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Odds and Ends, 7/2/20

In der news.

Andrew Joyce speaks.  If my opinion is worth anything to Joyce, I have a positive opinion of that podcast and would be interested in hearing more, and I wrote as much on the comments thread there.

One point of criticism in the Joyce podcast – mispronunciation of forte.

Genuine greatness!

One legitimate criticism of Yockey (among several) can be of his insistence of labelling his philosophy “Imperialism” – which is not only vague and uncertain, but has reactionary undertones and does nothing but agitate the hysterical fantasies of the petty nationalists. That hysteria would be from “Imperialism” in the intra-White context.  What about globally? Really, do we really want Imperialism with respect to the non-White world? Even if that was realistic, which it is not, cross-civilizational Imperialism always backfires on the Imperialists.  The conquered always tend to, ultimately, conquer the conquerors.  Look at Britain today.  

And Yockey was perhaps a bit of a Daltonite when he wrote: “Street meetings are themselves victories, but a speech in a hall of old ladies, from which the enemy is excluded, is a political nullity.”

Well, today, we can’t even have a meeting “in a hall”: – which shows you how backwards we’ve gone in the last 70 years.  Thanks, “movement.”

Gee, too bad nobody warned you about Trump back in 2016.  Oh, wait…Sallis

More genuine greatness!

More Yockey quotes:…

a pen-name is just as “real” as any other. The determining thing about a name is whether one can be proud of it or ashamed of it.

Food for thought for the Type Is who debate about the appropriateness of pseudonyms.

When a man devotes himself to a negation thus, he inevitably turns into a carbon-copy of that which he is supposedly resisting.


Whenever anyone announces and formulates an Idea which cuts across all older classifications and theories, he may expect that petty-raceless dimwits from the day-before-yesterday, survivals from the previous century, will fail to understand, and will greet with great hatred that to which they are not equal.

Hence, the petty nationalist ethnonationalists reacting to pan-Europeanism.

In the Massie book, Peter the Great, we read the following on 17th century Russian attitudes toward women:

…a woman was regarded as a silly, helpless child, intellectually void, morally irresponsible and, given the slightest chance, enthusiastically promiscuous.

Looking back from the perspective of 2020, can we honestly say that they were wrong?

Spencer and Conte are teaming up again for podcasting?

I told you that Carlson was useful.

As TOO says: Cue the Vikings.

So, for (many, most) Whites we have outgroup (pathological) altruism coupled to a lack of ingroup altruism. Related to this perhaps?

Sallis predicted the downfall of the Alt Right as far back as late 2016.early 2017.  And by March 2018, the “insane and indecent” Ted Sallis was already recognizing that the Alt Right was dying.

Whose judgment should you trust in the dark days ahead?

Der Religion and Der Movement and Der 1970s

In all cases, emphasis added.

First, an observation. The three main branches of Christianity tend to reflect the character of the European peoples who form the focal point of each branch.

The shallow pomp and pageantry of Catholicism reflects the superficial lack of depth of the gesticulating Med. Thus: Schettino.

The staid and grim bloodless moralizing of Protestantism reflects the humorless virtue-signaling Nord.  Thus: Merkel.

The otherworldly spirituality of Orthodoxy reflects the irrational religiosity of the tormented Slav.  Thus: Rasputin.

Greg Johnson’s cluelessness.  He doesn’t seem to realize that on a civilizational level, on the level of global racial conflict, the petty nationalism he supports is akin to individualism and the pan-Europeanism he opposes is akin to collectivism. Yes, indeed, only enemies would promote individualism in such a scenario.

Question: What recent “movement” book production was so poorly edited that “public” was rendered as “pubic?”  Raise your hand if you know what I’m talking about here.  Affirmative action!

See this.

We need a half million dollars a year donation so that we can really have the media operations we need; so we can take the pressure off of me and my family alone so that I can direct a sizable and competent staff, and so I can publish and write the important books I need to create before I die; so we can have a daily video presence instead of just a weekly radio presence; so that our media can expand to include channels tailored to women, tailored to Second Amendment supporters, tailored to young people, et cetera; so we can issue press releases and demands and statements to public officials on a daily basis; and much much more.

