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Sowing Dragon’s Teeth

Quo Vadis, “Movement?”

In the aftermath of Trump’s election, the Left was at a fork in the road, sociopolitically and strategically speaking. They could have chosen the path of conciliation, of trying to understand the grievances of White America, the path of making concessions in the hope of stabilizing a situation that, if left unstabilized, had the potential of disrupting the multicultural consensus.  Alternatively, they could have chosen the path of defiance, to double down on their anti-White agenda, to become even more extreme in their destructive militancy, to stand up to Trump and the Right, and to crush the spirit (and body) of White resistance. They chose the second path.  It was a wise choice (at least in the short term).

Suvorov’s Law of History: Revolutions do not occur at the time of greatest repression, but when that repression is suddenly relaxed. If the Left had become conciliatory, if they had relaxed the anti-White repression, if they had eased back and had made concessions, if – and this above all – they had granted legitimacy to the idea of White interests, then that would have started the ball rolling in the direction of an upheaval that had the potential of truly wrecking the multicultural system. If they had showed weakness, even the pathetic rightist guppies may have turned into sharks smelling blood in the water.

Whether from a careful reading of history, from political savvy, from instinct, or just as a side effect of blind hatred towards Whites, the Left avoided the error of easing up on the repression and instead took the other fork in the road – they doubled down, tripled down, quadrupled down and more, on the repression. The Left has unleashed a tidal wave of anti-White hatred, of repression of the Right, of a savage political correctness, the like of which has not heretofore been seen in America.

The Left took a gamble with their choice, of course.  If Trump has been a genuine man of the Right, a man of honor who promoted and defended his supporters, then the Left would have had a hard time of it.  If the Far Right had been clever, and had used the past two years on infrastructure-building, electoral politics, and real metapolitical education – never mind the most important task of building a New Movement to correct the flaws of the Old – then the Left would have been challenged by an authentic strong opposing force.  But the Left took the measure of Donald Trump and of the Far Right and rightfully found them wanting.  

However, whether or not the gamble will work for the Left in the long term depends on how the Far Right (I do not care about the Mainstream Right) deals with its own fork in the road. The Left is smarter than the Far Right (which is not saying much), but the word “smarter” implies a comparison in the relative sense. In an objective sense, the Left is stupid. Yes, given the situation they found themselves in after November 2016, they made the right decision, but why were they in that position to begin with?  They started boiling the frog of White dispossession too quickly; they were so intoxicated by their dominance and by their anti-White hatred that they did not realize that they were pushing too far too fast. 

So, yes, they made the right choice given their limited options. But ultimately the Left is sowing dragon’s teeth and they may one day reap the whirlwind.  If that happens, from their perspective it will be because they “inadvertently” caused “unforeseen negative consequences” due to their efforts “to make the world a better place,” but to the rest of us, the outcome was quite easily foreseen – IF the Far Right chooses the right direction. Does the Far Right follow the same old path of failure and disaster or does it take a fresh path, a new path, and remake a failed “movement” into a real movement that will make the Left pay for its gamble? We need to take advantage of all those sown dragon’s teeth, all the bitterness and balkanization the Left has created, and force the Left to a new fork in the road.  But this time if they choose to push back with more repression, they’ll find a Far Right ready and willing to push back, and push back hard; on the other hand, if the Left backs down and chooses conciliation, we need a Far Right ready and willing to accept nothing but total victory, to keep on pushing, and not “declare victory (prematurely) and go home” as it usually does.  We need a Far Right ready to push past conciliation into revolution.

No more Men on White Horses, not more Yang Gangs, no more stupidity – ourselves alone – and with real leadership, not affirmative action basket cases driving us to one disaster after another.  There is the fork in the road – one path to deliverance, the other to the abyss.  Which one to take?

Quo Vadis?

The Ratchet Only Moves Left

The victorious Left.

