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23 and Derb

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One of the ethnoracial categories in 23andme is “British and Irish” – the peoples of the United Kingdom and Ireland.  This obviously includes the English.  Derbyshire is, as he and his fetishist supporters always like to tell us, of 100% English genealogical ancestry.  But, the confused Type Is mutter, how can it be that a person of 100% “British/Irish” ancestry only turn out to be ~70% “British/Irish” in 23andme testing?  Dammint, we be stumped!  After all, statistical error is not going to account for a 30% shortfall.

Those numbnuts who blindly accept 23andme results as if they are they word of God (of biomechanics, I suppose) don’t realize that the words used to designate 23andme categories are descriptions of genetic entities and not perfectly aligned with everyone’s actual genealogical ancestry, and that these entities are based on the consensus reading of the samples they’ve used to “calibrate” their analysis. The output of the data are going to be based on the input of the parental samples, a point I’ve made here many times.  After all, if Derbyshire himself was used as the parental sample for “British/Irish,” then, obviously, if he was then sampled, compared to himself, he would turn out to be “100% British/Irish”  (or maybe 99%, given possible error), no?

The designation of chromosome fragments as “British/Irish” are based on the samples 23andme used as parentals for that population group designation, the genetic entity they named “British/Irish.”  That’s a consensus of data from a variety of individuals presumably consisting of English, Scottish, Scots-Irish, Welsh, and Irish.  Individuals of those ancestries – like Derbyshire – are not going to exactly match the generalized consensus derived from all those input samples.  And, then, there is overlap between closely related groups in genetics; a Derbyshirian chromosome fragment may seem a bit more like “German/French” or “Broadly Northwestern European” (both very similar to “British/Irish”) than specifically similar to “British/Irish.”  Someone like Greg Johnson, who claims founding stock ancestry, and presumably doesn’t have any direct “Moops” ancestry, claims a 1% “North African” result. Now, I don’t believe one should take low percentages seriously – it is not an exact science – but to the extent we do take it seriously, then that’s a chromosomal fragment that, for whatever reason, resembles more that of North Africans than it does Johnson’s actual genealogical ancestry.  Spencer had some interesting micro-results also.

So, yes, it is possible for a person to be 100% “X” as regards their actual genealogical ancestry, but test out as, say, 70% “X” in 23andme. That does NOT invalidate the genetic concept of ethnoracial ancestry, it does NOT mean the person is not really – genealogically speaking – 100% “X,” nor does it even mean that the methodology itself is (seriously) flawed. The output is going to be as good as the input and the algorithm.  Derbyshire simply is not more than a 70% match to the “British/Irish” consensus data. The same principle applies to other group.  Indeed, I wonder if ANY single individual would ever test out as 100% of any narrow group like “British/Irish” or even as high as, say 90%. Actually, a 70% rating is reasonably solid in designating someone as being a recently unmixed member of any narrow ethnoracial group like “British/Irish” (for a designation as belonging to a broad racial category – say, European – is of course another matter, there we’re probably talking about going over 90%).

And that’s with guys like Derbyshire having an advantage here, as his ethny is very well represented in 23andme’s databases.  The Derbyshires of the world had an even greater advantage in older tests, like DNAPrint’s, as there “European” was defined in terms of CEU – essentially, Mitt Romney as the genetic archetype, the paragon, of Europe.   Folks like Kai Murros, Julius Evola, John Belushi, Tom Sunic, or Corneliu Codreanu would not have been so blessed.

Come now, VDARE. don’t be critical; after all, it’s Der Master Race!

Der Movement marches on: in response to a thoughtful KMacD piece on the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, the peanut gallery responds thus:

seethroughthis says:

November 14, 2018 at 11:30 am

One problem with this article….it goes on the assumption that there were actual deaths at this event. Everything about it suggest it is a hoax, no deaths, no injuries, nothing just bare faced lying and propaganda

It’s all a dat dere conspiracy by da gummint, gaddummint!  Really, there’s a special place in hell for all these tin foil hat conspiracy retards, starting with “J Richards” of Majority Rights, with his “the moon landing is a box” – because, you know, IF it were a hoax and people found out, it would weaken confidence in the multiracial System (alternatively, it may weaken confidence in White accomplishment, but let’s not nitpick the details, shall we?).  So, in typical leftist moralistic fallacy fashion, just because the Type I retards think it would be good IF something were true, the, it IS true.  QED.

Hey, Richie is realizing things I’ve been writing about here since 2015-2016, emphasis added:


 3h3 hours ago


The Alt-Right has lived by the sword and died by it, too. We ascended with Trump in 2016…then descended into wishful thinking, rationalization, and cheerleading. The more we facilitate Trump, the more we lose authenticity as a identitarian movement.


