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The Same Old Story

The herrenvolk!

I have previously mentioned several times the habit of people like Duke and Spencer of continuously jumping from one failed project to another. But this post is about a more general problem than just those two individuals, and it is about a specific subset of the overall issue of constant, endless “movement” failure under affirmative action herrenvolk “leadership.”

The specific subset of problems I refer to is the ongoing scenario in which various prominent “movement” figures are unable to successfully complete any particular project as (more or less) originally planned. All configurations of ineptness are observed. Projects may be pushed through but fail miserably – these are the failures that are most conspicuous to the general rank-and-file. But what the rank-and-file may not be aware of are the endless series of aborted projects. Ideas are conceived – some of them promising – and then are abandoned before beginning or, worse, abandoned after people (like me) have already invested time and energy in working on the project, producing initially promising results. Sometimes the projects are completely abandoned, sometimes the story is that the project is switched from one idea to another, with the new idea usually being less promising, less ambitious, less useful, and/or less feasible than the original. This secondary project typically fails and/or is abandoned as well.

Now, sometimes this is necessary and justified. After all, you do not want to reinforce error, throw bad money after good, and sometimes, yes, you have to accept a sunk cost and move on. But I am not talking about isolated cases of failure or isolated cases of abandoning certain projects or switching from one project to another. I instead am talking about an endlessly repeating series of the same sorts of errors and abandoned, failed projects. I am talking about having people like me wasting time again and again, sincerely working hard, with enthusiasm, on varied projects, only to have Quota Queens “pulling the plug” on the project, typically because they are not suitable for carrying it through, they are inept, they are unimaginative dullards who can’t follow through on ideas thought up by others, they are impatient fools with apparent attention deficit defects, and they are the ones with faulty ideas and faulty “leadership.” This wasting of time and energy because of the failed “leadership” of others has happened to me, and others, so many times that it is a constant disappointment, and, as alluded to above, the rank-and file only see the tip of the iceberg of failure; they typically do not know of all of these other failures and abandoned projects. 

And all of these people, the failed “leaders,” cannot take any criticism, they become hysterical about any justified criticism of their ongoing ineptitude, and they are of course protected by Der Movement’s ethnic affirmative action program.

Related to this, a Counter-Currents comment:

Francis XB

Posted November 11, 2020 at 3:11 pm | Permalink

Regardless of what happens between now and 20 January 2021, the Dissident Right needs an organized movement, an apparatus.

The dilemma for too many people on the Right during 2016-20 was an over-reliance on Donald Trump. But there was a lack of an effective organization which could mobilize:

* Legal defense

* Fund raising

* Pro-White info ops

* Counters against de-platforming

* Fronts for students, workers, etcetera

* Getting people out into the streets and into the boardrooms

Of course, all this means money, lawyers, specialists, media, alt-tech and (most importantly) a well known personality who could provide access to all of these things.

Is there a personality who fits this bill? Say, a billionaire who is fired up by being deprived of a public office to which he was rightfully elected? Who might be willing to provide a startup grant of several million dollars and perhaps some office space?

Even if the election is tossed to Team Deep State, the long game must be played here. It behooves the Dissident Right to maintain the impetus for Trump.

Apparatus 2021!

So, why wasn’t the “Apparatus” built up during the Trump interregnum of 2017-2021?  Do we just blithely accept the incredible abrogation of duty, the complete lack of responsibility, the zero accountability, and the pitiful shocking ineptitude of the affirmative action Quota Queens?

Why don’t the rank-and-file demand answers?

But, no.  Send in more “D’Nations.”  After all, why not enjoy such wonderful victories such as that pictured here?

WN Reality Redux

And other news.

Stupid liar.

A White Nationalist is someone who believes that white peoples have a right to their own homelands.

No, a White nationalist is someone who prioritizes race over ethnicity or national identity as their primary allegiance – race over ethnicity as the primary identity.

