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Behold a Piece of Filth

Ethnoimperialist trash.

Greg Johnson is an utter piece of filth, an enemy of Europe, lowlife trash, a gaslighting liar, a promoter of  anti-White HBD, and a despicable hypocrite.  His vision of “ethnonationalism” – in his own words – includes war and ethnic cleansing between Europeans. If you look at his associates, at the material he runs at his site, you can observe that he promotes de facto ethnoimperialism – that is, Northwest Europeans get to have their own sovereign states, but Southern and Eastern European nations have to be flop houses, crash pads, and bordellos for WASP and Germanic expats who go where they please, live where they please, screw who they please, and colonize where they please.  Hypocrites.

His definition of “White nationalism” is ludicrous.  Why have a separate term of “White nationalism” at all?  Why not simply an English nationalism, a French nationalism, a German nationalism, an Italian nationalism, each on its own, without any need for an overarching description needed to tie them together?  The term “White nationalism” – for everyone except ethnoimperialist liars – is summarized by ORION (Our Race Is Our Nation), championed by WNs long before trash like Johnson got into the “scene.”  The concept, the whole idea behind that phrase – which has been championed even by people like Strom – is the concept underlying White nationalism as understood by real White nationalists: That of a national identity build first and foremost, predominantly, upon race, with other identities secondary.  The primary allegiance, the primary identity, the primary vision of peoplehood, is racial, not ethnic. Similarly, German nationalism subsumes Prussian, Bavarian, and Saxon et al. identities – perhaps a pre-Bismarckian kraut would have viewed a “German nation” to be an impossibility as well, eh? 

Indeed, saying that “White nationalism” understood in that way is impossible because “Whites have never been a nation” is copying leftist talking points.  What stupidity.  Hey, an all-White America never existed.  There were Negroes and Amerindians on this territory from the beginning.  So, it’s impossible!  Moron.  Hypocrite.  Gaslighting liar and grifting fraud.

Gaslighting liar.  The ultimate cause of WWI – as everyone other than ethnoimperialist liars like Johnson understands – was the national rivalries between European nations, particularly the competition between a fading UK and a rising Germany, with French revanchism and fears and Russian ambitions playing their part.  The moribund Austro-Hungarian “Empire” and their monarchy was just an excuse. 

Can you trust Johnson’s judgment on any of this, when he has been wrong about just about everything, for years, as chronicled in detail at this blog? The hero of The Pilleater Chronicles, of multiple infiltrations, of endless feuds, of tin cup grifting.  The archetype, the paragon, of Der Movement’s ethnic affirmative action program; if this freak had been a wop or hunkie, or even a mick, he would have been allowed to disappear into well-earned obscurity long ago.  But the sweaty fetishists of Der Movement keep on propping up this intellectually vapid no account fraud, as they do to his equally inept and vacuous rival, The Master of Disaster, Richard Spencer.  

Of course, we must understand that Johnson is not really a true ethnonationalist, but is instead an ethnoimperialist. If we assume he’s “sincere,” and not doing a job for the enemies of the White race, then he likely wants to divide Europe so as to empower his Herrenvolk ethnoimperialist elite.  We got to have the John Morgans using Hungary as a crash pad, the Full Moon Ancestries using Eastern Europe as a bordello, and the Johnsons skipping from nation to nation as the Wandering WASP.  His ethnonationalism is the mirror image of the EU, which is nothing more than naked German domination, Johnsonian “ethnonationalism” is summed up by the motto “sovereignty for me, subservience to thee.” Or is he going to convince his lapdog Morgan to stop parasitizing off of Hungarian living space?  Are his writers going to stop being Nordic versions of Roosh – “bang East Europe?”  Ah, no. Ethnonationalism is not for those “low types” of the South and East don’t you know, the racial aristocrats turn up their noses at the peons of Southern and Eastern Europe.

More on this issue:

And, laughably, this is my argument on his own blog – back before Johnson’s crazed obsession with Richard Spencer got the better of him and he decided to attack pan-Europeanism as part of some petty catty spite.

EGI Notes has been in error for not taking the Johnson threat to White nationalism seriously enough.  I apologize for this oversight and will make an attempt to correct it.  As Johnson seems to be the primary internal, faux-intellectual threat to White nationalism, as WNs have traditionally perceived it, he will need to be a subject of increased scrutiny.

