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Silk Road to Rotherham

A note.

For British Asians in the Brexit environment, our lives and our property are bound up with the fortunes and the flag of Great Britain, so it is only natural that we would stand with Britain against any and all opponents. 

“British Asians” is an oxymoron.  “British” properly describes the native peoples of the British Isles (the English, Scots, Scots-Irish, and Welsh) and their cultures.  It does NOT describe Asian invaders, alien colonizers, the ones who are helping to displace the native British peoples and who were responsible for the horrors of Rotherham and other sex-grooming scandals in the UK (mostly Pakistani South Asians).  The whole point of White nationalism is White nations for Whites, British nationalism is Britain for the British, English nationalism is England for the English.  A Britain in which Asians wrap themselves in the “British flag” (cucked civic nationalism) – a mere symbol – to justify their continued presence in someone else’s homeland is not a Britain that reflects ethnonationalist or racial nationalist values. That is multiracial, multicultural diversity – the very thing Majority Rights was created to oppose. Indeed, by normalizing the idea of “British Asians” MR supports the globalist idea of a multiracial Britain and it is morally responsible for Rotherham.

And as far as GW goes, I just don’t understand how an English patriot and nationalist, who created Majority Rights to oppose White dispossession and as a reaction to the Asiatic arrogance of GNXP, can blithely accept arrogant Asians who think they have the right to colonize his homeland.  Instead of objecting to “British Asians” he instead writes how “entertaining” the British Asian post is, and of course, chuckling at insults hurled in my direction. I’d tread carefully if I were him.  GW lies in stating what my interests and preferences are.  I don’t even believe “Mediterranean” is a valid biocultural concept, so I don’t know what he’s gibbering about there.  Hey, GW I say one thing to you – first, consider your blog as it was, say, in 2005-2007, with the people and posts back then, and now take a look at the “creative destruction” present now.  I’m gone, you drove Bowery away (the details of which you probably think I forgot, but I did not – suffice to say that I remember very well your response when I contacted you in private and told you that your blog’s treatment of Bowery was despicable and that he deserved better from you), Phil what’s his name is long gone, Beck is gone, where’s Zeka, where’s all those people (Regardless of what I thought of their ideology. For example, I’ve had my disagreements with Bowery in the past, but I believe that he’s an honorable man who is dealing with things now with dignity and the way you casually tossed him away as a valued blogger demonstrates your piss-poor character). You should be ashamed of yourself. Now your site consists of your endless and boring debates about “white leftism” or Kumiko’s self-interested Asian colonization or Danny’s ranting and the comments section consists mostly of the aforementioned stupidities, sprinkled by Chaos’ “lulzing” and Danny posting comments under descriptive names, basically padding his own posts with his own comments.  Creative destruction, indeed.

As far as the rest of the Kumiko-Danny tag team, I’m not going to waste my time arguing all of their lies.  Let’s just take one example to demonstrate how shockingly dishonest they are. Kumiko, again, tries to deny that Daniel wanted Asian colonies, including Asian military, in White nations.  East Africa, my ass.  These are his own words, emphasis added for reading comprehension addled Oriental retards:

Sacrosanct European territories in the Americas, Australia and New Zealand will likely need to become smaller at any rate in order to be maintained and defended. But with the increased manageability of defense will come an opportunity to offer cooperation to Asians to have some sacrosanct territories of their own in these places.  

We already have Chinatowns. Now there could be some intermittently disbursed along the borders of the Mediterranean and among European cities with border and migrant control an explicit part of their mandate.

Paragraph one: offering Asians to have “sacrosanct territories of their own in these places.” What places?  Err…Danny had just mentioned “Sacrosanct European territories in the Americas, Australia and New Zealand” so he means Asian colonies in “the Americas, Australia and New Zealand.”

Paragraph two: Danny talks about that “we already have Chinatowns.”  Then he proceeds to say that there could be “some intermittently disbursed along the borders of the Mediterranean and among European cities with border and migrant control an explicit part of their mandate.”  Again, it is clear, STOP LYING.  He openly and very clearly states having Chinese colonies – akin to “Chinatowns” – “intermittently disbursed along the borders of the Mediterranean and among European cities” in order to enforce “border and migrant control”- and shows black booted Chinese girls with guns (*) as an example of such a force.  

That you cannot admit what’s clear in black and white – that you are so cowardly and stupid that you folks can’t even take ownership of a comment you left at your own blog demonstrates that you are so fundamentally dishonest that there’s no point dealing with your insane gibbering any more.

But I ask: if I’m so much of a Jew-inspired enemy, why do you keep my EGI post at your godforsaken blog.  I’ve lost count how many times I’ve asked it to be taken down – privately to GW multiple times (do I need to dig up all those old emails?), more recently over the last several months.  Another indication of what low character trash you people are.

