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Trump Declares a National Nothingburger

Der Movement: Wrong, wrong, as usual, always wrong.

Trump tests negative. That’s for coronavirus, not brain cells. In all seriousness though, the media’s attacks on Trump these days are disgusting.  Trump may be an idiot, but he’s doing many things correct now.  Dementia Joe, in contrast, is merely mirroring HBD talking points by telling us the most important thing is not to be racist against Asians.  I would much rather have Trump in charge during this crisis than a wild-eyed pony soldier Alzheimer’s patient

This here has to rank as one of the most absolutely retarded things ever written. What would Zturd have us do?  Sit back, let the disease spread, and have 15% of the infected with severe cases overwhelm the health care system?  That’s what the retards don’t understand. Health care resources, including hospital beds, ventilators, etc. are fixed in number. If there is a peak in the infection curve, the resources will be strained. And that’s not only for China Plague victims, but what about folks with heart attacks and strokes and car accidents and crime victims – when there are not enough available resources?  One has to multiply the severity percentage for The China Plague by the pool of infectious people. In Italy, they were lackadaisical at the start, and the epicenters there are now charnel houses.  

The giraffe and garden gnome analogy is especially stupid. There’s no plausible casual connection there. On the other hand, social distancing will decrease infectivity. So, Zturd and his brainless acolytes are completely wrong – if lockdowns are instituted and the disease ends up not being as bad as the initial predictions then it would be reasonable to make the connection there.  Of course, that’s not “absolute proof.” We cannot do a properly controlled experiment comparing the two scenarios. However, there is sufficient epidemiological evidence, as well as theoretical support, for a causal connection between social distancing and viral spread to make that association. There is also a well-known connection – an inverse relationship – between transmissibility and virulence (although I admit that long incubation times coupled with infectivity during incubation and/or asymptomatic carriers could to some extent obviate that relationship, as the virus could evolve in other ways than just decreased direct virulence); thus, impeding transmission would favor, all else being equal, lessened virulence. That’s all established science. There is no established science linking garden gnomes and giraffes. There are no runaway giraffes in America. On the other hand, there is The China Plague in America.

Only if the entire thing suddenly fizzles out do the “health experts” need to explain anything. Otherwise, the case can be made that the steps taken actually repressed the exponential surge of infection. The hysteria of “traditionalist” Type I nitwits does not change that reality.

The “ethnic dimension?”  Skepticism about this is not “race denial” – it is just a reasonable request for sufficient evidence that doesn’t consist of n = eight (or one).  Or of hand-waving about “The Fertile Crescent.”  Now, maybe there is a racial and ethnic component to this. I do not deny the possibility.  That does not imply that it is not a threat or problem for other populations. I assume that Welton and Zturd think all of these infected Germans are actually Turks and Arabs (or wops)?  We’ll see soon enough.  Regardless of this, given the rapid spread in Europe, does it not make sense to take precautions in America? And who cares what Mangan “thinks?” Do we need to recall all of his past errors?

And the stupidity about toilet paper – look, it’s non-perishable.  You’ll use it eventually, even if there’s no crisis. If you are locked down for a long period, having plenty of toilet paper is a good idea. I assume that Zturd, being full of shit, will need toilet paper at some point. Although no doubt Zturd can rip pages out of his HBD books instead – I can’t think of a better use for Richard Lynn’s work than to use it to wipe one’s ass with.

There’s an “out” for the HBDers if they want to continue to be mendacious. Even if the virus spreads in Northern Europe, and even as people die, the Zturd and Welton types will simply say all those infected and dying are non-natives.  The System and HBD – which are two sides of the same coin – feed off of each other.  By not breaking down victims by race, the System enables HBD.  By inventing and spreading new excuses for China, HBD supports the System. HBD is not falsifiable; it is not science.  No matter what the evidence, they’ll twist and turn to explain it away.

Hmm…must be all the migrants.

Italians no doubt.

The Fertile Crescent!

It’s Iran, right? Or Italy? Oh, wait, at least Ireland also starts with an “I.”

