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Shoup on Difference and the Emergence of Reality

Important theoretical science.

I want to give Bowery credit for alerting me to this important Shoup paper.

Sometimes, with the emphasis in science and technics in drilling down into highly specialized details of any given sub-sub-sub (etc.)-discipline, the bigger picture is disregarded.  Getting back to first principles and more fundamental understandings will likely yield important insights and discoveries, as I fear that an increasingly Judaized and Asianized science (it’s all about dem dere papers and grants) is causing us to miss the forest for the trees.

That’s science and technics.  With respect to racial activism, all the pseudo-philosophical blather that Majority Rights has degenerated into over the past several years does the opposite: obscures the fundamental necessitates of racial activism with abstract nonsense that is more “tree” than “forest.”  Der Movement is lost, completely adrift.

Getting back to Shoup: he asserts that difference is the ultimate foundation of reality; at their most fundamental level, objects (or any other entity) are defined by difference.

We can note the relevance to the concept of genetic interests, which is based on distinctive genetic information.  Hence, the greater the (genetic) difference, the greater are the (genetic) interests.  The greater the genetic difference (distance) between two biological entities, the greater the interest each entity has in its genetic continuity as contrasted to the other entity. Just as time and space emerges from the differences between objects, genetic interests emerge from the differences that exist between the information encoded in the DNA of biological entities.