Kevin Strom, meet Peter Brimelow.

You know, for all my differences with the National Alliance, I’d much rather see them get this money than have it essentially flushed down the VDARE toilet.  I can trust Strom to at least do more than “create and manage Internet publication.”  

You should also donate to Salter.

And to the Free Expression Foundation.

I would rank those in importance as: Salter higher than the Free Expression Foundation which is higher than the National Alliance.  VDARE I would not rank at all.

By the way, isn’t it interesting how the search results differ comparing DuckDuckGo to Google?  Search for “Kevin Strom” in the former and you get his website as the top hit.  Now try the same in Google…good luck.

Greg Johnson, August 2019:

Trump is toast in 2020 no matter what…He will lose in a landslide.

Greg Johnson, June 2020:

Trump needs to make sure this is repeated 1 million times, and he will cruise to re-election.

I’ll let the reader decide for themselves what to think about those two comments, particularly as the second one was made without any acknowledgement of the first.

See this.  That’s one of the e-thots mocked here at this blog, and one of them that Johnson vigorously defended.

Consider this comment in light of recent events; including this portion of the comment:Lauren can spend her earnings on any frilly, silly, frivolous thing she wants.

Greg Johnson is an unmitigated disaster for the “movement.”  He is wrong about – what? – probably 50% of the things he writes.  Maybe more.

I’ll say it again – I blame all of YOU out there for the continued presence, and authority, of this comic buffoon, this zero-judgment disaster, in your beloved “movement.”  

Laughable from Amren.The “scientists” are all HBDers, with several pseudoscientific frauds mixed in. Of the five writers, three were out-and-out Nordicists, with Sam Francis being a borderline fourth. So, in essence: HBD-Nordicism, precisely what one would expect.


The domestic disease-elements within the Culture which wish to retain the outmoded ideas and methods of the Past and to fight against the creative spirit which is actualizing a Cultural mission, are the forces of Culture-retardation. These have been brought into the service of the Culture-distorter. Actually these elements simply desire to lead, but are themselves incapable of leadership, and therefore devote their lives to opposition to great formative Ideas, creative spiritual currents, and leaders of vision and genius. They are the churchills, the spaaks, the gaulles, the rejects of higher history who offer themselves to the forces of negation and destruction. The most critical form of the disease of Culture-retardation is the condition in which it seeks to prevent the realization of the Idea of the Future even at the shame of allying with outer forces, the degradation of becoming their vassal, and the risk of destroying the entire Culture. Before showing the effect of the disease-elements on the external relations of the Culture, their internal effects must be summarized.

It seems to me that the “petty nationalist” ethnonationalists are perfect examples of Culture-retardation. 

Let’s see:

The domestic disease-elements within the Culture…

Yes, they are White.…

which wish to retain the outmoded ideas and methods of the Past and to fight against the creative spirit which is actualizing a Cultural mission…

Yes, they oppose pan-Europeanism and Imperium and instead support the divisive and destructive atomized petty nationalism of the past.

These have been brought into the service of the Culture-distorter.

Yes, they are in an alliance with the Jew-infested HBDers.

Actually these elements simply desire to lead, but are themselves incapable of leadership…

Don’t we know that!

Rewriting this:

White ethnics when they realize they have more political power by withholding their support from anti-White ethnic “movement activism” rather than groveling harder.

This is important.  Step one – stop wasting money on VDARE and the other Quota Queens.

Whigger Cannon?   Compared to today, the 1970s were inferior in science and technics, medical care, cars, and hairstyles – and superior in virtually everything else. Some people mock the clothes fashions and architecture of the 1970s, but I for the most part prefer them. What can top my grandfather’s burgundy pants or the unique patterned and colored suit jackets and sports jackets of that time?  What constructs built today can match those built in the 70s, which wonderfully resemble the sort of buildings one might see in a low budget scifi film of the 1960s or early 1970s? Movies, literature, sports, comic books – all clearly superior in the 1970s.  TV shows are a matter of taste – in general, I prefer the 70s style. Politics, of all types, were more serious back then. Society – even though rapidly degenerating – was infinitely more sane then than today. And, hey, the US nuclear arsenal was relatively new back then – as we are essentially using the same weapons today (Super Duper!).  And in the 70s, the French and Chinese were still blasting away with above ground nuclear tests. Those were the days my friend!