Nothing to worry about, according to Zturd. Demanding explanations cuts both ways. Perhaps Der Movement itself will be asked to provide explanations once this is all over.  Der Retarded Right is too clueless to understand how they have painted themselves into a corner on this. If the disease turns out to be not a very serious problem in America, then the health experts can state – with some justification – that the lockdowns and other measures worked, while Der Retards will make fools of themselves countering with laughable comments about giraffes and garden gnomes. If, on the other hand, The China Plague hits America hard, then the health experts can claim that they were right to be alarmist and that the “extreme” measures taken were not extreme enough. In that scenario, all of the conspiracy-mongering Type I retards on the Right will have been completely discredited. By being typically stupid and short-sighted, Der Right has once again put itself in a lose-lose situation .And that’s not even getting into the more complex scenario that even if the virus fizzles out in warmer weather it still can return next Fall and Winter.

President Trump declared a national emergency in order to free up $50 billion in federal aid. 

Deaths from coronavirus have now topped 5,000, with more than 132,000 cases worldwide. 

Europe has been declared the new epicenter.

Why Italy?  Zerohedge comment (emphasis added):

1 –300k Chinese live in Italy mostly in the north2- the new year brought 10 million tourists from China to Milan ( they didn’t close the flights until way too late) 3 – all migrant trash that is   crossing the borders ,  with Islamic UN blessing to destroy the west,  goes thru Italy 4 Italians live in close quarters with several generations of families found in the sAME  house they greet by kissing 4 times6 their govt is incompetent under liberal puppet idiot , they listened to WHO that did not raise alarm till they were sure it has spread as it was designed to do so 7 unlike Trump who  banned flights which he is being criticized for by satanic left , EU did nothing , masking the virus with flu season it spread freely 8 the death rate is still around 1% it’s the infection rate that is a thousand times higher ( mostly asymptomatic)

The anvil of history degrades itself even further.  Just throw in some hysterical gesticulating and Schettino jumping into a lifeboat and you’ll be all set. Dago is as dago does. The Chinese are engaging in a genocidal war of extermination against the Italian people, and all the Italians can do is “sing on balconies.”

My proposal for a new Italian national anthem:

La Dolce Vita!

La Dolce Vita!

The anthem of Nietzsche’s Last Man

La Dolce Vita!

The cry of feckless milksops

Other nations struggle and strive

Achieving lasting greatness

While we sit in the sun

With wine, women, and song

A history of military humiliations

We can’t even defeat Ethiopia

Schettino jumps in the lifeboat

Oh my La Dolce Vita!

Hail to thee Italy

Land of retarded buffoons

Hail to thee Italy

Drop your pants and bend over for your Chinese masters

La Dolce Vita!

La Dolce Vita!

Hail to thee Italy

Laughingstock of Europe

Hail to thee Italy

Battered anvil of history

Pass the plate of pasta and sauce

La Dolce Vita!

The gold chain bounces against my hollow, heart-less chest

La Dolce Vita!

La Dolce Vita!

I don’t think I can sing any more

I have a fever and cough

With the grim reaper knocking at my door

La Dolce Vita!

La Dolce Vita!

With the grim reaper knocking at my door

Note: It should go without saying that I am NOT “anti-Italian” – I am no more “anti-Italian” than I am “anti-German” if I critique the Krauts. Italians need to be told how the rest of the world views them. You may think it is tactless to do so at the current time, but this is precisely the time for Italians to stand up and show the world that they are not the anvil of history.

Do this:

1. Reject the “Chinese aid.”  They’ve given you quite enough already, don’t you think?

2. Every person of Chinese descent – regardless of place of birth or citizenship – should be immediately expelled from Italy.

3. Switch diplomatic recognition from the PRC to Taiwan.

Then follow up on this after the crisis by:

4. Leaving the EU – Wopexit.

5, Expelling all people of non-Italian descent – regardless of place of birth or citizenship – from Italy, including Farrell.

Read this.  No offense to the Italian man who lived through this unfortunate series of events, but I must say his phenotype matches Der Movement’s afrowop stereotype – he looks like he could most comfortably blend in walking around Baghdad.

Why Italy? Italian SJWs guilty of murder? Should the mayor of Florence be indicted for murder?  

