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Who Has Been Right?

Who’s been mostly right?

Let’s get one thing out of the way: Der Movement was right about Trump’s chances of winning and I was wrong.  Now that we got that one aberrant item out of the way, let’s get to the “meat” of the issue.

Der Movement invested an enormous amount of intellectual and moral capital in Donald Trump the man, labeled “the last chance of White America” aka the “God Emperor” who is going to save us from demographic displacement. Someone else – who might that be? – clearly asserted that Trump is a vulgar, ignorant buffoon, a pro-Jewish and pro-Negro cuck, who is not worthy of the breathless onanistic support of racial activists.  Unlike Der Movement and its slavish hero worship and Man on White Horse Syndrome obsessions, I made a clear distinction between Trump the man – a disaster – and Trump the campaign, Trump the movement, Trump the right-wing populist.  I made clear that the only real reason to support Touchback Trump was the perception – not reality, but perception – that Trump is a “racist fascist” thus inducing racial chaos and balkanization in America.

The outcome?  Trump has been constantly cucking, betraying his base, but, because of leftist hysteria and perceptions, political violence and chaos has skyrocketed.  Sallis right, Der Movement wrong.

I also made the point that Trump’s supporters were more important than Trump himself – and, yes, we see Trump’s supporters battling leftist thugs in the streets while Trump himself wimps out on a constant basis.  Sallis correct once again.

I have been warning about Silk Road White nationalism and the trend of Asians pimping out their women to pathetic beta activists in order to further Asian racial agendas.  Lo and behold we have Chinese “maidens” and Japanese “shady ladies” infiltrating and subverting White nationalist blogs. Surprise!

[We can ask how these “shady ladies” find the time to not only run their own Asian supremacist blog, but also leave long and rambling posts in the AltRightosphere.  Do they have a (White) sugar daddy supporting them? Spoiled rich kid living off daddy’s money? Or, perhaps, just like the Russian government is said to pay Internet trolls, China does the same?]

I warned against the Alt Lite/Alt Wrong, and was very sharp toward the Alt Right because of the Alt Right’s “big tent” embrace of the aforementioned elements. Then we saw the Alt Lite/Alt Wrong throw Spencer under the bus, re: Hailgate and chuckle with the Jewish friends, giving consolation to Jews that “Spencer is likely to get shot.”  Absolutely disgusting – Brimelow and Derbyshire leading the list of speakers.  Do you need any more indication on why the Alt Wrong is wrong?

Back online in the very early 2000s, I was critical of the clownshow of the National Alliance even before Pierce died, and we see the utter collapse of the organization since then.

I was sharply critical of Marine Le Pen and mainstreaming and we saw Le Pen go down to a catastrophic loss, and mainstreaming also lost in The Netherlands, Austria, and Australia. Der Movement, on the other hand, exhibited delusions about Le Pen and are still pontificating about “how well” Le Pen actually did, even after her shocking “blow out loss.” Sallis right, Der Movement wrong.

This is a question of judgement.  Who, dear reader, do you trust? Should you trust? Will you trust?

Rotten Orange News: Trump Chumps the Chumps

Introducing Rotten Orange News.

Rotten Orange News: Stories that chronicle Der Movement’s humiliation by the betrayal of their latest “man on white horse.”

Let’s not deport those “dreamers.”  After all, White American citizens don’t have their own dreams; no, they have to live the nightmare of the illegal invasion just so that insectivore-faced Ivanka can bask in her moral righteousness.

Border wall?  We don’t need no stinkin’ border wall!

Necon in foreign policy; Neocon in economic policy.

Impeach Trump…and the Alt Right

Let’s go a bit deeper here.

Here’s an excellent Counter-Current post that I’d like to comment on, in the sense that its points are more generally applicable than just about Trump. Emphasis added to the original.

Never betray your friends to court the favor of your enemies. If you betray your friends, the most principled and perceptive among them will drop you, leaving only the delusional and venal. That is not a good trade, given that the approval you gain is bound to be fleeting and contingent, whereas the contempt and distrust you create will be permanent. The people you betrayed may come back to you out of sentimentality or self-interest, but their trust and respect will never return. They will always regard you as a traitor.

