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It’s Der Failure

Digging deep into the “movement” woodpile.

I’d much rather Anglin would use this money for living expenses and to expand his business rather than throw it away on a lawsuit that he can never win. Basically, I tells the SPLC that all they need to do to drain the movement of capital is file nuisance lawsuits against our public figures. It is sad that our movement would not support Anglin to this amount until he got sued, and then only to raise money for lawyers, not for him.

Greg is correct about the danger of nuisance lawsuits.  However, we need to dig deeper here into this.  Anglin did not ask to be sued. Now, one could assert that Anglin’s actions against Gersh invited the suit, and fault him for that.

Let me be clear: in my opinion, Anglin did nothing wrong legally, and he did nothing wrong morally.  From what I’ve read, the only wrong incurred was against Spencer’s mother, who was – based on online public information and discussion – apparently the victim of a crude extortion plot against her property.  

But just because something is legally and morally justified does not mean it is wise.  Der Movement has a habit of starting fights it cannot win, of constantly backing down (hello, Mudshark Annie), of constantly being on the defensive, of constantly losing.  The whole Anglin lawsuit mess is another self-inflicted wound.

But let’s dig even deeper.  Perhaps the reason Anglin and followers engaged in juvenile jackassery – typical Alt Right lulzing trolling – was out of frustration that nothing could be done to remedy the injustice done to the Spencer family.  And whose fault is that?  Meet Der Movement.  If Der Movement had a proper legal infrastructure, Gersh could have been sued (instead of being the one suing Anglin).  If Der Movement had deep ties to the community and to law enforcement, and had people in poltical office, then pressure could have been put on the authorities to investigate if Gersh was, or was not, legally culpable for the situation with Spencer’s mother.  If the “movement” had something – anything – to show for decades of support, reaching into the millions of dollars, then it would be the other side who may well have been on the defensive, instead of once again having the “movement” on the defense, scrambling for support.

Let’s dig deepest of all.  Given the cucks of Montana, probably nothing could have been done, even though legal means.  But, but, but…I thought that all these “red states” are Whitopias, full of ethnically superior Hajnalites who are the salt-of-the-earth foundation of America’s racial renaissance.   Robert Mathews thought so – that is, before he got burned alive by the Reagan administration (you remember Reagan, the other Man on White Horse – “we won” Der Movement crowed in November 1980) in Washington state, that other bastion of the Northwest Imperative.

So, perhaps at the heart of the matter is an ethnic-genetic-biocultural phenomenon.  Who knows? Maybe the Alt Wrong have been right all along with their heavy breathing about “high trust hunter gatherers” – but rather than being a sign of racial superiority/strength, to the extremes exhibited by Montanans, it’s a cucking weakness.  And what about Der Movement’s failed leadership, its decades of unremitting failure and wasted millions of dollars? If (American) racial activism wants to lose the scare quotes and become a real movement, it needs to ditch the affirmative action program and draw leadership and top activist cadres from a broader base of the European-American population.

Der Movement in Der News, 5/5/17

Der Movement’s ups and downs.

Here is an example of why I really dislike the alt Right: the smug navel-gazing attitude of memetic imperialism; that the Alt Right constitutes all of the sane/reasonable faction of the “movement.”

So, anything to the right of the Alt Right is just “White supremacy,” eh? There are no White nationalists – people who do not play the game of “supremacy” – outside of the Alt Right? Is that the idea?  We all have to scream Hail Kek, pontificate about a stupid frog, worship King Cuck Trump, engage in millennial juvenile jackassery, and value style over substance.

To be honest, I can’t wait until this Alt Right fad peters out.  How long is it going to take? Until then, we’ll have to endure all of these millennial types breathlessly rediscovering things the rest of us knew 20 years ago.  Oh, but they’ll tell us that all we old farts failed and didn’t get the job done.  Very well, but if you’re going to focus on failure, then why doesn’t the Alt Right have the moral courage to admit that the entire “movement” is a failure, and needs to be rebuilt from the ground up?

Europe is the motherland of our race. Until the aftermath of World War II, it was the exclusive homeland of our race. No other race has any legitimate claim on it. Thus there is absolutely no reason why the nations of Europe should not remove all non-whites.

