompetent behavior is just like that of “movement” Quota Queens.  Affirmative action is as affirmative action does.

On a similar note:



Replying to 


Trump is a grifter who lost his base because he betrayed them. This whole thing is a grift. He’s not trying to win.

WN Reality Redux

And other news.

Stupid liar.

A White Nationalist is someone who believes that white peoples have a right to their own homelands.

No, a White nationalist is someone who prioritizes race over ethnicity or national identity as their primary allegiance – race over ethnicity as the primary identity.

Let us do a thought experiment. Imagine you talk to some German nationalists, people who specifically identify as German nationalists – German ethnonationalists – but who reject the label of “White nationalist.”  If you were to ask these people whether “white peoples have a right to their own homelands” what do you think their answer would be?  I’m sure – absolutely sure – that they would say YES. They would agree that Germany is for Germans, France for the French, England for the English, etc. This isn’t 1939 – the Germans are not going to be screaming for lebensraum; they are not going to deny other White people the right for their own homelands. I’m sure that virtually all European ethnonationalists – people who do NOT identify as White nationalists – would agree that “white peoples have a right to their own homelands.”

So, if ethnonationalists who are not White nationalists agree with that, then how can that be a definition of White nationalism?  It is obviously not, and my definition – accepted by everyone but Greg Johnson and his sycophants at the despicable and execrable anti-White Counter-Currents site – is correct: A White nationalist is someone who prioritizes race over ethnicity or nation as a primary allegiance – race as the primary identity.  White nationalism is the prioritization of race over other narrower identities as the fundamental allegiance and identity of the nationalists – race as nation; hence, White nationalism.

I for one am sick and tired of Counter-Currents’ constant lying about this topic, which is probably rooted in Johnson’s fetishistic obsession with (the more pan-European) Richard Spencer.

The importance and the seriousness of this issue cannot be over-stated: It is a battle to define the central tenet of White racial nationalism. Johnson’s attempt to gaslight the rank-and-file to accept a logically incoherent and ludicrously false definition of White nationalism is far worse than the System falsely equating White nationalism with “White supremacy” – because in the case of Johnson and Counter-Currents the lying subversion is taking place from within. It’s treason, and if I’m the only one who is going to say it (although others would reject Johnson’s flim-flam if they were honest, they know better, but they’ll stay silent to protect their “political viability” in their failed “movement” – grifters all), then so be it. The definition, the meaning, of White nationalism cannot be distorted because of one person’s bizarre obsessive feud with Richard Spencer.

Remember – there is no way out but through Johnson.  Oppose Counter-Currents – that’s what we need for Whites to win.

And: Hey, Costello, are you going to defend yourself against Goad? – Johnson having thrown you to the wolves – or wolf as they case may be.  That’s a common behavior of Johnson and the other Quota Queens – once they get a shiny new toy (e.g.,Jim Goad, Andrew Hamilton, “Hippocrates”) they’ll turn their backs on previous loyal supporters and contributors – sort of acting like women with faithless hypergamy. That’s an interesting analogy given the, let us say, preferences of some of the people involved.

Sailer’s Jeuraian and Redblex moving on forward.

This is HBD:


No Oriental man has ever hated me, although several Oriental women have been attracted to me. The attraction, of course, was mutual.

Engelman must be praised in one sense for so completely and neatly embodying the reality of HBD – essentially HBD is nothing more or less than a sexual fetish for Oriental women. Measured groveling!

More proof of the voting fraud.