Yes, that applies to Trump, but it applies more general to many precincts of the “movement.” One can, for example, think of “movement” leaders and “movement” sites that grovel to their Jewish enemies (and also grovel to White-hating Asians), while spewing contempt toward their own White ethnic supporters. No names need be mentioned (cough, Amren, cough), but such cases certainly exist.  Rewarding enemies while betraying friends is a lose-lose proposition.  And the problem is not only the act of betrayal itself that makes the traitor lose the support and respect of those betrayed; it is also the revealing glimpse of what the traitor really thinks of the betrayed; the concealed contempt that is uncovered, the casual indifference that the traitor feels as he/she “throws under the bus” their own supporters to court the favor of others who actually despise the traitors themselves.

We know he knew better, because of a long history of Tweets about Syria, which now make him look like a feckless hypocrite. So for him to fall for the warmongers this time frankly makes me question his intelligence, his character, even his sanity.

EGI Notes has been questioning those aspects of Trump all along.  When you label someone as a vulgar ignorant buffoon, a beta race cuck, tool of the Jews, inarticulate fatso, treasonous promoter of “touchback” immigration, etc. I think there’s no “hindsight” in any current criticism of Trump from my direction.  It’s all foresight (not that I’ll be given any credit for it, after all, I’m a crazed crank).

Trump has already convinced a significant percentage of the world that he is a dangerous madman. But the Syria pivot does not support that perception. It supports the conclusion that he is a mercurial, hypocritical buffoon who cannot be trusted to maintain his most basic promises. 

Buffoon, yes.

In short, Trump painted himself into a corner with his big mouth and adolescent fixation on Alpha posturing regarding Obama, and since acknowledging mistakes has never been Trump’s strong suit, it was child’s play for the establishment to spring into action and funnel him into launching airstrikes.

Does Trump base his policies not on a sober assessment of what is good for America, but simply on some sort of egomanical desire to one up and put down Barack Obama and his ilk? Granted, doing the opposite of Obama and Hillary is generally a good guide to policy. But you’d have to be an overgrown adolescent chimpanzee to run a country that way. Could this be why Donald Trump is idolized by rappers?

For the Alt Right, it’s Mourning in America. We believed in this guy. We liked this guy. And now he just seems stupid. Frankly, so do we.

I’ll give Greg credit for that honest admission. I was warning the “movement” for many months that they were going into another Man on White Horse obsession, and now the other shoe has finally dropped.

The Alt Right’s relationship with Trump was always a one-way man crush, based largely on projections. 

In the case of Roissy, more like a heavy-breathing, onanistic, homoerotic obsession.

Ending such a relationship is a healthy thing.

Hello, Roissy.

Now that the God Emperor has fallen to earth, we need to remind ourselves that Trump was never the end game. He was — and remains — an immense opportunity to smash the current globalist establishment and unleash nationalist, populist, and racialist forces that will be raging into the future…

That does sound familiar.  Where have we read that before? You know, it may sound to the reader that this is egotistical “tooting my own horn” but really it is just frustration. Hey, “movement” – it doesn’t matter if you dislike me, think I’m nuts, despise my ancestry, or whatever your problem is, but can you at least listen and consider that perhaps you should take into account the opinions of someone who has been right about things say. 95+% percent of the time.  Apart from not taking Trump’s electoral chances as seriously as I should have, I’m hardpressed to think of any major issue I’ve been wrong about.  That’s not ego, it is plain fact.

Note also that the Alt Right – even with “bodyguards” – gets attacked by leftist thugs right on the God Emperor’s doorstep.  Can the contempt and disregard of Donald J Kushnertrump be any more obvious?  And you guys need more bodyguards, it should be the leftists running away from you, not you from them.

Silk Road News: Chinese Hypocrisy and Anti-White Hatred

Asians hate, hate, hate Whites.

Read here, emphasis added:

I ask them what they think about blacks being so far below whites and Asians. Almost without exception, they cite the arguments made by the American Left: “It’s because of white racism,” “It’s because of European colonialism,” “It’s because they have bad nutrition,” or “It’s because they don’t have proper education.” 

