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Odds and Ends, 6/29/20

In der news.

In preparing for possible legal and government regulation action against certain left-leaning institutions, I came across one vulnerability that may be useful.  Interestingly, certain Far Right entities are probably even more vulnerable to the same approach.  I obviously will not discuss what it is here – I’m not in the business of assisting the Left nor of warning the Quota Queens.  I’ll simply continue to plan ahead for possible legal action against the aforementioned leftist entities (if necessary).

But I will say that this all confirms to my mind the ineptness and reckless stupidity of the Quota Queens, and the manifest inferiority of WN 2.0 (WN 1.0, insofar as I know, didn’t make the same error). It also underscores to an even greater extent how moronic and inefficient the Left is – for all their massive resources they leave low hanging fruit unplucked.  Or is it that they are afraid that the same approach can be leveraged against them? Perhaps that is it.  But given the anarcho-tyranny of a biased legal and government system, do they really need to worry about it?  Will the same consideration of System protection of the Left (i.e., protection of itself) hamper my own anti-leftist efforts in this regard?  On the other hand, for some entities, the thing they fear most of all is bad publicity. So, in that sense, the Left has far more to lose (given that the Right is already always portrayed badly in any case) unless the Left’s control of the media results in their bad publicity being squashed.  But in today’s era of the Internet and social media, I’m not sure that even the Left can put a lid on bad publicity.

Moving on…

In the short storyNever Meet Again by science fiction writer Algis Budrys, a German scientist lives in a late 1950s alternative reality in which the Axis won the war and Germany is a prosperous and happy National Socialist regime. The scientist is himself personally unhappy because he blames the Nazis for the death of his wife.  So he designs a device that allows him to travel to an alternative reality that he thinks will be better – one in which Germany lost.  So, he does so – and ends up in a real dystopia, our reality, in which he turns up in Soviet-controlled dark and dreary late 1950s East Berlin. All around is squalor and miserable people. There, he meets that reality’s version of his wife, still alive, overjoyed to see him, since he himself was killed by an American bombing in this reality.  At which point, the wife, upon learning what he had done, turns him over to the Soviet authorities who want him to rebuild his machine to be used as an anti-American weapon.  Budrys was, in the word of the Alt Right: “based.”

Then we have Tau Zero by Poul Anderson, who was of Scandinavian descent, a book which pictures a future Earth ruled by (an ethnically homogeneous and very Nordic) Sweden.  That book displaces porn as onanistic material for Durocher.  Put that book down Durocher, lest you get a priapism.

The Slavic soul.

A perfect example of why Counter-Currents is despicably dishonest – a commentator there writes:

I don’t see eye to eye with Nicholas R. Jeelvy on a lot of things, but he hit it out of the park with this analysis. “Racist Liberal” only came about as a term of insult in March 2020 in response to White Nationalists who were opposed to the COVID-19 shutdown. Basically, COVID exposed a schism between WN’s who support freedom and individualism vs. WN’s who come from a Leftist or even Communist background and thus are highly in favor of collective measures, which they justify under the guise that they are “protecting society.” Hunter Wallace, Richard Spencer, Matt Parrott, Keith Woods, Eric Striker, Marcus Cicero of Daily Stormer fame, and numerous Twitter accounts – especially the ones using fake Black People names – are all in favor of collectivism and “What’s Good For Society” over individual liberty for White men and White women. The term “Racist Liberal” was invented by these people.

Excuse me, but the “collectivism and ‘What’s Good For Society’ over individual liberty for White men and White women” mindset this commentator decries is not only exhibited by “Hunter Wallace, Richard Spencer, Matt Parrott, Keith Woods, Eric Striker, Marcus Cicero of Daily Stormer fame” BUT ALSO BY GREG JOHNSON HIMSELF.  And does the “great man” come in to reply to this comment and defend his covid-19 views?  Of course not. Later in the thread he responds to someone asserting that the sneering Frenchie poodle “scientist” won the covid-19 debate because Johnson’s ego is bruised by that, but he doesn’t directly defend his collectivist pro-lockdown views when those are ascribed to a “Leftist or even Communist background.”

