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Odds and Ends, 4/6/20

In der news.

This is beautiful!  Hail India!  Brown better than Yellow.

Read this. HBD is openly aiding China. HBD is the traitor within the gates in Der Movement.  HBDers are unmitigated filth.  In addition, dependent upon the outcome of a fair and thorough investigation, they may be criminals and traitors to America.

Colored is as colored does.  Non-White, anti-White, TROPICAL, COLORED Asians whine, whine, whine about “racism,” making common cause with their COLORED allies as part of The TROPICAL Alliance.  Derbyshire weeps bitter tears.

Face facts, folks.  Asians are as bizarrely alien, as racially alien, as racially distant, from Whites as are Negroes from deepest Africa.

Biological warfare.  Was this intentional infection of America by the Chinese people? Another question: Are the Chinese people joyously laughing at the pain and suffering inflicted upon the American people?  The Chinese attitude toward White people.  Derbyshire weeps.

Note that groups representing more of original racial stocks have higher autism than do Hispanics. According to my theory of autism that is NOT due to “hybrid vigor.” Instead it is due to “amygdala shock” from the brains of children from groups evolved to live amongst more clearly defined racial categories, but who are being exposed to all sorts of bizarre hybrid phenotypes representing hybrid genotypes.

As someone with a STEM background, I can tell you this is 100% absolute nonsense.  “No such thing as herd immunity”– what a stupid ignorant bastard.  Dump wop.

The virus mutates!  We can’t vaccinate!  Like the flu, eh?  But then again, a la Zturd, Der Right doesn’t acknowledge that a flu vaccine exists, so there.  We can’t vaccinate – the virus doesn’t give immunity!  First, we don’t know that at the current time.  Second, it is possible to create vaccines that are more immunogenic that the wild-type pathogen.

What else can you expect from an embarrassingly ignorant HBD-Nordicist pseudoscience trash website like The Occidental Observer?  It’s interesting that MacDonald went from a serious scholar to a tragicomic crank in the direct proportion to his embrace of HBD-Nordicism.

Male HBDer after “measured groveling” to Chinatrix.  If you imagine that the “lotus eater” was instead a Chinatrix rather than an Anglotrix, then this film clip would very well summarize the fundamental essence of HBD. “Another round-eye bites the dust,” indeed. Awkward squad!

Milady contributes to the biomedical and epidemiological research on covid-19 in the manner to which she is so eminently suited.  Everyone does what they can in terms of their biological capabilities and limitations!

Please note that the pandemic of anti-White hatred discussed here includes Asians as a key component of the anti-White Rising Tide of COLOR TROPICAL ALLIANCE.  

The existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.

This is the Asian reaction to the suffering inflicted by The China Plague.

Noted for the record: Four periods that was particularly enriched in high quality human material: Periclean Greece and immediate post-period (Pericles, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Alexander, etc.)  Late Roman Republic (Marius, Sulla, Caesar, Octavian, Cicero, etc.), Italian Renaissance in Tuscany (Alberti, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, etc.), 1750s to1850s America (Washington, Hamilton, Jefferson, Burr, Madison, Monroe, Jackson, Clay, Calhoun, etc.).

High trust!  High trust!  Inner Hajnal!  Whatever Der Movement worships, you should look at askance. A people that tolerates this deserves contemptuous scorn, not worshipful adulation.

Odds and Ends, 3/28/20

In der news.

Colored is as colored does – Asiatics like Greta keep on causing problems.

No, no, a thousand times no!  Thunberg is of great benefit to all humanity and we need more Ladogans like her!

How about some tough talk for the Chinese who infected you all?  Or will you serenade them from balconies?

Extremely cognitive and oh so very elite. Comment from news post thread:

Sorry but I’m going to say it. The people who eat these things need to join the modern world and step out of their third world medieval existence. There is no need for wet markets and eating of exotic animals in the modern world. Join the 21st century.

A ballad for Zturd  Have you noticed that many of the Type Is who used to gibber about “worse is better,” Der Tag, “boogaloo,” and fervently wished for a collapse, are now hysterically screaming for “America to get back to work” in order to “save the economy?”  It’s almost as if they were never serious about the political posturing they were doing during the “good times.” 

It’s quite possible that the outcome of the crisis will not be as bad as the worst predictions. Would that make Zturd correct?  No. Zturd argues that we should go about business as usual even IF the worst comes true.  

Trump continues to pitifully grovel to Asian-“Americans.” One wonders why.  One wonders what exactly is going on there in the White House. After all, Bill Clinton had Monica Lewinsky, what could be going on today?  Measured groveling, Donny, measured groveling.

A crucially important Chinese accomplishment.  How can the work of Newton, Michelangelo, or Shakespeare compare to that?  If you would like to see a political outcome of HBD, see 2:38-2:53 here.  Interesting how all of the Type I racial purists have no objection to that, similar to how they tolerate – in some cases even promote – Derbyshire.  The creation of an Jeurasian mongrel class in the “West” – coupled to the continued preservation of the original Asian stocks in Asia – is one of the openly stated goals of HBD.  Yet the Type Is never denounce HBD.  The HBD-Nordicist alliance continues (with ethnonationalist junior partners bringing up the rear).

Men do research to fight The China Plague, while milady occupies her time with other pursuits.  Joan of Arc!

Read this.

A position no doubt supported by Der Movement.

Steve Bannon’s measured groveling to Simone Gao is pitiful. Is Simone Gao John Derbyshire’s favorite investigative journalist?  No, Steve, it’s not the CCP virus, it’s the CHINESE virus. Stop groveling to bizarre yellow aliens.

Boris Johnson does his part for herd immunity.

Strawman argument.  It very well can be a wild-type unmodified virus that was being studied in the Wuhan biowarfare labs.  This whole “lab release = bioengineered” is gaslighting for the rubes. Do you also notice that the “it’s purely natural” argument is used against the “Chinese bioweapon” argument, but not the “American bioweapon” equivalent?

Seems OK to me.  Next, make a painting showing Chinese cackling with glee at all the suffering and death they’ve cause with The China Plague.

The subhuman animal Zturd writes:

This graph gets to something else that has been revealed during this crisis. Those inclined to left-wing politics are more easily frightened than those attracted to more sober minded approaches to public policy. It is something to keep in mind when looking at how our guys have reacted to this crisis. For example, many of the old alt-right people now sound like one of the girls from the Huffington Post. It is a good reminder that there is a left-right axis within dissident politics.

Another thing the pressure of the moment has revealed, something I touch on in the show, is that many of our guys are wholly ignorant of economics. Given that the rejection of the neoliberal economic order is one commonality on this side of the great divide, it is a bit surprising that many of our guys do not have the first clue about how the system actually works. More than a few of our guys have taken to sounding like one of the girls from the Democratic Socialist camp.

Of course, much of this is the result of people living outside the system that most people take for granted.

Rewritten for accuracy:

This post gets to something else that has been revealed during this crisis. Those inclined to right-wing politics are more easily attracted to comical conspiracy theorizing and irrational contrarian positions than those attracted to more sober minded approaches to public policy. It is something to keep in mind when looking at how our guys have reacted to this crisis. For example, many of the new alt-right people now sound like an escapee from a mental hospital.  It is a good reminder that there is a retard-normal axis within dissident politics.

Another thing the pressure of the moment has revealed, something I touch on in this blog, is that many of our guys are complete hypocrites when their own economic self-interest is at stake.  Given that the rejection of the System is one commonality on this side of the great divide, it is a bit surprising that many of our guys are ever so eager to prop up that System and preserve its stability in a crisis. More than a few of our guys have taken to sounding like one of the girls from a neoconservative conference.

Of course, much of this is the result of people living outside the sane society that most people take for granted.

The man’s deranged.  And dishonest.  He pretends that China Plague realists are ignorant and unaware of the economic costs. Untrue.  It is simply that following Zturd’s prescriptions could quickly turn the entire USA into Italy or New York. How would the economy fare then?  Again, even if the outbreak turns out to be not as bad as predicted, Zturd is still deranged, since he’s advocating “sacrifice for the economy” under current conditions with current data.  If things turn out not to be that bad, it will become apparent over the next few weeks, and then we can “open up the country,” as our orange-hued fearless leader advocates. Very well. I think it prudent to determine what’s happening first before “opening up,” while Zturd, wearing his green eyeshade accounting cap, measures shekels gained and lost, and hysterically screams to “open her up” immediately.

