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Rotten Orange News and Sailer the Cuck

Two morons.

The Rotten Orange: The fat slob moron is now saying that we need to make trade concessions to China in order to get the Chinese to “help” deal with North Korea’s nuclear program.  Can we think of anything more Neocon cuck-like than that?  Look, Fat Don, if the Chinese, who share a border with North Korea, cannot be bothered to deal with this on their own initiative, for the own self-interest, then perhaps America, separated from these Asiatic aliens by an ocean, shouldn’t get so worked up about it?

Yes, we’ll be told that America is still technically at war with North Korea, while China is their ally; to which I say: it’s time to sign a real peace treaty with North Korea and let the South Koreans fend for themselves. The South can develop their own nuclear deterrent, and Japan as well, and America can worry more about Americans, defending our economic interests from voracious Asiatics, and defending our borders from Colored invaders.

And, yes, true, an ocean of separation doesn’t make a difference to ICBMs and SLBMs, but, you know, the missiles can fly in both directions. Ultimately, we cannot dictate to other nations what their military can be; we need to build our own nuclear arsenal, make clear that any attack against the USA will met with a devastating response, and let Asians take care of their own business.

We see Sailer continuing to promote the anti-White ultracucking of “citizenism” and then we have this:

My contribution perhaps is to explain the inevitability of identity politics and to recommend prudent policies for moderating their impact.

That is exactly the opposite of what we need.  Moderate the impact of identity politics? No, no, no!  Instead we must do everything to exacerbate identity politics, we need to promote group animus, and we must have more division, more hatred, more chaos, more balkanization, and more extremism.

Do we need any more evidence that Sailer is part of the System, and that the Alt Lite/Alt Wrong is an enemy and not an ally.


Rotten Orange News: Trump Chumps the Chumps

Introducing Rotten Orange News.

Rotten Orange News: Stories that chronicle Der Movement’s humiliation by the betrayal of their latest “man on white horse.”

Let’s not deport those “dreamers.”  After all, White American citizens don’t have their own dreams; no, they have to live the nightmare of the illegal invasion just so that insectivore-faced Ivanka can bask in her moral righteousness.

Border wall?  We don’t need no stinkin’ border wall!

Necon in foreign policy; Neocon in economic policy.

Behold the Ultra Cuck

First rule of Trump Club: the buffoonish race cuck will betray his base at every opportunity.

Read here, excerpts, emphasis added:

Young immigrants brought to the U.S. as children and now here illegally can “rest easy,” President Donald Trump said Friday, telling the “dreamers” they will not be targets for deportation under his immigration policies.

Trump, in a wide-ranging interview with The Associated Press, said his administration is “not after the dreamers…The president said Friday he spent his first 100 days laying the “foundation” for progress later in his administration, including by building relationships with foreign leaders. He cited German Chancellor Angela Merkel as a leader he was surprised to have developed strong chemistry with, given that he has been critical of her handling of immigration policies.

As a candidate, Trump strongly criticized President Barack Obama for “illegal executive amnesties,” including actions to spare from deportation young people who were brought to the country as children and now are here illegally. But after the election, Trump started speaking more favorably about these immigrants, popularly dubbed “dreamers.” On Friday, he said that when it comes to them, “This is a case of heart.”

How’s that “4-D chess” coming along, Roissy?

Any of the fanboys perturbed that pink-frilled Republican Neocon Miss Lindsey Graham is “all in” (an interesting choice of words) with Trump? Lindsey and Roissy can imagine themselves as little girls lying in the grass together dreaming of the Big Orange “Alpha” in the White House.


Behold the Alt Right, 4/7/17

Two items.

Kushner the cuck is winning, goy civic nationalist Bannon is losing.  Thus, Trump is morphing into a Neocon: pro-Jewish, pro-Chinese, anti-Russian, obsessed with “conservative” details while ignoring hardcore “blood and soil” issues.

Related to this, further criticism of Morgan and the Alt Right’s 1984-style attempt to rewrite history is as follows. 