A historical perspective.  Murderers then, murderers now. The Chinese people need to be indicted in an international court for ongoing mass murder, for the genocide of humanity. Guilty as charged.

The only thing useful here is this (emphasis added):

Some academics have touched the third rail, one of them being Henry Harpending. He was repeatedly told to stop, subtly at first and then not so subtly. In 2015, the Southern Poverty Law Center added his name to its published list of “extremists.” A year later, he died of an MRSA infection while in hospital. An accident, I suppose.

I did not know that there was a possibility that Harpending was murdered.  Note: Possibility, I am NOT accusing anyone or anything, merely stating that the possibility exists, which is exactly what the passive aggressive “An accident, I suppose” implies. If you think about it, it’s very easy for a hospital bed-ridden person to be intentionally infected by MRSA or C. diff.  Also note that this implies nothing about hospital staff.  It could just as easily have been done by an outsider posing as staff. In fact, the latter scenario is overwhelmingly more likely, particularly if we are talking about Utah here.  Again, I am NOT stating this occurred and am NOT accusing anyone or anything – merely citing the possibility. Indeed, overt members of Der Movement being hospitalized for coronavirus have to be concerned.  Will there be any other instances of “an accident, I suppose?”

This is HBD:


Antisemitism is based on jealousy and resentment of Jewish intelligence, success, and prosperity by Gentiles who lack the first of those qualities, and who have failed to achieve the last two. With antisemites the hate comes first; the excuses come later.

Sallis – always, always right.

And those alleged WNs who claim to be opposed to “the Jewish power establishment” are a bunch of phony grifters if they do not publicly oppose HBD. How can we trust them to fight Jewish power in the broader society if they are unable or unwilling to fight at power in their own “movement?”

Those superior Inner Hajnal stocks!  If you remember that these are the types leading the American “movement,” the last 50 years of complete failure make more sense.

Watch this.

Johnson gets it right here (but, but, but…Joan of Arc), while MacDonald continues to act the buffoon.

Look, here’s my take – let’s be fair.  If there’s enough “evidence” against Harvey Gnomestein, then there’s plenty of evidence to indict the “victims” for prostitution.  They exchanged sex for “goodies.”  Of course, then you’d have to indict the vast majority of heterosexual women for same, and that’ll be a bit uncomfortable, no?

If Weinstein “raped” the women, they should have reported him to the police then, and stopped being friends with him and stopped have consensual sex with him and stopped communicating with him as if they were bosom buddies.  

Now, I have no doubt that Weinstein may have behaved badly.  But if it was consensual, then it is not – or should not be – a crime.  An analogy would be helpful.  If you go out into the street and beat some random stranger to a pulp, that’s a crime.  If, on the other hand, a White male HBDer humbly requests – with measured groveling – that a Chinatrix beat him to a pulp, then that’s consensual and therefore not a crime. The fact that these “women” can describe Weinstein’s body tells us nothing about the consensual nature of the activity.

Johnson was of course influenced in his opinion by a woman.  Joan of Arc!

Not quite applicable indeed.  That was my laugh for today. Thanks, Greg.

In related news, The China Plague is hurting the female economy.  A stimulus package is needed for milady, which, I suppose, will also stimulate male customers.

Sallis right one again.  Der Movement cries “Hail China” as it drops its pants and bends over for the Chinatrix and “her” phallic attachment.  Let’s cry about “anon” attacks now…after all, overt chronic failures are ever-so-successful. That’s why Der Movement has had such unprecedented success for the last four years.

Who’s a White Nationalist?

Not Brimelow.

An online dictionary definition of “nationalism” –

…identification with one’s own nation and support for its interests, especially to the exclusion or detriment of the interests of other nations.

It’s simply this question – what does one consider their “own nation” to be? If the highest form of “own nation” is “the White race” (however defined), and if the above definition applies, then one is a “White nationalist.”  Of course, it is a bit more complex than that, since the culture and ideology of White nationalism has evolved to the point where we can say that certain ideologies, memes, and paradigms are consistent, or not consistent, with being a White nationalist.  Read this.

