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Invasion of Italy: NGO Perfidy

Alien invasion.

But, but, but…according to the great and good Sir Desmond Jones, Italy is absolutely ethnically pure and demographically secure, forever and ever, to the ends of time, amen.


Destructive Amoral Familism

Criminal auto-genocide.

This supports my contention that amoral familism is completely different from ethnocentrism; indeed, it is incompatible with ethnocentrism and is just individualism extended to a narrow kin group.  What can be more individualist and non-ethnocentric than justifying genocide against your own ethny on the grounds that it is profitable?

Racial Odds and Ends, 1/4/17

Several items.

If the “twelve-year-olds” refer to “movement” “activists” in addition to TV media celebrities, then, yes, Ted really does think that.

A good analysis.

Anti-Italian ethnic fetishist Nicholas Farrell (who lives in Italy [*] even though he’s not ethnically Italian) now writes editorials for Amren.  Surprise!

*Living in Italy is a “nightmare” for Farrell.  Very good.  How about leaving then?  Oh well, he’s interbred with the locals apparently (which says nothing about his anti-Italianess, given how many White-hating Negroes mate with White women), so English nationalists are not going to want the Farrell clan in their nation either.  Oh my, Nick, what to do?  Continue living in Italy, negatively affecting Italian EGI, and complain what a terrible place it is (Farrell’s comments are for the most part legitimate observations of wopish incompetence, but that’s not the point – he’s not a wop so his complaints, while living in Dagoland, are the height of ethnic chutzpah [**]).  Again, a perfect writer for Amren.

**I guess I should move to China, shack up with a Chinatrix, and write anti-Chinese diatribes.  Alas, the Chinese have too much racial self-respect to put up with that for too long.

CRISPR Ethnocide, Italian Invasion, Spencer 2017

Several items.

Reading this, one can speculate on ethny-directed CRISPR ethnocidal weapons that target gene sequences specific to particular ethnic groups. The idea of “ethnic weapons” was brought up in the pre-CRISPR era, and would seem to be more and more realistic as biomedical approaches become more refined (what can be a delivery system? virus?).  Of course, the anti-CRISPR approaches outlined in the article could be a therapy for such weapons, but there would likely be a significant toll of morbidity and mortality from before such therapies could be mobilized.  It’s not like there is a stockpile of anti-CRISPR therapeutics lying around (although it may be prudent to start thinking about it).

Perhaps more than any other European nation, Italy has been dealing with the flood of African and Middle Eastern immigrants for years now. Entire regions of once beautiful Italian cities have become de facto slums and tensions are rising between the invaders and the Italians.

But, but, but…Sir Desmond Jones has stated that Italy is 100% ethnoracially homogenous and will remain so forever and ever, to the ends of time, amen.  When reality and Der Movement are in conflict, of course Der Movement wins!

Fisking the Alt Wrong

Derbyfogle and Breezy.

First, self-proclaimed child porn apologist John Derbyshire:

I don’t think Britain’s foggy affairs are of much importance to the U.S.A.

Yes, of what importance are the affairs of America’s founding nation, and the beginning of the break-up of the EU, to the USA?  Is this guy Derbyshire an idiot or what?

And as a true-born Englishman, with the blood of Alfred the Great flowing in my veins…

What blood does “Rosie” have flowing in her veins?  

…did his utmost to swap out Britain’s deplorably white Anglo-Saxon population

Just like you swapped out your “true-born English, deplorably Anglo-Saxon” parental kinship for half-Chinese children?

Italy has been ferrying in illegals from sub-Saharan Africa at an ever-accelerating rate: thirteen and a half thousand just last month—that’s compared with only three thousand in November last year. [Italy Breaks Immigration Record in 2016, by Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D. ,, December 11, 2016]
There’s beaucoup more where they came from, and no sign the Italians can muster the will to turn off the spigot.

Now, wait one minute here!  Italians are not “high trust northern hunter gatherer stock” whose “universal altruism is being manipulated” in contrast to “more ethnocentric peoples.” Being ethnocentric swarthoids from the hinterlands of humanity, it is quite obvious that this migrant influx simply cannot be happening to Italians.  But it is.  No worries, though.  Der Movement to the rescue!  It’s all because of those Nordic, Celto-Germanic, Dolph Lundgren-clone Northern Italians, who are accepting and housing all these migrants due to their innate hunter-gatherer universalism, in contrast to the more southern Negro Kebabs who have never seen, nor will ever see, even a single migrant.. Of course, most of these migrants are being brought into, and settling into, Southern Italy, but let’s not let dem dere facts interfere with Der Movement’s official script.  It’s all good!

If Italians think their government this past seventy years has been dysfunctional, wait till the lads from Lagos and Ouagadougou take over.
Italy’s a goner.

But, but, but…Sir Desmond Jones has assured us, repeatedly, that Italy is, and shall forever remain, absolutely ethnically homogeneous, to the end of time, forever and ever, amen.

Who thinks that foreign scofflaws should be awarded public goods at the expense of native taxpayers?

You mean, foreign scofflaws like the (former) illegal alien John Derbyshire?

Europe is toast.

Thanks for the dose of defeatism.  Don’t worry. The Derbyshire clan will always be welcome in the East.

Second, Breezy comes close to getting kicked out of the HBD club:

On the other hand, Protestantism wasn’t always against cousin marriage: e.g., Charles Darwin married his Wedgwood first cousin. But I don’t know how common this was. I believe that it was American eugenicists who launched the modern aversion toward cousin marriage in Protestant countries.

But, but, but…Hajnal line.  Watch it, Breezy, watch it. You may get your official HBD club membership revoked. And HBD Chick will hit you over the head with a rolling pin (still covered by matzoh ball dust).

Der Movement in the News, 8/29/16

Der Movement marches on.

Coming from Derbyshire of all people, here is a note (emphasis added) of interest to the good and great Sir Desmond Jones, who asserts with complete confidence that Italy is, and shall remain, 100% racially (and ethnically) homogeneous to the ends of time, forever and ever, amen:

The current focus of attention for the ongoing invasion of Europe is Italy. In the month of July twenty-five thousand illegals arrived in Italy from Africa. Twenty-five thousand in one month. And that was a twelve percent increase on July last year.

Put it another way, that would be 300,000 a year, although the numbers are actually smaller in the winter months. Let’s say to expect 200,000 this year. For comparison, the last year I can find numbers for, the year 2014, the number of live births in Italy was just over 500,000.

So the numbers coming in, almost all of them young men, are of the same order of magnitude as the number of new Italians being born.

Most of those July numbers came from Nigeria and Eritrea. Not many of them actually want to stay in Italy. They are aiming for the nations of northwest Europe, with their higher levels of prosperity and lusher welfare systems. That accords with the wishes of the Italians, who would prefer to just shunt them northwards.

Unfortunately the countries to the immediate north of Italy—Switzerland, France, and Austria—don’t want these invaders in their countries, even if they’re just passing through. Those countries have been fortifying their borders. So Italy is now experiencing what your plumber would call a nasty backup.

And here we see another “movement” advance:
This is a danger the Alt Right may face as well if it continues to grow in prominence. Already, we see attempts at co-option and a push to deny the role of race as central to the Alt Right.
I thought what is central to the Alt-Right was a combination of undercuts, Pepe the Frog, HBD race realism, “game,” and snarky juvenile comments? 

Clinton’s speech and commercial have all but coronated Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, etc. as the leaders of the New Right.

If we accept that, we’ve already lost before we’ve even begun. Can I choose my own leaders, please?