*I showed that comment to an associate of mine who knows nothing about MR and the “people” there.  His response was to sadly talk about “beta males in their basement masturbating to pictures of Asian women.”  And the picture accompanying the British Asians post does nothing except reinforce my belief that yellow fever fetishism is an underlying foundational element for support for Silk Road White nationalism among certain White males, and their fantasies of being ordered about my stern-faced female Chinese soldiers with rifles and black boots.  Frankly, it is all bizarre and embarrassing. And third party observers who support and enable the spread of MR’s madness out of their sandbox are also morally responsible for the racially destructive outcomes that results from that spread of the Silk Road infection.

A Clarification for Der Movement

Stating things which should be obvious.

Posted by Captainchaos on Wed, 10 Aug 2016 00:51 | #
There are two major problems with the “creative intelligences” that have come and gone here over the years:
1. While their diagnoses of what ails are often brilliant and correct their proposed cures represent a declension into lunacy that reveals a large eccentric streak.
2. They are easily butthurt pussies.
These factors paint a huge target on their backs which makes trolling all but irresistible.

Based on previous comments Mr. Chaos made about me on Majority Rights, I will assume he includes me as one of the “easily butthurt pussies” so described.
Ordinarily, I would ignore such typical “movement” nonsense, but there are some important points to be made here.

First. to be clear: I did not leave Majority Rights due to the stupid antics of low-life trash such as Silver or Desmond Jones. I left because of Guessedworker’s reaction (or lack thereof) to such antics, and there’s a world of difference between those two reasons.

Now, to be clear again: I’ve always liked Guessedworker, he provided a forum for me to discuss important topics and I am grateful for him for that, and he is no doubt a sincere activist. But, in my opinion, he failed in his leadership role in running his blog. I expected to participate in a serious forum of discussion of important issues, not an insane asylum of nutcases, obvious frauds and trolls, vulgar lunatics and the like. The problem that made me go my own way (which I am better suited for anyway, I make a poor follower, this I admit) was one of failed leadership, not of being “butthurt” over moronic comments made by laughably stupid jackasses.
“Movement” activists like to assert that we are engaged in a sort of “shadow war.” Very well Let’s take the military analogy farther. One should view their fellow activists through the prism of “is this the kind of person I would want in a foxhole with me in time of war?” “Is this the type of person I’d trust to watch my back, trust with my life in a time of deadly danger?” And with respect to the “leadership” of the “movement” (including those who lead multi-member popular blogs) – “is this the type of person I would want as my officer leading me into battle?” As regards the top “leadership” – the likes of Pierce – “is this the type of person I’d want as a general formulating the battle strategy in a war I would have to fight?”

If the answer to any of these questions is “no” then it is time to move on. This is all too serious to waste time otherwise. It has nothing to do with liking someone, or even respecting them or knowing they are sincere. It is not a question of loyalty either – as I said, I appreciate what Guessedworker did to give me a forum and I would not abandon him if he was in danger. I just cannot work with him at his forum because in my opinion it was mismanaged, and I take all of this too seriously to continue in such a situation.

Second, taking all of this seriously, I ask – what kind of degenerate assholes believe that “trolling” serious activists is “irresistibly” justified? Frauds like Silver and demented obsessive fetishists like Jones, I can understand. But anyone who is not a fraud or not a fetishist had better ask themselves whether this is all just a source of personal amusement for them, or are they trying to get something done foe their race.

Against Silver, 7/3/16

Spencer beware, don’t let Radix become another Majority Rights.

Silver on Radix comments on me thus: 

I’ve never known to him merely heartily disagree with someone. He permits people an inch of disagreement and no more. If they step an inch farther beyond their allotted bounds he denounces them as furiously as if they’d stepped a mile farther.

He’s mentally unstable/ill is my guess. What other conclusion can you really draw about someone who’d say:
Durocher, the enemy of the White race. Durocher: the lowest form of filthy scum imaginable. Durocher: an embarrassment to the great French people. Durocher: the human turd. A prime objective of any White ethnostate will be hunting down scum like Durocher for trial, with the ultimate penalty as the outcome.
Admittedly, he was particularly unhinged in that self-contained passage, but his site is peppered throughout with sophomoric claptrap like “dedicated anti-white activist Durocher”, “Play the piano, Durocher, play it well” [ie we’ll string you up with piano wire], “Any sane White ethnostate would put Durocher on trial and execute him.”
Truth be told, I didn’t realize how bad he was until I ctrl-f’d his site for those statements just now. He’s never had anything nice to say about me either, but in my case it’s somewhat justifiable (not that I like it, but in the sense that our values diverge so much and I’ve irritated him enough that it’s unsurprising). But there’s minimal daylight between his own position and Durocher’s, when you get down to the brass tacks. You really have to be quite sick in the head to savage someone on your own side like that.
I think the fact that he established himself early on as an EGI maven is the only things that keeps him ’employed’ (so to speak) in the minds of Alt Righters and WNs (like Greg Johnson)

