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Some Possible Livestream Questions

Reasonable and respectful questions.

Forgive me for not knowing how this works – do you actually to have to pay in order to have your questions asked? Ordinarily, I would advise people to eschew such activity, but this brings up an interesting situation.

Let’s assume you pay for the “privilege” of asking questions. Very well. What if some EGI Notes readers were to shell out the money and submit certain questions to Johnson?  He would then have two choices. First, he could answer them, which in some cases may be uncomfortable. Or, second, he can refuse – either by completely disregarding them and/or refusing the donation, or by reading them and then refusing to answer (or by refusing to give a proper and complete answer).  

With respect to the two possibilities of refusal – if the former, then at least the person sending the money knows the truth (and can always bring that up at other blogs and websites and forums), and if the latter the refusal to honor the terms of the donation will be more openly exposed. 


Some possible livestream questions:

Why does Johnson engage in defamation of critics (e.g., Sallis)?

How does a PhD in philosophy provide to him the expertise to diagnose “insanity” in others?

It is often said that “in an insane society, it are the sane who are called insane.” Doesn’t attributing “insanity” to “movement” critics therefore raise questions about the “movement” itself?

Why does he call for open debate and then refuse names offered by Twitter users as potential debate opponents?

Why does he put conditions on who is acceptable to debate that eliminate potentially strong opponents?

Why does he “ban” critics from his blog?

To what does he ascribe his relatively rapid ascent to prominence in the “movement?”

Why has he fallen out with so many of his past writers, collaborators, associates, podcast guests, etc?  Liddell, Friberg, Spencer, Sallis, Parrott, Dickson, Polignano, Linder, on-and-off with Wallace, etc…this is a highly disparate group of individuals, with differing ideologies, personalities, ethnicities, etc.  Are Johnson’s problems with them really the fault of all those different people?  Isn’t it more likely that the problem is with the common denominator – Johnson himself?

If he contends that the problem is with all of these other people, doesn’t that reflect poorly on his judgment for associating with them?  Didn’t “better people” (who are they?) consider such associations as “indecent?”

Following up on that, what does it say about Johnson and Counter-Currents that a significant fraction of the chapters in this book are by authors no longer affiliated with Counter-Currents? If I and my contributions are so “indecent,” what does it say about Johnson’s judgment that he included two pieces of work from me in that book, his volume one  “flagship of the line?”

Did his animus toward Spencer actually originate with the Budapest NPI conference?

What exactly is the full story about Polignano and Counter-Currents?

What is his defense, re: Pilleater, Hermansson, Lewis? Why didn’t he take Pilleater’s complaints of sexual harassment by Counter-Currents associates as seriously as Collett did with the accusations against Robertson?  

During the Pilleater conversation, Johnson asserted that he has significant responsibility vetting people for Amren meetings. In a subsequent podcast, Forney asserted that he asked about that and it was not true. Can we get clarification on that issue?

Why did he (Johnson) change his mind about the utility of attending WN conferences such as Amren?

A certain Facebook group dedicated to a particular sexual-orientation cohort of “movement” “activists” was referred to in the Pilleater conversation. What objective does that group have within the spectrum of the “movement?”   

How is ethnonationalism compatible with the actual personal behavior of Counter-Currents writers, including living in other people’s nations and the sexual exploitation of Eastern European women?  If ethnonationalism is good and proper and natural, why is it that some of its most loud promoters, and their associates, are unable to actualize ethnonationalist ideals in their own private lives?

Does he agree with Jeelvy’s boomer-bashing?  In what manner is intra-White generational warfare, as promoted by Counter-Currents, helpful?

If petty nationalism is good, then why promote the work of Yockey, who openly denounced such nationalism?

Does he still promote warfare and ethnic cleansing among Europeans as part of petty nationalism?

Does he still believe that “Trump is toast in 2020 no matter what?”

Does he still believe that there will be a “race war” by the summer of 2021?

Does he still believe that Trump is a sincere man of genuine greatness?

Does he still believe that Trump would have won in 2016 mirroring a Jeb Bush platform?  Why does no one else, including Trump himself, believe that?

What does he do with all of the money he gets from supporters? How exactly is it spent?

Does he still stand by his earlier words of harsh criticism of Derbyshire, or is the Derb  alright now?

Why write for the Unz site, which was promoting the “American bioweapon” narrative of coronavirus?  

In what manner is the current trajectory of the “movement” consistent with eventual victory?

How exactly will that victory be achieved?

Why was he on board the Alt Right train in 2016-2017 going so far to equate the Alt Right and White nationalism?

After what happened at the first Scandza forum he couldn’t get into, why go back another time?  Was that the best use of his time and his supporters’ donations?

On what evidence does he base his various serious allegations against Daniel Friberg?  

