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Der Movement Marches On

In der news.

Notice the discussion of Trump’s incompetence, cowardice, and fraud at the podcast here.  The last chance for White America!  MAGA!  Pepe!  Kek!  Now, who can tell you – “I told you so?”  Also,recommending AIM – discuss it on Disqus.

So much winning!  Based Poland!  Outer Hajnal! Wrong, wrong, they’re always wrong.

That said, of course I oppose and denounce this despicable treatment of Taylor. This is yet another example why I am a skeptic about White survival, why I am a pessimist, and why I laugh at the delusional who debate whether our majestic victory will be soon or in fifty years.  Cultured, non-violent, and well-educated White advocates like Taylor are banned by conservative governments – and the optimism brigade are “emboldened” and “confident of victory.”  No, things are worse than ever.

All of these things – the constant banning, deplatforming, etc. one occurring right after the other – are indications of the dire need for the Far Right to get involved in politics, broadly defined. There has to be a serious, dedicated, long term effort to gain sufficient power in society so as to make the social and political costs for the System of these anti-White attacks outweigh the benefits.  Right now, it’s all benefit for them, at virtually no cost.

Politics broadly defined includes, but is definitely not limited to, electoral politics.  It includes infiltration of the System and of various mainstream organization and entities.  It includes credible and convincing propaganda that evades censorship – another reason why political campaigns are useful.  Sure – the System could in theory censor and ban political campaigns here in America, but at what cost?  They have to at least put up a credible pretense that this is a “democracy” and not an out-and-out banana republic.  Force them to make that choice.  Politics includes more overt organizing, it means lobbying in DC, and, yes, it includes so-called “metapolitics” – but a metapolitics that aims at real social and cultural influence, not mere tin cup panhandling for “D’Nations.”

We’ll be told it is “impossible.”  No, it is very possible, and the perfect opportunity was right after Trump’s election, where the niche space for right-wing populism was wide open. Then, plans should have been laid for targeted electoral campaigns for 2018 and 2020.  Infiltration, lobbying, and organizing should have commenced.  But no.  Instead we got Unite the Right, drunken podcasts, and people dressed like Batman brawling in the streets. Job well done!  And as far as the “there’s no money” excuse goes, do I really need to link to the Brimelow-and-Derbyshire-sitting-on-the–lawn-chairs picture again? The money is, and has been, there.  It has just been wasted supporting the “leaders” in their blue state lifestyles.

Retarded Anglocentric fetishist attacks Yockey, blames everything on the “Papists.” Next we’ll debate the virtues of William Henry Harrison as a Presidential candidate.  Keeping up with the times!

True enough, if forced to make a choice, I prefer streamlined and straight-talking Protestantism, as exemplified by the (fictional but representative) sermon of Father Mapple to the ornate and superficial ceremonial foppery of Catholicism or the icon-saturated mysticism of Orthodoxy.  Moral content is useful, empty ritual is not.  But the “moral content” of today is merely warmed over Marxism.  

So, really, who can take any of this Christianity and its petty sectarian feuds seriously in the 21st century? That anyone today makes an issue of this demonstrates their childish stupidity.

And even if you do not really believe, but instead assert that religion is a useful social lubricant, the churches have long since been taken over by the enemy.  We’ll be told that this is because the current state of Christianity is a “perversion of the true faith.” And what is the “true faith?” Religion has always been a reflection of the Zeitgeist of the times. The “true faith” has always had sociopolitical implications.  In reality, it has always been downstream of politics – again, politics very broadly defined.  You have to change the politics to get your precious “true faith” back – if you are so stupidly childish as to want it.  And you don’t do that by behaving as if you’re at a meeting of the Know Nothing Society, ranting about “Papists.”  

When reading this, all I can think of is this.

The Bush family marches on.

Chaos at the compound, but they can still advise Facebook to get WNs deplatformed.

Also note:

Chinese-American and former First Woman Michelle Obama’s Chief of Staff Tina Tchen has been brought in to clean up the Jewish snakepit at the SPLC. Ms. Tchen specializes in examining “workplace cultural compliance,” especially “gender and racial equity, and sexual harassment.” She just finished helping to get all the charges against the part-Jewish mulatto homosexual hate crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett dropped in Chicago.

