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Pathetic Trash Douthat

Surprise!  Cuckservatives don’t like third parties. 

In certain ways this narrowing can be good for the republic. Elites can have wisdom that populists lack…


Wisdom about what? How to sacrifice national interests on the altar of elite interests?  How have these elites performed for America?  How are they doing for a Europe being invaded by the Third World?

…certain ideas deserve suppression…

And who decides what these ideas are?  You?  Elites? Jews? NGOs?  Who? One could imagine a KGB agent ripping up a Solzhenitsyn book while asserting “certain ideas deserve suppression.”  What a piece of shit thing to say. How about all the “good” ideas fairly compete in the intellectual marketplace with all the “should be suppressed” ideas?

…and multiparty systems are more likely to hand power to extremists or buffoons…

No worries!  Look at all the high-quality leaders our two-party system has produced! Clinton being fellated in the White House by a Jewess, Bush who started an unnecessary war with the insightful analysis of “Fuck Saddam,” and a purple-lipped mulatto who attended a Black radical church and then tried to defend that by attacking his own White grandmother.  No buffoons or extremists there!
(It’s a good thing for the country that neither Henry Wallace’s effectively pro-Soviet leftism nor George Wallace’s segregationist populism outlived their respective third-party bids.)


And how are we better off today that Wallace wasn’t elected President?