Those questions are probing, some may be contentious, and some may even be termed combative. However, none of them can be reasonably seen as offensive or insulting.  All of them deal with issues that are in the public domain, nothing here deals with anything secret, private, personal, etc.  Those questions merely ask for input, insight, and clarification about facts, issues, problems, writings, podcasts, conversations, etc. that have all been already discussed publicly in one forum or another; however, Johnson has not (directly) addressed most of them. Certainly, there is no obligation to answer all (or any, of course) of them, but they are all reasonable questions to ask of someone with a prominent leadership role in the American “movement.”  Nothing there is unfair or unreasonable.

And readers of this blog can no doubt think of many other questions.

Once more Sallis is correct.  A considerable portion of the ignorant, anti-science attitude of the Right in America comes from religion, which I address often here.  Mix in a dose of “traditionalism” in general, conspiracy-mongering of weak minds who can’t or won’t address real and open “conspiracies,” and the reverse snobbery of “we salt of the earth street-smart folks know better than all dem dere pointy-headed ivy-tower intellectuals,” and you have a recipe for disaster.

No doubt as well it’ll be difficult getting the vaccine while dodging all those scurrying tardigrades and caterpillars trying to escape extinction from Stronza’s “bullets flying everywhere.”

Why is the Right always a pathetic embarrassment?

This demonstrates why we need experts and why the reverse snobbery and whining about “credentialism” (often by people who promote religion, by the way) is so destructive. Should public policy be determined by the mindset exposed by that article? And I’m amused by all these types afraid that a vaccine will be used to “track them” – most of these red state landwhales are so huge that someone on the other side of the Earth can “track them” just by looking out the window; their flaps of fat visible from thousands of miles away (and the smell even further).

Why don’t real Russians denounce this Tatar-Jew masquerading as one of you?  One quick look at him and I knew he wasn’t actually an ethnic Russian.

Odds and Ends, 5/7/20

In der news.

What was the discovery?  How to spread it to Whites more effectively?  Seriously though, one wonders why one Chinese would kill another with this coronavirus connection.  It does make one wonder.

Another Asian beauty!  Awkward squad sweatily murmurs, “hubba hubba.”

Yet another Asian beauty!  The face that launched a thousand vomits.

I mean, can you get any more alien and TROPICAL than that?  That’s part of the pan-colored TROPICAL ALLIANCE against Whites.  Derbyshire weeps.

This is the natural outcome of the anti-White Jewish-Chinese alliance.  The truth has been revealed. Silkers weep.

“Canada is also viewed as a very multicultural space, a safe space,” she said. In the past, many newcomers from India would settle in the Toronto area, but now, there’s “a saturation of too many international students in Ontario” so they’re looking further afield, and attending colleges, as well as universities, to take courses that will lead to work here in Canada.

In other words, the niche space of Ontario is already full of yellow and brown Asiatics, who have depleted that space like a plague of locusts descending on a crop field. Time to move on to fresh pastures!

Who is betraying White interests in Canada? Must be a wop, right?  Looks like a Med!

The comments are the best part of this absurdly biased tweet.  Methinks Duchesne is reading too much MacDonald.  “Important” – the only thing the krauts are “important” for is forcibly spreading multiculturalism in Europe.  If your taint of MacDonaldism is too strong to consider any Southern Europeans as “important” enough, then how about Russia?  Or are they out for being not “Western?’’ I agree with the commentators who aver that if Duchesne’s options are our only choices, then we’re done.  It’s all over.

And that is why I have contempt for Italy and Italians.  They allow themselves to be so airily dismissed, to be considered unimportant in world affairs; worse, they apparently have so little dignity and pride that it does not bother them that they are held to no account.  And that is why it is unfair to criticize, much less mock, Cola di Rienzi and Benito Mussolini for their failures.  At least they tried.  What could they do, given the abysmal human material they had to work with? 

As regards any progress from today’s Italy, one can only hope that Milady Meloni has the “balls” that Italian “males” so obviously lack. The “males” can sing from balconies…in soprano.

To better understand why the Alt Right collapsed, the following are the chapters, in the Sedgwick book, on “emergent thinkers (sic)” on the Far Right:

art III Emergent Thinkers

12 Mencius Moldbug and Neoreaction

13 Greg Johnson and Counter-Currents

14 Richard B. Spencer and the Alt Right

15 Jack Donovan and Male Tribalism

16 Daniel Friberg and Metapolitics in Action

And there you go….a Jew, a mendacious gaslighting Quota Queen grifter, The Master of Disaster, a homosexual, and a Swede once allied with the Spencer faction (albeit I know little about Friberg and as of today have no “beef” with him).

After reading this, I have the following to say. HBDers support Jews and support Israel.  HBDers literally worship Jews the same as they worship East Asians.  HBD is the enemy.  What will YOU do to oppose HBD?

Anthropological note: Has anyone else ever noticed that East Asians typically have long and thin fingernail nail beds (I presume the feet are the same – maybe some awkward squader can inform us about that after they get up from some measured groveling)?  That contrasts to the shorter and broader nail beds of Europeans (and West Eurasians in general). Interestingly, watching a YouTube video, I noticed that a (predominantly) Amerind “Hispanic” also had long thin nail beds, suggesting a general racial characteristic pre-dating the East Asian/Amerind split (assuming these anecdotal data are reflective of the broader reality).  What the adaptive value of this may be, I do not know.