Some refreshing truth:

GhostDack JorseyGhost

No one wants to say it, but IDGAF about being PC;

– China release this virus

– Northern Italy got wrecked because they sold their factories to China who imported workers

– NYC is wrecked because of Chinatown and Flushing, Queens, both swarming with illegals.

That’s the truth

Indeed it is.

Tops, not bottoms.  In other words, Rosies, not Johnnys.

Watch this.  The difference between Left and Right is that the Left says worries about The China Plague is “racism,” while the Right such as Kturd become hysterical about “the economy.”

In other words, the areas in Europe with “extreme individualist” families tend to be the ones that came under the heavy influence of the “egalitarian individualism” of northwest hunter-gatherers (Scandinavia). The ones with “moderate individualism” tend to be the ones heavily influenced by the aristocratic individualism of Indo-Europeans, along with some Nordic egalitarianism influences, namely, France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.The ones with “moderate collectivism,” where kinship ties remained relatively strong in family patterns, tend to be the ones heavily influenced by collectivist Anatolian farmers, namely Italy, Greece, and Spain, though MacDonald observes a moderate collectivism in eastern Europe and Russia as well.

Uh huh.  Please see this graph.  See the Y axis. Truth vs. HBD lies. Germany, France, Austria, and Finland are actually more collectivist than Italy, and Russia is an extreme example of collectivism, not “moderate,” more so than even Spain.  Denmark and Sweden are in the range of Italy. Eastern European Hungarians are quite individualist (is that why they tolerate the invader John Morgan amongst them?).

HBD makes one stupid.  And dishonest. The downfall of MacDonald has been one of the more tragic examples of the sad decline of a rightist academic.


I wonder whether Sweden can be classified as an individualist society given the extremely conformist culture it has engendered. We call Nordics “radical liberals,” but they are not liberals anymore, since very little independent thinking and dissent is permitted against politically correct values enforced by the state without dialogue.

No kidding.  Sweden is no less collectivist than is Italy.

Sad.  Very sad.

How is this possible?  According to the great and good Sir Desmond Jones, Italy is 100% homogeneous, without a single non-Italian, to the end of time, forever and ever, amen. Oh well, Africans and Italians are one and the same, no?

But then, what about the hundreds of thousands of Chinese living in Italy, spreading disease?  

Now, if we were talking about East Asian regions like, say, Scandinavia and surrounding regions, as well as Iceland, then all those Chinese could be consistent with a 100% homogeneous society (Bromstad, Thunberg, and Bjork all agree).  But, Italy?  Come now. Considering a sub-Saharan African nation like Italy, with a native population racially akin to Nigerians, what are Chinese doing there?

Seriously though, when are all you rank-and-file nitwits out there going to finally understand that Der Movement is always, always, ALWAYS wrong about just about EVERYTHING?  

While Trump ignores his base, he does this.  We must consult experts, after all!

Odds and Ends, 3/23/20

In der news.

As an example of the remarkable differences that exist within the Far Right, EGI Notes was telling readers to start prepping for possible coronavirus disruptions and lockdowns back in February; meanwhile, even today, you still have Der Movement retards telling you that the virus is a “hoax” and that any sort of prepping is “alarmist madness.” Judge for yourself who is right and who is wrong.

Similarly, this blog has been banging the drum about the Chinese and about other Asians for years, warning you about them, while even today the HBDers are still literally worshipping the Chinese.  Right? Wrong?

We’ll also see who is right and wrong about ethnoracial virus susceptibility.  Give it time. Stay tuned.

Vibrant diversity will make the crisis worse.  More here.  Di,di,di…verisiteeee….

Zturd, who is in my opinion clearly mentally ill, continues to use the “garden gnome giraffe” stupidity in recent posts, despite its obvious absurdity, which was pointed out here recently. The man’s deranged. That such a nutcase is a prominent voice in the “movement” very precisely demonstrates how intellectually and morally bankrupt that ”movement” truly is.

This is HBD.  “Ambivalence” in everything except Asia worship.

I supported the civil rights movement as a child, a teenager, and a young adult.

Uh huh. Now, imagine someone that could have been that wrong about something.  Can you trust their judgment now?  Absolutely wrong about the Negro, but you should trust him about the Mongolid or the Levantine?

Say no to HBD.

Der Movement marches on.  Stupidity is as stupidity does. Why is the Right always an embarrassment?  Moronic empty talk – and on “an encrypting messaging app”- as if the same government that can break codes of foreign governments and listen in to whenever Merkel farts is not going to know what retarded Nutzis are gibbering about.

Instead of electoral politics and organizing in the White community to help people – how about helping White folks in this time of need by grocery shopping for old folks or mowing their lawns or doing something socially useful? – they instead talk about “saliva on doorknobs.”

As I predicted – Der Movement will utterly discredit itself in this crisis.

Sallis is always right.  Behold – what a moron.  Holding China accountable does not mean Bolton-like military action (unfortunately, as it would be great to blanket that country with neutron bombs).

What is realistic is to over time turn China into a pariah nation.  We need to move – and yes I know it will take time – as much as our manufacturing away from China as possible. Preferably in the USA, but if not here, at least in a civilized nation populated by human beings, not monsters. We can stop the China worship in all corners of America – media, politics, Der Movement, academia.  We can stop importing large numbers of Chinese.  We can stop populating our entire STEM apparatus with lying, cheating, spying, stealing Chinese. We can, and should, eventually switch diplomatic recognition from the PRC to Taiwan – although, realistically that will have to wait until we entangle ourselves from the PRC in the ways outlined above. The world should indict Chinese leadership in international court, so that if any of those frog faces step foot outside The Land of the Gods, they’ll risk arrest.  And that’s just a start.

Do I think any of this will actually happen? No. But don’t pretend there isn’t a wide range of options in between (a) bombing China and (b) doing nothing and continuing to worship China and the Chinese “people.”

At this point, The Master of Disaster is useful only for comic relief.

Greg Johnson:

#Coronavirus will devastate higher ed in America, now that online courses are standard. Why pay big bucks for information you can get online for free? Also, the economic downturn and uncertainty mean that fall enrollments will be way down. That’s a good thing.

There’s some truth to that. There is also truth in the Sallisian rephrasing of that:

#Coronavirus will devastate “movement” grifters in America, now that online content from people who do not rattle the tin cup is standard. Why pay big bucks to support expensive blue state grifter lifestyles while others produce content online for free? Also, the economic downturn and uncertainty mean that “movement” D’Nations will be way down. That’s a good thing.

Getting back to Johnson, it depends – if people want to get a degree (“credentialism!”), then the online courses will be from “higher ed.”  If all you want is the information then, sure, it’s free online.  

Der Movement apparently will now be the standard bearer against “credentialism” – as part of the Right’s long-standing animus toward rationality, empiricism, materialism, science, expertise, etc.- without realizing that this paradigm can backfire against the grifters. For example, why pay for Brimelow’s robust compensation for being a blog editor while others produce content for free?  Why subsidize the “credentialism” of “movement leaders” like Brimelow when others of “lesser status” in the “movement” actually contribute more to said “movement?”  Why accept the “credentialism” of leading HBDers when what they preach is factually untrue pseudoscience, as opposed to other online commentators who actually deal in reality?

Further, on a related note, Tucker Carlson is a bit naive if he thinks switching “higher ed” online is going to get rid of all of the diversity parasites. What stops them from offering their flotsam and jetsam online as well?  If you need a degree, and if your online “higher ed” degree grantor requires online “diversity training,” then that’s what you are going to get. These conservatives always underestimate the inherent stability of the multicultural System to surface changes (e.g., style of content delivery). Salter’s strategy of “democratic multiculturalism” would instead be a real challenge to the System, since it involves affecting content, not merely the style of content delivery.  

Milady contributes to coronavirus awareness.  Everyone does what is possible within their areas of expertise and their set of capabilities!