Yes, indeed, including and especially “British Asians.”  Out, out, out.  And, no, we will not accept “Chinatown” colonies in Western lands, and no black-booted Chinese girls with guns to give some cheap masochistic thrills to basement-dwelling omega males and their yellow fever fetishes.


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“Instead, they use euphemisms like ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism.’ Whenever a business, a church, a school, or a neighborhood becomes more ‘diverse’ or ‘multicultural,’ that simply means fewer whites and more non-whites.”

“Vibrancy” and “vibrant” are similar euphemisms. These are words I cannot use without irony or hear without feeling scorn.

I presume that a corpse riddled with maggots can be characterized as “vibrant.” Is it not teeming with life?

Spencer is right about this.  If car insurance covered oil changes, garages would be billing hundreds of dollars just to change the oil and filter.

Doesn’t the Right have people with military training and other relevant skills? Because of a profound lack of leadership, the Right always fails to use, to leverage, the resources it has. Fail.  Fail.  Fail. 

The review of other research in the paper notes northern Europe is low in “racism” (meaning: not wanting foreigners) and high in generalized trust. In southern Europe this is completely reversed. In Greece, nobody trusts anybody and nobody likes foreigners.

The obvious problem with that is that – like virtually everything associated with Tricky Dick’s pseudoscience – it is completely divorced from real world reality.  The on-the-ground reality is that Italy, Greece, Spain, etc. are being overrun with foreigners, saturated with migrants both legal and illegal, and that the governments of those nations do nothing except to welcome more aliens, and the general populations of those nations aren’t actually doing much of anything about it. Actually, in Western Europe (if we count Greece as being politically as “Western Europe” although it is not so geographically and not really culturally either), nationalist reactions against foreigners have been generally more pronounced in the north, with the exception of Golden Dawn in Greece, and they are nowhere near the levers of power.  Where’s the wop equivalent of Brexit?  Where’s the dago equivalent of Le Pen or even Wilders?  Or even an Eastern European like Orban? With all the alleged dislike of foreigners, you’d think that Southern Europe would be swarming with Le Pens, and Brexits, and Orbans, and Wilders, and that’s not the case.

And, indeed, the world sighs with relief that, say, Germany is so non-ethnocentric that Germans never displayed in their history any militant ethnocentrism, militarism, nationalism, or distrust of foreigners whatsoever. With their noted efficiency, imagine if they did!  It could, like you know, start a world war or two – wars that could have wrecked the White world instead of the bright shining utopia of absolute homogeneity and security we all enjoy today! Whew!  We all sure dodged that bullet!

Word of warning: anything linked to Lynn has to be taken with a grain of salt the size of the iceberg that sunk the Titanic.

Watchmen review.  Individuals’ opinions of the characters in that work likely reflect underlying philosophical and personality differences. For example, while I found the Comedian amusing I also found his unrelenting cynicism to be, ultimately, boringly predictable and somewhat pretentious. And while Rorschach rigid moral certitude may have a bit too inflexible for optimum outcomes, it was somewhat bracing and Faustian in its impulses. If I’m criticized for being too bitter and negative, why is it a good thing for Eddie Blake?  Because he knows how to crack a few good one-liners?  Then again, like Rorschach, I’m a moralpath.

And there’s a big difference between my cynicism and that of the Comedian. Unlike the Comedian, who just made a show of his negativism and never offered any constructive suggestions, I have put forth ideas on how to rebuild the “movement” from the ground up. If my ideas and suggestions are ignored does not mean that those ideas and suggestions are not out there, for the “taking.” Eddie Blake, by comparison, was just a drama queen trying to impress with his “bad attitude.”

Since we have anti-vaxx scum numbered among the “movement” I’d like to point out that have a lot to talk about with their Somali buddies, sitting in a doctor’s office among the infected simians.

Der Movement in Der News, 5/2/17

Der Movement marches on.

Another rambling Costello piece.  Is the picture accompanying the piece that of Jef serving breakfast to the Goddess and Lioness Mudshark Annie?  That after she’s spent the night with Dinesh.

This Spencer piece was good until the end:

Trump seems unburdened by this political theology. This indicates that, despite his failings, he remains “uncucked” in his heart of hearts.