The other shoe drops?  I suppose Johnson realizes his ethnonationalist shtick is not truly compatible with White nationalism, so the latter must be bashed.  Hey Greg, the problem is with Der Movement (including you), not with “White nationalism.”

That “traumatic” start to the sex life, I suppose.

Take a Bite Out of That Nothingburger!

Der Movement: Always, always, always wrong.

The “nothingburger” continues, eh “movement?”

The jury is still out as to what caused the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan. Chinese authorities initially suspected a wet market in Wuhan where wild animals like bats and snakes were sold illegally. A nearby biolab has also attracted scrutiny, and increased suspicion as Chinese authorities have been stubbornly unwilling to cooperate with skeptics requests.

But regardless of how the outbreak started, it has already raised questions about traditional Chinese practices of consuming wild animals, either for medicinal purposes – for example, it’s believed that eating civet cats, vermin akin to raccoons, can bequeath more sexual vigor – or as delicacies (remember “bat soup”?).

I suppose that “more sexual vigor” via a civet cat snack is necessary in the absence of any phenotypic sexual dimorphism among potential partners.

SJWs (and I suppose HBDers as well) are getting all hysterical about this excellent Tucker Carlson piece.  He is of course absolutely correct.

The System, the Left, the SJWs, WHO, certain factions of Der Movement – a unity across much of the political spectrum – care more about Yellow hurt feelings than they do about stopping the spread of the disease.  Actually, they seem to WANT the disease to spread to Whites. Why else is China being continuously praised for an authoritarian lockdown of tens of millions of “people,” while travel restrictions imposed by Trump are met with hysterical shrieking and cries of “racism?”

THEY WANT WHITES INFECTED, THEY WANT WHITES TO DIE.  Once Tucker says THAT, then I know that he really knows the score. WHO encourages travel.  The EU refuses to close borders.  THEY WANT WHITES TO DIE.

So-called “animal rights activists” are nowhere to be found when the animal torturers are Holy Orientals.  Wow, that Yellow Privilege is really something, isn’t it?  More Yellow Privilege here. It seems like the entire world worships China, while at the same time the Chinese cry about “racism.”

Behold Asia.

Note: Even if the whole thing fizzles out now, even if there is not a single additional case in America, this has already been a significant event, an event of historical importance in China and a significant impactful event in places like Japan, South Korea, Iran, Italy, etc. There will be downstream economic impacts – and that’s all true even if nothing more happens from this point on.  But more will happen.  Der Movement is once again proven to be absolutely wrong with terribly bad judgment, while Sallis is proven correct with sound judgement.  What else is new?

More fundamentally, this crisis has exposed the Chinese Gods for the bumbling, inept, devious, disgusting, anti-White, whining about racism, demanding, passive-aggressive, unpleasant, destructive, trouble-making tropical “people of color” that alert and honest racialists have always warned you about.  We’ve been right, once again.

Perhaps even more importantly, this crisis had exposed the HBDers for exactly what they are. Never forget that when “the chips were down,” the HBDers sided with Asians against Whites, they defended Asian perfidy and mindless incompetence, they enabled Asian gaslighting, and, worst of all, which can never be forgiven, they attempted to use an outrageous lie to blame victimized Whites for the crimes and negligence of the Chinese. There can be no going back for the HBD filth.  They’ll try and make you all forget, but I won’t let you forget.  HBD race treason can never be forgotten nor forgiven, and EGI Notes will do whatever possible to ensure that nothing is forgotten and no one is forgiven.  Count on it.

Laugh at this.  Reading that, I ask myself – and now ask you, the reader: Has there ever been a person who started out as a leftist and ended up as a useful activist?  One could replace “leftist” with “libertarian” and end up with the same answer: No.

Perhaps Mr. Brimelow could instead give a speech in which he outlines exactly what he does to deserve the amount of money he earns.

Remember men, do not objectify milady – after all, milady is busy with all sorts of scientific and cultural projects enhancing human progress!  Do not disturb the intellectual work depicted in the linked story!

I wonder if any of these retards realize that by constantly publicly obsessing over Russia, making Americans paranoid about “Russian interference,” and pointing fingers at elected officials as being “connected to Russia,” they themselves are doing the work in “tearing ourselves apart.”

All the Russians have to do is some clever trolling and then sit back and watch the hysterics ensue.

Democratic rival Sen. Bernie Sanders has said intelligence officials told him that Russia was looking to boost his candidacy, too.

Russia supports liberal Democrats!

Porter did not address the briefing or whether Russia had a preference for particular candidates. But he said Russia was generally engaged in “information confrontation” aimed at blurring fact from fiction, eroding American confidence in democratic institutions and driving wedges into society’s fracture lines.

That implies that those “fracture lines” are already present in American society, eh?

“The primary objective is not to create a particular version of the truth but rather to cloud the truth and erode our ability to find it, creating a sentiment that no narrative or news source can be trusted at all,” Porter said.