I have been warning all of you of the threat posed by the HBD-Nordicist-Ethnonationalist alliance, and we can observe that they are making a concerted effort to ruin the possibility of an authentic pan-European cooperation among Whites. Interesting – but not surprising given that they are gaslighting liars – they invert the truth of the underlying issues here. They pretend that they are the champions of national sovereignty and the pan-Europeanists are all oppressive empire builders, smothering national identities.  In point of fact – objective fact if you observe their actual behavior – they champion ethnoimperialist oppression, while pan-Europeanists champion a voluntary coming together of European peoples to advance their group interests.

In my pan-European view, for example, Hungary can forever be Hungary and, while part of a pan-European Confederation, will maintain its right of ethnic homogeneity and domestic sovereignty. In Johnson’s ethnoimperialist “ethnonationalism,” Hungary is a de jure sovereign state, but de facto it is nothing more than John Morgan’s crash pad and a bordello for the likes of Full Moon Ancestry and Anton.  Make way Magyars for your racial superiors!  You are “sovereign” but if a British/Saxon wants your apartment he takes it, and if a Dane wants your woman, he takes her. Move over, you hora-dancing Romanians, the Anglo Munro wants your land and your women. Move over, Italians, Farrell wants your women, injecting himself into your gene pool.  Move over Spaniards and Bulgarians, British expats want to colonize your nations.  Ethnonationalism!  Sovereignty!  But, alas, not for the likes of you.  Instead, it are the pan-Europeanists who will give you your national freedom.  It’s the pan-Europeanists who will give Hungarians the right to rid themselves of unwanted invaders like Morgan.

Real leaders, men of vision, provide direction to the masses instead of following the masses and accommodating all of their pettiness and their tendencies toward the narcissism of small differences.  Leaders with vision are men of great thoughts and great deeds, not those who preach to us the atomization of a Europe in which we all will hide “snug in our hobbit holes.”  Of course, leaders need to keep in mind what is possible.  However, since the nations of Europe voluntarily formed and joined the EU (and today only object to its intrusive and SJW implementation by the “high trust northern hunter gatherers” who are the dominant force within it) I fail to see how a pan-European Confederation is “impossible.”  In fact, it is ethnonationalism that is impossible, as demonstrated by the fact that its most vocal promoters are unable to practice its tenets in their own private lives, instead stampeding over Southern and Eastern Europe like the worst sort of Brussels bureaucrats. Further, lacking any intellectual basis of their own beliefs, they have to, laughably, identify with Francis Parker Yockey, a man who would despise them and all they stand for, and term them “culture retarders” and “Michels.”

And why does Counter-Currents promote the idea of “Intermarium” if single nation ethnonationalism is so grand?  What?  Do we need a single Eastern European neck for the Anglo-Germanic leash?  Bark, Slavs and Magyars, bark, roll over, and play dead – your WASP, Saxon, and Danish masters are here.  And hand over your women (or your teen-aged boy toys, as the case may be).

Sure, Greggy, let’s not blame China.  I guess the HBD part of your alliance has the most “juice,” eh?  Or is your push for European atomization not only to enable ethnoimperialism among Anglo-Nordic-Germanic elites, but also to empower China’s rise to dominance? As I’ve said, any White who writes for Unz is a despicable race traitor.  Is any of this surprising then?  Is Greg Johnson one of the White race’s predominant foes?

At this point, let us examine the various components of the HBD-Nordicist-Ethnonationalist alliance, and the motivations of each faction for opposing pan-Europeanism.

The HBDers have as their objective creating a racial caste system with unmixed Jews and East Asians (and higher IQ South Asians) at the top (the “Inner Party”), a mongrelized Jeurasian (Jews, Asians, and higher-IQ [mostly “Nordic”] Whites race-mixed together) middle group (the “Outer Party”) and subaltern Whites as a helot class (the “Proles”) – perhaps with those Whites mixing with Blacks and Hispanics (Redblex).  Indeed, this is HBDer Sailer as quoted at the pro-Asian, anti-White HBD GNXP site:

It’s interesting to speculate on the future of intermarriage in America. Marriages are increasingly likely to be between people of different ethnic groups but of similar IQ’s, and there’s no reason to assume this trend will stop. America’s obsession with sending everybody to college means that young people get sorted by SAT score (i.e., IQ) when they’re at their most romantic. Therefore, it’s quite possible that the top dogs in America will in future generations look different than they do now, but they probably won’t look much like the future underdogs, either. If we were to halt immigration now, continuing intermarriage along IQ lines might in many generations lead to the country being run by an IQ overclass of mostly “Jeurasians” (i.e., a genetic blend of the smarter European gentiles, Jews, East Asians, South Asians, Armenians, and possibly other Middle Easterners). In contrast, the lower ranks might consist largely of “Redblex”: a rather lumpy partial blend of redneck whites, blacks, and Mexicans.