Let us do a thought experiment. Imagine you talk to some German nationalists, people who specifically identify as German nationalists – German ethnonationalists – but who reject the label of “White nationalist.”  If you were to ask these people whether “white peoples have a right to their own homelands” what do you think their answer would be?  I’m sure – absolutely sure – that they would say YES. They would agree that Germany is for Germans, France for the French, England for the English, etc. This isn’t 1939 – the Germans are not going to be screaming for lebensraum; they are not going to deny other White people the right for their own homelands. I’m sure that virtually all European ethnonationalists – people who do NOT identify as White nationalists – would agree that “white peoples have a right to their own homelands.”

So, if ethnonationalists who are not White nationalists agree with that, then how can that be a definition of White nationalism?  It is obviously not, and my definition – accepted by everyone but Greg Johnson and his sycophants at the despicable and execrable anti-White Counter-Currents site – is correct: A White nationalist is someone who prioritizes race over ethnicity or nation as a primary allegiance – race as the primary identity.  White nationalism is the prioritization of race over other narrower identities as the fundamental allegiance and identity of the nationalists – race as nation; hence, White nationalism.

I for one am sick and tired of Counter-Currents’ constant lying about this topic, which is probably rooted in Johnson’s fetishistic obsession with (the more pan-European) Richard Spencer.

The importance and the seriousness of this issue cannot be over-stated: It is a battle to define the central tenet of White racial nationalism. Johnson’s attempt to gaslight the rank-and-file to accept a logically incoherent and ludicrously false definition of White nationalism is far worse than the System falsely equating White nationalism with “White supremacy” – because in the case of Johnson and Counter-Currents the lying subversion is taking place from within. It’s treason, and if I’m the only one who is going to say it (although others would reject Johnson’s flim-flam if they were honest, they know better, but they’ll stay silent to protect their “political viability” in their failed “movement” – grifters all), then so be it. The definition, the meaning, of White nationalism cannot be distorted because of one person’s bizarre obsessive feud with Richard Spencer.

Remember – there is no way out but through Johnson.  Oppose Counter-Currents – that’s what we need for Whites to win.

And: Hey, Costello, are you going to defend yourself against Goad? – Johnson having thrown you to the wolves – or wolf as they case may be.  That’s a common behavior of Johnson and the other Quota Queens – once they get a shiny new toy (e.g.,Jim Goad, Andrew Hamilton, “Hippocrates”) they’ll turn their backs on previous loyal supporters and contributors – sort of acting like women with faithless hypergamy. That’s an interesting analogy given the, let us say, preferences of some of the people involved.

Sailer’s Jeuraian and Redblex moving on forward.

This is HBD:


No Oriental man has ever hated me, although several Oriental women have been attracted to me. The attraction, of course, was mutual.

Engelman must be praised in one sense for so completely and neatly embodying the reality of HBD – essentially HBD is nothing more or less than a sexual fetish for Oriental women. Measured groveling!

More proof of the voting fraud.

His Fraudulency

Dementia Joe’s new title.

See this.

We must make this clear: The legitimate President of the United States, 2021-2025, is Donald J. Trump.  Joe Biden’s “victory” is completely illegitimate, it must never be accepted or legitimized by right-thinking people, and anyone and everyone enabling this fraud must be remembered and held accountable.

Joe Biden must be referred to, from now on, as His Fraudulency.

The reality of Trump.

See this.

The situation is a perfect setup, in other words, for a talented politician to run on Trumpism in 2024. A person without the eager Twitter fingers and greedy hotel chains, someone with a penchant for governing rather than golf. An individual who does not irritate everyone who doesn’t already like him, and someone whose wife looks at him adoringly instead of slapping his hand away too many times in public. Someone who isn’t on tape boasting about assaulting women, and who says the right things about military veterans. Someone who can send appropriate condolences about senators who die, instead of angering their state’s voters, as Trump did, perhaps to his detriment, in Arizona. A norm-subverting strongman who can create a durable majority and keep his coalition together to win more elections.  

Well, well, five years too late…

Look, I endorsed Trump and voted for him, but the man is and always was a despicable turd. I identified Trump as a fraud and a vulgar ignorant buffoon even before the 2016 election and he proved me right by betraying his base for the past four years. He acts surprised about what is going on – but who was it who refused to “drain the swamp?” Who was it who actually enabled the swamp and refilled it with more fetid water?  That’s you Donnie. Now that swamp is swallowing you and you are baffled.  Surprise!

