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Odds and Ends, 5/30/20

In der news.
More Hoodian nonsense.

We could be conquering the frontiers of space, medicine, culture, and technology

Oh yes, with a “movement” that tells us that viruses don’t cause disease, that vaccines are “poisonous” “jabs” that will implant chips into us, that all non-human animal life on Earth is soon to be exterminated by “bullets flying everywhere,” that believes HBD lies, that tells us we should be “snug in our hobbit hole in the forest”…these are the heroes leading us to conquer ‘the frontiers of space, medicine, culture, and technology.”  Yogi Bear (Kali Yuga)!  The Men Who Can’t Tell Time!  The Age of Aluminum!
You mendacious idiot.
Remember the Sallis challenge?So, I issue a challenge to the likes of Johnson, Spencer, Taylor, McCulloch et al. How about penning a post telling us two things:1. What significant and concrete accomplishments toward society-wide White racial awakening have your efforts accomplished, and, similarly, what are the accomplishments toward that end achieved by other “activists” who share your ideological vision and overall approach?2. Going forward, how do you expect continued efforts of your type to achieve your ethnostate/racial preservationist goals?  And for this, please don’t give vague platitudes or hand-waving about “metapolitics,” but instead a realistic and comprehensive appraisal for your optimism and your adherence to your specific approach.  And, while you are at it, please explain why your approach is superior to alternatives.I’ll give your essay a fair hearing here, and will dissect and critique it (as I’ve been critiquing the “movement” in general here) – unlike your own (dare we say cowardly) ignoring of the critiques of your approach heretofore published here at EGI Notes (never mind your pathetic “banning” of critics from your own blogs).Please contrast that to Johnson’s cowardly evasion of debate, and the general cordon sanitaire around the Sallis Groupuscule established by current “movement leaders.”  Of course, ultimately, the challenge is for the rank-and-file, who need to hold those “leaders” accountable for both their endless failure as well for the evasion of challenges such as that above.
Behold the female.  Zero agency.
Colored is as colored does.

“Asian Americans, including Chinese Americans like myself, benefit from affirmative action,” Sally Chen, a graduating Asian American Harvard student who participated in the brief, told NBC Asian America.

Derbyshire weeps.  The Tropical Alliance revealed in all its sordidness.

Though Blum placed Asian Americans at the center of his suit, Niyati Shah, the director of litigation at the civil rights nonprofit Asian Americans Advancing Justice – AAJC who worked on the brief, pointed out that the racial group largely supports affirmative action. Data from 2016 shows that roughly two-thirds of Asian Americans supported the policy. When white student Abigail Fisher sued the University of Texas in 2016, arguing the school shouldn’t use admissions policies that favor black and Hispanic applicants over whites and Asian Americans, more than 160 Asian American and Pacific Islander groups filed amicus briefs to support affirmative action.

Derbyshire weeps.  Asians full of enraged hatred toward Whites; Asians the pillar of the rising tide of color.Some Asian American students said they wouldn’t even consider applying to a school that didn’t take race into account: That’s how important race can be to a college applicant’s story.”Colored is as colored does.  Asians = A TROPICAL COLORED ANTI-WHITE PEOPLE
In a nation of over 300 million people, amusing coincidences like this will not be as rare as people may believe.
Der Right marches on – Brazil edition.
The International Right, in all its irrational science-denying “glory,” is being completely discredited.  This is why we need a REAL NEW RIGHT, one based on empiricism and rationality, not sweaty fetishism, traditionalism, market-worship, and empty bluster.
According to Greg Johnson, Donald Trump is a sincere man of genuine greatness.
Sincerely and genuinely great, I say!Many of President Trump’s 2016 supporters have been driven offline, their brands and audiences destroyed. Others are so angry with the president’s weakness that they will not back him again…It’s sad that our highest hope for President Trump at this point is that he will simply restore the free speech rights we had before he took office.President Trump’s Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship shows some promise, but several legal experts called it “bluster,” “rhetoric,” and something that is not a “blueprint for anything that is going to happen.”…President Trump may mean well, but he’s not going to save us.I thought Trump was “the last hope for White America?”
Hey, these are just the “voices of WN 3.0!” Right Greg?
Why some ethnonationalists hook up with HBD?  They can’t defend their own race?
Asian solidarity with the Negro.  Who cares about Whitey husband?   John D. take note (when you stop weeping).