Nardella needs to be indicted for both treason and for mass murder.

Dishonest pro-Chinese shills.  It is a STRAWMAN ARGUMENT that “originating from a laboratory” means the same as “the virus is man-made and bioengineered.” The Chinese could have been studying the wild-type virus and it could have escaped from the biolab there, either by an infected lab worker, escaped lab animals, or selling infected lab animals to wet markets, which Chinese “scientists” have already been convicted of doing.

By the way, how about “fact-checking” Chinese-HBD claims that the virus was am “American bioweapon?”

Then we have new stories “analyzing” why the situation in Italy is so bad, without ever mentioning the large Chinese population in Northern Italy, which, by some mysterious coincidence, just so happens to be the epicenter of the crisis there. Commentators to those new stories speak the truth, to be answered by Chinese scum (redundant description?) making asinine arguments like “there’s also a lot of Chinese in Canada, how come it is not so bad there?”

OK, I’ll bite. Putting aside that we don’t know yet how bad things are going to get in Canada, and putting aside the Italian “government’s” slower response, we can compare the two sets of Chinese populations.  In Canada, most Chinese are (unfortunately) citizens of Canada or at least (legal) permanent residents, they are typically reasonably well-off if not rich, and live with their families in fully integrated Chinese invader communities, with little need to continuously move back and forth between Canada and China.

On the other hand, the Chinese of the large Chinese community concentrated in Northern Italy are mostly Chinese nationals, some of whom are illegal, some of whom are there without their families, many of whom are poor manual laborers, without the more integrated long-established communities found in Canada, and thus are “people” frequently traveling between China and Italy.  Understand?

This doesn’t even get into the Chinese tourist problem or the “hug an Asian” campaign that existed in Italy.  Comparisons between Canada and Italy are therefore inappropriate.

By the way, to better understand my contempt for the Italians, consider the following.  The Italians killed and butchered both Rienzi and Mussolini for the “crime” of trying to raise Italians to the level of national greatness. On the other hand, the effete milksop Nardella, who can reasonably be seen as contributing to the current horrors unfolding in Italy, won’t even be arrested and prosecuted.  Instead, we get “singing on balconies.”  Italians can’t expect others to consider them a serious people, can they?

A very libertarian virus.

Yet More Odds and Ends

In der news.

See this.   Remember, Zturd says concern about all of this is “alarmist madness.”

Hail Zturd!  Hail Der Movement!  Hail!

A free online ”scholarly” journal about “Fascism” – so entitled.  A leftist System perspective – may be informative, certainly will be amusing.

Behold capitalism!  More “sweet business deals,” I suppose.  Then we wonder why the American health care system is such a wreck.

How about that – Jeelvy and I 100% agree on something:

Nicholas R. Jeelvy

Posted March 20, 2020 at 2:48 am | Permalink

The Chinese state is what it is, but the Han are a disgusting race of unhygienic, Mammon-worshipping bugmen. Their repulsive dietary habits are to blame for not only Corona, but also the Spanish flu and the Black Death.

Most pandemics in the world can be traced back to a Han eating, or a Bantu fucking a known disease carrier.

Quite right.  And yet Zturd thinks this is all “alarmist madness” and we shouldn’t be doing anything about it; indeed, he and his acolytes mock and ridicule the epidemiological paradigm of “flattening the curve.” Simply astonishing.

By the way, all those people who die of other causes because the health care system is saturated with China Plague victims should also be considered as having been MURDERED by the Chinese “people.”

Kabaservice says the tendency of GOP voters and officials to downplay the risk partly reflects Trump’s initially dismissive messaging about the crisis. But it may also relate to a deeper ideological suspicion of scientists, the media, and subject-matter experts within the federal government.

“This is something we’ve gone through a while here among Republicans,” Kabaservice says. “The feeling increasingly is that experts and the media are all part of this elite class that is self-dealing and is looking down on less-educated and less-fortunate people, and [that] they can’t be trusted to tell the truth.” He adds, “That dynamic … has been reinforced” by the emergence of the “conservative media ecosystem,” which unstintingly presents “elites” as a threat to viewers.

Rather than “Republican dad script”  I’d just call it the typical “Der Right script” – anti-science, anti-empiricism, a reverse snobbery against experts, framing everything as a leftist conspiracy, obsessed with economics over people, an extreme solipsism that confuses belief and faith with reality, and an extreme allergy for fact-checking, with the consequence of being wrong about just about everything.  But, hey, Zturd knows more than Fauci, so let’s take the “party on” advice.

And don’t start quoting HBDers as “proof” that the Right embraces science – HBD, and most of what passes for rightist “science” – is not science, but a secular religion, a fossilized dogma, pure pseudoscience.  Instead of worshipping the god of the bible, the Chinese are worshipped instead.  Same difference. As I’ve written before, the Right’s close association with religion and “tradition” have much to do with its hatred of, and complete misunderstanding of, and practical rejection of, science and empiricism. Anti-elitist, anti-government, anti-intellectual, reactionary, libertarian strains of “thought” make every expert suspect to this mindset – genuine expertise is scorned as “credentialism” and any person’s private opinion becomes conflated with objective reality.

The kind of folks who downplay The China Plague (emphasis added):

...the Senate Intelligence Committee chairman sold stock in mid-February that he knew would take a hit due to the coronavirus pandemic. And while Burr downplayed the threat of the coronavirus publicly, NPR obtained a recording of him privately warning of its dangers.

“There is one thing about this,” Burr is heard saying in the recording, “it is much more aggressive in its transmission than anything we have seen in recent history. It’s probably more akin to the 1918 pandemic.”

The 1918 pandemic to which Burr is referring is estimated to have killed between 50 million and 100 million people worldwide.

Carlson slammed Burr not only for insider trading, but also for not warning the public about how dangerous the coronavirus actually is.


This is HBD (and please note the Yellow Fever connection, once again confirming the psychosexual connections between Yellow Fever and HBD) (emphasis added):

Jud Jackson

Posted March 20, 2020 at 9:02 am | Permalink

This is all very troubling for me. I am a white American: 50% English, 25% Irish and 25% German. There aren’t too many people whiter than me.

But we all know the Chinese IQ is 105, 5 points smarter than we are. We also know that Chinese living in America have lower crime rates, higher IQs, and are more sexually restrained than we are. I think the work of J. P. Rushton would back me up 100% on all of this. I worked as an engineer in America for 23 years and my experience with Chinese engineers was that they were smarter than me, very kind to me, and all and all excellent engineers (better than I was and I wasn’t that bad).

On the other hand, Mao was the worst mass murderer of the 20th Century. My first serious girlfriend was from Taiwan. She hated Mao and her parents left the mainland in 1949 or so just as Mao was taking over. It didn’t work out with her but she was very ladylike, anti-feminist, and I don’t regret at all the two years we were together. I also knew some delightful Chinese ladies in Engineering School at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

So I don’t quite get it calling Chinese scum and so on. Their government may indeed be aweful but is it much worse than ours? Did they drop atomic bombs on the Japanese? Did they firebomb Dresden Germany and kill thousands of white German Civilians? No, we did that. Or at least our government did.

I can’t claim to be an expert on the virus, but I do read articles about it every day. I certainly wouldn’t put it past our government to have generated the Covid virus but I really don’t know.

Translated: The Chinese are our betters and masters.  I pitfully grovel before The Altar of Asia. I’m obsessed with East Asian females and my idea of heaven is to be pegged by a buck-toothed, flat-chested, greasy-haired Chinatrix for all eternity.  And by the way, America is much worse than China and probably invented Covid-19 to torment the intelligent and honorable Chinese.  Hail HBD!

More HBD pseudoscientific crap.  The coronavirus crisis, if nothing else, is doing a marvelous job discrediting HBD, not only the worshipping of the Chinese, but I suspect that as the virus spreads in Europe (and Africa), the Frost-Welton narratives about viral susceptibility will be increasingly discredited as well.  We’ll see. Once things become clearer I hope to discuss those issues here.  As regards that Amren piece, it is all hand-waving “just so” stories, promoting the Alliance’s narratives.

The female economy adjusts to social distancing rules.  Milady is certainly adaptive!