Look at the history of the United States over the last 60 years or so.  When a “liberal Democrat” is President – particularly when coupled with a Congressional majority of like kind – leftist, anti-White policies come fast and furious.  This was especially prevalent with Lyndon Johnson, with the Civil Rights and Immigration Acts, and the other social engineering of the 1960s, including the “war against poverty” that transferred untold amount of wealth from White to Black America (there’s your reparations, right there); it was also prevalent with Barack Obama, with DACA.  But, here’s the point – when a “conservative Republican” is in power, even when coupled with a Republican Congress, the country still moves to the Left, albeit a slightly slower pace than before, but sometimes faster socially and culturally.  Nixon gave us affirmative action and busing, Reagan gave us illegal amnesty and the Martin King holiday, the Bush family were racial liberals, and Trump is a fraud who has done nothing for his base and has made sounds about increasing legal immigration.  Speaking of mass immigration, it – in both its legal and illegal forms – has been in full force, regardless of who is in power. There’s never any attempt to meaningfully reverse any leftist initiative.  Executive orders regarding affirmative action remain in force, despite whatever “conservative Republican” is in power.  Culturally and socially, the country moves to the Left in either case – it certainly did under Johnson (mostly because of the war in his case) – but “conservative Republicans,” despite not actually doing anything “conservative” domestically as regards race and culture, trigger intense leftist social activism.  We saw it under Reagan, and even more virulently under Trump.  We see the same in Europe. Rightist governments never reverse the tide of immigration, never attempt to repeat “hate speech laws” with restrict their own freedom of expression, never leave international agreements obligating them to take in refugees (America is the same) – which is the equivalent of open borders, since any invader can (and do) claim to be a “refugee” and has to be processed as such.

Both the Left and Right attack those on the Right.  Obviously, the Left does so, but when the Right is in power, they love nothing more than do concentrate their firepower on those farther to their Right.  “Based” Austria and Poland attack the Far Right, going so far as to ban Taylor from Europe (Poland) for example.  Trump’s DOJ persecutes his own supporters while giving Antifa a free pass; while people on the right have been virtually begging Trump to do the right (and obvious) thing and declare Antifa a domestic (and international) terrorist organization, he only has eyes toward Iran (we have to satisfy Jews, of course).

Of course, when it comes to actual “extremist” groups, the Left wins again, their groups are wildly successful while the Far Right is comically inept.

The ratchet always move sin only one direction – toward the Left.

The Left has psychological intensity, for the Right it’s a hobby, the Right has no staying power, no drive.  The Left fights for a future (from our perspective a nightmare future), the Right fights for an imagined past.  The Left engages, the Right talks about being “snug in your hobbit hole.”

And, of course, the Mainstream Right is based on the same egalitarian lies as the Left; no wonder they move the ratchet in the same direction.  The Far Right is based on healthier ideas, but is composed of highly defective and unhealthy people and thus is incapable of achieving anything of value.

But, to be fair, the Jewish Question – at least here in America – raises its ugly head.  A thought experiment – imagine that Jews as a whole were right-wing, pro-White, nationalistic, with an agenda to promote wholesome family values – as opposed to the reality which is the complete inverse of all of that. In this bizarre world of right-wing pro-White American Jews, it would likely be the Right going from victory to victory, and the Left being inept and hopeless.  If all the Jewish intelligence, money, power, and influence were channeled to the direction of pro-White interests, it wouldn’t be as helpless as it is now.  But that’s only a thought experiment – Jews are a non-European, non-Western people with a historical – virtually inbred – animus towards Whites and the West, and they will, as a matter of course, as a group, oppose White interests and work for Western degeneration.  However, to be fair, we cannot blame the Far Right for all their failures here in America, although if they were clever and competent, they would find they still have room to maneuver.  European Rightists have less of an excuse, as the Jewish power is not as directly powerful there as here, although it is an important factor, including via powerful, indirect American influences.

The JQ cannot be changed.  How Der Movement deals with it, and the overall situation caused by it, can change.  The JQ is part of the problem, and the Far Right will ultimately be judged by its success or lack thereof, and success has to be obtained in the face of a determined and ethnically cohesive foe. This problem is “baked into the cake” of anti-Whiteness.  It cannot be evaded. Has Der Movement successfully dealt with it, or any other problem for that matter?  Has the Right as a whole understood what it needs to do?  Has it achieved any lasting victories whatsoever?  Or is it hopelessly inept?

If you want to defeat a powerful enemy, then being hopelessly inept is not the way to-do it.  And “hopelessly inept” is the perfect description of the Far Right.

Impeach Trump and Other Observations

In der news.