Odds and Ends, 6/21/20

In der news. In all cases, emphasis added.
Another example of how ethnonationalists ruin everything they touch:

1999, a manifesto of a second ‘European Liberation Front’ was published in Paris, but there is apparently no more active organisation of that name now. The manifesto takes its ideological inspiration from Yockey, and from Otto Strasser, who was expelled from the Nazi Party by Adolf Hitler in 1930.

Despite the pan-European style of its title, the ideology of the manifesto is ethnic and racial nationalism

Take over the name of Yockey’s organization and then promote an opposing ideology.  Very good!  Hail Der Movement!

Authentic pan-Europeanism does not exist in any organization of which I am aware over the last 50 years or more, except Lowell’s in Malta.

Forney on Spencer Part I.Part II.
Note that I do not agree on Forney on all his comments, but, nevertheless, the rank-and-file needs to understand where their affirmative action program leads.  I also find Forney’s glee at Spencer’s problems unseemly.  It is not funny, it is a tragedy.  I don’t care about Spencer himself, but we all need to realize that the White public – you know, the folks that your “movement” wants to recruit from – do not make fine distinctions between Spencer, Johnson, Forney, Taylor et al.  It’s all one.  Spencer’s downfall therefore reflects badly on the entirety of racial activism in the public “mind.”  
That downfall, ultimately, derives from the lack of judgment of “movement” “elites.”  Spencer should never have been allowed to be the head of NPI in the first place; that position should have gone to an older individual with more experience, maturity, and gravitas. Spencer should instead have been groomed for electoral politics, as the smiling young face of the Far Right, with mature adults as his behind-the-scenes handlers. 
The past cannot be changed. But going forward, the affirmative program needs to be eliminated.  That is step one.  It’s not a case of a single rotten apple that needs to be gotten rid of, it’s a whole case.  And as soon as one apple becomes so horribly decayed that it is thrown out, another one joins in. The entire crate needs to be thrown out, and the entire process of picking rotten apples changed.

A sincere man of genuine greatness.

Glad to see we got dem dere Republican conservative judges like “Earl Warren Jr.” Roberts there.

I’m no fan of Rushton, but the retraction of his hypothesis paper was unfair and disgusting, and I agree with this analysis, which is a refutation of leftist hysteria that helped get the paper unfairly retracted.  I also agree with the analysis in that the author of the leftist attack on Rushton-Templar doesn’t understand what pleiotropy is, possibly confusing it with epistasis (or who knows what).  I am also amused by the leftist critique of Rushton-Templar for having a “political bias.” Hoho!  What about the leftist critic’s bias?  Would he care to inform us on his views on say, race in America?  What’s his party affiliation?  Who did he vote for in 2016? What about, say, Lewontin’s biases?  Any comments on that?
If the Rushton-Templar paper was inherently flawed – even as a hypothesis – and this somehow escaped the notice of the reviewers at that time, then the appropriate response is to write a paper (for publication) refuting the Rushton-Templar logic and/or do studies that produce data refuting the Rushton-Templar hypothesis. Retracting the paper is politically motivated censorship, leading us to a scientific dark ages. The retraction is a disgrace.

Hey, it’s time for Trump to tweet LAW AND ORDER!  That’ll fix it.  Fat Don is like, you know, demonstrating his sincerity and his genuine greatness!

I was looking at Amazon reviews of Robert Griffin’s One Sheaf One Vine book, of interest to me since I am one of the people featured in it.  Two excerpts from the comments I found amusing:

1. Interesting anthropological study. Nothing really new here, but contains only interview available of Alex Linder. No other interviews with people who would go on to become personages. 

That’s a stinging rebuke of my lack of accomplishment I suppose.

2. Another observation I make, is that none of the people in the book, offer any solutions to the racial problems they criticize. In numerous cases, they simply flee those high-‘diversity’ problems by moving to other, whiter states. But none of them seem to envision the new domiciles undergoing future change.