That seems to be illuminating the truth rather than clouding it.

U.S. officials see China as an aggressive threat, particularly when it comes to espionage and theft of intellectual property, but Porter said Beijing’s goal was less about sowing general chaos in the U.S. and more about promoting and developing its own economic standing in the world.

“To put it simply, in this space, Russia wants to watch us tear ourselves apart, while it seems that China would rather manage our gradual economic decline over the course of generations,” Porter said.

Well, if murdering Americans with Chinese viruses is “managing our gradual economic decline” then the Chinese are doing quite well. The Chinese may one day end humanity with their diseases, but let’s worry about Russia instead, right?  Those shetl memories really last, eh Moshe?

Where’s Tropical Abe?  He’s busy trying to find at least one pair of breasts among Japan’s female population.  It’s a life-long task, and he hasn’t been successful yet, but let’s give him credit for persistence. Here’s a hypothesis: Yukio Mishima was actually 100% heterosexual; he was not homosexual at all. He simply could not distinguish between male and female Japanese and occasionally picked the wrong one. Understandable, to be sure.

“Joon Yun” tells us not to panic about the China Plague. Mr. Tropical misses the point.  Even if the whole thing completely fades away today (which is not happening), it has ALREADY made a huge impact, starting with China, moving on to South Korea, Japan, Iran, and Italy, and spreading. The economic dislocations may be more damaging than the actual morbidity and mortality.

But – ah! – you say, that is Yun’s entire point, that the economic damage is due to irrational panic.  Let’s see now.  There is an influenza vaccine but no coronavirus vaccine. We have no idea of the actual fatality rate. We do not know if it will mutate into something more virulent.  We are not sure why some people are more vulnerable than others, so even if the actual fatality rate is low, in the absence of a vaccine, why should any person take the chance with their life, just so trash like Yun can feel better about Asian perfidy and just so the economy can be nicely humming along?

And this misses the bigger point.  Let’s assume for the sake of argument that this turns out to be not as bad as some predict. Let’s assume that it turns out to be a Littleburger.  What it tells us is that at some point in the future, some other virus will emerge from the Tropical Yellow Stew of China, perhaps one with a very high fatality rate, and when that happens, we’re doomed.

As I have written before, the best case scenario here includes the future likelihood that China will create a far deadlier strain that kill millions and perhaps billions. The current crisis is a warning, the canary in the coal mine, and all the hand waving from creatures like Yun cannot alter that.

And, the economic dislocation, due to supply chain disruption, will be primarily because of China’s response and the lockdown going on there. Was the (belated) Chinese response an over-reaction?  Panic?  A novel virus emerges, spreads rapidly, kills, and there is no vaccine, and we are just supposed to be happily consuming as if nothing is happening? 

We can’t let fatalities stand in the way of Chinese economic domination  now, can we?

Start prepping!

Casus Belli

In der news.

Excerpts, emphasis added:

ROME—The word quarantine comes from 17th-century Venetian dialect for 40 days, which was the amount of time ships had to wait in isolation before entering certain Italian ports during the pandemic known as the Black Death.

Which originated in China as well.  The Chinese people have been waging biological warfare against Europe for centuries. This is unbridled, unprovoked genocidal aggression by the Chinese against Europeans.

Now the word is being used again in Italy, applied to the  government’s draconian reaction as the coronavirus and the disease known as COVID-19 appear to be hitting the country with a vengeance. More than 50,000 Italians living in 10 communities are literally locked down, facing jail sentences and fines if they leave their homes, thanks to the largest outbreak outside Asia. 

Yes, thanks to Asia, the Curse on Humanity.

In Rome, nervous taxi drivers outside Fiumicino Airport were hesitant to pick up Asian passengers and a Chinese woman in Turin reported being assaulted for simply being Chinese.

Aww…poor baby. God forbid the Italians want to protect themselves from being MURDERED by Chinese infections. 

Matteo Salvini, the leader of the far-right League party wants to close the frontier, though countries that border Italy are likely thinking the same thing from their side. An outbreak this extensive and virulent is likely to impact all of Western Europe very quickly, if not with the disease itself, then with precautions taken to try to stop it.

This is act of war by China against Europe.

Since Friday, Italian authorities have confirmed more than 130 new cases, including two fatalities, in the north of the country. Three people, including two Chinese tourists, who were confirmed positive in Rome last month have since recovered and are no longer believed to be contagious. 

“Chinese tourists” = biological warfare vectors.  This viral crisis has already been going on for months.  What excuse do Chinese have to be “tourists” in Europe at the current time except to spread the virus?  Should they be considered akin to soldiers in a war?

A Chinese tourist died in France earlier this month, but the deaths in Italy are the first Europeans killed by the virus. Both of the Italian victims were in their 70s. The first was a man who died in hospital, and who also suffered from other respiratory problems. The second was a woman found dead in her home on Saturday morning, clearly unaware she even had the virus. It is unknown how many people may have been in contact with her.

They were MURDERED by the Chinese people, in a vicious, unprovoked attack.