Roissy – recently once again picturing himself as a young girl lying in the grass dreaming of Trump – weeps:

Jamarcus Shabazz-Douglass
Replying to @RichardBSpencer
We’ve all seen what “pure Trump off the train” looks like. A senile, lazy retard who binge watches FOX News in bed past noon, whines like an impotent woman on Twitter, and outsources all the hard work to his J_wish children.
No thanks.

Roissy weeps sadly and bitterly yet again.  Is Trump the worst human being on Earth?  Is Trump the worst human being in human history?  I would say yes to both. Trump is certainly, by far, the worst President in American history.  Strom is correct that he was right about Trump; so was I.  Der Movement was, as we know, dead wrong.  They were wrong and Strom and I were right: Trump is a retarded buffoon.  EGI Notes supports the impeachment of Trump, the removal of Trump from office, and a thorough investigation of Trump – an investigation of real issues, not stupidity like “Russian collusion.”  If any crimes were committed, he can spend the rest of his life in prison, wearing an orange jumpsuit to match his orange complexion.

Yes, Kevin, you and the National Alliance were right about Trump from the beginning.  But if you read this blog, you know you were not alone, whether or not you are willing to admit it.  I was critical of Trump from the very beginning, and over the last several months, I have been linking to those early posts as evidence of that for new readers.

Meanwhile, the rest of Der Movement blithely move on from the Trump fiasco to endorsing Princess Tulsi Coconut and/or King Andy Eggroll. Absolutely disgusting. Whatever my differences with the National Alliance, those WN 1.0 guys are infinitely better than the WN 2.0 trash that have followed.

It is also amusing that Roissy is getting all worked up by the leak (Trump has more leaks than sub-Saharan African plumbing) that Der Touchback’s administration was considering dumping migrants into sanctuary cities.  Certainly, that’s a good plan – but was it done?  Or is Trump tweeting about it?  Is he “going to look into it?” Time for Roissy to start getting out some new onanism material – Trump just ain’t doing the job anymore.  Maybe a gif of a strutting Vince McMahon can get those Roissyite juices flowing.

Sallis, right again and again and again. That Florida Chinese spying (no, wait – “lying”) case in the news again.  Why wasn’t this a 60 year old frog-faced Chinese male? Always women – ever notice that?  After all, if even so-called ‘White nationalists” are obsessed with East Asian females, “normie” White politicians and businessmen are even easier marks.

And, is HBD a Chinese honeypot operation?  “Me so horny.  You say Chinese have high high IQ and I ruv you rong rong time.”  No doubt, I’m only joking of course.  Of course.

In any case, you should expect more cases of China (and other East Asian nations) exploiting Yellow Fever to execute honeypot operations against White male politicians, businessmen, technical people, etc.

Let’s see – who was it who was constantly warning against mainstreaming?  Who was it who constantly mocked Der Movement’s obsessive infatuation with Trad Vlad and Chicken Wire Vic?  Think real hard now. Hint: It’s not any of the affirmative action leadership appointees.

Jussie Smollett – Jewish and Black.  Devious enough to plan a hate crime hoax, too stupid to pull it off correctly.

AOC hasn’t so much hit the wall as crashed through it and had it collapse on her.  She looks like – what? – at least 40?  Older?  And that nose – it looks like it was flattened by a sledgehammer.  No wonder she supports reparations for Blacks – she likely has more sub-Saharan African ancestry than many light-skilled “African-Americans.”

This is an excellent video with good ideas.  Better ideas than “education” and “D’Nations.” The idea about the “White men’s strike” is interesting, as it exposes a fundamental paradox of the System – it’s underlying premise is hatred of White men, but is absolutely depends upon White men for its effective functioning.  The compliance of White men to their dispossession is assumed.

All the cries – “well, what should we do?”  Here’s one idea – Spencer should sue whoever produced that call for violence. It doesn’t matter if the original was “taken down” or not – it’s out there, circulating on the Internet.  Someone publicly makes a video promoting violence against you, then you should sue, sue, and sue. Sue until the lawyers drop from exhaustion.  Just imagine that Andrew Yang is telling you to do it – that should be sufficient motivation.