 3h3 hours ago


Trump has taken the slings and arrows of a revolutionary change-agent, while not actually changing anything.  Policy-wise, would things be so different if Jeb had been elected in 2016? Not really. If there’s an actual vision, I don’t see it.


 3h3 hours ago


If Trump is going to alienate middle-class White voters with his vulgarity, stupidity, and bombast—which he obviously has—then policy must be swiftly implemented that actually benefits them and changes the current paradigm.


 3h3 hours ago

More Richard  Spencer

There’s a lot of sarcasm in this thread, but the numbers are real and I’m being sarcastic to prove a point.Richard  Spencer added,


One of Donald Trump’s more remarkable and unheralded accomplishments has been to suppress the White vote.

The Sallis Challenge

See at end.

According to Tacitus’s biography of Agricola, the Silures usually had a dark complexion and curly hair. Due to their appearance, Tacitus believed they had crossed over from Spain at an earlier date.

“… the swarthy faces of the Silures, the curly quality, in general, of their hair, and the position of Spain opposite their shores, attest to the passage of Iberians in old days and the occupation by them of these districts; …” (Tacitus Annales Xi.ii, translated by M. Hutton)

Jordanes, in his Origins and Deeds of the Goths, describes the Silures.

“The Silures have swarthy features and are usually born with curly black hair, but the inhabitants of Caledonia have reddish hair and large loose-jointed bodies. They are like the Gauls or the Spaniards.”

An ancient European tribe with those physical characteristics?  Not Moops or Nigerians?  No, no, a thousand times no!  Tacitus – liar!  Jordanes – liar!  I suppose this all explains why Tom Jones was described by fetishists as a “Silurian type.”

Light reading for when you’re snug in your hobbit hole. Type I fairy tales, indeed.

Scalia was obviously a full-blooded Negro, without a drop of European blood in him.

I’m sure the gamesters will tell us to eat more meat.

Bur (sic) inexplicably, President Trump is on the wrong side of this race—evidence that his unquestionable transformation of the GOP into a National Conservative party still has a long way to go, not least among his own advisors.

Yeah, real “inexplicable” and all.  Or maybe Trump is just a fraud, like EGI Notes has been saying since 2015?  And what’s with “Bur?”  Is Brimelow not getting enough Shekels to proofread the articles going up on his site?  Do the writers not use spell check?  Was that supposed to be “But” or maybe, hey, Aaron Burr is making a political comeback?  Inquiring minds want to know!

Both sides are wrong: Zimmer is a pedantic fool, missing the forest for the trees, while Sailer is ignorant of basic science.  

Early Thursday morning this was posted at EGI Notes; later that same day:

Greg Johnson says:

October 18, 2018 at 1:27 pm

I want to thank Richard McCulloch for this thoughtful and gratifyingly positive review. As for the issue of the timetable for creating the ethnostate, that is a minor point of disagreement. As for my response to his criticisms, I can’t improve on Rob Bottom’sstatement above. Once again, thanks Richard.

“Thanks for giving me a positive review of my own book…”

And then, predictably, Silver re-emerges with his usual shtick:

Having Silver and Sunic in the same comments thread is amusing to any Majority Rights graduate with a long memory.  Silver defamed Sunic as an example of an “unassimilable” Balkanoid.  Meanwhile, the truth is that Tom is fine man, a good activist, as White as anyone else at TOO, and why he wastes his time associating with those people, I don’t know.

Anyway, what with all this mutual love-fest (excluding Tom of course, who isn’t “one of the boys”), none of these paragons of racial virtue and wisdom have yet noticed that the past 50 years of “movement” activism have accomplished nothing but failure, and all the rounds of mutual self-congratulation cannot alter the fact that their model of activism has failed, and their dogma is repulsing people, not winning “hearts and minds.”

This is the reality of life in America after 50 years of your activism.

“Most Whites have no racial identity…”  That’s their own friend Taylor saying it.

Winning hearts and minds!

Try something different?  Tap into different talent pools?  Not when it threatens egos and income!

Case in point: Der Movement’s cordon sanitaire around EGI Notes.  After all, Breezy Steve struggling with meiosis is of course more useful for activism than, say, a scientifically informed debunking of Lewontin.  After all, Sailer doesn’t threaten the status quo, or the flow of shekels, and that’s what’s important.

Note to rank-and-file: if your leaders really cared about “the White race” then they would make use of relevant material regardless of its source.  But they really don’t give a fig about the White race, and you and they really know it, don’t you?