That’s the HBDers who wrote that, not me.  That’s not “paranoid ideation” on my part.  That’s their own words, with the boys at GNXP being very excited about that possibility.

To achieve this goal, obviously there must be no White solidarity, no pan-Europeanism standing opposed to Jews, Asians, and other non-Whites, and no kin-based racialism opposed to miscegenation, but instead an aracial “cognitive elitism” and a lack of a distinct race-based White consciousness.

The Nordicists are motivated by their intense hatred toward non-Nordic Europeans, with Southern Europeans being enemy number one and Eastern Europeans as enemy number two. They despise non-Nordic Whites far more than they do non-Whites, eagerly grasping onto the latter to oppose the former. Hence, Nordicists would join GNXP comments threads to support the Brownster anti-pan-European agendas, and leading Nordicists would defend the Chinese against charges of cannibalism (charges proven correct; e.g., as political retribution during the Cultural Revolution – eating “class enemies”).

The Ethnonationalists are motivated to oppose pan-Europeanism since they want an atomized Europe, prey to Anglo-Nordic-Germanic ethnoimperialists, so that Southern and Eastern Europe can be exploited and colonized by self-styled “racial aristocrats” and their neo-feudalism, with Saxons making Budapest into a “crash pad,” Danes using the Ukraine and Poland as their bordello, and elitist Anglos gallivanting across Europe with young gay partners in tow (as well as having an international assortment of men’s rooms to harass innocent folks in).

The gaslighters will of course rant about “paranoid ideation” (since the truth hits too close to home), but let us be clear here. I am NOT talking about some sort of tightly knit, highly organized conspiracy, with all the parties gathering together like the Elders of Zion, hatching their plots, while cackling and rubbing their hands together. Instead, I view this as a more loosely knit confluence of interests among groups that otherwise are in opposing in other matters, but are so hysterically anti-pan-European that these other matters take a back seat to cooperation against what they perceive as the biggest threat to their common interests.

HBD Gods threaten America.  HBDers are de facto traitors; an investigation is required to determine whether they are de jure traitors as well.

This must be the first step in the Black Man’s demographic conquest of China.  Black Man- China is your promised land!  Migrate there in the hundreds of millions – Africa’s excess population has a home in the tropical land of China.

Der Movement continues to humiliate itself.  How’s that affirmative action program working out for you guys?

Confused? If you ignore the labels, however, the two parties are pretty much what they have always been-a southern-Catholic coalition against a Yankee-black coalition, enlarged by Germanic and Jewish Americans.

Outsiders frequently think of Boston in terms of its student population, its lively downtown and the Yankee traditions of Beacon Hill, but it is in reality a city of working‐class neighborhoods, many of them closeknit ethnic Irish or Italian enclaves where Mr. Wallace did exceedingly well.

Wallace, a mostly Southern-oriented candidate, came in a distant third, with 5.29%. He did best in suburban and exurban counties around New York, and reached double figures in some wholly Italian-American precincts.

But, let’s talk about the “racially Nordic Catholic Weyrich.”  

Calling Out Der Movement’s Yang Gang

And the whole Man on White Horse Syndrome.

See this.

We have to endure this mangy Oriental preaching to us how grateful we have to be that his scabrous yellow family moved to the USA and blessed us all with their high, high-IQ.

Yang supports amnesty (with citizenship!), he supports the “Dreamers,” and he wants to increase the H-1B influx of Asiatics.  Yang is the GNXP dream come true, Asian cognitive elitists displacing Whites from the professions. Yang, an anti-White Asian (is there any other kind?), wants to pay off Whitey at the cheap, cheap price of $1,000 per month so as to convince Whitey to accept dispossession and a place at the bottom of the racial hierarchy, begging for handouts from inscrutable Orientals. And the moronic “movement” just loves Yang,  joins the “Yang Gang,” praises this piece of Asiatic filth, and they endorse him.