For “white nationalist” to be a slur, the term itself would have to be generally accepted as immoral or derogatory. It would also have to be used in a way that incorrectly labels one a white nationalist. Calling Greg Johnson, a white nationalist, for example, is not a slur. He embraces the label.

The interpretation of the term white nationalist is just one interesting aspect of the lawsuit brought by Peter Brimelow, editor of VDare. He is suing the New York Times, according to Brimelow, for falsely labeling him a white nationalist. He not only denies being a white nationalist, he claims the company deliberately labeled him as such in an effort to damage his reputation, even after he made many good faith attempts to point out the error to them. He is seeking $5 million in damages.

Another interesting bit of this is the unspoken dispute over what exactly makes someone a white nationalist. Greg Johnson, for example, has written a book describing white nationalism. He calls himself a white nationalist. Peter Brimelow, in contrast, has never used to term to describe himself and has been generally negative toward the use of it as a label. No doubt both men share similar opinions on many matters, but they have many important differences as well.

Who is the best to decide if someone is a White nationalist? How the person in question self-identifies of course is important.  Perhaps even more telling and powerful is the opinions of others who consider themselves to be White nationalists. Do they consider the person in question to be a White nationalist or not? The opinions of numbers of actual self-identified White nationalists are no doubt more accurate than that of the hacks of The New York Times.

Readers of this blog know that I – a self-identified White nationalist – am no fan of Peter “Happy Penguins” Brimelow.  However, I 100% support his action against The New York Times.  Why?  Because Brimelow is 100% correct and 100% honest in denying being a White nationalist.

Brimelow is not a White nationalist.  A true White nationalist would not give a forum to the likes of Derbyshire, never mind being friends with that “man.”  I view Brimelow, if he actually has an ideology other than being pro-Happy Penguins, as a Paleoconservative immigration restrictionist and as someone who, if they are not a HBDer themselves, is certainly sympathetic to the “race realist” view.  I see no evidence that Brimelow subscribes to ORION – Our Race Is Our Nation – no evidence that he believes that the likes of Michelle Malkin and “Rosie” Derbyshire should not be part of his nation.

Likewise, I do not view Jared Taylor as a White nationalist, and, indeed, he has self-identified as a “White advocate” and a “Yellow supremacist”  as well as a “race realist.”  Ideologically, he’s similar to Brimelow, albeit being more strongly identified to both a “White identity” and to HBD.

Greg Johnson? Well, he not only self-identifies as a White nationalist, but also writes books attempting to tell us all what White nationalism means.  On the other hand, his extreme identification with petty nationalist ethnonationalism, and his blog’s promotion of what I term “ethnoimperialism” (the ideology of Northwest Europeans colonizing other people’s nations and turning those nations into their private brothel or “crash pad”) calls into question just what kind of White nationalist he really is.  That’s a debate for another time.

Pierce, Strom, and Duke can be considered White nationalists, but for them, the question always is/was what precisely do they mean by “White” – in fact an issue for most of Der Movement.

Spencer is floating in an ideological “no man’s land” currently.  Certainly, in the past he could be considered to be a White nationalist; what he is now I do not know.

MacDonald? I do not know how he self-identifies, and his current infatuation with HBD Nordicism raises the question as to his ingroup, but I suppose he may fall in the same category as Pierce, Strom, and Duke – it depends on what you mean by “White.”  A clarification on his part with respect to self-identification would be helpful.

As far as all of the Millennial activists out there, all I hear from them is basically Beavis-and-Butthead sniggering, so who knows?

Brimelow, however, is fully justified in his action and we can only wish him well in that endeavor.

“Movement” comments:

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Just to be balanced about men going bonkers for sexual favors, some established and purportedly sane men have gone ga-ga for bum-boys, Jeremy Thorpe and Lord Brown come to mind.

Yes, and not only them.

From TOO:

In these times of true degenerate modernity we really do need figures that are wholesome and are worthy of emulation. That’s why Hitler has so many admirers in our circles, nobody (apart from the usual suspects) has yet produced any evidence of degeneracy or weirdness in his personal life.

Two words: Geli Raubal.

Der Movement Marches On, 1/8/20

It’s Der Movement!