Odds and Ends, 5/11/20

In der news.  In all cases, emphasis added.

Does this finding apply to humans?

I’m not completely against ethnonationalism.  For example, I would very much like to see the Hungarian people rise up in an ethnonationalist fervor and drive out the invader John Morgan. Rise up, ye Magyars, arise!  After all, if the Orban government didn’t want the Master of Disaster and his NPI even having a conference in Budapest, why should they tolerate a Counter-Currents colony, manned by an ethnic alien genetically and culturally distinct from native Hungarians?  

Read this.  To author: You made a mistake.  At least you didn’t produce offspring, but, you know, at some point critiquing White women as “mudsharks” is going to be difficult if we keep on forgiving the likes of you.

This abstract “xenophilia” was compounded by my own awkwardness and timidity — especially when it came to interactions with the opposite sex. For most of my childhood and adolescence, I felt out of place, and doubted if I would ever fit in…More than anything, I noticed a stunning difference in how I was treated by non-white women in foreign lands compared with how I was treated by white women in my native country. At home, they looked right through me — abroad, their eyes met mine steadily, and with regularity.

Another “awkward squad.”  This supports the contention, previously discussed on this blog that miscegenation involving Whites is in large parts associated with defective Whites getting a sexual marketplace value boost due to their race among non-Whites who want to “mate up.”

A typical Amren reader no doubt:

Nick Currs 

The first part of his story is similar to mine. But I retained core loyalty due to my military experience and family history. I’m also a Nationalist. I married a Thai and it’s been great.

Inter-racial relationships  – safe and pleasant!

The situation described here is made worse by the fact that among Christian believers of the past it was the more educated, intelligent, disciplined, etc. who bought into the celibacy/don’t marry and reproduce poisonous Jewish meme, while the illiterate masses would be the one who “better to marry than burn” would give into “fleshly desires”- just look at celibate priests, monks, etc. So, it was an intellectual decapitation of the goyim.

I do not know the facts of this case other than that presented by Forney, but it is useful for the rank-and-file to be aware of these things that are going on.

Here’s an example of the The TROPICAL Alliance in action.  But, hey, if Chinese and Africans can work together so seamlessly to MURDER Whites via coronavirus, why can’t the Chinese open the gates of their nation to mass African immigration?

Black Man: The Yellow Devil is exploiting you to do his dirty work. It’s time for proud Africans to rise up and demand their due – the landmass of China is YOURS for the picking! 

Sometimes stand-offs involve chest-bumping, pushing and shoving, and throwing stones at each other, BBC South Asia Editor Anbarasan Ethirajan reports.

Behold Milady.  Is this the sort of clueless lack of self-awareness you want to vote, or be involved in “movement” activism?

Yet another example of the complete discrediting of the Right, now in bed with deranged anti-vaxxers and sweaty yeastbuckets.

Her arguments also began to spill over into the real world, including her baseless assertion that “wearing the mask literally activates your own virus.” There is no evidence that wearing a mask can activate viruses and make people sick. On Thursday in Sacramento, California, a woman brandished a sign in front of the state Capitol that read, “Do you know who Dr. Judy Mikovits is? Then don’t tell me I need a silly mask.”

Yes, sir, wearing a mask activates viruses!  And when I put on a green sweatshirt, my secret superpowers are activated and I become The Incredible Hulk.  Don’t censor that revelation, all you Jew doctors out there!