To get a better grasp of the Chinese, and of East Asians in general, please read this; excerpts, emphasis added:

COVID-19 first appeared in China sometime in November of 2019.  One theory of the virus’ inception is that it came from a Chinese “wet market, ” where live animals are sold in the open, including dogs, cats, fox pups, koalas, bats, and other “meats” that are uncommon to Europeans. Whether or not this theory proves to be factual remains to be seen. However, no matter where the virus originated, the barbaric practices of the dog meat trade, among others, should not be ignored. If nothing else comes from the wet market theory, we should understand the Chinese are radically alien people who do not leave their customs at the border when they arrive in Europe or the United States. Pets have been found on countless occasions at these open-air markets; kittens and pups with collars and name tags are not uncommon. These practices, along with other anti-nature barbarisms such as shark-finning, are common throughout all of China, Korea, Japan, and the rest of Asia. These are not the type of people I want as neighbors under any circumstances.

HBD says that East Asians are our betters and masters – all hail Asia and all pitifully grovel – measured groveling, eh? – before The Altar of Asia.

With that said, the hostile media and diaspora Asians living in the U.S. and Europe have, on some level, picked up on this sentiment. There was general disgust at the revelation for many people at the types of “food” the Chinese and others were eating, along with the horrific methods of preparing the “food,” such as skinning and boiling dogs and cats while alive. Then there were legitimate examples of early “social distancing” on public transit, to which Asians noticed and took offense. Some of the reports from the mainstream media:

Colored is as colored does. After all, COLORED, TROPICAL, ANTI-ARCTIC aliens become very easily offended.  Are East Asians even more unlike Whites than are sub-Saharan Africans?  Derbyshire weeps bitter tears.

After Italy took reasonable precautions, like ending flights to and from China, a group of Chinese nationals in Italy put on a display of sorts called, “I’m not a virus. I’m a human. Eradicate the prejudice.” At this display, a Chinese man offered “free hugs” to help end so-called xenophobia (the fear of the stranger). Shortly thereafter, over 1,800 Italians are dead from COVID-19, all of Italy is on lockdown, Spain and France have followed suit, and the number of Europeans infected continues to skyrocket. 

It seems more and more clear that the Chinese intentionally infected Europe.  They are conducting a remorseless war of genocidal extermination against Whites, who do absolutely nothing in response.

Then came the day-to-day terror from the diaspora Asian community in what they found to be good-natured humor to combat “racism.” A viral tweet with over 200,000 likes read, “Coughing real loud on the subway today to see who’s racist.” Another Asian living in the U.S. decided to more explicitly harass a passenger, by coughing towards them, in a viral video with over 380,000 likes. Min, the Asian Twitter user, then went on to berate the woman for racism and stupidity, finally claiming she was the victim of discrimination because the woman covered her face and eventually moved away. 

Imagine if Blacks were doing this with Ebola – the HBDers and “race realists” would be foaming at the mouth for months, writing pseudo-erudite articles about “Black psychopathic behavior.” Never mind if afrowops did anything like this – the priapistic excitement among the HBDers would last for years.  But here?  Move on, move on, there’s nothing to see here.  HBD is a political movement with the objective of enslaving Whites to Asian (and Jewish) interests.

Former presidential hopeful Andrew Yang, in a tweet ostensibly covering for his fellow Asians, wrote: “The fear of the coronavirus is likely to be as or more destructive than the virus itself.” 

Yang – you know the guy that some Alt Righters were endorsing for President, for which they were criticized here. Sallis, right again. Der Movement, wrong again.  I’m shocked, shocked I say!

People are dead. They are dead because of a disease that came from China, yet Asians living in White nations are more concerned people might gaze at them too long or move away from them. 

Asians are a psychopathic, TROPICAL, colored race.  Derbyshire’s “Arctic Alliance” is a discredited joke. Hopefully, everyone understands the reason why Derbyshire promoted that nonsense. If Derbyshire was married to a White woman, and had White children, do you think the words “Arctic Alliance” would have ever been spewed from his lips, or emanated, like a vile substance, from his fingertips at his computer keyboard?

People have lost loved ones, and Asians think this is some sort of joke…

I (who know Asians very well) have been telling you here for weeks that the Chinese (and other Asians) are laughing at us over this.  I’m serious my friends. There is a reason I always write that the existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites. The unfettered, exuberant, exultant joy felt by Asians over the deaths of Whites caused by this virus is a shocking spectacle to behold. To them it ia joke. The Yellow Fist of Hatred slaps away the weak and insipid White Hand of Friendship.  When will we see The White Fist of Hatred?

…or that perhaps they are the real victims here at the hands of White people who have a bit of their self-preservation instinct left. 

They want Whites to die.

The first instance of COVID-19 in the United State was a Chinese man who returned on or about January 14, 2020, after visiting family in Wuhan, China. [14] China reported the virus to the World Health Organization on December 31, 2019, and had documented the novel virus since sometime in November. 

So, just like in Italy, the Chinese knowingly seeded coronavirus in America after the disease had been known to be raging in The Land of the Gods. The Chinese are conducting biological warfare against humanity. In response, humanity does nothing.

More than ever, this is clear evidence that our current elite must be replaced with those who have their sights not on today’s stock index

That leaves out Zturd.

…but eternity. Those who are not going to concern themselves with the feelings of alien interlopers (who already have their own homelands)…

That leaves out the HBDers.

This is Der Movement:

Carte Blanche
It pains me to see red-pilled White Americans who know the media is lying and gaslighting us into total submission fall for this Virus Hoax. President Trump calling it the “invisible enemy” is more profound than he knows!!

Sure!  All the deaths in Italy, Spain, etc. – all a hoax!  The spread in Europe – a hoax!  Fauci’s 19 hr days are just him on the computer surfing webporn sites!  All a hoax!  A beautiful side effect of this crisis – the complete discrediting of Type I “movement activism.”

Watch this.  Political maneuvering at its finest.  One can spectacle that similar happens among Quota Queen infighting in Der Movement.  Note the involvement of cocaine in the episode, and then consider Pilleater’s accusations of cocaine use in Der Movement.  Of course, in Der Movement, the Negress would be replaced by a Chinatrix – “verbal abuse and colonic irrigation, “ indeed.  That’ll induce some “measured groveling,” no doubt.

Odds and Ends, 3/20/20

News and other items.

This is very believable.  However to be fair to Trump, he seems to be growing into the role of a crisis President.

Negro athletes get tested first.  Didn’t I tell you?  “People of Color” get preferential treatment; expect the same for any future vaccine. Remember the 2004 fiasco?  Newspapers were full of pictures of smug Black women getting vaccinated.  In your face, Whitey.

Remember Johnson’s words:

The most astonishing thing about the Globalvirus crisis is seeing how deep the free-market programming runs. Even people who are basically National Populists like Ramzpaul and the Zman have been running what I call the “Republican dad script,” minimizing the danger of the virus and worrying instead about protecting the economy from people who wish to protect their lives, and the lives of their loved ones. This “dad script” strikes me as equal parts alpha signaling and paternal concern for their 401Ks.

Rather than “Republican dad script”  I’d just call it the typical “Der Right script” – anti-science, anti-empiricism, a reverse snobbery against experts, framing everything as a leftist conspiracy, obsessed with economics over people, an extreme solipsism that confuses belief and faith with reality, and an extreme allergy for fact-checking, with the consequence of being wrong about just about everything.  But, hey, Zturd knows more than Fauci, so let’s take the “party on” advice.

And don’t start quoting HBDers as “proof” that the Right embraces science – HBD, and most of what passes for rightist “science” – is not science, but a secular religion, a fossilized dogma, pure pseudoscience.  Instead of worshipping the god of the bible, the Chinese are worshipped instead.  Same difference. As I’ve written before, the Right’s close association with religion and “tradition” have much to do with its hatred of, and complete misunderstanding of, and practical rejection of, science and empiricism. Anti-elitist, anti-government, anti-intellectual, reactionary, libertarian strains of “thought” make every expert suspect to this mindset – genuine expertise is scorned as “credentialism” and any person’s private opinion becomes conflated with objective reality.