Read this. That’s not the first time this has happened to Taylor. It seems every few months he’s writing an article telling us how his “faith in people” and “trust in people” was violated by some journalist who “lied.” In fact, this seems to occur over and over and over again, and yet he doesn’t learn to avoid the media, it doesn’t occur to him he has the option of refusing to deal with them.  When I criticize the judgment of “movement leaders,” remember this.

And notice that Johnson has nothing to say about those incidents, while criticizing others for being “in bed with the press.” Johnson is very good at playing the “movement” political game, which will be discussed as part of a forthcoming piece.

Laugh at this – about a paper I discussed here long ago. Emphasis added.

Not surprisingly, there has been gene flow over the centuries back and forth between East Asia and Europe. For example, a couple of my friends in high school who were of European descent, one Hungarian, one Russian, had slightly East Asian looking eyes.

By golly, with evidence like that, why does Sailer even need to look at population genetics papers?

A 2015 paper in Scientific Reports (thanks to iSteve commenter Anti-HBD)…

Anti-HBD?  A commentator with the King of HBD?

…looked at current (not ancient populations) and tried to estimate admixture by treating the French as representative Europeans and the Dai of Southern China (and also of Laos and Thailand) as representative East Asians.

EXACTLY what I have criticized such papers and especially the testing companies about. The results of “admixture estimates” are going to depend fully on what populations are chosen as the references.  Gee…French are treated as “representative Europeans.”  Let’s guess that other Frenchmen sampled will turn out to have very low levels of “admixture” – at which point Der Movement will foam at the mouth about “French racial purity.”

Quantitating and Dating Recent Gene Flow between European and East Asian Populations
Published: 02 April 2015
Pengfei Qin, Ying Zhou, Haiyi Lou, Dongsheng Lu, Xiong Yang, Yuchen Wang, Li Jin, Yeun-Jun Chung & Shuhua Xu
…we detected gene flow between Europeans and Asians were prevalent for most populations including even those from west-northern Europe and East Asia which have been generally regarded as less admixed. . .

It’s of great benefit to all humanity, no doubt..

. . . CEU populations mostly originating from France and Germany had a small fraction (0.7 ± 0.8%) of genetic material from EAS. 

Shocking!  I mean, if you use French as the population representing “European,” who would have ever guessed that other French samples tested would have low admixture?  If you essentially compare people to themselves (other co-ethnics), would you expect otherwise, you morons?

People from Great Britain such as British (GBR) and Orcadian inherited 2.5%–3.8% from ancestral EAS. Finnish (FIN) and Russians inherited significantly more genetic material (>12%) from ancestral EAS, which is consistent with their historical record of admixture with Mongolian populations. 

Durocher I’m sure will tell us that the British, Orcadian, and Finnish results are of great benefit to all humanity.

Admixture proportions for some CSA are relatively small, for which Kalash has 20.7% EUR ancestry…

Der Movement: “But, but, but, they look White…”

In addition, Russian and Finnish populations show ~13% Asian ancestry.

The Finnish data are, of course, of great benefit to all humanity.

Keep in mind, however, that 2015 was a long time ago in population genetics . . 

Which is why these guys keep on dredging up Cavalli-Sforza data from the early 1990s.

Laugh at this, emphasis added.

I take solace in the fact that the pain we are feeling at every new blustering Tweet — the embarrassment, the cringe that reaches to our very core, continuing on into the subatomic level…

Not that long ago Johnson was telling us that Trump is a man of “genuine greatness.”

So what should White Nationalists do about this horrible blunder?

Make bigger blunders themselves?

First, we take stock: there are some things we can do…


and some things that we can’t.


We have a shrinking number of beleaguered outposts on the internet from which we can speak the truths that the establishment denies. And despite all the attempts to deplatform us, our audience and our credibility are growing. This is where we need to concentrate our efforts. No matter what Trump’s blunder leads to, we can turn it to our advantage by using it as an opportunity to speak forbidden truths.

Truths like that Der Movement is a money-making enterprise full of Quota Queen grifters.

The bloody-minded stupidity of the Republican grifters

Pot meet kettle.