Johnson won’t do it, but I will, since I’ve been more on the covid-19 is a serious threat side as opposed to the flubro side.  Talking about “Leftist or even Communist” is simply ad hominem.  Collectivist action could be fascist, national socialist, Far Right, what have you. The good old “freedom and apple pie” USA always had no problem with collective action in wartime; the military draft being a prime example. Indeed, sometimes society requires protecting, and that usually entails collective action and investment in common social goods, not “sturdy individualism.”  “Freedom and individualism” requires collective action for protection, as others with less adherence to those principles will use collective action to strip those from you. Better collective action voluntarily by Whites, in a White manner, sacrificing some “freedom and individualism” to save the remainder, than to have alien outsiders use collective action to strip the White man of everything.  And, as I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again, the whole covid-19 lockdown issue is a strange “hill to die on” for the rah-rah individualists. Maybe being so militant would have served better as regards forced racial integration, affirmative action, mass immigration, etc. But I suppose defying White doctors and scientists is easier than defying Colored militants and their Jewish controllers, eh?

Introducing the Costello Counter-Currents diet plan.

This is TOO:

Let’s look at the term aryan used by hitler the nazis and also the roman salute. The iranians are these days some of the most racially mixed peoples, on averege 15% east indain also part arab and so on. Hence the old aryans are dead.

The term “Aryan” is moronic.  The “Aryans” were never what the fetishists though they were.

As for the roman salute, most italians are mixed with arabsa and north africans these days, partially as an effect of the roman empire.

Sallis’ Law in action again.  Remarkable that after the Roman genetics study – mysteriously completely ignored by Der Movement – that we continue to have such comments, but there you go.  What about East Asian/Siberian admixture in Northern Europe?  Move on, move on, there’s nothing to see there – and it’s of great benefit to all humanity, and don’t you forget it!

The swastika, is mainly used in india, where whites tried to stay separate but all mixed with non whites to some degree, the cast system probably reflects an attempt at keeping the mixture lover for parts of the population.

The cast system?  By the way, when were there “Whites” in India, in the sense of the word meaning Europeans?  The British control to be sure, but before that?  India was never “White” to begin with – “beige” perhaps?

Gene tests of hitlers relatives has shown mixture with berbs, north africans (could be berbs and arabs occupied spain, then spain occupied The Netherlands that is a neighbour country to germany which is bordering austria)…

First, that’s the NRY.  Second, amusingly, we note here that any potential admixture in Hitler is blamed on…Spain.  But of course. And what is a “berb?” The same as a “blurb?”

Hence all the choices of symbols by the nazis hevily represents racemixing. The ideology also led to 40 million people dying, most of them whites, 8 million of them german.

The Nazis supported race-mixing!  QED!  But, hey, at least the Iranians, Italians, Indians, Nazis, and Hitler knew basic spelling, which is more than what can be said about this minor Herrenvolk nobility.

This is correct.

Hey now!  It’s time to discuss the racial admixture of the “dago” Frank Rizzo and his “big meatballs.”

Standing six-foot-two and built like a rhinoceros, Frank Rizzo has been called “larger than life”…

Are you sure that’s not “five-foot-two?  After all, we don’t want the moldering corpse of Humphrey Ireland to get confused or anything.

Reverse Sallis’ Law

It’s comical.

Sallis’ Law essentially says that in virtually every context, in every possible situation, Der Movement will have something bad to say about White ethnics, particularly Southern Europeans.

The opposite is true as well – a sort of Reverse Sallis’ Law – in virtually every context, in every possible situation, Der Movement will have something good to say about Nordics (or “Nordish”).  A recent laughable example of this was brought to us by Durocher, writing for the Jew Unz site, who, after regaling us with the horrors of MENA admixture in Southern Europe, subsequently told us that Siberian/East Asian admixture in Northern Europe is “a great benefit to humanity.”  Why, of course it is.

Here we see another example from Counter-Currents (emphasis added).  About Hubert Humphrey:

Hubert Horatio Humphrey, Jr. (1911-1978) was a deeply Minnesotan man. He was born in Wallace, South Dakota, a territory that is a cultural extension of Minnesota. His father’s family were of New England Puritan stock. His grandmother, Addie Regester Humphrey, taught at a Quaker school, and Humphrey’s mother, Christine Sannes, was from Norway. Humphrey was baptized into his mother’s Lutheran church, but he worshiped later in life as both a Methodist and a Congregationalist. Humphrey was thus genetically a mix of Minnesota’s native Nordic groups and culturally a mix of Minnesota’s deeply Protestant religious milieu.