How is this different from HBD? How is the Chinese behavior that Pompeo describes different from the HBD misinformation campaign to aid China? But there’s more. Pompeo admits that the Chinese sent people to Italy when the virus was raging in China.  An official of the US government essentially admits what the Chinese did to the Italian people. Every Italian who dies from this virus will have been MURDERED by the Chinese people. Listen to Pompeo 00:40 to 00:50.  Chinese genocide against Italy.  Chinese genocide against all of Europe.  Chinese genocide against White Americans.  MURDER.  GENOCIDE.  

Well, well,well…read this.  Too bad he leaves out other important reasons – HBD worship of East Asians and sexual-masochistic Chinatrix fantasies (exemplified by the Silkers and their wet dream of black-booted Chinese girls with guns ruling the West).

The China shills leaving comments there are amusing. One shouldn’t be surprised by their spelling mistakes, as ESL types often make errors.

The Arctic Alliance!  Oh well.  “Rosie” can collect Derb’s life insurance money in that case, right?  Hail China!

HBD must be mercilessly destroyed.

Are the Italians still singing on balconies?  How about chanting “Death to China!” instead?

This is the Chinese reaction to the Italian death toll passing that of China. The Chinese are laughing at you. And why not?  Always remember, never forget – when the epidemic was raging in China, and the Chinese knew it was raging, Chinese were moving back and forth between China and Italy and Chinese “tourists” were visiting Italy.  Even Pompeo admits it.  Why shouldn’t they laugh as you hug them?


Now, some more on Zturd. I do not like to pathologize dissenting opinions; after all, that is what the Left does, and that is what my critics in Der Movement do to me (“crazy, bitter, paranoid”). But sometimes one has to call a spade a spade, and that’s where we have reached with Zturd’s whining about the Amren conference being canceled (emphasis added):

Later in the week, I had an e-mail exchange with someone, who is most certainly on this side of the great divide. The e-mail was about the cancellation of this year’s American Renaissance and other dissident events due to the panic. I once again assumed he was on the sober minded side of this issue, so I freely called it a panic. 

So, we can safely assume that if the pandemic is still raging in May that Zturd would support the Amren conference still being held (assuming the state of Tennessee would allow it). Very well. Let us consider together.

Let us for a moment forget my personal opinion of Taylor, Brimelow, Dickson et al. and let us acknowledge that those individuals (especially Taylor) are generally highly regarded in the “movement” and are considered “elder statesmen” so to speak. The “elder” reminds us that those three gentlemen are older individuals, certainly in the age range in which coronavirus infection could result in significant morbidity, perhaps even mortality (death).

So, let us follow Zturd’s wishes and hold the meeting. Several hundred people are congregating there during a highly contagious pandemic. There’s a good chance at least one of them is infected, perhaps a younger person not so badly affected.  They spread it around the conference.  Older attendees fall ill, some need hospitalization, and perhaps someone dies.  Perhaps one of the aforementioned elder statesmen die.  So, should Amren gamble with Jared Taylor’s life just so they can pound their chests and say how they “defied the alarmist herd?” Is that the “sober minded side of this issue?” Zturd seems to think so. Zturd seems to consider the possibility of killing Taylor via coronavirus a reasonable price to pay so Zturd can leave “Lagos” for a weekend and attend the Amren meeting.

Zturd also looks at what’s happening in Italy, and the rest of Europe, and claims that the only positive outcome of serious mitigation efforts in America will be to “save a few extra people this year.” A few extra people.

I’m sorry. I must pathologize. The man’s deranged. He’s also dishonest to put up a strawman argument that the “alarmists” are unaware of the economic and social costs of the mitigation strategy. They are very much aware. They are also aware of the alternative, of which Zturd, with his “few extra people” gibbering, is, apparently, unaware. Again, the man’s deranged. 

Guess what Zturd, you are not the only one being inconvenienced. You are not the only one taking a severe financial hit.  All of the “alarmists” are as well. The difference is that they look at what is happening around the world, understand the full range of consequences, and understand that the Chinese have put us in a position that we need to make hard choices in which we suffer either way we choose. The difference is that they are not so cavalier with the lives of, potentially, hundreds of thousands or millions of White Americans. The difference is that they are not insane. 

Update to Strategic Planning

Consequences of The China Plague.  Another riposte to Zturd and other news.

See this.  All of my advice broadly remains the same but recent events have underscored the increased importance of electoral politics. The strategy outlined in the linked post mostly should remain the same except a significantly greater emphasis should be placed on electoral politics, and that change is most salient in the case of a Trump victory.

After all, in the Trump loss scenario, I already stress the importance of electoral politics, although even there it should be stressed more than what I have previously discussed.  But in the Trump victory scenario I de-emphasized electoral politics, at least to a relative extent, and I am considering whether that needs to change in light of The China Plague and its possible consequences.

There’s a good possibility that White Americans (and of course Europeans as well) are going to be more skeptical of globalism, more open to border control, less welcoming to foreigners, less patient with the type of hysterical SJWism that considers hurt Asian feelings more of a priority than dead White Americans, more anti-Chinese, more open to economic populism, more desperate and willing to listen to alternative voices.

The shattered landscape that may result from this, the illness and death, the wrecked economy and resultant mass economic dislocation, the unemployment, the bitterness, the demand for answers and accountability – and the easy connection of the tragedy to multiracial globalism – are all part of a fertile ground for right-wing populism. Trump or no Trump, this needs to be ruthlessly exploited.  Unfortunately the majority of the Far Right is ill-suited to do so, as it is actually promoting paradigms the opposite of what is needed, it promotes China worship, blaming White Americans, bizarre HBD theories, coronavirus denial, and blaming the response to The China Plague for the all of the damage.

Der Right in its broadest sense is self-destructing, but there are healthy elements within it.  Some are racial nationalist.  Some are – and I have to admit it – civic nationalist (Carlson for example).  The proper response will have to come from these healthy sectors of the Right.

Maybe Tucker Carlson should run for office. Tucker, it’s not enough to criticize the political class and the media, you need to focus your attention to those on the Right, including and especially the HBDers, who literally worship China and the Chinese. And don’t criticize “identity politics” per se.  It’s here to stay – time for Whites to practice it. That, by the way, is what the HBDers really fear, with certain Levantine HBD aliens asserting that White nationalism is the greatest danger to America. Uh huh. Tells you where they are coming from, no?

Fauci is of course being attacked by various peanut gallery types. Surprisingly, I haven’t read any ethnic attacks against Fauci yet; e.g., “he’s a racially mixed Italian who is hysterically gesticulating about coronavirus because he’s concerned about his own Near Eastern ‘Fertile Crescent’ ancestry.”  That’s no doubt coming.  But for now we get nonsense about how Fauci is a “shill” because he – gasp! – testified that vaccines are safe and he has done work on HIV.  And, as we know, Der Right believes that vaccines are sodomizing our babies and giving them autism, while HIV has nothing to do with AIDS whatsoever.  It’s all a Big Pharma conspiracy.  Mysteriously for these types, statins and Adderall are not part of the Big Pharma conspiracy, no doubt because many of the peanut gallerians are statin-addicted fatsos with lazy and dumb kids (amphetamines are helpful to pass exams, don’t you know). Another attack against Fauci is asking why he is getting so “hysterical” now compared to H1N1 a decade ago. The “answer” you see is that his wife was “hired by the Obama administration,” so it is obviously a dastardly political conspiracy. This 79 year old man is working 19 hour days simply to “get Trump.” Dat right!  Actual differences between coronavirus and H1N1 have nothing at all to do with it, no sir!  


Today we are seeing the same argument. In order to “flatten the curve” we need to obliterate what’s left of civil life. We have to hand to the state the power to shutter businesses, lock people in their homes and reorganizes [sic] society as they see fit. The price of flattening the curve will be a never-ending war on civil life by a thoroughly corrupt ruling class. So no, it is not just the flu bro. It is not about the stock market or the economy either. It is about what comes after the flu decades after it is gone.