We lack the numbers, money, or legitimacy to constitute a voting bloc, so pretending that we are going to punish Trump by throwing the election to the Democrats just makes us sound like hysterical fantasists, which undermines the credibility that is one of our biggest assets.

Sure!  Being always wrong, about just about everything, builds credibility. Lying and gaslighting on a continuous basis builds credibility.  Talking about a “race war” “kicking off in the summer of 2021” doesn’t make you seem like a hysterical fantasist, no sir!

Right now, the United States is in the intolerable position of being merely a plaything of Jewish interests. 

Sounds just like HBD.

A comment for Derbyshire:  

White/Asian hybrids are crazy and stupid, like they have a race-riot going on inside their heads. Burn the rice, pay the price:
Michael Fay — “You mean spray-painting cars and stealing road signs is a serious crime in Singapore?”
Elliot Rodger — “I have a BMW! Why are beautiful women I won’t even say hi to not jumping on my dick?”
Daniel Holtzclaw — “Wow, ever since I became a cop, black hookers are really eager to suck my willy. What could possibly go wrong?”
Matthew de Grood — “Must…kill…vampires…”
Miriam Weeks — “I love choking on pornstar cock, it’s so empowering!”

Is there any actual evidence that Fred West had any non-English, or at least non-British, ancestry?  Other than “looking distinctly like a Gypsy?” I realize to Der Movement, subjective opinions about physical appearance equate to actual objective genealogical/genetic ancestry, but for the rest of us, where’s the evidence that West was a “minority?”  What about his wife, by the way?  Maybe West was an alien, but if so, I cannot find any evidence online to support that claim – and the TOO article certainly did not supply such evidence.  That’s yet another example of Der Movement’s gaslighting on race and ethnicity.

Long after Salter and I critique Kaufmann, the likes of Zman wake up.

Political PopGen

And other news.

More mendacity.  I like how they are trying to surprise us with “you see, the Ancient World was really diverse” (shilling for modern mass alien immigration), while the fact that Rome itself (the city and immediately surrounding regions, specifically) became a cosmopolitan city has always been well known. In fact, if I recall correctly, some of the early work from the Cavalli-Sforza lab identified Rome and Naples (and areas immediately surrounding) as being somewhat genetically different from the rest of Italy, with the suggestion that it was because of the cosmopolitan aspects of these large cities throughout history. What about Alexandria?  It has always been known that it had a variety of ethnic groups.  What about the metics of Athens? Again, it was ALWAYS known that these large cities of ancient big states/empires, civilizational units, etc. were not purely homogeneous.  Why lie?  Why set up a strawman so you can knock it down with breathless accounts of the “surprising diversity?”  If for what other reason than to convince Whites to open their borders to the other today, and to cheerfully accept their demographic displacement and replacement?

Again, it depends what you mean by “Rome.”  If by that you mean the city itself, I don’t know of anyone who ever claimed the city did not attract migrants and take slaves. However, if by “Rome” you mean the entire Empire, including the mass of the area of current-day Italy, that’s a different story. Migrants (non-European) were not settling, in any substantial number,  in “backwaters.” There were slaves working farms, but those were hardly settled people who were reproducing (and were unlikely to have been spindly, flabby easterners in any case).

The city of Rome – no surprise. The entirety of “Rome” is not, obviously, going to reflect the same “diversity.”  By the way, population changes in Rome thousands of years ago do not obligate Italy – or any other nation – to accept immigrants today.  And, also, Ancient Rome itself was under no obligation to accept newcomers from its empire. They stupidly had slaves, yes, but as regards voluntary migrants – why accept them?  Just because you rule over various peoples does not obligate you to accept them as migrants. Even when universal citizenship was granted, it could have been enjoyed in place. There was no need or obligation to accept any influx into the city of Rome itself.

This is amusing though:

Then, starting about 1,700 years ago, the empire entered a phase of gradual dissolution. The Roman empire split in two halves and the capital moved to Constantinople. Around this time, the inhabitants of Rome changed their trading habits — and the new trade routes seem to have brought a fresh influx of ancestry into the region, Pritchard says. “People aren’t just trading with the north and the west, but their population is being replaced by new people coming in from those places.”

