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On National and Ethnic IQ

HBD stupidity,

Following up on my comments on this stupid post by Johnred Derbyfogle, a few brief comments on the alleged “89 average IQ” for Serbia.

First, any conclusions about national/ethic IQ should be based on data from actual IQ tests, not “estimated” from standardized test scores.  Second, IQ tests should be as g-loaded and culture-free as possible, findings should be reproducible, and based on broad testing of a good sample size drawn from a representative group of the relevant population. And you do NOT “estimate” IQ by averaging widely disparate scores from different tests given to widely divergent subsections of a population and then pretend that those “findings” are in any way relevant – you know, what Tricky Dick did to “estimate” Irish IQ.  That’s not science, that’s the sort of laughable stupidity a pimple-faced HBD blogger would come up with playing on his computer in mom’s basement.

Finally, scores need to be interpreted consistent with reality.  Forgive me for using anecdotal evidence here, but for me it is relevant.  I once knew a (White) person with a measured, verified IQ of 88.  Now, this person was stupid – not garden variety dumb, but truly, utterly, tragically moronic. This was an individual who was borderline functional, one step up from retarded, with no ability whatsoever to care for themselves in modern society – completely useless.  Now, Lynn et al. want us to believe that there are nations and provinces in Europe that have an average IQ (meaning approximately half the population is below that) in the range of the individual I have just described. Sorry, I don’t buy it: any society like that would be completely dysfunctional – and anyone who thinks there are majority-native areas of Europe that are indeed completely dysfunctional needs to get out more and actually visit the areas in question. It isn’t so. Relatively poorly run?  Yes.  Somewhat dysfunctional according to higher standards? Yes. Completely dysfunctional by the standards of a high-80s IQ?  No. And no amount of cherry picked pictures and “movement” dogmas can change that. And I won’t even discuss in detail that the standards of these ethnies as American citizens are so discordant with Lynnian data that one would have to propose extreme selective immigration for IQ (of at least 3/4 of a SD) to explain the discrepancies.