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More Insight and Delusion

Of interest.

But hey, he’s a sincere man of genuine greatness, right Mr. Johnson?

Why the rank-and-file let their fetishism enable this sorry lot of affirmative action “leadership” is beyond me.


Sports FangPosted June 5, 2020 at 12:07 pm | PermalinkBabe Ruth experts: was he a mulatto? I’m not a baseball fan and don’t want to read a Ruth bio, but even ignorants like me have heard stories. Like Ty Cobb refusing to room with him because he said he would never share a house with…one of the people who cannot be N’d.Does it matter at this late date? Yes, cuz Rachel Dolezall (sp?)

There is no genealogical evidence that Ruth had any New World admixture, Negro or otherwise.  He was of German descent.  It is doubtful that Cobb actually believed Ruth was a mulatto; when playing, Cobb disliked Ruth for personal reasons (envy and displeasure over how Ruth’s style of play changed the game). The two men later reconciled. If you have a problem with Ruth’s phenotype, then blame his Old World German ancestry.  Believe it or not, not all Germans look like Nordic Aryan supermen.

Comments (emphasis added):

Canadian guysays:June 15, 2020 at 4:49 pmGood overall but i think the obsession with moving out into the countryside is a terrible idea. Cities are typically where the money is and we need to be building a support system such that we can thrive in the cities. In the countryside you are just waiting to get the Kulack/Africkaaner treatment and get either butchered to death by vibrants or have your land confiscated by racial-communists.If your cities are lost and you are at the point of wanting to hide out in the countryside – why not just wave the white flag and accept that you lost and then start organizing an exodus to less hostile territory? The economy is sliding into the abyss and the country is lurching towards south africa/ zimbabwe/ san domingue / venezuela and it’s hard to believe that things will get better as the years progress. Maybe you have to jump ship.

Gee, the “twigs and branches” “hobbit hole” crowd won’t like that at all.  Cities?  What? Are you some soft city-bred White who doesn’t know how to skin a deer (preferably one infected with CWD) or how to graze on wild-growing flowering plants (preferably hemlock)?  For shame!  Weakling!

Glutsays:June 14, 2020 at 10:21 pmWhat cuckolded tripe bullshit is this! We don’t have time for LowT ,betamale cuckolded bullshit. Oh bend to political correctness to win these sick, deluded , leftists over to common sense, Is that all you got? What a worthless and disgusting dissertation this time. He preaches kowing to the dogs when kowing is what got us here. Idiot

Insane and indecent!  Crazy and bitter!

Achilles Wannabesays:June 15, 2020 at 12:34 amIf you ground yourself in those three sources—(the Constitution, the Federalist Papers and Thomas Jefferson )rather than, say, Mein Kampf—where does it take you?”Some might say that is a loaded way to frame the philosophical question of what is good government but I will bite. I’ll take Mein Kampf over the Founders.Why? As a very assimilated 4th generation Irish person of Catholic origin I grew up idolizing the founders and their individualism. But where did it get me? It got me my second or third class citizenship in the Semitic Republic of the United States. While we Catholic ethnics were at least trying to practice individualism and at least wondering if “Big Government” were going too far on this or that issue, the WASP’s and the JEWS worked TOGETHER to take over everything – the big government, the economy, the society. That is what believing in the founders and their individualism got meOK, Hitler didn’t do so well either but at least he was left the dignity of being taken down by the EXTERNAL force of the WASPs and the JEWS I however was conned by people I considered to be my own people – you know, the other “individualists” who I thought just happened to be Jewish or Anglo but actually turned out to be the JEW – WASP conspiracy.And nothing in the Constitution or the Federalist papers prevented the Chosen and their WASP admirers and collaborators from doing this. In fact the Constitution quite intentionally keeps the populace divided or factionalized so that an elite can do what the WASP-JEWISH conspiracy eventually ended up doing(WASP’s are now sidelined but that is another issue)Now I am more and more convinced that German tradition has had more to offer me on a range of political, social and economic issues than Anglo Saxon constitutionalism and individualism. Of course my enlightenment has come a little late but we are just waxing philosophical

Seems like someone is familiar with the Lind America’s Tribes hypotheses, eh?

More winning!

From a National Vanguard article, which essentially sums up what is, and always was, the real agenda of The National Alliance:

In 1921, after traveling to Europe, he wrote to Edmund Wilson that only those Europeans of purest blood, and that were most similar to America’s founding stock, should be allowed to immigrate to America.So much for the dreamy sophisticate of every English teacher’s dreams.He wanted to perpetuate the “Nordic spell”; he wanted a White ethnic self defense; he wanted the continuation of Anglo-Saxon heritage.

Just because the Sage of the Mountaintop, or today’s Keepers of the Zombie, wanted or want “D’Nations” from shabbos sud and shabbos ost stepandfetchits doesn’t mean they actually gave or give a damn about those peoples.  Any Southern or Eastern European who believes that Der Movement even remotely cares about non-“Nordics” is delusional.

Behold the Female, 2/25/17

Some truths indeed.

Two comments from a Yahoo article about some Balkanoid athlete being berated by his wife:

Babe Truth

5 minutes ago

Females all think they have the right to berate and control men who took them from nothing to the good life. These controlling females over value their real worth just because they have breasts and a #$%$ and think men must be their whopping posts. It is no wonder men leave these monsters for peace and quiet.


8 minutes ago

No matter how hot a woman might be…somewhere she is making some dudes life miserable.

By the way, “Babe Truth” is a hilarious moniker.  The actual Ruth was an extreme alpha male by the way.

Female sluttiness. The real sexual harassment is women prostituting themselves for promotions and pay raises.  The imaginary sexual harassment is men doing anything.  It’s all female hysterical projection.

And by the way, it doesn’t have to be all actual sex.  I’ve seen women, if they are attractive enough, get their promotions, etc. merely by flirting with older male bosses.  Now, this happens more in academia and biotech, where the older male bosses tend to be more “beta” and nerdish than in the business world where the more alpha bosses expect actual sex in exchange for the promotions and pay raises (yes, biotech can be business but let’s consider the smaller sale, more science-oriented ones here).  A few blouses with the top buttons left open, a few hair tosses and fake giggling, and watch those careers get turbo-boosted!