Johnson is hysterically thin-skinned.  Disagree with him on anything – you’re “banned” from Counter-Currents (translation – you could change the settings on your VPN and comment under another name, but why go through all that trouble for a dying site that’s speeding headlong into MR-style irrelevancy).

Leftist logic:

1. There’s more genetic variation within races than between races!  There’s no such thing as race!  Whites are more different from each other genetically than are Whites and Blacks!  There is no White race, Whites are completely different from each other genetically!

2. Inter-racial mating and admixture is good because it increases genetic diversity!  Homogeneous races are in danger of inbreeding depression because there’s no genetic diversity within a race!  All you inbred Whites who have no genetic diversity need to get more diversity by mixing with Blacks!

There’s a reason why the Left’s method of “argumentation” is censorship, deplatforming, and violence.  They in fact have no argument – and are as intellectually lazy and borderline retarded as is Trump.

Also, leftist memes are stupid and boring.  How many times are they going to post the video of Spencer getting elbowed in the face?  And what’s so good about that from the leftist perspective? Some cowardly masked punk runs up to someone and does a quick cheap shot elbow in the face (which can’t even knock down the victim, who was completely unprepared for it) and then runs off like a hysterical girl.  Very manly that!  The heroic testosterone just oozes – oozes I say! – from that act of masculine courage!

And if the Left thinks random street violence is justified against ideological opponents, what makes them think they are immune from the same applied against them?  True enough, as the de facto police force of global capitalism, the Left is protected by the System, and, also true, they are protected by the far-left President Antifa Don Trump. But still, as America implodes, that safety net will start to show holes.  

I also laugh at the stupid memes showing pictures of White American soldiers on D-Day with some sort of caption about how “fighting Nazis is all-American” or some retarded nonsense like that.  Let’s see now. Dwight Eisenhower, the head of the Allied invasion force, became President and instituted “Operation Wetback,” which by today’s standards was hardcore “Nazi.”  1940s America – which fought the Nazis – was by today’s standards itself “Nazi.”  And do you think those men who fought and died on Omaha Beach did do in the hope that White American boys of 2019 can become transgender and the girls STD-infected mudsharks?  Did they fight – and most were drafted and had no choice, by the way – so that America and Europe could be conquered by the Third World instead of by Germany?  And why not pictures of American troops in Korea and Vietnam, with captions about fighting communism?

The Left is so stupid and juvenile they make the Nutzis look intelligent and mature by comparison.

Peas in a Pod: The Mendacious Left and the Retarded Right

Tweedledee and Tweedledumber.

What should the Left’s response be? In this case, the opposite of one-off theatrical actions and Instagram-able protests: a long-haul, multiracial, grassroots effort to educate the country on the profound connections between race and class (and the connections of both to gender).

You’ve been doing that for the last 50 years.  And that’s been going on in an intense manner – constant non-stop leftist propaganda – for at least the last 20 of those years.  It is obviously not working, is it?

If we are to learn anything from the eruption of fascist, White supremacist…

Anyone who uses the term “White supremacist” to describe White nationalists/White separatists is a low-character, fundamentally dishonest, piece of filthy scum.  Why should anyone listen to what else you have to say?

…organizing on both sides of the Atlantic, it should be that economic crisis and class conflict can accrue to the benefit of the Right as easily as the Left.

No worries.  The Far Right is so inept, the Left will likely win by default.  But they’ll lose by winning, because instead of creating a Utopia, a Paradise, a Heaven, they will instead create a Dystopian Nightmare Hell.

It should be that, as labor historian Jefferson Cowie recently put it, “real world” working-class politics in America “is a messy stew of populist, communitarian, reactionary, progressive, racist, patriarchal, and nativist ingredients.”

Then those ingredients are normal to human nature?  No worries, once again, because your own ethny, and of course your colored pets, are very intense on ethnocentric behavioral traits, while Whites are relatively weaker.

It should be that no group or class in America is inherently progressive, and no division lifted above others as essential.

Really?  The entire modern Left is defined by hostility toward Whites, particularly White men. Does class even matter anymore?  Does anyone believe that the Left cares more about some dirt poor White man from West Virginia than it does about a wealthy Negress celebrity from California?  Who’s kidding who?

