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A Clueless Letter, 7/1/16

An amusing lack of self-awareness.

I am a Brit living in Spain, so I am reading all I can get my hands on about Brexit.

So, she previously did her own Brexit.

I myself was a Brexit supporter but unable to vote thanks to Tony Blair’s government banning expat voting.

Is this wrong? Should folks who have abandoned their nation have a say in how it is run? Unless of course you would move back if certain changes were to be made; if so, I agree that you should be allowed to vote.

I am trying to mentor people to stand tall and be proud and to embrace the rest of the world.

Embrace the rest of the world? Sounds like the current UK immigration policy (and America’s as well).

I too always felt Enoch Powell was right…

Powell was right but we should “embrace the rest of the world.”

…although we were never allowed to voice our opinions because of political correctness. 

Yeah, that’s great. But you could vote when you lived in Britain, no? Did you support the BNP?

Well , now at last I hope that Britain will become British again. 

Really? Are all the non-British living there going to be repatriated?

Not that I dislike foreigners who pay their way and are prepared to work.

But they are not British, no? How is Britain going to be British again with them living there?

I am an immigrant in Spain (from Britain).

So you are violating the ethnic interests of the Spanish people. Who knows? Maybe some of them want Spain to be Spanish again.

I just hope that Britain can leave Europe behind and more important to convince the young people we have made the right decision in leaving.

Oh well, they can always move to Spain. Oh wait, that may become more difficult with the UK no longer in the EU.

Some Good Sense on Mainstreaming

Greg Johnson essay.
I find nothing there that I can really disagree with in any fundamental way.  And the important point is made: mainstreaming does not mean merely presenting our views in a more rational and productive manner (which any reasonable person would agree is a good idea), but, rather, means abandoning those ideas and substituting Sailerian “citizenism.”
In that manner, even a “victory” becomes a defeat, since nothing significant is gained, one way or the other.

And the point about Jews is very important as well.  It’s not just genotypes, or physical appearance, or religion.  Jews are a separate people in their entirety, they perceives themselves in that manner and act accordingly.