Race replacement!  But alas for “movement” narratives, the “race replacement” coinciding with “a phase of gradual dissolution”- the decline and fall – was coming from “the north and west.”

Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement marches on.

Get this, from that same article; Pritchard describing the data:

…a pleasant surprise…


Value judgments about scientific data? That crosses the line separating science from politics. I’ve always said that population genetics is a highly politicized field and this article is yet more evidence. These guys can’t just report their results. They need to “interpret” the data to the great unwashed – pontificating about the wonderfully surprising “diversity” of ancient cities.  Population shifts and replacements – pleasant.  And of course Pritchard is not alone. Ever notice that papers stressing the Middle Eastern ancestry of Ashkenazi Jews, and the consequent asserted continuity of modern Jews to the Levant, tend to come from Israel? Papers that stress continuity between ancient and modern Greeks tend to have Greek authors?  Papers that stress differences between Northern vs. Southern Italy tend to have Northern Italian authors? Papers that stress admixture and population shifts are typically about Europe?  That Chinese population geneticists are not going out of their way to interpret data to delegitimize the Han Chinese ethnography of their nation?  Coincidence?

I’m not saying the data are false and/or fabricated. Instead, similarly to what I have written about ancestry testing companies, the types of samples used and the types of analyses performed can determine the direction of the findings. Choices of parental populations, choices of analytical methods, underlying assumptions, etc. can create marked differences in the data output.  Further, how these people choose to interpret the findings can be highly subjective.

Never mind that all these guys are allergic to genetic kinship assays.

In any case, how about this for an interpretation – the city of Rome was “diverse” and the Roman Empire collapsed, a “pleasant” correlation there.

Hey, here’s your “alpha” Supreme Court Justice, Alt Right retards. Maybe we can have more analysis from Roissy of Trump and Kavanaugh shaking hands or how each one stands up straight (or in the case of “big paunch” Trump, does not).  

This is a good Strom piece, but if he believes all of this, why doesn’t he openly and explicitly denounce the Jewish-Asian HBD cult?

Let’s rewrite some of it.

….what Sir John Harington said about treason in the 17th century. Harington was wondering why one hears so little about treason; he asked Why does treason not prosper? It must not be prospering, since we never hear about it — right? Wrong. Harington said: “Treason doth never prosper: what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.”

Similarly, today, few dare call into question the promotion of open borders, racial mixing, mass immigration, and slavish support for Israel and all things anti-White by the supposed “American” media — and few dare mention the real ethnic loyalties and background of the billionaire media elite — because to do so would bring smears, economic repercussions, legal persecution and sometimes even physical violence down on the truth-teller.

….what Sir John Harington said about treason in the 17th century. Harington was wondering why one hears so little about treason; he asked Why does treason not prosper? It must not be prospering, since we never hear about it — right? Wrong. Harington said: “Treason doth never prosper: what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.”

Similarly, today, few dare call into question the promotion of slavish worship of “high Jewish and Asian IQ,” aracial cognitive elitism, intra-European division, “race realist” lies and fairy tales, Jeurasian mongrelization, outrageously transparent pseudoscience, and all things anti-White by the supposed “movement” HBD faction— and few dare mention the real ethnic loyalties and background of the HBD elite — because to do so would bring smears, “movement” repercussions, and labels of “crazy and bitter” on the truth-teller.

If you tune in and see some Republican or Democrat talking head promoting another war or promoting more immigration or pretending he opposes more immigration on the television, and you switch it off immediately and more importantly forever, that doesn’t make the traitors stop existing. But it does give you a chance to perceive the world primarily with your own eyes and ears, and to draw your own conclusions instead of having them spoon-fed to you.

If you go online and see some HBDer talking head promoting intra-European division or promoting Jew-Asian worship or pretending he opposes more Asian immigration, and you switch it off immediately and more importantly forever, that doesn’t make the traitors stop existing. But it does give you a chance to perceive the world primarily with your own eyes and ears, and to draw your own conclusions instead of having them spoon-fed to you.

See how easy it is, Kevin?