A better riposte on my part is to focus on how unreasonable it is to use the word “unequivocally.” Who ever “unequivocally” supports any candidate or even any activist or piece of work?  I do not unequivocally support the work of Salter, and certainly not of Yockey.  Really – I do not even unequivocally support my own work!  There’s always doubts, always room for change, room for improvement, room for admitting you may be wrong.  To use the word “unequivocally” is in my opinion being disingenuous – you can always walk back your previous positions by saying you did not “unequivocally” support them. So what?  Are you going to do nothing and believe in nothing except for those times you “unequivocally” support something?

“Unequivocally” is an unreasonable standard.  Best to say that much of the Alt Right was fervidly and in some cases uncritically supportive of Trump the candidate, Trump the man. In the case of Roissy, it’s been hero worship to the point of hysteria.  The disappointment was easy to predict, as it has happened time and time again, and the “movement” never learns. 

Second, let’s see what the “Goddess” and “Lioness” of the Right is doing. It’s Dynomite!

Really, even if they are just “good friends” – no sure bet given Mudshark Annie’s dating history – that isn’t much better.  She’s “good friends” with that?  Hear the lioness roar!

Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement marches on.

Exposing Ben Shapiro

Nothing surprising here.

I don’t see why anyone is surprised that a Jewish Neocon is hysterically anti-Trump, is hypocritical about ethnonationalism for Jews vs. Whites, tries to conflate genuine racial nationalism with fraudulent Sailerian citizenism, runs to a liberal newspaper to attack those on the Right while posing as a “conservative,” promotes aracial policies for America, and is an out-and-out mendacious hypocrite.

It’s in the blood, as they say.

Example 1,001 in the case exhibit on how Jewish interests are incompatible with those of Whites.

Four Trumpian Scenarios

Possible long-term election outcomes.

There are of course a large number of possible long-term outcomes that can occur dependent upon the result of the next Presidential election.  Many of these possibilities are variations on common themes, and some are more likely than others. Rather than present a long, exhaustive (and exhausting) list, I will simply discuss, in very general terms, four possible outcomes, best and worst case scenarios for both a Trump victory and a Trump defeat.  This assumes the election will take the form of Republican Trump vs. Democrat Clinton, with, especially for the Trump loses scenarios, anti-Trump cuckservative third party possibilities being also included.
Trump Wins:
1. Best case outcome: President Trump actually follows through on most of his immigration policies, to the delight of his alt-right fanboys, thus slowing down (NOT stopping, much less reversing) White dispossession. By these actions, Trump enrages the anti-White forces, promoting race hatred, chaos, and balkanization in America, despite Trump’s attempts at a more aracial civic nationalism.  Therefore, rather than being lulled to sleep or marginalized, Whites are energized, and White Identity Politics become a permanent part of the political landscape of America, right-wing populism is here to stay.  This very unlikely outcome would become more possible if Trump decides he wants only one term and goes all-out in doing what’s necessary, regardless of potential political consequences.
2. Worst case outcome: President Trump becomes another Ronnie Raygun, fooling the White masses with empty bluster and warmed over civic nationalism.  Whites are lulled to sleep by the idea that “our guy is in charge and all is well,” while Trump reneges on all his immigration policies.  White dispossession intensifies and accelerates, while White rage is dissipated by Trumpian bluster, onanistic gamester fervor, and all the asinine “It’s Morning in America Again” Sailerian citizenism.  The anti-Whites will still hate Trump, but their rage is muted since Trump actually does nothing and the Left wins again. Whites, meanwhile, go back to watching football, while wondering why the numbers of coloreds around them are increasing exponentially.  This is the most likely outcome of a Trump victory.
Trump loses:
3. Best case outcome:  Trump’s loss is blamed on the Republican Establishment (which will be particularly easy if the cucks run a third party candidate).  The rage of the White masses destroys the old GOP, while a Clinton Presidency engages in the most outrageous anti-White activities.  The energy and dynamism unleashed by the Trump campaign is channeled into either a fully right-wing populist new GOP or an ascendant third party that replaces the GOP.  The necons and cucks are dumped into the dustbin of history and the scenario is primed for a candidate that combines sincere pro-White policies with NOT being an ignorant and vulgar buffoon. However, even in this case, all the “movement” Trump fanboys will be delegitimized by having tied so much of themselves into a Trump victory – “Trump is the last chance for White America.”  If they believe that, then a Trump defeat should leave them hopeless and they should step aside and let more serious and competent people run things for a change.
4. Worst case outcome: The Clinton victory and subsequent presidency is blamed on right-wing populism and “White racism,” as the neocons and cucks grab the megaphone and hammer home the message that the anti-Establishment bigotry of Whites is at fault. Pathetic Whites buy into this, and all the energy and dynamism of the Trump campaign is lost, and the whole populist direction is completely discredited.  Meek Whites are marginalized and silenced, their votes are once again taken for granted, the Republicans out-pander the Democrats to grab colored votes, the GOP joins with Clinton to open the immigration floodgates, Whites are dispirited, and the Trump failure is seen as a lost gamble that sets back pro-White right-wing populism for at least a generation, just like Hitler’s lost gamble set back racialism since the end of WWII. The whole idea of looking out for White interests is delegitimized on the “right,” WN is set back either further than before, and Whites are worse off than if Trump never ran for President in the first place.
I’d say that the two “worst case” scenarios are by far the most likely, and the “best case” scenarios are unlikely, although number three is significantly more likely than number one.  In all cases except number one, Der Movement would have been proven wrong, and the “leadership” humiliated.  Even if number one occurs, that’s just the start, if Der Movement cannot take advantage of the opportunity, they would have failed once again.  As usual…