I was going to really blast that, but I see a commentator beat me to it:

Robert Bruce • 8 hours ago

Are you frigging kidding me? The guy says some nice words to placate the anti war paleoconservatives and alt right and his heart is “uncucked”? The guy talks out of both sides of his mouth!!!!!!! Please get real, and I would distance myself a tad from Trump. Haven’t you already hurt your cause by joining yourself at the hip with him in the beginning? No more brothers wars huh? It looks like his group sure wants to take out Russia in the not too distant future. Talk is cheap, very cheap. The guy’s main job is to keep everyone on edge and confused if he is the real deal or not, well he isn’t. His job is to implode the GOP. I am embarrassed that I felt compelled to vote for this guy. The article was very good, except the ending. You can’t really tell if this guy is sincere is my point.

This is a fundamental problem I have with the “movement” in general, and the Alt Right in particular: these guys never learn their lesion, and they have impaired judgment.  How many times do you need to be smacked in the face by betrayal by your Man on White Horse before you give up on it?  If some passing Trump rambling comments on the Civil War get you all worked up, I can quote Fat Don on denouncing “racism” and “anti-Semitism” and crying about the “Holocaust.”   Does this guy Trump really have a “heart of hearts?” I’m beginning to doubt it.  There’s no “there” there.  He’s an empty vessel, nowadays mostly being filled up by Neocon drivel.

I’m not surprised that a “libertarian” promotes this absolute nonsense.

Putting aside for the moment whether Christianity can serve as today as a vehicle for racial interests, we can ask whether it (or any other religion) can serve as a basis for modern society.  Are we really supposed to build a worldview on some Jewish myth about how Jaysus is going to save us, the “son of god” who rose from the dead?  Wen Nietzsche said “God is Dead” that was meant metaphorically, that belief in Christianity was lost in a modern, scientifically literate, technologically growing age.  Can educated people – ones who are not delusional of conformist cucks – really believe any of this nonsense?  Are we supposed to believe in Daddy Sky God (Yahweh or Odin or Zeus or whoever) and his son (Jesus or Thor or Hercules or whoever) and take any of this seriously. Or, like an Amren Christian promoter long ago, do we tell people that they need to go to church and feign belief?  That’s great – a society built on lies and fantasy that lots of people pretend they believe in.  That’s the foundation for long-term stability, I tell ya!

All of that could even be stomached in Christianity served EGI in today’s age, but it does not.  You cannot turn back the historical clock.  In today’s globalist age, a Universalist religion now includes, practically speaking, all of humanity.  And even if somehow you could turn the clock back and recreate a “muscular Christianity” is it worth the effort?  After all that struggle, you’ll end up with a fantasy that educated and rational people secretly mock in their hearts, a religion with an inner core of universalism that always contains the danger of getting cucked again, a religion that always has to be controlled to keep its universalist elements restrained.  How about just growing up, moving forward, and stop trying to revive dead aspects of a passing High Culture?  How about planting the seeds of a new High Culture?

And, personally, I see religious Whites as being mentally weak; unable to face realty as it is, they need comforting fantasies, and unable to act as morally independent adults, they need Big Daddy and his earthly priestly minions to provide guidance. That may be suitable for the unwashed masses, but I thought that “truth-telling” racialists were supposed to know better.

Greg is correct about “trans” here.  If someone has the delusion that they are Napoleon, the correct approach is to cure them of their delusion; you don’t send them put to fight the Battle of Waterloo.

Silk Road News: WN and Other News

Several items.

Another bizarre Asiatic behavior explained.  An annoying habit for an annoying people.

Colored is as Colored Does; Asians = more intelligent Negroes. 

Washington Post reporter Jeff Guo wrote an epic-length Tweet storm with every Angry Asian cliche imaginable: the Model Minority Myth is racist, Asians are discriminated against in the U.S., they weren’t even allowed in for awhile, the food tastes awful, and the portions are so small.

The only thing worse for nonwhites than having to live in a country built by whites is not being allowed to immigrate to a country built by whites.

Second, the claim that America was always a multiracial society — with whites, American Indians, and blacks present from the start of English colonization — is fundamentally false. From the beginning of the colonial period well into the history of the United States, there was a consensus that blacks and American Indians — and later mestizos and Orientals — might be “in” white society, but they were not “of” it. They were foreigners, not fellow citizens. They had no say about the character and destiny of white society…Chinese immigrants began arriving in the 1840s, and their presence almost immediately created a backlash. White Americans objected to Chinese economic competition, drug use, criminality, and all-round alienness.