“They’ve now aligned themselves with far-right groups,” Hotez said, “and their weapons of choice are YouTube, Facebook and Amazon.

Der Movement marches on.  We cannot be surprised.  The same sort of anti-scientific and pseudoscientific mindset behind “wearing masks activates viruses” was already reflected in HBD, Nordicism, etc.

Of course, remember the accusation that “Jew doctors” and “Big Pharma” push vaccines to “make money.”  In contrast, heroic anti-vaxxers are as pure as freshly laid snow, with zero financial interests. Or not:

Mikovits’ newfound notoriety has also lifted sales of her new book. This past week, “Plague of Corruption” shot to No. 1 on Amazon’s print bestseller list. The book was out of stock Friday. Amazon said that the book did not violate the company’s content guidelines.

Thanks capitalism!  Thanks free trade!  No worries though. Bezos has lots of money and isn’t that what life is all about?

Odds and Ends, 5/7/20

In der news.

What was the discovery?  How to spread it to Whites more effectively?  Seriously though, one wonders why one Chinese would kill another with this coronavirus connection.  It does make one wonder.

Another Asian beauty!  Awkward squad sweatily murmurs, “hubba hubba.”

Yet another Asian beauty!  The face that launched a thousand vomits.

I mean, can you get any more alien and TROPICAL than that?  That’s part of the pan-colored TROPICAL ALLIANCE against Whites.  Derbyshire weeps.

This is the natural outcome of the anti-White Jewish-Chinese alliance.  The truth has been revealed. Silkers weep.

“Canada is also viewed as a very multicultural space, a safe space,” she said. In the past, many newcomers from India would settle in the Toronto area, but now, there’s “a saturation of too many international students in Ontario” so they’re looking further afield, and attending colleges, as well as universities, to take courses that will lead to work here in Canada.

In other words, the niche space of Ontario is already full of yellow and brown Asiatics, who have depleted that space like a plague of locusts descending on a crop field. Time to move on to fresh pastures!

Who is betraying White interests in Canada? Must be a wop, right?  Looks like a Med!

The comments are the best part of this absurdly biased tweet.  Methinks Duchesne is reading too much MacDonald.  “Important” – the only thing the krauts are “important” for is forcibly spreading multiculturalism in Europe.  If your taint of MacDonaldism is too strong to consider any Southern Europeans as “important” enough, then how about Russia?  Or are they out for being not “Western?’’ I agree with the commentators who aver that if Duchesne’s options are our only choices, then we’re done.  It’s all over.

And that is why I have contempt for Italy and Italians.  They allow themselves to be so airily dismissed, to be considered unimportant in world affairs; worse, they apparently have so little dignity and pride that it does not bother them that they are held to no account.  And that is why it is unfair to criticize, much less mock, Cola di Rienzi and Benito Mussolini for their failures.  At least they tried.  What could they do, given the abysmal human material they had to work with? 

As regards any progress from today’s Italy, one can only hope that Milady Meloni has the “balls” that Italian “males” so obviously lack. The “males” can sing from balconies…in soprano.

To better understand why the Alt Right collapsed, the following are the chapters, in the Sedgwick book, on “emergent thinkers (sic)” on the Far Right:

art III Emergent Thinkers

12 Mencius Moldbug and Neoreaction

13 Greg Johnson and Counter-Currents

14 Richard B. Spencer and the Alt Right

15 Jack Donovan and Male Tribalism

16 Daniel Friberg and Metapolitics in Action

And there you go….a Jew, a mendacious gaslighting Quota Queen grifter, The Master of Disaster, a homosexual, and a Swede once allied with the Spencer faction (albeit I know little about Friberg and as of today have no “beef” with him).

After reading this, I have the following to say. HBDers support Jews and support Israel.  HBDers literally worship Jews the same as they worship East Asians.  HBD is the enemy.  What will YOU do to oppose HBD?