I was initially shocked by this. I couldn’t imagine how they’d been trained to say these things when they spent their whole lives in Chinese schools. Many of them say their teachers taught them Africa was poor because white people stole all the natural resources. It seems that racial egalitarianism has spread farther and deeper than most of us would have imagined. 

Part of this can be blamed on Chinese government media (which is almost all media). In an effort to delegitimize American society and inspire nationalism, the authorities portray the United States in a bad light. This includes reporting on gun violence, and constant coverage of “police shootings of young black men,” which they portray as evidence of American “racism.” At the same time, Chinese seem to equate globalism with Western culture and, especially, Americanism. All things American are fashionable and cool. 

Increasing Chinese globalization will probably accentuate these contradictory trends, and the Chinese government is not consistent on race. It teaches that America is evil because of “racism,” while simultaneously making it impossible for non-Chinese foreigners to get permanent residency. Allegedly, there is a way to get it, but no one, to my knowledge, has ever successfully done so. The government condemns Europe for not taking in more refugees while enforcing some of the strictest border controls and visa restrictions in the world. To us foreign residents, this is highly hypocritical. 

My students sometimes claim America and Europe are “racist” for not allowing mass immigration, or they suggest I must be “prejudiced” against Mr. Obama because he’s black. When I ask them if they want the Chinese president to be black, or China to invite millions of Japanese immigrants, they react with horror and bewilderment. Their common response is something timid and confused, such as, “That’s just not the Chinese way.”

Well, here is something that is “the Chinese way” – acting like rioting Negroes, expressing the venomous hatred of Whites and the West exhibited by Asians the world over.

Let us never forget one of the major themes – or should we say memes – of this blog:

The existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.

Without Whites Asians – like the Jews who they resemble in behavior and anti-European bias – would fall onto each other in their own internal hatreds (indeed the Amren article discusses Chinese animus toward the Japanese), but, hey, as long as the hated White man is around, we can have at least a superficial Asian solidarity – at least among the Asian imperialists – so as to attack White interests at every opportunity.

Asians: The greatest long-term threat to “European EGI.” 

Silk Road News History: Blood is Thicker than Water

European solidarity against the Asian threat.

At Amren of all places (emphasis added):

The British and French quickly learned their intelligence was faulty; the Chinese were much better prepared and positioned than expected.

The forts opened a murderous fire so accurate and deadly that French and English officers were convinced Europeans must be manning the guns. The H.M.S. Plover, Admiral Hope’s command gunboat, was so badly shot up that almost the entire crew was killed or wounded, and the admiral was seriously injured.

Commodore Tattnall observed all this. He was aware, of course, that his orders limited him to observation. However, according to one account, he was so sickened by the slaughter of his fellow Europeans that he exclaimed, “I’ll be damned if I’ll stand by and watch white men be murdered.” He bent American neutrality to the breaking point by sending his steam launch alongside the embattled Plover and offering to carry off the wounded. The offer was quickly and gratefully received, and Tattnall left a contingent of his men on board the Plover as he began ferrying casualties away from the scene.

When he returned to the Plover, he found that some of the Americans he had left behind were black with gunpowder. Tattnall took the scene in and asked, “What have you rascals been up to?” One replied, “Well, sir, after you left there was nothing much for us to do so we thought we would man the guns for a little bit.”

Apparently drawing inspiration from the rage that their commodore had expressed at seeing racial comrades severely used by the Chinese, the sailors expected–rightfully as it turned out–that Tattnall would not object to their taking over from the mauled British crew and firing on the Chinese… 

…Nevertheless, watching British and French sailors and marines being cut down by the Chinese stirred him to forget old animosities and disregard his orders. Asked to explain himself, Tattnall famously stated “Blood is thicker than water.” The comment reflected the 19th century sense of racial solidarity, and electrified Europeans on both sides of the Atlantic.

White American Tattnall made common cause with British and French sailors against the Chinese inscrutables – something we need to actualize today as well.