The Arctic Alliance marches on, eh, Derb?  Once again we observe the Asian as part of the Rising Tide of Color against Whites.  Once again we see that the existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.  Once again we see that the HBDers are traitors to the White race, who value Asia over Europe.  Hey, Kevin, when are you going to speak out against the Alt Wrong?

Despite my critiques of William Pierce, I believe that if Pierce was still alive – if he was one of those men who stay healthy and robust into their 90s – all of the stupidity we see in Der Movement today would not be taking place. I cannot believe that we would still experience the antics of the Spencers and Johnson’s among us if Pierce, with his gravitas and his status in the “movement,” was still around. Pierce, with his no-nonsense attitude would have lambasted the sort of juvenile stupidity WN 2.0 has graced us all with.  Pierce’s death left a huge gaping hole in the leadership niche space of Der Movement, and that space has been filled with substandard heirs.

Strom writes:

There should be no “freedom” to genocide us. No freedom of action for those who work against our very existence as a people and against our right to be captains of our own destiny. Any alien group which does that or which works toward that goal should not be here. Not leaving — and not ceasing such activities — would be regarded by a National Alliance government as an act of war. It is an act of war. Working in concert with such genocidal aliens, or working toward their goals of diminishing our presence and our power in our own homelands, would be a capital crime under a National Alliance government, and punished accordingly.

Kevin, doesn’t this apply to the Alt Wrong? The Alt Wrong is a self-declared Yellow Supremacist grouping, with close ties to Jewish interests, working against White freedom and White existence.  The HBD is a political movement dedicated to enslaving Whites to Jewish and Asian interests.  One prominent HBDer publicly advocated for Israel to conquer a European nation for use for Jewish living space. Kevin, would your mentor Pierce have tolerated the Alt Wrong/HBD crew?  When will you speak out against them?

The Whites in the crowd cheer.  So much winning!  Riposte to the simian – Europe is OUR homeland, not yours, you are an alien invader, an enemy, absolute vile low-life trash, please get the hell out of my ancestral continent. Thank you.

Very cognitive, very elite..

See this

And this.

And then there were all the “eggroll” cracks.  What happened to make Johnson jump on the Yang Gang train?  Was it just the desire to get “in bed with the press” and try and get credit for promoting UBI?  Or is the Alt Wrong/Alt Yellow manipulating behind the scenes?

The embarrassing Right.

Conspiracy theorists are another bunch of retards who should have no place in a sane and rational Right. Note to the nitwits – the real conspiracies, the ones that matter are not really conspiracies at all, they’re being done right out in the open.

But, no, let’s hear more about “moon landing hoaxes” and that “the moon is not really a physical object that can be landed on, it is a holographic image.”  Dat right!

The Wombat Speaks

Hispanic Jeb expresses himself.
How’s that “working within the system” doing, HBDers?  Here we have a GOP base against amnesty and skeptical of legal immigration. And then we have a whole set of Republican candidates favorable to immigration, with front-runners all hot and bothered to legalize invaders while, of course, “enforcing the law” and “guarding the border” with the same grand efficacy of Ronnie Raygun’s 1986 Republican amnesty.
Oh yes, we will hear, it was not Saint Ronnie’s fault.  The “deal” was “reneged upon.”  Very well. When did Reagan, or any of his fellow Republicans, ever mention that?  When did Bush Sr and Bush Jr, Republican Presidents post-Reagan, ever decry the lack of enforcement, much less do anything about it?  Instead, the younger Bush, together with the monstrous human defect McCain, was responsible for reviving the whole idea of amnesty all over again.
The utter and objective worthlessness of Whites, this pathetic omega race, comes out crystal clear from all of this. Like lemmings, they march to the polls to vote for “leaders” who hate them, who lie to them, whose fervent wish is to see them race replaced by colored aliens. A feckless race of idiots, blowhards, and losers, defeated in the great game of genetic interests and biological fitness. Evolution marches onward, and it appears the Earth will belong to the teeming colored masses of Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