Right…hey, I thought I was only writing about “testing?” Now, it’s EGI. Interesting that Johnson for example would publish my work on a wide variety of topics, including comic books, but I guess that’s only because we’re really interested in the ethnic genetic interests of Galactus vs. the Red Skull. My work, my output over the years speaks for itself. 
Readers unaware of Silver should study this, and particularly this, as well as this, and especially this.
Of course, Silver neglects to quote from his own unhinged ravings, such as: 

Who cares what that shiteating asshole thinks? Are you that goddam thick, Dave Johns, that you can’t understand what a pure, unadulterated asshole that vermin is? Are you that damn thick that you can’t realize the only reason he can’t fairly characterize my position is that I mock his absurd attempts to whiten himself with his “tests”? That the whole reason he’s such a grouch is that he feels vulnerable about his whiteness and feels compelled to savage and ridicule anyone and everyone even a smidgeon less white than what his exacting standards require, even though doing so is not remotely required for advancing a pro-white agenda (*), and is, in fact, counterproductive? Are you that damn thick? Sadly, I think the answer is yes, you are that damn thick. Try this, Davey boy: think for yourself. If you can pinpoint anything I say (now, not one year ago—which is the only thing shiteater has to go on) which you think compromises white interests, let’s have you bring it up. Otherwise, pay attention to what I actually say; not to what self-interested shiteaters claim I say.

Ahhh…Silver. First, you unmitigated fraud, much of the bombast on this site (and my other blogs) is a “put-on” and subtly “tongue-in-cheek.” I’ve said as much a number of times (*), but an outright liar such as yourself is either too mendacious or stupid to admit it. The misanthropic style – perfected to an extent that you believe it 100% serious – is mimicked from certain other race bloggers who you have praised in the past (because their obsessions assist in your underlying objectives) – proving that your criticisms of my alleged instability are personally/politically motivated. In my case, you see it as “mental illness” and in the cases of others they are just being “indefatigable,” don’t you know. 
Anyway, Spencer and all other race bloggers should be wise to Silver, who jumps from one racialist blog to another, leaving wreckage behind. The main case study is Majority Rights. Pre-Silver, it was an interesting blog that featured a wide number of bloggers and many, many commentators (some stupid, but some good). Post-Silver, the blog is a disaster: apparently, the only people blogging are the site-owner Guessedworker, Daniel S, and – believe it or not – a person claiming to be an East Asian female. There are maybe half-a-dozen regular commentators there now, and that half-a-dozen includes the aforementioned three regular bloggers (as well as someone – who I take it is Daniel S himself – leaving multiple comments under bizarre descriptive webonyms). 
Is Silver responsible for that? Yes (and GW as well for tolerating all of this). My analogy would be as follows. Imagine a class full of high-energy students, most of them good students, who if held in place by a properly strict teacher can produce solid academic accomplishments. Introduced into this class is a trouble-maker, a mischief-maker, a disruptor, who wants to ruin the teaching environment and turn the students against each other (and against the teacher). If the teacher is too weak and/or naive and lets the trouble-maker take control of the situation, then the classroom environment is ruined, no one learns, other trouble-makers are emboldened, and the serious students say “the hell with it” and transfer elsewhere. That is precisely what happened to Majority Rights. Spencer should go to the blog today, and then look back at the archives pre-Silver (say, 2005 and 2006) and compare. And then, if he’s smart, Spencer will kick Silver the hell off of the Radix commenting boards and never let it return. Don’t be another GW, Richard. 
And consider what Silver said about his one-time benefactor GW and of the wreck that the fraud Silver produced at a once excellent blog: 

Too true. What a damnable fool GW turned out to be. Even as early as 2005 and 2006 some were wondering whether he didn’t have a screw loose, but a great deal of quality material was being turned out in those days so the danger didn’t seem so obvious. The arrival of DanielS on the front page unquestionably signaled the end; I hope there’s a special circle of hell reserved for that lunatic.

Will he one day say the same about Spencer and Radix (after destroying that blog)?
And my hostility to Durocher? Because he’s a fraud (in more ways than one**), a “try hard,” a superficial “analyst” whose productions do more harm than good. In a sense, Durocher is – possibly – a cleverer, more serious, more strategic type of Silverian-style fraud himself. Similar patterns – the varying memes and personas (in more ways than one, eh?) – going from a moderate mainstreamer to a Hitlerian Nutzi, for example, or shifting from pan-European to Nordicist from post to post, making outrageous lies about population genetics. I don’t trust him and with each post my distrust only grows. Do I really think he should be “strung up with piano wire” or should he just be ridiculed? More likely the latter, but don’t tell that to lying scum like Silver. 
* For example, in October 2015, on my RLP blog I wrote: 

Public service announcement: one wonders if the foreign readers understand that the blog is a tongue-in-cheek parody of imbecilic “gamesters,” mendacious HBDers, and moronic American “movement” Nutzis.
Of course, the underlying memes are accurate and serious, but, at some point, all of the aforementioned groups are so tragicomic that ridicule is the best approach for deconstruction.

**That I’m the only one that seems to notice something laughably obvious is a fairly good indication of the absolute stupidity – and here I am 100% serious – of Der Movement.