All hail Tattnall!  And to those who say “that was a long time ago,” how about those who bring up 19th century British “geostrategizing” as somehow relevant today?  If that’s relevant (*) then Tattnall’s actions are also relevant.

*Of course, the old British “geostrategy” included the maintenance of their Empire.  So, hey, if the British want to recolonize India and Hong Kong, more power to them.  Show the dusky hordes how a country is really run.

I also note how the Silk Roaders claim that “there is no such thing as European solidarity” while at the same time considering Asians, and subsets of Asians (e.g., East Asians), as a cohesive whole.  So, the Silkers want the atomized British, alone and separate from Europe, to engage in a special relationship with Asians.  The Silk Road mantra: racial solidarity for me but not for thee.  How about turning it around – Europe as a whole making an alliance with India alone or with Japan alone against the rest of Asia, or at least against China?  Why not?  Cue the long rambling potty-mouthed Silker posts sprinkled with “F-bombs” and personal insults.

Movement Madness, 2/20/17

More “movement” cluelessness.

Someone at Amren asks why it’s considered bad to say “I’m proud to be White.”  There’s a number of reasons for that, some touched upon in that essay and some not.  One thing’s for sure: Der Movement’s enthusiastic embrace of freakishness and hypocrisy of all kinds is not helping.

Speaking of hypocrites and Amren, here’s someone embraced by the Amren crowd.

Derbyfogle has the nerve to ask:

Well, all that is a problem for Chinese people. But why is it any problem for us?

And answers it:

I’ve been living among Chinese people for forty-five years. I’ve been married to one for thirty years.

Yeah, Derb, it is a “problem for us” because we have Chinese living in this country.  You’ve contributed to the problem by bringing “Rosie” – who you yourself have admitted is an ethnocentric Chinese – to the USA.  This guy’s mindnumbingly clueless hypocrisy is simply astounding.

But I love my country…

If you’re talking about England, then go back (sans “Rosie” and the kids, who can go to China or Taiwan) and try to help.  As for America, you’re a former illegal alien who has contributed to the Chinese problem you are posting about, so “my country” should not apply for the USA.

German madness – Germany is “not a Western nation.”  What stupidity is this?  Some sort of “Red Fascism/National Bolshevik” nonsense to identity Germany to the East as a “young, non-Western” nation?  As sane people are aware, Germany is one cornerstone of the West (along with the other major Western European nations identified by Yockey); indeed, Germans may have contributed more to Western culture (as defined by Spengler/Yockey) more than any other people.

I really do think Germans had a mass national nervous breakdown after losing WWI and the subsequent period of revolution, instability and inflation, and Weimer degeneration, and have been more or less crazy for the last 100 years or so, veering off from ultra-narrow hegemonic ethnonationalism to ultra-universal pathological altruism, with random nutcases in-between reinventing Western history.  Der Movement had better get over its extreme Teutonophilia until such time that Germany recovers the mental equilibrium it had before November 1918.

Then we have this.

Yeah, the Alt Right can “distance themselves” from Milo all they want, but it’s too late.  Milo and the Alt Right are one in the mind of the public, and the Alt Right can blame themselves for that, with all their talk about “a big tent” and “the usefulness of Milo and the Alt Lite” and “let’s not turn people away from us.”  Net result: more people will end up being turned away than being attracted.

Then we have Roissy:

As a White man, I sense that war has been declared on me and my kind. When my enemies bring war to my doorstep, what am I to do?

Well, he has previously answered that for himself:

damn, i’m torn. do i want a thriving society or easier access to sex? yeeeeah… i’ll take the latter and leave the self-sacrifice required of the former for the anti-poolside chumps

Milo and Roissy are two sides of the same coin, one homo and the other hetero (with the exception of Roissy’s comically homoerotic fixation on Donald Trump).  Both are sexual hedonists, snarky and juvenile “shock jock” types, on the periphery of Der Movement, generating self-aggrandizing controversy by flirting with Far Right ideas, but ultimately standing for values anathema to any sane ordering of White society.  Both have influence because of the “big tent” stupidity of Der Movement, which sacrifices standards on the altar of expediency.