Two Pieces of Filth

What’s the difference?
First, Jeb Bush, who has to rank among the most absolutely disgusting pieces of execrable filth in America today. Yes, Jeb, we know all about your mestiza wife and your mongrel children (the “little brown ones” as Patrician Sr. would say), but, you know, we no good White Americans don’t like having them around, thank you very much. So, why don’t you crawl back into the sewer from which you came?
Then, another comment about yesterday’s post on Marine Le Pen. I don’t like the mainstreamers, but, as I’ve said here, in the absence of a better alternative in France, I was skeptically supporting Le Pen there. But I’ve changed my mind.  It’s one thing for the mainstreamers to sit on their hands and refuse to support those more radical, more to the right to them.  It’s another thing entirely to actually attack those on your right, to the extent of endorsing far-left open borders neo-Marxists.
I for one give to Marine Le Pen the same consideration and support she’s giving Golden Dawn.

Marine Le Pen and Jeb Bush: two of a kind.

Indeed, both represent the failure of dynastic nepotism.  Where would each be without their famous fathers?  Jeb Bush, with the appearance and aura of a wombat, would be, at best, some sort of small businessman, living a life of quiet desperation. Instead of giving speeches to car dealership owners, he would himself be such an owner, out competed by “immigrant entrepreneurs” with their unrelenting ethnic nepotism and their race-based federal small-business loans.

And the skull-faced Marine Le Pen would be an aging, frumpy French housewife, concerned with matching the correct vintage of wine with the proper brand of cheese, a talentless nobody whose opinion would be of no interest to anyone, including her bored and long-suffering husband.

That such empty vessels have been thrust into the limelight, into the cut-and-thrust of history, due to the accident of birth, is a tragedy.  It is also indicative of the worthlessness of the loser White race. No one is obligated to vote for Bush, to support his Presidential aspirations. As he goes around making speeches unfavorably comparing lazy native White Americans with those dynamic hard-working colored immigrants, the fact remains that his political future depends solely on the support of the same conservative White Americans that he so obviously despises. That they support him is more of an indictment of them than him. And the FN did not have to accept Ms. Skeletor as the heiress apparent to the throne of Big Daddy. They could have refused, and instead chosen a competent man who, even if he believed he needed “moderation,” would have had enough character and dignity not to throw fellow nationalists “under the bus.”

But, no.  Whites are worthless, so they support worthless politicians, one set of embarrassments mirroring the other.

Has Anyone Else Noticed, 11/20/14

Coincidences, of course.
Back when (a more secular) Turkey was “Israel’s closest ally in the Muslim world” we heard the unending drumbeat of voices demanding that Turkey be let into the EU, that Turks are wonderful, that flooding Europe with Turks will solve all sorts of problems, and it seemed that a cornerstone of American foreign policy was browbeating Europeans into accepting Turkish EU membership.
Today, when (a more Islamist) Turkey has a quite sour relationship with Israel, with real tensions between those two nations, all the “Turkey in the EU” talk has dissipated, “conservative” commentators in Yahoo article comments threads attack Turkey and the Turks, and “concerned” voices question the direction of Turkish society.  All a coincidence, of that we can have no doubt.
I think back to George Bush, Sr. After the first Gulf War, his popularity was sky-high. He and his advisers thought to cash in a bit on that political capital to pressure Israel to make a real peace with the Palestinians, and to cut back on the settlements. I seem to remember some in his government (Baker?) dismissing Jewish concerns with, “they didn’t vote for us anyway,” or something to that effect. Blasphemy! And then – mysterious it all was! – Bush’s popularity started to fade, “experts” started talking about a “coming recession” (a self-fulfilling prophecy, since much of economics is the population’s perception of things), all sorts of negative news coming out, and Bush Sr. was portrayed as “out of touch,” an “aristocrat” who “doesn’t know how to shop at a supermarket,” blah. blah, blah. Under constant withering sniping, and with a damaged economy, Bush went from the political pinnacle to being defeated by Slick Willie in 1992. That will show them uppity goyim who’s boss!