After all, he’ll give them a paltry handout each month – assuming that White “haters” are not specifically excluded.  Deplatformed from UBI – say it ain’t so!  The Eggroll disappoints!

Then you have the other hero, Duke, endorsing Princess Tulsi “Reparations for Negroes” Coconut.  I don’t know guys, you think that maybe anti-White non-White liberal Democrats with an axe to grind against Euro-Americans may not be the optimal candidates to endorse for the Presidency? Think hard now. Take your time; I wouldn’t want you to strain your brain cell (singular).

And that’s after the Trump humiliation, which they’ve apparently learned nothing from.  What next?  Maybe they’ll endorse Sharpton for President; after all, the good “reverend” really stood up to those “Zionist Jews” in Crown Heights, huh?

You can take a random collection of retards from your local Special Olympics and they would have more insight and judgment than the affirmative action misfits masquerading as “movement leaders.”

Keep on enabling them, you rank-and-file.  Rally to their aid when they have that tin cup a’rattlin’ – such as:

Realistically, that means that if Counter-Currents is going to continue to grow, we must cultivate a smaller circle of high-commitment, high-dollar patrons. I know you are out there. Until now, you have been part of a much larger donor pool, and you could take that into account when calculating your support. Now, we can no longer take that for granted. So I would like to talk to you about increasing your support to make Counter-Currents less vulnerable to deplatforming.

Open dem dere checkbooks, suckers!

Ol’ Humphrey was a real hypocrite:

…Wilmot Robertson argued that “demoralization” is a dire threat to populations. “If you are not permitted to utter or hear one good word about your own people,” he wrote, “then no matter how great your capabilities, you will be hard put to overcome the mental and physical paralysis imposed by demoralization.”

How about folks like “Robertson” demoralizing Southern Europeans?  Have dem dere swarthoids ever heard “one good word” about their “people” from Der Movement?  Or are we to agonize over those five foot tall superstitious greasers scurrying around like roaches?

By the way, anyone in Der Movement who is getting all excited over Reagan’s “monkeys” comments are morons – those comments were just blustering “Bunkerism;” Reagan did nothing positive for his White voting base (sound familiar?).

Even More Winning

Endless losing.

The two things I bothered to listen to here was the Anarcho-Tyranny airport incident and about the Derbyshire Yellow Supremacist speech.

The major point not mentioned in regard to Anarcho-Tyranny is that this harassment of people on the Right is taking place under the regime of The God Emperor Trump. Johnson’s “sincere” Trump, the avatar of White demographics, is presiding over a Radical Left Dystopia in which WNs are persecuted by his DOJ, banned from traveling, harassed, deplatforming, physically attacked in the streets, etc. Don’t ever admit that you were wrong, Greg, you wouldn’t want to mar your impressive record of zero self-awareness and zero accountability.

About the “remarkably witty” Derbyshire, at least they have it right that Derbyshire’s talk had “the least amount of substance” and that Derbyshire’s “Arctic Alliance” “sounds like his marriage” and that they are confused about “what is the purpose” of it all.  Johnson is correct that Derbyshire is an “IQ supremacist and cognitive elitist” – and further, that cognitive elitism is extremely dangerous in that high-IQ immigrants are more of a danger for displacing natives and for miscegenation (the HBD plan).

Johnson is wrong that Asian immigration is a “small demographic problem” – China has long been one of the leading sources of legal immigration to the US; Korea provides many invaders as well.

Derbyshire “wasted a slot” – blame Taylor for that.

Morgan’s anti-pan-Europeanism is disgusting and hypocritical. Can you please leave Hungary, since you are not an ethnic Hungarian?  Anglo-Saxons are not quite ethnically and culturally congruent with Hungarians from the ethnonationalist perspective you espouse. Of course, as I’ve talked about in the past, when these guys talk about ethnonationalism they really mean ethnocolonialism. Morgan living in someone else’s nation while pontificating about the virtues of narrow ethnonationalism; Munro living in Romania with sexual access to a Romanian woman (“wife”) while telling us how horrid Romanians are, Farrell living in Italy with sexual access to his Italian “wife” while shaking his head sadly at woppish ineptitude, Deasy visiting Bulgaria and regaling us with the deficiencies of Bulgarians and how their faces “take getting used to.” You see, our betters will live among us like feudal lords, telling us how bad it will be for there to be any political equity and cooperation among our peoples. Sort of like those British who love Brexit but who for some reason move to Spain, southern France, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, etc. while “Commonwealth” Negroes and Pakis flood into the UK (as long as it is not Poles, A-OK).