More MR, 1/18/16


Since there are some important issues to discuss – particularly about Asian colonization – I will attempt to be serious and professional here, and skip the ad hominem.  Note I also address the Salter issue, as well as the podcast offer, in which I present a fair alternative.

I’m not aware of any ‘yellow supremacy’ going on here. Furthermore, this is the second time you’ve asked me to remove it, if I count your first request as being the one that was sent via Thorn in a comment here that has since been removed.

In a previous blog post, I stated: “I asked GW years ago….”  Therefore, in general, I have asked a number of times over the years.  But, if you want to keep it, keep it.  It just doesn’t make sense to do so, if I am such a lunatic.

But wait, you don’t know who Thorn is, I thought?So you don’t know Thorn, but he’s carrying messages for you?

There is such a thing as “copying and pasting” on the Internet.  One selects text from one site and then pastes in into a different site.  A person I do not know (Thorn) reads my blog and copies material from there onto your blog, presumably because he (or she) disagrees with your stance on Russia (as do I).  That does not constitute “carrying messages.” 
I said that I do not know Thorn.  If you and Daniel have had previous interactions with him/her, that is independent of my own concerns about the content of Majority Rights. 

Of course, because of the way that the world has developed, we can’t spend our time constantly trying to kill each other for frivolous reasons, when co-operation in areas of shared interest is so much more lucrative. The threat to the integrity of European population groups is a serious threat with implications that stretch beyond Europe’s borders, and so it’s only natural that many Asian people would have an interest in working with Europeans. I have a feeling that you won’t quote this paragraph when/if you respond to me, but surprise me and do it.

It is duly quoted.  I would like to note that I have no problems with Asians in Asia.  Cooperation between racial blocs, each in their own homelands?  A possibility.  Cooperation when one group believes it has the right to colonize the other?  No.
And where is the support of Asians for Whites?  They instead identify with the world of color.

I don’t seem to recall anyone at Majorityrights arguing in favour of Chinese colonisation of white lands either. 

Daniel (emphasis added):

Sacrosanct European territoriesin the Americas, Australia and New Zealand will likely need to become smaller at any rate in order to be maintained and defended. But with the increased manageability of defense will come an opportunity to offer cooperation to Asians to have some sacrosanct territories of their own in these places. 

We already have Chinatowns. Now there could be some intermittently disbursed along the borders of the Mediterranean and among European cities with border and migrant control an explicit part of their mandate.

That is not simply saying, “Better Asians than Blacks.” That is saying to have Asian colonies in: Americas, Australia, New Zealand, European cities, and Mediterranean borders.   It’s there in black and white. 
And this is precisely my objection.  I absolutely reject any scenario that includes Asians having “sacrosanct territories” in White lands and/or maintenance of “Chinatowns” or any other invasive colonies in White “borders” or in “European cities.” 

Yes, the UK’s leadership deliberately and consciously siding with international motherfucking Jews… 

I honestly believe it is language like that which influences decisions of people to come and do interviews there. Palmgren may have radical views but they are expressed in professional language.

Or, we ‘craftily’ realised that after the undeclared border war in 1938—1939 in Manchuria, it was going to be impossible to actually win against the Soviet Union unless Japan could first carve out and secure an economic zone to the south, the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, which necessitated the removal of the United States Navy and the myriad British installations in that region, so that the liberal international cunts couldn’t just shut down all of Japan’s productive capacity in a day.

“Liberal international cunts.” Question: has Palmgren at Red Ice ever used that language?  Do you believe that an academic scholar wants to be associated with a site that discusses “liberal international cunts?”
As to your point: if the Japanese had good reasons to avoid war with the USSR, then they should have told the Germans that.  As far as my reading of Irving goes, they did not do so – betraying the trust of their allies.  Indeed, all indications are that Hitler was surprised and disappointed by Japanese actions, re: the USSR.

Are you fucking kidding me?

More of the same.  Can’t the same be expressed without cursing?

We already do know what the ‘right choice’ is. The USSR was destroyed, and then it degenerated into a capitalist restoration federation staffed by a collection of bloated ex-Stalinist thugs, who we will also systematically destroy. 

The right choice from the White perspective remains to be determined.  If you believe, as I do, that China is a bigger threat than Russia, the choice was wrong. 

and you are hyperventilating about the tiny to negligible number of business-orientated and well-educated Asians who are inside the western world right now?

China, India, and the Philippines rank high as the major sources of immigration to the USA.  Asians are, I believe, the fastest growing minority group in America.  My blog well documents Asian animus toward Whites.  Even if all Asians are well-disposed toward Whites, the whole point of racial nationalism is….racial nationalism.  It’s not a multiracial state.  I do not want any Asians, “well-educated” or not.  I fail to see why that is so difficult to understand.

I don’t know if you fucking noticed… 

Again with the vulgar language.

…but there’s a literal swarm of crazed Arabs and Africans rampaging around in continental Europe right now like diseased gibbering monkeys, and you are meanwhile complaining about Asians? 