My riposte: And what should we be doing instead?  I’m not denying that some of what Zturd asserts as long term consequences may come to pass. Actually it will eventually come to pass, but for non-virus reasons he ignores (see below). What’s the alternative? Trump could have of course stuck to his original course of action, which is to basically invoke some travel restrictions and blather stupidities. The infections and cases would pile up, health care resources would be stretched, and we’d end up like Italy. Very well. You could make a hardcore case for enduring that level of pain for what Zturd would consider long term social and political benefits. But if followed, that course of action would have lowered Trump’s chances of re-election to zero. Zturd would argue in response that this is part of the problem – that Americans should be willing to “tough it out” without politically punishing Trump for that decision.  Maybe so.  But, you know, the significant fraction of the American population middle-aged and older may not want to die because of a virus manifested because your Chinese gods are inept filthy animals. Letting semi-retarded, hysterically SJW Millennials “inherit the Earth,” sociopolitically speaking, will be an outcome. Letting a significant fraction of the more conservative voters get infected, with risk of death, with the more leftist fraction of the population left standing, is not a recipe for success either.

What makes Zturd so disgustingly reprehensible – besides free-riding on the “alarmist” decisions – is a lack of a reasonable alternative.  Zturd projects the dystopian future resulting from “flattening the curve.”  He may well be right about that. However, he doesn’t project the equally dystopian future resulting from doing nothing. Unlike the retard Zturd, I’m aware that we’re damned either way. In retrospect, we could have instituted less stringent methods much earlier, tried for containment to the extent possible, with much more targeted lockdowns only in restricted “hot” areas. This was not done. 

And Zturd’s comment about “decades” in the future is ludicrous.  Demographic changes in America assure that his dystopian future will come to pass, unless there are drastic changes.  The shallow retard writes:

…a never-ending war on civil life by a thoroughly corrupt ruling class.

Umm…that’s what we have now, even before The China Plague. Even if Trump wins in 2020, 2024 looms around the corner. Eventually, if we stay on our current trajectory, we’ll have a President Ocasio-Cortez or a President Abrams.  It’s coming, regardless of the “alarmist” anti-virus measures in place now. That’s a certainty. Doing nothing about The China Plague is just as likely – or perhaps more so – to hasten that day as compared to doing too much. Maybe wrecking the social order will help or hurt in the long run – who knows?  But business as usual, with the trends “baked in the cake,” assures us of “a never-ending war on civil life by a thoroughly corrupt ruling class.”  If he’s so stupid not to realize that, he’s beyond hope. If that’s coming if we do nothing, I’d rather try and save White lives and roll the dice on the long term political outcome. If we had a real movement instead of Zturd-like jackasses, right-wing populism could take advantage of the societal chaos following in the wake of The China Plague. That such does not exist is the fault of trash like Zturd, not me.

When considering Zturd’s breathless account of the consequences of addressing The China Plague, one should remember some of the other exercising of government power in American history – military drafts, suspension of habeas corpus, mass confiscation of private property (“freeing slaves”), Civil Rights Act, New Deal, internment camps, etc.  During the 1918 China Plague, in some cities police were shooting people who refused to wear a face mask in public. A never-ending war on civil life!  

We’ll be told that there’s a practical reason to be more concerned now – the “ruling class” is more alien and corrupt than ever. Indeed it is.  But here’s another practical consideration – following Zturd’s advice would alter Trump’s chances of losing to Biden from somewhat probable to absolutely certain. More practical considerations – a disease that disproportionately kills older Americans will more quickly shift America to being more non-White and more leftist.

Zturd is just being a self-righteous contrarian jackass. The reality is that this is an impossible situation to know for certain what course of action will yield the best possible outcome. What is certain is that Zturd’s feared dystopia will happen regardless of what Trump does or does not do, it’ll just be a bit quicker one way as compared to another. Most likely, Zturd’s advice will make it happen quicker, but we are really screwed either way.

See this.

Quite right.  Zturd represents all that is wrong with Der Right.  I’ll say it again – there’s no “optimal” outcome here.  Thanks to Der Movement’s Chinese Gods – who, like gods, seem immune to criticism from their worshippers – we are in a “lose-lose” situation.  Doing what is necessary will severely damage the economy and, yes, expand government power at a time when that government (under your “God Emperor” by the way) has never been more hostile to White Americans.  Engaging in retarded virus denial, and doing nothing, would eventually lead to Italy-like conditions, disproportionately sicken and kill off the most White and most conservative age cohort of the population, absolute ensure President Biden (which may well happen anyway), completely discredit the political Right, and make (White) America a laughingstock to the world, supporting Yellow Supremacist narratives – “look how China got it under control, but America failed.” 

Again – the people to blame here are not Trump, Fauci, toilet paper hoarders, or “alarmists” on the Right, but instead the filthy Chinese “people” with their bat soup, eating live wild animals, wet markets, Wuhan biolarfare labs, selling infected lab animals to street vendors, hiding facts about the outbreak, etc.  It’s the Chinese who infected the world and now are blaming others; it’s the Chinese threatening to withhold medication from America and laughing at us that we’ll suffer a “hell of a coronavirus epidemic.”  But the HBDers, including Zturd, are very gentle with their Chinese Gods.  It’s that White guy buying toilet paper who’s at fault, damgummint!  HBD trash.

Well, well, well…look at this.

The most astonishing thing about the Globalvirus crisis is seeing how deep the free-market programming runs. Even people who are basically National Populists like Ramzpaul and the Zman have been running what I call the “Republican dad script,” minimizing the danger of the virus and worrying instead about protecting the economy from people who wish to protect their lives, and the lives of their loved ones. This “dad script” strikes me as equal parts alpha signaling and paternal concern for their 401Ks.

Republicans are not unreasonable in their suspicion that the Left — including the mainstream media — are using the Globalvirus against Trump. But that still doesn’t mean it is not a serious health problem.

This kind of thinking has consequences. Polling data indicates that Republicans are significantly more likely to minimize the dangers of Globalvirus than Democrats, which means that Republicans, as well as their friends and families, are more likely to get sick and die. It also means that Republicans are more likely to support ineffectual or tardy responses to the crisis, which will ensure that more people die.

The market will come back. The people who will die because of Republican greed and complacency will be gone forever.

Think of what it means that both Greg Johnson and I are in essential agreement on this issue, where we disagree on so much else. Now, that in itself does not “prove” anything, nor is it “evidence” of anything – after all, arguments have to be judged on their own merits, not merely on who supports them. On the other hand, this convergence is not meaningless either.  That people on the Right (broadly defined) who are so different both agree that Zturd is acting like an absolute jackass (Johnson doesn’t say it but it is in my opinion implied by “equal parts alpha signaling and paternal concern for their 401Ks”) should tell you something – especially since both Johnson and I make arguments against Zturd that can be judged by third party observers, arguments that in my opinion are more cogent than “do nothing and let the good times roll.”

And I must say again that those upset about the situation should really focus more of their ire on the Chinese rather than on people trying to save American lives. But, hey, we can’t have that. After all, we may offend and alienate some Chinatrix who has the incisors of a gopher, the physique of a toothpaste tube, and the hair of a black-furred oily muskrat.  What would the “awkward squad” do without their yellow beauties?

Meanwhile, in contrast to HBD lies, let’s look at some reality.

Chinese Biological Espionage

In March 2019, in mysterious event a shipment of exceptionally virulent viruses from Canada’s NML ended up in China. The event caused a major scandal with Bio-warfare experts questioning why Canada was sending lethal viruses to China.

Four months later in July 2019, a group of Chinese virologists were forcibly dispatched from the Canadian lab – the only level-4 facility equipped to handle the world’s deadliest diseases where Coronavirus sample from the first Saudi patient was being examined.

Xiangguo Qiu

The scientist who was escorted out of the Canadian lab along with members of her research team is believed to be a Chinese Bio-Warfare agent Xiangguo Qiu.

Dr. Xiangguo Qiu is married to another Chinese scientist Dr. Keding Cheng – the couple is responsible for infiltrating Canada’s NML with many Chinese agents posing as students from a range of Chinese scientific facilities directly tied to China’s Biological Warfare Program.

Dr. Xiangguo Qiu made at least five trips to the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory located only 20 miles away from the Huanan Seafood Market which is the epicenter of the outbreak.