So much winning.

A bit of Negritude.

More and more winning.

Sign and Move On

More negativism.

Race and ethnicity as cancer factors.

Some of it may be genetic – hence the Asiatic link between Asians, Amerindians, and Hispanics having relatively low cancer risk factors in America despite differences in culture, lifestyle, and socioeconomic factors.  However, building upon the arguments here, I believe that the anti-White System contributes to Whites being second behind Blacks.  Given the horrific lifestyles, diets, and incredible female obesity among Blacks, it is no surprise they are first, despite being coddled, and catered to, by the Establishment.  But the high White cancer risk fits in well with the whole spectrum of declining White lifespans, the opioid crisis, and other factors reflecting the degeneration of the White position in America.

And the “God Emperor” contributes to this.  Thus: Donald Trump – anti-White, pro-immigration, far left, subhuman animal.

In a tweet, Trump said those who hold the temporary H1-B visas can “rest assured” because changes were coming that will bring “both simplicity and certainty to your stay, including a potential path to citizenship.”

More, more, more Asian cognitive elitists to displace native born White Americans!  Forget about dem dere IT jobs now, Whitey!  Just train your brownster replacement, and humbly prostate yourself before the Altar of Asia!

Hey!  I think we have a shortage of real estate moguls and reality TV personalities.  Let’s bring a bunch in via H1-B visas and give them citizenship.  Why not?

Consider this from Trump’s TV address:

America proudly welcomes millions of lawful immigrants who enrich our society and contribute to our nation.  But all Americans are hurt by uncontrolled, illegal migration.  It strains public resources and drives down jobs and wages.  Among those hardest hit are African Americans and Hispanic Americans.

Thus – illegal aliens who displace African Americans and Hispanic Americans are bad, bad, bad, and we need to stop that.  Legal immigrants from Asia who displace European Americans are good, good, good, and we need more of them.

Is Donald J. Trump the absolute worst person on Earth?

It’s The Woman on Green Pepe Syndrome!

Yahoo commentator:

Chinese are already “easing” into Russia’s depopulated Russian Far East. A treasure house of resources China desperately needs and the Russian’s suicidal demographics is leaving the region wide open. And yet Putin obsesses over the west, which is the least of Russia’s worries and possibly its only salvation.

Is Putin an HBDer?  Or is Derbyshire his advisor?

It is fascinating, but not surprising, that an anti-WN Jew uses the same talking points as the Nordicists. Divide and conquer.

Newsflash to Middle Easterner Podhoretz – it is 2019 and not 1919, and most Americans (unfortunately) even consider Jews to be “White” (although they may have hesitation about the Jews’ minority status and Middle Eastern antecedents).  Given that, does anyone other than “movement” Nutzis consider actual European groups like Italians, Russians, and Central Europeans (Central Europeans!) to be “non-White?”  

Do Americans believe that Antonin Scalia, Natalie Wood, Wayne Gretzky, and Larry Csonka were/are non-White?  Is Podhoretz mad?

And if Russians are “non-White,” then what does Pushkin’s African ancestry matter?  Wouldn’t he be “non-White” even he had been a pure Slav?  This hallux-headed Jew really is stupid and inconsistent, isn’t he?

If you are going to go down that road, then there was a time that the Irish were hated, and Germans as well.  Those are groups that Podjewretz would comfortably put in the “White” category.  So, what’s the point?  Obviously the point is playing the divide and conquer game, a game for which Jews and other anti-White leftists find willing useful idiots in Der Movement.

And, whatever one may think about Berbers, even Stoddard considered them a “White stock” and thought that French-Berber intermarriage in North Africa would cement that area as part of the “White world.”  We do not necessarily have to agree with those sentiments to understand that Berbers are a NEC group much more “White” than “Black” and St. Augustine would likely be considered to be phenotypically “White” if alive today.  Further, there is no strong evidence that Alexander Hamilton had any other ancestry than British and French.  And even if he had trace amounts of non-White ancestry, so what?  Does it mean anything?