Yes, I do notice.  That is an issue of gave concern, and one I blog about frequently. However, while you may not understand this, or may be offended by it, I do not want Asians any more than I want “crazed Arabs and Africans.” 
I do not know if you have noticed that West Africans are increasing in number in Chinese coastal cities (a situation which causes agony to Peter Frost).  Perhaps you should worry about that.  Get the Chinese girls with guns to protect their own people, and White folks can do the same in their own countries.
Now, about the podcast:people may have reasons to eschew participation other than being “chicken” to debate with you.  If you cannot discern reasons for such prudence, then I suggest you think more carefully about it.

If you believe it so important to have such a “direct” interview/discussion, then in theory it can be done in writing (note: not as an attachment, but in the body of an email), for example, submitting questions through a third party intermediary at least to start (Johnson, MacDonald, Spencer, Sunic, etc.).  I do not wish to be interviewed via podcast, and it is not only for you; I’ve refused previous offers to do so by other people. However, I would be more than willing to address your questions/concerns in a written format, which indicates a good faith effort on my part – if for no other reason than to underline our profound differences in worldview.  I have previously conducted written interviews with others (e.g., Norman Lowell), and I believe the results were satisfactory.
To summarize:
1. I have no basic problem with Asians in Asia
2. I do not want ANY Asians living in White areas whatsoever. I am not interested in multiracial states – that is precisely the whole scenario to be opposed
3. Cooperation between Euro and Asian groups is possible, as long as these groups are strictly separated in their own nations and continents.
4. It is quite possible that Russia may have to give up the Far East for demographic reasons – their population is crashing.  That is regrettable – however, I support Russians in their ages-long battle against the Asiatic hordes.  I do NOT want to “inflict harm” or “systemically destroy” them.  Please note that I do NOT support the Putin regime nor do I support Duginism.  I do support genuine Russian Slavic nationalism.
5. Commentator “Tom” was correct. If Whites get to the point that they would be willing to defend their “EGI” then they would not require Asian assistance to do so.  Europe could stop the migrant invasion immediately – if they wanted to.  The problem therefore is not technical but political-moral-spiritual: they do not want to. 
As far as Salter goes, since obviously you people will not give up on the idea that I am responsible, and since you believe that my correspondence with GW is fair game, I will reproduce the relevant excerpts of the messages I still have (if there are others, I do not have them and may have deleted them).
Me to GW:

To make a long story short – I can’t speak for Salter, but my impression is that he wants to appeal to more mainstream and conservative elements.  So, I don’t think it’s optimal to have him on a more radical site like MR. 

GW to me:

Thank you very much.  I understand what you are saying.  We are going to proceed with contact with Dr Salter, but with great care for his own interests.  Reason being that there are a couple of serious questions that should be put to him, and will not be by anybody else.  I want him to judge the issue of his contact to us on the intellectual merit of the subjects under discussion, as well as by our repute.

That is not a malicious attack against anyone.  If some misunderstanding took place later, or if there is subsequent correspondence I am missing, or if I later got pissed off about something (constant attacks against me on your blog by Silver, Jones, etc.), that is unfortunate.  However, the bottom line is – obviously– that I have absolutely no control whatsoever over what Dr. Salter decides to do.  Can anyone really believe that I do?  You can’t be serious. Give it a rest already.
If it makes you feel any better, I openly call for Salter to do an interview with Majority Rights. 
As far as Daniel saying that I’m not a sincere player for European interests: whatever.  But, learn how to take a joke, man, for godssakes.  You called me a troll faggot who sucks Jewish cock – so what?  It’s funny. I poke fun at you and Kumiko?  Big deal.  You post pictures of Chinese women with guns as Western border guards – you have to expect a bit of humor in response.  Stop taking yourself so seriously.
I’ve never had any personal problem with GW, and always liked him personally, so I do not want to continue having a “pissing contest” with his blog.  So…whatever.  I still oppose the ideas expressed in the original post, though (as did other people commenting there).

I am willing to professionally discuss these differences, as indicated above (so there is no ulterior “Jew” motive), but not in a podcast setting.