Trump and his supporters are upset about the GOP not rallying to his defense. Hey, Donnie – the GOP is “monitoring the situation.” Sound familiar?  What goes around comes around.

An explanation as to why Johnson keeps on promoting the lie that Trump could have won in 2016 with a Jeb Bush platform is something I read on Occidental Dissent – that Richard Spencer has been asserting the truth that Trump stumbled into the immigration issue and cynically used it for electoral success without really believing in it – essentially my view. Johnson’s reflexive and bizarre obsession about Spencer likely informs his gaslighting about Trump’s alleged “sincerity.”

See this.

We at the National Alliance are so focused on building racial consciousness among the best of our people, and on building the Alliance itself, that we would have little to no time for electoral politics…

Strom may not be interested in electoral politics but electoral politics is interested in him. His work depends on certain realities, including the continuation of an open society. The Senate situation is, unfortunately due to GA voter fraud, still open and fluid.  If the Jan. 5 runoffs go the wrong way, that ultimately is going to affect the ability of Strom to utilize the First Amendment to spread his message.  Strom may claim he doesn’t care, but then I’d like to read and hear what Strom has to say about what he is going to do if he’s censored off the Internet and his racial views are considered forbidden “hate speech.”

Romanian women making themselves useful.  Any comments from Munro?

How’s that Arctic Alliance coming along, Johnny?

So, let us all forget the past five days of Johnson screaming about the stolen election, the dire consequences of a Trump loss, and the absolute need for Trump to keep on fighting and never concede.

If you remember Johnson writing or saying that, you are obviously “insane.”  Just as you are “insane” for remembering this.

Remember – there is no way out but through Johnson.

American White racial activism can be saved only through dismantling Der Movement and its affirmative action policy and by deposing the Quota Queens.

Speaking of which, some questions for Johnson. He angrily rejects my assertion that he himself is a product of affirmative action. But what about his arch enemy Spencer then?  Will Johnson please tell us all what were Spencer’s qualifications for being made President of the NPI?  What?  His sterling work at TAC and Taki’s Mag (I’ll pass over the question as to how he was qualified even for that)? What? You, Johnson, justify your sudden elevation to TOQ editor because you have “a PhD” – does Spencer have “a PhD?”  Did he write any books or write any peer-reviewed papers of importance? Did he have many years of activist experience? What was it? Or was it merely that as a young and well-connected preppy WASP he appealed to his older co-ethnics at CMS who saw in him a younger version of themselves (in more ways than one, eh, given his record of non-stop, constant failure?) and recognized him as “one of the boys?”  

What is more important to Johnson I wonder?  His hatred of Spencer or his self-serving need to defend the affirmative action policy? Will Johnson stomach his hatred of Spencer and regale us with Spencer’s lost history of accomplishments that justified the NPI appointment? Or will Johnson, as usual, ignore these questions?

The Real Problem: 2020 Election

Missing the point.  And other news.

Read this.

OK, I essentially agree with McDonald’s points. But it is “same old, same old” and doesn’t address the main issues.

Look, I was wrong with my election prediction in 2016.  I may be wrong again in 2020.  But still, even if Trump somehow pulls it off in 2020 – and I think that unlikely – that merely kicks the can down the road to 2024, when the demographics are going to be even worse than they are today.

Perhaps Der Movement hopes that a Trump win in 2020 will so destabilize the country that 2024 will be moot – things will have progressed so far by then that the 2024 election will be irrelevant. That’s counting on two unlikely events – that Trump will win in 2020 and that following a Trump win and the inevitable violent Leftist reaction to that, Whites will get off their cuckified rear ends and fight back (and that the Trump DOJ won’t again start persecuting Trump’s supporters while coddling his enemies).

Anything is possible, but I for one would like to see Der Movement talk less about how bad a Biden victory will be and plan more for what to do if that eventuality actually occurs.

The real problem is how pro-White activism can survive – and achieve at least some goals – in the event of Left victory (in 2020 or 2024, most likely 2020). Talking about how important a Trump victory will be is missing the point. After all, the outcome of the election is not going to be determined by what MacDonald (or I or anyone else on the Far Right) writes about it.