The Canadian investigation is ongoing and questions remain whether previous shipments to China of other viruses or other essential preparations, took place from 2006 to 2018, one way or another.

The Chinese are murdering humanity.  The Chinese people are engaged in a remorseless war of extermination against the Italian people, who pitifully respond to this genocidal attack by “singing on balconies.” China and the Chinese people are an existential threat to all humanity.

Meanwhile, while most people will eventually see the Zturdites for what they are, we can discern how the Zturdites will try and hand wave the outcome of their predictions within Der Movement/Der Right itself.  Let’s consider the possibilities.

1. If the virus actually fizzles out in the warmer weather and does not return, the Zturdites will point to that as vindication, and there’s not much to answer that with, other than that their logic was wrong but that events turned out to support that flawed logic.  But if they’re right, they’re right.

2. If the virus continues and is serious, but if all of the more severe measures taken against it are successful in blunting its impact, the Zturdites will interpret that as being the same as outcome #1 and will pretend that the public health measures had nothing to do with the outcome.

3. If – even with severe measures – the virus has a very serious health impact, if it spreads worldwide, even in those places the HBDers assert will be relatively immune to it, even if everything goes 100% against the Zturdites and the HBDers, they will not admit to being wrong.  Instead, they’ll adopt the Gaslighting Greg strategy of completely ignoring what they wrote before. It will be as if it never happened – down the memory hole!  They’ll just ignore the whole thing, with Zturd blathering some ”badder thoughts” about “Lagos” or “Biden’s dementia” while the HBDers will sweatily gibber about Hajnal lines and high trust northern hunter gatherers.  Coronavirus?  We don’t need to hear about any stinkin’ coronavirus!

A Zturdite type at Amren writes:

Enoch Powell  The virus itself would have very little economic impact. It is the massive overreaction to it by government and the media which is destroying our economy. The Wuhan Coronavirus is a pathogen with a mortality rate only slightly higher than the seasonal flu. It spares children and is a serious threat to life to only the very old and infirm. Not the sort of thing that should be shutting down entire nations. One has to wonder if the mainstream Media has a political motivation to foster panic and wreck the economy during an election year with a sitting Republican President who they desperately want to get rid of.

Let’s dissect this:

Enoch Powell  

Pretentious idiot. 

The virus itself would have very little economic impact. 

Until health care resources are overwhelmed and people start dying.

It is the massive overreaction to it by government and the media which is destroying our economy. 

What your solution?  Do nothing?  Please outline an alternative strategy, keeping in mind what is happening in Italy, which had an initial weak reaction to the threat.

The Wuhan Coronavirus is a pathogen with a mortality rate only slightly higher than the seasonal flu. 

Outright lie based on current data.  Let’s see. Of the current estimates of mortality, on the low side, it is 10-fold higher and on the high side more than 30-fold higher.  I’m not sure that a 10-30-fold higher mortality is “only slightly higher.”  Even if you want to postulate a large number of unknown mild cases that will drive down the mortality rate, the fact is we’ll still have the same overall numbers of severe cases that can overwhelm health care resources. Or should we just let the severe cases die without intervention?

It spares children and is a serious threat to life to only the very old and infirm. 

“Only” – not true.  Unless you consider “very old” to be anyone over 50-60+…anyway, this crisis is very informative about the “Die Boomer” mentality of youth.  Sometimes, like the 1918 Chinese Flu, it are the young who are more affected.  What goes around comes around.

Not the sort of thing that should be shutting down entire nations. 

If less stringent measures were put in place earlier, the more stringent measures would not be needed now.

One has to wonder if the mainstream Media has a political motivation to foster panic and wreck the economy during an election year with a sitting Republican President who they desperately want to get rid of.

It’s all a conspiracy!  The Italians are dropping dead just to spite Trump.  European nations are closing borders – despite their inner SJW urges to keep them wide open – just to spite Trump.  Idiot.  Blame everyone except your Chinese gods.  

Italians please note (red font emphasis added):

Fourth, and rarely mentioned, is that Italy today is evidently home to a large Chinese community (more than 300,000), made up of people who arrived in the past two decades and who work in the textile and leather sector. Many of the Chinese living in Italy are from Wuhan and Wenzhou, and some had just been in Wuhan and Wenzhou for the Chinese New Year on January 25, when the Chinese authorities could not hide the epidemic any longer. These Chinese had returned to Italy from China before the Italian government suspended flights from there. The epidemic emerged in Lombardy; Bergamo, one of the capitals of the Italian textile industry, was one of the first cities affected.

That is, the Chinese came back to Italy knowing that there was a highly contagious epidemic in China, thus knowing they could seed Italy with the plague, killing Italians and turning the nation into a charnel house.  THEY KNEW IT.  That’s not the “crazy and bitter and paranoid” Ted Sallis saying it – others are saying it as well. Then we have the spectacle of Chinese “tourists” visiting Italy during the outbreak in China as well.  Italian apologists for the Chinese, please explain these facts. Also, please justify the “hug an Asian” campaign promoted by the genocidal killers of Beijing and enabled by leftist traitors in Italy.  Please explain why the statement “the Chinese people are conducting a remorseless campaign of genocidal extermination against the Italian people” is wrong.  Please explain what the Italian people are going to do about it other than “sing on balconies” or having their “Air Force” (sic) fly around blasting music and spewing out red-white-green contrails.  Since EGI Notes is a pacifist blog, unalterably opposed to any and all – any and all I say! – violence whatsoever, you will not find this blog suggesting that the Italian Air Force bomb Chinese neighborhoods in Italy.

By the way, note that the HBDers don’t like to mention that the Italian crisis is in large part due to the Chinese, but instead focus on “Fertile Crescent” ancestry in Italy. Italians, please don’t expend all your hate on the Chinese, please save some for the HBD trash as well.

Corona Update, 3/17/20

More news.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Will alcohol kill the coronavirus?  Drink up, micks!

Campbell debate challenge – If the HBD trash are so confident about the stupidity that they are spewing about The China Plague, why don’t they debate someone like like Campbell about it?  After all, Campbell isn’t some hysterically gesticulating afrowop, but a stiff upper lip Inner Hajnal Briton.  Zturd, Welton, Frost, Watson…go ahead, debate him.

Zturd can go first.  I’m sure Campbell would love to tackle Zturd whoppers like this:

Every year the influenza virus infects about 10% of the public, using no precautions against it. 

“No precautions.”  Certainly!  The existence of an influenza vaccine is just a figment of your imagination. The man’s deranged. OK, let’s forget about vaccines, and let’s take the 10% number. If 10% of Americans get The China Plague, and if 15% of those need to be hospitalized, that’s at least 4.5 million people who need to be hospitalized in addition to all the regular patients who would need those health care resources. Don’t think it’ll make a difference if all those 4.5 million hit the hospitals over a short time period or over a longer period?  But, hey, mock and ridicule “flatten the curve.” But, fine. Let’s take it on the chin and roll with the punches. Let’s hope Zturd is one of those who drops dead; it would be quite fitting.

One has to understand the mentality of China Plague Alarmist Deniers like Zturd.  The “logic” goes something like this:

1. There’s a virus spreading around the globe and people are dying.

2. In response, some countries are instituting serious measures to curtail transmission.

3. If successful, those measures will curtail viral spread and make the final outcome of the crisis much less serious than the more pessimistic predictions.

4. Because the measures worked, and the most alarmist predictions did not come to pass, then the whole thing was an overblown hoax, the measures were not necessary, and everything would have worked out the same if obese Americans were waddling by the tens of thousands into sports stadiums to stuff their faces with hot dogs, sitting cheek-by-jowl with other fat bastards, watching overpaid morons play with balls and sticks and nets and hoops and gloves.

Zturd also needs to explain why buying non-perishable items in bulk, which are going to be eventually used by you anyway, is bad and somehow worthy of ridicule. Hey, I thought looking ahead, planning, and storing were hallmarks of all dem dere high trust northern hunter gatherers who evolved provisioning for the winter.  Don’t tell me that the HBDers are now scorning pre-planning and preparation.  Apparently, the sane thing to do is to be Negro-like and just live in the moment.  Living in “Lagos” is apparently rubbing off on Zturd.  Next, we’ll hear he’s dunking basketballs while singing rap ditties. Zturd also needs to explain why citing the “leveling of the curve” is bad and ripe for ridicule, when it is a useful graphic to explain to the tinfoil hat crowd (e.g., Zturd and followers) of the necessity for certain measures BEFORE we end up like Italy.