Some Advice to Danny and the Movement


It seems like the geniuses at MR have discerned that I am not “Thorn” (whoever the hell that is) – and only because “Thorn” himself told them.
Daniel then proceeds with a long, rambling statement, consisting primarily of an amusing summary of myself, my character, my ideology, my “pet peeves,” and, interestingly enough, my private correspondence with Guessedworker.  The claim is made that I angrily sent a note that I would “implore” (on my hands and knees I gather – much like Danny addresses Kumiko?) Salter not to appear on MR.  I could in theory reproduce my last correspondence to GW that would effectively answer that accusation, but I will not do so. I will give my reason, which is also a major reason why I do not want anything to do with MR and most of the rest of the “movement” as well.
It’s fascinating to observe that the “movement” never seems to grasp the obvious fact that when something is publicly posted online anyone anywhere in the world – friend and foe alike – can in theory read it.  Therefore, prudence and plain common sense (or as Danny puts it, “half a brain”) would strongly suggest that you do not publicly post any information that is not already online someplace.  In other words, nothing new. So, yes, my MR debates with the likes of Desmond Jones and Silver are a matter of public record (and a waste of digital pixels for all the good it did); on the other hand, my private correspondence with GW, or anyone else, is not, and should not be, a matter of public record.  I’m not therefore going to comment on Danny Freud’s psychoanalysis of myself.
Piece of advice for the “movement.”  If you are going to post on a public forum something like: “Hey guys!  We are going to have the monthly Nazi Party of California meeting at 6 pm on April 20th at Adolf’s Restaurant, 1488 Gas Chamber Drive, Himmler, CA” – then please do not be surprised when a bunch of your leftist friends are waiting there to greet you in a most welcoming manner.
Further, if you hire someone who goes by the handle “SSManSuperAdolfUltraAryanWolf” and hand him the “keys to the kingdom,” please do not be surprised when they walk off with all your files and hand them over to a “watchdog” group.
If you guys post intimate personal details on public forums then do not be surprised that your opponents know what color panties you wear or the brand of combat boots, jockstraps, and after-shave lotion your girlfriend or wife uses.  It seems silly to have to say this, but there you go.
The “movement” claims that they are “in a war to the death with ZOG” and they agonize over “NSA surveillance” and then they proceed to use “movement” blogs, websites, and meetings as the equivalent of social media, spewing forth personal information with all the enthusiasm of a blushing schoolgirl.  They hire people who may as well have “infiltrator” or “agent provocateur” or “lunatic” tattooed on their forehead, and then they bemoan their “bad luck” when it all goes wrong.   Finally, they scratch their head in wonder as to why their opponents are always one step ahead of them.  It’s a mystery, it all is!
As far as Salter goes, as I’ve openly stated before, I do NOT speak for him, I merely admire and support his work and promote it. As to why Salter appeared at Red Ice but not MR, I do not know. Daniel and GW should probably consider that having a blog that contains Silver screeching about “shiteaters” and Daniel about people “sucking Jewish cock” complete with J Richards’ crude anti-Semitic cartoons, is not the ideal vehicle for an academic discussion. I don’t recall that Swede on Red Ice screaming vulgarity, or posting cartoons that would make Julius Streicher blush.
In addition, the gross misinterpretations of Salter’s work on MR, continued with Daniel’s latest screed (in contrast to MR fetishists, Salter’s OGI book says nothing that Danny boy claims), may be another “black mark” against them.  Who wants to see one’s work so cavalierly distorted?  With nutty talk about the “EGI” of everything (MR was getting to the point that you’d expect them to talk about the EGI of street lamps and toilet paper), why would anyone take any of that seriously?
I’ll pass on the invitation to a podcast.  If that makes me a “rat” so be it.
I’ll move on and let the lunatics run the MR asylum.
Always time for a new topic.

My Secret Agenda Revealed!

Sallis: A pro-Jewish (or Jewish) troll disrupting the growing Euro-Asian alliance!

If I was Guessedworker, I’d want to just about crawl under a rock right now, with the unhinged babble on his website.  For the sake of cheap laughs, let’s take a look at some of it.  I’ll say first of all, god only knows who the hell this “Thorn” is they are ranting about.  Someone using that pseudonym linked to my material there – is that a commentator who had previously criticized the dynamic duo at MR?  Who knows?

Before we continue, I’d like to apologize in advance to my readers for Daniel’s crazed vulgarity; however, I hope you find it as hilarious as I do.
Anyway, let’s start with Danny’s quite demented ranting, before moving on to Kumiko.  The poor boy seems quite upset.  Perhaps my comments about his interest in Kumiko (originally meant as political satire) struck a little too close to home.  At the time, I of course didn’t actually believe it – it was obviously a joke, a parody, a caricature, the equivalent of a political cartoon. However, given his hysteria, now I’m wondering if it is true.  Let the fisking proceed.

Kumiko, I moved Thorn’s comment here because, as you note, this is where it belongs, if anywhere besides the trash. 

That’s great, Danny. Speaking of putting things in the trash, can you, finally, remove my EGI PDF from your website?  I asked GW years ago, and I didn’t want to make an issue of it, but if I’m such a pro-Jewish troll why would you want my trash contaminating your fine site?

Thorn is a long standing troll on behalf of Jews, a man dedicated to sucking Jewish cock.

Certainly!  Anyone who has followed my work over the years knows full well that my life’s long standing agenda is to troll on behalf of the Jews!  I finally admit it!  The truth at last!  I’m a secret pro-Jewish agent (maybe a Jew myself?), dedicated to promoting Jewish interests and, at the same time, dedicated to fellating Jewish penis! Indeed, every Sabbath, I go to Israel to orally satisfy Bibi Netanyahu, and get my secret instructions! 