Soon an Asian exclusion movement arose to cut off Chinese immigration and freeze the Chinese out of American society. The vanguard of Chinese exclusion came from the labor movement, which saw that big business interests were importing coolies to depress white wages and living standards. California was the front line of the Chinese invasion and the white reaction, which was often violent. The Chinese exclusion movement was led by the California Workingmen’s Party, founded by Irish immigrant Denis Kearney, who obviously didn’t fall for the idea that all immigrants are equal. (See Theodore J. O’Keefe’s “Denis Kearney and Struggle for a White America” and Raymond T. Wolters, “Race War on the Pacific Coast.”)

Because of exclusionist agitation, Chinese immigration was reduced, then completely barred for ten years by the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, which was renewed in 1892 and again in 1902 and extended to people from Hawaii and the Philippines. Chinese exclusion was again reaffirmed by the Immigration Act of 1924. Chinese born in America were not considered citizens until 1898, and it was only in 1940 that naturalization was opened to people of Chinese, Philippine, and Indian descent, as well as descendants of the aboriginal peoples from other parts of the Western Hemisphere, meaning Indians and Mestizos from outside the United States. Chinese exclusion was only overturned by Congress in 1943, as a wartime gesture toward China.

Impeach Trump…and the Alt Right

Let’s go a bit deeper here.

Here’s an excellent Counter-Current post that I’d like to comment on, in the sense that its points are more generally applicable than just about Trump. Emphasis added to the original.

Never betray your friends to court the favor of your enemies. If you betray your friends, the most principled and perceptive among them will drop you, leaving only the delusional and venal. That is not a good trade, given that the approval you gain is bound to be fleeting and contingent, whereas the contempt and distrust you create will be permanent. The people you betrayed may come back to you out of sentimentality or self-interest, but their trust and respect will never return. They will always regard you as a traitor.

Yes, that applies to Trump, but it applies more general to many precincts of the “movement.” One can, for example, think of “movement” leaders and “movement” sites that grovel to their Jewish enemies (and also grovel to White-hating Asians), while spewing contempt toward their own White ethnic supporters. No names need be mentioned (cough, Amren, cough), but such cases certainly exist.  Rewarding enemies while betraying friends is a lose-lose proposition.  And the problem is not only the act of betrayal itself that makes the traitor lose the support and respect of those betrayed; it is also the revealing glimpse of what the traitor really thinks of the betrayed; the concealed contempt that is uncovered, the casual indifference that the traitor feels as he/she “throws under the bus” their own supporters to court the favor of others who actually despise the traitors themselves.

We know he knew better, because of a long history of Tweets about Syria, which now make him look like a feckless hypocrite. So for him to fall for the warmongers this time frankly makes me question his intelligence, his character, even his sanity.

EGI Notes has been questioning those aspects of Trump all along.  When you label someone as a vulgar ignorant buffoon, a beta race cuck, tool of the Jews, inarticulate fatso, treasonous promoter of “touchback” immigration, etc. I think there’s no “hindsight” in any current criticism of Trump from my direction.  It’s all foresight (not that I’ll be given any credit for it, after all, I’m a crazed crank).

Trump has already convinced a significant percentage of the world that he is a dangerous madman. But the Syria pivot does not support that perception. It supports the conclusion that he is a mercurial, hypocritical buffoon who cannot be trusted to maintain his most basic promises. 

Buffoon, yes.

In short, Trump painted himself into a corner with his big mouth and adolescent fixation on Alpha posturing regarding Obama, and since acknowledging mistakes has never been Trump’s strong suit, it was child’s play for the establishment to spring into action and funnel him into launching airstrikes.

Does Trump base his policies not on a sober assessment of what is good for America, but simply on some sort of egomanical desire to one up and put down Barack Obama and his ilk? Granted, doing the opposite of Obama and Hillary is generally a good guide to policy. But you’d have to be an overgrown adolescent chimpanzee to run a country that way. Could this be why Donald Trump is idolized by rappers?

For the Alt Right, it’s Mourning in America. We believed in this guy. We liked this guy. And now he just seems stupid. Frankly, so do we.