Not surprisingly we learn:

Humphrey believed from his time in Baton Rouge that “discrimination” was what was driving black lack of accomplishment, and he sought to end it in Minneapolis.

And even less surprisingly:

Also, Humphrey was part of the group of talented men who got behind “civil rights” and sold it to the American public. They were probably the critical part of the coalition that allowed “civil rights” to occur in the first place. Essentially, adherents of “civil rights” – those men who pushed the Civil Rights acts of 1957 and 1964, as well as the Voting Rights Act of 1965, were valorous white men with deep roots in America’s past.

So, Humphrey was a race traitor, a disgusting monster who helped unleash the Black Plague upon America, who helped unleash “civil rights” and racial integration upon America, who helped unleash the 1965 Immigration Act upon America, who have caused untold suffering on countless White Americans, who have destroyed White American EGI, and who have doomed White Americans to eventual minority status and racial destruction. The conclusion derived from all of that?  Well – 

Hubert H. Humphrey is exactly the sort of person we need on our side.

Of course he is!  How could you ever doubt it?  The Hubert Humphreys of today fill Antifa cadres, vote for Obama, and want to outlaw White nationalism, they believe miscegenation is “God’s will,” but, by golly, these are the sort of people we need on our side!  Do we need any folks like Antonin Scalia on our side? No sir!  But folks like the “valorous” Humphrey – they are a great benefit to humanity, and don’t you forget it!

9/9/19 News

More of the same.

A man of genuine greatness!  That genuine greatness on display again!  Keep on sending in those “D’Nations” to the Quota Queens, some of whom are still lying about Trump.

The endgame for the Quota Queens.

Sallis’ Law in action again:

Rob Bottom
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I don’t know if it’s joking or not, but there are a lot of people who say that Meds aren’t white. There are certainly differences between the Northern Europeans and those nations that have long histories of Arab invasion, for example.

Once again – EGI Notes openly calls for all White ethnics to abandon Der Movement.  Withdraw your support so that its inevitable collapse comes that much faster.

Read this.  A good review of a good book, but my predictions differ.  I see it more likely that there is a continued slow decline into demographic doom, with outbreaks of real, widespread violence occurring after Whites are in minority status. In any case, I predict defeat, despair, and destruction.  Regardless of the specifics, a people that has let things reach the point they have reached today, without even the mild response of electing Mainstreaming Marine, do not exhibit the stuff to fight, much less win, any sort of “racial civil war.”  

Sallis’ Law Confirmed Once Again

And other news.

Johnson writes this, so….

Was Italy unified? It’s still racially, and thus IQ-wise, and thus everything else wise, split in 2 as it ever was.Southerners who emigrate to the North still frequent each other, and there’s very little mixing between the two real Italies even at the “acquaintance” level. Then of course everyone in the “classes that matter” pretends to things being other, and it makes all quite happy. (Including the beneficiaries of the billions spent to “bridge the gap”, along the same lines of USA’s gap-bridging, and with equal outcome).

The Bossi family testifies to the lack of mixing between the two. Hail Padania!

The northern Italians have a saying, which translated into English is that Garibaldi didn’t unite Italy so much as he divided Africa.

You have none of those Africans in leadership positions in Der Movement.  Thus, you must be enjoying unprecedented success.  Hail Victory!

I couldn’t get past the first half hour of this film, probably due to its tedious pace and attention to the extreme decadence of the Italian Aristocracy. If you’re going to glorify aristocracy, I’ll accept the British, but the Italians can’t figure out how to practice self-control.

As long as you don’t bend over to pick up the soap in a shower stall at Oxford or Cambridge.

S Italy was a mess under the Bourbons. It got much worse after Italy was unified. It got so bad that by 1880 the S Italians fled to America and brought their mafia government here. Wretched refuse indeed.

Indeed!  What we need instead are more Aryan Barbarians dancing around cemeteries in swastika-soled boots.  Hail Victory!

Sallis’ Law confirmed once again. It’s a law of nature more definitive than that of, say, gravity or electro-magnetism. As well, my open call for White ethnics to abandon Der Movement is also further legitimized. Just leave it to the swastika-soled boots, drunken podcasts, Pepe, homosexual flirting at meetings, etc. crowd and sit back and watch it fail, as it has for the last 50-100 years.