Hence, his new found “affinity for Russians” has everything and only to do with a Jewish strategy of tying to counter a European-Asian alliance.

Certainly!  It’s a secret plot by Trad Vlad and Bibi to break up Danny and Kumiko’s femdom relationship.

He and his Jewish masters know that this alliance will crush the hegemony of his Jewish god, will not only put an end to their hegemony, but will put an end to his faggot, Jew sucking self.

My god!  The secret agenda revealed!  I mean, damn, that is so many years of activism wasted.  And I’m sure KMacD will be upset that I used his website to promote my Jewish masters, and, by god, all the work I’ve done over the years for the Jewish god for naught!  I mean, writing for Strom, KMacD, Amren, TOQ, Counter-Currents, and others – all a plot. Promoting Salter – a Jew plot!  Now, the Jewish hegemony will be ended, not with a bang, not with a whimper, but with the crack of Kumiko’s whip.

He will only tactfully distance himself from Jews in an attempt to not be too obvious in his allegiance.

Certainly!  It’s all been a ploy!  And all the activists I’ve met, or known, interacted with, written for, over the years – obviously they’re in on the plot as well!  Oy vey, it’s a conspiracy!  Rabbi Pierce!  Kevin Stromstein – Jew! Greg Johnsonowitz – Jew! KMacD = Kosher MacDonald!  

But at bottom…

Where Danny is with Kumiko?

…Thorn is a man dedicated to sucking Jewish cock…

That’s right. My entire body of work is, obviously, a homoerotic paen to Jewish penis. Circumcised of course!  That goes without saying. In my spare time I’m a mohel.  I chew on the foreskin after the bris.  Tastes like chicken!  Note to reader: have you noticed by now that Daniel is absolutely obsessed with homosexual oral sex?  It makes one wonder…

…and that is what is behind his concern for Russians as White – i.e., he wants to see Jews as White too and mix them up with Russian interests as much as possible in order to play them off of a European-Asian alliance.

That’s right.  That’s the plan.  Putin and I share the same yarmulke, you know.  It was fine-spun out of the hairs of Hitler’s moustache, recovered by Red Army soldiers in 1945.  Oh, the humanity!

Kumiko is Japanese.

Oh, not “Chinese Nationalist Maiden,” despite the marked similarity of writing? It would seem that a Chinese would be more concerned about Russia and Siberia than a Japanese, but a Jew like me just can’t get these Yellow goys straight!

I am not against Russians, I wish them health, happiness and home – a sound and safe ethnostate. 

Which is why you ally yourself with an Asian who says it is enjoyable to “inflict harm” on Russians.
And now, the Yellow Queen:

I see that Thorn is making several delirious demands as well, as though he has the right to demand anything from Japanese people at this point.

How’s this for a demand to “Japanese people”: get out of my country.  Thank you. By the way, what right to you have to demand anything from Russian people?

 Also, it’s interesting how Thorn couldn’t make his response inside of the thread that the conversation was actually occurring in, because the arguments going on there were too strong. 

No, it’s because your blog disgusts me and I make it a point never to post there.

I find it really interesting that all of the pro-Jewish unstable lunatics also happen to be Christians…

Now I’m a Christian!  A pro-Jewish Christian!  (That I’m an unstable lunatic goes without saying). I really do hope readers of my blogs are getting a hearty laugh over the deranged rambling of these two idiots.  

…who want to cuddle with Russia at the same time. It’s almost like these things are really correlated. 

Yes, once I finish serving (in every way!) Jews, I go and cuddle with Putin and Dugin.  The three of us snuggle together under a (kosher) wool blanket.  After all, it’s cold in Moscow.  It’s all really correlated!

He asks why it is that Asians came to western countries. It’s easy…

Hmmm, let’s see: either they want a better life in Western countries rather in their own polluted, over-populated shitholes, or its part of a master Anglo conspiracy.  I think I’ll take the former.

 …after losing the Second World War.

Yes, indeed, as we know, China, Korea, and the Philippines – the main sources of Asian immigration to America – lost WWII.  Certainly!  Maybe this Asiatrix really is Japanese, and is suffering from a heritable mental condition caused by radiation-induced defects from the atomic bombings.
What a loon.

Throwing Russians Under the Bus, Part 2

Choosing Asians over Slavs: measured groveling from “White nationalists.”

Now what are the little White boys at MR doing while securely pinned under Kumiko’s stern yellow thumb? 

Daniel S has a long rambling post, complete with maps, suggesting we should hand over the Russian Far East to Asians as part of a grand alliance in which the Asians will protect us. You know, the same Asians who eagerly form alliances with Africans and other colored peoples as part of an anti-White Pan-Colored Alliance against the White race.

Right. Just like Derbyshire’s “Arctic Alliance” is primarily his “measured groveling” to “Rosie” so is Daniel’s grand alliance his measured groveling to Kumiko. To gain favorable sexual attention from diseased oriental “maidens,” we have to throw Russia under the bus. Got it.