In the News, 3/8/16

Jews, Derb, Der Movement, the Asian Tide of Color, and Shrewd Slovaks
Jewish Neocons against Trump. Surprise!  Also note the mention of Trump’s inept campaign and his omega male dependence on free media, rather than putting on his big boy pants and actually running an effective ad campaign.
I support free speech, but I support White survival more. Thus, I can’t get real worked up over Williams College censorship of anti-White, pro-Jewish, pro-Asian, pro-miscegenation leftist activist John Derbyshire.  Instead, let us congratulate them for showing good sense and refined taste.
The comments section here is of interest.  I side with the anti-big tent view, that we should NOT have “solidarity” with every Jew, neckbeard, troll, or nitwit who professes at least some allegiance to the “right.”  Where I disagree is defining the extent of the problem.  I do not see it as just eschewing fringe problem areas; instead I see the fundamental core of the “movement” as being completely compromised.  Where is the outrage over the fact that Revilo Oliver bemoaned 50 years of failure…in 1969?!!!  Where is the disgust over the fact that the “movement” has seamlessly went from fawning over Putin to fawning over Trump, oblivious to the decades-long record of being politically cuckolded by failed “White saviors riding in on their white horses?”  Where is the introspective self-examination of “movement” “leaders” over their own failures?
I agree with Spencer that the over-the top fawning over Trump is misguided. The part about the servers being non-White (well, it was DC) was amusing.  I remember the suggestion of someone (it may have been Bowery) years ago, re: Amren conventions, suggesting that attendees pack their own food.  Something to think about.
Notice the emphasis of Asian nations hostile to Trump – together with their colored allies in the Middle East and Mexico, as well their White liberal allies among cucked Europe.  Contrary to what cunning Asian female infiltrators, and their infatuated White male step-and-fetchits, tell you, Asians HATE, HATE, HATE Whites.  The existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites. Yockey on Japan: denial of the West.  That’s right: Asian = anti-West.  The idea that even a fraud like Trump will get the lowly Whites worked up against their Asian Overlords infuriates the Yellow-Brown haters from the East.  All food for thought, eh?
Meanwhile, the White American voters should make it clear that foreigners do not determine our political choices.