The following is perhaps not unrelated to the preceding – Zman:

Another reason co-called conservatives were happy to call Koch a right-winger is the Left was happy to call him a right-winger. The best maneuver in the Progressive playbook is to select the leaders of their opponents. They focus their attention on one soft target, making that person the symbol of their cause. That person then becomes the easily mocked and ridiculed leader of the opposition. For example, they turned the alt-right into a joke by cultivating Richard Spencer as the face of the movement.

Yes, he’s right about Spencer, but Zman’s buddy, Gaslighting Greg, is no better.  And ALL the rest of them. Blaming Spencer alone – or even predominantly – for the collapse of the Alt Right is ludicrously naive or dishonest to the point of breathtaking mendacity. I for one was denouncing the Alt Right, and predicting (and hoping for) its downfall, even at its peak in 2016 and early 2017. The only thing that surprised me is how quickly it collapsed; even I couldn’t predict the astonishing levels of stupidity and ineptness coming from that distortion of racial activism.

The racially superior hero expresses himself.  Yes, at which point they’ll just ban you anyway, and invent ever more narrow speech codes to justify it.  Anyone with an ounce of sense understands that the free speech issue is discrete not continuous.  You either have it or you do not. Trying to parse different levels of censorship means that you’ll always be at the mercy of the censor and their changing standards.  Why does Spencer believe that any “defined” YouTube policy will last a second longer than the start of SPLC/ADL screeching about “White supremacists taking advantage of loopholes” and Huffpost/Guardian articles asking (i.e., ordering) YouTube to “do something about it?”

It is one thing to recognize the reality of censorship and try to do something about it, both short term (adjusting to the reality) and long term (fighting for pure free speech rights).  Yes, it is one thing to deal with the reality while vigorously denouncing it, making arguments against it, and, perhaps, getting involved in the political process to deal with it.  It is another thing entirely to be so naive and simple-minded that you actually believe that Internet/social media entities would establish a definitive and permanent set of rules and guidelines. They are not playing by a set of idealistic rules; their rules and guidelines are, and will remain, purely utilitarian.  If it shuts down Far Right speech, then that’s the rule. If it doesn’t, then the rule will be changed until it does.  You do not embrace speech codes and call for a “clearer statement” of them.  While dealing with the reality, you oppose the reality, and, realistically point out what I’m saying here – that there can be no compromises on free speech, because once the precedent is set, the “line” dividing acceptable from non-acceptable will always be redrawn for political purposes.  And as I’ve written about before, let no one believe that the over-rated “successes” in Europe (with their own speech codes) in any way argues against this.  Those “successes” are for the most part small wins in minor skirmishes, confined within narrow guidelines of acceptability, and whenever any leader or spokesmen steps out of line, it’s prison or fines for them. Why should Americans so blithely give up on free speech, then?  And I don’t want to hear about “free speech is the government, and private entities can do what they want.”  First, these social media giants are essentially utilities and borderline monopolies and should be regulated as such. Second, it is NOT TRUE that private entities can “do what they want” with their property.  Let’s see a White homeowner publicly advertise selling or renting only to Whites, let them state that, for example, they refuse to sell or rent to Blacks, Hispanics, or Muslims (of any race).  You’ll see then how quickly “private property rights” evaporate.

In summary, again, Zman has a point.  Spencer is so shallow that he makes a piece of tissue sliced by a microtome look as deep as the Grand Canyon by comparison.

Speaking of shallow: “The devastation is the most important thing,” after all.  A man of genuine greatness!

I laugh at how articles about “super commuting” completely  ignore a major reason – perhaps the major reason – for such commuting, and for long commutes in general – RACE.  That is, White workers cannot, or will not, live in or around those urban areas that have the jobs because those same urban areas and their surroundings are infested with “vibrant” Color.

Granted, long commutes in more rural regions have other causes, some alluded to in the article, but the fact is that long commutes are still overwhelmingly a blue state coastal and Rust Belt phenomenon.  It is something found wherever you have large numbers of Blacks and Hispanics and the flight of Whites away from them.  It is another symptom of White Flight, and another indication that the Contamination of Color is metastasizing away from the urban cores into surrounding suburbs, and into smaller cities as well.  Whites need to keep on moving farther and farther away to escape the rising tide of Color, but the jobs stay where they are. Hence, the long commutes.