Ultimately, the cost of an unnecessarily alarmist view will be economic.  The cost of an unnecessarily optimistic view will be in human lives.  Good to see that the Alt Right once again shows it’s no different from the “GOP conservative bitches” that they like to ridicule. Economy Uber Alles!  That’s “traditionalism!”  After all, less money means less “D’Nations” and we can’t have that.  Interesting…if “the economy” is all important, then why don’t they support “mass immigration to stimulate economic growth?”

GDP, GDP, my nation for your GDP.

As usual, Tucker Carlson makes sense.  No one is denying the importance of the economy.  But you don’t preserve economic vitality by pretending there is not a serious situation. And, hey, isn’t people buying toilet paper consumer demand?

Then we have the other snide Quota Queen retard Watson and his absurd comments. Citing the “small percentage” of the Chinese population that was infected ignores that it was the “extreme” and “alarmist” actions of the Chinese government that stemmed the tide – you know, the same actions guys like you ridicule.  As far as the fatality rate, we do not know exactly what it is. Talking about the flu – besides the differences in fatality rates, and besides the fact that the flu originates with your Chinese gods as well, there is a vaccine.  Complaints?  First, we need more work to get the flu vaccine more effective.  Second, we need faster production, cell based, not egg based. Third, address the anti-vaxxers.  Car accidents?  People have some control over that. Preach to your Type I nitwits not to text and drive, not to eat and drive, stop tailgating, stop excessive speeding, stop reckless driving, etc. and get back to me on that. Like Zturd, Watson has a strange fixation about toilet paper – perhaps some sort of childhood trauma with toilet training, I don’t know what it is.

What makes these people so morally reprehensible is their free-riding.  Their health is free-riding on the “alarmist” actions of the government, health experts, and other people – actions that they, the free-riders, mock, ridicule, and oppose.  What scum they are – right-wing virtue signalers, preening on how much more “prudent” they are than the “hysterical” masses. Want to see real hysteria?  Watch a HBDer after someone criticizes China and the Chinese, a trainload of sedatives won’t be able to calm them down.

Yet another Alt Right jackass obsessed with toilet paper. I figure it is some sort of anal-oriented infantile impulse of some sort. Look, folks may be getting a bit carried away with the toilet paper, but if I recall correct, it had its genesis in reports from China of sudden lockdowns and people not having the basic necessities, such as toilet paper.  Last minute panic buying is not helpful; that’s why I was telling my readers a month ago to start prepping – just quietly build up a stock of food and household items to last a month or so.  That’s it. That’s being prudent, but not panicked.  The “warm weather” hypothesis is questionable given the spread in the warmer counties of Southern Europe, as well as cases in Australia/New Zealand.  But, it’s possible.  Who knows?  Do you want to chance it?  Let’s slow transmission and see what happens.  As far as the anti-Trump hysteria, I agree, since it was not that long ago that Trump was mocked by the Left as a hysterical germaphobe for stopping flights from The Land of the Gods.  But unless you believe guys like Fauci and Campbell are part of a “plot against Trump,” there are aspects of China Plague alarmism based on prudence from health experts, without a political bias.

As regards a political backlash – how about we start with a backlash against China and the Chinese people.  Or does the HBD-Nordicist-ethnonationalist alliance have a problem with that?

An added bonus in all of this is that the elderly are the ones most vulnerable to the virus. And while I have no desire to see old people dying like flies, Corona will likely take out a fair number of the Boomer elite…

Does that include Johnson, Taylor, Sailer, etc.?  Note I’m not saying I want those people to die – Costello is saying it.

StronzaPosted March 16, 2020 at 8:54 am | PermalinkIt’s not the virus, it’s belief in the virus, that is causing the meltdown. Probably to cover up a long-awaited financial bubble burst. “See? The Corona Virus is the cause!”
Viruses/germs etc. don’t kill anyone worthy of life. Why would the universe (God) do this.

Stronza, meet Denmark.

Maybe there’s no “God,” the universe is indifferent to your beliefs, and we can all hope that the virus finds “Stronza” not “worthy of life.”

What a dumb bitch. I mean, this is the level of Counter-Currents commentators. Here’s some well-known people who were all not “worthy of life” – 

Died from influenza.

Died from cholera.

Died from typhus.

Died from typhoid fever.

Died from pneumonia.

It has nothing to do with “worthiness.”  It’s  to a large extent luck. The most productive, fit, robust, intelligent, good-looking, racially useful person may sicken and die.  A ghetto Negro may happen to not get infected.  Worthy!

This exemplifies Johnson’s manifest failure as a leader, for anyone with far-thinking insight would never let Costello be a writer, or Stronza a commentator, at their website.

The only positive so far with The China Plague crisis is the marvelous manner in which Der Movement – and Der Right in general (in America) – is utterly discrediting itself.  Now, the clueless “leadership” and the retarded rank-and-file are too dumb to realize any of this, but they are not the crucial people of concern here – who are the more intelligent members of Der Movement/Right who are getting disgusted and, more importantly, all of the high quality potential recruits who are becoming completely alienated from rightist politics in America.

Maybe it’s all for the best. Can you imagine what a nation led by Der Movement would be like?  An unvaccinated population dying (God declares that they are not worthy!) from easily preventable diseases, presided over by faux-intellectual freaks gibbering about hobbit holes and The Men Who Can’t Tell Time, and guarded over by a military consisting of pot-bellied retards dressed in wife beaters running through the forest eating twigs and branches and wildly firing off their muskets trying to down the Chinese drones that are controlled by laughing Orientals amused by Occidental stupidity.

I’ll agree with Johnson here.  At least he – unlike many on the Alt Right – recognize that the two possibilities are not mutually exclusive.

See this.

Does Sallis get tired of being right all the time?  Answer: No. Der Movement’s approach to China: Drop pants, bend over.

Sallis’ Law in action; in response to a tweet asking why Northern Italy is a viral epicenter, we see:

Surprising since Southern Italy is basically Mexico.

Let it not be said that a viral pandemic stood in the way of sweaty fetishism!

This is HBD.  Interesting how some of the “points” made almost seem to be an answer to crtiiques of Chinese shills made on this blog and others like it.

Recognizing a Chinese Shill:

Pheasant says:

March 14, 2020 at 9:32 pm GMT

He cannot spell the name of the place he supposedly worked for however many years?

Does not bode well for his authenticity.

Pheasant says:

March 14, 2020 at 9:41 pm GMT

I am more than willing to believe the deep state would sabotage China and America both but the guy who wrote this sounds like a Chinese shill to be honest.

Look, Unz is a Jew, so what can one expect?  But Durocher and Johnson are (insofar that I know) not Jews.  What’s their excuse? Does anyone know if Unz pays his regular contributors?

HBD has been – intentionally or not – helping the Chinese government. When will HBD be investigated?

FARA investigation, FARA investigation, my posts about HBD for a FARA investigation.

With a political personality built on cavalier machismo…

Der Movement, on the other hand, has a political personality built on cavalier stupidity.  After all, there’s not much “machismo” involved in lickspittle worship of, and “measured groveling” to, mangy Orientals.

We’re doomed.  Emphasis added:

Even once a vaccine is available, making it available to the U.S. population will take time. “Here’s an irony on our current situation, we don’t have that production capacity in this country. Where is it? It’s mostly in China,” said Moreno. “So we are going to be getting millions and millions, we hope, of doses of vaccine from China in the next eight or 10 or 12 months, as soon as we have the formula of the vaccine.”

It’ll be as effective as warm bat spit…for all we know, it will actually be warm bat spit.

And now for something completely different – get it and read it.  A primer on hardball, rough-and-tumble politics, which has relevancy for all of the Quota Queen infighting in Der Movement.

But, but, but…Joan of Arc!  Gee, what happened to Johnson?  Went from White Knighting to gynoskepticism, hmmm.