The quick spread of the disease in this outbreak and the uncertainty about how it came to Italy is especially troubling. it came to Italy, maybe those Chinese soldiers (“tourists”) had something to do with it?  Share and share alike, eh?

In the northern town of Codogno, near Milan, the 39 people who initially tested positive are all tied to the local hospital and a so-called “Patient Zero” who was thought to have brought it back from Shanghai. The problem is that “Patient Zero” never tested positive for the virus. Authorities think he may have been a silent carrier, infecting a friend referred to as “Patient One” whose only tie to China was being a friend of “Patient Zero.” Authorities at first thought “Patient Zero” had the virus and recovered, but they concede that, in fact, there may be another source. Clearly, this is not a perfect science.

How about a “perfect” solution – all Chinese to be barred entry?  All peoples of the Earth forbidden to visit China?

On Sunday morning, the regional governor of Lombardy, Attilo Fontana, confirmed that 89 people have now tested positive for the virus and a much larger but unspecified number are referred to as suspect cases.

Thanks, China.

The second hotspot is in the Veneto region, near Venice, which is celebrating Carnevale to somewhat diminished crowds. Twelve people in the region have tested positive even though none of them has ever been to mainland China or, as far as is known at this point, been in contact with any obvious vectors.  Eight Chinese residents…

What the hell are they doing in Italy?  Are these the Silkers’ dream black-booted Chinese girls with guns who are the “border guards of the West?”  Gravediggers of the West is more like it.

Other cases in Turin and Milan confirmed Sunday morning have spread the panic even further. Closing down such major metropolitan hubs would be a logistical and economic disaster.

China is waging war against Italy.  The dumb afrowops just sit there and take it.

Here’s an idea.  Withdraw diplomatic recognition form the PRC and give it back to Taiwan instead. Everyone should do that, every nation. Replace the PRC on the UN Security Council with Taiwan. That’ll get PRC attention no doubt. It might even dampen their appetite for live monkeys and rats.  Put down dem dere chopsticks and pay attention!

This is hilarious.

Separately, State Department officials say that thousands of Russia-linked social media accounts are spreading disinformation about the coronavirus, including a conspiracy theory that the United States is behind the outbreak.

If that is true, it’s funny because the HBDers (and the Silkers) hate Russia, and the Russians are exploiting HBD yellow fever fanaticism for their own geopolitical agendas.  Der Movement is such an unmitigated disaster that it is useful only as an object of ridicule. Feeling down?  Think about Der Movement and laugh heartily.

Start Prepping!

Time to start.  And other news.

How’s that “nothingburger” doing, “movement” retards?

By the way, I’ve started seeing the odd comment on Yahoo comment threads blaming “American bioweapons” and “White racism” for China’s coronavirus. Chinese trolling, no doubt. Ahh…to see one’s predictions come true so quickly. The only question is whether there are official connections (direct or indirect) between entities of the Chinese government and “Western” HBDers, or whether one is just spontaneously copying the other. I again call for the authorities to evaluate whether HBDers in America should be made to register as agents of the Chinese government. Let’s take a close look at them to see if such registration is warranted.  A federal investigation of HBD should commence immediately.

I suppose that for the HBDers Italians getting infected and murdered by Chinese viruses is a good thing. No doubt that they’re real happy in The Land of the Gods as well.  They’re laughing at us.  The more Whites who suffer, the better for The Holy Ones, right?

Please see this EXTREMELY important video. The corrupt WHO is “in the bag” for China, and is essentially an agent of the Chinese government, with WHO promoting the spread of the virus.

The debate is between a natural origin and a Chinese bioweapon. Only the demented freaks of HBD, with their well-known obsessions, argue for the outrageous lie of an “American bioweapon,” in order to protect The Holy Orientals.  Interesting that the Chinese government still refuses to let “Western” officials have direct access to the epicenter of the crisis. You would think that if it were “an American bioweapon” that the tropical Chinese would be eager to reveal the evidence for all to world to see.  Yet, they are very reticent and secretive, are they not?  What are they hiding?  Emphasis added:

And then there is this little-known fact: Some Chinese researchers are in the habit of selling their laboratory animals to street vendors after they have finished experimenting on them. 

You heard me right.

Instead of properly disposing of infected animals by cremation, as the law requires, they sell them on the side to make a little extra cash. Or, in some cases, a lot of extra cash. One Beijing researcher, now in jail, made a million dollars selling his monkeys and rats on the live animal market, where they eventually wound up in someone’s stomach.

Very cognitive, very elite!  I suppose HBD will blame the White Man for that too, eh?  Can you believe that Derbyshire says that these things are our “arctic allies?”


Slavs doing the right thing. Hail Russia!  The next thing you must do, my Russian brothers, is get all of the yellow invaders out of the Russian Far East. Russia for the Russians!  Siberia for the Slavs!

A tropical people.

…suggests that the gene persisted because, contrary to popular belief, East Asians from thousands of years ago enjoyed a relatively humid climate, and this gene kept them from overheating due to the abundance of sweat glands it generated.