So, I issue a challenge to the likes of Johnson, Spencer, Taylor, McCulloch et al. How about penning a post telling us two things:

1. What significant and concrete accomplishments toward society-wide White racial awakening have your efforts accomplished, and, similarly, what are the accomplishments toward that end achieved by other “activists” who share your ideological vision and overall approach?

2. Going forward, how do you expect continued efforts of your type to achieve your ethnostate/racial preservationist goals?  And for this, please don’t give vague platitudes or hand-waving about “metapolitics,” but instead a realistic and comprehensive appraisal for your optimism and your adherence to your specific approach.  And, while you are at it, please explain why your approach is superior to alternatives.

I’ll give your essay a fair hearing here, and will dissect and critique it (as I’ve been critiquing the “movement” in general here) – unlike your own (dare we say cowardly) ignoring of the critiques of your approach heretofore published here at EGI Notes (never mind your pathetic “banning” of critics from your own blogs).

Genes for Intelligence and TOO Doubles Down

Keeping you informed.

First read this, emphasis added:

Intelligence is highly heritable 1 and a major determinant of human health and well-being 2 . Recent genome-wide meta-analyses have identified 24 genomic loci linked to variation in intelligence3-7, but much about its genetic underpinnings remains to be discovered. Here, we present a large-scale genetic association study of intelligence (n = 269,867), identifying 205 associated genomic loci (190 new) and 1,016 genes (939 new) via positional mapping, expression quantitative trait locus (eQTL) mapping, chromatin interaction mapping, and gene-based association analysis. We find enrichment of genetic effects in conserved and coding regions and associations with 146 nonsynonymous exonic variants. Associated genes are strongly expressed in the brain, specifically in striatal medium spiny neurons and hippocampal pyramidal neurons. Gene set analyses implicate pathways related to nervous system development and synaptic structure. We confirm previous strong genetic correlations with multiple health-related outcomes, and Mendelian randomization analysis results suggest protective effects of intelligence for Alzheimer’s disease and ADHD and bidirectional causation with pleiotropic effects for schizophrenia. These results are a major step forward in understanding the neurobiology of cognitive function as well as genetically related neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Do any of these variants differ in frequency by race or ethnicity?

It looks like TOO and MacDonald are doubling down on their direction of recent years, emphasis added:

Towards the end of the nineteenth century, as American intellectuals were coming to grips with large-scale immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe, the optimistic views of the future that were so typical of the nineteenth century were more and more difficult to defend, especially because a large number of the immigrants were (correctly) seen as politically radical and inassimilable.

Note the word “correctly.”  Thus, the position of TOO is that Southern and Eastern Europeans (which includes Tom Sunic also, I suppose, who writes for TOO) are inassimilable aliens who do not belong in America.  While I realize that is the implicit view of Der Movement, it is refreshing to see TOO so explicitly expressing an open disgust toward a significant fraction of Europe’s peoples.  That’s consistent with Amren, which praises Jews as HuWhite Men of the West, while attacking ethnies such as those hora-dancing Romanians, no men of the West they!

If anyone wonders why I stopped writing for both sites, that’s your answer.  And if that is the attitude in Der Movement, can you deny the validity of the existence of the “movement’s” ethnic affirmative action program?

In Der News, 6/9/18

Der news.

Sunic foreword to Bolton’s Yockey book.

That’s the foreword to the book itself; insofar as I know, currently, I am the only one who has written an independent review of this important work.  That speaks volumes about the pathetic, low-rent “movement.”

Getting back to Sunic’s foreword, I’d like to say that Tom is one of the finest people involved in nationalist activism.  I don’t agree with everything he’s ever written of course, but people can disagree on issues but still think highly of each other, respect fine work, and note their essential decency as human beings.  Indeed, I sometimes disagree with Salter on some issues (as recently chronicled in posts here), but I cannot think of anyone whose work I respect more.  As I’ve said a number of times before – Salter deserves a Nobel Prize for his work on ethnic genetic interests; in a fair world, one not dominated by anti-White leftist politics, that Prize would be awarded.

By the way, Sunic probably doesn’t remember it, but he and I had a pleasant phone conversation many (15+) years ago.  A good man.

More evidence (if you needed any) that Sallis is right once again: the Danish left is farstreaming right.  Evidence to support mainstreaming: zero.  Evidence to support farstreaming: Trump, Orban, Denmark, etc.

Best Amren comment, in response to this article:

Jason Lewis • 10 hours ago
Right after they tell you that population numbers are concerning they’ll tell you that there aren’t enough babies being born in Western countries requiring a endless flood of immigrants.