I’ll give Greg credit for that honest admission. I was warning the “movement” for many months that they were going into another Man on White Horse obsession, and now the other shoe has finally dropped.

The Alt Right’s relationship with Trump was always a one-way man crush, based largely on projections. 

In the case of Roissy, more like a heavy-breathing, onanistic, homoerotic obsession.

Ending such a relationship is a healthy thing.

Hello, Roissy.

Now that the God Emperor has fallen to earth, we need to remind ourselves that Trump was never the end game. He was — and remains — an immense opportunity to smash the current globalist establishment and unleash nationalist, populist, and racialist forces that will be raging into the future…

That does sound familiar.  Where have we read that before? You know, it may sound to the reader that this is egotistical “tooting my own horn” but really it is just frustration. Hey, “movement” – it doesn’t matter if you dislike me, think I’m nuts, despise my ancestry, or whatever your problem is, but can you at least listen and consider that perhaps you should take into account the opinions of someone who has been right about things say. 95+% percent of the time.  Apart from not taking Trump’s electoral chances as seriously as I should have, I’m hardpressed to think of any major issue I’ve been wrong about.  That’s not ego, it is plain fact.

Note also that the Alt Right – even with “bodyguards” – gets attacked by leftist thugs right on the God Emperor’s doorstep.  Can the contempt and disregard of Donald J Kushnertrump be any more obvious?  And you guys need more bodyguards, it should be the leftists running away from you, not you from them.

Ethnonationalism is Atomized Individualism at the Racial-Civilizational Level

Some thoughts.

Listening to this podcast (transcript here) I find that I agree with 95% of what Greg Johnson said.  As per the other 5%, some points are as follows.

There’s a widespread misconception that White Nationalism means just the idea that if you’re white, you belong in the same state. And I think that that’s a ridiculous idea, a parody actually, of what most White Nationalists believe.

That’s a parody of the pan-European perspective, but very few people actually promote this view.  It’s as much as a strawman argument as saying that ethnonationalists all want to restart WWII.

The great conflicts of the twentieth century were largely between different white nations. And, largely, those conflicts came about because these groups were not respecting the autonomy of other white groups

And who wasn’t respecting that autonomy?  Extreme ethnonationalists, each looking out for their perception of what was best for their nation, at the expense of the race as a whole. That explanation is nothing new, Stoddard in The Rising Tide of Color said as much about WWI, as he was correct about that.

There’s also of course the Chinese question and South Asia, Africa, and so forth. These are distinct groups of people, distinct geopolitical blocs, and it would be nice if we can have white nations coordinating their plans regarding them in order to survive, rather than what we have today, which is our leadership basically conspiring to replace our population with non-whites from around the world.

There are some positive points in that paragraph.  Yes, the Chinese and South Asians should indeed be grouped with Africans as distinct geopolitical blocs that pose a question for Whites – a question of our very survival.  And, yes, coordination among Whites is good, but “coordination” per se does not go far enough when faced with this Clash of Civilizations.

How to balance coordination with sovereignty?  If a sovereign Ireland decides they want to import one million Negroes for cheap labor, would they have that right?  If England wanted to make an alliance with China against Germany, should we respect English sovereignty?  If so, racial coordination is impossible and White nationalism is a joke.  If not, then there are clear limits to sovereignty, and coordination leads to a certain amount of integration – an integration that still respects national boundaries and ethnocultural preservation.

…is that they’re trying to swindle the native European peoples of all the European lands and also European colonial peoples like Americans, Canadians, and others of having a future, of having homelands where they can be confident that they will control the government, control their destiny, and have a country that they feel is like home…

Yes, and the Silk Road Asian imperialists are chief among these swindlers.

Our individualism, our kind of “devil take the hindmost” attitude, and our unwillingness to confront the fact that this game is rigged against us—and that the long-term trends are quite dire, and that we simply will cease to exist as distinct nations and as a biological race in a couple hundred years if we don’t stop this—so we’re individualistic, we’re guilty, we try and make our own peace with the system, we’re afraid of joining together and actually trying to change it….