East Asians – science suggests that they are a TROPICAL people, akin to sub-Saharan Africans.  

Sallis = correct

Derbyshire = wrong

My advice for my readers – start prepping for if and when the pandemic blossoms where you are. I’ve started the prepping process and have started purchasing basic necessities for stockpiling. If and when the Yellow Plague takes off in America, you’ll have a limited time to do what you need to do. Never forget that in a pinch, the System will take resources away from Whites and White areas to hand out (for free) to non-Whites.

And never forget who is responsible for all of this – grinning happily at the infections, suffering, and death inflicted upon Whites by this newest Yellow Plague.

Please read this – the burning hatred of the White Man that burns within the hearts of the tropical, colored East Asians. They combine the racial sensitivity of Blacks with the chutzpah of Jews.

THEY are the ones who are infecting and murdering US, with their diseases, yet they expect that WE must grovel and apologize to THEM!  Typical colored, tropical, anti-Arctic behavior. The real “Arctic Alliance” is an alliance of Europeans against Asia, the Curse of Humanity.

If only IF there was widespread anti-Asian xenophobia in America, instead of the reality of slavish Asia-worship among deracinated White Americans.  Grovel before The Altar of Asia, ye lowly Whitey, kneel before your rightful “high, high-IQ” Yellow masters.

Speaking of which, why don’t all the animal rights activists protest against the capture, torture, and slaughter of wild animals in China?  What are they afraid of?  Think about all those animals captured from the wild, terrorized in “wet markets,” and then brutally slaughtered. Think of the terror and horror of those animals who are eaten alive by the Chinese.  Why the silence?

Get off your knees and fight on your feet – oppose the Chinese terror and slaughter of innocent wildlife.

The Lion Of Glory (high trust northern hunter gatherer humility there) expresses himself.

Never, ever, forget that Johnson has termed Trump a man of genuine greatness (and sincere too!), while Sallis has, from the very beginning, accurately labeled Trump as a fraud.

Isn’t it clear that Johnson is unfit for any leadership role in the “movement” whatsoever?

Sallis was calling Trump a “Negrophilic race cuck” from before the 2016 election.

You have the wrong leaders, my friends.

Brexit is working out well, I see.  Whew!  Good thing the UK has been saved from all those Polish plumbers!

Ethnonationalism, ethnonationalism, ethnonationalism marches on.

See this. Now we know why Trump is a “man of genuine greatness.” Seriously though, Strom talks about sexual perversions (and we have to give Strom credit for moral courage for publicly talking about this topic knowing that the Left will ridicule him for it, based on his previous legal history). The problem is that Strom agonizes over “vulgar language” while ignoring the (pink) elephant in the room – that there is a homosexual cabal in Der Movement promoting a “pinkwashing” agenda.  So, you see, Sallis is a bad, bad boy for calling milady a “yeastbucket,” but, hey, let’s not worry about the Pilleater tape or The Homo and the Negro. Strom refuses to denounce the cabal that is poisoning the “movement” he’s dedicated his life to, but instead worries about nonsense.  Similarly, Strom denounces the Jewish power establishment, but refuses to critique that establishment using HBD to promote Jewish and Asian interests in his “movement.” I can’t take any of these guys seriously.

Debunking the next theory to be promoted by Der Movement.  Where’s “J Richards” when you need him?

Read this.

The head of the vaccine labs, Frédéric Tangy, said researchers there are working on using the Measles vaccine as a shell in order to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine into the human body.

Measles vaccine?  They’re sodomizing our babies and giving them autism!

“Our window of opportunity is narrowing,” WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said. “We need to act quickly before it closes completely.”

Notice that the semi-retarded turd never actually spells out what sort of action we should be “quickly” doing.  Also note how the warmed-over Marxist always praises China for their draconian mass quarantines, but let America issue travel restrictions, and we are scolded about how they are not necessary. That only makes sense if you realize WHO is sucking China’s money teat (the only type of teat you’re going to find among the Chinese) and that the agenda of the System is seemingly to spread the disease to Whitey as rapidly as possible.

And here we go.

Doctors do not make money from giving vaccinations.  What about Big Pharma?  Don’t they make money from vaccines?  Yes they do, but that’s before you factor in opportunity costs. There is a fixed productive capacity in Big Pharma. Equipment, material, man hours, etc. used to produce vaccines that are, at best, moderately profitable, could instead be used to produce all those wonderful pills and syrups that the overweight mastodons lumbering around the American landscape take as maintenance medication to cope with their lack of self-control and overall poor lifestyles. And then there is the chemotherapy that extends life by, maybe, weeks or months, before drug resistance kicks in. The dastardly Big Pharma would rather be investing all of their productive capacity on that, which yields real big bucks, than on vaccines that do not. Keep in mind as well that the vaccines that yield any significant profit at all are the newer ones, rather than the old standbys, the typical childhood vaccinations, which are, relatively speaking, inexpensive and do not yield much profit.  But the government wants someone to do it, so someone has to do it.  Thus, the compensation in the form of vaccine side effect compensation funds and caps on lawsuits – the companies require and desire some degree of protection if they are going to engage in activity less profitable with respect to opportunity costs compared to pandering to the fatsos. 