Then we have the Silk Roaders, who are becoming increasingly unhinged with their anti-Trumpism. They’ll be addressed in future posts – the only thing to say now for those of you who haven’t been paying attention is that their anti-Trumpism is ALL about Russia.  The Jew/Israeli card is being played to try to appeal to Der Movement’s knee-jerk anti-Semitism. It is hypocrisy, because it we are to criticize everyone groveling to the Jews and Israel, this must include China, India, and all the other lands of the Asian gods.  

I for one long ago identified Trump as a Negrophilic ignorant vulgar buffoon with strong Jewish family connections.  But, he’s not part of Der Movement, is a public mainstream figure, so in this non-“movement” case expediency actually is justification.  What effect does Trump have on White racial interests?  He can be a useful tool.  I’m certainly not going to be anti-Trump solely because Asian nationalists covet the Russian Far East.

The solution to “movement” madness?  How about starting here?

Bitter Neurotic Ted

A non-bitter argument.

In response to some of my criticisms of the Alt Wrong, Greg Johnson writes:

Bitterness is a kind of neurosis, Ted, and you have the worst case I have ever seen. The embittered person carries around a lot of grievances, and unloads them on whoever reminds him, even tangentially, of the causes of his discontent. Bitterness destroys objectivity and justice, which are signally lacking in your ranting about the movement. You really need to disengage from this. It is not healthy for you, and it accomplishes absolutely nothing for the greater good of the cause.

That’s something to consider.  There is some truth to that, although I would argue that my grievances, such as they are, are completely legitimate.  That I behave in similar fashion in “the real world” does suggest that my basic character is in the direction of relentless vindictiveness. Indeed, being very critical in “real life,” I have been admonished by someone I know personally, telling me that “you should criticize only when you have a constructive suggestion to make to improve the situation.”  Very well.  How would I respond to accusations of “White supremacy” without invoking Asian (or Jewish) IQ and without calling myself a “Yellow supremacist?”

I could of course direct the accuser to my writings on White inferiority (from an adaptive fitness standpoint) that are analogous to an old Strom ADV broadcast on the same topic that made a positive impression on me.  More fundamentally though, I would argue thus (sentences in bold are excerpts useful for a shorter “sound bite”):

Racial preservation, White advocacy, and racial nationalism are not at all dependent on notions of superiority or inferiority.  Racial nationalists such as myself make an analogy between family and ethnic group/race. Political scientist Dr. Frank Salter uses the term “ethny” to describe various types of population groups such as ethnic group and race, and he argues that individuals have interests – genetic interests – in their ethny just as they do with their family. Further, a person can identify with ethny through shared history and culture in addition to the purely biological aspect of group identity.  Just as a person’s defense of family is not dependent on the notion that their family is “superior” but simply because it is their own, so does defense of ethny derive from a sense of belonging, a sense of loyalty, and acknowledgment of the fundamental interests a person has in the continuity – genetic and otherwise – of their ethny and in the interest they have in its well-being and advancement.  While a parent may brag about their children, their caring for their children is due to the kinship they have in them and notions of superiority/inferiority have nothing to do with it. After all, parents will care for children who are sickly retardates and hardly superior by any reasonable measure.  It is not by chance that Salter used “child equivalents” to express the level of genetic interest a person has in their ethny, and such equivalents are independent of any ranking of phenotypic characteristics.  True enough, White accomplishments are a matter of record, and one can make the argument that humanity would benefit by White continuity, but the argument for racial self-defense ultimately does not derive from such considerations, but is inherent in the unique existence of every ethny.

Now, Alt Wrong representatives are certainly intelligent and articulate, some are familiar with Salter’s work, and nothing stops them from making similar arguments.  Why they have not done so, and instead fall back on “high Asian IQ” arguments is something to ponder. Regardless of their motivations heretofore, I would strongly suggest that they switch their arguments away from a hierarchical ranking of traits (that ostensibly favor Asians and Jews) and instead base racialist arguments on kinship, which would always favor those more closely (genetically) related to you.