Anthropological note: Has anyone else ever noticed that East Asians typically have long and thin fingernail nail beds (I presume the feet are the same – maybe some awkward squader can inform us about that after they get up from some measured groveling)?  That contrasts to the shorter and broader nail beds of Europeans (and West Eurasians in general). Interestingly, watching a YouTube video, I noticed that a (predominantly) Amerind “Hispanic” also had long thin nail beds, suggesting a general racial characteristic pre-dating the East Asian/Amerind split (assuming these anecdotal data are reflective of the broader reality).  What the adaptive value of this may be, I do not know.

The other shoe drops?  I suppose Johnson realizes his ethnonationalist shtick is not truly compatible with White nationalism, so the latter must be bashed.  Hey Greg, the problem is with Der Movement (including you), not with “White nationalism.”

That “traumatic” start to the sex life, I suppose.

The Nation of Death

China and disease.  Asia – the curse on humanity.  In all cases, red font emphasis added.

The Antonine Plague of 165 to 180 AD, also known as the Plague of Galen (after Galen, a Greek physician who lived in the Roman Empire and described it), was an ancient pandemic brought to the Roman Empire by troops who were returning from campaigns in the Near East.

Ancient sources agree that the epidemic appeared first during the Roman siege of Seleucia…Rafe de Crespigny speculates that the plague may have also broken out in Eastern Han China before 166…Raoul McLaughlin wrote that the Roman subjects visiting the Han Chinese court in 166 could have ushered in a new era of Roman Far East trade, but it was a “harbinger of something much more ominous” instead. McLaughlin surmised that the origins of the plague lay in Central Asia…

From Asia, always from Asia.

The epidemic most likely emerged in China shortly before 166 CE spreading westward along the Silk Road and by trading ships headed for Rome. Sometime between late 165 to early 166 CE, the Roman military came into contact with the disease during the siege of Seleucia..

China, China…the land of plague, China, China, the land of death.

Genetic studies of modern and ancient Yersinia pestis DNA suggest that the origin of the Justinian plague was in Central AsiaThe most basal or root level existing strains of the Yersinia pestis as a whole species are found in Qinghai, China.

Asia, China…China, Asia…the curse on humanity.

The Black Death most likely originated in Central Asia or East Asia, from where it travelled along the Silk Road, reaching Crimea by 1347. From there, it was most likely carried by fleas living on the black rats that travelled on Genoese merchant ships, spreading throughout the Mediterranean Basin and reaching Africa, Western Asia, and the rest of Europe via Constantinople, Sicily, and the Italian Peninsula.

One famous 14th-century account claimed that plague was introduced to Kaffa deliberately, through a Mongol biological warfare attack that involved hurling plague-infected corpses over the city’s walls.

The more things change, the more they stay the same, eh?  Hate-filled genocidal East Asians deliberately spreading disease and death. Black Death. Covid-19. Asia, Asia, the curse on humanity.  

Y. pestis evolved in or near China, and has been transmitted via multiple epidemics that followed various routes, probably including transmissions to West Asia via the Silk Road and to Africa by Chinese marine voyages.

Back then, by ship. Today, by plane.  In both cases, Orientals wage a remorseless war of genocidal extermination against humanity. Humanity does nothing in response.

…a Canadian historian believes he has discovered evidence to support those who theorized that the “Spanish flu” actually started a world away in China.

According to a new article published in the January 2014 issue of the journal War in History, historian Mark Humphries of Canada’s Memorial University of Newfoundland points to newly unearthed records to make the case that the lethal influenza pandemic first appeared in China in 1917…

China, China, always China.

China, China, always China.

Of course Africa does its part as well, with HIV and the earlier Plague of Cyprian.

The Plague of Cyprian erupted in Ethiopia around Easter of 250 CE. It reached Rome in the following year eventually spreading to Greece and further east to Syria.

Colored is as colored does.  TROPICAL Asians, TROPICAL Africans, it is all one.