The nothingburger continues.

If you want a pictorial representation of the typical American mudshark, look no further.

Under the Hood

Gregory Hood, that is.  And other news.  In all cases, emphasis added.

However, there are no grifters among white advocates — at least no successful ones. No one I know is doing it “for the money.” There is little money. 

What a disgusting liar Hood is.

…four groups at the forefront of the white nationalist movement to register as charities and raise more than $7.8 million in tax-deductible donations… 

The Connecticut-based VDare Foundation is led by Peter Brimelow, founder and editor of an anti-immigration website. Brimelow, who spoke at the National Policy Institute’s conference last month, founded his nonprofit in 1999 and raised nearly $4.8 million between 2007 and 2015. 

Brimelow received $378,418 in compensation from his nonprofit in 2007accounting for nearly three-quarters of its total expenses that year. Brimelow says his salary that year was $170,000 and the rest reimbursed him for travel, office supplies and other expenses.

From 2010 through 2015, VDare Foundation didn’t report any compensation directly paid to Brimelow. But, starting in 2010, the nonprofit began making annual payments of up to $368,500 to Brimelow’s Happy Penguins LLC for “leased employees.” Brimelow disclosed his ownership of that company on tax returns.

Little money!  Right?  Little money!  Liar.  What’s “little” in “little money?”  Millions of dollars is “little?”  Hundreds of thousands of dollars per year is “little?”

(There’s not even a PayPal). 

No, but donations are tax-deductible – special IRS status. The System that all of these “revolutionaries” are so very bravely and very boldly “resisting” has granted to them special tax privileges.  Fight the power, eh?

We’re doing it because we must.

We must rattle the tin cup.

No other movement creates the return on investment we do. 

If by that you mean no other movement takes large amounts of money and achieves absolutely nothing, then I agree wholeheartedly.

The most powerful media platforms on Earth demonize and suppress us…

While the US government grants you tax-exempt/tax-deductible donation status.

…yet we keep growing. If we ever get a level playing field, we’ll win. I think our opponents know this, which is why they’re so paranoid.

So paranoid they grant you special tax privileges.

Hood used to be a writer I read regularly and, more importantly, one of the few writers/activists in the “movement” that I respected.  Now, I cannot get through his Amren scribblings without absolute contempt for him bubbling up.  He’s been tainted by the Alt Wrong, by Der Movement Inc., and is just another gaslighting liar.

However, I want to make clear that I am NOT saying that you should never financially support Far Right causes.  However, three points:

1. You should take care of yourself first, and that “taking care” should include savings, investments, and retirement planning.  Don’t be suckered in by rent-seeking grifters and their “everything is going to collapse in 5-10 yeas, so why save – give to us now.” They’ve been spewing that self-serving nonsense for more than half-a-century.  Only after you’ve taken care of yourself, in every way, should you even just consider the possibility of giving “D’Nations.”

2. You should give to those who deserve it.  You should not give to freaks, fetishists, people who have racial contempt for you (for the “White ethnics” out there), Quota Queen incompetents, Type I Nutzis, gaslighting liars, tragicomic inept buffoons with an unending record of unremitting failure, morons with poor judgment, perverts, obvious grifters, etc.  I realize that eliminates basically the entirely of Der Movement Inc. (a money-making enterprise), but that’s their fault, not mine.

3. Folks whose operations are pulling in six figure annual inputs – and in some cases in the mid-six figures – should not be crying poverty.  Certainly, if they were deserving of support, they could ask for more, they could rightfully claim that the Left has much greater resources, they could claim that they – if they were competent – can get more done with more money. But they shouldn’t pretend that they’re “poor freedom fighters” eating cat food and wearing rags when they are financially better off than many of their contributors and in some cases live in comfortable blue state coastal enclaves. I don’t  know, for example this photo does not in my opinion reflect struggling, piss-poor dissident freedom fighters.

Tolkien: The ideological hero of the Type I “Twigs and branches” nitwits.  Yes, indeed, let’s stay “snug in our hobbit hole in the forest” enjoying all that “de facto anarchy” while the Chinese rule the world and conquer space (using White-invented technology). On wonders. Is the promotion of anti-technological Tolkien “traditionalism” for Whites part of the HBD agenda?  Let’s convince Whites to unilaterally surrender to their Asian overlords, eh?  Don’t worry, the Silkers will jump in and tell us that black-booted Chinese girls with guns can guard our borders, so no problem!