MacDonald’s important role here – as a senior statesman of the “movement” – is to exercise leadership, along with other important rightist intellectuals, and start planning for different electoral outcomes, particularly for the negative outcome of a Biden victory.

That is where “the rubber meets the road” and “movement” “leadership” is going to be put to the biggest test of their activist careers.

What I fear is that these folks really don’t believe their own rhetoric about how bad things can get, and that they will think that “business as usual” will suffice under a Left regime.  What we need is real high-level discussion and serious contingency planning (you know, the kinds of things that should have been going on for the last four years). If The Occidental ObserverAmerican Renaissance, and Counter-Currents, et al. really believe that they can just go back to running articles about “high trust northern hunter gatherers” or “high Chinese IQ” or “Savitri Devi in the Kali Yuga” while the Left cracks down, then they are even worse than my worst criticisms of them.

It’s time for ice-cold analysis, hardcore political planning, defense in depth, and multiple contingency plans.  

If these things are actually going on in private, behind the scenes (as they should be), then that’s good, and I look forward to seeing what is the outcome of that activity. If such is not going on, then I would urge that it needs to start right now, post-haste.

I am justifiably critical of Der Movement and the various leaders involved in it, but they are – for a number of reasons – the only game in town (in America).  If they do not step up to the plate then the ballgame is over (forgive the baseball metaphor, but it seems appropriate).

Hey!  Don’t question the Quota Queens – 

Gryphon’s Ferocity

OCTOBER 15, 2020 AT 6:38 PM

Speaking of fashion, I wonder what Richard ‘the clown’ Spencer is up to. Let’s take a look…

Oh my, Richard is defending Joe Biden against the corruption scandal. It’s all based on Richard’s “gut feeling” and he thinks the scandal will blow up in Trump’s face. Interesting. This is definitely not the case where Richard is defending a corrupt piece of shit purely to spite Trump, that would be ridiculous.

Oh look, another tweet by Richard saying MAGA is conservative Inc. and that Trump’s voter base is “slow”. I don’t know about that, it takes a certain type of special to vote for someone as slow as Joe Biden who is going to bring section 8 to every neighborhood and then accuse Trump voters of being “slow”.

Perhaps we should give Richard the benefit of the doubt and realize he has insights that us ‘little people’ don’t have. I mean, I’m just a working class grunt, there’s no way I can have the same vision as Richard Spencer because he has ‘special’ metrosexual powers.

I suppose that Biden-supporting Spencer would and should be excluded from any serious contingency planning by “leaders.”

A wise statement:


Posted October 20, 2020 at 11:00 am | Permalink

You give the impression the ’60s and ’70s Left were tough guys when the opposite was the case, unless the acts of coward are taken for prowess. They were every high school and college class’s biggest douchebags and wankers, just as Antifa are today. In both cases they were coddled by the MSM and the police left frozen with a jelly donut in their mouths. The Left advanced, not against conservative America, but into a safe space created for it by the government itself, as it does today.

In fact, the proof is that any person or group who opposes Antifa or BLM in the streets is accused of “domestic terrorism,” making Antifa and BLM the most protected groups in the country. This is official DOJ/FBI and Republican Party policy, not that of the Democrats. As the author says, the FBI is today little more than an excrescence of the ADL and SPLC, not by choice, but through the sheer cowardice of its leaders in the sense that, impossible as it seems, if there are any worse high school douchebags than the wankers on the Left, it’d be the likes of Wray, Comey, McCabe, Strzk, McCarthy, and McConnell.

The real victory of the Left isn’t their takeover of the streets, but their psychological ownership of the Republican opposition, from the White House to the cowards in Congress, who’ll be found sneaking out the back door as their own daughters are being raped upstairs. The incomprehensible cowardice and collapse of leadership from the Republicans is biblical-grade, like the prophesy in Camp of the Saints.

Hitler not a flubro.

Any comment, Mr. McCulloch?

See this.  Long time (very long time) readers of my work know that I haven’t always “seen eye-to-eye” with Bowery on everything. That said, I have never doubted his sincerity or intellect, and he has always been an interesting generator of thought-provoking ideas (whether one agrees or not).  So, I encourage the reader to take a look at the videos.  From a purely STEM perspective, the one about dolphins is interesting.