Let’s see.  I spend a significant portion of my interview talking about practical things that should be done.  So it would seem that this individual lacks any reading comprehension skills whatsoever.  As well, with respect to the second half of the criticism, I’m not one of the “numerous cases” since that’s nowhere in my section.
Also interesting is that if you search on Amazon for a book like this, you get “suggested reading” consisting of a host of anti-White diatribes.  Like Google, Amazon is another company I am going to personally “deplatform” from any spending.

Thus in summary: Sallis right, Johnson wrong.

Kevin Strom:

The purpose of the race that is is to bring into being the race that is to come. Let’s concentrate on that. Let’s concentrate on being the ones who decide that.I have been in this cause of ours for nearly 40 years. I have seen and heard and read so much wasted verbiage about why Russians or eastern Europeans generally, or southern Europeans generally, or even other odd subracial or national combinations should be read out of the White race. I have heard it all, please don’t repeat it to me. I’m sick of it.
The group or groups which coalesce to save our endangered race will be the ones who determine its genetic future. Beyond the obvious aesthetic that we know White when we see it, and a future that can include (but not be totally ruled by) accurate genetic testing, that’s all we need to know. If the White future is primarily Russian or Hungarian, so be it. If the White future is primarily pan-European American with strong German, Anglo, and Irish components, so be it. If the White future is predominantly Greek or Italian or Bulgarian or Nordic, so be it. None of us are in a position to pick and choose right now, nor does such picking and choosing make sense during this crisis.
Let’s just admit that every single group and sub-group of Europeans has racially devolved — due to dysgenics, due to genetic drift, due to past mixtures. Let’s just admit that every single White nationality could be — and, if we have anything to say about it, will be — helped by a healthy dose of eugenics.
But never forget this: We are targeted and marked for death as Whites. It is as Whites — not as dolichocephalic Red Nordids, or Paleo-Atlantids, or western Europeans only — that we must become awakened and fight back.

Very good; I obviously agree.  But then Strom has to admit that much of the work of Pierce and of the National Alliance was and is de facto opposed to that pan-European view. As regards Pierce accepting people with fractional Amerindian ancestry (and Pierce’s gibbering about “Caucasian” Amerindian tribes is nonsense – whatever their appearance, they are racial aliens from Asia), we must remember that the “Indian princess” stories – real or imagined – typically derive from “Nordish” Anglo-Americans. They’ve always gotten a “pass” for that – the “Pace Amendment” for example.

By the way, even Yockey himself wasn’t immune to a touch of Nordicism, with respect to his rhapsodizing about “Northern barbarians” in both Imperium and, more especially, Thoughts Personal and Superpersonal. I suppose we can forgive Yockey for that lapse, since the broader “movement” he derives from has always been marinated in Nordicism, but it is rather hypocritical of him given his pontifications about horizontal vs. vertical race.  And what would he think today, with all of the “Northern Barbarians” being the biggest race cucks of them all?

And by the way, Yockeyites past and present should know that The Doctrine of Fascism they so admire was really written by Giovanni Gentile, not Benito Mussolini.  But Gentile was one of those two foot tall superstitious Sicilians who so vexed Humphrey Ireland, so who cares about facts?

Newly discovered!  A film clip of Humphrey Ireland being overwhelmed by the scurrying Sicilian hordes.

Imperium and Other News

In der news.

As promised, at Western Destiny a positive contribution defending the Yockeyian ideal of a pan-European Imperium.  More pieces on this subject will no doubt be forthcoming in the future, when necessary.  But that one sums the issue up nicely; please read it when you have the chance.  

The philosophical project will take much longer, likely years, given its scope, my lack of expertise in the subject, and my many other obligations.

The Blusterer-in-Chief strikes again.  Can it be possible that Trump really does not realize how weak and contemptible he looks when he continuously backs down from his blustering statements? How did someone so clueless make so much money in real estate? Something doesn’t add up.

He’s a sincere man of genuine greatness!

Who was calling him a Negrophilic race cuck back in 2016 again?

By the way, whatever happened to that whole “declare Antifa a terrorist organization” thing?  Have we forgotten about it already?  But, hey, Trump tweeted about it, he’s “looking into it,” so for the Right, that counts as a victory. Mission accomplished, good work men!