It gets worse.  Not only do we let Asians colonize Siberia, but we should allow them to colonize core European territories as well!  Thus, crazed yellow fever enthusiast Daniel S posts pictures of female Chinese soldiers carrying guns and suggests that we let Chinese and other East Asians colonize White lands in order to “provide border security.” Yes, indeed, let’s have Asian woman with guns protect us! 

We already have Chinatowns. Now there could be some intermittently disbursed along the borders of the Mediterranean and among European cities with border and migrant control an explicit part of their mandate.

You know, if I wrote something like that as a parody (complete with the pictures), something with such an obviously masochistic sexual yellow fever undertone, I’d be accused of picking on Derbyshire again, or some such thing. But Daniel S goes far beyond the Derb – he’s probably in the onanistic throes of excitement, imagining being “sternly” protected by soldierly Kumiko Oumae. Can any of this be believed?  How about Whites provide their own border protection, you pathetic Asian-worshiping pervert? Not as much fun as Chinese girls with guns ordering you around?  Obviously, Danny boy wants to get in on Derbyshire’s “fun.”  No more Polish sausage and pasta for you, Danny!

Some commentators there show sense:

Kumiko’s presence has taken this site in an odd, neo-connish direction, which I guess is not surprising given her connections to ZOG. 

More wars in the middle east, grand strategic plans for containing Russia, not the white left we need, but the left we already have. 

The upshot of all of this is to enable China as an expansionary power.  Why must we cooperate in awarding these chinks lebensraum across the globe?  Because we need to subcontract our border security to them!  Lulz What a crock of shit.

The problem is government policy, not lack of border guards. There’s a lack of will on the part of European governments to prevent migration, and even a desire to invite and accept migrants. If we were ever in a position to hire Chinese border guards to prevent to prevent migration, we wouldn’t need to. With government policy changed to focus on preventing migration, domestic border guards would be sufficient. 

Danny’s Yellow Dominatrix pontificates thus:

On a meta-level also, it seems strange to me that I’m constantly being accused of being anti-Russian like if that is supposed to be some kind of shameful thing. Why should it be shameful to be anti-Russian? Bringing harm to Russia is both strategically sensible, and would be enjoyable.

So, White nationalists should join with White-hating bizarrely alien Orientals to “enjoy” “bringing harm” to their racial brothers, the Russians.  Yes sir, that’s really favoring “European EGI.”  Only sick pervert masochists like Daniel S would agree to that.


But Japan and Korea have no capability to prevent China’s westward movement (for obvious geographical reasons), nor is there any reason to prevent such a thing.

Sure, no reason.  Let’s facilitate China’s expansion toward Europe, while at the same time “enjoy inflicting harm” on Russians.  I can understand where a yellow Asiatrix would support that, but so-called White nationalists?

Let me be clear: Silver killed Majority Rights.  Killed it dead.  And then drove a stake through its heart so it could never rise again (except as a ludicrously perverted den of pussy-whipped yellow fever masochists).  That’s a bit of an over-simplification, others contributed as well (here’s to you, Sir Desmond).  Of course, the site owner is ultimately responsible for letting it happen.  I hope other site owners look upon the wreckage that was Majority Rights and despair if they let Silver anywhere near their comments section. The definition of insanity is making the same mistakes over and over again.

Two more (important) points.

First, Guessedworker is, I believe, a good man.  I’ve had my disagreements with him, but I do not doubt he is sincere in his commitment toward pro-White politics.  I understand that he also has a (quixotic) commitment to unfettered free speech on his blog, but this is really, I think, going too far.  In The Rising Tide of Color, Stoddard termed as RACE TREASON attempts by White businessmen to import Asian labor.  Well, what Daniel S is proposing, the bizarre idea to import Asians as some sort of Praetorian Guard “defending” borders that we can very well defend ourselves, is also RACE TREASON.  For godssakes, I cannot believe that even John “measured groveling” Derbyshire would propose something so embarrassingly stupid, never mind have such a lack of self-awareness that he’d post pinups of female Asian soldiers as the “defenders of the West.”  That’s something some sniggering, pimple-faced, sexually frustrated White teenager, in the throes of unrequited yellow fever, would do.  As a former poster at MR, I really urge GW to pull the plug on this whole Kumiko-Daniel S lovefest.  It’s really, really bad.

Second, a word for my Russian readers.  Now, I sometimes criticize Putin because, even though the man has many good points and is far superior to any “Western” leader, he is unfortunately a multiracialist and civic nationalist, not an ethnoracial nationalist.  I also criticize the “try-hard” lying Raciology wanna-bes, who think they’ll be accepted by the “movement” if they hysterically adopt the worst of the fossilized “movement” dogma.

However, as regards Russia and the Russian people, I am very pro-Russian.  And, if it comes down to Russia vs. China, or, more broadly, Russia vs. Asia, I am 100% on your side, my Slavic brothers.  And, no doubt, I would certainly ENJOY seeing Russians INFLICT HARM on arrogant Asians.  Hail Rus!