Isn’t ethnonationalism analogous to the type of atomized individualism that is decried by WNs?  In other words, as atomized individualism is to ethnic and racial nationalism, so is (narrow) ethnonationalism to pan-Europeanism. Ethnonationalism is atomized individualism at the racial-civilizational level.  At the national level, we observe selfish atomized individuals who ignore the collective good of the national ethny; at the racial-civilizational level we observe selfish atomized national ethnies and ethnonationalists who ignore the collective good of the overall Race-Culture.

One point brought up in the podcast is that Whites tend to project their own mentality to other peoples.  

And underlying that, though, is the same grandiose notion that really we’re the only people who matter, for good or evil, in the world, and other people are somewhat negligible as agents, and that assumption is very deep and a sort of bedrock assumption in a lot of Leftists.

And really, I stopped the projection and decided I need to try and understand the world as these people see it, and I came at a certain point to realize that a lot of peoples, in fact the majority of peoples on Earth, do not have a sort of transparent and trusting relationship to other groups. In fact, they have suspicious, hostile, and manipulative relationships to other groups, and that what’s going on in white countries is we’re inviting in people on the assumption that they’re going to be just like us; that we’re going to be generous to them and open to them, and they’re going to be open and generous to us.

Quite right, but WNs don’t realize that they do the same thing.  Many WNs believe in “universal nationalism” applicable to all peoples, and they assume that nationalists of other races believe the same, and would allow Europeans to exist in their own homogeneous ethnostates.

This is not the case.  Jewish nationalists are often Jewish supremacists. Asian nationalists are often Asian imperialists, who believe they have a God-given right to colonize White lands. There are also people involved in the “movement” who grovel to Jewish supremacism and Asian imperialism; if “White racialists” are willing to do so, imagine how supine “normies” would be to aggressive Jews/Asians.  These non-European peoples will always be a threat to our race, for as long as we and they both exist, and we’ll need an integrated defense against them for our survival, in addition to the known threats from the general “Global South.”  This goes beyond mere “coordination.”

And in fact their attitude is that we are incredibly weak and naive, and they will dissimulate belief in our ideas when they want something from us, but when we want something from them, they’ll say, “Oh yes, yes,” but what they’ll end up doing is practice very ruthless ethnic nepotism.

That describes Asians in a nutshell – both the Silk Roaders and well as “cognitive elitists” who preach atomized individualism for Whites while practicing “very ruthless ethnic nepotism” for themselves.

Answering an Idiot

Evidence that the “high East Asian IQ” is a myth.

Greg Johnson wanted this answered off his site, so here it is:

I have to be more light-handed in my moderation, primarily because people like you persistently create an environment where you try to absurdly racialise every action that I make. The very thing that you are asking me to do now, is the same kind of action which if I were to do it, you would write several blog posts telling people not to post at Majorityrights because ‘Kumiko the evil Asiatic might censor you’ or whatever.

If you had bothered to understand the history of the blog that you are in the process of destroying, you’d know that I repeatedly urged Guessedworker to moderate the site and get rid of vulgar and moronic comments.  So the idea that I would write: “Kumiko the evil Asiatic might censor you” is a strawman argument and just more “look at me the poor colored person being picked on” whining.

In fact, it was you who wrote in your recent blog post that you in fact saved Captainchaos’ comment so that even if I did decide to delete it you could simply reproduce it and put it back! 

“Put it back!”  Back where, you imbecile?  Yeah, that’s right…I would hack into MR and reinsert the comment.  Are you retarded or paranoid or both?  I simply saved the comment in the event that you Silk Road liars would in the future deny it was ever there.

In other words, you were already prepared to publicly work against the very same moderation policy that you are disingenuously exhorting me to adopt here. Isn’t that amazing?

It’s amazing that you are so childishly stupid, with the mentality of a brain-addled five year old.  Do you actually read the silly things you write?  Or is the Asiatic mind so alien to that of the European that I shouldn’t even try to make sense of any of it?  The fact that I want to save evidence of MR perfidy is in no way incompatible with my desire for your blog to stop said perfidy.

Now, regarding my own treatment of Greg Johnson in that thread. I’m sure you read the thread on 28 Jan 2017, and that you are therefore aware that I used up about a quarter of the thread repeatedly defending Greg Johnson. I said that while I don’t understand the choice that Johnson made to not sound the alarm about Enoch’s shameless lying ways earlier, and that he should be asked about why he made those decisions in that moment (for the sake of forming a more complete picture of the events), that there is a correct way to ask about that and a wrong way to ask. I said that Captainchaos and Ned Flanders were wrong to say what they were saying and that it was not acceptable. I am completely open to the idea that there were reasons which we who are looking at it in the aftermath would not be able to see. That’s why I said while we are going to be rough on Enoch, we should approach the issue of everyone else who may have known or suspected something about him in a fundamentally different way. I explicitly said that in the same thread.