Recently, I discussed an Amren article describing Italy’s abysmally low native birthrate, and the fact that 9% of the population is already composed of foreigners – and compared that to the assertions of the great and good Sir Desmond Jones that Italy is 100% ethnoracially homogeneous and will remain so until the end of time, forever and ever, amen.  Of course, the great and good Sir Desmond Jones said the same thing about Russia and Eastern Europe in general. As we know that Der Movement is always wrong, about EVERYTHINGwe thus read (emphasis added):

But it is Eastern Europe where the population crisis is most advanced.
At the end of the Cold War, Bulgaria had 9 million people. By 2017, that had fallen to 7.1 million. In 2050, Bulgaria’s population is estimated at 5.4 million — a loss of 40% to death and migration since Bulgaria won its freedom from the Soviet Empire.
By 2050, Ukraine and Poland are each projected to lose another 6 million people, and Hungary will lose 1.5 million.
Lithuania and Latvia have seen serious population losses since the end of the Cold War and are in the front rank of European nations losing people at the fastest rate.
U.N. demographers project Russia’s population may fall from 145 million today to 121 million by 2050. Such losses rival those that Russia suffered under Lenin, Stalin and World War II.
The Far East is home to some 6 million Russians who dwell on that vast tract that is so full of natural resources like timber, oil and gas.
“The population continues to decrease almost everywhere in the Far East,” lamented President Vladimir Putin at an investment conference in Vladivostok: “The inflow is increasing, but it does not cover the number of people leaving the region.”
In the Far East, Siberia and the Lake Baikal region, investors and workers from China are appearing in growing numbers.

Wrong, wrong, they’re ALWAYS wrong.

Let’s see – the far-left Neocon Antifa Don Trump can’t protect America’s borders, but he can start Zionist-inspired military conflicts with Iran.  He’s a sincere man of genuine greatness, right Johnson?

Wrong, wrong, they’re ALWAYS wrong.

Morgan and Other News

“Movement” stupidity.

The Type Is are doing their best to destroy whatever little is left of a credible racialist “movement” in America.

But, hey, don’t listen to the criticisms of this blog.  Keep on supporting Type I retardation, sweaty fetishism, fossilized dogma, and send those “D’Nations” to “leaders” for their European travels, gym memberships, movie nights out, and comfy lawn chairs for their homes in blue state suburbs.  Money well spent!

The fundamentally dishonest John Morgan:

I realize this is beside your main point, but legally speaking I am a Hungarian, as my mother’s ancestors, although Transylvania Saxons (ethnic Germans), were citizens of the Hungarian Kingdom for 800 years, and moreover my mother’s parents were born in Transylvania before the Trianon Treaty, which ceded Transylvania to Romania from Hungary, so under the law I am just as Hungarian as anyone else, even if I’m not ethnically Magyar. If I tell most Hungarians I am Transylvania Saxon, they just say, “That’s Hungarian.”

Yeah, that’s great.  Uh…you are of Anglo-Germanic ancestry, and are living in a country whose majority is ethnic Hungarian (that the origins of that ethny are “mixed” is irrelevant to the present existence of their ethnic identity).  “Legally speaking” you are Hungarian!  Great!  Legally speaking a ghetto Negro is an “American.”  And their ancestors were here for centuries. Legally speaking a Turk in Berlin is “German.” And you can find White Americans who will look at a Negro and say – “That’s American.” What nonsense.  And even if you want to call Morgan’s maternal line “Hungarian,” what about the paternal line? Or are “halfsies” now acceptable to ethnonationalists?  Something to debate about snug in your hobbit holes.

The reality: Morgan is an ethnonationalist living in someone else’s country – “legally” or not.  A hypocrite.

And as regards Morgan’s contention that Hungarians are “undeniably” of “Central Asian origin” – at most perhaps a few percentage points of their ancestry is such. For the most part, they are not that much different from their Central European neighbors.

I have no idea what percentage of the American radical Right has pan-Europeanist sentiments…

Superficially and dishonestly, some reasonable fraction. Honestly and authentically, maybe 1% – or less.

TOO Retard:

 <Cam OT>, <Andrew>, and Richard McCulloch all take me to task for excluding indigenous (ethnic) Russians from the White race.  This is not a major issue for me, and I have no serious objection to including them.  

I’m sure they’re relieved.  After all, it’s up to you to decide on the racial provenance of Russians.

My primary rational for excluding them was that, even though they may have some Scandinavian blood…

The only important thing of course. But not enough such blood to qualify for automatic passing of “extreme vetting.”

…that Russians are not truly Europeans…

Stating that makes it true.  “Movement” solipsism in action.

…and have not contributed to human intellectual and cultural life to the extent that Europeans have.  

We can name any number of groups that this author would worship that have contributed less than Russians have.

Also, there is so much racial admixture there that I wonder how White they truly are—a point nicely made by <PJ Dooner> later in the comment chain.  

A comment made by some random fetishist is obviously solid evidence.

This is certainly an area ripe for more research and study.

Crack open your copy of March of the Titans!

But if we want to include 110 million ethnic Russians, along with some 35 million Ukrainians and around 8 million Byelorussians, I have no major objection.  This, though, makes the ‘genocide’ theme even less tenable, because there are now some 950 million Whites globally.  Do <Cam OT>, Andrew, and Richard really want to go there?

Definitely evidence of the non-“Whiteness” of Russians right there!