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More White Worthlessness

The maladaptive race.

Cuck Austria.

Strom is correct that we are not going to vote ourselves out of this mess. He is wrong, however, that the solution si to buy our way out with the discredited currency of Pierce-ism.

What we need is clear-head realism coupled to a sane, fact-based, and racially progressive memetic product.  In other words: a New Movement.

Return of the Turd: Another Rambling Durocher Post

The “Mr. Hyde” of Der Movement rambles on.

My colleague Andrew Hamilton…

The two worst writers in Counter-Currents history.

But, as I have written elsewhere, many (though certainly not all) of the early racial theorists’ hypotheses have actually been confirmed by later genetic studies.

And I’ve refuted Durocher’s mendacity about population genetics.

The anti-Semitic Christian-Socials proposed a vigorous affirmative action program…

Der Movement has a long history of promoting affirmative action, I see.

To be continued . . .

There’s more?  Durocher’s review will be longer than the book.

The Sound of Derbyfogle

As his Jewish friends would say, Johnred has lots of “chutzpah.”

After suggesting that pro-NS Austrians are “lunatics,” child porn apologist Johnred Derbyfogle writes:

Leave me in my country to enjoy the culture I grew up in and am familiar with: Modern, Western, not-very-religious, sexually egalitarian, easy-going, English-speaking social-democratic culture.

Excuse me Mr. Derbyshire: you live in the USA, but you are a (former) illegal alien who grew up in England. Your wife – whom you brought into my country – grew up in Red China. Where do you find the nerve to pontificate on the sort of culture we should have here?
Let me tell you about the American culture I grew up with: where no one had ever heard of, or even imagined, child porn, much less made apologies for it, and where it was more or less openly acknowledged that any White man married to an Asian woman was a socially maladapted loser unable to attract a mate of his own race.
Can we all once again enjoy that culture that we used to have?

Cries of Joy

Austrian madness.

Despite all the “movement” heavy breathing about a “far-right victory” in Austria, the far-left, pro-immigration candidate won.  Wonder why?

See  this:
Ms. Bubits is also the daughter of the woman, now 72, who was raped while walking her dog on Sept. 1. Since the attack, Ms. Bubits said, her mother has gone from being healthy to ridden with anxiety and requiring close attention.
“It goes up and down,” Ms. Bubits said, but “it’s basically as if she was suddenly 90.”
On a visit to her home on Friday, her mother could barely shuffle a few steps without assistance. Ms. Bubits said she and her mother wanted to speak out about what had happened to emphasize that despite the problems many Austrians want to help refugees and make a place for them in their country.
According to court documents, her mother was walking her 13-year-old dog by the Schwechat, a river where refugees and residents often bathe. A young man helped her up a slope, but then, the documents said,“exploited her physical weakness,” threw her to the ground, “held her mouth shut, ripped her clothes and forced her to engage” in sex.
Despite the assault on her mother and an earlier attack in which, she said, her 22-year-old son’s nose was broken by refugees, Ms. Bubits said she remained a firm advocate for migrants. She cried with joy when she saw two 17-year-old Afghans she helped last year at a reunion at a local cafe.