Yeah, that’s great.  The fact remains you left Chaos’ comment there.  

It’s pretty disingenuous for you to now be trying to lecture me on what a decent person ‘should do’, seeing as you yourself are in fact a key component of the indecent and essentially deplorable problem which I had find a way to deal with there.

Yes, a person who hasn’t been involved with Majority Rights for – what? – nearly 10 years is obviously “a key component” of the problems there.  I very honestly and sincerely believe that you are mentally ill.  

My response – which was the ‘nephew and niece group selection argument’ – seems to have also been agreed with by Richard Spencer because within days Spencer in fact approvingly echoed the substance of my argument on one of his podcasts (without attributing the comments to me – which is fine by me).


Do you know which outlet actually found my handling of it to be inappropriate? The Daily Shoah with TRS, of course. The Shoah subsequently had a show in which they addressed that same specific argument that I made (without attributing the comments to me – funny how so many people suddenly decided it was really time to talk about group selection in an extended family context, it’s really an astonishing ‘coincidence’), and they addressed it by ranting about ‘degeneracy’ and how apparently ‘un-European’ such an argument is.

Who cares?  TRS in general are a bunch of juvenile jackasses.

So rather than acting as though I am the problem here, maybe you should go and ask your supposedly persecuted friend Mike Enoch…

He’s not my friend.  I never heard of him before Greg’s article defending him and after subsequently listening to TRS I have no desire to waste my time with that drivel. I simply believe your treatment of him was repulsive.  Then again you and MR as a whole are repulsive and so I am not surprised.

…at TRS why it is that he allows homophobia and misogyny on his show and on his website in the form of actually hundreds upon hundreds of Disqus comments literally every single day, and why it is that he reinforces and echoes those views at every opportunity. Ask him.

I have no communication with that individual, nor do I want any.  I do not have a high opinion of TRS.  That doesn’t mean I support Asiatics using crude “Jew baiting” in order to get yellow fever omega White males – fantasizing about Chinese girls with guns – to jump on the Silk Road bandwagon.

It is almost surreal that you are having this conversation with me of all people, and that you are having it across the comments section of Counter-Currents.

Why not?  I’m not going to disgrace myself by going to your sewer of a website.

To accuse me of supporting homophobia is basically the most absurd – but comical – accusation I have ever faced from you. Seriously, it is absurd. It’s almost like you asked yourself: “Let me see if I can find the single most liberal person on sexual politics in the ethnonationalist sphere and accuse her of homophobia because that would be the single most hilarious thing that I could do. Oh, there’s Kumiko, let me try this on her!”

Moronic and alien Oriental: please improve your English reading comprehension.  I never accused you of being homophobic.  I simply pointed out that any decent person would have deleted Captain Chaos’ comment – which was homophobic – and that you did not do so.  If you are incapable of understanding the difference, then that supports my low opinion of your “intellect.”  No, you are not homophobic.  You are just a foul-mouthed, paranoid, not-too-bright individual who doesn’t have the common decency to remove a comment about Greg Johnson that was very highly offensive.

It’s almost like the kind of thing that if I didn’t know better, I’d say Mike Enoch and Seventh Son actually put you up to it. 

Yeah, that’s right, we had a meeting in our local synagogue.  Indeed, we receive instructions from Israel.  A Tel Aviv rabbi has a set of atomic-powered, high-speed, gyroscopic dreidels that emit a special radio frequency detected by a special receiver built into my yarmulke. We also receive instructions – hand delivered by a dancing bear dressed like a Cossack – from Putin himself.  It’s an Israeli-Russian conspiracy against the grand geopolitical strategizing of Majority Rights!  Time to send some Chinese girls with guns over the Amur and straighten that all out!

The reason I know better is because I know you guys aren’t nearly that organised.

We can’t be as well organized as those black-booted female Chinese solders that form the basis of Silk Road onanism.