Candid, self-supporting but nonjudgmental solidarity…

Candid?  The Left?  Nonjudgmental…including toward White men and Whites in general?  What fantasyland is this delusional (or mendacious) imbecile living in?

…is the only way forward: a true integration of issues (gender, race, class, sexuality, and others) with multi-issue education. A fight that targets systems, not “elites” who can turn into amorphous scapegoats, and radical coalition-building that combines assertiveness and humility are needed. It’s a daunting task, but nothing less is required.

The Left has nothing to offer Whites, particularly White men.  The existential meaning of the modern Left – what Sailer correctly terms “the coalition of the fringes” – is hatred of Whites, particularly White men. The targets of the Left’s hatred want no part of “racial coalition-building” with the people who despise them, and hardcore leftists do not want to build “coalitions” with White men. You’d think that Trump’s victory would have resulted in some honest soul-searching by the Left, but, no. They just doubled down on their hate. Whites have had enough of “multi-issue education” that ends up being a cult-like Orwellian “two minute hate” (lasting forever in actuality) against Whites. The Left is over-brimming with “assertiveness” and knows nothing about “humility” (your role model, AOC “I’m the boss,” can instruct you on that score).

You had your chance at “coalition-building” and muffed it, because the only coalition you really want is one that disenfranchises White interests. Whites as a race may be dumb cucks, but they’re not that dumb. It may be too late for Whites; it certainly is too late for any peaceful, aracial solution to the problems that have caused the pathetic examples of Far Right nitwitery that the author is so (hysterically) concerned about.

The Right:

Read this.  Still think that there is not an underlying agenda to marry racial activism with Judeophilia and Asiaphilia?  It would seem like reality is converging on Sallisian “paranoia.”

Yes, GDP is not everything. Racial homogeneity counts too.

But they’ll be giving you the UBI, don’t worry at all about it. And don’t think that they don’t equate “hate speech” with “terrorism.” The chickens come home to roost, decades of “movement” failure with zero representation in any of the halls of power means White advocates can be targeted for the most flimsy of reasons.

So much winning!  Sallis right again – Trump was always a fraud.

See here.  Note “based Austria” is part of the Far Left System.  As regards Trump:

President Donald Trump bears heavily responsibility for all this. While the president continues to enjoy stalwart support from his voters, the White House has shown the most abject cowardice in defending its own personnel. Speechwriter Darren Beattie was thrown aside the minute CNN complained. Thus staffer Taylor Weyeneth was also purged, along with others, when JournoFa demanded it.
For all Trump’s bluster against the “fake news,” journalists have far more power over Trump Administration personnel than the president himself. This feeds the beast of Political Correctness and emboldens journalists to seek more scalps.
As Jared Taylor said in a powerful video taped before his trip, the president has done nothing to stop the deplatforming and censoring of his supporters.
Trump even seems to have abandoned his fight for the white working class, a group he no longer even mentions (unlike Andrew Yang.) Instead, he makes tiresome boasts about low black and Hispanic unemployment. [Stop bragging about black and Hispanic unemployment rates, by John Crisp, VC Star, February 24, 2019] Winning issues like Official English are simply ignored, as is the president’s immigration platform. Only the most self-interested shill or brain-dead Conservative Inc. huckster could be surprised that Bernie Sanders now holds a commanding lead over President Trump in Pennsylvania. [Poll: Biden, Sanders hold double-digit lead on Trump in Pennsylvania, by John Bowden, The Hill, March 29, 2019].

Time for Roissy to post a gif of Trump strutting like Vince McMahon.  After all, we must know our priorities.  Note the bit about Sanders’ support in Pennsylvania. Is that due to all dem dere Amish switching sides, Roissy?  More accurately – Trump won Pennsylvania because of White ethnic working class Reagan Democrats, who are drifting away from the GOP now that Der Trumpening has been unmasked as a Neocon fraud.

And, again, the “movement’s” humiliation with the collapse of the Trump narrative should have led them to a period of introspection and prudent restraint regarding mainstream politics. Instead, they’ve been lurching around like  a bunch of seasick drunken retardates, first with a brief fling with Tulsi Coconut and know with their newest man-crush on Andy Eggroll. They’re pathetic.

More extreme vetting no doubt.  Where’s Patrik Hermansson when you need him?